Taxes and Inflation…Communism/Marxism

Ever want to know the true purpose of imposing taxes and creating inflation?

First off…I am talking on the national level, it is at that level the most damage is done.

Taxes come from the US federal government in the form of personal income taxes, capital gains taxes, corporate income taxes, payroll taxes, estate taxes, sin tax, ad valorem taxes, among others. Taxes forcibly take trillions of dollars out of citizens’ hands each year.

Want to know what the cost of laundering all that money through the US federal government costs each year?

So just to pay the 1.2million government employees (non-military) to handle your money that was taken from you…$156,000,000,000 in wages and benefits. But, you also have to pay the 2.6million retired non-military employees that played with your money before they retired to live the good life. That amounts to another $66,000,000,000.

Nice! We pay $222,000,000,000 (222BILLION) dollars to people to spend your money that they forcefully took from you.

Now, here is insult to injury…the average US worker makes $74,700 per year…the average US government employee makes well over $130,000 per year in wages and benefits. Sweet!!!  We pay them very well to take and spend our money. Yup, them there federal government employees make an average of 75% more money than taxpayers. FANTASTIC!!

Inflation is a ‘tool’ used by the Federal Reserve to control the US economy. As we are seeing currently, the Fed is running up inflation via interest rates to ‘cool’ the economy. The only problem is…they are only jacking the prices up on everything. And yes, it is intentional. And no, the Federal Reserve is not the US government…it is a cabal of private banks who the US government has given power to control every aspect of the US economy.

Just a thought…did you ever wonder why the US government would give that power to a group of private bankers?

So why is taxation and inflation a bad thing? You might think it was just hurting our wallets, right? But it far worse than that and far more evil than that…it is Communism and has been for over 100 years. Interesting, just about the same time they started the US federal income tax and established the US Federal Reserve. Strange, eh?

Who is the bourgeoisie?

It is a French word that describes the middle-class folks…the average American. It also includes small business owners, merchants, and property owners.

Now an interesting piece of information…

So, are the Communists and Marxists instituting their plan to crush the US middle-class?

This chart shows the population of the middle-class has shrunk by nearly 20% from 1971 – 2015…

This chart shows that the income of the middle-class has shrunk by nearly 30% from 1970 – 2010…

So you tell me…are they winning in killing off the middle-class?

Or, is it just a Communist/Marxist tactic being used to destroy America(ns)? If it is, then who are those that are implementing that plan?

President Reagan warned us back in the 1980”s…almost 50 years ago…

So answer me this…When was the last time the people were in control of the government?

I would guesstimate about 1910…just before the first New Age elitist monster was elected President.

( Woodrow Wilson )



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18 Months and a Campfire

The laughter was odd, reassuring in a way that hasn’t been heard for the last 18 months. And what’s with a campfire…reaches inside of us mere humans and gives us a sense of security and enjoyment in equal measures. I had to pause those thoughts in my head for a moment, there were folks missing, that was a cold reminder of just how bad life can get in a very short period of time.

The solitary moment of sadness was broken by yet another made-up story by Mexican David that had everyone laughing, and a knee slap or two to boot. As I glanced up I looked directly into the eyes of Kim, she was staring right back at me, no smile, no knee slapping…just a knowledgeable nod of understanding. Then her subtle gesture of a faint grin that spoke to her knowing what I was thinking. She always knows what I am thinking, especially the darker moments of reflection.

About the nicknames…many have them…all for a reason. There are folks here in our little community that share first names. To keep everyone straight we adopted nicknames where there was conflict/confusion. Each person got to adopt their own nickname…some are humorous, some make you stop and gasp…at least in the old days. The old days of ‘woke’ and ‘political correctness’ are long gone, at least here. We have returned to being real people that can laugh at each other and ourselves. It is far more natural that the old BS that fringe groups tried to force on people. Force doesn’t work for long.

Mexican David was already into another of his stories when the next security group quietly got up and headed to the OP’s. Everyone’s heads immediately popped up and saw the movement, several hands started for their sidearms, Carl started to lean over for his AR. It was absolutely quiet as if we were all sitting in church during the benediction. Sad to think how much life had changed…but it had and we were all different people now, more primal for sure. You always couldn’t be too far from the edge.

Mexican David started his story back up and you could feel the tension leave the 27 people sitting around the fire. Maria threw another piece of old juniper into the fire, a cloud of sparks quickly rose and scattered into the cool night air. Several of the older guys, myself included, hooted and covered our eyes, Rene started to frantically brush at his jacket although not a single spark had landed on him. Maria just lowered her eyes and slowly shook her head. Times change, men don’t, we never grow up. There was the immaturity and male humor even in these times…human nature.

Several minutes later Cracker David and his two team members, Ashley and Sam came slowly walking back into the ring of dancing light from the campfire. Then leaned their AK’s up against the deck, grabbed plates, and began to heap them up with ever present potatoes, carrots, bread, and the most highly prized of all, Venison burgers! The bacon was long gone and I am sure Cracker David, my son, will give me hell about it later about not getting any.

Everyone was so cool about tonight and security. Each homestead left at least two people behind after we agreed that they would have their own campfire tomorrow night. And Cracker would never know I held back some bacon for them, then again he might find out. Oh boy!

Each homestead crew was also taking turns at our OP’s keeping watch over us. They were changing about every 20 – 30 minutes to make sure everyone got a plate of food and time around the fire. We indiscriminately varied the timing. Man, paranoia or what! The changing of the guard would continue until the gathering broke-up and folks headed back home to the somewhat boring routine that had developed lately. It was kind of nice to have it boring for the last several months, although everyone had been busying harvesting, drying, canning, freezing, and generally getting the food prepared to last as long as possible. If we got lucky all that stored food would last till next harvest. But I, along with most of the others, knew it wouldn’t. It just wasn’t enough…there would be hungry folks before next harvest. But the young kids wouldn’t go hungry…we all made a pledge to that! It was bad enough for them to grow up in these rugged conditions…we won’t let them go hungry.

Even as well prepared as we were, our bountiful harvest wouldn’t last more than a 6 – 9 months at most. Luckier than most, we still had dozens of cases of food stored away from before “the fall.” I had to chuckle just a bit, “the fall” is what we called the collapse of America. They had it planned all along, but it was not a fall or a collapse that they had conspired to see take place…it was a fundamental transformation they envisioned. But they got their butts handed to them…and then the actual collapse hit. Then again, not all of history has been written, maybe they planned on this collapse. And who would have guessed it would start on a Thursday.

Kim handed me another glass of water, the lemonade was long gone. Folks drank that up real quick, the flavor and sugar was simply too irresistible. After a sip of my water I about spit it out, she turned around and smiled as she walked back to her portion of the log across the fire. I would have to ask here where, or how, she could have possibly got her hands on Pepsi. More importantly, how much more did she have! Yeah, I was a Pepsiholic before the fall.

A slew of bad economic news had been reported the week before the fall…for a change. The Bennett administration had been able to lock-up the media for years keeping the terrible economy crap out of the spotlight. It all finally started to crumble beyond even their control. But once the flood gates opened, it just got worse by the day, and speculation over that last weekend was cataclysmic. A handful of banks went under during that weekend…and that was just the start of the avalanche.

And there was good ole Uncle Joe Bennett on the TV both Saturday and Sunday telling everyone that everything was fine…naming every reason under the sun that times were actually good. BS flag!!!

Sunday he even threw in that all bank customers would be fully protected by the FDIC and no one would lose any money. Then the zinger hit…Sunday night he took a couple of questions from reporters. The last one asked if there was a plan to handle all of this. And that is when Uncle Joe slipped up.

President Bennett said that their plan was to handle everything that was coming and they had the plan in the works for a long time so not to worry. I think you could hear 100milion people collectively gasp at the same time…they asked the same question, “What was coming?”

His Press Secretary whisked him off stage so fast he almost stumbled. But then again, we were all used to him stumbling and bumbling, tripping and falling, trembling and…well, generally being a very feeble old fart…a very old, old fart with dementia.

Then 7am Monday morning brought about a whole new world. I wouldn’t call it a brave new world like the book of Stock Market Crash is a concern, threat, risk for preppers during grid-down.that name, just a new world…a very ugly new world. Before the stock markets started trading for the week another handful of banks announced that the FDIC was taking them into receivership. Immediately after that MSNBC was predicting that the S&P 500 would open down about 2%. Man were they wrong!

Within two minutes of opening the S&P was down 7%, hitting the first 15-minute trading halt trigger point. When trading started back up again after 15 minutes, it crashed to the 13% drop point causing another 15-minute halt in trading. At that point I was watching TV and witnessing what was happening…and that sinking feeling was gnawing away at my gut. Then the trading started back up once more after the second triggered halt.

Taking almost 10 minutes to hit the final trigger for the day, the market shut down at the -20% free fall point. Then it got strange…Bennett was on TV in a nationwide address almost immediately to reassure the public that everything was fine, no need to panic, The Fed wouldn’t let the economy or the markets crash. He wanted the public to “rest assured” that the FDIC would not let any bank fail…everyone would be made whole. Yeah, all of that raised some serious questions in my mind. My cell phone started to ding off the hook with incoming text messages, I ignored all of them.

I finished the last of my incredibly good Pepsi, glanced over at Kim just to see her give me that face…while she shook her head “no” real slowly. I kept staring at her hoping her stealthy reply would change. She just kept slowly giving me the “no” head shake…and added the “no” with her mouth. No it was I guess…once again her reading my mind. Dang, she is a good looking woman, a woman younger than my daughter. A daughter who I didn’t even know if she was still alive or not. I had to stop myself from slipping into a mental darkness thinking of her and the grand-kids…one day I would know, but it wouldn’t be tonight.

Anne had a very successful real estate broker in St. George and was living the high life to be sure. Her brokerage didn’t really suffer till the month before the fall, people hoping against hope that all would be fine and return to normal. I didn’t know it at the time that one of those messages I ignored during the market crash Monday was hers asking me what I thought. I could have talked to her that day if I had answered or even called back. Now it was too late, cell phones were a thing of the past. Well, at least to make calls, they were still good for music and pictures.

As soon as Joe the Clown (a.k.a. President) said “and God Bless America” at the end of his statement I clarified to myself a couple of questions…How was it he got on TV within 2 – 3 minutes of the stock market debacle to read a prepared statement? Then…why in the world was he talking about preventing a “crash” of either the markets or the economy? Just the thought of a President talking about a crash like that was no doubt going to cause exactly that! And it did.

Monday became known as “Bloody Monday” even worse than “Black Monday” back in October 1987. Then Tuesday… the “Suicide Tuesday” label stuck almost immediately to what happened the following day. At the opening bell the markets dropped 20% within a minute, and that shut it down for the rest of the day. While unknown at the time, later they estimated that about 1000 people committed suicide that day…all somehow related to the stock markets or banking industry. Banks had been harshly hit…well, more like a massacre. In two days the banking sector was down almost 75%…and Tuesday started the bank runs in earnest. Before noon, eastern time, there wasn’t a bank left open in the country…every single bank was closed tighter than a bank vault. Pun intended. And yup, the ATMs were all empty…or stolen.

President Bennett once again on TV in a nationwide broadcast urging “calm and confidence” that all was okay and that the federal government, in coordination with the FDIC and the Fed, had a plan that would ensure everything would be fine. I can remember at the time I told Laura this all seemed too organized…it was as if he was following a script. No, not for the speech, but for all of it…as if it was being carefully orchestrated. As if we were watching a great plan being unfolded before us. I didn’t know the half of it at the time…but I was on the right track.

I looked over and there sat Scott and Karen flames casting flickering firelight on their faces. They are a part of this history and thankfully they are still here to talk about it. They had it the worst of all…probably because they were the wealthiest of all of us. They had made it up here to their place the week everything was falling apart, but barely making it from the valley. At the time they had no idea how bad it would get for them and how quickly, they thought there place here was a place of safety. But we all pulled together and they were/are fine…hopefully. Now that was a crazy week when I look back on it!

At daylight Monday morning 2 months into this mess a representative from the county showed up with a Deputy. The pounded on Scott’s door nailing a notice to it like it was something out of a middle-ages movie scene. Scott was on them so fast they never even realized it. Scott had his AR pointed at them at face level, they Deputy started reaching for his Glock till he saw Karen pointing a shotgun at him through an open window. The Deputy wisely, although reluctantly, eased his hand away.

The long and short of it was the new “program” that the county was taking possession of all property over 40-acres. Of course the owners would be paid handsomely in the just announced FedNew currency. Scott made them take down the notice, the Deputy had to unload his Glock, throw away all the bullets from his mags before getting back into the nice shinny Sheriff’s Ford Explorer. Yeah, with the gasoline shortage it was nice to see that the county had plenty of gas to go around for their official business.

Over soup for lunch that day we had a planning session, I am glad we did. The next morning the County task force showed up with the BearCat. A long story short…by noon no more deputies showing up with BearCats to more people’s homes. And man, did it clarify why police departments should never had been given military armored vehicles! I guess everyone knew it was only a matter of time till militarized police turned against civilians…with their military equipment and gear. The county was now minus one BearCat and the new program was abruptly canceled. And not a single County Commissioner can be found anywhere for the last 12 months. Hummm…

I noticed Scott laughing and then put his arm around Karen as the flames flared up just a bit. She was giving him that look of love, even a little admiration thrown in. It was if they had been reborn that day so many months ago. Now, almost 1-1/2 years later they were tighter than ever, 4 “adopted” kids, a few cows roaming their pastures, and a great garden that anyone would be proud to claim. But it almost didn’t turn out that way. Thankfully we had solid people, a good plan…and a lot of luck. Theirs is just one of many stories…we all had one…some more than one.

The single most asked question these last 18 months…How did we ever let the government, at any level, get so powerful?

None of us has a good answer. I say it was a combination of treachery, complacency, and apathy. Others just call it being lazy and stupid as hell. But that has changed a lot in every aspect…at least around here.


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TIP: Canned powdered milk gone bad…

Don’t throw that powered milk away if it has gone bad! Use it as part of a garden fertilizer program.

Yup, that old, out-of-date canned powered milk makes a great fertilizer when it is no longer drinkable. Cut the milk mixture by 50% and use it in place of water about once a month during the growing season. The milk has all kinds of great stuff in it that will benefit your plants like bacteria, calcium, etc.

Don’t use it more than once a month. Also, as commonsense dictates…apply it once and watch your plants’ reaction, then apply accordingly.

If you have an aphid infestation you can use a 25% milk solution (75% water) and wipe the leaves with it to help fight the aphid infestation.

If you are making compost at home you can mix in powered milk with the final compost product just before you apply it in the garden. Adds lots of good nutrition, etc.

So now you don’t have to throw away that old canned powered milk 🙂

If you need a source to buy non-fat dry milk for storage you can < click here >

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Food Fatigue & PB&J

“Food Fatigue” is real and I have experienced it…you probably have too. Food Fatigue is simply when you get tired of eating the same food day after day to the point where you want to slit your wrists. Okay, maybe not bad enough to do physical damage to yourself, but you get the idea.

As I have been working on the garden non-stop for several months I started thinking about Food Fatigue. First off, we are not growing enough food to eat all year long…just not enough garden space or skill/knowledge…or desire.

Hear me on this one…I also wanted to ensure that we have enough herbs and spices on hand for spaghetti sauce to go with all the tomatoes we are growing, enough TVP bacon bits to go with the green beans, etc. And all of that prompted me to think about a food, or combination of foods, to eat to help stave off Food Fatigue.

Remember how many calories you will probably need during tough time (a.k.a. emergencies, disasters, and grid-down)…somewhere north of 2500 for a woman and probably well above 3000 for a man. A young man (14 – 30) doing lots of hard work would need more than 4000 – 6000 calories per day to stay healthy. With that in mind I wanted to not only alleviate Food Fatigue but supply enough calories as well. Then the idea of “other” nutritional requirements crept into my thought process…so much for chocolate chip cookies! Bummer 😦

One of the things I like to eat for breakfast at least 2 – 4 times a week is peanut butter and jelly toast. Yup, and I love it!

I decided that this simple food was delicious, tasty, and stayed with me for the entire morning. And sometimes I eat it on healthy bread, other times I eat it on really good tasting Arrowhead Country Style Potato bread. Yum, yum! It met all the initial requirements but how did it stack up nutritionally…dang, a tough question. I don’t like tough questions when it comes to food…hence, my earlier comment on chocolate chip cookies.

So here we go, to meet 1/3rd of the daily 3000 calorie count for me (1000 for breakfast).

Since I am saying we will run out of bread, and bread making capability, I am relying on our canned bread…Pilot Bread Crackers. And yes, they are very, very tasty and last a very long time…20 – 30 years properly canned such as the product from Saratoga Farms.

So here is how it looks…

PB&J Crackers only –

PB&J Crackers with milk –

PB&J Sandwich with milk –

PB&J comparison crackers vs sandwich –

Note: Don’t worry about the ‘fat’ category. Most of us will easily burn that ‘fat’ doing normal daily survival-type work.

Summary –
  1. Learn what food fatigue is…as it applies to you and your family.
  2. Learn what it takes for you to avoid food fatigue with foods that appeal to you.
  3. Figure out which is healthy…and which is chocolate chip cookies! Yeah, gotta have a cookie now and then 🙂

Okay, bottom line…peanut butter and jelly on pilot bread (a.k.a. crackers) is a decent combination. PB&J with a high quality bread is even better. And of course, don’t forget the milk…ice cold to make your teeth hurt.

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Debt Ceiling, Social Security Fraud, and US Federal Government Theft!

Notice how we are being told that Social Security recipients won’t get their checks in June due to the debt ceiling problem. So why do the old people suffer first? Wait, why do Social Security recipients suffer at all???

Haven’t we been told that all of us are paying into the Social Security Trust Fund? And don’t Social Security checks come out of the Social Security Trust Fund? So what is the problem, just send the checks!

Oh wait a second…they have lied to us all along. There is no Social Security Trust Fund. Or rather there is no money in the Social Security Trust Fund. See, the federal government takes all of the social security payments received from companies and workers…then they spend it on whatever they want to. But not to worry…they put a note on a computer that the US federal government owes Social Security the amount of money they took.

In any other situation that would be called ‘embezzlement’ in a situation like this.

Embezzlement refers to a form of white-collar crime in which a person or entity intentionally misappropriates the assets entrusted to them.

The legal definition is: “Embezzlement is the fraudulent taking of personal property by someone to whom it was entrusted. It is most often associated with the misappropriation of money.”

Better idea…Don’t pay a single federal government employee, not a single politician, not a single contractor, not a single anybody associated with the US federal government till AFTER the money is returned to the Social Security Trust Fund and Social Security recipients are paid. Makes sense…pay the people with the money from whom it came from in the first place.

Think of it this way…let’s say you paid Mutual of Omaha $280 a month into a retirement fund your whole working life. And your various employers during that same working lifetime also paid Mutual of Omaha $280 a month into your account in that same retirement fund. You retire and you start receiving the monthly retirement checks from Mutual of Omaha…SWEET!

Oh, then Mutual of Omaha stops sending you the payments saying there is no money left in the retirement fund, including a zero balance in your specific account. They freely admit they have been taking the money out of the retirement fund for 88 years and spent it on anything they wanted to…including bonuses and fancy trips for themselves.

What do you think civilian lawyers would do? What do you think federal investigators would do? Yeah…heads would roll, people would end up in prison, and it would be a bloody nightmare.

Now if you are the US government and you are federal employees and you are US politicians…nothing happens! Yeah, they can steal embezzle at will…and they have been doing it to Social Security for 88 years.

Great federal government we got here, eh?

So, will Congress raise the debt ceiling? Of course they will!!! Don’t be silly, or fearful, they will raise the debt ceiling…they always do and always will. Why? Because that is a major source of their power…giving away money.

As for the debt itself…they don’t give a damn about the debt. To them…it means absolutely nothing…nothing more than funny money to be used to enhance their power…and to gain more. Sure, they will posture, whine, accuse, insult, cry, and carry on like they care and they are doing their job…but they are not. They are driving our country off the cliff. And the truly sad part…they know it. They know they are ruining this country, they know they are driving us into economic disaster. Gee, almost like it was planned.

Just get YOUR house in order! Get your economics ready! Be prepared for what they can and will do to us…coz its coming.



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Brain Dump…

So much is going on lately…it can easily get overwhelming if you are not careful. I wrote about getting overwhelmed, if you haven’t read that article yet, it might be helpful. With the sheer volume of current events I am being very selective on what I write about…I don’t need to add to your mental and spiritual load right now unless there is a very compelling reason.

Besides, I am super swamped right now getting my garden in…I am almost there! And FWIW…I have strawberries on the plants from last year’s efforts 🙂

And then there is by workshop’s solar system…almost out of commission, limping along on its last leg. Last month when I was building my raised beds for the garden I was cutting a 4×4 and buried the blade and stalled the saw. The inverter hasn’t functioned correctly since. I have been acquiring the replacement and upgrading parts, including a new-used inverter. Now I just have to get sufficiently motivated to do the work.

And no…I am not thrilled to do the work because I just got done doing the MAJOR upgrade on the house system. I am happy to report it is working flawlessly!

Moving on…

Have you noticed that there is now multiple investigations into employees’ and investors’ stock sales in the belly up banks? Yeah, imagine that…selling out their stock with insider privileged information. And there are government officials, including Congressmen, who did so as well. And yes, it is illegal to do so.

Then there is the whole “debt ceiling” drama taking place. Anyone honestly think the debt ceiling will go without being raised!?! No one in Washington can control their spending…and they don’t even want to control it…it is all planned and intentional. The drama makes for good politics. Do any of us, think that any of them, care about any of us, in any way? Of course not. Spending money gives politicians power…and they lust after power, lots of power.

Oh yeah, the Durham Report…DUD!!! I remember way back at the beginning when it was first announced…he was going to drain the swamp. Ah, no. I told everyone then…nothing of any consequence will come of it…not a single person will be held accountable and no one will go to prison…no swamp draining. You see…THEY are the swamp…they are not going to drain themselves from the very swamp they have created and perpetuate. There is no one in Washington with any real power that will do a damn thing to drain anything! They all love the power, they hate the common person, they hate Constitutional principles…and they lust after more and more power. And the people controlling them love it…that is their power over those politicians who think they are in charge.

And Biden moves us closer to World War 3 with the gift of fighter jets to Ukraine to be used against Russia. Nice, eh!

Well, enough of all of that…time to go back to work. I just wanted to share a minute with you. Gotta get the last of the tomato plants in the ground. I am having a hard time finding Pablano pepper plants, I need 3 to finish up the garden. Yeah, my seedling pants didn’t fair well…when my dog ate them right out of the seed tray…and that is another whole story.

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One of the MOST disturbing things I’ve ever heard…

This past week has confirmed everything dark and evil we had already known…it’s just now that we know it is 100% all true.

Let’s start with an ugly one…The FBI had opened 4 separate investigations into the Clinton’s prior to Hillary running for President. Each investigation was a “pay to play” scheme involving foreign governments. This is in addition to the FBI cover-up of her egregious treasonous security breaches involving her own private server that housed highly classified government documents. However, the FBI stopped the 4 investigations through the Washington DC office before it could get off the ground. Obviously the FBI was operating as an extension of the Clinton Crime Family…or the other way around.

This one should worry every person in American that believes in the Constitution…Between 2020 – 2021 the FBI illegally conducted 300,000 surveillance operations against US citizens. Included were operations against Jan 6 participants, against 9,000 Congressional donors, and the Trump campaign. There were almost 25,000 operations against US citizens where the FBI was searching for “foreign influence” even when the FBI documents showed absolutely no indication of any influence prior to the searches…in 100% of the cases.

After a years’ long investigation a report found extensive wrong-doing at the FBI…especially a total lack of integrity.

But here is the real monster waiting in the wings to devour America…When asked what will happen to those who try to expose the truth about the FBI, an FBI agent (whistleblower) stated that the FBI and the federal government will “crush you” and they will “crush your family.” Think about that for a minute…I mean really think about that.

The FBI’s dark and evil doings have been continuously exposed for decades…even the FBI intentionally lying to judges…more than 2800 documented instances. They refuse oversight by Congress…in direct violation of law. They destroy lives and families. They have targeted pro-life advocates. Let me point out something for a minute…Abortion is mass-murder, infanticide, part of a larger concept called “eugenics.” The FBI, and its parents Department the DOJ, is brutal in targeting and punishing those who oppose abortion…oppose eugenics. The mass-murder of Jews by Nazi Germany -the Final Solution– was also part of “eugenics.” And the Gestapo brutally targeted anyone who opposed the Final Solution. It was personnel from the US that taught Nazi leadership about eugenics. Could you maybe see a connection here?

I have exposing the FBI and their evil for years…I hope you have been paying attention. With this latest revelation regarding that the FBI and the federal government will “crush you” and they will “crush your family”…well, I wonder how long it will be before…

Why do I write to you about the FBI?

This past week it was also confirmed that Jan 6th was an FBI operation. The FBI will not release thousands of hours of video and other evidence because it will “reveal crimes” committed by FBI personnel on that day, including inside the Capital Building, and that the whole protest/riot/insurrection was organized by FBI personnel for the sole purpose of bringing down the patriot movement. But I have been telling you that for how long now?

There is now talk by Congressmen of 3 possible moves by Congress; 1) partially defund the FBI by not granting them money for a new multi-100million $ headquarters, 2) defund the entire FBI until changes are made and the FBI responds to Congressional oversight, 3) disband the FBI entirely.

Congress doesn’t have the balls guts to partially/wholly defund the FBI…the FBI is too strong and powerful and can easily retaliate against Congress. Besides, Congress doesn’t want the federal government to lose the power of the FBI. And as for Congress disbanding the FBI…it will never happen. The FBI would never allow that to happen…period. And you know exactly what I mean by that statement.

Have you ever asked yourself why the Founding Fathers didn’t include authorization for the FBI, or any national police force, in the Constitution? They knew exactly what would happen…and it did…no matter the precautions they took.


The US government is at war with Americans…and the FBI is the tip of that spear.

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De-Dollarization Accelerates

Business Insider came out with a report day before yesterday that went into detail regarding, not just the continuing replacement of the dollar as the global reserve currency, but that it is accelerating. And that ain’t good news for the US…and that means us, you and me…and our families.

1st quarter 2023 saw historic use of the Chinese Yuan:

  • In currency swaps.
  • Foreign central banks purchases for their reserves.
  • Chinese purchase/sales contracts.
  • In the purchase of oil between countries.

And here is a very interesting data point…the Chinese Yuan has surpassed the US Dollar in transactions involving China and foreign countries.

As if those items weren’t disturbing enough…a notable number of foreign central banks have significantly increased their gold purchases.

This information was confirmed by Bloomberg. Bloomberg also referred to the Yuan replacing the Dollar as a ‘jump’.

Very recently I reviewed food inflation since the beginning of the year. There are a couple of common grocery items have come down in price in the last month or two. However, overall all common grocery items are up 15 – 40% since January 1. Gasoline is up as well…but is not at the levels we saw last year.

Why is this important?

As the dollar continues to lose its status as both the world’s reserve currency and the ‘petro-dollar’ status it hurts us here at home. The US Federal Reserve, in conjunction with the US federal government, are actively working to destroy the US economy by destroying the US Dollar. I have talked about this in detail…crash the economy, replace the dollar, track everything about everybody…and exercise virtually unlimited control over purchases/sales to/from US citizens.

You must take this seriously…you must prepare for the change, massive change, coming to the US economy.


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R U Overwhelmed Yet?

It’s been over a week since my last post…but I haven’t been lazy, just off-line. Interestingly enough I have had several conversations during this time…and man, gripping isn’t even close to describing those conversations. And all seemed to have a common thread. Actually, I can go back almost a month in this regard.

Bottom line…literally everyone I have spoken to about current events for the last month, and without doubt or question for the last couple of weeks, have all felt the same…either overwhelmed or darn close to it. And why wouldn’t they they feel that way!

I was going to do a SitRep this week and talk about:

  1. Historic highs in corporate bankruptcies.
  2. The radical protesters still outside SCOTUS’s homes…a felony…and DOJ is not doing anything about it.
  3. Historic high number of folks missing debt payments.
  4. Consumer debt rising by $142billion last quarter, more than a trillion $’s since last year.
  5. Productivity is plummeting…fell 2.7% in the 1st Qtr of 2023 alone.
  6. The IRS is spending an average of over $3,000,000 per year on…wait for it…military equipment for its agents.
  7. Then there is a personal favorite…60 – 68% of Americans hate Washington DC, hate the Republicans, and hate the Democrats…and yup, hate Biden. Perfectly understandable and not surprising.
  8. Then there is the sobering and very serious issue of 85,000 immigrant children that are missing, can’t be found, and are unaccounted for…under the Biden Administration. And I would add, a bit scary considering the numerous accusations of child sex trafficking against high-profile Democrats and Jeffery Epstein. And considering we are seeing these kids, some 10-years old, turning up in meat packing plants and McDonald’s as child labor.

But, those topics are almost ‘normal’ and daily news stories now a days. And that is the worst of it…it is part of the new normal.

So why didn’t I write a SitRep? Why have I been off-line so much since the first of April? Partly because I am been extremely busy getting our place and ourselves ready for SHTF that is coming quickly and soon. And honestly, some of it has been the ‘overwhelming’ aspect of life right now.

Each and every day there is some new revelation of evil occurring in the world…and specifically in the US. It comes at us at an unrelenting pace, from every angle, 24 hours a day. You know it, you feel it, you see it, it is grim and wide-spread. It can easily become overwhelming…especially piled on top of just regular life, day-to-day issues that each of us have.

So I have chosen to concentrate on what I can do each day to be better prepared, a better husband, a better disciple, and a better friend/neighbor. And I am telling you…that keeps me super busy!

Here is my question to you…Are you overwhelmed?

Yes, of course I am serious! If you focus too much on the news, especially the troubling news, you can become jaded, biased, cynical, and overwhelmed with it all. Once that occurs…you are in big trouble!

So here are some signs of becoming overwhelmed(1)

  • Irrational thoughts: You may struggle to think rationally, which can make the problem seem inflated and your perceived ability to deal with it feel deflated.
  • Paralysis: You may experience a freeze response that can cause you to feel paralyzed and unable to function. Even simple tasks can feel impossible. You may find yourself postponing stressful tasks, or avoid them altogether.
  • Disproportionate reactions: You may overreact to minor stressors. For instance, you may panic if you’re unable to find your keys.
  • Withdrawal: You may find yourself withdrawing from friends and family. You may feel like they can’t help you or understand what you’re going through.
  • Pessimism: You may feel helpless and hopeless about the situation.
  • Mood changes: You may feel angry, irritable, or anxious, and cry easily.
  • Cognitive fatigue: You may feel confused and have difficulty concentrating, making decisions, and solving problems.
  • Physical symptoms: You may experience physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, cramps, an upset stomach, or other aches and pains.

Here is another way to look at it(2)

  • Your heart is racing and it feels hard to breathe. “This may be a sign that your sympathetic nervous system — the part of your nervous system that activates the fight or flight response — is working overtime, and anxiety is in the driver’s seat,” says Diane Robinson, PhD, a neuropsychologist at Orlando Health.

How to fix it: Try to slow down your breathing, says Robinson. Instead of focusing on the length of your to-do list, concentrate on an activity you can do at this very moment — something that you can control, such as yoga and meditation. Aches, pains, dizziness and even an impaired immune system can be signs that your body is under chronic stress, according to Robinson.
How to fix it: Relaxation exercises can be helpful for easing muscular tension that increases joint pain. Practicing mindfulness can help you clear your thoughts, refocus and reduce stress.

  • Emotional and behavioral changes such as moodiness, crying easily, irritability and withdrawal often signal when your stress is mounting.

How to fix it: Talking through your stress with a licensed therapist can provide notable relief, experts say. It can help you approach and address your stress from another person’s point of view. “Try to take a step back, observe your thoughts and gently challenge yourself to find alternate explanations for your stress-related thoughts,” says Robinson.

  • You can’t stay focused on tasks, and you’re missing out on your favorite fun activities. Lowered concentration and increased apathy might be a result of stress-related sleep issues or intrusive thoughts.

How to fix it: Robinson recommends performing one task at a time, writing lists and setting up a schedule where you tackle tasks that need the most brain power when you have the maximum amount of energy.

  • You feel guilt or anger for taking on too many responsibilities. Whether they stem from caring for an infirm relative, taking on extra chores or simply being someone’s sounding board, feelings of guilt and anger can be overwhelming and lead to chronic stress.

How to fix it: Practice delegating appropriate tasks to other people, including your children. Whether it’s cooking a meal, doing the grocery shopping or walking the dog, these small responsibility shifts can help lighten your daily load, reduce feelings of guilt and anger, and balance out stress levels.

Three years ago I re-wrote a series of articles on Situational Awareness (SA); in the Summary – Part #8 I mentioned ‘Information/mental overload’ and it being a barrier to good SA. In Part #3 I spoke specifically to being ‘overwhelmed’. Bottom line…if you are overwhelmed your SA stinks.

I am not saying to ignore current events and news…no sir, I am not. What I am saying is you only need so much of it to know what is happening…in general. Do you really need all the details, the minutia, of everything taking place? Example: You know banks are failing and have been for months now. Do you need to know every time a bank fails, what the name is, how bad was it, where was it, etc? No.

Now, if 20 banks fail in 1 week or one day…that tells you plenty enough to do what you have to do…what your plan tells you to do. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much information…it won’t help you…but it will hurt your Situational Awareness.

It is important that we not allow ourselves to become overwhelmed…vitally important. We must be on top of our game right now. There is a strategy called “Cloward–Piven” in regards to crashing the US economy to bring in socialism/Communism. It is rather simple in design…overload the system which then cashes it. We see that happening in every single aspect of daily life now. It is by design, it is to overload everything to crash all of it. Then, as I have explained before, the populace cried out for a solution. That is where the authoritarians, some would say Fascists, step up, offer their plan, and take over everything.

I say we are about 80% of the way there as you read this article.

If at all possible don’t allow yourself to become overloaded or overwhelmed…keep your head on straight. Focus on what you know to be right, concentrate on what you have to do, think clearly, and act decisively.

If you are overwhelmed…it is perfectly understandable! This world is absolutely nuts right now…completely upside down. We’ve never seen a time like this, ever. Know that you can get through this and lead your family to a better place. You have the strength to overcome anything…it is inside of you…let your strength bloom and blossom.

This is the 9th inning folks…stay in the game! When this goes into overtime…you will have to be at the top of your game and be ready for it. Being overwhelmed prevents you from being at the top of your game.

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