SitRep – 10/19/2020

Well, well, well…the time is here. Yup, it is here…finally! We’ve all been expecting it. We’ve all seen it coming. And it is finally here…in the open, plain as day…easy for all to see. Well, at least for those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and minds to understand.

I will be discussing three things this morning, all vitally important, significant, and damning:

  • The Election
  • Freedom of Speech – Overthrow of the US Government
  • Militias

But, two quick notes before I start on those subjects…the economy and COVID.

The economy continues to tank. Evidence? HUGE new first time unemployment claim numbers, HUGE total unemployment numbers, HUGE/HISTORIC debt levels, and two new key indicators…nearly 150,000 restaurants have gone out of business since the start of COVID and will not reopen. Airline travel is down over 70% from last year and carriers just recently laid off nearly 40,000 people in that industry. And if the airlines don’t get another multi-billion dollar bailout soon…another 30,000 – 40,000 layoffs.  Yup, the economy continues to tank.

COVID…the fall surge it here and rising quickly. While more and more people are able to handle the COVID infection and recover, the already sick (pre-existing conditions) are continuing to die. And remember…we have NO IDEA how many people are actually dying from COVID…most are dying from previous health conditions but their deaths are listed as COVID. The main point to the COVID fall surge…more rights will be lost for sure. But most of all…it will be used to bring more disruption and doubt to the election participation and outcome.

Okay, on with the SitRep…

The Election –

This election has ZERO chance of being free and fair! Here are some problems that have already surfaced:

  • Ohio alone already has a problem with 50,000 mail-in ballots.
  • Wisconsin authorities found three trays of mail in a ditch that included absentee ballots.
  • Pennsylvania authorities found absentee ballots in a ditch near Scranton, Pennsylvania (interestingly, home of Joe Biden).
  • California republican ballot boxes have been declared illegal and the state has issued a cease and desist order to the state’s republican party. One minor problem…state law allows for the political parties to utilize ballot boxes for collecting ballots and then tuning those ballots into the state election authorities. Two problems; 1) would you trust any political party with ballots? Especially opposing party ballots? 2) will ballots collected by the republican party be accepted by the state’s radical left-wing election authorities?
  • According to the federal Election Assistance Commission, between 2012 and 2018, 28.3 million mail-in ballots remain unaccounted for…20% of all mail-in ballots.
  • More than one state is openly talking about bringing in the military for the election. Does that sound like a Constitutional Republic to you…or some third-world banana republic?

Election disinformation/tampering by foreign countries is clear and has been taking place for months. We now know, from published investigation reports that:

1 – China is backing Joe Biden. They have multi-billion dollar financial deals together. We know Biden’s family members were given billions of dollars…from China. You can figure out why they did. But, why does China back Biden? Because Biden is a friend of China and will not oppose China’s economic, colonial, and military expansionism…China has been working for years to see Biden as President.

2 – Iran is backing Joe Biden. Iran was paid billions and billions of dollars by the Obama/Biden administration. Remember the huge cargo plane load of pallets of different currencies that Obama/Biden sent to Iran in 2016? Well, don’t forget that Obama/Biden also set Iran on the path to legitimately having nuclear weapons as well. That is why Iran is working non-stop against Trump in favor of Biden.

3 – Russia is backing Trump. Yup, Trump companies have business dealings with Russian oligarchs. But it is more than just that. Putin (Russian President) is trying to undermine everything American…EVERYTHING! And the best way to do that is to create hate, dissension, chaos, and unrest among the America populace. That not only destabilizes America domestically but lowers our credibility and standing overseas…and that creates a power vacuum. And that is fertile ground for Russia.

4 – Surprisingly…North Korea has been relatively quiet and passive during this election cycle. Reports indicate they have their hands full domestically.

So foreign governments are hard at work interfering in our election process. But, please don’t get upset about that…the CIA and the US State Department have been doing the same thing to foreign countries for decades, at least the last 70 years. And at least foreign governments are not murdering our Presidents and overthrowing our government like the CIA had done many, many times to other sovereign governments. Some might call this election meddling by foreign governments “karma”…as would I.

Domestic Terrorism (overthrowing the US government) is taking place!

The curtain has been pulled back, the smoke has cleared, the clouds have lifted, it is now plain as day! For decades we have known that the mainstream media has gone radical leftist in their politics and policies. It is clear that they are leftists, many are Communist, some are Marxist, all are anti-American in the traditional term. But, a new and insidious domestic terrorism has risen and is now in full-blown operational mode to overthrow the US Constitution-based government…our Constitutional Republic. Specifically I am referring to big-tech companies. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. have now all made it clear that they oppose the Constitution, the Bill of Rights…especially freedom of speech…and they back the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic.

In my opinion they are now domestic terrorists and a clear and present danger.

These big-tech companies have now specific and coordinated plans that support everything that is anti-Constitution, anti-Trump, pro-Communism, pro-Biden, pro-Progressive, pro-infanticide, etc. They are actively and in coordination with each other suppressing any news article, opinion piece, group, or person that is in opposition to their plans. And it is a plan!!! They have been working on this for a very long time. For decades they have pumped billions of dollars into the Democratic Party (i.e. anti-Constitution / anti-America party) and are giving them unfettered access to their news and social media platforms. But, now they have taken it to a new level…the next phase of their plan…the phase they are implementing now.

Previously, for the most part, they have passively supported the anti-Constitution / anti-American agenda…but that has now changed…dramatically changed. Big-tech has now coordinated with mainstream media (including taxpayer funded NPR), to over throw the US Constitution based system of government. They are primarily doing in four ways:

  • Suppressing that which is opposition to their radical leftist anti-Constitution agenda.
  • Promoting people and “news” that supports their agenda and the political leaders of the radical left (i.e. the Democrat Party).
  • Creating and/or promoting disinformation.
  • Demonizing anyone and anything that tries to work against their agenda or expose their plans and leadership.

And let me add this…those mentioned above are working hand-in-hand with the Southern Poverty Law Center, the FBI, and the CIA. So beware…but don’t fear…use your head…make smart decisions when it comes to your speech and actions…especially on-line.

Militias –

I warned you repeatedly about this all year. I told you clearly not to be part of, talk to, or have anything to do with any militia. I outlined how they have been corrupted and told you how the FBI infiltrates them and makes a case against them. And it is happening exactly as I said it would.

Kidnap the Michigan Governor or the Virginia Governor????

Paaaaallllleeeeeaaaasssssseeee! Seriously, you think a bunch of half-wit militia members are going to carry that out…or were even truly serious about it?

But, let’s recap…a PAID informant working for the FBI becomes a leader of their militia group. And during a couple of meetings HE brings up the concept of perpetrating a crime against state leadership, HE leads the discussion of doing so, HE leads some level of some half-baked planning…and now they are some masters of the anti-government movement universe plotting to overthrow the United States!!!!????

Seriously…you believe that?  Well, I do!!!

OK, maybe just the first part…the part where the paid FBI informant leads the way for the others into the trap. But, the later part…anti-government movement to overthrow the United States…NOPE, not buying it!!!!!  Not even a little bit.

Did they talk about it…probably. Did they do some amount of planning…maybe. Would they have liked to do what they had talked about…perhaps. But, would it have even come up had it not been for the paid FBI informant??? I seriously doubt it! And there is ZERO indication that the group would have done anything, including planning, had it not been for the FBI informant being a leader of the group and forcing the plan on them.

And come on!!!!!! The “Wolverine Watchman” militia????? Seriously, someone would join a militia named the “Wolverine Watchman” let alone take them seriously? Okay, maybe if you were, 13 years old, a nit-wit, or a Red Dawn (1984 movie)…but that is probably about it.

And let us not forget the Michigan Hutaree militia. In 2008 the FBI sent in a paid informant. And once again…the paid FBI informant led the discussion and planning of criminal activity…SUPPORTED by an actual implanted FBI agent in the militia organization. Together the two laid the trap for US Attorneys to charger members of the militia with serious charges of “conspiring to commit sedition, or rebellion, against the U.S. and conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction.” Fortunately a federal judge recognized what the FBI had done (Keystone Cop entrapment) and dismissed the charges.

But, the FBI is not done trolling for more unsuspecting people to get suckered into their traps. If you are part of any kind of organization that even closely resembles a militia, or anything like it, GET OUT OF IT NOW!

Note: The Boogaloo Movement

It is reported that the Michigan militia members that were busted are members of a larger movement… the Boogaloo Movement. I cannot independently confirm that. But who is, or what is, the Boogaloo Movement? They are reported to be white supremacist, anti-government, pro-gun, and advocates the overthrow of the US government and calls Trump a tyrant. Well, to me…sounds like left-wing anarchists. And that means “leftists” such as Communists who violently (with guns) overthrew China, Russia, Vietnam, and North Korea, and a host of other non-Communist countries. As for the “white supremacist” part…that sounds exactly like the agenda of, and beliefs of the Democrat Party (read more about Margaret Sanger here).


Summary –

We are screwed!

Why all of this plague fear, why all of this election fear, why all of this violence fear, why all of this foreign election inference, why all of this domestic election interference, why all of this big-tech company anti-American behavior…why is all of this happening now?

Simple…the forces arrayed against the US Constitution (yes, the forces of evil) want chaos. Chaos and mayhem the likes we’ve never seen. They want distrust, upheaval, hate, violence, and uncertainty is every aspect of our lives. They want a sinking economy, they want unemployment…they want all of it!

Why? I already shared that with you before. And let me restate and clarify…when things, everything, gets bad enough, the people will plead, beg, cry out for stability, a solution, a “fix”…and we will get it. And it will be authoritarianism…totalitarianism. It will be ugly. It will be law and order to a soul-choking degree.

The election has ZERO chance of being free and fair. And should I be wrong (which I hope I am) or right, the post-election period will be fraught with danger and violence. The post-inauguration will probably be traumatic, chaotic, and extremely dangerous. I see a high probability (not a certainty) of the government being usurped. Remember, the last Presidential election we did NOT see the will of the people carried out! Trump lost the popular election by MILLIONS of votes. It was only the Electoral College that brought him in as President. And we had an immediate coup by the DeepState.

What happens with this election????   Anybody’s guess…but I doubt the “will of the people” will be the order of the day. There will be forces behind the scenes making whomever they wish President…the people will not rule. But, all of that being said…you MUST vote!

The economy has ZERO chance of returning to a free market system. The economy is tanking and will tank. Inflation is already here. Massive and historic federal government deficits are already here. Massive and histrionic government, corporate, and private debt is already here. And it will get worse.

I no longer believe it will be an economic “collapse” in the traditional sense of the word…it will transition. But the transition will not be back to a free market system. It will probably be a economic system tightly controlled by the government…in conjunction with large international corporations (i.e. Amazon, Walmart, etc.) and big-tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). It will be more based on “economic justice” and regulated to crush…and of course benefit the rich. Yes, all forms of taxes on the middle will skyrocket.

The solution…to survive it all, then work to thrive, regardless of what comes. And I know that you and many others can do just that. But the key is to properly prepare yourself first.

The #1 way to properly prepare…the single most important step to take before all other steps…find your foundational principles. Establish your right and wrong…know good from evil…have correct morals and ethics.

Once that is done…then prepare materially. And there is guidance for that as well. <start here>

Now…it’s not all doom & gloom! There is some amazing stuff going on. Good people are doing some incredible things. People are stepping up and doing good, reaching out, making a difference. You can do the same.

“If ye are prepared ye shall not fear!”

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Now, the rest of the story…

Yup, that’s borrowed from Paul Harvey…I didn’t think he’d mind, especially when you hear the story.

So in my Crotchety Old Man post on 9/8/20 <click here to read> I mentioned my UTV being broken down and the part to fix it is no longer manufactured and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Well, let me finish that story for you…the rest of the story.

So you got the first part…broken UTV, part is no longer manufactured, talked to multiple dealers with no luck, they even searched a special web-thing that shows what dealers, if any, still have it on the shelf (called “old new stock”) and no luck. Talked to every major parts supplier house on the Internet, no part anywhere to be found. Talked to a couple of ATV/UTV/motorcycle junk yards, the best I got was “I think I might have it around somewhere, if not my buddy might have one, call me back in a couple weeks.”

To say I was disappointed and discouraged would be a massive understatement. That UTV is a workhorse around here. I use it every day for my projects and my chores. Without it, my workload is much more strenuous and tiring…if not impossible. But, no part was to be found…nowhere, for any amount of money. Not giving up, I had decided that the week of September 14th I was going to drive to Phoenix (1/2 day away) and just start visiting every junk yard and UTV dealer in the entire area.

On September 15th I awoke very early in the morning (couldn’t sleep) and wrote “OK, let’s talk…” <click here to read> What motivated me to write that post? Well, I received exactly 6 comments via email to the “Crotchety Old Man” post but about 20 posted comments. One struck me like a baseball bat across the face…

“If you save but one soul how great shall be your joy…. Whether you save one temporally, spiritually or both you have brought a great wealth of information, knowledge, experience and wisdom to those of us who are learning to be prepared.”

It came from a special man who I have a special connection with that is…well, very special. He reminded me on what I was supposed to be doing. His reply, along with the ton of other posts and emails, made me feel humbled…and renewed. That generated “OK, let’s talk…” Well, now…that post generated more emails to me than any other post ever! All were wonderful, heartfelt, touching, warm, and just plain great. I had no idea that…well, I just had no idea.

Back to the UTV part…

Right after I wrote that post (OK, let’s talk…) I started feeling (a prompting really) that morning to call Polaris directly and plead my case and see if there was anything they could possibly do. But it wasn’t until late in the day (9/15) when I finally got around to it. And of course their headquarters is way back east…they were closed. But, I talked to a nice guy who took my information, he gave me a case number, and told me to call back the next day when customer service was open.

I called early the next morning and talked to a customer service representative that sounded bored out of her mind and completely disinterested in my situation. She put me on hold to talk with “Parts”…predictable results. She came back on, message was anticipated…the part is no longer manufactured, it’s not in any Polaris warehouse anywhere in the world, and she was sorry. She then said that the parts guy had checked the dealer inter-something net and would email me dealer contact information that they thought might have it.  Well, I already knew the dealer they were talking about, had talked to them, and they didn’t have it. But, I thanked her anyways and we hung up. I was thoroughly and completely discouraged. And to share the despair I went in to tell my wife the news. As I walked into the living room…”I heard” was all she said. I turned around and walked out of the room.

Disheartened I returned to the little spare/storage/computer room and sat down. Before I started up the part searching I wanted to see what was happening with the “OK, let’s talk…” post. I was surprised, a very decent number of views! And then I checked the personal responses that came in via email. Wow! There were already a bunch of emails from people I knew, all being very supportive and encouraging. And then there was the one specific email…from Betty, a very dear friend of mine that I’ve known for nearly 45 years. Here is the main message from her email…

“Wow, I can imagine how much you depend on the UTV. Maybe a ministering angel will drop one out of the sky for you. Remember what Art always said, ‘all you can do is all you can do, and all you can do is enough.’  One other thing, Heavenly Father wants us to ask and be specific and direct in our asking. Y’all are in our prayers!!
Hugs, Betty”

So, now the rest of the story…

I had been praying all along that Heavenly Father would bless us in regards to the UTV. Each time I worked the phones or searched the Internet I had a prayer either vocally or in my heart. But, I had not been specific in what I was asking help with. That would change. I had a prayer. I was specific.

I checked my regular email account and there was the email from Polaris “parts” with a list of 4 potential dealers that were showing they had the part in stock. I was elated and thrilled…prayers were working. But, before I picked up my cell phone I had a very specific prayer to please get us the part.

Called dealer #1: no, it was a software system error, they didn’t actually have the part at all, never did.

Called dealer #2: yup, they had the part up until YESTERDAY! They had shipped it out this morning to a dealer in Illinois to fix a customer’s machine.

Called dealer #3: well, not actually a dealer…a grain and seed store that also sold a few Polaris parts par-time. Busy signal.

Called dealer #4: They didn’t think they had it but would check and get back to me. As I was giving them my area code…they hung on me.


I was getting ready to call Polaris back when Betty’s words came back to me…clearly. So, I had an even more specific prayer for help from Heavenly Father. And called back the non-dealer Dealer #3, “Will” answered.

I explained the situation to him and told him that Polaris was showing that he had the part in stock. He checked…nope, not showing it in stock on his computer system. I was crushed. But, he said he would go check the spot on the shelf where it should be just to be sure. I was put on hold.

Literally 10 minutes I was on hold. During that time I kept praying a specific prayer for help, a pleading to for God to be merciful and help us…to find that part for us.

Will came back on the line and said the spot was bare…no part where it would have been. Then he said he felt like he should look round on some of the other shelves which he had done…and he was holding the part in his hand. He had found it nowhere near where it should have been. He didn’t know why it wasn’t there…but he was holding it in his hand.

I was simply overwhelmed with emotion.

I told him I would take it! He said it would go out today. I paid for it and told him he was an answer to prayers. As I walked into the living room to tell my wife the good news I had tears in my eyes. I explained it to her…we were joyful to say the least.

To recap:

  • I had become discouraged about the website.
  • I wrote an article (Crotchety Old Man) to that effect and I was going dark.
  • You guys responded with such warmth and good will that I couldn’t abandon the website. The turning point…the message from Glen that I shared earlier.
  • I wrote “OK, let’s talk…” as a result of all of those incredible replies and encouragement.
  • Then a reply to that posting from Betty to be specific in my prayers for help with the UTV.
  • Also, many of the replies I had received contained messages that I/we were in their prayers.
  • For the two previous weeks I had no luck finding the part for the UTV…none!
  • Then I get the prompting to call Polaris direct. They give me the only 4 options left.
  • One dealer who had the part had sold it the day before I called. (FYI…they had the part on the shelf for over 10 years).
  • Two other dealers were of no help, one of them had hung up on me.
  • The other dealer (a non-dealer) gave me a busy signal the first attempt. Then their system showed they no longer had one in stock.
  • The guy was kind enough to check just to be sure…and no part in the bin where it was supposed to be.
  • Then he felt like checking the other shelves to see if he could find it.
  • He eventually found it nowhere near where it should have been.

It arrived Tuesday, I installed it yesterday. I drove it from the workshop to the house, pulling up and whistling to my wife if she wanted to go for a ride. All is well, all is well.

So now you know the rest of the story…the whole story.

If you are a religious person…this reinforces that God lives, He hears us, and He answers prayers. That is my testimony.

If you are not a religious person…well, maybe you should reconsider now that you know the rest of the story.


Ask me a question or send me a message/comment …


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SitRep – 9/21/20

Let’s review Presidential election process and succession:

  • President is elected for a term of 4 years. (Article II Section 1)
  • Electoral College will cast votes for election of the President, not the “people”. (Article II Section 1)
  • Congress determines when the Electoral College votes. (Article II Section 1)
  • Each state’s governor is responsible for certifying their states’ voting results.
  • The Electoral College voters meet the next month after the popular election. In 2020 it will be December 14th if I am not mistaken.
  • Then on January 6th 2021 the votes will be officially counted by Congress in Washington D.C. Then a motion requesting any objections and resolving objections takes place. The winner is announced after that.
  • When the President can’t serve, the Vice President takes his place. (Article II Section 1 & Presidential Succession Act)
  • The power to decide who becomes President in the absence of the President and Vice President is given to Congress. (Article II, Section 1, Clause 6)
  • If the President and Vice President cannot serve then next in line of succession is the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. (Presidential Succession Act & Succession Act of 1947 (as amended))

Now, some information on the Electoral College:

  • 30 states and the District of Columbia now have laws that require their state Electoral College electors to cast their votes for whoever wins the popular vote in their state.

Among them are:

      • California (55)
      • Colorado (9)
      • Florida (29)
      • Michigan (16)
      • Ohio (18)
      • Virginia (13)
      • Wisconsin (10)

TOTAL ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES: 150 (270 required to be elected out of 538)

Trump lost the popular vote against Clinton in 2016 by millions of votes. Specifically he lost:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Virginia

TOTAL: 77 Electoral College votes

So consider this:

  1. On election night the counting of mail-in voting will not be completed…not even close. Some experts estimate it could be weeks, maybe months before the mail-in vote count is completed and certified by the states.
  2. Clinton and others on the radical left have told Joe Biden to not concede…period! He has been told unequivocally to not concede the election to Trump under any circumstances.
  3. The Democrats have been sending a message for months (especially in the last few weeks) that the Post Office, on orders from Trump, is subverting, either directly or indirectly, the mail-in voting process.
  4. Trump himself has stated on numerous occasions that mail-in voting will be fraudulent.
  5. US security agencies (FBI & CIA) have both stated that Iran, Russia and China are already interfering with the US Presidential election and that interference will increase as the election approaches. It appears that Russia is attempting to weaken Biden, while China and Iran appear to be attempting to weaken Trump.
  6. The media (with rare exception) is clearly anti-Trump and working to subvert Trump’s Presidential bid, and to raise doubt in the election process.
  7. Election night comes and goes with the media not declaring key states (mostly controlled by Democrats) of having a clear winner…mostly due to incomplete mail-in vote counting.
  8. Governors are delayed in certifying their state’s voting results…or prevented from doing so by the courts.
  9. The counting process and court challenges drags on past the deadline for Electoral College voters to cast their votes on December 14th.
  10. Since the Electoral College votes can’t be cast by the deadline, then the Congress (specifically the Senate) can’t officially count them by January 6th…or declare a winner in the Presidential election.

So why all the technical information and what’s the big deal?

Well, Trump’s term expires on January 20th…period. There is no extension, no exceptions, nada, zilch, end of conversation. So the President is out on January 20th if he is not declared the winner and inaugurated! And since the election results are the same for the Vice President…he is out as well at the same exact time.

So who then becomes President via the Constitution, the 25th Amendment, the Presidential Succession Act, and the Succession Act of 1947?  Yup…Nancy Pelosi (assuming she is reelected).

So let’s step back, change the subject, and ask ourselves…why all the violence, civil disturbances, deepfake, protests, riots, looting, subverting the confidence in the election process, promoting mail-in voting, raising questions about the integrity of mail-in voting, reports of interference in our election process by agents of multiple foreign governments??????

I am proposing the end-game here might be an end run around the election process all together. A perfect storm, a convergence, of events/issues/problems that may well give us a radical left-wing extremist as President WITH NO VOTE OF ANY KIND MAKING THE DECISION! And who do you think she would name as her Vice President?

And she would remain President until the election is officially decided…by Congress…potentially by the Supreme Court…or replaced by her Vice President should something happen and she would be removed from office…or prevented from serving.

And how would the original Presidential election determination process go if accusation after accusation of voting fraud were to be made? State’s election results challenged in the courts…and then appealed…and appealed again?  And then one Congressional committee after another launches investigations into fraud, abuse, illegality, tampering, and foreign interference?

And ask yourself this…how would you feel about the Supreme Court deciding the election? Is that even allowable under the Constitution? No, the Presidential election process, under the Constitution, does not involve the Supreme Court.

And of course, all along the media scream their heads off for “fair”, “legitimate”, and “valid” election results. Wiping folks into a frenzy. Yes, the radical left media (99% of all media) and also the conservative media.

And let me now throw this into the mix…

First, what would the radical left be doing this whole time?

Second, what would the radical right be doing all this time?

Third, what would the average Trump voter be doing all this time?

Fourth, what would the markets and economy be doing all this time?

Fifth, what would unfriendly foreign governments be doing all this time?

Most importantly…what would you be doing all this time?

Think this is a bit out there, maybe even crazy?

Try this on for size…On September 18th (yup, 3 days ago) Dan Coats, former DNI, called for a Congressional commission to oversee the 2020 Presidential election. He did so in an op-ed piece in the NY Times.

He wants the following to be on the Congressional oversight commission:

  • congressional leaders
  • current and former governors
  • elder statespersons
  • former national security leaders
  • former Supreme Court justices
  • leaders in the private sector

I don’t know about you but I look at that list and I see “deep state” and “radical progressives”…all anti-Trumpers.

Just for clarity and to better understand my opinion on the above list, Dan Coats is:

  • Former Director of National Intelligence (head spook)
  • HUGE anti-gun rights advocate
  • Joe Biden legislative supporter
  • Tax advocate
  • War hawk
  • George Bush friend and political ally
  • Former D.C. lobbyist
  • Anti-Trumper (actually wrote and anonymous op-ed against Trump)

Now let’s do this…a wildcard…Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death.

I posted about the potential for violence, even armed rebellion, <click to read> and we have to factor this into the election equation. Many folks I talked to only voted for Trump in 2016 because of his potential Supreme Court Justice nominations. Some of those folks are even more disappointed in Trump after four years as President. However, with RGB dead and that seat open, those folks may be more likely to vote for Trump in this election. We’ll see. But that is not the point…the point is even more violence between now and…well, no limits on that end-date at this point.

With a vacant ultra-leftist, radical Progressive seat on the Supreme Court I can guarantee you that the left will fight with everything they can to keep Trump from filling that vacancy. And I put no limits on their actions…including an armed “coup”, armed rebellion, civil war, etc. But, violence for sure!

Another “wildcard”…PEADs. 

If you are unfamiliar with Presidential Emergency Action Documents (PEADs) then I would strongly suggest you read my SitRep – 8/29/20 (Parts 1, 2 & 3). <click here to read the SitRep>

There are two aspects of the PEAD as a wildcard; 1) Trump uses them to stay in power, 2) President Pelosi uses them to keep Trump out of power.

Yes, I believe Trump would invoke any potential PEAD there is to stay in power if he felt the election was fraudulent or illegal. And I for one would understand why he would do it…a belief to maintain a relatively free America. Would he be right in doing so? Dang! That is a whole other question…for another day maybe. But, my point…if he did invoke one or more PEADs what would Congress do? What would the Supreme Court do? What would the government establishment do? What would the violent radical left do? What might the military do…or not do? No need to ask what the media would do…it is 100% predictable. Whatever the case…we are talking a Constitutional crisis the likes we have never seen…and it would end up with some manner of civil war.

President Pelosi’s turn…(that name alone gives me the creeps). So January 20th comes with no properly and legally declared winner of the Presidential election…Nancy Pelosi is now sworn in as President, there is no other legal option. And she would immediately do what all radical leftists would do…start subverting the Constitution anyway she possibly could.

Now, let’s say a month later the Senate finally declares that Trump is legitimately the duly elected President (yes, it their power to do the Electoral College vote counting process and declaration of the winner). And of course in the meantime the House of Representatives has begun 1 to potentially dozens of committee hearings on the election and its legitimacy.

Might President Pelosi use PEADs to stay in power? I believe that answer is 100% “yes”! I have no idea which PEAD or how she would invoke it or what the result would be…but she would try. But, my point…if she did invoke one or more PEADs what would Congress do? What would the Supreme Court do? What would the government establishment do? What would the violent radical left do? What might the military do…or not do? What would the far right do? No need to ask what the media would do…it is 100% predictable. Whatever the case…we are talking a Constitutional crisis the likes we have never seen…and it would end up with some manner of civil war.

My bottom line…Dang! Pow! Ouch!

I think we could be looking at the roughest time in the history of the United States…other than maybe 1858 – 1862.

Now, what can you do about the situation? Basically…nothing. Come on now, you know that you don’t have that kind of influence. Sure, you can be aware, share with others, and contact your DC folks. But that is about it…and that ain’t enough to change the potential outcome of this mess.

What you can do:

  • Be aware and stay aware
  • Don’t become deceived
  • Don’t get caught up in politics
  • Vote in person
  • Make sure your principles are solid and followed
  • Share what you can with others, as appropriate
  • And be as materially, mentally, and spiritually prepared as you possibly can be

This is the most dangerous time in US history for our lifetime, probably in the last 120 years. We could see turmoil the likes that is almost unimaginable.

Think it is very unlikely? Well, maybe. But, in November 2019 who saw the COVID-19 disaster coming along with massive unemployment and a virtually devastated economy? That surprised everyone.

Lastly, there is a nagging question rolling around in the back of my mind…Why are both parties, at least their leadership and candidates, talking that the election could be fraudulent and influenced by foreign governments? I mean, why are both sides trying to sink the legitimacy of the election? I would fully and normally expect one side or the other but not both. It troubles me, gives me an eerie feeling that there is something I am missing, something bigger at play. I mean I have my guess…and it ain’t pretty…actually, it’s evil.

What if there is a layer of folks above the political parties and candidates that are working to ensure that no one has confidence in the election? Meaning…everyone in the USA doubts the outcome, regardless of what the outcome is. And if that is true…what would their endgame be? My concern…that it is actually the end game. Think about that one for a bit. I am not saying I am right…I just can’t help shake that feeling, that question. Food for thought on a Monday morning.


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Ginsburg Dead! & Armed Rebellion Coming? – UPDATED

Yesterday I posted an article warning about the potential for violence, if not outright armed rebellion, if Trump and the Republicans tries to replace RGB. <click here to read the article>

I really looked all over the Internet this morning for several hours and found a large list of groups calling to “burn down” the system (including Congress) if the current administration tries to replace RGB.

And, not so strangely, there is a long and growing list of celebrities calling for the same thing.

For this to gain so much traction so quickly is worrisome to say the least. The next “dot” to watch for are actual protests or demonstrations that would support the “burn it down” advocacy and how quickly they show up.

Even Pelosi is talking about another impeachment attempt before the election or if Trump is defeated, during his lame-duck period.

Keep your eyes open, become more prepared, fill the holes in your pres, and stand-by.

And one more thing…get your principles defined, solidified, and be prepared to stand up for them.

Do not succumb to “politics”…stand for your “principles” ! !


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Ginsburg Dead! & Armed Rebellion Coming?

While I am glad to see one less radical leftist member of the Supreme Court gone, I have to extend my condolences to Ginsburg’s family for their loss. But, this creates a potential powder keg situation for the country.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died in February 2016. Obama nominated Merrick Garland to replace him. Republican leadership, they controlled the Senate, said that the vacancy should not be filled until after the Presidential election in 2016, and the new President was sworn in.

Now, McConnell is saying something entirely different. He has stated multiple times in the last 5 months that he would allow Trump to nominate and a vote would be taken on any Court vacancy.

Ouch, obviously a double standard as well as hypocrisy at its worse. But there is a potentially much larger problem…violence. Or, I should say much more violence.

What do you think will happen if Trump is allowed to nominate a Conservative to fill Ginsburg’s vacancy…and the Senate confirms? Actually, they will go ballistic when Trump is allowed to nominate, they will go more ballistic when the hearings take place…and they will go nuclear if a nominee is confirmed if this is done before the election. And double that if Trump is defeated and this stills goes through before January 20th when Trump would leave office.

We could potentially see an open armed rebellion in the streets.

Prepare now for that eventuality.

Note: I am working on another piece; it is in its final editing. Three weeks’ worth of work has gone into the research and editing. I hope to get it out on Monday. With this Ginsburg vacancy development I have to “war game” what, if any, differences it may make in my opinion.

Stand-by!  Prepare now!

> > Read the update to this post <click here to read the update>


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FAQ – 9/18/2020 (deception warning)

  • Where do you find trusted sources?

I don’t. I read a lot of news articles, some opinion pieces, and listen/watch news casts. While doing so I look for two things; 1) quoted facts that stand out, 2) trends.

When I find a fact that stands out I look into that “fact” from as many sources as possible. I verify that it is, or is not, a fact; and then, if it is a fact, I see if it fits into a thing that has my attention. I call those the “dots” that I try to connect. If I see news, opinion, and such that appear to be a trend I look into the background of the basis of which they are speaking. And if it appears to be a valid trend, then I try to extrapolate where it ends up. And once that is done I see if it is of concern or not.

Maybe to get to the crux of your question…I don’t have a single trusted source. I do place a lot of confidence in “facts” that Glenn Beck exposes. His staff’s research is beyond good! When he says it is a fact…he has the documentation to back it up. Even then…I trust but verify.

  • With the peace and economic deals recently, I am just curious what your thoughts are.

It is all fluff. When in the last 120 years has a “peace deal” resulted in a lasting peace? If you are speaking to the recent Muslim/Jewish peace deal…seriously, do you think there will ever be peace between those two groups? If you are talking about recent economic deal…when has any economic deal positively affected you personally? Or when has any one of those deals made a positive difference in any of the sliding economic trend curves?

To be clear…all of these “deals” are photo ops, opportunities for opposing parties to regroup, fluff, static, nonsense, of no lasting value. How’s that?


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Immediate Action Warning!



This last week I’ve had the opportunity to watch and listen to a lot of news reports, public statements, political events, news releases, campaign ads, opinion pieces, etc. I intentionally exposed myself to all of this…for a reason. Test!

All of it was “static”…meaning it was almost entirely designed to make people lose focus on what is really happening in the world around us. And 99.99999999999% of it was pretty much worthless. And the closer it was to any (and I mean ANY) mainstream outlet the less reliable its content and intent.

As I sat and thought about how it would affect us I could only clearly think of one thing…Expect Deception.

That is my warning to you going forward…Expect Deception!

No, I am not limiting it to just the types of information I listed about, I am expanding that to apply to virtually everything that you hear or see. Expect Deception!

Yes, this is especially true with it being an election year. I have watched ads from our local Senate race and both presidential candidates. Let’s just say they range from mildly deceptive to outrageously incorrect. Whatever the case, it was deception.

Be on guard! I’ve received emails from trusted sources as well in the last month. As I read them they ranged from rather strange in content to outlandish in nature. I looked into them…they were not true…not even close.

Make sure anything that comes to you appearing to be “information”…doubt it until you can verify that it is true. And do the verification yourself…don’t trust others to define what is true for you. Use multiple trusted sources…then still be a little wary.

I’ve seen several examples of “deepfake” already…and it is good, really good…but fake all the same. You may not know where this deception is coming from.

Keep your eyes open…Expect Deception !


FAQ for this “warning” <click here to read>


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OK, let’s talk…

It’s been a full week since I posted “Crotchety old man…” and my ears are burning. For those of you under 50 that is a saying that goes something like “people have been talking about me” if I remember right. But, you get my point if you read the comments to that crotchety post.

I had no idea that post would garner so much attention, and so many comments. It is the most commented on post on the entire website by an order of magnitude. And it is one of the most viewed pages…even got two views this morning so far.  As for the comments…I’ve read them multiple times to make sure I was hearing what each person had to say. I also responded to each and every comment…even the freak show comment from an even more crotchety old person…and I mean really crotchety. And, I will ignore their comment in the rest of this post.

So let me start off by saying…I had no idea I would get the kind of comments that I did from that post. The comments were quite honestly overwhelming in kindness, support, understanding, and encouragement. I have to get personal here…I was seriously touched and humbled.

Each comment meant something special to me. There were a couple who made observations of me that were eerily too close to truth. I had no idea I exposed myself that much, or maybe they are just very observant, or listen to the spirit really well. And then there was one that reminded me that if my site and my efforts never did anything else but what he referred to…it was all worth it. You see, just a couple years ago he wrote to me and explained he had found Christ, gained a testimony, joined the church, his wife joined the church, they are active in callings at church, and (for you LDS folks) they were sealed in the temple. If there was ever a reason to do something…that is it…help someone come unto Christ.

So you guys get the idea…ya’ll touched me…and I mean really made an impact on my outlook on this website and my time and efforts. It quite honestly surprised me.

So here is what I want to talk about…

  1. The site won’t go dark or go off-line.
  2. I will continue to write.
  3. I will get a plan together to resurrect Escape from Home and get that book back on track.

However, I can’t make any promises on how much writing I will do or how often I will post. I will let the spirit move me, I will let current events dictate, and I will simply do the best I can given my circumstances.

Why the change of heart? Well, I already explained some of it. But, I will be open with you…a series of personal setbacks took place that impacted my outlook. I’ve developed a serious debilitating problem with my right arm. That is my shooting hand/arm and the arm I rely on for my strength. Five years ago I tore up my left shoulder so that arm has its limitations…my right arm is essential to me. I will know more when the test results get back. My feet have taken a turn for the worst and there are days when the pain is really bad just to walk. But, worst of all…my UTV broke! Yeah, I have a 14 year old UTV that is a workhorse around the place. Literally, I use it every day for work, it’s not a pleasure/fun UTV to go joy riding. I haul dirt and rock, firewood, tools, water, etc. and I mean it…I use it every single day at the place for work. Well, it broke. And UTVs do break, especially when they are used as work vehicles. No big deal…I’ll just fix it. I identified the broken part…a mid-prop shaft (imagine two universal joints yoked together). I looked up the part in my Polaris shop manual, called the local dealer with my debit card in hand, and ordered the part. Well, almost. The parts guy told me the news you don’t want to hear…”Sorry sir, they don’t make that part anymore, it’s no longer available.” Yeah, and 5 days of phone calls later trying to find a new one, or even a used, one at a junk yard had proven entirely unsuccessful. Today I meet with a machine shop to see if they can make me a new part. The day I wrote “crotchety” was the day after the unsuccessful search for a replacement part. And the realization that I don’t have $6,000 that it would take to replace that workhorse machine with an equivalent machine. And to top it all off…my wife has a family reunion in early October (yeah, 3 weeks away). Big deal? Well, normally no. But, she’s invited them here to see the new house and what we’ve done with the 40 acres. Am I anywhere near ready for her showing the place off? Ah, no…and the pressure mounts.

But, all of this is called life…and pales in comparison to what I know some of you are going through. How do I know that? Because I know some of ya’ll personally and I know there are much worse circumstances out there for some of you.

Now, what I want to do is hear from you guys. I am posting a form below and I am going to ask you two questions:

  1. What types/kinds of articles would you like to see me concentrate on?
  2. What types/kinds of articles would you like to see me not write?

The answers will help me immensely as I try to figure out where my time is best spent.

Also, I am asking for names and email addresses on the form. First, don’t worry, I am not going to abuse that information or sell it or anything of the sort. I have something cooking in my head and having that information to connect with you would be important.

The last “comment” on the form is for any personal message, good or bad, you wish to share with me.

Again, thank you for the incredible comments, thoughts, feelings, compliments, and encouragements that you shared with me. They meant something to me, they meant a lot.


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Crotchety old man…

You know what really made me happy and gave me a lot of satisfaction? Over the last couple of weeks a few things I did for some folks:

  • Took care of a neighbor’s farm and animals so his family could go camping for a few days.
  • Repaired a switch on a friends ATV without him knowing it.
  • Spent a few hours working on our community’s dirt roads with my tractor.
  • Cooked 6 meals for a family in need.
  • Built a parking area, complete with a culvert, on a neighbor’s 4a so they could have their family up for the weekend…and start building a shop in preparation for them building a “get-away” cabin.
  • Baked 4 loaves of bread for neighbors just for the heck of it.
  • Helped a friend move his family to a new home.
  • Helped a neighbor put up drywall in his bathroom to restart his stalled house remodeling project.
  • Graded around a neighbor’s house because he couldn’t afford to have a company come in and do it.

And the list goes on and on. And I loved every minute of it and look forward to doing more !

When I retired I made a deal with God…I would thank Him, and worship Him, by helping others. And it is amazingly satisfying…I feel like I am really helping others and having a positive impact in their lives. In other words…being both useful and helpful through serving others.

Now…a reality check!!

An example in contrast: I spent about 20 hours on the three-part series SitRep – 08/29/20, researching, writing, finding & adding graphics, editing, etc. As a result of that effort…123 people read Part #1, 104 people read Part #2, and only 77 people read Part #3. Yeah, that really, really sucks! To make it even worse…just three people “liked” Part #1, two people “liked” Part #2, same for Part #3. And one person made a comment…yup, just one. That’s pathetic…really, really sad!!!

And don’t be insulted…the pathetic, sad, sucks, etc. applies to what I am doing, what I wrote…not anything to do with what ya’ll are doing. It is just pretty obvious that the article simply missed the point for what folks are looking for. In other words…I am not meeting a “need” with my assessments, suggestions, writing, etc.

I looked at the number of “followers” I have…pretty dang low for the Internet, pretty low for “prepper” websites as well. And I’ve only gained a couple new followers in the last couple of weeks. Pitiful by Internet standards !

Well, I am not going to drag this out…I’ve come to several conclusions:

  1. I don’t think there are more than a handful of folks who find any value in my knowledge, experience, writing style, my vision/version of “prepping”, or my guidance in emergency preparedness.
  2. I am not making much, if any, impact on people being prepared for emergencies, disasters, or grid-down events.
  3. My time spent on writing articles is virtually wasted when compared to alternative uses of my time in helping others.

So folks…four “Tip” articles came out this morning that I already had ready to go and scheduled, so I just bumped them up to come out this morning. Those will be my last articles unless something drastically changes or I see some special need in the future. Well, actually…there will be a posting on 9/11. That has been a very special day to me and this year was a turning point for me and that experience 19 years ago. I will be updating the Table of Contents at some point in the coming days, weeks, or months as time permits. And then the website will sit out there as a dusty old book sitting on a shelf for anyone who stumbles upon it.

Take care folks…I hope and pray we all manage to get through what is coming…you will be in my prayers.

Here is the follow-up article written a week later after all the comments to this article. <click here to read the follow-up>