Immediate Action Warning!


               Food Storage Recommendation Change


Significant changes have occurred on the world stage that you are well aware of. I am issuing the following change in my food storage recommendations based on the following –

  1. Price of fertilizer to farmers is up significantly, in some cases the price increase is as much as 400%. Russia and China are #1 & #2 exporters of fertilizer in the world and account for 25% of all fertilizer exports. China has publicly sworn to replace us as the world’s #1 power. We are in a war with Russia that could easily escalate with worldwide consequences. Total global exports of fertilizer are down 6% from 2019 – 2020.
  2. Russia is the world’s #1 exporter of wheat, Ukraine is #5. They are locked in a deadly war. India is the #8 exporter of wheat, however, they have suspended all wheat exports for the foreseeable future out of fear for their own food supplies. Together those three countries provided 35% of all wheat exports.
  3. The Pacific Rim supply chain is still experiencing significant disruptions and there is no clear correction of that situation on the horizon.
  4. California, the primary grower of many foods in the US, is experiencing historic drought conditions with the local and state governments implementing water restrictions. Those restrictions are having a severe impact on farmers as the water is being diverted to population centers.
  5. Price of fuel, US supply chain issues, and continued federal government interference has continued to disrupt the availability of pantry items, specifically food, on store shelves.


In my food storage articles I’ve promoted 90-days of “pantry items” that you should have on hand. I am changing that as of today. Those changes are as follows –

  1. The minimum I now recommend is 6 months of pantry items.
  2. I strongly suggest 1 years’ worth of pantry items.
  3. I am changing my definition of pantry items from food your family regularly eats to ANY household item that your family regularly uses in your home.

Previously I suggested only increasing pantry supplies via “sale” items at the store. Now I am strongly suggesting you do it by any practical means.

Personal Note: Our family has taken money out of savings to do so. We have also reviewed any item around the homestead that we are no longer using and probably won’t use. If it falls into that category we are selling it and using the cash to buy pantry items and expand our cash on hand.

I want to make myself perfectly clear…Increase your supply of all pantry items in your home and do so expeditiously. The best guide is to review all household items that you and your family use each day over the course of a week. Calculate those items based on a 6-month usage, 1-year if possible. Then prioritize the purchase of those items based on the 7 Common Risks & Threats. Once that is done…DO NOT DELAY IN PURCHASING THOSE ITEMS. However, do so in a practical and realistic way based on your individual situation.

I am not suggesting that you go into debt to purchase those items nor am I promoting fear or panic. This change should not be seen in any way as suggesting that you and/or your family are in imminent or serious danger. This change is based on a medium to long-term view of the previously stated five issues listed in the “Background”.

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A Couple Quick Items…

Yup, I’ve been really, really busy. I am, you could say, preparing not for the fall of the system…but the thud at the end of the fall. And, I am working on a SitRep that I expect to have done by the end of this week. It is taking me lots of time to verify, double check, and feel 100% confident in everything I will be writing about.

In the meantime I have to get out the word on three things:

1) A change in my recommendations regarding food storage,

2) Cash on hand,

3) “Fear porn” that is running rampant on the internet.

Let me address the later first…STOP READING, WATCHING, LISTENING TO, AND GETTING TWISTED UP ABOUT FEAR PORN!!  I can’t tell you how many articles and videos I am seeing that say buy this list, buy that list, fuel will be gone in two days, shelves will be bare next week, the WHO is taking away country’s sovereignty, and the stupidity goes on and on. Stop reading that crap and stop listening to people who promote that fear porn crap! Get them out of your life and keep them out.

The people who do that fear porn are doing so for selfish reasons only. You are better than that, you know better than that, you know it is only static that will distract you from what is real and what is important.

And for those who promote that static, that distraction, that crap…SHAME ON YOU! You are doing far more harm than any possible good. And you are potentially distracting people from doing those things that could save people’s lives, save families, save communities, save congregations.

OK, I got that out of my system…thankfully you will listen to that encouragement and spread it to others. We will all be far better off without the promoters of fear, the purveyors of distraction, and the advocates of violence against each other.

Now…food storage. In my food storage articles I’ve promoted 90-days of “pantry items” that you should have on hand. I am changing that as of today. Later today I will send out an Immediate Action Warning emphasizing it. But for now I am telling you this:

  1. The minimum I now recommend is 6 months of pantry items.
  2. I strongly suggest 1 years’ worth of pantry items.
  3. I am changing my definition of pantry items from food your family regularly eats to ANY household item that your family regularly uses in your home.

Why? You already know why but I will explain it more in my Immediate Action Warning coming out later today.

How do I suggest you go about it? I am changing that as well. Previously I suggested only doing so via “sale” items at the store. Now I am strongly suggesting you do it by any practical means. Our family has taken money out of savings to do so. We have also reviewed any item around the homestead that we are no longer using and probably won’t use. If it falls into that category we are selling it and using the cash to buy pantry items and expand our cash on hand.

It will take me awhile to update all the posts regarding this “pantry” change so please be patient.

Cash on hand. I am strongly suggesting and encouraging you to expand cash on hand. I am not saying increase the money you have in the bank…I am talking about physical cash you have in your house or hidden away on your property. I am talking paper dollar denomination money. A wide variety of denominations is best. The fewer hundred dollar bills the better.

How much cash on hand? That is up to you and your family. Each family’s situation and capacity is different. Some of you who are blessed with wealth can have more. Those who are less blessed will have the capacity to have less. There is no fixed amount of cash on hand that I recommend. I do however, think that a 6-month supply of absolute necessary expenses is a good start, 1-year’s worth would be better if possible for your situation. And when I talk about absolute necessary expenses I mean things like taxes, fuel, power & water bill, and other expenses that are absolutely necessary.

More to come…

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The “MORE” I talked about…I think I got it!

In my 2/24/2022 SitRep I laid out some “Facts” in the “Note” section. In there I opened my thought process to you concerning what I was seeing in the Russian-Ukraine War situation. In my Feedback & Comments post on 2/27/2022 I laid out even more “facts” in response to the question, “What more do you want to say? You’ve hinted at ‘more’, what is it?” Before reading more of this post you may want to read the information in those two articles. If you already read them, you might want to refresh your memory by reviewing them.

Now, on with the “more”…

At the store over the weekend I noticed that milk had gone from $2.29 per gallon 1-1/2 years ago to $3.29 per gallon on Saturday. Today when I went to the store it was $3.68. That is hyper-inflation by definition…44% increase in 1-1/2 years, then 12% increase in 4 days.

When I got gas on Saturday it was $4.09 per gallon, today it was $4.29. When Biden was elected it was $2.09 per gallon. Do the math…96% price increase in 1-1/2 years (yes, nearly double). Then it goes up 5% in 4 days. And yes, since Biden was elected the price of gasoline has more than doubled!! That is hyper-inflation by definition.

And as you know, I could go on and on with the price of just about everything. When you have milk up over 60% and gasoline up 105% since Biden was elected (1-1/2 years ago) that is clear factual evidence of what he and the other radical left and authoritarians are doing to America.

Does that mean, and am I saying, it is intentional? Damn right I am!!!

Biden and his lot are carrying out a master plan to destroy America…and they are succeeding very, very well. But, it is bigger than that.

We knew for a long time that Putin would invade Ukraine. Come on, they had the invasion forces staged on the border of Ukraine for months and months. And Biden in mid-January even made it clear we knew Russia would invade and when. And we, the USA, and the world did absolutely nothing to stop Russia or aid Ukraine in any notable way.

Then remember Biden said three things of significance:

  1. US forces would not fight on the ground in the Ukraine.
  2. US/NATO would not enact a “No-Fly” zone over the Ukraine.
  3. And most telling, Biden’s “minor incursion” comment stating that Russia would not be punished.

So what is the “more” I keep referring to?

The western world knew the invasion and subsequent war was coming, they did nothing to stop it. Biden began not just America’s dependence on foreign oil once again but he made all necessary moves to create a general economic hyper-inflationary period. And Biden not only starts buying Russian oil, he begins negotiations to buy Iranian oil and to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. Did you hear that!?!

Biden intentionally massively weakens the USA economy and wrecks our oil and gas independence  as he strengthens two of Americans biggest enemies.

I ask you…Why?

Biden clearly moved to weaken America, he clearly moved to strengthen Russia and their #1 ally Iran. And he knew Russia would invade Ukraine.

I ask you…Why?

No one, not the USA or NATO, or any country in Europe moved a finger to help Ukraine prior to the Russian invasion. And, we have avoided any serious assistance to Ukraine since the invasion. No, I don’t give crap about all the countries “pledging” support to Ukraine! What has been delivered? Russia is clearly winning the war and will take over large portions of Ukraine, if not all of it…and no one is helping Ukraine. Hell, Poland offered Ukraine their fleet of MIG-29 fighter jets…and NATO vetoed that move.

I ask you…Why?

America’s strategic oil reserves are intended to be a source of crude oil to be refined into fuel for America’s military should a war break out and oil supplies are interrupted. In November 2021 and again in March 2022 Biden released significant amounts of America’s strategic oil reserves thus weakening America’s ability to militarily respond in time of war.

I ask you…Why?

So, you look at all the superficial stuff happening and it is easy to react and say we should do this or that. But what happens when you look below the superficial, look below the surface that media is painting?

Prices soaring to hyper-inflation levels and what is happening to the stock market? Down 10% since the war was known to be coming. Mortgage rates are up 26% since the war was known to be coming. Gas = up, food = up, EVERYTHING = UP…except the primary way working American’s create wealth through IRAs and 401Ks…the market!!

And that means that the low and middle class folks are getting killed. And by that I mean…their wealth is being transferred to the rich…or another word would be the “elites” not just in this country but the elites around the world. Couple all of that to the more than $30trillion since 2007 that the Federal Reserve created and sent around the world to…wait for it…bankers.

If you haven’t already figured it out by now, the “more” I am referring to is simple when you connect the dots…once again the world’s elites are taking wealth…taking the wealth from those beneath them. Some call it a “transfer of wealth”…I call it criminal on a global scale.

So there you have it…the election of Joe Biden as president began a whole new phase of their plan. Wreak the US economy, create chaos around the world, and implement the cure when we cry out for help, a cure, to save us…and the cure is nice, stable, comfortable, secure ”authoritarianism”.

Yeah  I know…almost anti-climactic in simplicity…but their plan none the less. Yes, all of this is my opinion.

And one last note…the constitutional definition of treason is pretty straight forward: giving aid or comfort to our enemies. So let me ask you this:

  1. Is Russia America’s enemy?
  2. Is Iran America’s enemy?
  3. Has Biden been giving money to Russia at any time since the beginning of his Presidency?
  4. Has Biden been giving money or planning to give money, to Iran at any time since the beginning of his Presidency?
  5. Has Biden given one or more “green light” indicators to Russia that we will not militarily support Ukraine, as we previously agreed to do, if Russia invades Ukraine?
  6. Has Biden taken steps to renew America’s commitment to Iran being able to develop nuclear weapons?
  7. Has Biden weakened America’s ability to fight a war through releasing strategic oil reserves?
  8. Has Biden weakened the US economy and made us more susceptible to America’s enemies?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the above, does that qualify as treason (as defined by the Constitution) in the well-documented, factual actions of Joe Biden? If yes, then ask…did anyone in his administration take any steps to stop him? If you answered no, then does that indicate conspiracy to commit treason on their part?

What does your gut feeling, that still small voice, your instinct, tell you about what is happening, why, and were it ends?

The key now…How soon? Or rather…Are you ready?

More questions:

  • Does Biden’s treason bother you?
  • Will Biden’s current actions -since war broke out- bother you and make you think the US will suffer as much or more than Russia?

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Feedback & Comments : Russian – Ukrainian War #2

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsIn reference to SitRep – 2/24/2022 : War!

And you should probably read Feedback & Comments : Russian – Ukrainian War #1

  • You’ve warned many times of “watch the left hand”, so what do you see this time?

For one…In the middle of the potential start of World War III Joe Biden nominates an extremely radical leftist to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS)… Ketanji Brown Jackson. Jackson is nothing short of a political hack who does not believe in the fundamental foundations of the Constitution. And Joe Biden picked the perfect time to nominate her…everyone else is focused on and worried about what is happening in Ukraine by the US’s #1 enemy…Russia. Perfect distraction, eh?

Some interesting facts on Ketanji Brown Jackson:

    • Parents attended segregated (all black) colleges.
    • She worked for the law firm of Goodwin Procter, one of the largest international/global law firms in the world.
    • She was a law clerk for very liberal/progressive US District Judge Patti B. Saris.
    • She was a law clerk for Stephen Breyer associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, one of the most liberal/progressive judges SCOTUS has ever seen.
    • She was part of the Marxist Obama Administration, United States Sentencing Commission
    • Compilation of opinions regarding her politics: labor friendly, liberal, progressive, good Democrat, liberal ideologue, passionate & bias liberal activist, anti-religious.
    • She is endorsed by, among other far-left groups, infanticide endorsing Planned Parenthood, and the radical extremist left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center.
    • She opposes First Amendment right of free speech for people saying vocal or silent prayers outside of abortion clinics.
    • She is very radically in favor of infanticide (pro-abortion), including partial-birth abortion (killing of babies as they are being born, primarily through dismemberment).

And Biden somehow knew to wait for the right moment before making her nomination announcement.

  • Russia has but its nuclear forces on high alert, will Russia use his nukes?

Very possibly. Once the allies begin moving military supplies into Ukraine there are only 3 options to do so; air, ground, or sea port. The airspace above Ukraine is closed due to being controlled by Russia air assets. For any country, other than Russia, to try and fly into that airspace would be idiocy. It would lay the groundwork for a direct confrontation of militaries. It would be both provocative and pure stupidity. So that leaves a ground or sea port option.

A sea port attempt would likely end up in an intervention by Russia navy assets and a very high likelihood of violent confrontation…and that could easily escalate quickly. That leaves a ground based option. The two most likely countries would be Poland or Romania through which aid would flow, both are NATO countries. Should Putin want to deny entry of those weapons, especially Stinger & Javelin missiles, he might well strike any arms convoys close to or within their borders. Should he do that, then NATO must strike back based on Article 5.

Given that scenario I could see Putin escalating it very quickly if he was losing the engagement. Should that occur a tactical nuclear strike would be within his wheelhouse. He might think that no nuclear response would be forthcoming. And, I believe he would be right. I can’t imagine any NATO country believing a nuclear response would be a responsible option. However, should a nuclear response occur, or a false flag nuclear “response” by Russia…then I see a rapid escalation…and nukes potentially coming into play.

Bottom line…In my lifetime we haven’t been this close to nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

  • What more do you want to say? You’ve hinted at “more”, what is it?

I like to write only those things that I can verify and have sourced well. I have written about “gut feelings” before but not very often. This is one of those times I have a gut feeling based on some random dots that I see, they are:

    • Joe Biden was vice-president to Obama when Obama passed on a “conspiracy” message to Putin via Russian President Medvedev in March of 2012 where Obama stated he would be more cooperative with Putin after Obama was reelected.
    • Joe Biden was vice-president when Obama allowed Russia to invade Ukraine in 2014 and take the Ukrainian state of Crimea away from Ukraine.
    • Joe Biden was one of the chief architects of the Iranian Deal back in 2015. That deal allowed Iran to have a timetable and all the means to develop nuclear weapons. And it included a plane load of cash from the USA to Iran that was estimated to be in the billions of dollars…IN CASH! Trump stopped the remainder of the deal and withdrew the US’s support. Just about a week ago Biden voiced his support for now releasing over $100billion in frozen Iranian assets, allowing Iran to sell oil on the open markets, and a return to the 2015 deal that allows Iran to develop nuclear weapons.
    • Hillary Clinton was also instrumental in the 2015 Iranian deal. Hillary Clinton had/has close ties to Russia, even conspiring to use Russian supplied fake/false information to overthrow President Trump.
    • Iran has been, and is, a close ally of Russia.
    • Joe Biden ordered the US Department of Justice to drop its investigation into Chinese spying and intellectual property theft.
    • China is a close ally of Russia.
    • Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, has made millions of dollars from the Chinese government since Joe Biden first served as vice-president to Obama.
    • While Joe Biden was vice-president to Obama, Joe Biden’s son Hunter, received over $3.5million from a Russian billionaire with close ties to Putin.
    • Prior to Joe Biden being elected president the USA was energy independent.
    • The year Joe Biden was sworn in as president he quickly made executive decisions to make USA an energy dependent country…subject to oil suppliers such as OPEC and Russia. Oil imports from Russia went up about 35% under Joe Biden’s presidency so far.
    • As oil & gas prices increase due to the Russian-Ukraine War benefiting Iran and Russia…and hurting US consumers.
    • Joe Biden was well aware of Putin’s buildup of Russian forces and that Putin was going to order an invasion of Ukraine during or closely following the Winter Olympics in China. Biden was aware of this information since early 2021. Yet, despite knowing all of this, Biden did not send the critical military aid the Ukraine needed to defend itself against Russia, namely Stinger and Javelin missiles.
    • Joe Biden stopped direct sanctions against Putin when they were recommended by US experts (after Russia invaded Ukraine). The direct sanctions against Putin were only imposed when European leaders did so, then Biden was forced to follow them.

Something stinks in all of this…something really, really bad! My gut tells me that these dots are all connected and there even more major dots that I am not seeing…but I know they are there.

Bottom line…Biden, and maybe the US government, are somehow neck deep in this…and it ain’t on the side of right! And it isn’t going to end up well for Ukraine…or for US citizens. And yes, I think this is a major step towards bringing down the USA, probably the whole world, to maybe collapse levels. I am just not 100% sure…but my “gut” is seldom wrong. My timing may suck and I may not have the details right each time…but something tells me this time it is going to be bad (long-term and/or medium-term and undoubtedly short-term). And it is planned, or assisted by, Biden and his friends (a.k.a. co-conspirators).

Plan & prepare accordingly.



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Feedback & Comments : Russian – Ukrainian War #1

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsIn reference to SitRep – 2/24/2022 : War!

  • Excellent observations on current world event! You nailed the Russian/Ukraine situation. What do you see as the #1 threat to citizens of the US?

Well, this may surprise you…I see the #1 threat to the average US citizen out of all of the possible options as being the US government.

Remember one of the radical authoritarians’ mantras…“never let a crisis go to waste”. Our federal government and the ruling class are already planning on how to use this crisis to further their agenda. And that agenda is not one to strengthen the Republic or the Constitution.

Remember, they were wildly successful with the COVID pandemic.Why wouldn’t they leverage the war situation between Russia & Ukraine? Actually, a strong case could already be made…the price of oil & gas is going up. And that is a top priority of the radical extremists…price oil & gas out of the range of average Americans.

  • How can Putin be defeated? Your article was really well put. I do think you wanted to say more but didn’t for some reason.

Putin can only be defeated by his own people. It’s too late for a military solution, there is no military, or combination of militaries, that can defeat Putin…he is too committed…more committed than anyone else.

His people, their riots and such, can stop him, if not actually overthrow him. But the cost would be high to Russians.

And we could have helped the Ukraine stop the Russian invasion in its tracks and decimate them if we had done two things:

  1. Given Ukraine 1,000 new generation Stinger missiles. Cost: $38,000 each, total $38million. No Russian fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft would have been safe. The $ cost and loss of aircraft would not be acceptable to the Russian government.
  2. Given Ukraine 1,000 new generation Javelin missiles. Cost: $178,000 each, total $178million. No Russian vehicle, including tanks, would have been safe. The large loss of life would not have been acceptable to the Russian people.

NOTE #1: In 2018 the USA sold 150 Javelin missiles to Ukraine…about 850 missiles short of what they needed, and Ukraine didn’t and doesn’t have that kind of money to spend buying the missiles they need. The US sent a mere handful more in late January 2022. Too little, too late.

NOTE #2: The US sent a mere handful of Singer missiles in late January 2022. Again, too little, too late.

Had the US sent those number of missiles and associated training to Ukraine starting in 2012 – 2013 (covering 3 US presidencies) Russia might well have been deterred from invading Ukraine in 2014 or 2022. But we didn’t…and now we can easily see how we have facilitated this horrible situation where Russia becomes stronger, richer, more emboldened, and with no end in sight.

So, were we (3 US Presidents & Congresses) just blindly incompetent not helping Ukraine when we could have? Or, was there something else in play?

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SitRep – 2/24/2022 : War!

I wrote about Russia invading Ukraine back in May of 2021 <click here> and explained more of the details in my mid-December 2021 post <click here>. Several days later in December I explained <click here> why Putin would order the invasion during the winter and stated that oil would close in on $100 per barrel…oil hit over $100 per barrel this morning before pulling back to over $93. Do the math…that is a nearly 30% increase in the price of oil this year…and it only strengthens Russia’s international hand and pours money into their government coffers to spend on their military, etc.

February 2022 – Russia invades Ukraine

Interesting note…Biden from Day #1 of his presidency has decreased the USA’s energy independence to the point where we once again are at the mercy of OPEC countries…and Russia. And if you have been following the price of oil…it is up 170% since Biden was elected! Of course you already know how Biden is wrecking the economy…intentionally…you see it every time you go to the gas pump, the store, or anywhere else. And yes, I said “intentionally” which it is…intentional. If you don’t understand “the Great Reset” promoted by the World Economic Forum, you should learn about it right now! I have spoken in general terms for several years now regarding the Great Reset but you need the details. Read the article explaining it better than I could at Hillsdale College. <click here to read the article>

If you want the abbreviated version of what the great reset is…It is where the international ruling elites crash the world’s economic systems, a new currency is installed, and a very centralized economic system is established globally where “economic justice” and “enviro-facism” rules. Yes, that also means the destruction of the USA as we know it along with the loss of constitutionally guaranteed rights, liberties, and freedoms.

So where are we headed and what does all of this mean? Well, let me save that for the summary.

Background on the Ukraine –
  • About 1917 – modern day Ukraine becomes an independent country/state based on a civil war.
  • 1919 – 1921 – Ukrainian/Russian War
  • 1922 – Ukraine becomes a member of the USSR (Communist Russia), the “Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic”.
  • 1931 – Russia begins the “Russification” of the Ukraine.
  • 1932 – 1933 – Russia starves 4 – 5 million Ukrainians to death by forcing them to send their abundant food production to Russia. This was known as the “Holodomor”.
  • 1941 – 1944 – Germany invades and occupies Ukraine, Ukrainian guerillas fight against both Germans and Russians for their independence. Approximately 7,000,000 Ukrainians died during WWII at the hands of Germans and Russians, including about 1.6 million Jews. Ukraine stays part of the USSR.
  • 1954 – Crimea is transferred by the USSR to the Ukraine.
  • 1991 – USSR dissolves and Ukraine becomes an independent nation.
  • 1991 – 1999 – Ukraine transitions away from a communist economy to a market economy and suffers a significant recession in the process. Ukraine is now on the five most powerful nuclear countries list. Among its nuclear arsenal, it has a large force of nuclear missiles and long-range nuclear bombers, as well as tactical nuclear weapons. It also has all the resources and expertise to develop and produce additional current generation nuclear weapons.
  • 1994 – Ukraine agrees to destroy, dispose of, or return all nuclear weapons. The agreement is based on a guarantee of protection by a coalition of NATO countries led by the USA and President Bill Clinton. The agreement was negotiated by then president George H. W. Bush (former CIA operative).
  • 2000 – 2008 – Ukraine enjoys significant economic improvement, notable increases in GDP, and stabilizes their economy.
  • 2009 – Ukraine suffers from the global crises as does all industrialized nations.
  • 2013 – A “soft civil war” begins in the Ukraine between pro and anti-European Union factions. The USA pours money and training into the pro-European Union faction (anti-Russian), Joe Bidden & Hillary Clinton at the head of this effort under Obama.
  • February 2014 – Ukrainian President Yanukovych is impeached and removed from office by pro-USA Ukrainians (a.k.a. Ukrainian Revolution). The following day Russia invades the Ukrainian state of Crimea and annexes it within 3 weeks. No country comes to the aid of Ukraine to defend itself against Russia (the defense of Ukraine was required per the 1994 agreement). Putin’s rebuilding of the Russian Empire begins.
  • 2012/2013 – USA, through the US State Department begins a covert operation that includes funneling large sums of money to anti-Russian Ukrainian groups in Ukraine. Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State.
  • March 2014 – The Donbas War began in the Ukrainian states of Donetsk and Luhansk (pro-Russia) with Russia supplying arms, money, and military special forces units to pro-Russia separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk. No country comes to the aid of Ukraine to defend itself against Russia (the defense of Ukraine was required per the 1994 agreement). John Kerry is Secretary of State.
  • 2014 – 2018 – Initially Ukrainian military was able to considerably shrink territory held by pro-Russia separatists. Russia began open military operations in both Ukrainian states and won back lost territory.  As of January 2022 a large Russian para-military presence stills exists in those states. No country comes to the aid of Ukraine to defend itself against Russia (the defense of Ukraine was required per the 1994 agreement).
  • Mid-February 2022 – Russia formerly recognizes Donetsk and Luhansk as independent countries and officially and openly sends Russian military forces into Donetsk and Luhansk and occupies them as part of the Russian Empire.
  • Late-February 2022 – Russia attacks Ukraine proper. No country comes to the aid of Ukraine to defend itself against Russia (the defense of Ukraine was required per the 1994 agreement).

NOTE: Beginning approximately early 2014 a close relationship began with Joe Biden (and his son Hunter Biden) and the Ukrainian leadership (widely known to be extremely corrupt). Hunter Biden begins receiving large sums of money from Ukraine to the tune of millions of dollars…during the time period the US State Department is sending 10’s of millions of dollars and aid to Ukraine.

And if you are wondering why the Russia Empire headed for the Ukrainian states of Donetsk and Luhansk first…they are huge oil and gas producers, just about 90% of all oil & gas produced by Ukraine came from there.

Well, technically Crimea was the first Russian target to expand their empire…why? Because Crimea has major shipping capability on two seas, the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Oh wait…Crimea also has huge reserves of oil and natural gas. Actually, Crimea has one of the largest reserves of natural gas in the world. Combine the oil & gas reserves with major shipping points…it becomes a major player in the world’s oil & gas industry…which now belongs to the Russia Empire

Imagine that…

  • Russia is now the third largest oil producer in the world,
  • Russia is now the second largest natural gas producer in the world,
  • Russia supplies most of Europe with natural gas.

So, as you can see, Ukraine has a troubled past that includes multiple genocides and invasions, including those by Russia. It also depended on the west, primarily the USA to aid them in case Russia moved against them…and we didn’t lift a finger to defend them at any time they needed defending…breaking our agreement with them. Ukraine has now lost most of its revenue generating capability…to Russia.

Ukraine is screwed.

Joe Biden…Russia & Ukraine –

Biden is feeble, weak, incompetent, and incapable to do anything in the world today…let alone go up against Russia in the matter of Ukraine. All a person has to do is see Biden try to speak on TV, listen to his voice on the radio, or read his rambling babbling to know he is not of sound mind. Watch Biden walk…he is a feeble, decrepit old man who can’t even wipe away his own drool let alone walk up a flight of stairs.

Biden has done the bidding of the world’s ruling class from day #1 of his political life starting four decades ago. He was Obama’s lead bumbling stooge and not a single bit better now when it comes to leadership. Biden doesn’t view the USA with anything but disgust and disdain. He has done nothing but take every opportunity in his personal and political life to tear down the Constitution, the American way of life, and to merge the USA into the global sphere of subjugation. And he has just about completed his mission. And all the while…he and his family members have pocketed millions and millions of dollars through influence peddling…a criminal activity. But that should come as no surprise…that is how the second-tier ruling class works.

I had to love a recent article I read where it speaks of Biden’s “boom economy” and how well the economy is growing. Oh my gosh!! Any normal reasonably intelligent person sees that our current economy is nothing more than failing…especially for the middle class. Then you hear all the excuses propaganda about why gas is so expensive at the pump. The propaganda media blames the high prices on everything but the true foundational reason…Biden’s implementation of extremist energy policies from Day #1 of his presidency. Biden, and his progressive goons, have done nothing but destroy America’s energy industry and independence. And I must say…they have been very effective at it.

Russia & Putin vs Nazi Germany & Hitler –

Let’s talk about Putin…who do you see him as? Does he project strength or weakness? Does he have a clear vision of himself and Russia or not? Has he demonstrated a clear vision for his legacy and the future of the Russian Empire? Has he made smart calculated strategic global moves successfully?


Now…think about Joe Biden for a minute…





Who do you think wins?

Yeah, thought so.

Let’s compare for just a moment a few interesting tidbits…

Right now…in the world today…with world leaders being who they are…who can stop Putin? Maybe a better question, how would any of them stop Putin?

I wonder if that would have been a valid set of questions in 1940 regarding Hitler. And how did that work out for the world?

So, is World War III right around the corner, coming within days or weeks, maybe months?

No, I don’t believe so. World leaders today do not have the stomach for such a war…unless something significant changes. And the US would lose a war against Russia.Yup, I said it…and I stand by it!

Does that mean the Russian Empire is on the rise? Yes, and it also means that Putin is fulfilling his self-imaged destiny. Putin is on a mission and he is strong willed, intelligent, very determined, and unmatched by any current world leader.

The question should be…What economic sanctions will be imposed and who will they really hurt?

Maybe a better question…or at least a thought provoking idea…Does this ultimately promote/advance the Great Reset? If it does…then who is really behind all of this?

Whatever happens know this…America is the laughing stock of the world right now because of Biden. He is 100% incompetent, almost completely senile, 100% incapable of leading a Cub Scout Pack let alone the USA, and he is no match for Putin…and the entire world knows it. It seems so unrealistically bizarre…it is almost as if it was some plan.

Note –

I had to make a separate category for these pieces of information…it’s that important.


  • Putin was President of Russia from 2000 – 2008.
  • In March of 2012 Putin was Prime Minister of Russia running for an unprecedented second go as President of Russia.
  • Dmitry Medvedev was president of Russia in early 2012, was well-known to be only a placeholder for Putin, and he was not seeking a second term.
  • In March of 2012 President Obama met with President Medvedev in Seoul, South Korea.
  • During that meeting a “hot mic” picked up a whispered conversation between the two where Obama promised to give Russia “more space” to accomplish Putin’s agenda once Obama was reelected. Medvedev agreed that would be good and promised to pass the message along to Putin.
  • Two years later when Putin ordered Russian military forces to invade the Ukrainian state of Crimea, surprising the international community, Obama (second term) did not honor the USA’s commitment to defend Ukraine against Russian aggression.
  • When Obama was informed by the FBI that Russia was “meddling” in the 2016 USA presidential election between Clinton and Trump…Obama told the FBI to stand down and do nothing.
  • And don’t forget that it was the Clinton campaign (endorsed by Obama) that paid for the fake Russian Dossier on Trump.
  • It is widely known that Obama hates America and is a member of the global elite class.
  • The Clintons are also known to be members of the global ruling class and have only used America as a means to gain power and money.

Connect the dots yourself…they all circle back on one target.

Summary –

What do you do now?

Come on…I warned you about exactly this 10 months ago and have repeatedly laid out what to do before then for years and regularly since then. You should be prepared by now. If not, the window is closing on your ability to prepare. But, there is always time to do more…or at least do something. Doing something is far, far better than doing nothing!

And know this…this isn’t the beginning of the end…it is another step well along in the “end” process.

More is coming…and it ain’t a picnic.

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Biden/Harris Regime’s Final Days of America…(2/24/2022)

On 1/23/2021 I wrote “The Utter Destruction of America…Now Occurring”<click here to read it> In that article I referred to the 11/7/2020 article in which I answered, in part, the question, “Now, what do I see coming?”

On 1/23 I started tracking what steps the Communist/Socialist/Marxist/Fascist/Totalitarian Biden/Harris regime that would destroy the last vestiges of our Constitutional Republic. It would be the final days of America. <click here to read>

On 2/1/1021 I updated the thermometer. <click here to read>

I said I would track the progress of Biden/Harris regime’s accomplishments to destroy America. As we get closer to the end…the more you should be prepared. Very, very prepared.

Today I need to update that list, or the steps, they are taking…especially since it has been 10 months since the last update.

In the last 10 months I have seen Democrats appoint some of the most radical, anti-American, Constitution hating people to the administration. Republicans have almost been entirely ineffectual in, or not committed to, stopping any of those appointments. Democrats are emboldened and Republicans a little more than whinny pretentious children.

Food stamp costs for 2021 are up significantly…about 34.5%. In October last year the Biden/Harris regime implemented a historic increase in food stamps…27% automatic increase. And add to that hundreds and hundreds of dollars per month of payments in 2021 for children you have a virtual catastrophic implementation of socialism in the USA. And of course a worsening situation in 2022.

While there was no universal college loan forgiveness, not yet at least. However, there has been over a billion on college loan forgiveness in 2021 alone. And that billions dollar program has been carried into 2022. So, I will give 1/2 credit for what has taken place.

Housing assistance in 2021 was increased significantly in 2021 and even more housing assistance programs being implemented in 2022.

COVID severity and government response, especially in liberal states, increase notably in 2021. In 2022 some of those draconian federal mandates were reversed but Biden/Harris get full credit for their actions.

National debt…where do I even start!? Let’s back up, we know that the federal government spent nearly 10 trillion dollars on supporting the US economy since the Great Recession. We know that the federal government spent trillions more on COVID relief. All of it money we didn’t have…so we just printed it. But, what we didn’t know till earlier this year was what the Federal Reserve did. For years I’ve been writing about the Fed and their activities. I indicated that there was more to their activities than what we were seeing, but I couldn’t define it, I just knew it was there…and I didn’t know to what extent. Turns out that the Fed secretly created and gave away nearly 30 trillion dollars!!! And to make matters worse…about 2/3 of that money was to foreign countries and their central banks! All of that money the citizens of the USA is on the hook for but conveniently left off the official national debt numbers. So I wish I could give the Biden/Harris regime more than 100% credit for this one but alas I can’t.

So here is the updated Biden/Harris regime’s check list for destroying America.

  • The animosity among US citizens will skyrocket.
  • The rancor among US citizens will skyrocket.
  • Republicans will become even more cynical, angry, whinny, and weary of all things government. The latter is a good thing since they have been sycophants for the last 4 years.
  • The Democrats will be emboldened exponentially to nosebleed heights.
  • Expect more welfare.
  • Expect more abortions.
  • Expect more open borders.
  • Expect left-wing demonstrations/protests to advance their causes.
  • Expect higher taxes on higher income earners.
  • Expect more tax increases.
  • Expect more food stamps.
  • Expect college loan forgiveness.
  • Expect more housing assistance.
  • Expect a significant and at times violent suppression of militias.
  • Expect election reforms…national standards dictated by the federal government.
  • Expect a significant increase in social media and tech giant speech restriction (i.e. censorship).
  • Expect an increase in the federal minimum wage.
  • Expect more paid worker benefits.
  • Expect an exponential increase in the COVID-19 response by states controlled by Democrats and especially the federal government.
  • Expect COVID-19 situation to get worse…maybe even much worse.
  • Expect large federal budget deficits.
  • Expect a significant growth in the national debt.
  • Expect more “Bubba Effect”.

Yup, that represents that they are 77% of the way of completing their mission.

This list comes from an article “Resist!” posted on 11/7/2020 <click here to read it>

The original article that started the series (Biden/Harris Regime’s Final Days of America) is the 1/23/2021 article The Utter Destruction of America…Now Occurring” <click here to read it>

The original article with the updated list and track thermometer is Biden/Harris Regime’s Final Days of America…(1/23/2021) <click here to read it>

note #1: It may appear that I lag behind some of the actions of Bide/Harris regime in track the events and updating the “thermometer”…and that is true. The reason I wait on some of the updating is to clarify exactly what the repercussion and affects will be before I issue updates.

note #2: Why do I have the moving train graphic at the beginning of this series of articles? Because on 1/21/2021 I wrote an article “Freight train is almost here…” and referred to what is happening, what is coming at us, is like a freight train hitting us head on. Imagine a fast moving freight train coming through a tunnel with its bright lights on. Then you realize it is going to hit us and run us over without the ability to get out of the way. There…now you get my analogy. However, I am trying to give you enough information to get out of the way in time…or damage the rails sufficiently to stop the train from doing any damage or running over anyone.

note #3: This is not a comprehensive and complete list of the actions Biden/Harris regime. It was simply a projection of what the steps would be that they would take that would ultimately lead to America’s irreversible destruction. And any single major step that may, probably will, take could lead us to destruction virtually overnight.


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Feedback & Comments : the FBI & CIA

AH Trimble Feedback and Comments

  • You wrote about the CIA in regards to Afghanistan, isn’t there bigger problems with the CIA? And you’ve written about the FBI before. What about the FBI and CIA acting as a single agency?

Well, the CIA is an interesting beast…literally, a beast in biblical terms. The CIA is a super-secret (albeit well-known) black ops organization that murders at will, overthrows sovereign nations, traffics extensively in illegal drugs, illegal arms traffickers, collaborates with known terrorist groups, tortures foreign and US citizens…to name just a few of their activities conducted in the name of the United Stated of America.

Oliver North…yes, even the Colonel Oliver North that worked for the National Security Council under President Reagan. He was finally convicted of multiple felonies for his operations through/with the CIA. Meaning, the military works closely with and often for the CIA. But, you didn’t even ask about the CIA-military connection did you? Sorry.

So, on to the FBI…the short answer is yes. FBI agents, when needed, “become” CIA operatives.

The New York Times (NYT) wrote an excellent fact-based article back in November on the unholy alliance between the FBI & CIA. The large and quite effective public relations team at the FBI pumps out excellent propaganda portraying the FBI with a strong moral compass, “clean” agents, and love of all things Constitutional. Well, propaganda it is, truth it is not.

It is well-known that the CIA runs an extensive network of black sites where torture is a common occurrence. There are well documented examples of these, many with congressional testimony to back the truth. There’s even a great docu-drama about it. The torture committed at the behest of the CIA by its agents and operatives is as vile as human behavior can be, unworthy of anyone who calls themselves a human…and not conducive to a Constitutional Republic. But, the FBI has always maintained that their agents have never participated in those tortures. And technically they are right.

Interesting, albeit disgusting, evidence came to light during the pretrial phase of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. In that evidence was key information that almost went unnoticed. First let me mention that the truth of an extensive black site prison network was revealed. Then the extent of the torture was revealed. Those were bombshells to begin with…although already widely speculated. But buried even deeper was a very interesting tidbit of information that blows up the FBI image even more…and exposes the dark and evil truth of the FBI.

To avoid “FBI agents” participating in the torture the FBI/CIA came up with a trick that only the US government would think of…the FBI agents temporarily but officially become CIA agents. The US government had a legal team draw-up a legal document that enabled the FBI agents to be assigned to the CIA and formally become CIA agents. Thus, technically the FBI agents didn’t participate in the torture because they were CIA agents at the time they were there torturing. But, they were the same people working for the same US government.

So two extremely important pieces of information were verified in that release of information regarding the FBI agents conducting torture; 1) torture did take place, 2) the FBI had to use a legal scheme to try and avoid the vile stench of their behavior. Yes, meaning that they had to protect their vaunted morally clean image…the lie that it is.

In my opinion…there isn’t a shred of difference between the CIA and the FBI. Well, other than the FBI has a great public relations team…whereas the CIA doesn’t give a damn about what US citizens think about them.

More examples of CIA operations:

  1. Guatemala – 1954: Guatemala had been suffering under a brutal -US-back dictatorship (Jorge Ubico) for decades, the people finally revolted and overthrew the dictator. Ubico was on the payroll of the United Fruit Company. Don’t recognize that company? Well, they became Chiquita Brands International under Carl Henry Lindner Jr.,. Linder (died in 2011) was one of the world’s richest families and a huge donor to Republicans…with close ties to the Bush family. GHW Bush was a Director of the CIA before becoming Vice President, then President. In 1954, the CIA launched the code-named Operation PBSUCCESS and overthrew the sovereign country of Guatemala. After the coup Guatemala suffered three decades of brutal repression in which as many as 200,000 people died, many of them campesinos killed by security forces. But fruit flowed freely to the US during that time.
  2. Haiti – 1959: The CIA worked with Hattian President Francois Duvalier to create a secret police force that terrorized Haiti citizens for decades using brutal torture and death.
  3. Brazil – 1964: The CIA, at the request of the State Department, provided arms and covert operatives to overthrow their government.
  4. Uruguay – 1969: Upon the request and urging of Nelson Rockefeller, President Nixon ordered the CIA in. Dan Mitrione, the CIA lead agent, was the man who taught the police in Uruguay how to effectively torture people. Mitrione made torture routine, applying in his words, “the precise pain, in the precise place, in the precise amount, for the desired effect.”

The list goes on and on; Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, El Salvador, Panama, and Peru. Time and time again the CIA conducted operations in those countries murdering, torturing, overthrowing sovereign governments, bombings…and never once being held accountable for what they did. And that is just some of the examples in South and Central America.

And there are plenty of cases where the FBI was involved. Oh wait…only CIA operatives…yeah, who had worked for the FBI previously and then later magically went back to work for the FBI.

So seriously think about this single concept…Put in your mind our Founding Fathers, their principles, what they fought against, the documents they wrote, the amazing Bill of Rights, their sacrifices, and their commitment to freedom, liberties, and rights. Now, what do you think those same Founding Fathers would feel about the CIA, the FBI and all of those agencies’ vile, disgusting, immoral, illegal torturing, murdering, assignations, running “black sites” to avoid the Constitution, and overthrowing sovereign governments?

Yeah, it gets real clear to me! And let’s me know exactly how far we have fallen as a people, as a country…and how far down the path to a brutal authoritarian state our government has gone.

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SitRep – 1/18/2022

There are so many things going on in the world today…and it is planned, albeit not all coordinated. The design of the chaos in the world today is simple and straight forward; create enough chaos, create fear/panic, and then offer the solution. And their solution is not good…not good at all. I urge you to stay focused and to not get caught up in the static that is so abundant right now.

It has been a month since the last time I wrote and 8 months since I posted a SitRep, much has happened in my life…some personal and some just being busy preparing for what is to come. And I have been doing a significant amount of research during this past month as well…about 1 – 3 hours per day, sometimes more.  Now I have to get some things off my chest…a mini-brain dump of what I see happening and why.

Topics for today’s SitRrep:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Voting Rights
  • Law Enforcement
  • FBI
  • Biden Judges and Appointees
  • Civil War
  • Principles vs Politics
Cryptocurrency –

Yeah, it sucks! Yes, all cryptocurrency sucks! And cryptocurrency is NOT a prepper item and is only, at best, a highly speculative and volatile investment. And I hate even giving cryptocurrency the undeserved title of “investment”!

So far this year (YTD) Bitcoin has lost 10% of its value, losing over 2% so far today. That is an abhorrently terrible performance…unless of course you are talking a general crash of the entire financial system. How does it compare to other highly speculative investments year-to-date?

  • Silver is up 1%
  • Hog Futures down 1%
  • Aluminum Futures up 7.5%

So just about any “futures” as speculative as cryptocurrency is has far, far out performed Bitcoin. Well, silver is not nearly in the same “speculative” category as cryptocurrency. At least silver can be held in your hand.

Nassim Taleb, author of “The Black Swan” (reminder: Black Swans are extremely unpredictable events that have massive impacts on human society) and Nassim Taleb is considered one of the world’s top intellectuals…and he has clear opinions of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in particular, he very recently shared those opinions of Bitcoin, they are:


  • “infectious disease”
  • “worthless”
  • isn’t a “currency or a store of value”
  • isn’t an “inflation hedge”
  • isn’t a “haven for investors”
  • “it doesn’t serve as a hedge against anything”
  • it isn’t “a haven from government tyranny or catastrophe”
  • “Almost nothing in financial history has been more fragile than bitcoin.”

In a very clear statement Taleb says, “Bitcoin is a contagious disease. It will spread and its price will rally until saturation, when every sucker stupid enough to buy the story is invested. Bitcoin is not competing against ‘fiat’ currency. It is competing against the thousands of other sucker products that are born every year.”

That should clearly cover cryptocurrency. If it doesn’t for you, then nothing else ever will.

Voting Rights –

This is a simple and easy one…but vitally important and a clear indicator of who is who and what they believe in.

The right to vote is NOT a God-given right. There is no mandate from God that a person has a right to vote (i.e. a say) in their government elections. It is however a right granted via the US Constitution. And as such can be regulated…as in regulated to ensure integrity at the ballot box and throughout the entire election process.

When our Founding Fathers designed our system of government it was far harder to vote than it is today. Actually, with transportation methods it is almost a breeze to vote in today’s elections. Showing identification to prove who you are before voting is not limiting voting rights, it is ensuring voting process integrity. Voting on election day at a specific voting location is not limiting voting rights…it is ensuring a clear, clean, open election process.

So why are so many folks so adamantly against elections with integrity? Let’s go down their road:

  • Constitutional Republics require an election process with integrity and some reasonable restrictions. The United States was founded as a Constitutional Republic.
  • A democracy is simply mob rule with no regard to elections with integrity. The more people whose vote can be manipulated or is fraudulent in nature ensures mob rule.
  • Liberals and Progressives want the USA to be a democracy.
  • Finally…

Democracy is the road to socialism. Progressives and politicians love it!

Socialism is authoritarian/totalitarian in nature.

Note of interest: Less than two weeks ago New York City just gave the right to vote to over 1,000,000 non-US citizens. Think about that…a radical leftist city just allowed over a million people to fraudulently vote and direct this country who are not even citizens of this country. Think about the “why?”

Law Enforcement –

Police abuse, cop kicks woman in the head.Some of you are going to not like this section, some will misinterpret it, some will simply kneejerk react to it, and those of you who are independent thinkers will understand and get the message.

Law enforcement, as an institution, is lost…as lost as the military…probably worse. For close to 10 years I have been watching and studying the law enforcement community. I worked closely with them for 30 years, I have trained with them, I have trained them, I have very close friends in the community, and even some relatives who are LEOs. And there is a single, clear, honest, blunt, and accurate statement…law enforcement, as an institution, is no longer a protector of citizens, rights, property, or even supporters of the Constitution and its associated rights, freedoms, and liberties.

Now remember, I said as an “institution” twice, I am not referring to any specific person or department. And my conclusion is based on thousands of LEO videos, hundreds more court cases, and personal experience. It is not based on bias, bigotry, prejudice, etc. It is also not scientific, it is all subjective…my opinion.

First off, ALL federal level law enforcement exists for only one purpose…to protect and increase the power of the federal government. Further, there is no Constitutional authority for any federal law enforcement agency. If you think otherwise…then go read the Constitution and share with us where they are authorized, if you can find it.

If you want to see the deprivation for yourself, a good place to start would be to watch the police officers themselves, in action, interacting with the public, in their own words. To do your own research simply search for “police audits”, “audit the audit”, or “1st amendment audit” and then see the proof of what I am saying. But that only scratches the surface. There is also &

I don’t want to go on and on and belabor the point, but I do want to point out a few things:

  1. The larger the law enforcement department the more likely they are to be “lost” but that doesn’t eliminate smaller departments. Some of the most egregious abuse of power and unconstitutional actions can be seen in small departments.
  2. There are some outstanding LEOs out there. And they prove themselves as “outstanding” by not violating people’s rights, by not using unnecessary force, by not employing “comply or die” tactics, and by actually serving and protecting people.
  3. Some of the abuse by LEOs comes from lack of training, carelessness, and ignorance of the law; most of it comes from the “blue culture”, from mental illness, from job stress, from peer pressure, from a “thug with a badge” mentality, and a few other despicable origins.
  4. Just because an LEO is a nice guy as a friend, a good husband, a good father, etc. doesn’t make him a good cop. It is only their actions/behavior while on the job interacting with citizens, and supporting those principles that are compliant with the Constitution and keeping true to their motto of “to serve and protect” that makes them a good cop.

Just two weeks ago it was revealed that inside the federal infrastructure bill passed by the Democrat controlled Congress is a cute little gem for law enforcement -and authoritarianism- a “kill switch” in all new cars. Yup, the law and order freaks and those who are looking forward to a totalitarian state can revel in the idea that any/all new cars can be completely disabled by government officials. That whole concept should send chills of Nazi Germany down your spine.

Why do I make this law enforcement point, sound the alarm, expose the problem now? Because in the days ahead you must not depend on law enforcement officers to support the Constitution, serve and protect your family, or do anything other than protect the power of government against the people.

The FBI –

As I have written about before…the FBI has been a disgrace and a black mark against America from its very foundation. Its founder was as despotic and perverted a person as one can imagine…and the agency has followed his lead.

I have endlessly documented their corruption, their killings, their outright lies to citizens and members of Congress, and their perjury in the courtroom. Their leadership role in the coup against Trump is well documented…along with their countless violations of the law and Constitution.  I have documented and written about how they are the lead agency to label, investigate, track, charge, and kill a long list of people that qualify as “domestic terrorists”. To see if you qualify see the list here <click here to see the list>

I’ve spent many, many hours reviewing Congressional testimony by FBI officials and read numerous reports in the last year. The FBI, clearly and undeniably, is in a war against both the Conservatives and the Constitution in the USA. And sadly, they are winning.

Go back to their role in the coup against Trump, then fast forward to their recent targeting of parents at schoolboard meetings who are voicing their opinions against critical race theory. Yes, parents at schoolboard meetings now have FBI records and are flagged as “domestic terrorists”!! And yes, that is officially proven to be true in Congressional records.

And we know from court records that the FBI had its people inside the militia group that was accused of planning to kidnap the Michigan governor. And what did those FBI personnel do? They initiated the idea, did the planning, and then asked the group to consider it. And then arrested the militia members!

And we know from recent Congressional testimony that the FBI had personnel in the crowd that attacked and entered the Capitol on 1/6/2021. And they just weren’t there as spectators. Records, including video, show those FBI agents instigating the building entry and violence among other activities.

Let me make this clear…the FBI is actively working against the citizens of the United States, the FBI is working to establish an authoritarian federal government, is working against the Constitution and the rights guaranteed therein.

Why do I write this now? Actually, I have been warning you about this for years. But it is imperative that you understand this now. In a very short time the FBI will be one of the biggest threats to Americans’ rights, freedoms, and liberties that we have ever seen…if they aren’t already.

One piece of advice…NEVER EVER talk to the FBI without your lawyer there with you. It will NEVER hurt you to have a lawyer present no matter why the FBI is talking to you. But, without a lawyer…you could end up in prison…or worse. FBI agents are highly trained in myriad forms of questioning, interrogation, and deception…you can’t out think them, you can’t out talk them…have a lawyer there no matter what the reason they are talking to you.

Biden Judge Nominees –

I have been watching the Senate confirmations of federal judges. On my gosh!!! Let me make this simple…they are ALL radical leftists, partisan extremists, and clearly rabidly dedicated to all things liberal and Progressive. And I am not saying they are committed Democrats. I am saying these nominees, to the person, are extremists to the very letter of the word.

Why is this important? Because these judges collectively will act thousands of times a day all over the US challenging the Constitution, our rights/freedoms, and working diligently to forward the goals of an authoritarian regime in America.

Civil War –

It is funny almost, ironic actually, that I see so many prepper websites and bobbing heads discussing the rash of talk about “civil war”. If you have been visiting my site for any reasonable length of time then you know about the coming “civil war” and what it will look like.

But, why all the recent talk?

Simple, and I’ve explained this before, with the talk about “civil war”, domestic terrorism, right-wing extremism, the attack of 1/6, the arrest and charging of the Oath Keepers’ leadership, and much more, there is only a single answer. The government, with the help of the media, is laying the ground work to further establish an authoritarian regime. The government is creating the problem and the media is reinforcing that deception.

You see, the US government creates the problem, creates the hysteria, creates the fear and panic, and then offers the solution. It is a tried and true, and highly effective, tactic that the US federal government has used over and over again. It started after 9/11/2001 with the federal law enforcement agencies getting massive power and huge amounts of money for their operations against terrorists.

Unfortunately, those same agencies under direction began expanding “terrorism” to include many normal everyday Americans…such as preppers, anti-abortionists, veterans, pro-2nd Amendment advocates, Conservatives, etc.  Then in reaction to the expansion of domestic terrorism we saw an even greater increase of power and money flowing to those same federal enforcement agencies. FBI & DHS report on rightwing extrmeism and domestic terroristsAnd all along the way…rights, freedoms, and liberties have been reduced…some eliminated.

Notice the terms being used by federal authorities, including the military; “insurrection”, “rebellion”, “sedition”, “insurrectionists”, “domestic insurgents”, on top of the previous labels such as “domestic terrorists”.

Why are they using such specific terms/labels?

Once again it’s simple…those terms give so-called legal authority for law enforcement agencies (specifically at the federal level) to take extreme actions against individuals and groups that the legal system would otherwise prevent.

And most troublesome of all…it allows the US military to become officially involved.  I say “officially” because the US military has been operating outside of the Constitution against US citizens for almost 20 years, mostly covertly. Now, the US military can take a more visible role based on a made-up legal point based on nothing more than deception. Remember how fast the US Military jumped at the chance to occupy Washington DC last year?  <click here>

US Veteran Protest Camp in 1932 before US Military Attack (wives & children in camp).

Same Veteran Camp After the US Military Attack: 55 veterans injured, wives injured, 12-week old baby killed.

And why that action and why now?  Once again it’s simple. The US government is taking the next large step in furthering an authoritarian/totalitarian state.

Watch what happens when the next 1/6 happens! And it will happen…the FBI will ensure that it does.

Principles vs Politics –

I have been writing about this for a long time <click here>. But, it stops here and now. You’ve either heard me or not, you’ve either acted on it or not.

Shortly I will be releasing a post that will explain the next, and larger, point that needs to be made…

Principles vs Self-Interest

Summary –

Everything temporal is crumbling around us. The United States of America is no longer as it was founded. Constitutional rights, freedoms, and liberties are mostly a thing of the past. The economy is in shambles. People are more deceived and divided than has ever existed in this country. There are actually self-identified patriots and conservatives out there calling for a shooting civil war to start. They could not be more wrong, more deceived, and more dangerous than they can ever imagine.

Civil War, especially a violent one, is NOT the answer!!!  The situation is wrong, the people are wrong, the environment is wrong, the timing is wrong, and anyone who would join such a stupid endeavor at this point would be crushed. And further, it would be the final act of sheer irresponsibility that would usher in an authoritarian/totalitarian state.

Notice the word “temporal” two paragraphs above? There are many, many good and wonderful things taking place. There are incredible people doing miraculous things in our country. They are not radicals, they are not conservatives, they are not federal employees, they are not politicians…but they are people who care, who are unafraid, and who are willing to step-up.

I will reserve the remainder of the “Summary” for a forthcoming article…stand-by!

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The technology and science reporter from the Sun has written an in-depth article regarding Deepfake AI (a.k.a. Synthetic Media). It was well researched by Wired, well written, and troubling.

Have you ever heard of “revenge porn”? It is pornographic pictures of your “ex” and the purpose it to embarrass them. Yes, there are a large number of websites dedicated to this concept.

Can you imagine breaking up with your significant other and a month later finding pornographic pictures of you being circulated around the Internet?

Think it can’t happen to you!? Oh, you never had anyone take porn pictures of you? Think again!

As a spinoff of Deepfake AI there is now a website that developed the AI technology to create pornographic pictures of you…without you ever having had someone take a pornographic picture of you. Yup, it’s true!

You send a picture of a fully clothed person to the website and the AI software will then create a “hyper-realistic” pornographic image of the person…for a fee of course. And according to the reporter the images are almost impossible to discern that they are Deepfake images.

Of course the authorities are all over this trying to shut it down. But, the website owners are well ahead of the authorities. The original website owners, creators of the AI software, have a “partner program” which has spread the ability to create pictures throughout the Internet making it impossible for authorities to keep up with it.

And they are also hiding how the payments are made under different names, companies, etc. This keeps the payment processing companies from shutting down the money stream.

And to further complicate matters, there are laws in multiple countries against “revenge porn”…but, there are no laws against the Deepfake aspect of revenge porn.

I told you that Deepfake was coming, that it would be common place, that it would be disruptive, and dangerous. Well, this is one more way that it is going to further corrupt and dismantle society. Prepare to deal with it…if, when, it comes knocking.

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