Day 37 – Thursday

It wasn’t till I was about halfway to Akela Flats before I could get back on the tracks. That was walking all freaking night long and part way into the morning. Yeah, the morning. Get over it, I was walking in the daytime!

I finally found a pecan orchard that was really dense. It hadn’t been kept up very well to so I just walked in good ways and found a spot, piled a few branches to hide myself and went to sleep. I woke up so hungry it wasn’t even funny. I had been dreaming I was at a BBQ and they were cooking steaks on the grill. Then I woke up.

Smoke, it must have triggered my dream. It was coming from the southwest with the wind but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I could tell it wasn’t a grass fire, it was definitely wood of some kind, a little sweet actually. I ate a little Mountain House cold and cleaned my feet really well. Used that essential oil stuff again. Makes my feet tingle when I first put it on. Except this one spot in my arch of my left foot, it burns a little bit there.

I went back to sleep again. I think I am tired from all the stress. Of the Ag field, being killed 15 times by snake bites, etc. But the good news…I am past Deming! That leaves me about 50 miles to home. Not bad considering I already covered 270 miles. Yeah, it’s taken me over a month to cover that distance but I am getting close now, really close.

I am going to push it tonight, I will start early, walk hard, and go into the morning again. Seems dull enough around here, I will be fine, I will keep my eyes open. And I don’t have some stupid dogs or obnoxious kid to slow me down! I am my own man, I can do this, and I am invincible! I have to stay positive…I can do it!



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