Day 87 – Friday (morning)

I woke up early, lots on my mind. Thought I might write a bit while I thought some things through. One of the things I have going over in my mind is how we got into this mess. I read what I wrote down after the briefing from Jared’s Army buddies. I am trying to make sense out of it. I may not have written it down right. But, if I did hear it right, and write it down correctly, it is so freaking bizarre!

Politicians got so scared of losing power that they were willing to assassinate other members of the government, they were willing to blow up a couple of nukes as EMPs, they were willing to attack Congress, kill the President and Vice President, and basically destroy the government altogether. Now don’t get me wrong, our government needed to be brought to heel just like the Declaration of Independence outlined.

Thomas Jefferson said,

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

He was a political prophet to be sure. He knew what was coming. But, we waited too long to bring the government back to “we the people” and because we did wait too long…we got this destruction instead.

One question keeps coming to mind…who is in charge? Seriously, who is running the country right now? The military can function on its own, they can run themselves just fine. But who is running the rest of the government? That is just plain bizarre! Granted, we needed to shrink the government by about 75% back to the Constitutional standard. But this was not the way to do it. And then the questions begs to be answered…who comes to power to fill the vacuum? Someone will, but who and how?

Another question…we only found about what was happening because of Jared’s buddies telling us, otherwise we would have never known…didn’t know. How many other people out here know?

Tanners have a really good Ham radio set-up and I hope they might have heard something that can confirm, or dispute, what we were told. When we get to the cabin in AZ we can set our Ham radios up and start getting some information. But until then, we are pretty much in the dark information wise. Not all that bad really…no talking heads to listen to!!!  Yea! But, when times get like this…information is golden…and just might save lives. The old saying goes…information is power.

Sorry to digress a bit…I wonder if there is any chance we could have a complete reset back to the original Constitution and Bill of Rights? You know…start over and not allow the federal government to become the all-powerful, centralized tyrannical government it has become…or became. There were so many men along the way that just lusted for money and power. And they were willing to do anything to acquire as much as they could any way they could. They wanted to get gain and exercise their authority over people to force their will on them. So many politicians on both sides just thought they knew better…and had to make other people live like they (the ruling class) wanted them to. They seemed afraid to just let people govern themselves after having been taught the correct principles of civics. Sad.

And I tell you…the conservatives scare(d) me more than the Progs. They were always spouting “Law and order!”, “Support the military!”, “Build democracy!”, “Win the war!”…all that strong government stuff. They even supported radically anti-Constitutional laws such as Civil Asset Forfeiture that completely  bypassed Constitutional due process. Many of these conservatives didn’t realize that in the 1760’s – 1780’s they would have been the King’s men supporting the English government and monarchy. The conservatives would have been the ones hunting down and putting the Founding Fathers in prison or hanging them.

What a weird thought…The FBI, CIA, NSA would all be on high alert looking for our Founding Fathers. The Minute Men would be branded as radical militias and domestic terrorists…and hunted down. FBI SWAT teams would be busting doors and killing men such as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock. And yet…how many people in America worship the very federal law enforcement agencies that are not authorized in the Constitution…and would be the 1770’s versions of government death squads!

Fortunately, many people who think they are conservative are actually more libertarian. And that is a good thing. Our Founding Fathers were actually Classical Liberals or Libertarian in their beliefs. But, most people don’t take the time to actually research what group believes in what or why. Wouldn’t that just slay most conservatives to know they would be the ones fighting against our Colonial patriots! Today’s conservatives are Colonial America’s Tories and British Red Coats. Sure wish they would wake up. Better yet…I wish they would have awakened BEFORE the government pulled this crap on us!




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