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AH Trimble Feedback and Comments

  • You wrote about the CIA in regards to Afghanistan, isn’t there bigger problems with the CIA? And you’ve written about the FBI before. What about the FBI and CIA acting as a single agency?

Well, the CIA is an interesting beast…literally, a beast in biblical terms. The CIA is a super-secret (albeit well-known) black ops organization that murders at will, overthrows sovereign nations, traffics extensively in illegal drugs, illegal arms traffickers, collaborates with known terrorist groups, tortures foreign and US citizens…to name just a few of their activities conducted in the name of the United Stated of America.

Oliver North…yes, even the Colonel Oliver North that worked for the National Security Council under President Reagan. He was finally convicted of multiple felonies for his operations through/with the CIA. Meaning, the military works closely with and often for the CIA. But, you didn’t even ask about the CIA-military connection did you? Sorry.

So, on to the FBI…the short answer is yes. FBI agents, when needed, “become” CIA operatives.

The New York Times (NYT) wrote an excellent fact-based article back in November on the unholy alliance between the FBI & CIA. The large and quite effective public relations team at the FBI pumps out excellent propaganda portraying the FBI with a strong moral compass, “clean” agents, and love of all things Constitutional. Well, propaganda it is, truth it is not.

It is well-known that the CIA runs an extensive network of black sites where torture is a common occurrence. There are well documented examples of these, many with congressional testimony to back the truth. There’s even a great docu-drama about it. The torture committed at the behest of the CIA by its agents and operatives is as vile as human behavior can be, unworthy of anyone who calls themselves a human…and not conducive to a Constitutional Republic. But, the FBI has always maintained that their agents have never participated in those tortures. And technically they are right.

Interesting, albeit disgusting, evidence came to light during the pretrial phase of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. In that evidence was key information that almost went unnoticed. First let me mention that the truth of an extensive black site prison network was revealed. Then the extent of the torture was revealed. Those were bombshells to begin with…although already widely speculated. But buried even deeper was a very interesting tidbit of information that blows up the FBI image even more…and exposes the dark and evil truth of the FBI.

To avoid “FBI agents” participating in the torture the FBI/CIA came up with a trick that only the US government would think of…the FBI agents temporarily but officially become CIA agents. The US government had a legal team draw-up a legal document that enabled the FBI agents to be assigned to the CIA and formally become CIA agents. Thus, technically the FBI agents didn’t participate in the torture because they were CIA agents at the time they were there torturing. But, they were the same people working for the same US government.

So two extremely important pieces of information were verified in that release of information regarding the FBI agents conducting torture; 1) torture did take place, 2) the FBI had to use a legal scheme to try and avoid the vile stench of their behavior. Yes, meaning that they had to protect their vaunted morally clean image…the lie that it is.

In my opinion…there isn’t a shred of difference between the CIA and the FBI. Well, other than the FBI has a great public relations team…whereas the CIA doesn’t give a damn about what US citizens think about them.

More examples of CIA operations:

  1. Guatemala – 1954: Guatemala had been suffering under a brutal -US-back dictatorship (Jorge Ubico) for decades, the people finally revolted and overthrew the dictator. Ubico was on the payroll of the United Fruit Company. Don’t recognize that company? Well, they became Chiquita Brands International under Carl Henry Lindner Jr.,. Linder (died in 2011) was one of the world’s richest families and a huge donor to Republicans…with close ties to the Bush family. GHW Bush was a Director of the CIA before becoming Vice President, then President. In 1954, the CIA launched the code-named Operation PBSUCCESS and overthrew the sovereign country of Guatemala. After the coup Guatemala suffered three decades of brutal repression in which as many as 200,000 people died, many of them campesinos killed by security forces. But fruit flowed freely to the US during that time.
  2. Haiti – 1959: The CIA worked with Hattian President Francois Duvalier to create a secret police force that terrorized Haiti citizens for decades using brutal torture and death.
  3. Brazil – 1964: The CIA, at the request of the State Department, provided arms and covert operatives to overthrow their government.
  4. Uruguay – 1969: Upon the request and urging of Nelson Rockefeller, President Nixon ordered the CIA in. Dan Mitrione, the CIA lead agent, was the man who taught the police in Uruguay how to effectively torture people. Mitrione made torture routine, applying in his words, “the precise pain, in the precise place, in the precise amount, for the desired effect.”

The list goes on and on; Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, El Salvador, Panama, and Peru. Time and time again the CIA conducted operations in those countries murdering, torturing, overthrowing sovereign governments, bombings…and never once being held accountable for what they did. And that is just some of the examples in South and Central America.

And there are plenty of cases where the FBI was involved. Oh wait…only CIA operatives…yeah, who had worked for the FBI previously and then later magically went back to work for the FBI.

So seriously think about this single concept…Put in your mind our Founding Fathers, their principles, what they fought against, the documents they wrote, the amazing Bill of Rights, their sacrifices, and their commitment to freedom, liberties, and rights. Now, what do you think those same Founding Fathers would feel about the CIA, the FBI and all of those agencies’ vile, disgusting, immoral, illegal torturing, murdering, assignations, running “black sites” to avoid the Constitution, and overthrowing sovereign governments?

Yeah, it gets real clear to me! And let’s me know exactly how far we have fallen as a people, as a country…and how far down the path to a brutal authoritarian state our government has gone.

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SitRep – 1/18/2022

There are so many things going on in the world today…and it is planned, albeit not all coordinated. The design of the chaos in the world today is simple and straight forward; create enough chaos, create fear/panic, and then offer the solution. And their solution is not good…not good at all. I urge you to stay focused and to not get caught up in the static that is so abundant right now.

It has been a month since the last time I wrote and 8 months since I posted a SitRep, much has happened in my life…some personal and some just being busy preparing for what is to come. And I have been doing a significant amount of research during this past month as well…about 1 – 3 hours per day, sometimes more.  Now I have to get some things off my chest…a mini-brain dump of what I see happening and why.

Topics for today’s SitRrep:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Voting Rights
  • Law Enforcement
  • FBI
  • Biden Judges and Appointees
  • Civil War
  • Principles vs Politics
Cryptocurrency –

Yeah, it sucks! Yes, all cryptocurrency sucks! And cryptocurrency is NOT a prepper item and is only, at best, a highly speculative and volatile investment. And I hate even giving cryptocurrency the undeserved title of “investment”!

So far this year (YTD) Bitcoin has lost 10% of its value, losing over 2% so far today. That is an abhorrently terrible performance…unless of course you are talking a general crash of the entire financial system. How does it compare to other highly speculative investments year-to-date?

  • Silver is up 1%
  • Hog Futures down 1%
  • Aluminum Futures up 7.5%

So just about any “futures” as speculative as cryptocurrency is has far, far out performed Bitcoin. Well, silver is not nearly in the same “speculative” category as cryptocurrency. At least silver can be held in your hand.

Nassim Taleb, author of “The Black Swan” (reminder: Black Swans are extremely unpredictable events that have massive impacts on human society) and Nassim Taleb is considered one of the world’s top intellectuals…and he has clear opinions of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in particular, he very recently shared those opinions of Bitcoin, they are:


  • “infectious disease”
  • “worthless”
  • isn’t a “currency or a store of value”
  • isn’t an “inflation hedge”
  • isn’t a “haven for investors”
  • “it doesn’t serve as a hedge against anything”
  • it isn’t “a haven from government tyranny or catastrophe”
  • “Almost nothing in financial history has been more fragile than bitcoin.”

In a very clear statement Taleb says, “Bitcoin is a contagious disease. It will spread and its price will rally until saturation, when every sucker stupid enough to buy the story is invested. Bitcoin is not competing against ‘fiat’ currency. It is competing against the thousands of other sucker products that are born every year.”

That should clearly cover cryptocurrency. If it doesn’t for you, then nothing else ever will.

Voting Rights –

This is a simple and easy one…but vitally important and a clear indicator of who is who and what they believe in.

The right to vote is NOT a God-given right. There is no mandate from God that a person has a right to vote (i.e. a say) in their government elections. It is however a right granted via the US Constitution. And as such can be regulated…as in regulated to ensure integrity at the ballot box and throughout the entire election process.

When our Founding Fathers designed our system of government it was far harder to vote than it is today. Actually, with transportation methods it is almost a breeze to vote in today’s elections. Showing identification to prove who you are before voting is not limiting voting rights, it is ensuring voting process integrity. Voting on election day at a specific voting location is not limiting voting rights…it is ensuring a clear, clean, open election process.

So why are so many folks so adamantly against elections with integrity? Let’s go down their road:

  • Constitutional Republics require an election process with integrity and some reasonable restrictions. The United States was founded as a Constitutional Republic.
  • A democracy is simply mob rule with no regard to elections with integrity. The more people whose vote can be manipulated or is fraudulent in nature ensures mob rule.
  • Liberals and Progressives want the USA to be a democracy.
  • Finally…

Democracy is the road to socialism. Progressives and politicians love it!

Socialism is authoritarian/totalitarian in nature.

Note of interest: Less than two weeks ago New York City just gave the right to vote to over 1,000,000 non-US citizens. Think about that…a radical leftist city just allowed over a million people to fraudulently vote and direct this country who are not even citizens of this country. Think about the “why?”

Law Enforcement –

Police abuse, cop kicks woman in the head.Some of you are going to not like this section, some will misinterpret it, some will simply kneejerk react to it, and those of you who are independent thinkers will understand and get the message.

Law enforcement, as an institution, is lost…as lost as the military…probably worse. For close to 10 years I have been watching and studying the law enforcement community. I worked closely with them for 30 years, I have trained with them, I have trained them, I have very close friends in the community, and even some relatives who are LEOs. And there is a single, clear, honest, blunt, and accurate statement…law enforcement, as an institution, is no longer a protector of citizens, rights, property, or even supporters of the Constitution and its associated rights, freedoms, and liberties.

Now remember, I said as an “institution” twice, I am not referring to any specific person or department. And my conclusion is based on thousands of LEO videos, hundreds more court cases, and personal experience. It is not based on bias, bigotry, prejudice, etc. It is also not scientific, it is all subjective…my opinion.

First off, ALL federal level law enforcement exists for only one purpose…to protect and increase the power of the federal government. Further, there is no Constitutional authority for any federal law enforcement agency. If you think otherwise…then go read the Constitution and share with us where they are authorized, if you can find it.

If you want to see the deprivation for yourself, a good place to start would be to watch the police officers themselves, in action, interacting with the public, in their own words. To do your own research simply search for “police audits”, “audit the audit”, or “1st amendment audit” and then see the proof of what I am saying. But that only scratches the surface. There is also &

I don’t want to go on and on and belabor the point, but I do want to point out a few things:

  1. The larger the law enforcement department the more likely they are to be “lost” but that doesn’t eliminate smaller departments. Some of the most egregious abuse of power and unconstitutional actions can be seen in small departments.
  2. There are some outstanding LEOs out there. And they prove themselves as “outstanding” by not violating people’s rights, by not using unnecessary force, by not employing “comply or die” tactics, and by actually serving and protecting people.
  3. Some of the abuse by LEOs comes from lack of training, carelessness, and ignorance of the law; most of it comes from the “blue culture”, from mental illness, from job stress, from peer pressure, from a “thug with a badge” mentality, and a few other despicable origins.
  4. Just because an LEO is a nice guy as a friend, a good husband, a good father, etc. doesn’t make him a good cop. It is only their actions/behavior while on the job interacting with citizens, and supporting those principles that are compliant with the Constitution and keeping true to their motto of “to serve and protect” that makes them a good cop.

Just two weeks ago it was revealed that inside the federal infrastructure bill passed by the Democrat controlled Congress is a cute little gem for law enforcement -and authoritarianism- a “kill switch” in all new cars. Yup, the law and order freaks and those who are looking forward to a totalitarian state can revel in the idea that any/all new cars can be completely disabled by government officials. That whole concept should send chills of Nazi Germany down your spine.

Why do I make this law enforcement point, sound the alarm, expose the problem now? Because in the days ahead you must not depend on law enforcement officers to support the Constitution, serve and protect your family, or do anything other than protect the power of government against the people.

The FBI –

As I have written about before…the FBI has been a disgrace and a black mark against America from its very foundation. Its founder was as despotic and perverted a person as one can imagine…and the agency has followed his lead.

I have endlessly documented their corruption, their killings, their outright lies to citizens and members of Congress, and their perjury in the courtroom. Their leadership role in the coup against Trump is well documented…along with their countless violations of the law and Constitution.  I have documented and written about how they are the lead agency to label, investigate, track, charge, and kill a long list of people that qualify as “domestic terrorists”. To see if you qualify see the list here <click here to see the list>

I’ve spent many, many hours reviewing Congressional testimony by FBI officials and read numerous reports in the last year. The FBI, clearly and undeniably, is in a war against both the Conservatives and the Constitution in the USA. And sadly, they are winning.

Go back to their role in the coup against Trump, then fast forward to their recent targeting of parents at schoolboard meetings who are voicing their opinions against critical race theory. Yes, parents at schoolboard meetings now have FBI records and are flagged as “domestic terrorists”!! And yes, that is officially proven to be true in Congressional records.

And we know from court records that the FBI had its people inside the militia group that was accused of planning to kidnap the Michigan governor. And what did those FBI personnel do? They initiated the idea, did the planning, and then asked the group to consider it. And then arrested the militia members!

And we know from recent Congressional testimony that the FBI had personnel in the crowd that attacked and entered the Capitol on 1/6/2021. And they just weren’t there as spectators. Records, including video, show those FBI agents instigating the building entry and violence among other activities.

Let me make this clear…the FBI is actively working against the citizens of the United States, the FBI is working to establish an authoritarian federal government, is working against the Constitution and the rights guaranteed therein.

Why do I write this now? Actually, I have been warning you about this for years. But it is imperative that you understand this now. In a very short time the FBI will be one of the biggest threats to Americans’ rights, freedoms, and liberties that we have ever seen…if they aren’t already.

One piece of advice…NEVER EVER talk to the FBI without your lawyer there with you. It will NEVER hurt you to have a lawyer present no matter why the FBI is talking to you. But, without a lawyer…you could end up in prison…or worse. FBI agents are highly trained in myriad forms of questioning, interrogation, and deception…you can’t out think them, you can’t out talk them…have a lawyer there no matter what the reason they are talking to you.

Biden Judge Nominees –

I have been watching the Senate confirmations of federal judges. On my gosh!!! Let me make this simple…they are ALL radical leftists, partisan extremists, and clearly rabidly dedicated to all things liberal and Progressive. And I am not saying they are committed Democrats. I am saying these nominees, to the person, are extremists to the very letter of the word.

Why is this important? Because these judges collectively will act thousands of times a day all over the US challenging the Constitution, our rights/freedoms, and working diligently to forward the goals of an authoritarian regime in America.

Civil War –

It is funny almost, ironic actually, that I see so many prepper websites and bobbing heads discussing the rash of talk about “civil war”. If you have been visiting my site for any reasonable length of time then you know about the coming “civil war” and what it will look like.

But, why all the recent talk?

Simple, and I’ve explained this before, with the talk about “civil war”, domestic terrorism, right-wing extremism, the attack of 1/6, the arrest and charging of the Oath Keepers’ leadership, and much more, there is only a single answer. The government, with the help of the media, is laying the ground work to further establish an authoritarian regime. The government is creating the problem and the media is reinforcing that deception.

You see, the US government creates the problem, creates the hysteria, creates the fear and panic, and then offers the solution. It is a tried and true, and highly effective, tactic that the US federal government has used over and over again. It started after 9/11/2001 with the federal law enforcement agencies getting massive power and huge amounts of money for their operations against terrorists.

Unfortunately, those same agencies under direction began expanding “terrorism” to include many normal everyday Americans…such as preppers, anti-abortionists, veterans, pro-2nd Amendment advocates, Conservatives, etc.  Then in reaction to the expansion of domestic terrorism we saw an even greater increase of power and money flowing to those same federal enforcement agencies. FBI & DHS report on rightwing extrmeism and domestic terroristsAnd all along the way…rights, freedoms, and liberties have been reduced…some eliminated.

Notice the terms being used by federal authorities, including the military; “insurrection”, “rebellion”, “sedition”, “insurrectionists”, “domestic insurgents”, on top of the previous labels such as “domestic terrorists”.

Why are they using such specific terms/labels?

Once again it’s simple…those terms give so-called legal authority for law enforcement agencies (specifically at the federal level) to take extreme actions against individuals and groups that the legal system would otherwise prevent.

And most troublesome of all…it allows the US military to become officially involved.  I say “officially” because the US military has been operating outside of the Constitution against US citizens for almost 20 years, mostly covertly. Now, the US military can take a more visible role based on a made-up legal point based on nothing more than deception. Remember how fast the US Military jumped at the chance to occupy Washington DC last year?  <click here>

US Veteran Protest Camp in 1932 before US Military Attack (wives & children in camp).

Same Veteran Camp After the US Military Attack: 55 veterans injured, wives injured, 12-week old baby killed.

And why that action and why now?  Once again it’s simple. The US government is taking the next large step in furthering an authoritarian/totalitarian state.

Watch what happens when the next 1/6 happens! And it will happen…the FBI will ensure that it does.

Principles vs Politics –

I have been writing about this for a long time <click here>. But, it stops here and now. You’ve either heard me or not, you’ve either acted on it or not.

Shortly I will be releasing a post that will explain the next, and larger, point that needs to be made…

Principles vs Self-Interest

Summary –

Everything temporal is crumbling around us. The United States of America is no longer as it was founded. Constitutional rights, freedoms, and liberties are mostly a thing of the past. The economy is in shambles. People are more deceived and divided than has ever existed in this country. There are actually self-identified patriots and conservatives out there calling for a shooting civil war to start. They could not be more wrong, more deceived, and more dangerous than they can ever imagine.

Civil War, especially a violent one, is NOT the answer!!!  The situation is wrong, the people are wrong, the environment is wrong, the timing is wrong, and anyone who would join such a stupid endeavor at this point would be crushed. And further, it would be the final act of sheer irresponsibility that would usher in an authoritarian/totalitarian state.

Notice the word “temporal” two paragraphs above? There are many, many good and wonderful things taking place. There are incredible people doing miraculous things in our country. They are not radicals, they are not conservatives, they are not federal employees, they are not politicians…but they are people who care, who are unafraid, and who are willing to step-up.

I will reserve the remainder of the “Summary” for a forthcoming article…stand-by!

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The technology and science reporter from the Sun has written an in-depth article regarding Deepfake AI (a.k.a. Synthetic Media). It was well researched by Wired, well written, and troubling.

Have you ever heard of “revenge porn”? It is pornographic pictures of your “ex” and the purpose it to embarrass them. Yes, there are a large number of websites dedicated to this concept.

Can you imagine breaking up with your significant other and a month later finding pornographic pictures of you being circulated around the Internet?

Think it can’t happen to you!? Oh, you never had anyone take porn pictures of you? Think again!

As a spinoff of Deepfake AI there is now a website that developed the AI technology to create pornographic pictures of you…without you ever having had someone take a pornographic picture of you. Yup, it’s true!

You send a picture of a fully clothed person to the website and the AI software will then create a “hyper-realistic” pornographic image of the person…for a fee of course. And according to the reporter the images are almost impossible to discern that they are Deepfake images.

Of course the authorities are all over this trying to shut it down. But, the website owners are well ahead of the authorities. The original website owners, creators of the AI software, have a “partner program” which has spread the ability to create pictures throughout the Internet making it impossible for authorities to keep up with it.

And they are also hiding how the payments are made under different names, companies, etc. This keeps the payment processing companies from shutting down the money stream.

And to further complicate matters, there are laws in multiple countries against “revenge porn”…but, there are no laws against the Deepfake aspect of revenge porn.

I told you that Deepfake was coming, that it would be common place, that it would be disruptive, and dangerous. Well, this is one more way that it is going to further corrupt and dismantle society. Prepare to deal with it…if, when, it comes knocking.

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Feedback & Comments : Afghanistan…a war lost!

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsIn reference to yesterday’s article Afghanistan…a war lost!

  • Humm, I wonder why I have/had the same thoughts you have expressed. I have never served in the military, so I don’t understand the culture. That said I felt the whole debacle was wrong on so many levels that I can’t even express my thoughts. I don’t have to have a military background to know what we saw was pure unadulterated evil. JackG



The military is a very strange entity. It is a three-sided body; 1) there is the top leadership (i.e. the Pentagon, large regional commands, etc.), they are pure politics and business, they are out of touch with the boots on the ground and don’t put much compassion into them, 2) there is local unit leadership which is purely dependent on the individual leader being anything from a jerk to a great leader, 3) individual troopers (the individual and the guy next to them in the foxhole). The latter category can be amazing, especially when bonds are formed under fire…brothers for life.

At the top, #1 category, they care only for themselves and their next advancement. To them the troops are nothing more than numbers. They have lost their connection with what it is like in the field. They are politicians in every sense of the word and behave like it. They will stab each other in the back and then throw them under the bus…then back it up…then sleep well that night. Military folks working in the Pentagon are also thinking about lining up a sweet gig post-retirement…meaning the military-industrial complex…and they make military related decisions accordingly.

Local leadership, #2 category, is a huge variable. The lower level officers can be idiots or very competent. Once you go above O-3 they are primarily thinking promotion and advancement…and make decisions accordingly. Once they hit O-5 & O-6 they are thinking only about making it to General or Admiral so they concentrate only on what is good for their career. You do find some very good officers from time to time who have their priorities right and care about the folks under them…but they are a rare commodity.

The guy next to you and yourself, #3 category, can be amazing! You can form friendships for life…truly brothers, or closer. Yes, there are jerks here as well, but they can have less of an impact on you and can be dealt with a little easier.

But the military, as an institution, has only one thought…preserve the military…at all costs. The military sees itself as above citizens, and certainly better than and above any and all politicians. As an institution the military has a long history of abusing US citizens, even extreme violence. The military will, at all costs, hide any of its behavior that it deems potentially embarrassing. Meaning simply, it will attempt to cove-up anything it sees fit.

The US military, as an institution, claims well over 50% of the US federal government budget. And when you are talking that much money…you are talking bias and outright corruption. And since the US military has 90+% of the brute force power in the United States…they see themselves as “all powerful” with only serfs beneath them according to many.

In any possible aspect the US military has most of the money and almost all of the brute power in the United States. And, it will do virtually anything to maintain both their money and power.

And as a side note…they have a wonderful and powerful public relations team…leading to very positive image by in large. Unfortunately, their history of abusing US citizens, including their own veterans, shows an different picture.

OK, all that being said…the US military is 1/2 of the military-industrial complex. Let’s get perspective here…the US military spends as much as the next nine countries’ militaries combined. The US Department of Defense spent just under a trillion dollars in 2020, that was regular budget items and black/dark operation as well.

So in the military-industrial complex relationship, the military has the money, the industrial wants it. It is a huge business, lots of lobbyists, plenty of graft, more than a little corruption…and what I refer to as “incest”. Many of the top folks in the industrial side of the relationship come from the military, and all of those companies need support from the decision makers in the military. So, the industrial side buys favorable decisions from the military (purchase decisions) by the promise of high paying jobs to the decision making military folks upon retirement. It’s ugly…but the result of the power & money equation has been going on since the Civil War.

Are you getting the picture yet?

The military is going to protect itself. It does that by keep the politicians as happy as they can, protecting Washington with their brute force, lining their own pockets, keeping a positive public profile in-place, and covering up anything that jeopardizes their power/money relationships.

Now, don’t get me wrong…there are a whole lot of individual military personnel that love the country and our citizens…and will give their life for them. However, that is not an institutional view. As an institution…the US military is nothing but “big business” with self-interests.

While in the US military no one, no one at all, has to obey an unlawful order. But they do. Look at all the war crimes that were revealed by Brad Manning. He exposed hundreds, if not thousands, of war crimes by US military personnel…which obeyed unlawful orders.

Example: In 2007 a US helicopter gunship, Crazyhorse 18, gunned down a Reuters news crew claiming their camera was a RPG weapon. Then when a father and his two young children tried to take some of the injured to a hospital the gunship killed the father and his children. They even talked openly of the children being with their father…and didn’t care a bit. Gunned down two young children!!! In 2010 the same Crazyhorse 18 had two Iraqis surrender to them while on a mission. A US military lawyer heard the chatter and ordered the crew to kill the men saying they couldn’t surrender to a helicopter. The Crazyhorse 18 crew outright murdered the two men…who tried to surrender. War crimes if there ever was one…two…three! And no one, not a single person, was ever held accountable for all those deaths…including of the children. Inexcusable!! Oh, but Brad Manning who revealed the war crimes…he was arrested, tried, convicted, went to prison, was tortured, and ended up a mental case.

Yet, another way to think about it…Why the war in Iraq? The US military knew that Bush and his administration were lying about the weapons of mass destruction. But, the military had no problems invading a sovereign country and overthrowing their government…and virtually bombing them back to the Stone Age and killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis in the process. By international standards, that the US signed onto, there were enough war crimes to more than go around to convict plenty of US military folks…especially the top brass.

Another way to think about it…you hear about all the troops who have PTSD. Why do you think that is? If you ever get them to talk about what they went through you would probably throw-up and not sleep well for the rest of your life.

My opinion…whatever the intentional plan was by the US government in Afghanistan, the US military was involved in it up to their eyeballs and had no problem executing their part of it, ignoring the war crime aspect, and hiding the CIA’s role in it.

And now…I think you inadvertently raised a salient point. If lots of Iraqis and lots of Afghans died during the war, and if lots of US military folks died during the war, that is pretty ugly. And why would we be involved in all of that just to lose both wars?

Now, before you try to answer that question, turn it around and test it…Who would want those two wars and benefit from them?

There, now answer either one of those two questions if you want.

You have been following me long enough to know how I go about those answers. I ask myself; 1) who gains power from it?, 2) who gains money from it?

Becomes pretty easy to answer now, eh?

Just for thought…

Just for more thought…


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Afghanistan…a war lost!

Well, the time has come…time for Afghanistan. This is one of those subjects that I have a lot of passion for and some real strong opinions about. So buckle-up buttercup!

First off, let’s talk about why were where in Afghanistan to begin with. The US government’s publicly stated mission in Afghanistan was to dismantle al-Qaeda and deny it a safe base of operations. Further, to do so the US would remove the Taliban government from power, according to the US State Department.

Objectively speaking, in other words…attack a sovereign country, violently topple their government, kill members of a religious/political party within that country, and destroy a sufficient amount of that country’s infrastructure and society to deny that same religious/political party from any activities we (the USA) deems inappropriate.

Now that we have the US “mission” from the US government itself, let’s grade that mission:

  1. According to a long list of credible sources al-Qaeda still operates in Afghanistan and does so openly.
  2. According to the US government the Taliban operates with impunity within Afghanistan as of December 2021. While the Taliban doesn’t officially hold the Presidency of Afghanistan, according to many credible sources the Taliban controls at least 85% of the country’s landmass and every major city…including its capital.

Note: As a bonus against US success it must be recognized that ISIS now also operates in Afghanistan.

That makes is pretty clear that we utterly and completely failed in our Afghanistan “mission”…without any doubt about it. And since the US government referred to it as a “war” then it is also just as correctly to state the US lost the Afghanistan War. Period! There is no debating that when viewed in objective terms…we lost.

What did it cost us?

  1. Approximately $3,000,000,000,000 (yup, $3trillion).
  2. Reportedly 2,100 US military personnel deaths, and at least another 21,000 wounded.

So we spent precious lives and significant treasure for what? A loss!

What did is cost Afghanistan?

  1. At least 66,000 Afghan government troops and police killed.
  2. Nearly 50,000 Afghan civilians died during the war, unknown number wounded. Some estimates are in the hundreds of thousands wounded.
  3. Approximately 52,000 Taliban & al-Qaeda fighters died.

But most of all…Afghanistan prior to the US invasion lived with one foot in the Stone Age. After the US left Afghanistan in August 2021…Afghanistan still lives with at least one foot in the Stone Age.

Note: As of December 2021 credible estimates state that in Afghanistan there are 30,000 – 55,000 Taliban fighters, 5,000 ISIS fighters, and 1,000 al-Qaeda fighters.

Was it worth it? If you answered “yes” in any form…you are a complete and utter idiot…or you buy the government propaganda hook, line, and sinker…or you work for the CIA…or you work for the US military-industrial complex.

The US went in there like a bully, brutalized a country, and then lost that war. And in terms of terrorists…we probably created more than we killed. Which is easy to understand…you start killing innocent family members at family events in their homes, well, that tends to upset surviving family members…and make them very prone to hate America.

And then there is the long list of war crimes that the US military and CIA committed while there. And yes, those war crimes are well documented and most have been widely published on the Internet, listed in international court documents, some admitted to by US personnel, video is widely available, and crimes witnessed by third-party observers.

Chew on this, at the hands of just US drone strikes in Afghanistan there were:

  1. 5,000 – 12,000 total innocent civilian casualties.
  2. As many as 1,000 innocent civilians killed.
  3. Approximately 100 children killed.

And those numbers are very low estimates that have been documented and verified. Additional third-party estimates go far higher than that. And thousands of drone deaths (men, women, & children) that are classified as “military” are actually civilians that the US military and the CIA labeled as such to cover up much larger civilian causality numbers. And as of this date…not a single person in the US military or the CIA has been so much as reprimanded, let alone tried and convicted, of a single one of those war crimes regarding innocent civilians.

Oddly enough, in response to the ISIS attack at the Abby Gate during the US August retreat from Afghanistan in which 13 US troops were killed along with at least 160 Afghanistan civilians, the US conducted a drone strike. Post-strike the US proudly claimed they had killed 2 high-level ISIS leaders responsible for the Abby Gate bombing.

Then the truth happened! Turns out that the US drone strike killed 10 Afghan civilians, including 7 children…no fighters, no ISIS, no Taliban, no one was killed other than innocents. That is a war crime by any definition. And yet, the US government is only proposing to pay the families a minimal amount of $’s for the murder of their family members. So why isn’t it classified as a war crime? Oh yeah, it’s because the US government did it.

Yeah, real pretty picture isn’t it.

But, to really understand this ugly picture we have to go back to 1978 – 1979…when the US government first began meddling in Afghanistan. The US government provided; arms, money, and CIA operatives to the mujahedeen (early Taliban). And in response to US activities, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in late 1979.

How important is that? Well as an example, let’s say Russia began fostering and supporting a communist revolution in Canada…and the Russians were winning. Would we invade Canada to stop the Russians and protect ourselves from the Russians spreading that revolution to the USA? Of course we would, especially if the Russians started winning.

See, Afghanistan borders Russia (former Soviet Union/USSR) and saw our fomenting a revolution in one of their neighbors as a problem. As would any rational human or country would.

Okay, recapping…1) the US begins interfering with Afghanistan and starting a revolution against Soviet interests, 2) the USSR responds by coming to the aid of Afghanistan to protect Soviet interests. Got it so far?

Once the Soviet Union got involved the CIA sent hundreds of their personnel and organized thousands of paid mercenaries in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets. In addition to that, through the US State Department and various other government agencies, the US poured several billion dollars into the fight against the Soviets. Additionally, the US military provide large numbers of “advisors” in the US war against Afghanistan and the Soviets.

Of very important note…in 1986 the US began sending large numbers of US made Stinger missiles. These deadly missiles were used against Soviet aircraft, mostly their helicopters.

In 1989 the Soviets retreated, gave up their war, and Afghanistan was declared an Islamic state. An Islamic state run by the mujahedeen thanks to support from the United States of America.

From 1989 – 1992 mujahedeen fought amongst itself finally forming a coalition and establishing a government. However, it was a very weak national government and mostly local radical Islamic military commanders enforcing despotism in their regional areas.

Out of the mujahedeen came a group called the Taliban. By 1996 the Taliban ruled Afghanistan and controlled the government.

Why is that important? The Taliban came from the mujahedeen. The mujahedeen was trained, funded, armed, and supported by the US government (specifically the CIA). Thus, the Taliban is a US government creation. But there is more, much more.

All the while, the war in Afghanistan against the Soviets that the CIA and Defense Department started and supported, was the ugly fact that the CIA was supporting and abetting their allies, the mujahedeen, in trafficking both opium and heroin. And yes, much of that came straight to the USA and into the veins of US citizens. Yes, that means the CIA was helping the group from whence the Taliban came from in the drug trade that was killing US citizens.

Historical fact proves that there is a clear and direct link between the US government and the Taliban. Without the US involvement all those years ago, the Taliban may not even exist today. And the primary liaison between the US government and the Taliban was, from the very beginning, the CIA. Remember that single most important fact.

While most of the funding, training, and arming of the early Taliban against the Soviets came directly from the CIA, both the US State Department and the US Department of Defense funneled huge amounts of money as well. And additionally the US Department of Defense provided massive amounts of arms (including advance missile systems) and advisors. Remember these facts…they are VERY important.

So now let’s move to early 2021…the Taliban began taking over Afghanistan once again…while the US military was still there. Now, let’s move to August 2021…the Taliban is in control of Afghanistan as the US military retreats from Afghanistan.  The US military is boxed in at the Kabul Airport

* Note: American M-16’s, web gear, tactical light, and an ACOG on the M-16 in the background. All American military gear.

surrounded by the Taliban army. And somehow the Taliban is now in-charge of the gate security in cooperation with the US military.

Sounds weird…almost like some Tom Clancy novel. Almost like some conspiracy nut made it all up. But, could it get any weirder? Oh yeah!

During the chaos there was a private charity with a plane load of folks boarding a jet to fly out. They were all Christians, some Americans, also green card holders, and folks who had helped America while we occupied Afghanistan. They were ordered off the plane and out of the airport by the US military. They were forced out of the airport through the Abby Gate. Less than two hours later…an ISIS suicide bomber, let in by the Taliban, set off his bomb at the Abby Gate. Out of all of the people forced off the plane by the US military, through that specific gate, there are no known survivors. So why those people, why the US military, why that gate, and why just before the suicide bomber blew everyone up?

Gets weirder? Yup ‘er!

Do you remember at the end of August when Pentagon officials announced the last U.S. military plane had left Afghanistan marking the end of America’s longest war? Remember the 21 times Biden said “no one will be left behind”…remember!?! The most notable, and first, Biden statement was on 8/19.

Then on 8/30 Biden admits that the US left hundreds of US citizens behind in Afghanistan.

Well, multiple credible reports/sightings were made that there were 3 – 5 plane loads of Americans, green card holders, vetted Afghans, and others who had assisted America were stranded at the airport…stranded by the US military and abandoned by the US State Department…as the US military General stepped aboard the last US military plane out of Kabul. The US military had intentionally left Americans behind to their own fate.

Almost immediately after the last US military plane left those left behind were taken away by the Taliban.

Later one of the planes, run by a private charity (The Nazarene Fund), was allowed to leave after the Pakistan Prime Minister intervened and called a senior Taliban commander. The Pakistan Prime Minister was asked for help because the US State Department had refused over and over again to get involved in the matter. The US State Department simply didn’t care.

On 8/26 there was a report that a local US military officer ordered vetted civilians off the tarmac and away from a private charter flight that was preparing to load the passengers and leave. The plane had been contracted by a civilian charity and all the passengers had been fully vetted. The US military commander said they were “in his way” and had to leave. They were ushered out of the airport by US military forces. Their whereabouts and whatever happened to them are still unknown, but none of them have been seen since as of 12/12.

On 9/3 it was revealed and documented that a charity with 280 Afghan “at risk” girls were at an airport gate with their charity escort, all guarded by the Taliban. This was on 8/28, but they needed clearance to get through the gate into the airport to board their waiting plane. They repeatedly contacted the Biden Administration pleading for urgent help to clear them through the gate. The Biden Administration repeatedly refused to help. None of the girls have been seen since.

Based on facts that are widely known, the retreat from the Kabul Airport was a complete and utter disaster by any objective rational measure. Both the US State Department and the US military committed egregious errors, if not outright crimes. And both entities were under direct control of Biden.

Then there are these questions about the last days in Afghanistan:

  • Why didn’t the retreat take place from the US Bagram Airbase which was far more secure, logistically more suited, and located in a less congested area with far easier access?
  • Why did the US leave over a million small arms behind that were perfectly serviceable?
  • Why did the US leave hundreds of millions of rounds of small arms ammunition behind?
  • Why did the US leave body armor, uniforms, helmets, and a wide range of other personal gear behind…to the tune of over a hundred million dollars?
  • Why did the US leave behind artillery, mortars, and the ammo for both?
  • Why did the US leave behind advanced electronic communication and positioning equipment?
  • Why did the US leave a notable number of fully operational Blackhawk helicopters behind?
  • Why did the US leave large numbers of up-armored Humvees and other armored vehicles behind?
  • Why did the US leave behind many extensive fully operational hospital units?
  • Why did the US leave significant numbers of Stinger, anti-tank, and other missiles behind?
  • Why did the US leave behind fully operational A-29 Super Tucano attack aircraft, transport aircraft, intelligence/surveillance aircraft, and armed drones behind?
  • Why did the US leave behind tens of BILLIONS of dollars’ worth of equipment for the Taliban to use?

Note: Not all equipment left behind in August was serviceable. There was some equipment that was partially damaged by US troops prior to the retreat. But the vast majority of the military equipment that was left was fully operational.

Based on what happened during the overall retreat and a long list of unanswered questions seems to leave a person only two conclusions; 1) the US military, the US State Department, the CIA and all the other involved agencies are collectively completely 100% incompetent and derelict in their duty, or, 2) it was intentional.

Seriously, what other answer could there logically be?

But then you have the debacle at the Kabul Airport during the final month of the retreat. How is that explained? The same two choices? 1) Biden, the US government, the US military, the US State Department, the CIA and all the other involved agencies are collectively completely 100% incompetent and derelict in their duty, or, 2) it was intentional.

But then there is the whole Taliban guarding the Kabul Airport gates in cooperation with the US military. How do you explain that one?

Then there is the 280 girls that are intentionally stranded at the gate and refused help by the Biden Administration. And not a single one of those girls has been seen or heard from since. How do you explain that one?

Then there is the planeload of refugees that are kicked out of the airport through the Abby Gate just before the suicide bomber hits…and there are no more of those refuges to be found. How do you explain that one?

Then there is the retaliatory drone strike against ISIS for the Abby Gate suicide bombing that allegedly killed the two top ISIS leaders. But, in reality the drone strike killed 10 innocent civilians, 7 of which were children. How do you explain that one?

Well, let’s apply a reliable way to problem solve…Occam’s Razor. To do so let’s review:

  1. The Taliban originated from a joint CIA & US State Department operation (supported by the US Defense Department) dating back to the 1970’s.
  2. The mujahedeen (early Taliban) was funded and armed by the CIA, and trained by the CIA and US military.
  3. The mujahedeen (early Taliban) was provided with US military “advisors” during the Afghan/Soviet War.
  4. Throughout the 20-year Afghanistan War the CIA cooperated with Afghan warlords, many of whom were known Taliban, providing assistance with their drug trafficking.
  5. Throughout the 20-year Afghanistan War the CIA cooperated with Afghan warlords, many of whom were known Taliban, providing huge sums of cash for mercenaries to carry out covert military operations and other “cooperation”.

So fast-forward, we have the Taliban guarding the airport gates. The Taliban dictated who could enter the airport for evacuation. The Taliban kept it 100% secure with one exception…the Abby Gate suicide bombing. It was the US military that forced a single planeload of vetted Afghan civilians out of the airport through the Abby Gate right before the bomber hit.

Now add into that the billions, upon billions of dollars of US military equipment left behind in August 2021 that the Taliban now has use of.

Going back to Occam’s Razor…this philosophy advocates that when presented with competing hypotheses, one should select the solution with the fewest assumptions. In other words, commonly stated as the simplest explanation is usually the right one.

So we go back to the two most obvious explanations of what happened that I stated earlier; 1) the US government, the US military, the US State Department, the CIA and all the other involved agencies are collectively completely 100% incompetent and derelict in their duty, or, 2) it was intentional.

But, when you add in…August 23rd, 2021.

Why is that day important? Well, on that day CIA Director William J. Burns met face-to-face with the top Taliban leader in Kabul. Yup, the very top CIA leader meets with the very top Taliban leader…in Afghanistan.

Now why do you think that would happen…and in that location? And what about all the meetings between the Taliban and lower level CIA personnel that took place in the couple of months prior to August 2021?

Important Note: The Abby Gate bombing occurred 3 days after the Taliban and CIA leadership met.

So now…there is only one logical conclusion. But, let’s test it further…

If it was actually “incompetency” and/or “dereliction” by all agencies involved, that means it would have to be virtually all personnel in every agency being incompetent and/or derelict as well…every single one of them. But Biden himself stated that the Kabul Airport operation was an “extraordinary success”! So that eliminates the incompetency/dereliction argument to a great degree. And to my knowledge no government employee has made any hint otherwise. So that pretty much tells you that everything that happened was planned and executed successfully…exactly how they wanted it to go…as planned.

Then there is Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, Jr.  After the Abby Gate bombing and the death of 13 US service members he released a video questioning the operation, and demanding answers and accountability. So here is a military leader, combat veteran, and who served in Afghanistan not understanding why the operation was being conducted the way it was.

So the military did what the military does best…relieved him of command, arrested him, placed him in the brig (military jail), loaded him up with numerous charges far beyond what was reasonable/required, and forced him to take a plea deal where he pled guilty to a specific set of charges.The US military loves to cover up problems vs solving them…or being accountable for their actions.

He is now awaiting discharge. Fortunately for him the public outcry of support for him and his outstanding military record forced the military to go light on him during sentencing. However, the “type” of discharge he receives is yet to be determined…and that means everything.

How does Scheller play into this? He is further proof that something was very, very wrong with the way things were handled during the retreat from Afghanistan, wrong beyond simple incompetency and/or dereliction.

The overwhelming evidence, facts, historical accounts…simply everything points to only one conclusion…this was a planned event…intentional. So much so that Biden called it extraordinarily successful.

That is sad to say the least…and disturbing to the very core of the Constitution in my opinion.

All that being said one has to ask the most important question of all. But, to put that question into context you have to back up nearly 40 years (four decades) to the last time we became an ally of, funded, and armed the early Taliban. What did we ask them then? We asked them to be our ally and fight against the Soviet Union, then they were take over control of the Afghan government. Then they became Islamic terrorists.

So now the most important question is, now that we have the context…

Once again we see that the CIA has armed the Taliban with some of the best weaponry the world can offer and did so in huge quantities. What comes next?

That is a question that will keep many up at night…rightfully so.




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FAQ – 12/13/2021

  • How bad do you think the energy crisis is right now and how bad will it get?

Well, there are two ways I look at it…internal/external, and the outcome.

Internally, it is the plan and goal of the Democrats to destroy the fossil fuel industry in the US. It became widely known public knowledge back in 2008 when Obama made the statement that the US government will bankrupt coal plants. That made it pretty obvious. Biden made a number of near fatal blows since he took office…nearly doubling the price of fuel. And his radical plan is $6.00 per gallon by the end of his presidency. And heating fuel for this winter is at historic highs. All of which is part of their plan. So, the energy crisis that we are suffering under is purely a plan/goal of the Democrats. Yes, part of that plan is economic hardship on middle and lower income Americans while the rich are relatively unaffected.

Externally, there are a number of factors to look at. You have to understand that Russia has Europe under its thumb when it comes to oil and natural gas. Putin with a single decision could freeze Europe into submission. And why do you think he is making his move against the Ukraine and making it during the winter? Yup, the oil & gas industry and the power it gives him.

And it is part of Biden’s plan to weaken the US by making it once again dependent on external sources of crude oil. Specifically Biden is cooperating with the OPEC countries to increase their wealth, power, and influence in the world…at USA’s expense. Remember, it was Obama/Biden that entered into the infamous nuclear deal with Iran…giving them nuclear weapons and a planeload of cash in the billions of dollars. It is obvious to all the Biden is very pro-OPEC and all things foreign oil.

Back in late October there was an energy meeting with a number of high-profile experts speaking. One stated that based on Biden’s moves and the green enviro-Nazi agenda there will be a significant shortage of energy in the world. Another expert warned that oil could easily hit $100 per barrel near-term, then probably higher, potentially much higher. They all said categorically…we will not go to sleep in a brown world, then miraculously wake up in a green world, it simply won’t and can’t happen.

Let’s talk coal for a minute…on January 1st of this year the price of coal was $76 per ton, it went as high as $270 per ton, now rests at $165 per ton. That is a 117% increase in the price of coal in less than a year. But, let’s back up a minute to the Biden/Harris election in 2020. Just before it was known that Biden/Harris won election the price of coal was $55 per ton. So the price of coal as TRIPLED since the radical leftists took the Whitehouse. And what does that mean to US citizens? Higher energy prices across the board, higher transportation prices, and higher utility prices. The Progressives’ dream come true!

For now, let’s stick with the price of coal for 2021…$76 – $270 per ton price swing. That represents a 255% swing in the price of coal. Why do you think there was that much volatility? Yup, FEAR!! Buyers/Sellers of coal fearing what the radical leftists will do next to destroy the fossil fuel industry.

Outcome – Make no doubt about it, don’t get confused…when the radicals push their green agenda they want to destroy the fossil fuel industry…and they know 100%, without any doubt, it will cause significant unemployment and underemployment, kill hundreds of related businesses, destroy families and towns, and actually kill people (more on that at a later date). They know that…and it is perfectly acceptable to them…it is exactly what they want.

The most sobering prediction as energy prices continue to soar, it will inordinately adversely affect developing countries around the world and lower & middle income families here in the US. And that affect is highly likely to create social within countries but also unrest between countries around the world. That is not only my opinion…it was a statement of fact at that same energy conference mentioned earlier.

Strangely, not only is that plan/goal of the US Democrats…it is the goal of all those who wish an increase in authoritarian states around the world…and that includes all Democrats in the US and most US Republicans as well.

The current energy crisis and the longer-term green agenda plans are all well-coordinated for one particular goal…let the authoritarians offer a solution to crisis, violence, unrest, and other energy related problems across the globe. When you see that pro-authoritarian scheme, when you understand that plan/goal, then the energy crisis we are in and the broader green agenda, both become much, much easier to understand.

So the energy crisis is bad now, will get worse as time goes on, and will result in chaos and crisis…as planned. It is not the crisis that is what worries me so much…it is the solution to the chaos that gives me some sleepless nights.



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FAQ – 12/11/2021

  • What do you see as the biggest threat to the USA right now?

Well, there is a 3-way tie for that honor:

1 – Evergrande has defaulted on its debt. Evergrande is one of the largest property developers in the world, they are located in China. They defaulted on a huge pile of debt without so much as a single word to anyone as to why or any other information. That single default could ripple throughout the business world, including the USA, with as of yet unknown repercussions. To get a perspective of the potential problem you have to understand that China is pumping hundreds of billions of dollars into their economy right now. And yes, there are other Chinese developers that are in deep trouble as well. This needs to be watched.

2 – Russia/Ukraine potential war. Do not for a minute think Biden will defend the Ukraine against Russia. First off, Biden is deathly scared of Putin and wouldn’t go up against him for anything…unless Biden is pushed by behind-the-curtain sources. Even though the Biden Family has close legal and illegal ties with the Ukraine, Biden in no way has the courage to stand behind the US’s commitment/promise/assurances/treaty that the US will defend the Ukraine against Russia. If/when Russia makes their move against the Ukraine and the US doesn’t go to the aid of the Ukraine the US’s stature in the world will take yet another nosedive…as if it couldn’t go any lower. All that being said…if unseen forces that control Biden tell him to go to war, Biden will. And we will lose yet again. Now, it’s all up to Putin. Putin has said war was “highly likely” and likened the situation to the Cuban Missile Crisis. And I am telling you…Putin won’t back down. I believe that he sees his time is about to come for him to step up his reputation in the world. And for Putin, Biden is an easy, spineless, half-wit target. Unfortunately, Putin is 100% right!

3 – China/Taiwan potential war. China has seen Taiwan as part of their country since Taiwan came into existence. And to a large degree they are right. China has been building up both the quantity and quality of their military for many decades now. You will find a notable number of experts who feel that China’s military now rivals the USA in overall outcome capability. China has been provoking Taiwan for some time now testing their capabilities and resolve. There is a strong implied agreement that the US will come to the aid of Taiwan should China begin an invasion or other significant military action. Don’t count on it. The Biden Family has strong legal and illegal business ties with China. Biden is scared of economic fallout if the USA comes to Taiwan’s aid. Entering a China/Taiwan would only result in a loss for the USA, the USA could not win that war. And, importantly it could devastate the US economy, literally destroying it, at least temporarily. The hardship in the US would be incalculable.

And here is a summary for #2 & #3…as I’ve written about before should either Russia or China begin an armed conflict with the Ukraine or Taiwan respectively, the other country will make their move as well. The last thing the US wants is a two-front military conflict on the opposite sides of the world with the two other world super-powers…and both Russia and China know it. The US could not win a 2-front armed conflict with Russia and China let alone a two-front war. Further, should we engage with both, the cost to the USA in every aspect would move the USA to third place in the concept of world super-powers, maybe even move us out of that super-power category altogether. And the USA would/will suffer irreparable damage in regards to diplomacy, as well as being a potential death blow to the US economically.

The USA has never in its entire history been as close to destruction as it is right now. And we have a mentally deficient, utterly incompetent fool at the helm…and the most evil of evil behind him controlling him. The situation in US is precarious at best.



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Heads-Up…the Economy!

While everyone, at least the talking heads, are gushing over the economy and claiming it is the best and fastest recovery in history…I have a different take.

First off…inflation! It is virtually now out of control and getting worse, and will get worse. And there is an interesting phenomenon occurring…credit card debt is increasing at the same time. Yup, most Americans are using credit cards to keep up with inflation price increases. And another interesting tidbit…while personal income is rising slightly, it is being entirely eaten up by inflation. And lastly, something you already know…the price of essentials is far outpacing stated inflation figures. And the price on essentials will get worse…unless the government gets involved.

Jobs…ouch! While recent job numbers look promising, a person only needs to look below the surface. One of the main reasons that new unemployment claim numbers are down is the large number of folks leaving the workforce…permanently. And existing claim numbers being down due to folks who have stopped looking for work. Yes, there are a large number of job openings, so ask yourself this…Why aren’t people taking those jobs? The US “quit rate” as of September is 3%! Some job sectors are experiencing nearly a 7% quite rate. That translates into over 20,000,000 people left their jobs between May and September of this year…20 million!!! And FYI…that 3% quit rate is a historic record number. While true that most of those folks who quit their jobs find new ones, there is a “cost” to that movement. As the previous employer now works to back-fill the vacant position they incur employee acquisition cost, training costs, etc. And those costs go to the bottom line of the employer…which gets passed on to the consumer. Yup, higher prices of everything!

Supply Chain…not getting better. Movement of shipping containers (TEUs) is actually down since last month. Meaning, it is taking even longer to move TEUs off the ships and out of the ports. Talking with my contacts along the supply chain…things are actually getting worse moving products from China to the US shelves. And there is no definitive time-frame for that to change.

Federal Reserve…damn them! The Fed chair is talking that they will more quickly taper their propping up of the stock markets, interest rates, and the economy in jeopardy. As Powell was making those hints, then statement, the markets took a hit…a pretty good hit…about 5-6% as of today. Fortunately the market (S&P500) is up about 24% for the year.

National debt…sucks! I won’t plow that row again since I have gone into significant detail over the last few years on this subject. What I want to touch on…the concept that inflation is good for the national debt. The theory is that the more inflation we have means the smaller the national debt is because those debt dollars are worth less. Forget it!!! There is no common sense to that theory. The debt is the debt is the debt. It is not going away…ever! There is no intention on anyone’s part to ever pay off that debt. At some point they will simply stop tracking it, or at least greatly diminish any mention of it. In the old days the “market” would drive/set interest rates which in turn would control the interest rate that the federal government would pay on US Treasury Notes. The higher the rate would go, the more the US government would pay, in the form of interest, on those notes. Now the Federal Reserve essentially completely controls interest rates on those same notes, and the market in general. This period of inflation will have little effect, positive or negative, on the national debt.

Government spending…out of control! The US government spending is completely out of control, no bounds, no controls, no hope. It is clear that the US government is committed to destroying the US dollar…and in the process, destroying the US economy. It is no longer a conspiracy theory, it is a clear intentional path, easily seen by anyone who wishes to look. The current US government debt stands at nearly $30,000,000,000,000 (30 trillion)!!! That is 130% of US GDP (2020)! That is extremely dangerous territory.

Personal debt…exploding. I mentioned earlier how most families are dealing with runaway inflation…acquiring more and more credit card debt. In August alone US consumer debt went up $29,000,000,000! And increase of more than double that from the month before. The trend is now a monthly increase that is DOUBLE that of the historic average! And every $ of personal debt increase destabilizes the US economy more and more. The next number is a staggering, almost unbelievable, number…and that should scare the hell out of you. The total US consumer debt now stands at over $25,000,000,000,000 (25 trillion)!!! That is 120% of US GDP (2020)!  That is exceptionally dangerous territory.

Corporate debt…nightmare! Last year US companies took on historic record of debt, now over 130% of GDP. As revenues rebounded in 2021 that % fell slightly. However, latest reports show a reverse of that trend, increased corporate debt with the onset of Omicron and inflation fears. And there is a very disturbing trend…investors are jumping out of corporate bond debt at an alarming rate.

Debt Summary…Personal, corporate, and us government debt now stands at 345% of GDP!! If three things don’t exist that means BIG trouble; 1) good economic growth numbers, 2) strong institutions and independent central bank & policies, 3) level interest rates on debt. And looking at those numbers…we have falling economic growth rate numbers in 2021 Q3, stagnant numbers for 2020 Q4 – 2021 Q2. While the US is perceived as having strong institutions, there is growing skepticism in that perception. And the US central bank (Federal Reserve) is not independent and is working solely at the behest of, and the benefit of, the US federal government. The most worrisome indicator…the 10-year US note interest rate has risen 60% (50 basis points) in 2021! So we have the two factual numbers, economic growth rate & interest rate, looking very, very bad. And the third, more subjective, indicator up for grabs…well, it doesn’t bode well at all for the US debt outlook. And as goes the debt, so goes the economy.

Bottom line…The US economic is more fragile than it has ever been…EVER! In practical terms that means the economy will keep functioning as it is now…until it doesn’t. In plain terms…the economy could crash at any time…it simply needs a single very minor push in that direction.

Do what? Do the same things I’ve been telling you about for years:

  1. Have your preps ready.
  2. Hedge your bet and have a nice IRA, 401k, etc. tucked away to take advantage of any stock market gains. We enjoy an S&P500 index mutual fund that has been amazing for us over the last 10 years and up 24% this year.
  3. A little precious metals is never a bad idea, and never more that 10% of total portfolio.
  4. Little to no consumer debt.
  5. Mortgage free if at all possible.
  6. Ability to grow at least some of your food.
  7. Ability to be at least somewhat independent of utility companies (new item)
  8. Etc, etc, etc…

I want to state again in perfectly clear terms:

  1. The economy’s appearance is good.
  2. The numbers below the surface show the economy is fragile…very, VERY fragile.
  3. The chance of a sudden crash has never been higher.
  4. I have no idea when the crash might occur. No one does.
  5. I am not sure of what will cause the crash when it does occur.

I will tell you these two things with absolute certainty:

  1. If you don’t prepare for the crash…it will crush you and your family.
  2. You still have time to prepare…if you don’t delay.

Finally, some personal advice from me…STOP listening to the extremists!!! There all kinds of folks out there shouting this and that trying to sound like they have it all figured out. Some predict “when”, others predict “how”…and some just spew some of the craziest crap you can imagine. Stop listening to the crazies!!! Chad & Lori Daybell are sad examples of the crazies out there. They tapped into the prepper market and the religious market and the dreams/vision market…and more. Stop listening to and getting caught up in that “crazy” group! You will not benefit from the lunatics and their weirdness or their predictions of this or that. Stick with reality, stick with common sense, stick with your righteous religious leaders, stick with sanity…leave the crazy crap for the crazies.

Do what you know is right! Serve your family and others!


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Time to write about crypto-currency!

stuff that makes AH Trimble's head explodeI will be blunt, honest, and probably insulting…and no doubt rude in this article. I am going to approach this from two angles, crypto-currency as 1) a personal investment, 2) a preparedness item. I will use “Bitcoin” as the example of choice. Yes, that means there are more, but not for this article…too many to list and all basically the same. I will use facts, historical charts, experience, and common sense. If you don’t like any of the above…then don’t read the article!!!

Personal Investment –

Let’s look at the historical price chart of Bitcoin to gain the big picture…

As we look at it we see that from 8/22/2014 – 7/17/2017 it went from $400 – $2,730…a 582% gain, almost 90% annualized gain. VERY good indeed!!  Especially considering the consistent trading volume. But that was only the start. From mid-July 2017 to mid-December of that year it jumped another 600%!!! Sweet, to say the least. So, had you purchased a single Bitcoin in August 2014 for $400 you would be looking at that account value being just about $20,000…in 3-1/2 years. Hey, does it get any better than that?

Before I go too far…do you remember the old saying, “If it is too good to be true, it usually is”?

Another example: You were cautious of Bitcoin until December 2017, but you liked what you saw in its historical performance…and you bought a single Bitcoin in December 2017 for $20,000. You are going to strike it rich!!!  In the spring of 2019 you decided to buy a new house with the Bitcoin profits…paying cash for a house. So you sell off your single Bitcoin…for $3,673. Oh my! A 82% loss…YUCK!

So let’s spin the wheel again: You decide to not sell your Bitcoin and not buy a new house in 2019…you hang on to it. In the spring of 2021 you decide to review what your Bitcoin is worth…over $60,000! That is really nice…and now you are thinking a mansion vs just a puny new house. You decide to wait on the mansion for awhile and being smart, you buy another Bitcoin to take advantage of a no-lose investment. Now you are the proud owner of two Bitcoins worth $120,000…you are a sure winner in this crypto-lottery. Now it is the end of 2021 and you need money for a serious issue in the family…you sell your Bitcoins…and pocket $98,400. Yes, a loss of over $20,000 in just 8 months. Oooopppppsssss!

Not an issue you say to yourself…I only had invested $60,400 total and got back $98,400. That is still a net gain of $38,400. Not too shabby…63% gain over 7+years. You are very, very proud of yourself…that is 6.92% annual return on your total investment spanning 7+ years!!!

Silly me…My S&P 500 index mutual fund investment only yielded 14.9% annual return during that same period of time.

Now, granted that original Bitcoin that you paid $400 went to $48,200…and that is nothing to sneeze at. And hopefully you are very lucky! Because if you aren’t so lucky your Bitcoin was stolen along with the over 4,000,000 other Bitcoins that have been stolen since the beginning…12 years. That is $192,800,000,000…yup, as of today that is 192 billion dollars’ worth of Bitcoin stolen. That’s $16billion per year on average. Oh, and FYI…an additional 20% of all Bitcoins have been lost by their owner’s and are not recoverable according to a 2019 research article. And then again…in 2020 the Federal Government seized $1,000,000,000,000 (1 billion dollars) of Bitcoins from Silk Road, a website that used Bitcoin in their currency wallet. And no, the Feds have no interest or intent to find the actual owners of the Bitcoins.

So if your Bitcoins weren’t stolen, or you didn’t lose them, or the Feds didn’t seized them…you are in great shape. Notice the operative word “if”!

And no problems…there are always more Bitcoins to buy, right! And Bitcoins are a wonderful investment because they have fantastic intrinsic value. Bitcoins are made through mining…the process of creating new bitcoin is by solving a computational puzzle via computer(s). Yup, computers create Bitcoins out of thin air! Oh, and there is no licensing for Bitcoin miners…and no regulations, no oversight, no tracking, no nothing for Bitcoin miners or how they go about their mining.

And now let me introduce you to a couple of very successful Bitcoin miners, just to instill confidence in you of course…

They are Aanya and her brother Ishaan, 9 years old and 14 years old respectively. They are making in excess of $30,000 per month “mining” Bitcoin and two other cryptocurrencies. So that should lead you to the question of…What value does Bitcoin actually have?

There are two ways to determine Bitcoin’s value; 1) intrinsic value, 2) market value.

Intrinsic value means the value the item has in and of itself, or as its own property. Silver for instance has intrinsic value because it can be made into a wide range of marketable items. Silver is used for jewelry, electrical and electronics parts, solar panels, aircraft parts, medicine, tableware, water purification, and monetary coins…just to name some.

Market value is what other people are willing to pay for the item you have, the value is strictly determined by the other person’s willingness to purchase what you have. Real estate is a good example of an item that has “market value”. A person who wishes to purchase your home is willing to offer a certain amount of money…hence, that is what your home is worth on the open market. But, a home has additional capacity to have intrinsic value as well. The wood, block, copper, appliances, trim, flooring, etc. also have intrinsic value.

Now, back to the question… What value does Bitcoin actually have?

Bitcoin has absolutely no intrinsic value at all, none whatsoever. There is ZERO intrinsic value in Bitcoin because there is no physical property, real value, that represents Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin has market value…but that is all that it has. Bitcoin is only worth what someone else is willing to pay you for it. If no one is willing to pay you for your $20,000 purchase price Bitcoin…then it is worth nothing. If they want to pay you $100 for that $20,000 Bitcoin then that is exactly what it is worth and nothing more. Market value is strictly determined by other people.

So let’s look at that for a minute in a little more detail…the old “how much someone is willing to pay you” thing…

Reviewing the historic price chart of Bitcoin you can see a whole lot of times that Bitcoin’s price dropped 50% – 60% of its value. Those and other drastic drops occurred on a regular basis…nice, right? So you can see that under normal market conditions the price people are willing to pay for Bitcoin varies dramatically with huge loses often occurring. So for me…that doesn’t sound like a good personal investment option for my wife and me. Just saying…

Oh, and one more thing…Bitcoin’s history…Bitcoin only been around since 2009. That’s only 12 years of history! Yeah, about the average age of the Bitcoin miners mentioned above. So, tell me…how much faith would you put in a 12 year old to handle your money correctly?

Preparedness Item –

Putting Bitcoin into perspective as a preparedness item requires us to look at its value in relationship to the three basic events to prepare for; 1) emergencies, 2) disasters, & 3) grid-down. To be Surviving Any Disaster - even TEOTWAWKIconsidered a preparedness item worth stocking up on Bitcoin must prove itself to be of value during all three of the above event types.

To be clear, Bitcoin must:

  1. Be widely accepted for goods & services during those events.
  2. Be readily accessible.
  3. Be easily transportable.
  4. Be easy to set a value to for bartering and payments.
  5. Preferably be non-traceable.

To determine the preparedness value of Bitcoin compared to those five requirements.

  1. Be widely accepted for goods & services during those events – Bitcoin is not even widely accepted as payment for goods and services under normal social conditions. Currently Bitcoin has extremely limited ability to pay for anything day-to-day. There is no indication under any emergency conditions where it would be any more widely accepted than it is now. Actually, the exact opposite is true…every indication is that under any emergency situation Bitcoin would be virtually unacceptable as payment to any person or company.
  2. Be readily accessible – Bitcoin is only accessible via computer and through the Internet via service providers. During a grid-down event, and most other events, it is widely agreed upon that there will be no Internet and no service providers. And depending on the event itself (i.e. EMP, solar flare, etc.) there may be no functioning computers either. Although a note must be made here that 20% of users, under normal conditions, cannot access their Bitcoins at all, lost forever. And since there have been hundreds of millions of dollars in Bitcoins stolen and over a billion dollar of Bitcoins seized by the US government, there is ZERO guarantee that a person’s Bitcoins would even be there to begin with, let along accessible, in any foreseeable emergency.
  3. Be easily transportable – Bitcoin is easily transported when electronics and the Internet are available and accessible. However, those Bitcoins may not be easily transferable to another person during an emergency due to computer failure, inaccessible Internet, etc.
  4. Be easy to set a value to for bartering and payments – Since there is NO intrinsic value to Bitcoins there is no way to establish a baseline value to them. And since their value is only based on what someone is willing to pay, there is NO way to anticipate that Bitcoin would be of any value at all during anything other than normal times. Bitcoin’s difficulty in transporting and accessing could negate them having any value at all under any emergency circumstances.
  5. Preferably be non-traceable – Bitcoin is transferred via the Internet through service providers. Hackers have fairly regularly stolen Bitcoins, therefore hackers have traced them. The US government has seized them, therefore the government has traced them. Bitcoin is electronically mined and added into the system, therefore there is a traceable path for all created Bitcoins. All transactions have an electronic pathway, therefore all transactions are traceable. All that being said…Bitcoins are 100% traceable by the wrong types of folks.

The way I see it Bitcoin has no value whatsoever when it comes to emergency preparedness…NONE! And that is especially true when compared to precious metals. If you remember I have written extensively concerning precious metals and their place in emergency preparedness.

However, when compared with other preparedness items such as food storage, water purification capability, medical supplies, and defensive means…then Bitcoin really and truly has no value at all in any way, shape or form. Bitcoin (and ALL other crypto-currencies) are worthless in terms of emergency preparedness and have NO place in this arena…PERIOD!!

Summary –

I hope I’ve made myself perfectly clear in this matter of Bitcoin…or any other crypto-currency. If not, let me try this one more time…

1) As a personal investment I can’t imagine a more speculative, volatile, and dangerous way to go. Yes, you could make a whole lot of money…as in a pyramid scheme, but your chances of it losing value, having it stolen, having it confiscated by a government, losing access to your wallet, losing access to it via the Internet, or having it hacked makes it just plain stupid. Then there is the whole fact that it has absolutely NO value of its own…nothing, ZERO, zip, ZILCH, nada…ensures that it is worthless in the long term as an investment. If I had ALL my preps done for a 7 year period, had a fully funded 401k and/or IRA, had a year’s supply of cash for expenses, had ALL my debt paid off, and nothing else to do…with a mindset to lose every cent that I put into Bitcoin…then I would do it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole…wait, make that a 10 mile pole.

You want to read something interesting…read about the “The Dutch tulip bubble of 1637” and then ponder that at least tulip bulbs can grow flowers and can be held in your hand. That is FAR more than Bitcoin can claim.

2) As an emergency preparedness item I can’t, in my wildest imagination, on my worst day, in the throes of stupidity, see Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency as having any value at all. I also couldn’t fathom why anyone for any reason would have crypto-currency as part of an emergency plan of any kind. When it comes to emergency preparedness, Bitcoin is utter fantasy!

So there…now you have absolute clarity on my crypto-currency opinion. An opinion based on facts and 45 years of emergency preparedness experience, more than 30 years of that being professional real-life experience with emergencies and disasters.

And here is a great endorsement for Bitcoin and crypto-currency. If you believe in this guy, if you trust this guy, and you think he has all the answers…then believe him by all means!

FWIW…what easier way for an authoritarian government to control the entire economic system of any country or the world???? Controlled via something 100% controllable by the same governments…the Internet. And what is virtually 100% dependent on the Internet? Crypto-currency! Good luck with that…you’re going to need it.



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Feedback & Comments : Kyle Rittenhouse

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsNote: I felt this was important enough to post for all to read and ponder. I received comment this from Saber 7…

You missed or decided not to point out if the mayor, governor, police had done their job on DAY ONE we would not be talking about this!!! DAY ONE!! This is not tribalism, this is a manufactured outcome. Had the police been doing their job there would be no reason for a private citizen posted to protect private property from an unlawful terrorist mob.

Look at who was attacking Mr. Rittenhouse, it was felons, all convicted felons!!! Did you miss that? And just this week, where or how did the pallets of bricks on corners in Kenosha appear? (Need a forklift to pull them off a truck you know) and the local police not deal with the individuals delivering the pallets of bricks/weapons?

Tribalism? Thats all you can identify? Its not tribalism at work here, we are purposefully being divided by actors who want to destroy the FUSA. And they are doing a grand ol job of it.

In response I write/wrote (with today’s edits)…

Hey Saber,

Thank you for posting a reply. Now, let me address your issues…

1) I didn’t miss anything that you pointed out. I followed the entire situation closely and wrote about the violent left, etc. back when it occurred…and before with a warning to avoid it. This post was not intended to be a comprehensive regurgitation of anything…only the “effect” at the 60,000ft level. There are plenty of other websites and talking heads who prattled on endlessly, and still do, about this situation.

2) Yes, had the police and others in leadership done their job there would not have been the violence. Once again, failure of government and communities. But they didn’t do their job and there was this debacle of rioting and criminal behavior. None of that excuses the rioters and their ridiculous behavior…or rather the situation’s manipulation by the radical left. And that had nothing to do with the focus of my post.

3) There is NO “manufactured outcome” if you are referencing the Kyle Rittenhouse issue. He acted, the government acted, the justice system acted, the jury acted, he was acquitted. Nothing “manufactured” about that. Predictable perhaps based on the players but hardly manufactured, especially the outcome or they would have never prosecuted him. Now, the original violence and riot…that was “manufactured” by the usual players on the left…as I predicted and warned about.

4) Private citizens are right in protecting their property whenever they or their property are threatened…in my opinion. It is a God-given right and a Constitutionally guaranteed right. However, a minor -a child- on his own, should not have taken up arms, traveled to another city, and appointed himself, by himself, a protector of someone else’s property. And his mother should never have allowed that or enabled that. That is just plain stupid and wrong by any measure on both their parts.

5) As I stated above I didn’t miss anything…especially the felon aspect on the part of those who were shot. I was aware of the charges, convictions, and prison time of the attackers. And if you notice the post was not about them or their actions beyond that it justified self-defense. The fact that 3 were shot and 2 killed is of no concern of mine, and it was not the focus of the post. Besides, the world is probably better off without them…rather harsh…but my opinion at this time. I am sure their families miss them, I am sorry for that, but they were criminals and participating in community-wide violence. It would have been better for all had the justice system dealt with them appropriately.

6) I don’t care about the bricks, forklifts, or anything else regarding what was to happen in that city this weekend or any other time. It is a local matter for the locals to deal with. And it certainly had nothing to do with my post…as intended.

7) I identified “tribalism” because it is a much, much bigger threat to the US than any of the other issues surrounding this matter…in my opinion. There are lots of people who like to focus on small, albeit sometimes important, details. The purpose of my post was to clearly explain an issue that goes far beyond the shootings, the people directly involved, or the court case. Call it the “big picture” if you will. I am past the small crap going on in our country today…it is the bigger stuff that is of most importance and what I try/tend to address and bring to light so folks can deal with it.

8) If you had read and understood my post and the graphics at the bottom of the post you would have understood I was pointing out “purposefully being divided”…which is by definition – tribalism.

Finally, “…actors who want to destroy the [USA]. And they are doing a grand ol job of it.” We agree 100% on that…and that was the intent and purpose of my post…we are being divided and they are winning. They are winning because we are complicit and foolish…it is our own fault.


Note: The basic response of mine to Saber’s comment appeared on the original post page the day of the post. This post is to bring to light the issues he brought up and address them more fully. Saber was not wrong for the most part, he was just looking at more aspects of the situation. He did misrepresent me a little bit on where I was coming from. And he failed to understand the tribalism aspect. But, he was right in the fact that the original riot and violence was manufactured. The riot and violence was designed and implemented by the radical left (i.e. Democrats). And, they are part of the much bigger picture that includes the transition of the USA into an authoritarian state. And in that effort…the Democrats and Republicans work together.

I hope and pray that my readers ponder what I write and then seek “their answer” as what to do in their own life to deal with what is happening and what is is about to happen.


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