SitRep must be delayed!

The May 2022 SitRep will be, must be, delayed.

In the last 24 hours a number of extremely and critical issues came to light, one may be a huge game changer for the worse. I have not been able to vet any of the information sufficiently, and I must do so before including or excluding it from my “Answers” and “Summary” sections of the SitRep.

Also, due to the content of these issues I will have to increase size the last part of the SitRep. That being the case I will split it into two sections vs a final single section.

Finally, we are now in a long holiday weekend situation. Experience has shown me that there would be a notable drop in readership of the last two parts of the SitRep during the holiday period. So, the Part #3 is scheduled to come out on Tuesday and the final part (Part #4) will be posted on Wednesday…if all goes as expected.

One last note…with the things that are happening right this minute I am truly worried that I will miss something. And the level of events transpiring now…well, could change the face of everything as we know it. Please hang in there with me as I try to get my research done and my articles properly organized and worded. This is a make or break time period in the history of our country…we have to get this right.

Thank you,


SitRep – May 2022 (part #2 of 3)

So did you read Part #1 of the May 2022 SitRep? If not, why would you want to read this Part #2?

So make sure you have read Part #1 and you should have also read the Pre-SitRep article as well.

Let’s continue with Part #2 of the May SitRep…

War with Russia –

You can call it a “proxy war” if you want, but, it is a full scale war that the US along with other NATO countries are waging in Ukraine right now against Russia…and we have been poking the Russian bear for years anticipating a war. And if you think for a minute that US Special Forces and CIA operatives aren’t actually in Ukraine…you are sadly mistaken. We are fighting a war with Russia right now…period. And yes, I know that Russia actually started the war not the US nor NATO. But, for some interesting reading try this out before going on (click here to read the article of the US meddling in Ukraine, toppling their government, and creating a very antagonizing neighbor for Russia)

And to make things really interesting…we have an incompetent, senile old man in the throes of dementia with his finger on our nuclear trigger. And on the other side we have a ruthless tyrant who is hell-bent on rebuilding the Russian Empire at virtually any cost. So it is a matter of which crazy man pulls the trigger first…and destroys mankind as we know it.

You know…if he was any other regular person he would be admitted into an assisted living facility or hospice. But, our country makes Joe Biden very comfortable with a luxurious house and his own 747 jet…along with the most sophisticated and powerful nuclear arsenal that could destroy the entire world into little more than cosmic dust. Kinda ironic don’t you think?

However, I am actually torn over the war in Ukraine situation. Russia must be stopped or their empire building goes unchecked. They are, on the face of it, an overwhelming force of evil going up against a country that should have crumbled in days. Russia’s campaign of utter destruction is clear, pervasive, and criminal. Ukraine’s resistance is nothing short of heroic and miraculous. As my wife and I sat watching the war wage on in the early days she said to me, “You want to go, don’t you?”

Fifteen years younger and I would have already been there. So my natural instinct drives me to help the Ukrainian people…but only personally. Our government should not be spending billions of dollars to fund that war. And where exactly will those billions come from? Oh, that’s right…thin air!! But, whose pockets does all that money end up in when we replace the equipment and weaponry we’ve sent to Ukraine?

It is Ukraine’s war taking place in Europe. Why does that make a difference? Well, I turn to two men who are far smarter, far wiser, with far more experience in these matters…George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Both of those Founding Fathers, the 1st & 3rd Presidents, knew the dangers and fatal errors associated with “alliances” and both warned against permanent entangling alliances that would drag us into wars. The United States has done a damn fine job of clearly and intentionally ignoring their advice and wisdom.

So I will go with Founding Father wisdom and state categorically that the United States government should not be involved in the war in Ukraine against Russia.

We have spent, or committed to spend, directly or indirectly, close to a total of $100billion dollars to aid Ukraine…so far. Look at it this way…the US federal budget deficit for 2022 will come in at about $2trillion. Our war aid to Ukraine will add another 5% to money that we don’t already have, so we borrow/print it, and we can never repay it…so, the Federal Reserve will simply add it to our debt. Another straw to our fiscal camel’s back.

All that being said…I would go there personally and help, as I would hope thousands of other trained veterans would. But the US government has no business being involved in a European war, let the Europeans fight and pay for their own war, they certainly could/can do it without our help…if they wanted to.

Why talk about this at all? Do you not remember my article that I posted just over a year ago regarding this? In that article I clearly made the case that the US is a war mongering country (click here to read that article)…and we are, it is factually true.

And there is a question that must be asked concerning that fact…Why are we a war mongering country?”

Former President Eisenhower made it simple and clear nearly 65 years ago…the military-industrial complex. Large corporations make trillions of dollars off our lust for war. And as Eisenhower made indisputable, the “the immense military establishment” becomes more and more powerful the more war we wage.

And let’s not forget our past and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers…one of their biggest fears was a large and powerful standing army.

Ahhhhhh, what do we have today?

Once again the average US citizen is paying huge money to the military-industrial complex, lining their pockets, feeding their profits, buying them luxuries, and growing both their wealth and power. And all that as the country slips more and more into the fiscal abyss and the American middle-class disappears into oblivion.

Now, ask yourself this…

To what end…Why does the US wage war, after war, after war, after war?” 

Well, my opinion, if you are interested, is this…the acquisition of power and money. Or rather the transfer of wealth and power from citizens to private corporations and power to the US federal government.

And one last tidbit for you…When we, the 13 Americans colonies, suffered under British tyranny the Red Coats (British Army) served as law enforcement. So think to yourself…Why were the Founding Fathers so concerned about a standing army?

2022 Election –

Let’s make this quick and easy. I have been asked multiple times and involved in more discussions than I wish to admit to concerning the upcoming 2022 election. So my position is clear…the outcome of the 2022 election is of no significant consequence of any kind to our country other than perhaps deception.


Let’s start out by me saying that I rely on historical facts and evidence. And, for this conversation either the Democrats maintain power in Congress or they don’t. If they do maintain power things continue to crash quickly and the US Empire collapses into a totalitarian state rather soon thereafter. If the Republicans take control of the House and/or Senate then the US Empire continues to crash into a totalitarian state…somewhat slower, but not much.

How so?

Simple, refer to history. When was the last time the Republicans did anything to restore the Constitution or the Republic…or even any rights, liberties, or freedoms? Let’s talk about Republican Presidents first:

  • Trump – 2020 was the largest US federal deficit in US history, he weakened the 2nd Amendment through Executive Order, and he didn’t even support constitutional due process (i.e.CAF).
  • Bush #2 – huge deficits, crashed the US economy, implemented socialist “fixes” to correct the economic crash, destroyed more rights, liberties, and freedoms than any other president in history with his actions taken post-9/11, and started two completely unneeded and costly wars.
  • Bush #1 – lied to us, raised taxes, got us into multiple wars, and ran large budget deficits.
  • Reagan – promised us that he would dismantle decadent federal bureaucracies but didn’t, and gave us large budget deficits on top of that.

How’s that for the last 40+ years of Republican Presidents? And the list goes on and on. But how about Republican controlled House and/or Senate?

Go ahead…give a rock solid example when a Republican controlled House and/or Senate did great things for the US! Which one gave us a balanced budget, reduced the national debt, restored rights, liberties, or freedoms…or did much of anything to repair/restore our Constitutional Republic? The only one that comes to mind is a Republican Congress giving us a balanced US federal budget and a budget surplus under President Clinton in the late 90’s. But they did nothing else to restore our Republic!

So no, if the Republicans take control of the House and/or Senate nothing of any significance will change…other than a minimal speed change at which America completes its fall into a totalitarian state.

Bottom line…the 2022 election means virtually nothing and will change virtually nothing. But I guarantee you this…it will create more hate, more rancor, more division, more chaos, and probably more violence.

And what did the #1Founding Father think of political parties and party politics?

So how do you feel…if you belong to a political party, toe the line on party politics, and find yourself having run afoul of George Washington?

US Civil War II –

How do I make sense of this subject…let alone write it coherently for publication. Best to start it off with my opinion clear, concise and to the point…

The United States Federal Government has declared war on citizens of the United States.

How’s that for to the point? Now, let me get to outlining the case to support my claim.

Let’s take the price of oil for just a minute…

Use the chart, explain the crisis that comes from killing the oil & gas industry.

So did you study the chart real well? Do you see all the products that the average US citizen uses every single day? How many of those uses are critical to a person’s life? Got that all put into your cranium?

So why did Joe Biden declare war on the oil & gas industry? Why did he close down oil pipelines? Why is the US government not approving new oil refineries? Why did his mentor Obama advise Biden to take these steps? Why has Biden virtually emptied the US’s strategic oil supply reserved for military purposes during wartime?

Oh, and try this one on…The White House made the tentative decision to open up the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve to address the diesel price and growing fuel shortage crisis, a White House official told CNN. Here is the interesting part of that…there is approximately 31million gallons of diesel fuel in that reserve. Here is the kicker…the US uses about 120million gallons of diesel fuel per day…or about 5million gallons of diesel fuel per hour. So why would Biden empty out another national fossil fuel reserve supply for about 6 hours of truck driving?

Yet another crisis to be created by the US Federal government.

OK, time to move on to the next item of business, a really important item…

In early May President Biden called former President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement the “most extreme” group in recent US history. As defined by Biden, MAGA refers to Republicans in general, and conservatives more specifically…more to the point, anyone who doesn’t support Biden and the radical left agenda.

In purely objective terms…how is the MAGA crowd extreme?

Yeah, some of them are a little weird, and the shaman is really a kook, but they are for the most part just political zealots committed to their party’s, or at least Trump’s, ideology. So describe them as ideologues for sure, perhaps zealots, but not hardly extremists by in large.

In the following days after Biden’s outlandish claim the press reported incident after incident where Biden called MAGA a threat, extreme, dangerous, etc. And of course the media jumped in there to support the radical Progressive/Liberal attacks driving home the point of how extreme the MAGA crowd is…and how it jeopardizes our democracy.

Interesting to note how often the media refers to, or claims, the USA a democracy. Thankfully it was designed and founded as a Constitutional Republic. Sure, we’ve changed…

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch

Democracy is the road to socialism. Progressives and politicians love it!Oh, now I get why the media and most politicians refer to the USA as a democracy!

Why would Biden, in regards to MAGA supporters, make the claim of “extremism” so many times and so clearly with the support of the media echoing his words? The “given” answer by the political pundits is…multiple focus groups found that “MAGA” had negative connotations amongst the majority of voters. So the pundits say that the MAGA claims/attacks are simply a political move. I simply say, NOT SO!

The key is in Biden’s use of the words “extremism” and “extremists”…and it is very, very important to understand his specific language.

June 15, 2021 the White House issued a “fact sheet” called “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism”. The wording in that fact sheet defined domestic terrorism. And, if you guessed that “extremist” was the cornerstone of that definition you would 100% correct.

But don’t think that is anything new. Back in 2015 the FBI working with DHS listed who they thought were not just extremists but potential domestic terrorists as well. According to the FBI and DHS there are 188 ways for them to identify potential domestic terrorists. Some indicators are, anyone who:

  • opposes illegal immigration,FBI & DHS report on rightwing extrmeism and domestic terrorists
  • thinks the government is too big and too powerful,
  • believes there are political elitists,
  • believes that the Federal Reserve is illegitimate,
  • supports the Second Amendment,
  • protests against taxes,
  • prepares for emergencies or disasters,
  • wants the government to strictly abide by the Constitution,
  • criticizes the federal government,
  • is anti-abortion,
  • is a military veteran.

And the list goes on and on and on for another 177 red flags to link a US citizen to terrorism! And the reason for that is???????

So let’s throw in one more dot to connect to all of this, just for clarification and background info…

Back in the early fall of 2021 President Biden, via the Department of Justice, directed the FBI to investigate parents who voiced objections to critical race theory at school board meetings…and label those parents as domestic terrorists. In early October 2021 Attorney General Garland ordered, via letter, FBI agents to do just that…using the specific wording of “threats of violence”…read terrorist by DHS’s own definition. Then…

Later in October while testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on oversight of the Department, Attorney General Merrick Garland denied claims that the Justice Department (DOJ) would label parents as domestic terrorists or related investigations as terrorism. Which directly contradicted the wording in his letter to FBI agents had directed the FBI agents to do. Then in November 2021 an FBI whistleblower provided documents to Congress proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the FBI did in-fact label investigations into parents who voiced objection to critical race theory at school board meetings with domestic terrorism tags and labels.

So we have the President of the United States, the US Attorney General, and the FBI:

  1. Conspiring to illegally, and ludicrously label regular US parents, mostly moms, as domestic terrorists,
  2. Lying to Congress and the American people about it,
  3. Attempting to cover-up their actions,
  4. And then being proven that they actively and intentionally conspired to subvert the Constitution of the United States.

Huuuuummmmmm…I wonder why???????

So now the last piece and the most vital/significant point…why use “extremism”, “terrorism”, “domestic terrorist”, etc. in reference to MAGA folks, Trump supporters, preppers, school board attendees, Republicans, Conservatives, etc.?

Because when federal law enforcement agencies label investigations into potential domestic terrorism they have HUGE leeway in negating legal and Constitutional restrictions on investigations. And worse of all…it virtually eliminates constitutional rights of any kind for anyone targeted as domestic, or potential domestic, terrorists.

And if you read my “Pre-SitRep” article earlier this week (click here to read) then you understand why these terms and actions by federal law enforcement agencies are so vital for this current phase of the US government’s agenda. But, it is truly critical for the next phase of the US Government’s agenda.

And once you have removed any last vestiges of Constitutional rights then the last nail is pounded into place for America being a tyrannical power, Banana Republic, totalitarian state, or any other term along those lines. And, a totalitarian state is the ultimate goal of the US federal government and those in power behind it…total authoritarianism…absolute power…complete subversion of the US Constitution.

Did that sink in?

Now, just to make sure I am not smoking up your skirt…take a second and think of all the comments made by Democrat politicians, even some Republican politicians, the Biden White House, federal law enforcement agencies, and the media regarding the “right”, conservatives, MAGA, Trump and his supporters, deplorables, etc. Just a reality check…what was the first words out of the mouths of Dems regarding the mass shooting in Buffalo? “White supremacy!” Why? The #1 label to identify domestic terrorism is white supremacy. And the mass shooting was done with what kind of weapon? You have part of  their agenda figured out by now…and unarmed population is powerless against the imposition of tyranny. Kinda why the Founding Fathers wanted no standing army, wanted militias, and made sure that the 2nd Amendment was clearly spelled out.

So tell me again why the US Federal Government demonizes, prosecutes, and seeks to eliminate any and all militias?

The US federal government has declared war on citizens of the United States…and they are using every tool in their arsenal to win. They will demonize, then investigate, then prosecute, and then imprison anyone who opposes the unchecked power of the US federal government. And if that doesn’t work…well, just review the history of the FBI: Ruby Ridge Killings, Waco Massacre, Finnicum Ambush & Murder, etc.

And then of course there is the US government’s right to outright kill US citizens…and is proven to be 100% true based on their own words (click here to read that information).

Yes, the US Civil War II has officially started and publicly acknowledged…as per Biden, DOJ, DHS, the FBI, and all the rest of them. But don’t think any federal law enforcement agency has been left out! Georgetown Law Center on Privacy & Technology just released a report that took two years to complete. In that report it revealed that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement, under DHS) has crafted a sophisticated surveillance dragnet designed to spy on anyone in the United States, without the need for warrants and circumventing state privacy laws. Yup, even ICE is in on it!!

And if you think you are protected from government spying on you…a top executive of NSO – Pegasus (#1 producer of mobile phone spyware used by governments and corporations all over the world) stated they can turn on/off phones, turn on/off cameras and microphones, and gather every single piece of any kind of information off any cell phone whenever they want…without the user ever knowing it. But that is not the important part! They said the NSA makes their spyware look like child’s play…whether it is a cell phone, computer, or any other electronic device.

And one last little tidbit in this section… In April the head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the creation of the “Disinformation Governance Board.”

So let’s think about this…the largest federal law enforcement agency creates, on their own, an internal agency and gives it the mission to identify, investigate, and prosecute any organization or individual it solely deems, to have produced or quoted disinformation or misinformation.

Did you get that? And to make matters even worse…as the Chief of this new agency they put a certifiable whack job in charge. Gee, I wonder why they did that!?!

Let me bring it into more clarification…a federal agency not authorized by the Constitution is now perusing people who do have a right of free speech under the Constitution.

One more time…DHS (a US federal government department NOT authorized by the Constitution) is placed in charge of investigating and imprisoning anyone it finds guilty of a right -freedom of speech- that is protected by the US Constitution.

If that is not clear enough for everyone to understand, without any doubt or question, the US federal government is currently implementing one of the final stages of totalitarianism…well, I just don’t have a clue what could possibly be more clear!

And yes, I know that it was officially announced that this has been “paused” and the new chief resigned. However, the only pause is who is in charge (i.e. the chief resigned). Nothing else has been paused…nothing! Everything else is moving forward, it has just gone semi-dark for now to avoid the spotlight and to act more covertly against citizens of the United States.

And here is what should frighten you to your very core…not only is DHS not a constitutionally authorized federal government department:

  1. No legal authority was cited for the creation of this new sub-agency,
  2. DHS created this “board” without the approval of Congress or anyone else other that Biden,
  3. No definition of misinformation or disinformation was provided,
  4. No mission statement was provided,
  5. No organization or leadership chart was provided,
  6. No investigative or arrest or prosecution boundaries were provided,
  7. No limitations on it powers or authority were provided.

So this HUGE law enforcement agency identifies you as a disseminator of disinformation (or its cute cousin “misinformation”) in one of the 188 categories that identifies potential domestic terrorists…what happens?

Well, if you are identified as such…you have virtually NO constitutional rights to fall back on…period!

What do you think…turn preppers, conservatives, basically 1/2 of the country, into potential domestic terrorists. What kind of government would do such a thing?

Seriously…what kind of freaking government would do that to its own citizens!?!?!?!? Well, I know.

I am sure that you have probably thought about Civil War II, you probably have seen the US federal government acting tyrannically, and undoubtedly you have seen the criminality and corruption at every level and in every corner of the federal government. But, I am telling you now, without reservation, it is now a civil war. They know it, they have started it, and they have only one goal…to win. And they will do anything to anyone whenever they can to accomplish that goal.

But is US Civil War II really the right label? Maybe not. I submit to you “revolution” may be far more accurate. The US Federal Government is revolting against the US Constitution, revolting against the Bill of Rights, and ultimately revolting against its own citizenry.

The Great United States Federal Government Revolution…yeah, that sounds more realistic and factual.

Put it to the test…ask these questions:

  • Why else would the US government, politicians, corporations, educational institutions, media, etc. all be playing different groups of people against other groups creating hate, discontent, and discord?
  • Why would those groups involve virtually everyone in our country…pitting them against each other?
  • Why would they identify 1/2 the country as potential domestic terrorists, and even identify political opponent supporters as extremists?
  • Why would they declare war on the oil & gas industry that provides vital and life saving products to the US?
  • Why would they wage endless wars?
  • Why would they empty the country’s strategic oil reserve?
  • Why would they empty the country’s strategic diesel fuel reserve?
  • Why would they run-up a national debt that they know full well that it can never repay?
  • Why would they take to themselves the right to have a “kill list” for American citizens?
  • Why would they…why would they…why would they…

For me it is clear…crystal freaking clear. Now, it’s up to you to answer the hard questions. And don’t get caught up in the fluff…the powder puff junk…the easy answers…the comfort zone crap. Come up with the real answers…the hard answers…the truth.

I will finish up this SitRep tomorrow…see you then!

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SitRep – May 2022 (part #1 of 3)

Sorry for the latest delay. I was planning on this coming out on Monday but I was doing editing and realized I was at almost 20 pages in my Word document, and some 8000 words. That was simply too long of an article, I can’t imagine anyone, including myself, being able to read an article that long. So I cut the most logical information out and made a separate “pre-SitRep” article. And let me tell you…you gotta read that article before you read this SitRep. If you already read the article it might even be a good idea to read it again. Understanding the concepts, ideas, and thoughts I put forward is critical…but, not as critical as the opinion/view you form after having read that article. (click here to read that article: Pre-SitRep)

So Monday was spent was preparing that article for publication. And, I was also working on our latest community project…a water trailer. The trailer actually performs several functions; 1) water trailer to move water from wells to a home for those without a well, 2) water our roads while we work on them, 3) a working platform to fight wildland fire, 4) a resource for fighting a structure fire. A neighbor provided the trailer, some of the equipment, and money for the rest of the stuff. I am doing the work. Monday I started that project, yesterday kept working on it, and I made a run to town for more parts. So that has kept me a bit busy vs editing the SitRep.

Then this morning…practicing what I preach…I put in my strawberry patch. I will post an article on that project over in the “Homestead” section hopefully by the end of the week. After I did that my wife and I had a serious 1-hour long budget discussion out on our porch. We reviewed every aspect of our income and expenses in light of this horrific economic crisis that the government has created. We are making some significant changes to how we do business with our family money. You and your family might want to think about having that same discussion, if you haven’t already. I suggest you might challenge every aspect of how you spend your money (i.e. and what you spend it on) and look for ways to bring in more money into your situation.

Now…my SitRep is still way to long, about 5500 words and 14 pages…way, WAY too long. And once editing is complete it will probably grow by another 500 – 1000 words. And then I put in the graphics…well, it would take you days just to download the article and weeks to read it. OK, maybe not that long…but you get my drift. So I am going to cut the SitRep into three parts and post them on successive days. That way it comes to you in smaller bites. Oh, and if you don’t like what I have to say in the first part…then you don’t have to waste your time reading the second and third parts! See, I am always thinking about you guys and your mental well-being 🙂

On with the SitRep…

First off…take note that I have linked a lot of previous articles as they relate to issues/items that I am speaking to today. Please take advantage of the “Related Articles” at the end of this post.

So much has been happening since the “more” posting I made in early March…and I have been earnestly monitoring the world’s current affairs. For the record…I want to throw up! It simply makes me sick to see everything that is being done by all those in power, especially the US federal government. And you can see every single day some other crap they are pulling on us…to destroy us. Yes, I mean that literally…to destroy us…that was not a figure of speech or a metaphor. They are intentionally destroying us one piece at a time, one demographic at a time, one dollar at a time…and they are no longer hiding their agenda.

I haven’t written much lately…why? You have seen, and are seeing, world events, and events right here in the USA, unfold for yourselves. And you being a regular website reader…none of it should have surprised you, confused you, or scared you. You should have taken in the information you are seeing and made moves and plans accordingly. I was not, am not, going to be part of the “fear porn” or “click bait” article avalanche that has been taking place among many other prepper websites. Whack jobs have also been writing about everything from the WHO taking away country’s sovereignty to…well, fill in the blank. The worst of the articles and videos have been the “top five/ten/twenty” things to “BUY NOW!” crap.

So, I have been watching, investigating, researching, and waiting. And now is the time for me to write about it. I hope you find value in it, I hope it allows you to make better/quicker/more-informed decisions going forward…because you need to.

Areas that will be covered:

  • Personal Update
  • Economy
  • War with Russia
  • 2022 Election
  • US Civil War II
  • The fall of the US Empire
  • Answers, DAMN IT!
  • Summary
Personal Update –

As you read this part think about it in terms of how it might apply to you and what might it bring to mind that you can do. Kinda like a memory jogger, or tick list, etc.

Since last fall I started getting really serious about better preparing our little homestead/farmstead place of safety for what is happening in the world and of what will only get worse. And man have I been putting in the hours. In the last two months I’ve completely assessed, consolidated, and refined Food Storage Extenders - grains, beans, riceour long-term and medium-term food storage. I touched each item and did a massive rearrangement of all of it to make it more functional, but mostly more accessible and usable. In the process I calculated 3 things; 1) using our current diet how long would our food storage last, 2) cutting back a little on our diet -a little uncomfortable- how long would it last, 3) cutting back Long-term Food Storage to prevent food fatigue, freeze dried foodsignificantly how long would it last, 4) what would be the best area to focus on to relieve some of the discomfort (food fatigue) of eating a reduced diet based on our long-term food storage.

I won’t share with you the results of 1 – 3 for security purposes, but I will share with you the results of #4. I expanded our orchard to include apple, peach, and cherry trees; basically tripling the number of trees. Yes, that is a longer-term project before we can eat the fruit thereof. But, at some point we will reap the benefits either through nutritious food to eat that we produced ourselves, or a more valuable piece of property that we can sell when we get too old to stay here.

The other action item that came out of #4 was a garden. I was not planning on having a garden this year, simply too much else going on and too many other things to do. But, as I reviewed everything at the 60,000 foot level I realized that a garden would be critical if the food crisis in the country/world continues to worse. First thing that got planted…herbs. Next came strawberries. Herbs for flavor, strawberries for nutrition and enjoyment. This time next year, if all goes well, we should have quadrupled our strawberry patch through the staking of runners.

I also went after our pantry (i.e. short-term to medium-term) food storage. We took out each can, checked the date and condition of each can, and then used some organizers and logic to better make use of our pantry space. It became obvious that we were missing some items and we quickly resolved that problem. And most of all, we cured our date rotation issues with the organizers.

Then last month I started on the general prepper item stuff. First came our items to protect us from Violence during grid-down, emergencies, and disasters is number one #1 threat and riskViolence. Yes, I follow my own advice concerning the 7 Common Risks/Threats of emergencies, disasters, and grid-down (click here to read about this subject). But, if you caught that I did food storage first, which is #7 on the list, there is a good reason. My wife and I decided to convert our food storage room located in our house into a bedroom with bunk beds. We felt the urgent need to do so allowing us to bring in several more people into our home if/when needed…and using it to welcome the occasional visitor. And that task fit into our larger reorganization plan of all our preps but mostly regarding food storage, so that area came first.

Back to the anti-violence preps…again, I touched each item, evaluated its part in our plan, assessed its condition, updated its storage situation, and was pleasantly surprised that we are in good condition in this respect.

I subsequently reviewed all other areas of our preps and while comfortable with our prepping in general, I did find some areas lacking. For instance, we now have 11 fruit trees in our small orchard, we expanded our gardening plans for this year, we acquired some additional tractor equipment, and coolest of all…we bought a Polaris MV7. And for those of you that don’t know what that is…it is a Polaris ATV with a 683cc engine, winch front and rear, steel racks front/rear, heftier suspension, can carry 450 lbs, and tow 1500 lbs, dual gas tanks (9gal capacity)…well, you get the idea. A beast!

Why that purchase? First of all it was a smoking hot deal. I had done some solar system work (i.e. built his system) and it was partial payment. And where we have our homestead it is a very useful tool. And yes, lots of fun too!! My wife loves for us to go on rides out into the wide open spaces. Do forget to have some fun now and then!

Now, I practice what I preach…I have also been helping a neighbor redo his entire water system from his wellhead to his house, used my tractor to prep another neighbor’s garden space, built a driveway for another neighbor, helped prep a home spot for another neighbor, disc’d a large field for another neighbor, worked on our community’s roads (private, unmaintained roads), helped build a horse corral for another neighbor, rebuilt an existing solar system for another neighbor…well, you get the idea. You see, in our community we help each other a lot!

So what does all that mean? While monitoring what has been happening in the world, I’ve been busting my butt trying to help our community for what is here. Yes, you read that right…not “what is coming” but “what is here”. And ensuring that we too are better prepared coz it is getting worse quickly.

Now, that I have all that out of the way, justifying my lack of postings, I also see where it is time that I share my assessment of what is happening and what is to come.

Economy –

Let’s start out with the easy one…inflation. For starters the way the government calculates inflation changed in the 1990’s. They changed that calculation because it always showed higher numbers (worse inflation conditions) than they want us to see and they knew what was coming in future decades. And a big reason…they wanted to save money on COLA increase to SS, welfare benefits, and pension recipients, etc. So they redid the inflation calculation methodology. And they no longer use the change in price of food and gasoline in core inflation figures. So when you hear the government state that inflation is only 8% it is easily double or triple that when you put food and fuel into the equation and use the 1990 standards.

If they used the same calculation method they did in the 1990’s…well, inflation would be more than double what they say it is today, probably triple. Yup, that means core inflation would be in the area of 23% – 26% or more! And that sounds far more realistic to the average person than the junk figures that the US government is lying about.

And yes, in case you were wondering, they did the same with unemployment figures. So based on 1990’s calculations the unemployment rate would be about double what they show today. And let’s not forget that the government also now excludes people who are unemployed and who have stopped looking for work.

More info…About two weeks ago the numbers came out for home foreclosures…they are up 132%

More info…The last quarter of 2021 showed the highest level of unpaid credit cards bills…EVER!

More info…Stock market is down 13% year-to-date.

And dingbats who invested in Bitcoin have seen a 40% drop from 1/2/2022 – 5/12/2022. I told you for a very long time…crypto currency is not anything that you want to be invested in! And is a horrible, terrible, worthless prepper item (click here to read more about that). And FYI…the IRS stated earlier this year that they track crypto-currency, each transaction, and they know exactly who each owner is. Gotta Love It!!! Eh?

FYI earlier this month…Cryptocurrency exchange FTX’s founder has said that bitcoin has no future as a payments network and criticized the digital currency. And also reported that over $200billlion of crypto wealth was wiped out in a matter of hours earlier this month as it plunged in value, people fleeing in panic.

A key expert in economic matters warned only days ago, “…the U.S. is in the largest bubble of our lifetime and it’s going to burst as the Federal Reserve is going to suck liquidity out of the system.” And remember, the Federal Reserve is NOT authorized by the US Constitution but is used by the US government to control the US economy.

Bottom line…as we all know it…the economy is a complete and total wreck. And there is no plan, no idea, and no hope that it is going to recover to anything we will ever recognize again…EVER!

Well, other than the planned destruction of our economy and entire economic system that is skillfully being carried out quite successfully by the US federal government in cooperation with the Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world.

Interesting to look at…every single action the US federal government and the Federal Reserve takes to “fix” the economy only makes our overall economic situation worse…far, FAR worse. Gee, I wonder why that is???

Food Situation –

Here is a great list of thoughts…

  • Russia is the world’s #1 exporter of fertilizer.
  • China is the world’s #2 exporter of fertilizer.
  • Russia and China account for 1/4 of all exported fertilizer in the world.
  • From 2019 – 2020 the total exports of the world’s fertilizer producers fell by 6%…without any major crisis issues coming up like the Ukraine/Russian war.
  • Many large scale farmers are paying about 4 times for fertilizer this year over last year.
  • Feed bills for livestock producers have more than doubled in many cases.
  • Last year Russia was the #1 wheat exporter in the world, Ukraine was #5. Together they account for over 30% of the world’s top 8 wheat producers.
  • India, world’s # 8 wheat exporter, just announced recently that it will suspend all wheat exports to secure its own food supply. That means 35% of all the world’s wheat exports are suspended or non-existent going forward.
  • Along with 35% of all wheat exports jeopardized…the costs of growing wheat has skyrocketed due to fertilizer and fuel costs…along with every other aspect of inflation.

Oh, screw it…you know what is happening with food production/supply in the world and here in the USA! Just be aware of how tenuous the situation is…and the high likelihood that it is going to get worse…potentially much, much worse…as planned.

One thing/crisis/issue/disaster could bring utter chaos, maybe collapse, of the world’s food supply. Let that sink in for a minute.


Tomorrow comes the next installment of this SitRep…stay tuned!

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Pre-SitRep Article: Root Cause

In preparation for the upcoming SitRep I am posting this article for your reference. I want you to read it, think seriously about it, and then decide where you are in regards to your answer. It is important for you to know where you stand on this issue before anything else will make sense…and the future our country more clear.

Think about our crisis’s that we face today as a country…but think about it in a different way…outside of the conventional boxes:

  1. Baby formula shortage – It is widely known that store shelves are mostly devoid of baby formula…in some areas as much as 75% shortage. The US federal government has declared itself the solution to the problem of the shortage of baby formula in the US. The US government program WIC (Women, Infants & Children) distributes as much as 50 – 67% (given any particular year) of all baby formula in the US, it was the FDA that denied non-US formula producers from importing their products to the US for decades, it was the FDA that shut down the single major baby formula producer in the US, and it was US government that redirected hundreds, possibly thousands, of pallets of baby formula to the US southern border, stored in US government warehouses, to be given away free to illegal aliens by US government employees.
  2. Economic crisis – The US economy is a disaster and getting worse as you well know. The US Federal Reserve, private banking system authorized by the US government, is taking steps to “fix” the economic problems. The US Federal Reserve, private banking system authorized by the US government, printed tens of trillions of dollars over the last 15 years and gave it away to US banks, investment houses, and to foreign central banks around the world. The US Federal Reserve, private banking system authorized by the US government, reduced the interest rates to near zero flooding the economy with “easy money”. The US Federal Reserve, private banking system authorized by the US government, is raising interest rates economically killing businesses and individuals.
  3. Fuel (gas and diesel) crisis – The price of fuel in the US has more than doubled in the last 1.5 years (since the election of Biden) crippling/jeopardizing many parts of the supply chain, pushing more and more US families below the poverty line, devastating many families’ budgets and throwing a major part of the economy into a tailspin. The US federal government has said it will take steps, and has, to ease the problem…they have the solution. It was the US federal government that ceased leasing vital/key public lands for oil & gas development, it was the US federal government that canceled major pipeline projects in the US, it was the US government that made it almost impossible to build new refineries, it was the US federal government that stopped fracking on public lands, it was the US federal government that said they would destroy the fossil fuel industry.
  4. Energy grid crisis – The electric grid in many US states can no longer handle the demand for electricity stating there will be rolling blackouts and brownouts this summer. And worse, the US grid cannot handle the electric power demand going forward. It was the US federal government that stopped issuing permits for new nuclear generating plants, it was the US federal government that declared it would ruin the coal fired electricity generating industry, it was the US federal government that created unrealistic standards for new, or expanding, natural gas fired generating plants.
  5. COVID crisis of 2020/2021 – COVID devastated the US economy, killed many aspects of education, destroyed families, suicide among teens skyrocketed, and the supply chain fell apart. And of course who declared themselves the savior of world to cure the COVID crisis? Of course, the US government did. And strangely enough in a letter from the National Institutes of Health to Congress, and through detailed independent investigative journalism, showed that the Wuhan Institute of Virology from which the COVID virus is reported to have originated was funded with a research grant from…the US government National Institutes of Health.

And the list goes on and on! Is there a single crisis that the US faces right now…or even in the last 25 years…that the US federal government isn’t at the root of? Think about it…what crisis has there been that hasn’t been caused by the US government…even in your lifetime!

And let’s take a crisis that jeopardized, the aftereffects still does jeopardize, the Constitutional Republic like none other in history…a coup against the President of the United States; namely the coup against Trump that began after his election…and back in Mach of 2017 I revealed the coup against Trump and who the key players were.

Recap, while the coup to remove Trump from office failed, it did derail his work as President and was a primary reason for his problems in the 2020 election. And who was behind the coup? Much of the US federal government was in on it, but who was the tip of the spear leading the coup? The tip was easy to identify (by their own admission)…the head of the US government FBI, Director James Comey and the US government Director of National Intelligence James Clapper (click here to read more about the coup).

So let me ask a real simple question…Who exactly is at the root of the problems here in the US in regards to all of our major crisis issues? Asked another way…Who is creating the crises, the really serious problems in the US?  

But, the question that you truly need to ask is…Why is the US government creating these extremely disastrous crisis situations? And then couple that to this thought…Notice that after the crisis manifests itself it is always the US government that says it has, or is, the solution.

And one final tidbit for you for some real clarity…9/11/2001.

Osama bin Laden was pretty clearly reported to be behind the terror attack that brought down the Twin Towers and killed thousands of people on 9/11/2002. And Osama ran the operation from Afghanistan.

Back in 1998 the US government had the opportunity to kill or capture bin Laden. The US government turned down that opportunity.

And before that…during the 1980’s the US government backed the Mujahideen against Russia in Russia’s war in Afghanistan. The US government trained the Mujahideen, funded them, armed them, and the CIA had operatives assist them. It was the Mujahideen who took control of, and leadership of, Afghanistan in the 1990’s allowing the 9/11 terrorists to train, organize, and lead the 9/11 attack and wage the wider wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

And what was the outcome of the 9/11 attacks on US citizens? Or should I ask more accurately…

What was the solution that the US federal government put forward and implemented after 9/11 and the ongoing terror threat?

The US government’s solution was the single most massive elimination of US citizen rights, liberties, and freedoms in the history of the United States. Including massive domestic spying programs and a huge increase in federal law enforcement dedicated to spying on, arresting, and imprisoning US citizens…and doing so outside the bounds of the Constitution. But it gets worse…baring failing in that mission, the US government gave itself the right to process rendition of US citizens to foreign countries for torturing. And worse of all…authorizing itself to outright kill US citizens by the CIA.

Yup, the US federal government has maintained since 2002 that the US federal government can kill any US citizen it so desires under the Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF); commonly referred to as the “kill list” by federal government employees, military, US secret police agencies, and politicians.

Listen closely…as reported in 2020 through a court case and Snowden leaks, the US government is saying it can engage in extrajudicial (outside of the US judicial system) killings of US citizens and other non-terrorists. “We kill people based on metadata,” a former US government official exclaimed in response to those Snowden leaks.

Do you get that specific term in the statement…”metadata”????  How many times have we heard the US federal government claim that they only collect metadata not individual data? Yup, US federal authorities admit that they collect the data that they can use to kill US citizens.

Listen closely to a secret US government memo leaked during a federal appeals court case back in 2014 that outlines the president’s argument for the legal authority to kill a U.S. citizen who died in a controversial drone strike in 2011 in Yemen:

“We do not believe that U.S. citizenship imposes constitutional limitations that would preclude…lethal action under the facts represented to us.”

Now, what other questions come to mind regarding the United States Federal Government?

Read this article again if needed…then seriously contemplate the facts.

But as far back as President Reagan (over 40 years ago) it was clear who/what the problem was…I suggest it should be considered a “threat” not simply a problem.Please consider this…

“We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion.”

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SitRep will be delayed…

Earlier this week I mentioned I would be posting a SitRep towards the end of the week. However, several pieces of additional information came to my attention. I am taking a little more time to verify the info and just ensure that they are accurate and apply to what I will be sharing. That being said…the SitRep will be delayed until early next week.


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Immediate Action Warning!


               Food Storage Recommendation Change


Significant changes have occurred on the world stage that you are well aware of. I am issuing the following change in my food storage recommendations based on the following –

  1. Price of fertilizer to farmers is up significantly, in some cases the price increase is as much as 400%. Russia and China are #1 & #2 exporters of fertilizer in the world and account for 25% of all fertilizer exports. China has publicly sworn to replace us as the world’s #1 power. We are in a war with Russia that could easily escalate with worldwide consequences. Total global exports of fertilizer are down 6% from 2019 – 2020.
  2. Russia is the world’s #1 exporter of wheat, Ukraine is #5. They are locked in a deadly war. India is the #8 exporter of wheat, however, they have suspended all wheat exports for the foreseeable future out of fear for their own food supplies. Together those three countries provided 35% of all wheat exports.
  3. The Pacific Rim supply chain is still experiencing significant disruptions and there is no clear correction of that situation on the horizon.
  4. California, the primary grower of many foods in the US, is experiencing historic drought conditions with the local and state governments implementing water restrictions. Those restrictions are having a severe impact on farmers as the water is being diverted to population centers.
  5. Price of fuel, US supply chain issues, and continued federal government interference has continued to disrupt the availability of pantry items, specifically food, on store shelves.


In my food storage articles I’ve promoted 90-days of “pantry items” that you should have on hand. I am changing that as of today. Those changes are as follows –

  1. The minimum I now recommend is 6 months of pantry items.
  2. I strongly suggest 1 years’ worth of pantry items.
  3. I am changing my definition of pantry items from food your family regularly eats to ANY household item that your family regularly uses in your home.

Previously I suggested only increasing pantry supplies via “sale” items at the store. Now I am strongly suggesting you do it by any practical means.

Personal Note: Our family has taken money out of savings to do so. We have also reviewed any item around the homestead that we are no longer using and probably won’t use. If it falls into that category we are selling it and using the cash to buy pantry items and expand our cash on hand.

I want to make myself perfectly clear…Increase your supply of all pantry items in your home and do so expeditiously. The best guide is to review all household items that you and your family use each day over the course of a week. Calculate those items based on a 6-month usage, 1-year if possible. Then prioritize the purchase of those items based on the 7 Common Risks & Threats. Once that is done…DO NOT DELAY IN PURCHASING THOSE ITEMS. However, do so in a practical and realistic way based on your individual situation.

I am not suggesting that you go into debt to purchase those items nor am I promoting fear or panic. This change should not be seen in any way as suggesting that you and/or your family are in imminent or serious danger. This change is based on a medium to long-term view of the previously stated five issues listed in the “Background”.

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A Couple Quick Items…

Yup, I’ve been really, really busy. I am, you could say, preparing not for the fall of the system…but the thud at the end of the fall. And, I am working on a SitRep that I expect to have done by the end of this week. It is taking me lots of time to verify, double check, and feel 100% confident in everything I will be writing about.

In the meantime I have to get out the word on three things:

1) A change in my recommendations regarding food storage,

2) Cash on hand,

3) “Fear porn” that is running rampant on the internet.

Let me address the later first…STOP READING, WATCHING, LISTENING TO, AND GETTING TWISTED UP ABOUT FEAR PORN!!  I can’t tell you how many articles and videos I am seeing that say buy this list, buy that list, fuel will be gone in two days, shelves will be bare next week, the WHO is taking away country’s sovereignty, and the stupidity goes on and on. Stop reading that crap and stop listening to people who promote that fear porn crap! Get them out of your life and keep them out.

The people who do that fear porn are doing so for selfish reasons only. You are better than that, you know better than that, you know it is only static that will distract you from what is real and what is important.

And for those who promote that static, that distraction, that crap…SHAME ON YOU! You are doing far more harm than any possible good. And you are potentially distracting people from doing those things that could save people’s lives, save families, save communities, save congregations.

OK, I got that out of my system…thankfully you will listen to that encouragement and spread it to others. We will all be far better off without the promoters of fear, the purveyors of distraction, and the advocates of violence against each other.

Now…food storage. In my food storage articles I’ve promoted 90-days of “pantry items” that you should have on hand. I am changing that as of today. Later today I will send out an Immediate Action Warning emphasizing it. But for now I am telling you this:

  1. The minimum I now recommend is 6 months of pantry items.
  2. I strongly suggest 1 years’ worth of pantry items.
  3. I am changing my definition of pantry items from food your family regularly eats to ANY household item that your family regularly uses in your home.

Why? You already know why but I will explain it more in my Immediate Action Warning coming out later today.

How do I suggest you go about it? I am changing that as well. Previously I suggested only doing so via “sale” items at the store. Now I am strongly suggesting you do it by any practical means. Our family has taken money out of savings to do so. We have also reviewed any item around the homestead that we are no longer using and probably won’t use. If it falls into that category we are selling it and using the cash to buy pantry items and expand our cash on hand.

It will take me awhile to update all the posts regarding this “pantry” change so please be patient.

Cash on hand. I am strongly suggesting and encouraging you to expand cash on hand. I am not saying increase the money you have in the bank…I am talking about physical cash you have in your house or hidden away on your property. I am talking paper dollar denomination money. A wide variety of denominations is best. The fewer hundred dollar bills the better.

How much cash on hand? That is up to you and your family. Each family’s situation and capacity is different. Some of you who are blessed with wealth can have more. Those who are less blessed will have the capacity to have less. There is no fixed amount of cash on hand that I recommend. I do however, think that a 6-month supply of absolute necessary expenses is a good start, 1-year’s worth would be better if possible for your situation. And when I talk about absolute necessary expenses I mean things like taxes, fuel, power & water bill, and other expenses that are absolutely necessary.

More to come…

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The “MORE” I talked about…I think I got it!

In my 2/24/2022 SitRep I laid out some “Facts” in the “Note” section. In there I opened my thought process to you concerning what I was seeing in the Russian-Ukraine War situation. In my Feedback & Comments post on 2/27/2022 I laid out even more “facts” in response to the question, “What more do you want to say? You’ve hinted at ‘more’, what is it?” Before reading more of this post you may want to read the information in those two articles. If you already read them, you might want to refresh your memory by reviewing them.

Now, on with the “more”…

At the store over the weekend I noticed that milk had gone from $2.29 per gallon 1-1/2 years ago to $3.29 per gallon on Saturday. Today when I went to the store it was $3.68. That is hyper-inflation by definition…44% increase in 1-1/2 years, then 12% increase in 4 days.

When I got gas on Saturday it was $4.09 per gallon, today it was $4.29. When Biden was elected it was $2.09 per gallon. Do the math…96% price increase in 1-1/2 years (yes, nearly double). Then it goes up 5% in 4 days. And yes, since Biden was elected the price of gasoline has more than doubled!! That is hyper-inflation by definition.

And as you know, I could go on and on with the price of just about everything. When you have milk up over 60% and gasoline up 105% since Biden was elected (1-1/2 years ago) that is clear factual evidence of what he and the other radical left and authoritarians are doing to America.

Does that mean, and am I saying, it is intentional? Damn right I am!!!

Biden and his lot are carrying out a master plan to destroy America…and they are succeeding very, very well. But, it is bigger than that.

We knew for a long time that Putin would invade Ukraine. Come on, they had the invasion forces staged on the border of Ukraine for months and months. And Biden in mid-January even made it clear we knew Russia would invade and when. And we, the USA, and the world did absolutely nothing to stop Russia or aid Ukraine in any notable way.

Then remember Biden said three things of significance:

  1. US forces would not fight on the ground in the Ukraine.
  2. US/NATO would not enact a “No-Fly” zone over the Ukraine.
  3. And most telling, Biden’s “minor incursion” comment stating that Russia would not be punished.

So what is the “more” I keep referring to?

The western world knew the invasion and subsequent war was coming, they did nothing to stop it. Biden began not just America’s dependence on foreign oil once again but he made all necessary moves to create a general economic hyper-inflationary period. And Biden not only starts buying Russian oil, he begins negotiations to buy Iranian oil and to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. Did you hear that!?!

Biden intentionally massively weakens the USA economy and wrecks our oil and gas independence  as he strengthens two of Americans biggest enemies.

I ask you…Why?

Biden clearly moved to weaken America, he clearly moved to strengthen Russia and their #1 ally Iran. And he knew Russia would invade Ukraine.

I ask you…Why?

No one, not the USA or NATO, or any country in Europe moved a finger to help Ukraine prior to the Russian invasion. And, we have avoided any serious assistance to Ukraine since the invasion. No, I don’t give crap about all the countries “pledging” support to Ukraine! What has been delivered? Russia is clearly winning the war and will take over large portions of Ukraine, if not all of it…and no one is helping Ukraine. Hell, Poland offered Ukraine their fleet of MIG-29 fighter jets…and NATO vetoed that move.

I ask you…Why?

America’s strategic oil reserves are intended to be a source of crude oil to be refined into fuel for America’s military should a war break out and oil supplies are interrupted. In November 2021 and again in March 2022 Biden released significant amounts of America’s strategic oil reserves thus weakening America’s ability to militarily respond in time of war.

I ask you…Why?

So, you look at all the superficial stuff happening and it is easy to react and say we should do this or that. But what happens when you look below the superficial, look below the surface that media is painting?

Prices soaring to hyper-inflation levels and what is happening to the stock market? Down 10% since the war was known to be coming. Mortgage rates are up 26% since the war was known to be coming. Gas = up, food = up, EVERYTHING = UP…except the primary way working American’s create wealth through IRAs and 401Ks…the market!!

And that means that the low and middle class folks are getting killed. And by that I mean…their wealth is being transferred to the rich…or another word would be the “elites” not just in this country but the elites around the world. Couple all of that to the more than $30trillion since 2007 that the Federal Reserve created and sent around the world to…wait for it…bankers.

If you haven’t already figured it out by now, the “more” I am referring to is simple when you connect the dots…once again the world’s elites are taking wealth…taking the wealth from those beneath them. Some call it a “transfer of wealth”…I call it criminal on a global scale.

So there you have it…the election of Joe Biden as president began a whole new phase of their plan. Wreak the US economy, create chaos around the world, and implement the cure when we cry out for help, a cure, to save us…and the cure is nice, stable, comfortable, secure ”authoritarianism”.

Yeah  I know…almost anti-climactic in simplicity…but their plan none the less. Yes, all of this is my opinion.

And one last note…the constitutional definition of treason is pretty straight forward: giving aid or comfort to our enemies. So let me ask you this:

  1. Is Russia America’s enemy?
  2. Is Iran America’s enemy?
  3. Has Biden been giving money to Russia at any time since the beginning of his Presidency?
  4. Has Biden been giving money or planning to give money, to Iran at any time since the beginning of his Presidency?
  5. Has Biden given one or more “green light” indicators to Russia that we will not militarily support Ukraine, as we previously agreed to do, if Russia invades Ukraine?
  6. Has Biden taken steps to renew America’s commitment to Iran being able to develop nuclear weapons?
  7. Has Biden weakened America’s ability to fight a war through releasing strategic oil reserves?
  8. Has Biden weakened the US economy and made us more susceptible to America’s enemies?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the above, does that qualify as treason (as defined by the Constitution) in the well-documented, factual actions of Joe Biden? If yes, then ask…did anyone in his administration take any steps to stop him? If you answered no, then does that indicate conspiracy to commit treason on their part?

What does your gut feeling, that still small voice, your instinct, tell you about what is happening, why, and were it ends?

The key now…How soon? Or rather…Are you ready?

More questions:

  • Does Biden’s treason bother you?
  • Will Biden’s current actions -since war broke out- bother you and make you think the US will suffer as much or more than Russia?

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Feedback & Comments : Russian – Ukrainian War #2

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsIn reference to SitRep – 2/24/2022 : War!

And you should probably read Feedback & Comments : Russian – Ukrainian War #1

  • You’ve warned many times of “watch the left hand”, so what do you see this time?

For one…In the middle of the potential start of World War III Joe Biden nominates an extremely radical leftist to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS)… Ketanji Brown Jackson. Jackson is nothing short of a political hack who does not believe in the fundamental foundations of the Constitution. And Joe Biden picked the perfect time to nominate her…everyone else is focused on and worried about what is happening in Ukraine by the US’s #1 enemy…Russia. Perfect distraction, eh?

Some interesting facts on Ketanji Brown Jackson:

    • Parents attended segregated (all black) colleges.
    • She worked for the law firm of Goodwin Procter, one of the largest international/global law firms in the world.
    • She was a law clerk for very liberal/progressive US District Judge Patti B. Saris.
    • She was a law clerk for Stephen Breyer associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, one of the most liberal/progressive judges SCOTUS has ever seen.
    • She was part of the Marxist Obama Administration, United States Sentencing Commission
    • Compilation of opinions regarding her politics: labor friendly, liberal, progressive, good Democrat, liberal ideologue, passionate & bias liberal activist, anti-religious.
    • She is endorsed by, among other far-left groups, infanticide endorsing Planned Parenthood, and the radical extremist left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center.
    • She opposes First Amendment right of free speech for people saying vocal or silent prayers outside of abortion clinics.
    • She is very radically in favor of infanticide (pro-abortion), including partial-birth abortion (killing of babies as they are being born, primarily through dismemberment).

And Biden somehow knew to wait for the right moment before making her nomination announcement.

  • Russia has but its nuclear forces on high alert, will Russia use his nukes?

Very possibly. Once the allies begin moving military supplies into Ukraine there are only 3 options to do so; air, ground, or sea port. The airspace above Ukraine is closed due to being controlled by Russia air assets. For any country, other than Russia, to try and fly into that airspace would be idiocy. It would lay the groundwork for a direct confrontation of militaries. It would be both provocative and pure stupidity. So that leaves a ground or sea port option.

A sea port attempt would likely end up in an intervention by Russia navy assets and a very high likelihood of violent confrontation…and that could easily escalate quickly. That leaves a ground based option. The two most likely countries would be Poland or Romania through which aid would flow, both are NATO countries. Should Putin want to deny entry of those weapons, especially Stinger & Javelin missiles, he might well strike any arms convoys close to or within their borders. Should he do that, then NATO must strike back based on Article 5.

Given that scenario I could see Putin escalating it very quickly if he was losing the engagement. Should that occur a tactical nuclear strike would be within his wheelhouse. He might think that no nuclear response would be forthcoming. And, I believe he would be right. I can’t imagine any NATO country believing a nuclear response would be a responsible option. However, should a nuclear response occur, or a false flag nuclear “response” by Russia…then I see a rapid escalation…and nukes potentially coming into play.

Bottom line…In my lifetime we haven’t been this close to nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

  • What more do you want to say? You’ve hinted at “more”, what is it?

I like to write only those things that I can verify and have sourced well. I have written about “gut feelings” before but not very often. This is one of those times I have a gut feeling based on some random dots that I see, they are:

    • Joe Biden was vice-president to Obama when Obama passed on a “conspiracy” message to Putin via Russian President Medvedev in March of 2012 where Obama stated he would be more cooperative with Putin after Obama was reelected.
    • Joe Biden was vice-president when Obama allowed Russia to invade Ukraine in 2014 and take the Ukrainian state of Crimea away from Ukraine.
    • Joe Biden was one of the chief architects of the Iranian Deal back in 2015. That deal allowed Iran to have a timetable and all the means to develop nuclear weapons. And it included a plane load of cash from the USA to Iran that was estimated to be in the billions of dollars…IN CASH! Trump stopped the remainder of the deal and withdrew the US’s support. Just about a week ago Biden voiced his support for now releasing over $100billion in frozen Iranian assets, allowing Iran to sell oil on the open markets, and a return to the 2015 deal that allows Iran to develop nuclear weapons.
    • Hillary Clinton was also instrumental in the 2015 Iranian deal. Hillary Clinton had/has close ties to Russia, even conspiring to use Russian supplied fake/false information to overthrow President Trump.
    • Iran has been, and is, a close ally of Russia.
    • Joe Biden ordered the US Department of Justice to drop its investigation into Chinese spying and intellectual property theft.
    • China is a close ally of Russia.
    • Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, has made millions of dollars from the Chinese government since Joe Biden first served as vice-president to Obama.
    • While Joe Biden was vice-president to Obama, Joe Biden’s son Hunter, received over $3.5million from a Russian billionaire with close ties to Putin.
    • Prior to Joe Biden being elected president the USA was energy independent.
    • The year Joe Biden was sworn in as president he quickly made executive decisions to make USA an energy dependent country…subject to oil suppliers such as OPEC and Russia. Oil imports from Russia went up about 35% under Joe Biden’s presidency so far.
    • As oil & gas prices increase due to the Russian-Ukraine War benefiting Iran and Russia…and hurting US consumers.
    • Joe Biden was well aware of Putin’s buildup of Russian forces and that Putin was going to order an invasion of Ukraine during or closely following the Winter Olympics in China. Biden was aware of this information since early 2021. Yet, despite knowing all of this, Biden did not send the critical military aid the Ukraine needed to defend itself against Russia, namely Stinger and Javelin missiles.
    • Joe Biden stopped direct sanctions against Putin when they were recommended by US experts (after Russia invaded Ukraine). The direct sanctions against Putin were only imposed when European leaders did so, then Biden was forced to follow them.

Something stinks in all of this…something really, really bad! My gut tells me that these dots are all connected and there even more major dots that I am not seeing…but I know they are there.

Bottom line…Biden, and maybe the US government, are somehow neck deep in this…and it ain’t on the side of right! And it isn’t going to end up well for Ukraine…or for US citizens. And yes, I think this is a major step towards bringing down the USA, probably the whole world, to maybe collapse levels. I am just not 100% sure…but my “gut” is seldom wrong. My timing may suck and I may not have the details right each time…but something tells me this time it is going to be bad (long-term and/or medium-term and undoubtedly short-term). And it is planned, or assisted by, Biden and his friends (a.k.a. co-conspirators).

Plan & prepare accordingly.



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Feedback & Comments : Russian – Ukrainian War #1

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsIn reference to SitRep – 2/24/2022 : War!

  • Excellent observations on current world event! You nailed the Russian/Ukraine situation. What do you see as the #1 threat to citizens of the US?

Well, this may surprise you…I see the #1 threat to the average US citizen out of all of the possible options as being the US government.

Remember one of the radical authoritarians’ mantras…“never let a crisis go to waste”. Our federal government and the ruling class are already planning on how to use this crisis to further their agenda. And that agenda is not one to strengthen the Republic or the Constitution.

Remember, they were wildly successful with the COVID pandemic.Why wouldn’t they leverage the war situation between Russia & Ukraine? Actually, a strong case could already be made…the price of oil & gas is going up. And that is a top priority of the radical extremists…price oil & gas out of the range of average Americans.

  • How can Putin be defeated? Your article was really well put. I do think you wanted to say more but didn’t for some reason.

Putin can only be defeated by his own people. It’s too late for a military solution, there is no military, or combination of militaries, that can defeat Putin…he is too committed…more committed than anyone else.

His people, their riots and such, can stop him, if not actually overthrow him. But the cost would be high to Russians.

And we could have helped the Ukraine stop the Russian invasion in its tracks and decimate them if we had done two things:

  1. Given Ukraine 1,000 new generation Stinger missiles. Cost: $38,000 each, total $38million. No Russian fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft would have been safe. The $ cost and loss of aircraft would not be acceptable to the Russian government.
  2. Given Ukraine 1,000 new generation Javelin missiles. Cost: $178,000 each, total $178million. No Russian vehicle, including tanks, would have been safe. The large loss of life would not have been acceptable to the Russian people.

NOTE #1: In 2018 the USA sold 150 Javelin missiles to Ukraine…about 850 missiles short of what they needed, and Ukraine didn’t and doesn’t have that kind of money to spend buying the missiles they need. The US sent a mere handful more in late January 2022. Too little, too late.

NOTE #2: The US sent a mere handful of Singer missiles in late January 2022. Again, too little, too late.

Had the US sent those number of missiles and associated training to Ukraine starting in 2012 – 2013 (covering 3 US presidencies) Russia might well have been deterred from invading Ukraine in 2014 or 2022. But we didn’t…and now we can easily see how we have facilitated this horrible situation where Russia becomes stronger, richer, more emboldened, and with no end in sight.

So, were we (3 US Presidents & Congresses) just blindly incompetent not helping Ukraine when we could have? Or, was there something else in play?

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