Escape from Tucson: Day 41 – Monday

Escape fromTucson by AH TrimbleEver hear people talk about watching train wrecks? Or NASCAR wrecks? You know what is going to happen, you know it is going to be bad, and you just turn your head away…you have to watch. Yeah, that was me last night.

Yes, I did take a bath. It felt great…really great. The water was just a bit cold when I got in, but it cooled my body temp down a bit and it felt wonderful. I felt invigorated when I started walking after I air dried. Yeah, you don’t want that visual do you…a 61-year old naked man air drying. Fortunately it doesn’t take too long when it is like 2% humidity and 100degrees.

I made great time and was feeling good about it. And I just had to see what was happening at the casino and trading post. Simple answer…nothing. Why? It was burned to the ground.

Now comes the train wreck part. I had to go look at the burned out buildings. Yeah, had to. The trading post was no big deal, just burned down. The casino was a different story. From what I can tell, I didn’t get real close, the place had been full of people when it burned down. And I don’t think it burned quick or hot. I could easily recognize a whole bunch of charred bodies. Some had been…ah, scavenged pretty badly. I am sure there is a story to what happened there but I have no clue why all those people (or bodies) got burned up in there. And honestly, I don’t think I want to know. I walked on as quickly as I could.

The good news is I walked 19 miles last night. I did the math and I averaged over two miles per hour. I don’t know if it was the bath that invigorated me or I wanted to get away from the funeral pyre. I would like to think it is because I am getting close to home.

Last night I kept thinking about home a lot. What I would find, how bad it might be, even if Lisa was still there and alive let alone uninjured. After everything I’ve seen I am worried more now that ever.

It appears that society has completely broken down all the old morals and standards. It has remade itself into tribes…and survival of the fittest tribe. It doesn’t appear that people are working together to make things better for everyone. It is just now all about the tribe surviving at the expense of anyone and everyone else. And that makes like very, very problematic. If you belong to the wrong tribe, they crush you under some kind of tribal law. You join a weak tribe and you get crushed by a strong tribe. You join a small tribe and you don’t have enough skills to survive…like medical people or good shooters.

Have we reverted to the caveman days?

The Three Rivers Ranch folks seemed to have it figured out the best. And Hansen will love to hear that they were all Mormons. They were some of the most generous and kind folks I’ve ever met…pre- or post-event. Jim would say it is their faith and religion that makes them that way. I’m not sure, maybe they are just good people that had good parents.

Don’t get me wrong…I liked hearing about their strong belief in Christ, it made sense to me. And they were all about family…how can that be a bad thing. Like I said before, they are one of the most praying group of people I’ve heard about. And every single prayer was mostly about being grateful. Then number two prayer priority was asking for blessing on other people. They have to be some of the most selfless people I’ve run across.

Funny, the patriarch told me I needed to get baptized. Yeah, I wasn’t sure about all of that. Too much I don’t know, too much in my past, and I would never do anything like that without talking to Lisa first.

What really touched my heart was talking to Ashley the night before I left. After dinner she asked me to walk outside with her. Really? Tell me again how old that kid is!

We sat down on this swing under a cottonwood tree that is one of eight trees around their stock pond. She didn’t say anything for maybe a minute or two…then she busted out crying and hugged me around my neck for maybe ten minutes…crying the whole time.

When she was done she said thank you, then got quiet again. Not long after that she started talking about family, about temple marriage, about eternal salvation. She said she knew all these things were true. Now, don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t some preacher but just this little kid talking about it the best she could. But the things she said were amazing…I just thought how cool it was for a kid this young to know so much and be able to talk about it. She said it was all important to me, every bit of it.

I asked her where she learned about all of this and she said in Primary and at Family Home Evenings with her mom and dad. I figured out Primary must be like Sunday School or something. She got quiet for a few minutes after mentioning her mom and dad.

A couple minutes later she turned to me and looked me straight in the eye. I could have sworn I was looking at some 25-year old grown woman at that point. She told me that God lives, that Jesus is the Christ and he died for our sins. She said that we have a living Prophet on the earth today. She said God loves me. Then just as fast, she went back to being a little kind again, climbed up on my lap, put her arms around my neck, and just laid up against me for the longest time. It was the happiest and most content I’ve been in years. I felt a love come over me sitting on that swing with that little girl…I can’t even begin to know how to explain that feeling.

Maybe a half hour later she got down and told me she was going in the house but before she went in she wanted me to know he loved me and that I needed to love him. I asked her “Who?” She looked at me and said, “Heavenly Father. He loves you and he wants you to love him.” She just turned and headed to the house.

As she was walking away I asked her, “How do you know that?”

She stopped, turned, smiled, as innocent as I’ve ever heard anyone, “He told me. Oh, and Lisa is fine too and waiting for you.”

She was headed back to the house and I started to cry. I have no idea why I was crying, it just came over me, don’t know what “it” was but I could feel it.

Nathan walked out of the shadows as I was drying my eyes. He quietly told me, “Don’t be embarrassed, she’s been liked that for a couple of years now. She can melt a grown man down when she talks like that. Something comes over her. It’s a gift.”

“So how long you been hiding in the shadows?”

“Ever since she left the house. You don’t think we are going to let a little kid just walk outside at night alone or with a non-family member do you?”

“Guess not,” was all I could say. I was still pretty overcome by whatever just happened with that special little girl.

“Then again, after all of that you probably are a family member now,” he shook my hand, then bro-hugged me. “Welcome to the family! I’ll tell the others our family just grew by one. They’ll understand. Good night.” He was grinning ear-to-ear as he headed to the house.

Are all those Tanner kids special? I will cherish that time at the ranch for the rest of my life. But, I get the idea in my heart, not in my head, that I will see them again. At least some of them.

I will miss that little blonde headed, precocious turd!



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Frequently Asked Questions – 2/24/2017

frequently asked questions prepping FAQWhat is the most important prepper priority?

Unquestionably it is to protect yourself and your family against violence. There are two parts to that priority, the will and means. In the “will” part I include Situational Awareness. In the “means” part I include both the hardware (i.e. AR-15) and the software (i.e. training).

What about spirituality and closeness to God?

That is not a prepper priority…that is a life priority. That should come before anything related to prepping.

So spirituality is not important?

If you ask that question of me, then you don’t understand me, didn’t understand my last answer, and wouldn’t understand me answering again. But I will try anyways…spirituality and a close relationship with Heavenly Father is something that is required for life, it is essential. As such it is outside of the “prepper” realm, more important than being a prepper, more important than anything prepping…period. To me, without spirituality and a close relationship with Heavenly Father nothing else matters. I hope that makes sense.

What is your number one prepper priority right now?

Finishing up the property. I have some cabin work to do and then a concrete well house with the new pump. I have written a number of articles on what is happening with property but I haven’t had time to edit those yet so I am not posting them.


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Escape from Tucson: Day 40 – Sunday

Escape fromTucson by AH TrimbleSun is just starting to show about the eastern horizon. And man, it is flat between here and the horizon. If it weren’t for the pecan orchards I could see all the way to the Dona Ana mountains.

I guess I didn’t understand exactly were I’ve been the last couple of days. I thought I was a lot closer to Akela Flats than I actually was. I finally stopped at the 101 mile marker seeing the exit sign for Akela Flats. There’s not much there, only a casino and a gas station/trading post. The casino isn’t much, about the size of a small Walgreen’s drug store.

I thought about swinging wide around it, but I figured there wasn’t enough to worry about. I will just be cautious and parallel it. I also lose the railroad tracks in about a mile. The tracks cut off sharply to the south, I need to keep heading east. I also have to figure out the right way to approach Las Cruces. I won’t simply walk in on the Interstate, I’ve learned my lesson that isn’t a good idea at all. But I am worried about just taking off across country too.

There are a number of problems that I have to consider:

  • The US Border Patrol Checkpoint at about mile marker 120 or so. I have no idea what to expect there. Or, for that matter, what to expect from the government. For all I know they could be serving a shrimp buffet, or arresting everyone and sending them to a prison.
  • There is the airport at mile marker 132. There is also a National Guard Armory next to it. The airport is primarily used for a Navy training facility. There are a bunch of US Navy training jets there and pilots train for landings and takeoffs…touch and go stuff.
  • Once past that it turns into the outskirts of the city.

Normally I would exit on Hwy 70 and just follow that through town. I don’t think that is such a good idea now. But, if I swing north around the airport that could take me a night of walking by itself. And I don’t know that area really well. I’ve hunted quail out there and done some 4-wheeling with Matt, but I don’t know the area well at all.

But, my atlas is showing a powerline that runs north of the airport that goes northeast running just south of Picacho Peak. Then it continues to the northeast to the eastern slope of the mountains, right along the base. It looks as if I would have maybe a two mile walk till I would turn due east at Apache Canyon and follow Sand Hill Arroyo right to my back yard. Sand Hill Arroyo has a pretty decent sized culvert, three actually, that run under I-25.

A lot of the last part of the trip would be through populated areas, but the canyon and arroyo might help to hide my movement. Besides I am going to be moving through at night. One of the best things about going cross country like that…it would cut off at least a day’s worth of walking. Although the walking cross country might be considerably tougher. I think it is worth it. I will thinking about it all day; Jim Hansen would call it pondering. I will make my decision tomorrow afternoon once I wake up. I will have a chance to ponder it tonight while I am walking. Then a good sleep on it never hurts. I will then have a clear head to make that call.

But, for now I gotta get some sleep. When I wake up I am going to take a bath! I think I see a stock tank maybe a half mile away. I need a bath. If there is water in it I will take quick bath before I start walking tonight.

The folks at Three Rivers Ranch gave me a motel sized bar of soap to take with me. Ashley joked that I didn’t know how to use soap as she held her nose. Everyone laughed. That kid has a good sense of humor. She’s kind of cute too. Nice kid. I miss her. I miss Beans. I feel alone again.


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Frequently Asked Questions – 2/20/2017

frequently asked questions prepping FAQWhat is the single threat against America today?

The stock/bond market. Any tiny blip of any kind will send it crashing. If the stock or bond markets tanks, the economy is done for. Most of the recent rally in the market has been based solely on the hope that Trump will lower taxes and reform government regulation. I don’t think he is going to be able to either in any meaningful way. I really hope I am wrong in that statement.

What is the single biggest foreign threat to America today?

Russia invading the Ukraine. If Russia makes that move then the question is what will Trump do. We know NATO won’t act in any meaningful way without the support of the US. We know that the UN won’t do anything without the support of the US. So it all boils down to what Trump will do. If he makes any military move against Russia I think it will escalate. If that happens I don’t think it will end well…no, not at all.

What about China?

Trump won’t do anything about China and the Red Sea. The US can’t afford a two-front military threat. We have the biggest threat with Russia, we can’t handle China at the same time.

What about some invasion of either Russia or China.

Neither will happen in our lifetimes. It is simply impossible and anyone who says it will happen has no idea what they are talking about.

But there are some who firmly believe it will happen. What about that?

Look at their sources of information. Dreams and visions of an invasion is not a battle plan. Dreams and visions of such an invasion is fantasy pure and simple. Most of them are well meaning people, I know some of them. But, they are not capable of making fantasy coming true.

Could North Korea launch an attack that could start it all?

Start what? Yes, they could launch a missile, even a nuclear missile, maybe more than one. To actually hit the US they would be unreal lucky from a technology viewpoint. And then it would have to get through our missile defense system. And if it did that, then what? Do you think Trump would launch a nuclear counter-strike against North Korea…seriously? Not a chance!


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Escape from Tucson: Day 39 – Saturday

Escape fromTucson by AH TrimbleWeird, weird, weird times!

About thirty minutes into walking last night I heard this low moan that was pretty faint. I immediately dropped low and had my AR ready to go into action. I was nervous as all get out and straining to hear or see anything. Then again, the low moan. At this point I could tell it was a person and a general direction from which it was coming. My first instinct was to rush in that direction to see if I could help. In the old days that might be the right thing to do. In this day and age it could be a set-up for an ambush.

I crept in a wide arc to my right trying to get a better idea of what was going on. I heard it several more times, saw nothing that concerned me about an ambush, so I moved closer to the sound. Then “boom” I was right no top of this guy before I realized just how close to him I was. I am a terrible stalker. I would have sucked at being a scout for the Army back in the Indian days.

So here is this old man laying on the ground kind of under a mesquite bush. Blood all over his right thigh and the ground under him. He had a belt wrapped around his upper thigh but he was still losing blood. And the wound stunk. The flies around the wound didn’t make it any more appealing. This old guy was in bad shape but he was semi-conscience. I scanned the area one more time and felt good enough about the situation to talk to the guy but he was out of it. I broke out a bottle of water and propped him up enough to get a little water into his mouth. So much for that water bottle…going in the garbage pile!

He gagged on the water the first time but swallowed the second mouthful. He kind of came around then. He was worried about me at first and tried to pull away. Fine! He’s the one who needs my help not the other way around. I sat the water bottle beside him and started to leave. He whispered, “Please help my wife.”

OK, who can refuse that kind of plea. But, I didn’t know if he had a wife, where she was, or even if I could help her is she was nearby and I could find her. I asked him where she was and he pointed in the direction of a pile of rocks. Great! Just what I needed…another diversion and who knows what risks associated with it. I just want to get home.

So I head off in the direction he pointed, fifteen minutes later I found her. She was dead. But, worse than that…she was pretty much mauled. Someone had really beat her up bad. Like the man, she had to be in her 70’s. Who would do something like that to an old woman.

Then it hit me…I immediately moved to my right about 100’ as quickly as I could, took a knee, and kicked every sense into high gear. This could easily be some kind of ambush. I had already fell for the worst of it, now I had to worry about someone moving in on me and getting the drop on me. For about ten minutes I listened, watched, and waited. Nothing.

I went back over to the old woman. She had been brutally beaten. I am guessing kicked by two or more men until she was just a broken body. Then whoever put the boot to her bashed her face and head in with a hard object of some kind. It was disgusting. Birds had already eaten her eyes out.

I headed back to the man to see what his story was. He had helped himself to the rest of the water and had his eyes open when I got back to him. His eyes told me everything, he wanted to know about his wife…and he asked. I told him she was dead and had been for a while. He nodded his head and told me she had last talked to him sometime that afternoon. He had been passing in and out of consciences since then. He asked me how bad of shape she was in. I told him the truth. He cussed up a storm. For being as beat up as he was, he had no issues cursing.

Turns out he had been part of a work party controlled by the Deming Deputies. He said that was the name of the militia that controlled Deming. The had work parties that roamed around basically looting ranches, farms, and anyone else they could find. They would roll up to a house and the deputies would demand food, guns, ammo, valuables, etc. at gunpoint. Most people complied, others who didn’t where killed.

Then the workers would get out of the wagons, locate anything of worth, load them into more wagons, and head to the next location. They would do this all day long for days at a time. When a loot wagon would get full it would head back to town with a couple of Deputies guarding it. When the last wagon was full they would all head back to town. The workers would only get to eat if they found food at any of the homes they looted. And only they would only get to eat once a day no matter how much food they found.

If any of the workers got too sick to keep working the guards would just let them fall out of the wagons, and shoot them or beat them till they were dead. If anyone lifted a hand to help, they were shot dead on the spot.

I described the men and wagons that I saw yesterday, he said that was the group he and his wife were with. They had just confiscated (looted) some food and other stuff from a small ranch house and were headed back to Deming. His wife had been getting progressively weaker on this last trip. They had been out for five days. She hadn’t been getting enough water or food. She was also marginally diabetic.

At one point she fell out of the wagon because she was just too weak to stay standing. A rider went over to her and started to kick her while she lay on the ground. What I found interesting is why he let her fall from the wagon, and I asked him. He got really mad at me but then he realized I just wanted to know what happened. Evidently couples were not allowed to ride in the same wagons. He was in the lead wagon, she was in the last wagon. He didn’t even know she had fallen out.

Another rider had come over to the downed woman and he too began to kick her. She was able to call out his name and he jumped down out of his wagon and was running back to help her when they caught him. They ran him down and the guy had his horse run him over. A couple more riders came up and they allowed the man to get to his wife. But, it wasn’t out of compassion. They made him lay there and watch the men kick his wife until she was nearly dead. He kept begging them to stop and just leave them alone, leave them there together, and leave.

The leader of the group came over and was updated on what the man had just said. This guy just pulled out a pistol and shot the man in the thigh. Then one of the other men hit the woman in the face with his rifle butt. The leader told the man that they could stay together all they wanted now. And rode off leaving them there in the desert.

For a long time she was unconscious and when she came around she could crawl or anything, both of her legs were broken as well as one arm. With his shot up leg he couldn’t do much either, he thinks the shot broke his thigh bone. His wife begged him to try and find help. He thinks she just wanted him to try and save his life because she knew she was dying. He had crawled off the 100’ trying to seek help but fell unconscious. When he woke up they hollered back and forth a couple of times but she stopped. He figured she probably died. He said he knew he would as well.

I didn’t tell him but I knew he was dying right then and there. I’ve been around enough accident scenes, gunshot wounds, and house fires to know where someone is dying. This guy was close to it.

I stayed with him till almost dawn. He woke up long enough to take one last big gasped and he was dead. He never asked for anymore water or for any food. All he did ask for was for me to lay him next to his wife. He didn’t ask me to bury them. He knew it was asking for too much, and he was right, I wouldn’t have. I did drag his body over to hers and laid them next to each other. I even moved their hands together so they were holding hands. Strange, their bodies were just dead lifeless meat at that point. Why the nostalgia on my part?

I walked off about a mile and hunkered down for the day and wrote this.

What has happened to people? I have seen people moving to the extremes of the humanity scale. The ranch folks went out of their way to be nice. One of the women with the scumbags even tried to defend Ashley. But, it seems as if most of humanity has moved to the opposite extreme…cruel and evil. Why?

Don’t people understand that if they would work together, be reasonable, and work for the benefit of each other that would be a far better way to handle this mess? And even if they couldn’t do all of that…just don’t be cruel.

If the old lady was going to die, then let her fall out of the wagon and just move on. There was no need for the men to be so cruel to her or her husband. Seriously! If they wanted to be less cruel they would have shot both of them rather than let them die slowly out in the desert. A fast painless death would have been far less cruel than what they had to endure. I just don’t get it.

Oh, just a little more info…the couple were in there early 50’s…they were not in their 70’s! The end of the world had been unkind to them. He was able to tell me that their last name was Payne and they had a 12o-acre melon farm outside of Deming. After the event there had been a big town meeting. A couple of the local politicians had said they were going to organize for everyone’s safety. They formed the militia and later called it the Deming Deputies because the Sheriff had taken control of it. Everyone knew it was just a bunch of violent thugs to control people. But it was too late to do anything about it. The bad people organized way faster than the good people.

He told me about the only people that escaped being turned into slaves was the local Mormons. Evidently they organized quickly and left the area. No one knew where they went. They did offer to take anyone with them…meaning non-Mormons. Only one family took them up on the offer. Everyone else said they would stay home and be part of their own community. People thought they were going to end up in some cult compound or something. Idiots!

I asked him about the absence of young people in the wagons. He told me pretty much what I already suspected. The young men were being recruited into other units of their militia. The young women were…ah, being assigned other duties. One of the things that I found interesting was “family’ situations. Families were not allowed to stay together in this new utopia that Deming was building. The leaders said that families were no longer needed and were part of the old way of doing things. It was now all about the collective society as a group. They would succeed together if everyone worked together…they would all share in the success.

He cussed up another storm. He went on about how the leadership didn’t do anything but “lead” and performed no work of any kind. Then there were the “troops” which are formally know as the Deming Deputies. They only did security work which meant they were guards. Then there were the workers…like him. And that was the majority of the people. They did all the work, whatever they were told to do. But, they ate less and were confined to their living quarters when not working. He called it prison. Even married couples were not allowed to live together. They were group together in units based on skill sets and abilities.

To me…that sounds like the ultimate Progressive/Liberal society.

He really started going downhill after our little talk. He was babbling for a while but nothing he said made any sense. I hoped he died pretty quickly so I could get on with walking and finding a place to stay that day. I considered helping that process along, or just leaving him. I couldn’t bring myself to do either. He died a few hours later. I’m glad I just waited for the end.

So I started thinking about it. The looting parties would go out for as long as five days at a time looking for places to steal from. Let’s say they would travel 10 – 12 miles a day. That means I am still within their strike zone for another night’s walking…and all day today. I have to be on my toes. I won’t allow myself to be captured. And yet I have to get some sleep today.

Life is never easy any more is it? I should have prepared more mentally and spiritually for these TEOTWAWKI times. Food storage is great, but, being ready mentally for trying to understand and deal with the people…not that would have been invaluable.


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SitRep – 02/16/2017

Situation Reports (SitReps)This is an ugly SitRep and I don’t like what I wrote. Unfortunately I believe it all to be true. I have acquired information, some public, some private, to put this report together. But, in the end it is opinion of what I believe is happening. If you have some other plausible explanation that is based in the facts I would love to hear it.

Flynn –

What the National Security Advisor did, or didn’t do, is really not of any major consequence or of concern to me. The Logan Act states a private citizen can’t conduct diplomacy with a foreign government. Did Flynn conduct diplomacy as accused? I have no earthly idea…and it doesn’t matter one bit to me. He either did or didn’t, if he did then prosecute. If he didn’t then he was railroaded.

The real point to the controversy surrounding Flynn was his stance and knowledge concerning America’s intelligence community and an aide’s security clearance. Flynn was no lover of the security agencies; the CIA, FBI, & NSA. He knew of their dark ops, he knew of their anti-Constitutional activities, and he was willing to do something about it. That puts, literally puts, a target on his back with the agencies all taking aim.

A serious dot to connect – Several days prior to the hit job on Flynn really gaining public attention an aide to Flynn (Robin Townly) was denied a SCI clearance. And that is the key aspect to all of this. Interesting, Townly is former military, worked in military intelligence, and still had a current Top Secret clearance. Townly also knew about the CIA, FBI, and NSA black ops. He too knew how dirty those agencies are. Then for some unknown and unspecified reason the CIA denied him the clearance, which keeps Townly out of National Security Council organization. Thus, preventing any role in the draining of the agencies’ collective swamp.

Flynn was destroyed by the FBI, CIA, and NSA purely for his connection to Flynn and Trump. In other words…politics.

The Bigger Issue –

Remember over and over and over again the nation’s secret police (FBI, CIA, & NSA) have denied that they capture phone calls, emails, text messages, etc. of US citizens. Of course people like James Clapper, former National Intelligence Director, as well as FBI, CIA, and NSA leadership have repeatedly lied, not just to the US public, they have outright lied to Congress while under oath on multiple occasions.

However, the Flynn scandal revealed conclusively that the US secret police do in-fact capture every piece of electronic information of all US citizens. And, all of the detail information (i.e. content) is available to the secret police for whatever purposes they so desire…including mounting a campaign to destroy a member of the President’s administration.

I have been warning people for years about the outright evil of the FBI, CIA, and NSA, that it is deep and wide. I have shown over and over that those agencies have been lying to us about their activities about conducting illegal, anti-Constitutional, and un-American operations for decades.

And one more side of this…the secret police continue to spy on members of foreign governments. This was proven to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt because the person who Flynn talked to on the phone was the Russian US Ambassador. Not that long ago it was revealed that the US secret police were spying on all foreign government leaders…even our closest allies. Well, it has been proven 100% true that they did…and still do.

How ironic that the media is promoting the story that there is a Russian spy ship traversing international waters off the east coast of the United States. Moreover, there are politicians that are worried about it as well and voicing concern. Well, how hypocritical of us to be condemning the Russians for doing the same thing to us that we already do to the entire world!

Leaks, Really? –

Let’s talk about “leaks” regarding Flynn and other issues surrounding the President’s administration. First, let’s get it straight…there are no leaks. Nope, they are not leaks.

What you see happening is a well-coordinated attack against the President of the United States by the dark three that make up the so-called intelligence services. More correctly, more accurately, they should be called “the secret police.” The secret police is a combination of the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA. The FBI is the domestic arm of the secret police and responsible for running dark operations against US citizens. The CIA is the international arm of the secret police and responsible for running dark operations against all international countries and their citizens. Both the FBI and the CIA are the militarized soldiers part of the secret police operation. The NSA is a huge network of intelligence gathering capability, almost exclusively electronic. The NSA does not maintain militarized forces as does the FBI and the CIA.

All three agencies have a single goal…an ultra-strong police state. Some, such as myself, would call it a “totalitarian state” since it is a police state run by an absolute authoritarian government where individual rights, liberties, and freedoms are virtually non-existent.

If you look at the history of those agencies (CIA, FBI, & NSA) you will see a number of disturbing details emerge:

  1. The CIA was formed from the OSS. The OSS was the CIA by a different name, their original name. The OSS was created by the socialist president Franklin D. Roosevelt. The leftist president later changed their name to the CIA. In 1961, the CIA conducted the Bay of Pigs, it failed miserably. President Kennedy saw the CIA for the dark ops organization that it was. Kennedy went on to say in an interview he wished he could disband the CIA and began to initiate policy changes to do so. He was assassinated shortly thereafter. President Reagan ran afoul of the CIA in regards to Russia, specifically about their PM. President Reagan overruled the CIA. Shortly after there was an attempt on Reagan’s life and he was shot multiple times.
  2. The FBI was first called the Bureau of Investigation and created in 1908 by radical Progressive president Teddy Roosevelt. Their name was changed to the FBI in 1935 along with a substantial change in mission, adding violent tactics that resulted in the deaths of many people. The person responsible for the name and mission change…president Franklin D. Roosevelt. And to top it off, FDR and Teddy were cousins. The first director of the FBI, Hoover, was an infamous anti-Constitutional advocate, police state proponent, and radical Progressive. He set the standard within the FBI to develop files on politicians to be used as coercion and outright blackmail (including against presidents) to grow the power of, and advance, the FBI agenda. In addition, until very recently the FBI still maintained “shoot on sight” orders. That type of order lead to a long list of FBI hits along with the killing of a mother and child which is now known as the Ruby Ridge Massacre. No FBI agent or leader was ever disciplined for their actions let alone sent to prison. Actually, all involved in the Ruby Ridge Massacre were promoted as a result of that mission. Same thing occurred with the FBI leadership of the Waco Massacre when the FBI was responsible for a fire that burned to death 78 men, women, and children. When the FBI participated in the assassination of Levoy Finicum they were caught in a lie and subsequent cover-up. No agent was disciplined, let alone sent to prison for lying to investigators…and murdering a man in cold blood.
  3. The NSA was formed in 1954 by the Progressive and war-loving president Truman. The NSA repeatedly stated that they only collected “macro data” and they never collected entire phone calls, text messages, emails, etc. Repeatedly they have been exposed as having outright lied about their illegal activities. We know clearly and conclusively that they collect every single bit of electronic communications within the United States…including collecting personal and governmental communications of politicians and even White House/Administration staff. The information that the NSA collects is 100% available to either the FBI or the CIA for their dark ops.

Here is what we know collectively about all three arms of America’s secret police:

  1. They were all formed by radical Progressive presidents who believed in and advocated for a totalitarian police state.
  2. The agencies’ founding leaders were Progressives and advocated for and promoted a police state.
  3. Neither the presidents who ordered their founding or the agency’s initial leadership were Constitutional advocates. Actually, to the contrary, all the founders viewed the Constitution as a hindrance to doing their job and actively and repeatedly violated the Bill of Rights.
  4. Most of all…none of the three arms of America’s secret police are authorized by the Constitution. None, not a single one.

So why is any of this important?

There were no leaks that brought down General Michael Flynn, it was a well-coordinated operation by the FBI, CIA, and NSA. But, Flynn was not the target, he was a useful bystander. The target is President Trump.

President Trump sees the agencies for who they are, not their glossy public relations image. He openly criticized them, and rightfully so. Hence the war between Trump and America’s secret police…FBI, CIA, and NSA. And I apologize for using the term “war” because that does somewhat trivialize the matter. The FBI, CIA, and NSA are conducting a coordinated operation to overthrow the President of the United States of America…plain and simple.

Doubt me? Don’t.

It was revealed yesterday that the agencies are not giving the President full intelligence briefings. Yup, that means the FBI, CIA, and NSA are intentionally and willfully withholding vital intelligence information from the President of the United States.

It what universe is that acceptable?

However, based on the long history, as well as the founding, of each agency it should come as no surprise to anyone concerning their current actions. Well, there will be some that are offended by my statements. Those people will be employees of the FBI, CIA, and NSA as well as their family members and friends. I can just hear it now, “Impossible! I’ve known Bob for years and he is a loving father, patriot, great neighbor and he works for the FBI.” Or, “My son works for the NSA and he is the most dedicated husband, father, and church man I’ve ever known!” So what? You have to move beyond the bias, beyond the flashy agency PR, the government coordinated effective propaganda and see the facts for what they are.

What Is The End Game? –

Oh, come on! Do I seriously have to go into that? You know what the endgame is. The agencies that I have mentioned only want one thing…a police state…a very, very strong police state where they have absolute and total control over every aspect of a citizen’s life. But, we know it by its proper name, a totalitarian state run by an absolute authoritarian government where and individual’s rights, liberties, and freedoms don’t exist. In either situation, the average citizen loses their rights, liberties, and freedoms to be subservient to the federal government. And, if you objectively review the last 130 years since the uprising of the Progressive movement, along with the establishment of the FBI, we have steadily lost a vast amount of those individual rights, liberties, and freedoms. And paralleling that, we’ve seen huge upswing in governmental power and even the militarization of police at the most local of levels.

Are They Alone? –

No. The secret police are not alone in this effort. They are working in conjunction with the broader Progressive movement. This coalition includes the political arm in Congress, Democrats led by Chuck Schumer, and RINOs led by John McCain. The bureaucratic element led by federal employee union leaders. The propaganda arm is well-known to be the mainstream media outlets of cable, TV, and newspapers. The civilian activist arm are a loose coalition of organizations such as the New Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, and a host of other radical violent leftist organizations. Of particular note is the Organizing for Action group of radical Marxists and increasingly violent left-wing extremists led by Barack Obama. And of course the chief financier of most of it is George Soros.

Some conservative media personalities and others refer to this broad collection of groups and agencies as the “shadow government” or “deep state.” I can’t disagree with their terminology because the goal of all of it is to replace our current Constitutional Republic form of government with a democracy so they can more easily move the USA into a totalitarian form of government where the populace is completely subservient to the government..

What Does This Mean To You? –

From a “direct impact” perspective probably nothing…for now. This battle is being fought in Washington DC amongst the ruling and political classes. There should be little to no fallout on an individual if you are not participating in the coup…unless maybe you are reporting on it or bringing it to the attention of the wrong people.

What? Yes. I mean simply if you would discuss these things with a friend that also works for the FBI, or maybe a relative of theirs, you will get a note made in your secret police file. And yes, you already have a file with the secret police…all Americans do. Some thicker and more detailed than others…just ask Gen. Michael Flynn.

I don’t think that there is an imminent threat to the average person or even a threat to “the grid” that I can see at this time. The shadow government already runs Washington and knows how to deal with non-cooperatives like Flynn and Trump. Should the dark side feel they are losing (i.e. about to be defeated) then look for a major grid-down event. And remember, most open and violent coups contain elements of grid disruption.

What Can You do? –

Generally the same things you are already doing. However, I would suggest looking at your preps in the area of protecting yourself and family from violence, first aid supplies and training, as well anything that allows you to be as overall independent from the grid as possible.

But, I would say the #1 thing that you must be doing is staying situationally aware. In other countries where the government has been overthrown there have always been signs that it is coming. The very same signs that we are seeing here in the US. You must keep your eyes open to see the signs as they appear. And they are appearing almost daily now…and they are serious.

Summary –

Yeah a “summary”, as if you need one. Let me be perfectly clear…the US secret police agencies (FBI, CIA, & NSA) are unconstitutional entities. They were established by radical leftists Presidents who actively sought to convert the US into a police state. The agencies are actively subverting Trump as President of the United States. They are actively and aggressively attempting to overthrow Trump as President of the United States. Should that fail those agencies will finish what they started…the overthrow of the government…any way they have to.

We are in the most perilous times in the United States, at least since I’ve been alive. The Civil War and FDR’s attempt to turn us into a socialist country are the only other two domestic events with the same potential as what we are currently in. Do not underestimate what is happening and the potential for it to change rapidly into an openly violent situation.

The only thing more sad is the number of people who see themselves as patriots and/or conservatives and/or Republicans that will get caught up in all of this on the wrong side. The wrong side of history. They will blindly follow the call for “law and order” and “safety and security” right into the implementation of the police state. These folks have been deceived in thinking that giving up some liberty for safety is acceptable. It isn’t. You end up with neither.

God help us!  Please, we need it now more than ever.



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Frequently Asked Questions – 2/16/2017

frequently asked questions prepping FAQIs there a timeline for the grid going down?

Whatever I say will be misunderstood, misconceived, or I will be wrong. So I am hesitant to refer to any specific timeframe. But, I will say that it could be at any second based on the extreme instability of the country right now and the Trump presidency. But, at the same time, it could take years for the country to finally finishing falling apart. But that is different than the grid going down.

There you go again badmouthing Trump.

No, I am simply stating that with Trump as president our country is more unstable than it has ever been in my lifetime. It is a combination of foreign instability with Russia and China. And also domestically with the Democrats (including their anarchists) doing everything they can to subvert his presidency. There is also the opposition, dark and deadly, on the part of people like McCain and other TPTB (political and ruling classes) that don’t like the idea of Trump as president. Combined…we have instability.

So you think Trump is a good president?

I already answered that previously, no.

Do you think he will, or could be, be a successful president?

No, he will fail and fail miserably. He has everything but a minority of Americans against him. And those that are for him are not the ones in power, not the ones with money, and not the ones with the big influence. Remember, Trump didn’t win the popular vote. That means more people voted against him than for him. That places Trump supporters in the minority. He also doesn’t have the support of the ruling class (that I know of). And he doesn’t have the majority support of businesses. The cards are stacked against him. I wish, and hope, I am very wrong about this.


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