No/Poor Organization

At first glance this may sound a bit silly, but trust me…it isn’t the least bit silly. If you and your family aren’t organized you will be wandering around trying to figure out who should do what. And if you wait until the emergency occurs to set into place the organization…you will more likely fail.

Also, I am not talking about organization in terms of lists, plans, maps, etc. I am talking about “who” does “what”. Who will be the leader, who will handle logistics, who will handle defense, who will do the cooking, etc. If you are fortunate enough to be part of a larger group such as your church’s congregation or any other group, this becomes even more important. Having a way to organize any group of any size is vital to successfully overcoming any emergency. Fortunately you don’t have to invent the solution…it is already there for you.

Problem: If your family or group is not organized to meet the needs of the group you are far more prone to problems of all kinds, especially violence, injury, and sickness.

Solution: Learn and adopt the Incident Command System.

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