Do We Need Police Reform? (Q&A – 2)

  • Come on, can you give me current real examples of bad cops?

Well, since you asked…

  • Jan/2023 – 5 Tennessee police officers arrested and charged for beating a man to death.
  • Jan/2023 – Police officer accused of a targeted assignation of a protester while protesting police violence.
  • Feb/2023 – A police officer in Shreveport, La., was arrested on Thursday and charged with negligent homicide in the Feb. 3 killing of an unarmed man.
  • Feb/2023 – A former Georgia police officer has been charged with felony murder and kidnapping in the death of 16-yo girl who was also raped. He was previously charged with concealing a death and false report of a crime.
  • Feb/2023 – The police chief of a south Georgia city is charged with theft by taking, possession of marijuana, false statements and writings, and violation of oath of office.
  • Feb/2023 – Two NYPD cops were arrested in separate roadway incidents, one charged with DWI, the other with leaving the scene of a crash.
  • Mar/2023 – A Miami Beach police officer on trial for using excessive force during the arrest of a Maryland tourist in a hotel lobby repeatedly kicking and punching the victim as he lay face-down on the lobby floor of the Royal Palm Hotel with his hands behind his back.
  • Mar/2023 – Report released that a Louisville police officer let his dog attack a 14-year-old child who was not resisting. As the dog ‘gnawed’ on the child’s arm, the officer said ‘stop fighting my dog.’
  • Mar/2023 – Report released that Louisville police officers mocked a man having a mental health crisis, joked about sexually harassing him, then ‘took him down’ and assaulted him when he tried to go inside a psychiatric hospital.
  • Mar/2023 – The city of Wichita on Tuesday approved a $5 million settlement of a lawsuit filed by the family of a man who was shot and killed by a police officer during a hoax call in 2017. The man murdered by police, who was unarmed, was shot by an officer within 10 seconds of opening his door.
  • Mar/2023 – A former New Orleans police officer was sentenced Tuesday to 14 years in federal prison for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl who was already a rape victim.
  • Mar/2023 – A Miami Beach police officer on trial for using excessive force as part of a group arresting a suspect in a hotel lobby in 2021 was found guilty of simple battery by a jury. Three other officers who took part in kicking and punching the handcuffed suspect as he lay face-down on a hotel lobby floor are awaiting trial.
  • Mar/2023 – Police bodycam footage shows Najee Seabrooks’s standoff with police proves he didn’t have to die during a mental health crisis.
  • Mar/2023 – A rural Missouri sheriff and two deputies are jailed and facing charges accusing them of helping a man in a parental kidnapping plot.
  • Mar/2023 – Officer arrested in connection with the death of Bagley on February 16. LSP said that the officer was booked into the Caddo Correctional Center on the charge of Negligent Homicide.
  • Mar/2023 – A police constable has kept her job despite being found guilty of gross misconduct for using “excessive force” when she repeatedly hit Dalian Atkinson with her baton after he was tasered. Atkinson died later that day from his injuries.
  • Mar/2023 – A Millsboro Police Department officer is under investigation for tampering with a controlled substance in evidence, the department announced Friday.
  • Mar/2023 – Three Michigan State Troopers have been criminally charged for the use of excessive force after stopping a bicyclist for not having lights on his bike. On dashcam footage the troopers can also clearly be seen punching the victim repeatedly as well as being tazed.
  • Mar/2023 – A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit on a minor technicality (statue of limitations) against the Baltimore Police Department from Demetric Simon, the man who had a BB gun planted on him after convicted ex-police Sgt. Wayne Jenkins ran him over with a car.
  • Mar/2023 – West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice on Monday ordered a sweeping investigation of the State Police after he accepted the resignation of the agency’s superintendent and revealed allegations of wrongdoing, including that a video camera was placed inside a women’s locker room.
  • Mar/2023 – A former Warminster police officer sentenced and he won’t be eligible for parole until he is 78 years old for the sexual abuse of five boys.
  • Mar/2023 – Nashville police officer mishandled woman’s case before she was fatally shot.
  • Mar/2023 – Former Savannah Police officer who shot and killed Saudi Arai Lee last June in the Carver Village neighborhood, was arrested on Feb. 25 in Columbus, Ohio, for possession of methamphetamine and drug-related objects.
  • Mar/2023 – A northern Virginia police officer was fired Thursday after fatally shooting an unarmed shoplifting suspect last month…the victim had stolen two pairs of sunglasses.
  • Mar/2023 – A Kansas City police officer reveals his superiors instructed him to target minority residents in traffic stops in an effort to meet ticket quotas that are illegal under Missouri law, according to a lawsuit filed earlier this week.
  • Mar/2023 – A former Doraville police officer has been indicted on a new charge in the death of a 16-year-old Gwinnett County girl. On Feb. 13, Gwinnett police charged the former Doraville police officer, with concealing Morales’ death and falsely reporting a crime. They later added felony murder and kidnapping charges.
  • Mar/2023 – A local Exeter man, who was criminally charged for posting an online comment stating Exeter’s former police chief “covered up for a dirty cop,” is taking his fight to overturn criminal defamation laws to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Mar/2023 – Four Honolulu police officers pleaded not guilty on Thursday to charges related to their roles in a cover-up of a high-speed chase that resulted in a crash and a traumatic brain injury to the driver of another car. The officers never commanded the Honda’s driver to stop nor did they turn on their blue lights and sirens. Nahulu, Smith and Bartolome drove past the crash scene without stopping, after which they met Lewis at nearby Waianae Intermediate School, prosecutors said. Smith, Bartolome and Lewis were then dispatched to the crash site, but when they arrived, the officers behaved as though they had no prior knowledge of the collision, charging documents say.

How’s that for starters????  Took me about an hour to find these without really trying too hard. And those were only the situations that the media found out about, and only those that they reported on, and only those that I found in a quick search. So do the “real” math on this.

But not to worry…our cops are on the beat fighting crime! In January 2023 two men have been arrested…for freedom of speech. Yup, one guy in Ohio did a parody Facebook site of a local police department mocking them…he got arrested. And then another guy, this one in Louisiana…yeah, he posted on his Facebook page warning that the local Sheriff’s department had instructed its deputies to “shoot on sight all zombies”…he too got arrested.

And then you doubt that we need police reform?????

And then there are the federal cops…they arrested 8 extremely violent master criminals just a few weeks ago!! Yup, all 8 were arrested by heavily armed FBI SWAT teams for talking to women before they entered an abortion factory…oh, and praying and singing hymns. But their official charges…“engaging in a civil rights conspiracy.” Yeah, nice to see our US federal government’s police officers staunchly supporting infanticide…just like Hitler’s Germany did. So what about federal police officer reform?????

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Couple more things on my mind…(3/28/2023)

I just couldn’t let it go…I had to write about this.

Yesterday while researching current events that are pertinent to what is happening in the world and how those events can be used to help understand the world’s situation…I came across these two items. Both are tragic but need to be looked at in a cold light to see how they can eventually affect us and our families…a warning, a red flag, if you will.

First is the horrific shooting of 3 adults and 3 children at a school in Nashville, Tennessee. Most of you have heard at least some of the details but here is what struck me:

  1. Both adults and children were murdered.
  2. The murderer was transgender, a woman pretending to be a man.
  3. The horrific attack occurred at a Christian school that had been specifically targeted.
  4. Biden used the attack as a chance to advocate for a gun ban.

So here is my take on all of this…

The attack was evil, plain and simple. The attacker was a mentally ill individual who somehow thought she, as a female, could somehow transition into a male…that is biologically and scientifically impossible, pure nonsense. As a result she became mentally ill and suffered acute mental health problems. Those mental health problems were exacerbated by a cult of so-called mental health and healthcare professionals. Biden wants to ban guns to reduce this kind of violence…why not call for a banning of transgenderism to stop the murderers as well!

Facts are facts, when you try to deny science it causes serious problems. When you try to force the concept that one biological human can turn into another gender…it will create mentally unstable individuals. We can see the facts and statistics plainly…increases in suicides among transgender pretenders and now the murdering of children. It should come as not surprise…healthcare professionals who are members of this extremest and violent transgender cult have been mentally and psychically mutilating children as young as 6 for decades. Many of these “professionals” are also the same corrupted people that advocate and are involved in infanticide.

The other major facet to this tragedy is it occurred as a Christian school. I’ve been warning you about the rise in violence and hatred against Christians. This violent extremist preaching against Christians has been exponentially increasing in recent years. And we know where it is coming from; 1) Hollywood specifically and all media in general, 2) the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives. If you are a Christian you are a target…and you can clearly see it. Society and the government are at war with religion in general and specifically with Christians. Why? Because we recognize a power greater than the government, any government. And the US government can’t stand that, and won’t tolerate it.

So use this attack as a warning…the extremist and violent cult of transgenderism is dangerous, very dangerous, and is becoming more so. The violence against Christians has been increasing rapidly and will continue to do. And as always…the politicians will use every one of these opportunities to reduce or eliminate rights, liberties, and freedoms…because that is their ultimate goal.

The other event, the second one, was almost as dramatic, but completely as telling. Another devastated family is suing a city and their police department, the lawsuit was filed this month. Here’s what is publicly known:

  1. A domestic disturbance occurred in March 2022 between a man and woman, a 2-year old children was also in the camper at the time.
  2. Four police officers responded.
  3. Upon LEO arrival the husband opened the door, saw the police, and closed the door.
  4. The 2-year old toddler then reopened the door during which time the mother ran outside.
  5. The man shot the woman as she ran outside, she died from her wounds.
  6. The police did not fire but retreated to a safe location. The man began firing at the police officers, but no police were injured.
  7. The local SWAT team arrived.
  8. Several hours later a SWAT team sniper fired one round into the camper.
  9. No LEO has admitted to giving the order for the sniper to fire. No one also knows, other than the sniper, if he had a clear shot at the man. Numerous reports from numerous sources say he fired a “bind shot” into the camper. Only that one shot, the sniper’s shot, had been heard for almost an hour.
  10. Some time later officers entered the home…the man was found dead, along with the 2-year old toddler who had been shot.
  11. A week later a report was released that the man had shot himself and the 2-year old toddler had been shot by the police SWAT team sniper.

So if you read that clearly…the shot the SWAT sniper made came well after (approximately an hour after) the last shot that the man fired. And it was the SWAT sniper that murdered the 2-year old toddler. A year later it was discovered that the sniper had only been placed on paid leave during the week-long investigation, he was never fired, he was never charged.

So there is basically two kinds of murder; 1) intentional (you point a gun at someone and pull the trigger), 2) negligence (you run someone over while you are street racing). But both are murder.

So I ask the questions…

Did the police sniper see the 2-year old toddler in his sights and willing pull the trigger sending his bullet into the 2-year old toddler’s head?


Did the police sniper blindly fire into the camper murdering the 2-year old toddler?


Did the police sniper mistake a 2-year old toddler for a full grown 37-year old man and then pull the trigger murdering the 2-year old toddler?

The way I see it…the SWAT team sniper either intentionally murdered the 2-year old toddler, or through gross negligence the SWAT team sniper murdered the 2-year old toddler. Either way…the police SWAT team sniper murdered the 2-year old toddler…period.

So why was the SWAT team sniper never charged with murder…he clearly murdered the 2-year old toddler…the evidence proves that and the police stated that. Then again, why is the cop still a badge carrying member of that police force? Hell, why wasn’t he even disciplined for the murder of the 2-year old toddler!!

Finally, I connect the dots on these two events…in one event a member of the transgender cult kills 3 adults and 3 children and it gets major national media coverage and the shooter is killed by police. Good on the officer that shot the killer. But then we have a police officer murder a 2-year old toddler, either intentionally or negligently, and virtually no media coverage…and the officer is still a cop! In what universe does this happen?

The only difference…in one situation the killer is a mentally ill cult member, in the other situation the killer is a cop.

In the book “1984” everything is reversed…truth becomes lies, lies become truth, peace becomes war, war become peace. And may I add…women somehow become men, and men somehow become women…deifying science and common sense.

But this should not surprise you because Paul writes in 2 Timothy; This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.” Then he goes on to list some of what we see today in people, especially leftist cult members such as the transgenders; lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, unholy, without natural affection, fierce, despisers of those that are good, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God. He goes on to say that people will be led away with divers lusts, ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Please, make sure your eyes are open to see what is happening and by whom. Understand how society has changed…for the worse! And it will continue, as a whole, to get worse, much worse. And know who is behind it. Not just the obvious…leftists, government, progressives, politicians, Democrats, schools/universities…but who is driving them.

Prepare…time is growing short.


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Couple things on my mind this morning…(3/28/2023)

  • Frustration

I got this email late last Thursday night from a good friend showing frustration about some folks and their Ostrich Syndrome.

“People are so focused on themselves that they can’t fathom what is happening around them. This includes my own children and wife. When I bring up the subject of preparedness fingers get pointed and I am a tinfoil hat guy. It is extremely difficult but I am so disabled and need daily care, I have to bite my lip and keep silent. The car has 1/2 tank of gas. When we were at the store today I suggested we top off the tank. No response we just drove on by the gas station. I can’t get any of them to recognize that for 7 people, 3 of whom are teenage boys, that we probably only have about 2 months worth of food. I am just sick.”

Dang! Can we relate or not? I know I can…most people I know having their head stuck in the sand. But, we have to learn to be patient and understanding…then simply do the best we can. That is all that can be asked of us. And…we have to learn to deal with all the frustration and other stress occurring right now. There is a lot of stress and tension…you can feel it, you can see it in others and their behavior. Don’t let it get to you, figure out how you can cope/deal with it.

  • FBI informants & you!

In trial documents for Proud Boys leader it was revealed last week that the federal government (FBI) had at least one informant very close to the Proud Boys leadership. And that informant, originally called by the defense before his true identity was known, will now be appearing as a witness for the federal government.

I have told you repeatedly over the years that federal law enforcement agencies have spies/informants in all groups the government has deemed “right-wing, patriot, Conservative, militia, preparedness groups,” etc. If you are a member of any kind of these groups, then you have been identified as a “potential domestic terrorist” or a “potential violent extremist”. Make decisions appropriately.

  • The utter evil of the FBI!

“Civil Asset Forfeiture” (CAS) is a legal scheme used by the FBI to seize 100’s of millions of dollars each year in private personal property. A couple (the Martins) just had to sue the US government…to get their own property back. Really??? Yup!

They had two safety deposit boxes containing their life savings…the FBI seizure took place two years ago. They had a over $40,000 in the two safety deposit boxes saved for retirement. In 2021 the FBI seized their money when their boxes were forcibly opened by a FBI SWAT team. The FBI had no warrant but seized the funds anyways under CAS laws. Quite awhile ago a judge reviewed the seizure and ordered the FBI to provide complete information why their money was confiscated…in other words, what law had the couple violated. The FBI sent a copy & paste response that if the couple wanted their money back they had to retain a lawyer and sue the government…yup, to get back their own money they had to retain a lawyer and sue the US government.

The couple is now represented by The Institute of Injustice, who is also representing other clients in a class action lawsuit against the FBI. The Institute of Injustice is acting on behalf of clients who have had almost $100,000,000 seized from safety deposit boxes without charges and without explanation.

This is yet another action by the FBI that demonstrates the utter evil of the FBI and why the Founding Fathers never authorized such an agency in the Constitution.

And FYI…Donald Trump enthusiastically supports Civil Asset Forfeiture laws and wanted to strengthen them back when he was President.

When you have an extremely powerful national police agency, such as the FBI, that was never authorized in the Constitution this is what you get…an out of control police state run by thugs with badges. How do we tolerate an unconstitutional federal police agency stealing people’s money and making those victims have to sue to get it back? It is nothing short of criminal…and if people don’t see it…then they are part of the problem.


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Do We Need Police Reform? (Q&A – 1)

  • How much will police reform cost?

It doesn’t matter!

Let me run some numbers for you…

  • Average local/state police officer makes about $67,000 per year.
  • American middle-class median income for a 2-person family is $51k, a 3-person family is $63k. So cops are in the upper-middle class in the US. So don’t buy into the crap that police are underpaid. Yeah then get more educated, add in their benefits and pensions! Cops can retire in 25 – 30 years, most with 80 – 100% pensions. Yup, that means their new pension check equals their old paycheck in many cases.
  • There are about 906,000 local and state police officers in the US. That comes out to a total annual cost of about $61billion without including benefits and pensions.
  • FWIW…there are 35% more cops in the US now than in 1980.
  • There is no firm figures for annual equipment and gear costs for police officers but estimates run into the hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • The 2022 US GDP (gross domestic product) was $26trillion.

So the costs for police officers break down like this…

  • Total cost of US crime: $2.6trillion (10% of GDP)
  • Cost to US citizens for speeding tickets: $ .6trillion ( 2.3% of GDP)
  • Cops salaries (benefits not included): $ .61trillion (2.4% of GDP)
  • Equipment/gear/benefits/pensions: $ .05trillion ( .02% of GDP)

TOTAL COSTS OF COPS: $3,860,000,000,000 (14.8% of GDP)

Think about that…total cost of local and state police officers in the United States is nearly 4trillion dollars in unsolved crime, salaries, gear, pensions, and out of pocket fines for US citizens!!!!! That is an unreal amount when you consider that is nearly 15% of the US GDP for 2022.

Now consider the 6,000 unsolved murders each year. Then add in the 75,000 unsolved rapes each year on top of that. So we can’t not do police reform…it is as simple as that.

In the United States local and state police officers are well-paid! They earn above median income for middle-class Americans. When you factor in their pensions and benefits they are easily at the top of the middle-class of Americans.

Now, think about all of those costs to US citizens…

We can not tolerate not having serious and extensive police reform!

The numbers and facts speak for themselves.


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Great Solar Upgrade – Day #8

Day #8 come and gone!

Man, I’ve been busy trying to finish this upgrade…but the little details and finish work are killing me.

First thing I did was “load balance” the main breaker panel. Yeah, that means I did load testing on my baseboard heaters and kitchen counter outlets that handle the heavy hitters such as the microwave, Instapot, toast, and air fryer. Moved those 6 circuits around to draw equally off of L1 & L2 to evenly distribute the current draw between each inverter. That way I don’t overload either inverter with too much load.

Then came figuring out how to monitor my battery bank accurately. The inverters’ battery monitors are very unreliable/inaccurate. So I will be reintegrating my Victron BMV-712 battery monitor with shunt. But that made me one VE.Direct port short on the Color Control GX (central computer). But I figured that out and had to order an adapter cable to use one of the spare USB ports on the GX unit. That cable will be here on Monday.

While I wait on that cable I decided to start installing wire ducts (a.k.a. raceways). That will protect the wiring and make everything look much neater. But, while I was doing that I noticed that my array grouping was wrong. So I am redoing some wiring and group arrays #1 & #3 together and #2 will be stand-alone to get better charging from the two controllers. But it snowed this morning and it’s cold and windy this afternoon…so I will delay that work. But I did get some of the ductwork in.

And then of course as I was about to close up the inverter/genset transfer switch I realized I should have different circuit breakers doing the work inside the transfer switch. So I had to order two of those…they should be in shortly. The appropriate circuit breakers will be better overall…correct protection for the wiring.

And finally, I am looking into a top-of-the-line, best-in-class surge protector that is supposed to be about as close to the best EMP/CME protection as you can possibly get at this point in time. I am waiting on them to give me a price on an evaluation unit. I will keep you posted on how that goes.

Well, that is about it…this is what I am doing in my spare time.

At the start of Day #8 –

At the end of Day #8 –



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AI, ML, DOD, & US Secret Police Agencies

As I have been warning you about for years…there is now proof-positive evidence the US Government is now actively involved in spying on every American, using AI/ML (artificial intelligence / machine learning) to search for “threats” and then to counter those threats in operations…called “mitigation”…and there are no limits to what those measures/operations will/could be.

The Federalist in a March 21st article revealed all the details and evidence outlining this previously covert operation against US citizens. They even cited the contracts and companies involved in the public/private partnerships with the US government. And yes, this is in direct opposition to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. The details show that the US government is monitoring “every conceivable mode of conversation.” That includes:

  • news sites,
  • blogs,
  • social media platforms,
  • podcasts,
  • TV and radio,
  • email newsletters,
  • newspapers,
  • militant groups,
  • social networks,
  • messaging apps,
  • RSS feeds
  • peer-to-peer messaging platforms,
  • forums,
  • “gray” propaganda sites,
  • the dark web,
  • Telegram app,
  • Reddit app,
  • Discord app,
  • all publicly captured images.

So anything and everything that is on the Internet, or uses the Internet, will be captured and analyzed by AI and ML, communications identified as a potential threat, and then mitigation operations launched against those potential threats…ALL without human intervention!

Look one more time at the last item on the list above…”all publicly captured images.” That means any image that is on the Internet will be captured and analyzed. But it doesn’t stop there…ANY image that is in the public domain will be included. That means ANY image via traffic cams, street cams, city observation cams, store cams, etc. will be included in this effort. We will be China…Communist China…actually, as of now, we are Communist China.

I have repeatedly warned you that our country…the United States of America…is lost, it has fallen, we are an authoritarian state…a police state.

Now that the US government has made its intentions and operations against US citizens clearly, factually, known…we now clearly know what we are dealing with…and the wide-spread treason involved in this throughout the government and technology companies.

Act accordingly, make informed decisions, and please…I ask you seriously…read the Declaration of Independence. Download a copy, print it out, print multiple copies, study it, understand it. Please pay particularly attention to the first two paragraphs. Let me say that again…pay particularly attention to the first two paragraphs.

Have you figured out who you are, what your principles are, where your red lines are, and are you truly, actually willing to stand by those principles…no matter what…no matter the price.

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”


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Do We Need Police Reform? (Part #2)

Did you read yesterday’s Part #1?

< click here to read Part #1 >

Well, I ain’t done yet…in 2022 alone 1,176 people were killed by police, only 128 killings by police took place where the person was allegedly seen with a weapon. In 132 killings by police no offense cops are herding dogswas alleged by police. 104 were killed by police during a welfare or mental healthy check. That is more than 3 civilians killed every day by police. That’s almost 3 unarmed people a day killed by police in the USA in 2022.

And for the record…in 2022 a total of 46 police officers died in the line of duty intentionally. FWIW…that makes the job of a police officer the 18th most dangerous job in America…behind:

17. First-line supervisors of mechanics, installers, and repairers

16. First-line supervisors of landscaping, lawn service, and grounds keeping workers

15. Miscellaneous agricultural workers

14. Construction equipment operators

13. Construction laborers

12. Electrical power-line installers and repairers

11. Golf course grounds maintenance workers

10. Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers

9. Underground mining machine operators

8. Driver/sales workers and truck drivers

7. Structural iron and steel workers

6. Refuse and recyclable material collectors

5. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers

4. Construction trade helpers

3. Roofers

2. Logging workers

1. Fishing and hunting workers

So next time you hear someone say being a police officer is a dangerous job…well, now you know the facts. Being a garbage collector or a golf course greens keeper are far more a dangerous jobs than being a police officer.

And finally lets add salt to the wound…approximately 825 cops are criminally charged each year, with 50% of those charges being for violent crimes. Oh, and that is only with 15% of all law enforcement agencies reporting those statistics to begin with. So the real numbers are in the thousands!

So let’s go back to the original question…Do We Need Police Reform?

Well, the answer is pretty clear to me!!

Let’s start fixing our criminal justice system at the street level:

  • Get cops on the street solving crimes that have been committed.
  • Stop all cops from traffic citation duty until the percentage of crimes solved hits 90+% of all crimes committed.
  • Get bad cops off the force! Prosecute any bad cop to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Citizen oversight of all law enforcement agencies; elected police chiefs, civilian hiring and promotion boards, etc.
  • Eliminate “professional courtesy” among cops.
  • Stop preferential treatment of cops when they are suspected of a crime.
  • Drastically reduce “qualified immunity” for police.
  • No union involvement in police department operations…period.
  • All cops wear body cams. Failure to turn on a body cam is an immediate termination offense.
  • 100% of body cam footage is made public within 24 hours of any police involved incident.

Along with that…give support and respect to good cops who have earned it!!! The good cops need our support and respect and help…give it to them!

Now, we have to face facts…our police officers and agencies in the United States need reform badly. Police are failing and failing miserably. Not only are they failing, they are costing US citizens trillions of dollars each year in their pathetically poor performance. They are costing thousands of lives each year by not solving violent crimes and getting those criminals in jail. The police themselves are committing crimes against citizens and killing citizens each year at a staggering rate.

The facts, evidence, statistics…everything tells us…

We need police reform!


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Do We Need Police Reform? (Part #1)

Before we can even address that question at all we need to pull the politics out of it…get rid of the activists, the lunatics, the politically insane and just look at facts. Then, the facts should speak for themselves. So agreed? Facts only!

Let’s talk about crime…isn’t that what policing is all about? Police are to prevent and solve crimes…yes? Otherwise, why have police?

Before we can realistically discuss crime facts we have to understand a couple of things:

  • Violent crimes consists mainly of murder, rape, and assaults.
  • Property crimes consists mainly of robbery, larceny, burglary, auto theft, arson, shoplifting, and vandalism.
  • Only about 40% of all violent crimes are reported to police.
  • Only about 32% of all property crimes are reported to police.
  • Only about 80% of all reported crimes are forwarded to a centralized collection and reporting entity.
  • That means only about 26 – 32% of all crimes can be used to calculate statistics.
  • For this article I will round the average to a 30% figure.

Remember back in school…grade cards. These pesky things came out every so often and told your parents how you were doing in school. A in reading, C in math, B in history and so forth. And at the end of the year the grades were all factored together to decide if you passed or not. If your grades were really bad you didn’t pass, you were held back to repeat the same grade…because you couldn’t prove you learned all that you should have.

Generally accepted throughout the US is a universal grading scale. (see below)

Using that scale, anyone scoring below a 66% received an “F” for fail. Looking at in in reverse…if you failed a test, quiz or an entire grade level it was because you couldn’t get 66% of the goal accomplished. Granted, I don’t know any parent or teacher that would ever give a straight “F” student the title of “failure” under any circumstances. But it was clearly understood that the student had major learning problems…or a serious problem to produce.

And then there were the dreaded “teacher comments” on the grade card as well. Yeah, in my case the teachers always had something to say…you can figure out what.

In the US:

  • Total reported stolen property crime amounts to about $16,000,000,000 each year…16billion dollars.
  • On average about 30% of reported stolen property is recovered…about 4.8billion dollars.
  • Total reported arson loses total about $17,000,000,000 each year…17billion.
  • Total auto theft loses come in at about $7,000,000,000…7billion.
  • Sadly there are approximately 21,000 murders/homicides each year.
  • Reported rapes are listed at about 150,000 each year, 13% of which men are the victims. This number is actual rapes, not attempted rape or sexual assaults. Current estimates are 80% of all actual rapes are unreported.

And consider this staggering statistic…the total cost of all crime in the US for 2017 is estimated at $2.6trillion! Yup, $2,600,000,000,000 each year.

Now, think about this for a minute…on an average year 41,000,000 speeding tickets are issued. And the average cost per ticket is $152. That means police earn over 6billion dollars per year for their government agency…$17,000,000 (17million) per day going into government bank accounts just from speeding tickets!

Why talk about the cost of speeding tickets? Well, hang in there for a minute.

So we now know that police can’t prevent crime…crime costs us $2.6trillion per year. And while they are not preventing crime they are actually taking money out of our pockets another $6billion per year in speeding tickets alone. That is a 3.2trillion dollar loss to US citizens each year.

Now, let’s get back to actual reported crimes:

  • Only about 18% of all property crimes are solved.
  • Only about 45% of all violent crimes are solved.

According to the generally accepted grading scale in the US:

  • Police in the US would receive an “F” grade when it comes to solving property crime.
  • Police in the US would receive an “F” grade when it comes to solving violent crime.
  • And the “teacher notes” would show something like this, “The failure of your child to perform their duties cost each United States man, women, child, and baby over $10,000 per year.”

First think to think about…over an average lifespan, the F‘s cost the average person nearly a million dollars!

Then think about this…there is a complete and total failure of police to prevent crime and near total failure of police solving crime…while working diligently 24-hours a day to cost US citizens $17,000,000 per day in speeding tickets alone! Yeah, that is over $700,000 per hour in just speeding tickets coming out of American citizen’s pockets!

So then think about these facts:

  • Over 260,000 total unsolved murders in the US.
  • Over 16 unsolved murders get added to that number each day.
  • Over 135 rapes go unsolved each day.


So you think the police industry in the USA needs reformed?

But I am not done yet…

< click here to read Part #2 >

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Banking Failures…the tip of the iceberg…

I hope you’ve been following the banking crisis that has been unfolding for the last 2 weeks, I don’t want to recap all of it. Here are my articles that can bring you up that touch on this matter:

One of the questions I get is “Is it over?” The answer to that one is simple…No! Actually, it is just getting started. But a lot of what is going to be happening will be behind closed doors, in smoke filled backrooms, and at the Fed in secret.

Here is a curve ball for you…this ain’t the big reset, at least not yet. Well, if it isn’t the reset, then what is it, you might ask. That is where opinions rule. My friend Jim, a very intelligent and astute guy, told us, “Get ready for the big waves.” And he also mentioned that this isn’t going “…to approach Great Financial Crisis levels of pain and economic disaster.” I pretty much agree with that.

Back on the 13th I told you this was the “tip of the iceberg” and more failures could be coming…and they did. SVB was the 2nd largest failure in US history, then later in the week we got the 3rd largest failure.

And then comes Credit Suisee. The 45th largest bank in the world with almost a trillion dollars in assets…and it failed. A couple interesting things about this bank…it clearly started to fail in 2020, was in the tank by 2021, was a disaster in 2022, and finally, just days ago, closed its doors. Or rather, sold out to, or taken over by, (whatever you want to call it) by its competitor UBS. And UBS is the 34th largest bank in the world with well over a trillion in assets.

So now we have UBS acquiring Credit Suisee and becoming somewhere in the neighborhood of the 11th or 12th largest bank in the world with over 2 trillion $’s in assets. Of course the deal was made sweeter by the Swiss Central Bank (US Federal Reserve equivalent) kicking in $54billion. I guess that was just the way global bankers say “thank you!” to fellow global bankers…a $54,000,000,000 thank you card. And let’s not forget where the Swiss Central Bank gets its funding from…the US Federal Reserve, to the tune of billions and billions of dollars since 2008.

And let’s return to SVB, we know it went out of business. Well, not exactly. The FDIC took it over and created a new bank, National Bank of Santa Clara. And the FDIC was ordered by Biden to ensure that no one loses a single dollar. Which is directly against the FDIC mandate/law. Why did Biden make this move? We know it is due to the bank being a bank of the elites. I received an email from an insider confirming this. It was also a role model bank for ESG loans and promoting the LGBQT+ agenda. And if the average person could get access to them…you could trace 2024 campaign donations to Biden and company back to SVB account holders who stood to lose millions, if not billions, if Biden didn’t act to protect their interests.

So now let’s link SVB and Credit Suisee…both were huge ESG supporters and highly rated by companies like Fitch Ratings for their ESG support. On a scale of 1 – 5, 5 being the most supportive and highest ESG rating, Credit Suisee was in the mid-4’s. And we know that SVB was a model of ESG support and promotion in the US. Interesting?

And now let’s hit on one other aspect of all of this…Signature Bank. They went belly up last week as well…the 3rd largest bank failure. An 11-bank consortium agreed to save that bank with $30billion cash infusion. Those banks are: Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, First Republic Bank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BNY Mellon, PNC Bank, State Street, Truist and U.S. Bank. Besides knowing who saved Signature Bank…nice to know they too have an ESG rating of 4.

And finally one more tidbit of information…on March 14th I identified the 6 banks that were in near-identical condition that SVB was in. But, just recently a list of nearly 200 banks that are in rough shape came out…and nearing that collapse point.

But all that is still not the point. The point is this three-fold; 1) Biden is protecting the country’s/world’s elite and ensuring that they get wealthier via the Federal Reserve & FDIC by unilaterally changing US banking police/law, 2) wealth/resources globally are being consolidated in fewer and fewer hands, 3) this is only the tip of the iceberg, only the beginning.

And yes, I think this all was/is intentional, clearly intentional.

Now, here is my opinion…and remember, I am no expert anything, no professional anything, just expressing my personal opinion…

I don’t think this is the final world economic collapse. It is a move toward that goal, but it not the final straw/move. The world’s elites, think WEF, are just testing the waters, making smaller moves, perfecting their process…for the final outcome.

I think we are going to see more “saving” of banks…for the good of people, the little guys…or so they say. And while it will be said that the FDIC, the Federal Reserve, or a bank consortium that do the saving…it will taxpayer money.

Well, actually it will be printed money that taxpayers are on the hook for. And that will lead to the collapse and the introduction of a new currency, probably a US Federal Reserve cryptocurrency. And when that happens…other cryptocurrency will become outlawed.

Yeah, doubt me? Don’t forget the US government outlawed the private ownership of gold at one point…at the penalty of going to prison…after having the gold confiscated.

Now, you might ask me about time-frame, valid question. Back in mid-February I made mention that the US government would start a “shooting war” with US citizens. I stand by that. I also think that the same time-frame exists for this economic/bank situation to go to hell in a hand-basket.

Unless something drastic changes within this next 2-years…we are in a world of hurt…and mean life changing, world changing, massive problems! To put into words that best describe my feelings about it…World-Wide Revolution. And it will be ugly, deadly, and worse than most folks can imagine.

But, you and your family can weather that storm…if you prepare. And actually, I think we can avoid that world-wide devastation with divine intervention. And that will only come according to His will and our prayers. So pray.

And am I 100% right about all of this? Of course not! I could be wrong about the timing, about the impact, about magnitude, and maybe about all of it. But you have to decide on my past posts to judge my thoughts on the future.

Plan, don’t panic. Prepare, don’t panic. Pray, don’t panic. There is no need to panic whatsoever, none. What you need to do is plan, prepare, pray, and do.

But do yourself a favor…regardless of what you think of me and my posts, regardless of what you think is going on in the world, or what is coming…prepare and pray anyways/always. If you do that, can you go wrong?

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Great Solar Upgrade – Day #7 – IT WORKS ! !

Day #7 come and gone!

Started working this morning about 7am trying to figure out why I couldn’t get the Victron Quattro inverters programed correctly. On Saturday I did get the system up and running…but only using one inverter and only in single phase 120vAC. The problem was the programing. Yeah, the inverters have a computer inside of them…doesn’t everything nowadays!

So I could program each inverter individually with one software application. But I couldn’t get them programmed to work together because each inverter needed their firmware updated. And that took another application to accomplish. And that firmware update had a problem…my network cable. But a tender mercy helped me figure that out. Now all is good…the system is up and running!!

Here is a bit of a recap…

I started with version 3 of my off-grid system: 404ah LifePO Elite batteries, 1xVictron 150/70 MPPT, 1x Victron 48v/5kw/120v Quattro and kindof a mess that had been pieced together from versions 1 & 2)

I ended up with 634ah LifePO4 batteries (2xElites, 1xTrophy), 2xVictron 150/70 MPPTs, 2xVictron 48v/5kw/120 Quattros in split phase configuration. Much less of a mess and that should be cleaned up by the end of the week once I get the the wire ducts in.

In the build I used a Victron Lynx PowerIn as a busbar, added a Class-T fuse, then combined a Victron Lynx shut and another Victron Lynx PowerIn as a fused distributor. I even built 2 of my own busbars vs 4/0 cable connection. All of that made things much cleaned, much more organized and a lot more safe. Upgraded all my wiring and cabling. Added better circuit breakers, got rid of a weak fuse set-up, and balanced my 3 arrays between the 2 MPPTs.

The downside does exist:

  • While Victron equipment is Tier 1 gear, it can be complicated to work with. The MPPTs are Smart Networked which is nice, but they had to be programed individually via Bluetooth.
  • The Victron Quattro inverters are really great, very high quality, they were a pain to configure correctly. Eventually the process was: 1) upgrade the firmware on both units, 2) configure each inverter for its function, 3) then configure them together to work in split phase. Each step was a different computer program. That is a huge downside to otherwise great gear. Victron needs to get it together and have a single computer program that can do all the functions from that one program.
  • I am not 100% confident that the Lynx Shunt, inverters, and CCGX are working together correctly to give me an accurate SOC. I might have add back in my BMV 712 to accurately monitor the battery bank.
  • I am not sure how long it will take my batteries to balance with the addition of the 3rd battery. I am thinking at least a couple of weeks, maybe a month or two.

The upside:

  • I now have 240vAC vs 120vAC available to me.
  • I now have 10kw vs 5kw available to me.
  • I now have 57% more battery capacity available to me.
  • I now have more efficient PV charging for the system.
  • And it all works!!!!!!

Yeah, I know…I sound silly…but this has been 6 months in the planning stage and 8 days work in the shed…including 6 days running on generator. I am just thrilled!!

Once I get the wiring cleaned up I will post pictures.


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