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Originally when I started this website years ago I just wrote and posted articles that interested me, or were requested by users. It grew into this long list of articles that, while informative, were not well organized. Additionally, it was very hard for a new prepper to easily learn in a systematic way from the ground up. I will attempt to correct that with some organization.

I will be arranging the website in a step-by-step fashion using articles to touch on all the areas of emergency preparedness but do so in a way that is far easier to follow and to find information. Of course I will always be open to writing articles based on requests from you, the users. Just let me know.

This first series of articles will deal with the very basics, the foundation, the principles of emergency preparedness. I will cover material that will provide a fundamental understanding emergency preparedness. I feel that without a basic understanding, the foundation, it is easy to get misdirected in what your goals and purpose should be.

The information that will be covered will be such as identifying and categorizing emergencies, seven common threats, risk/threat mitigation, setting priorities, setting goals, and more.

There will be two ways to access the pages: 1) under the header graphic hover over the menu item “Principles of Preparedness” and select the topic that interests you, 2) use the “Table of Contents” below for a step-by-step” guide to the information.

Table of Contents (step-by-step)*:


* Note: The Table of Contents will only be updated every couple of weeks. Why? Because I am writing and scheduling the posts to be uploaded regularly every few days. But, that means i have to go in an update the ToC manually. For 2 weeks at a time I will be out of touch working on my property and won’t be able to do the manual updates to the ToC. But, you can still access the pages via the “hover” method on the main menu bar located under the big graphic at the top of the page.

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