Three of the most significant indicators/signs of an authoritarian/totalitarian regime is the controlling of media, promoting government propaganda, and suppressing voices of opposition.

A person only needs look to countries such as the former Soviet Union, current Russia, China, and North Korea to see the most fully implemented examples of such behavior. And the European Union countries are examples of almost fully implemented authoritarian media controls. But here in the USA the First Amendment has protected, for the most part, our right to free speech for over 230 years…until now.

Let’s be honest…the media has been earnestly bullied and attacked since the Nixon years. And since Clinton the effort to transform the media into an extension of the government propaganda arm has become serious and focused. Every President since Nixon has gone after the media and the people therein…some Presidents with gusto, others more subtly. And for the most part, the media has complied and become little more than shills for the US federal government.

And to be fair, there are a couple major media outlets that still maintain some margin of objectivity and fairness in reporting. However, and unfortunately, they tend to be conservative agenda driven organizations. And being such, almost exclusively promote a conservative agenda vs true objectivity.

The US government has for the most part been discreet, subtle, and used subterfuge to bring the media into compliance. However, they are not above using threats, intimidation, and the legal system to bring the most wayward of media under their control. The most recent example is the NSA’s spying on Tucker Carlson. But Carlson is not alone…the NSA has been well-documented to be spying on all of us. But government spying on media personnel is especially troublesome.  And for this article I won’t even begin to discuss the truly troubling programs the FBI has and is using against specific journalists.

Now to my point…On July 14th, 2021 the US Government went from subtle anti-free speech program towards full blown censorship. On 7/14 the US Surgeon General released a report outlining how big technology companies, especially social media platforms, are to censor any dissenting speech that falls outside of federal government approval. While stopping short of criminalizing dissenting speech, the government declared exactly how big-tech was to use all methods at its disposal to silence dissension.

This is no small development…actually, it is the largest single outright blatant attack on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights that I can remember in my lifetime. This is a huge development, although not a surprise at all for those who have been reading my website for even a few months.

I have been writing extensively about the federal government’s efforts to destroy the Constitution for a very long time. I have outlined how big-tech was nothing more a tool of the US government, both working towards the same goal. This latest move is simply a blatant public release of the goal the federal government of the United States, with the assistance of big-tech, is moving us towards. And that goal…a solid and unchallengeable authoritarian/totalitarian state.

The most dangerous specifics in the policy statement:

  1. Page #11 –
    1. All media companies and journalism schools are to train personnel to identify any information source that doesn’t conform to federal government “truth.”
    2. Use only information, including graphics, that will keep public opinion in-line with what information the federal government is promoting.
  2. Page #12 –
    1. Change their technology software and hardware to ensure that any “misinformation” is identified and suppressed.
    2. Identify all users who dissent from federal government propaganda and make that information available to all government personnel, government compliant media sources, and government approved academic personnel.
    3. Penalize anyone and everyone who the federal government has identified as “repeat offenders” of misinformation.
    4. Identify misinformation and move to counter that content with an overwhelming amount of content that is compliant with federal government propaganda.
    5. Promote media sources of complaint information over dissenting sources.
    6. Protect cooperative federal government media sources from any information that would challenge or discredit them.
  3. Page #14 –
    1. The promotion of extensive private funding towards any and all organizations that promotes federal government propaganda.
  4. Page #15 –
    1. Directs all levels of government to comply with the federal government propaganda promotion program, including the promotion of all compliant sources and the penalization of all dissenting speech and sources.

Yes, there are more statement points to be made that prove beyond even a shadow of a doubt that the US government is now actively, publicly, blatantly, and seriously going public in their program to  crush any dissenting speech. Meaning…the US Government is now openly suppressing/eliminating free speech. Free Speech…the most fundamental of God-given rights guaranteed to us under the Bill of Rights.

I have written repeatedly that from the perspective of the US Government, and its renegade agencies (FBI, NSA, CIA, DIA, DHS, etc.), the US Constitution is dead and gone. Period!

The only saving of the US Constitution will come from dedicated and committed people willing to give all to defend its principles.

The US Government, all branches, have no desire whatsoever to uphold the Constitution. That has been made clear by decades of eliminating rights, freedoms, and liberties. Till now they have been the evil lurking and working in the shadows…but that has now changed. They have now moved into the full light of day…unafraid of showing their evil for exactly what it is!

I want to state clearly, and hear me clearly… on the 14th of July, 2021 the US Federal Government, under the direction of an authoritarian Biden/Harris regime, made it public that they are now working openly to eliminate ALL rights that have been previously guaranteed under the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And they started with the most fundamental and the most needed right of all…Free Speech.

This latest version of an authoritarian regime is the most extreme in philosophy and action than anything previously seen in the USA. This is the most major and significant -and dangerous- step ever taken in modern times to subjugate the citizens of the US to the point of no return.

For those of you who are aware and informed…this is the FULL implementation of “1984”… make no doubt about it.

Where do they go from here? I am not 100% sure…but it will become obvious fairly soon. This bold step towards the destruction of the last vestiges of the US Constitution is a major mile post…one that will be followed up rather quickly by those dark and evil powers that now control every aspect of the US federal government.

Now, one more extremely disturbing point…I am sure you are aware, but let me remind you…The US Surgeon General holds the rank of Vice-Admiral. Yup, that means they are a member of the 8 branches of the armed/uniformed services of the United States of America.

I told you earlier this year that we have lost the military…this recent move makes it crystal clear that the US uniformed services no longer honors their oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Those organizations are now rogue…and working openly against US citizens.


Take such actions to prepare yourself, your family, your congregations, and your communities against further implementation of authoritarianism. Failure to act now ensures you will have to comply with their demands in the future…and become nothing more than sheeple.

Who is US Surgeon General Vivek Hallegere Murthy? <click here to find out>

Note: I am attaching the official full report (US government PDF file) for you to research and conclude your own opinions. < click here for the OFFICIAL-surgeon-general-confronting-health-misinformation July 14 2021 statement>

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Immediate Action Warning!


                         Feds Identify “Domestic Terrorists”


Background: The militia movement started as the backbone of freedom loving colonialists who wished to throw off the extreme oppression of British tyranny. Militia members were very often the most respected of their communities, always willing to step up and defend their families and their neighbors. Militia members were considered the best of the best when it came to patriots.

As the USA grew older and more aggressive around the world, as well as at home, a standing army (i.e. professional army) began to replace the Founding Father’s model of militias. After WWI, a standing army was the norm and militias became a “hobby” of a few diehard patriots. Post-WW2 militias all but disappeared due to the predominance of the standing army. And as President Eisenhower warned us…it was now the age of the military-industrial complex…”war for profit”. And do not forget, the Founding Fathers warned us against the existence of, and use of, a standing army. It was one of the greatest evils and threats that they saw in Colonial America…and in our future.

It wasn’t until Bush #1 as President (CIA operative) that we began to see a strong rebirth of militias (late 80’s to early 90’s). Many potential militia members began to see the widespread corruption in the Bush administration and their push for globalization and the ruling elites (ruling class) began a major push for control. This is also the same time frame that the “deep state” took hold in earnest.

By the time Clinton took office in the early/mid-90’s it was obvious that America was falling into a totalitarian state, subservient to globalists (i.e. and their authoritarian government model). Militias became higher-profile, membership swelled, they became more organized. It was Clinton’s radial leftist authoritarian Attorney General Janet Reno who then directed the DOJ and specifically the FBI to crush the militia movement. And they did…brutally so…with many deaths via “shoot to kill” orders, FBI hunter-killer teams, and military-style assaults on militia and related groups that resulted in large numbers of deaths.

Militias were effectively non-functional, if not non-existent, until Bush #2 became President. Bush 2 cloaked himself in the title of “conservative” but he was raised by his CIA operative father (Bush #1) to be both an authoritarian and a globalist. Militias began a resurgence and membership started to grow in response to the growing threat against our rapidly dying Constitutional Republic. In response Bush used numerous “anti-terrorist” legislative covers to infiltrate and tract militia groups. This was the maturity of the FBI & DHS labeling militia groups as potential domestic terrorists. During this time-frame the FBI was directed to develop plans to eliminate any and all militias.

With the election of Obama, radical Marxist authoritarian and globalist, militia numbers swelled to historic levels. However, the FBI had infiltrated all militias of any note by 2016. And by this time the DOJ, FBI, & DHS had officially identified militias as a grave threat to national security. They were being watched/monitored very closely, and extensive plans were in-place to crush them whenever it was required and/or an appropriate opportunity arose.

As Trump took office and his exposure of the “deep state”, “fake media”, rigged elections, etc. grew so did the militias boldness. For the first time in 230 years the militias finally found a President who believed in them and gave them the honor they felt they were due. However, while Trump may have had respect for them to one degree or another; the deep state, the ruling class, the globalists, the DOJ/FBI/DHS all saw militias as terrorists…who were to be eliminated.

Warnings Specifics:

With the Capital Attack on 1/6 providing the perfect opportunity, the DOJ/FBI anti-militia plan was activated. The combined force of the federal government, in cooperation with virtually all state governments, are now enacting the most severe of measures to crush, then eliminate, all militias. The plan involves a wide variety of efforts; everything from public relations utilizing the media, to elimination of Internet access, to restrictive financial access, to armed clashes with FBI military units.

Statements released by the FBI such as militia members involved in the capital attack “…would have killed anyone they got their hands on…” are meant as justification for the coming actions and violence against militia groups and members.

The DOJ/FBI (with the support of DHS) have specifically clarified the first round of militia targets. They have designated them as “domestic terrorist organizations”:

  • Three Percenters (III & 3%)
  • Proud Boys
  • Boogaloo Movement
  • Oath Keepers
  • and all private paramilitary training groups

To use public relations against these groups the DOJ/FBI/DHS cabal are using terms (focus group vetted) against the above named groups such as:

  • self-declared vigilante forces
  • militant groups
  • extremist groups
  • white nationalists
  • right-wing militia groups

This is a serious and significant development. I want to be clear…


I can not stress enough the federal government’s determination to transition to a totalitarian state…they have now embarked on a plan that has no option for reversal, they are fully committed to the Biden/Harris team and agenda. To more fully understand some of whom are involved:

  • Democrats
  • Deep State players
  • the vast majority of federal workers (mostly in the area of the “great reset”)
  • globalists
  • the Ruling Class (a.k.a. Ruling Elites)
  • Marxists / Socialists / Communists
  • Racist organizations such as BLM
  • Most unions, especially teacher and police unions

Actions to Take:

I have no list of actions to take other than prepare for this eventuality based on your own personal situation.

Note #1:

I have referred to three organizations in the above warning; 1) DOJ (Department of Justice), 2) FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 3) DHS (Department of Homeland Security). If you would like some enlightenment, search the US Constitution wherein any of those entities are specifically authorized. Then read the 10th Amendment in the Bill of Rights…

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” 

Personal Note:

This is the most significant point in the history of America since April 19th, 1775. From the beginning of the anti-American, globalist/authoritarian, movement over 130 years ago when the transition started, we’ve never seen a move such as this. Many of us have been warning that America would fall…and it did in many respects prior to the close of 2020. Now, we are are seeing the cumulative effect of all the groups and individuals who worked so hard against rights, freedoms, and liberties. As the radical leftist/authoritarian Biden/Harris regime takes control we are going to see the most extreme of steps taken at the speed of light…to ensure there is no unwinding of the long-desired authoritarian government transition. Over the next few days I will be writing an article that shows how the two-worlds will collide, clash, and how it may affect you. The two-worlds I refer to are; 1) your personal world [your day-to-day normal living world], 2) the national/global level world that will migrate into, then dominate your personal world.

And for those of you who have expressed concern for my personal safety…thank you…I mean that sincerely. I’ve have prepared all I can, I am living my life within the bounds of the Constitution. If expressing my rights under the First Amendment is a problem for the powers that be…so be it. I stand for and defend rights, liberties, and freedoms…and the free expression thereof as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and given to us by a God in heaven. If that leads to unpleasantness for me from those who fear such rights, liberties, freedoms and God…so be it.


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Immediate Action Warning – URGENT ! (updated 1/12/2021)


 Potential for Extreme Violence

Updated 1/12/2021: The FBI has released a statement saying all 50 state capitals could see attacks on their buildings similar to the attack of 1/6 on the Capital Building in Washington D.C. And they are stating that 1/17 could be a particularly dangerous day.

Background: The recent attack on the US Capital Building by radical right Trump supporters resulting in multiple deaths including a federal law enforcement officer. Additionally, multiple state capitals and politicians have had radical right demonstrators and protestors present…many of which were armed. Politicians have been harassed in public places, even with the presence of armed security details.

Warning Specifics: There is significant credible intel that indicates that many radical groups (right-wing & left-wing) are preparing peaceful protests, violent demonstrations, and armed presence in state and national capitals. Further, there is very credible intel that indicates that various right-wing radical groups, including anarchists and white supremacist groups are planning violent responses to Biden’s inauguration. These actions could take place any time between now and for the next 30 – 60 days, with the most likely occurrences between now and through inauguration day (Weds, 1/20).

The intel on the potential for these actions is both credible and reliable.

Actions to Take:

  1. Keep your situational awareness at as high a level as possible.
  2. For at least the next 90-days DO NOT attend any rally, protest, demonstration, or any other event that even closely resembles anything political related.
  3. If you find yourself in the immediate area of any of these events extricate yourself in the safest and fastest manner.
  4. If you are unable to leave the area find the safest location possible and shelter in-place. Do not agitate those participating in the event, and do no appear to be part of the activities in any way.

Additional Information: Federal and state law enforcement agencies are acting quickly and forcefully against individuals and groups involved in the 1/6 Capital Building attack..and their supporters. As a result, some individuals and groups may think they have to act against law enforcement and/or government(s) quickly before they are thwarted in the plans.

Personal Note: I know I’ve been warning you of this for a long time. But, this particularly is a very dangerous time period right now. There are some people expressing strong anti-government opinions and their desire for action to stop the perceived downfall of the US. There is some discussion among some radical right that this is the time for a revolution or civil war. These folks are acting irrationally and without a true sense of the reality of the situation. That makes their potential actions extremely volatile and potential very violent. Be cautious in all your associations right now. ANY political event right now has the potential to turn violent and deadly. Now is not the time to be participating in these events.



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Immediate Action Warning!


                                 Big Tech Actions

Background: Recent attack on the US Capitol Building by radical right Trump supporters resulting in multiple deaths including a federal law enforcement officer. The opportunity that his event provides to the radical leftist corporations to further their plans to destroy Conservatives, any patriot movement, the right, and non-RINO Republicans.

Warning Specifics: Due to the attack of Trump supporters on 1/6 the social media platforms, big-tech companies, and other leftists corporation have been handed a gift of immeasurable value.

All big tech companies, especially social media platforms, are presently implementing their plans to crush any leader or public figure who advocates or supports and kind of “patriot movement”, etc. They are implementing extreme censorship to the degree rarely found outside of Communist countries and radical brutal dictatorships.

The actions they are taking are consistent with Communism, Socialism, Marxism, and pre-violent suppression of a country’s populace. The big tech companies are working hand-in-hand with the federal government to find and suppress any individual who they see as a threat to the leftist agenda and specifically any Biden/Harris agenda item.

Additionally, they are working closely to provide information to federal law enforcement agencies on any individual that they see as any potential violent threat. And they are specifically targeting anyone on the right, while protecting anyone on the left.

Actions to Take:

  1. Ensure that your foundational principles are sound, moral, and ethical…and do NOT reflect any active or passive intention for incitement of the overthrow of the US government, or especially any attack on US officials or federal buildings.
  2. Be clear in ALL your related communications that you support the US Constitution. Those communications including online postings, cell phone conversations, text messages, email communications, etc.
  3. Caution anyone you know to do the same.
  4. Distance yourself from anyone who is not compatible with your actions in #1 & #2.
  5. Be crystal clear…the NSA is actively monitoring ALL electronic communications for any flag (i.e. words, phrases, graphics) that would indicate support for 1/6, anti-government speech, advocating Conservative principles, Trump support, etc.
  6. Be crystal clear…ALL big tech firms are working with federal law enforcement to identify anyone even remotely associated with 1/6…or anyone who can be associated with the related principles.
  7. Understand that ALL big tech firms are coordinating with the government, especially the leftists, to advance censorship of any and all anti-leftist, anti-radical, anti-authoritarian people, ideas, groups, and movements.

On a personal note: I firmly believe we are seeing the significant advancement of the radical leftist agenda and I urge you in every possible way to prepare yourself and your family for what is to come. As I said in an earlier post…it is coming at us like a freight train.Prepare for it! It will be just a surprising and as COVID was. They will use this opportunity to crush people…just like they did the Tea Party. However, this time…it will be potentially violent….very violent.

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Immediate Action Warning!


                         Federal Law Enforcement Actions

Background: Recent attack on the US Capital Building by radical right Trump supporters resulting in multiple deaths including a federal law enforcement officer.

Warning Specifics: All federal law enforcement agencies, led by the FBI, are concentrating virtually all of their immediate efforts on arresting and bringing charges against anyone significantly involved in the attack of the Capital Building on 1/6. They are coordinating with ALL social media platforms and other tech firms (i.e. facial recognition) to identify those involved in the attack.

It is reported that federal law enforcement officers have taken personal offense at the attack and the death of one of their own. They are individually hyper-committed to “bringing all perpetrators to justice.”

All federal law enforcement agencies have a long a sordid history of having committed extreme violence against US citizens at times. This will potentially be one of those times. They will stop at nothing to revenge the attack and death of their own.

Be prepared to see acts of extreme violence of these law enforcement personnel against those they believe involved. And just as dangerous, could be the reaction of those folks that are targeted.

Remember the Branch Davidian Massacre…it started with an armed military-style assault on the Branch Davidian families at their compound on unsubstantiated charges. The Branch Davidians defended themselves against this unwarranted and extreme measure by the ATF…several died on both sides. Later the FBI committed an assault against the families using military armor vehciles. 78 men, women, and children died as a result of the FBI assault…by being burned to death.

A repeat of this kind of action of federal law enforcement could well take place again…maybe multiple instances. Federal law enforcement are looking for these kinds of opportunities for the following reasons:

  1. Revenge for the killing of a federal officer.
  2. Revenge for the Capital Building attack.
  3. Trump supporters blatantly challenging the power of the federal government, especially Congress.
  4. Pressure on federal law enforcement from the radical leftist Representatives, Senators, and other political elites to take “extreme action”.

Actions to Take:

  1. Distance yourself from anyone involved with the attack on 1/6.
  2. Abandon any social media platform or any website who advocates or supports the 1/6 attack.
  3. Generally lower your profile to avoid the attention of federal law enforcement personnel.
  4. DO NOT attend any political rally or demonstration of any kind at the present time.
  5. However, consider your level of cooperation with any law enforcement agency in this effort. This isn’t about justice, this is about revenge and reinforcing the power of the federal government by federal law enforcement personnel..


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Immediate Action Warning!


> Potential for Violence <

There are numerous and substantiated reports of violence erupting around the country. While still relatively small and isolated they indicate a growing and potential serious threat.

The reports consist of at least one person shot at a political rally where opposing sides clashed. And there are several reports where highly armed Trump supporters have rallied and taken over public spaces.

The leftists (i.e. Democrats) have shown a clear propensity for violence throughout this entire year. And we are seeing an increase in that violent behavior. And, the radical leftists are now targeting the less radical leftists as Biden forms his left-wing administration/coalition. They are turning on each other…and it will get increasingly violent.

Both the radical left and the radical right, and anarchists, have agent provocateurs either in-place or planning to infiltrate rallies, demonstrations, and protests.

Stay away from ALL political rallies, demonstrations, and protests!

Also, I understand that every militia in the country now has FBI agents undercover in those militias, or paid informants who work for the FBI. The FBI and ATF both have active task forces targeting militias. And there is at least one inter-agency federal law enforcement task force targeting militias.

Stay away from militias!

Based on reports and research I am strongly advising you to increase your situational awareness and to avoid ALL potential violent gatherings/meetings.

I am even encouraging you to avoid “meetings” that could in any way be interpreted as political (pro-Trump / anti-Biden) or “resisting” the transition to a Biden presidency. All levels of law enforcement have most of these meetings under surveillance for “un-American” activity; this is especially true in large Democrat controlled cities.

Members of the radical left are already speaking openly of hunting down and “prosecuting” Trump supporters in and out of the government. While most everyday pro-Trump individuals would not be a target, don’t take undo chances. And there is a strong possibility that the “official” witch hunt could degenerate into a grassroots movement of persecution of any notable or recognizable Trump supporter. Do not trust the radical leftists who have seized power through the presidency.

There will come a time and place for additional action and support for the Constitution…but now is not the time to jeopardize your, or your family’s, safety.

Be aware of confrontation and the potential of violence from any sector/source in any location or setting…and avoid it.

Of course…if you are a sheepdog/shepherd, or simply a decent human being, do not hesitate assisting a person in need who has been targeted by the radical and violent leftists.

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Immediate Action Warning!



This last week I’ve had the opportunity to watch and listen to a lot of news reports, public statements, political events, news releases, campaign ads, opinion pieces, etc. I intentionally exposed myself to all of this…for a reason. Test!

All of it was “static”…meaning it was almost entirely designed to make people lose focus on what is really happening in the world around us. And 99.99999999999% of it was pretty much worthless. And the closer it was to any (and I mean ANY) mainstream outlet the less reliable its content and intent.

As I sat and thought about how it would affect us I could only clearly think of one thing…Expect Deception.

That is my warning to you going forward…Expect Deception!

No, I am not limiting it to just the types of information I listed about, I am expanding that to apply to virtually everything that you hear or see. Expect Deception!

Yes, this is especially true with it being an election year. I have watched ads from our local Senate race and both presidential candidates. Let’s just say they range from mildly deceptive to outrageously incorrect. Whatever the case, it was deception.

Be on guard! I’ve received emails from trusted sources as well in the last month. As I read them they ranged from rather strange in content to outlandish in nature. I looked into them…they were not true…not even close.

Make sure anything that comes to you appearing to be “information”…doubt it until you can verify that it is true. And do the verification yourself…don’t trust others to define what is true for you. Use multiple trusted sources…then still be a little wary.

I’ve seen several examples of “deepfake” already…and it is good, really good…but fake all the same. You may not know where this deception is coming from.

Keep your eyes open…Expect Deception !


FAQ for this “warning” <click here to read>


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Immediate Action Warning!


US Economy

As I have been warning about for a very long time…the economy is in terrible shape and getting much worse. There is a fairly high probability that we are seeing the continuing early stages of the economic collapse of the US economy.

The numbers/statistics out this morning show a horrible picture of our US economic condition:

  • GDP down 33% (historic record number)
  • Initial unemployment claims jumped to 1.25million last week
  • Personal consumption down 34% (historical number) – represents 2/3 of the US economy
  • Over 30 million people are receiving unemployment benefits
  • Estimates are another 15 – 25 million people are unemployed but receiving no assistance
  • Retail spending dropped 15% in April
  • Spending on services down over 40%
  • Domestic investment down 49%
  • State and local government spending down over 5%
  • Total US economic activity dropped 5% (Q1 2020)

And to make it all worse…the US federal spending rose nearly 3%! And that is money we don’t have and borrowed. 3% may not sound like much…but when you are already spending $6 trillion (including aid package) that amounts to an increase in additional federal spending of $180 billion in just the Q1 of 2020!!

The economy is collapsing and the federal government “fiddled while Rome burned.”

What does all this mean to you? Get your financial house in order to cope with the financial disaster that is occurring…and which will get worse…maybe even collapse. Then prepare every other needful thing.



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Immediate Action Warning!


Militias / Violence / Civil Unrest

In my SitRep of 7/17/2020 I specifically wrote about what is happening in regards to militias, civil unrest, etc…and it has now reached critical mass and I must issue more specific information and this specific warning.

The Not Fucking Around Coalition (NFAC) is a black nationalist militia, members number over 1,000. They were formed in the Spring of this year, 2020, in response to growing civil unrest and their perception of violence against blacks. The group was earlier referred to in news reports as the New Black Panthers, it is not. The NFAC is not the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) or the Black Panther Militia (BPM), both of those groups were formed back in the 1980’s – 1990’s and are relatively inactive. The NFAC is an entirely new group stating “We aren’t protesters, we aren’t demonstrators. We don’t come to sing, we don’t come to chant. That’s not what we do.”

By their own admission the group is militant, well-armed, veterans among their ranks, refer to themselves as “shooters”, and self-declare “We don’t threaten” implying they are there to act not simply protest or threaten but to act or react with violence.

On July 25th they organized a protest in Louisville, KY. The protest was against police brutality, and hundreds of their members showed up heavily armed. And the group has shown they have a significant amount of small arms and tactical gear at their disposal. It is reported that a “negligent discharge” occurred and several members of their group were injured and required medical treatment at a local hospital. But the protest nor the negligent dischrge is the point…the point is there were hundreds of members of a heavily armed militia group ready to march in that city. AND…there was another militia there as well in opposition. The opposition group that was there, rightly or wrongly, was linked to while nationalists.

So you have a black nationalist militia consisting of hundreds of members about to square off with a white nationalist militia consisting of only a couple dozen members…what could possibly go wrong? Fortunately both groups cooperated with the heavily armed police presence and a confrontation was avoided. But for how long?

The general purpose of a militia is to defend the rights of a group of citizens that feel their rights and safety are threatened. On that Saturday you had the potential for a clash of opposing militias…with law enforcement in the middle. What could have that outcome looked like?

The NFAC is not affiliated with Black Lives Matter (BLM) or other black rights groups or any other black nationalist groups…at this time. Should that change, the potential for armed confrontation goes up exponentially. And increases even more if NFAC starts providing security at BLM or similar events.

I return to, and repeat, my multiple earlier warnings of:

  • Civil unrest
  • Violence
  • Militia groups

> This is not the time to join, form, or be a member of a militia.

> This not the time to show up at a protest armed and looking for a fight.

It is only a matter of time before opposing militias violently clash with each other or clash with law enforcement.

It is only a matter of time before we see a crackdown by law enforcement, especially at the federal level, against militia members.

Do NOT be part of any of that…now is NOT the time!


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Immediate Action Warning!


Violence & Civil Unrest

On March 13 and again on May 1 I issued Immediate Action Warnings for violence. In the 11 weeks since the initial warning we’ve seen some sporadic violence, but almost all at the individual level. That all changed earlier this week when Minneapolis police officer (Derek Chauvin) killed a man who was begging for his life…and it was all caught on video. A man (George Floyd) who was handcuffed, who was subdued on the ground, who was compliant, who told the police officers he was having difficulty breathing. And then police officer Derek Chauvin placed his knee on the back of George Floyd’s neck with almost his entire weight…until George Floyd was dead. The alleged crime of George Floyd…a clerk in a local convenience store thought that a $20 bill George Floyd used looked “suspicious.”

Now, it is not uncommon for police to use this submission tactic…video and pictures are abundant on the Internet that show police using this tactic. It is not uncommon for people to die in police custody while restrained and compliant. It is not uncommon for people to die in police custody from not being able to breath. It is not uncommon for people to beg for their lives while in police custody and still die. But, what is uncommon in this instance is one very uncommon factor…COVID-19.

No, I am not speaking of any of the people involved having COVID-19. I am talking about the fact that the country has been locked down for two months…and all the fallout from that lock down…namely the stress and tension on a national level. This week it boiled over…and the face of the resulting violence is ugly, extreme, and could grow exponentially worse.

There is also two additional issues associated with the police murder of George Floyd and the resulting  violence…1) the militarized response to the violence, and 2) the targeting of journalists by police officers.

I don’t have to go into details regarding the militarized response…the pictures are all over the Internet of militarized police and army units in the streets of major US cities. But we saw in Minneapolis and in Louisville where credentialed journalists specifically targeted by police officers. In the case in Minneapolis the journalists were arrested (on live TV) based on “orders” the police officers had received from their leadership. In the Atlanta case the journalists were fired upon with crowd control pepper balls from a high powered air guns.

These factors…and more…have caused me to issue this warning.

Warning Specifics –

I am issuing an Immediate Action Warning – Violence & Civil Unrest.

This warning is based on the following:

  • The nature of the confrontations
  • The current high-stress national environment
  • The immediate use of militarized police and military units
  • The violent and destructive nature of the protesting and rioting
  • The widespread, coast-to-coast, outbreak of the protests and riots
  • The specific targeting of journalists by police
  • Gunfire present at the protests, rioting, and looting
  • A developing “us vs them” mentality

To make matters worse, far worse, was the President making the statement of shooting looters. While many may have a personal belief that shooting looters is an appropriate response…especially if you are the owner of the business being looted…it is entirely and completely inappropriate for the President of the United States to make such a statement.

Statements such as that can be seen by law enforcement and the military as having a free hand and simply shoot people vs trying to quell the violence. It can be seen by people in those communities as a complete disregard for their lives. It can be seen by the protesters as a declaration of war. It can be seen by the looters as a provocation to escalate the situation from looting businesses to shooting business owners, law enforcement officers, or military personnel. President Trump’s statement was juvenile at best…extremely provocative and dangerous at worse. Regardless, escalating an already dangerous situation.

Actions to Take –

I won’t repeat myself. To better understand what actions to take please read my Immediate Action Warnings of 3/13 and 5/1:

Note –

I delayed issuing this Immediate Action Warning for good reason.

  1. I wanted to see the facts of the killing by police, including video and bystander statements.
  2. I wanted to see if there would be “sustained” violent protesting and rioting and the level of destruction associated with it.
  3. I wanted to see if the police officers would be charged and the reaction to that event.

Now I see this is an extremely volatile situation with the potential to spread much wider and get much worse. The stress and tension of the COVID-19 lock-down, the historic unemployment, worsening economic situation, etc. are all factors that could drive the escalation of the violence to very, very dangerous levels. I won’t state at this point what that level could be…but I will continue to monitor the situation.

Please don’t disregard this Immediate Action Warning…or take it lightly. Even Rush Limbaugh is calling a “killing” by police officers.

Remember my continual reminding you of one very important and applicable statement of those in power…

Never let a crisis go to waste.

They wont.



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