Day 77 – Tuesday (mid-morning)

Jared woke me up this morning with bad news…there are two groups of people not too far from camp, about two miles. He said they know about us and he thinks they are going to strike probably tonight right at dark. We kind of expected this, but I never thought that we would actually get attacked or know who was going to do it.

I called the Command Staff together and suggested we attack them first. I knew as soon as I said it that is was not just a bad idea but the wrong idea. Jim was the first to speak up, he reminded me about our ROEs and the self-defense part. Dang! He is right, and how soon I forgot. So what do we do?

Susie was the one that just said let’s just leave a little earlier than expected. Simple plan…and why not!

It is the right thing to do. We will just leave early, use regular Ops team in diamond formation to cover the group movement and two Ops teams to provide a screen right behind the group. The rear guard teams will leapfrog their movement constantly ready to intercept anyone that tries to follow the group once we leave camp. After approximately three hours we will regroup at a rally point and reform into our pre-determined travel pattern. Jared will maintain a scouting overwatch on the two groups and keep us updated on their movement.

We will leave at 3pm, about 6 hours before dark. All my Ops folks are amped up…really pumped. We gotta calm it down a bit to think clearly. But, I gotta go…lot’s to do.


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