SitRep – 12/07/2022 (part #2)

This is a continuation of yesterday’s SitRep. I am trying to break the longer articles into 2 or more posts to make them less demanding on your time. If you haven’t read yesterday’s it would really help if you did…makes this post more understandable.

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A reminder that this 2-part article comes from research I did over last weekend, wrote it on Monday but held up posting it till yesterday (Wednesday) for a very specific reason. And finally, I added a few more notes to this post this morning based on some overnight research that brought some applicable issues to my attention.

Now…on with the post…

The Economy –

Use the preface “World”, “Global”, “EU”, or “US”…I don’t much care. We all know what all the economic indicators are looking like. But Market Watch released an article on Friday with the headline “High debts and stagflation have set the stage for the mother of all financial crises.” Now, doesn’t that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy? My thing is this…who is prepared, who is preparing, who hasn’t prepared, and who this will hit the hardest? Oh, and how will it play out with each group? Oh, and which group are you in? And how will the other groups affect you and your family?

Added on 12/8: Remember “derivatives” from the 2008 financial crisis? Less than 10 years before that global financial crisis there were about $88trillion in derivatives around the world. Then collapse when it hit approximately $600trillion. After the crisis correction derivative holds shrank to almost non-existence. US banks now hold about $250trillion in derivatives, unsettling to see. However, there is a more serious problem…US dollar derivative de-guaranteed contracts held overseas…and it amounts to about $65trillion. Why should this worry you? Those de-guaranteed contracts are for US currency, held overseas, unregulated, and the holders of those contracts are unknown since it is outside of US banking regulation jurisdiction. So why are those contracts overseas? Who has control of them? What are their intentions? Why don’t we know who they are? Why are they “de-guaranteed”? Most of all, what happens if the derivative market collapses once again considering that $65trillion is in the US currency market?

Added on 12/8: Earlier in the week Nouriel Roubini, top market/economy watcher/advisor, warned:

  • “the global economy is headed for an unavoidable crash”,
  • “the mother of all stagflationary debt crises’ is coming”,
  • “a crisis that the Fed and other policymakers will be powerless to prevent”,
  • “there will be a hard landing — a deep, protracted recession — on top of a severe financial crisis”,

Roubini issued numerous warnings prior to the 2008 collapse.

Added on 12/8: In the early morning hours of 12/8 and article appeared wherein Blackrock, world’s largest investment house / money manager, said the following:

  • “The global economy has entered a period of elevated volatility, and previous investing approaches won’t work anymore…what worked in the past won’t work now.”
  • “A recession is imminent but central banks won’t be able to support markets this time by loosening policy.”
  • “Recession is foretold as central banks race to try to tame inflation. It’s the opposite of past recessions…it will ignite more market turbulence than ever before.”
Law Enforcement –

I’ve written about this general topic extensively, and you should probably know my position by now. But the one thing that worries me the most is when LEO’s say things such as, “I don’t make the laws, I just enforce them.” Bullshit! LEO’s aren’t robots, they aren’t required to enforce illegal, immoral, unethical, or unconstitutional laws, edicts, regulations, policies, or directives…or even Executive Orders.

Denver, Colorado Police Department ordered a SWAT raid on a home containing stolen goods. Problem!!! They didn’t do any investigation, no confirmation, no interviews, NO NOTHING!

Based on the word of one dipwad detective the SWAT raid was ordered, and that order “lacked probable cause that evidence of crime could be found” at the home, since it was based on an unverified and vague ping by Apple’s “Find My” app, which is used to track Apple devices. No other investigation was performed…NONE! And who did this affect? An aged grandmother living in the home alone. The house was raided by a full militarized SWAT team with an attack K9 dog. The house was trashed, battering ram used, collectibles destroyed, while the grandmother sat handcuffed and terrified in a police car. And nope, nothing was found, not a single item that was stolen, and it was later figured out that the lost iPhone ling was in error. But that didn’t stop the Gestapo SWAT raid on an innocent grandmother. So why didn’t the commander of the SWAT team, or any SWAT team member, question or at least verify the order? Come on…you know why…this was a great opportunity to play soldier and enforce a “comply or die” mentality!

Then there was the Austin, Texas man who came home at night and thought his house had been broken into. As any normal, self-reliant person would do, he retrieved his rifle and began to clear his house…especially since he lived in a high crime area where police are slow to respond. He thought he saw a badguy in his house and fired a round after clearing the background. Well, a neighbor saw and heard him…and called police. The police showed up and saw the homeowner standing on the porch holding a rifle. He was in a low-ready position, not pointing the weapon at anyone, not appearing to be menacing. So this dipwad cop, rather than try to figure out what is happening and who this guy is, simply yells “drop the gun” while pointing his own rifle at the homeowner who is on his owner property, protecting his own property.

Now, at this point you could almost understand the cop yelling to drop the gun…I get that. But, here is the problem…as he yells at the man to drop the gun…he shoots the man dead. Yup, he is giving the man the order at while simultaneously killing him. Ah, excuse me…that is murder. See, here is the problem…the cop! The cop rolls up on this guy knowing nothing at all about what is really happening. Then he shouts an order while both of their adrenaline is sky high. Now, let’s say the cop hadn’t shot and killed the guy while issuing the order…the homeowner would more than likely turned in the direction of the cop to see what was happening…and the cop would have killed him anyways since it would have been a move by the homeowner that the cop would have stated was endangering his life by “aggressively” turning/moving in his direction. So the homeowner was dead either way by a killer cop. Oh, and please don’t challenge the factual events/actions…it was all caught on bodycam of the killer cop and released.

Then there is the criminal mastermind, mass murderer, Martha Louis Menefield from Valley, Alabama. She was arrested by local police in a raid on her home executing a warrant for her arrest. Yeah, Martha, the criminal that she is was arrested cuffed, taken to jail, and put into a “cage” to protect all the decent people in Valley, Alabama society. See, 82-year old Martha was guilty of not paying her trash bill of $77.88.

Yeah, you read that right! The local police chief stated they were only doing their job...and treated her with respect. What? Raided her house, cuffed her, put her in a police care, booked her, put her in a “cage” and that somehow qualifies as “respect”????? And they did that for $77.88???? I guess they really have their job down pat!

This is exactly what I am telling you…the law enforcement in this country struggles on its best days…and kill a lot of people along the way. And LEOs want to understand why people not only don’t respect them hardly any more, some folks outright hate cops…well, I would suggest they look in the mirror first.

And why is this so important to me? Because I think about what stance the LEOs will take when it all falls apart in a grid-down. Based on what I am seeing ALL of the LEO’s will back tyranny and oppression. There will be some Peace Officers and Police Officers that will back the Constitution and US citizens…but they will be far and few between.

Rail Strike –

Well, Congress approved forcing the rail workers to accept a contract that forces them back to work under penalty of law. Interesting…the government having that kind power and authority pretty much fits the definition of fascism. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) argued Congress shouldn’t have been involved “shouldn’t be dictating our will” and the government shouldn’t “usurp” the power of workers and companies to resolve their own problems. Amen! If the government can force railway companies and their employees to work under whatever conditions that the government wants…then why not you and the company that you work for? Welcome to the USSA!!

Joe Pervert Biden –

Joe “Adolf” Biden last week condemned Hitler as a “demonic figure”. Well, that’s interesting considering his speech back in September when his event was patterned after and stage exactly as Hitler would have done back in the 1930’s. And Biden’s actions as President appear to be far more aligned with a fascist regime such as Hitler’s than a Constitutional Republic.

And to strengthen the “fascist regime” comparison, Herr Biden signed the Congressional action forcing railway companies and their employees into a contract that had been rejected. So that action is really aligned with a fascist dictator not the President of a Constitutional Republic.

And then you now have multiple State Treasurers coming out vocally against Adolf Biden’s recent decision to remove rules by his regime’s Labor Department. And the rules removed? Ah yes, now retirement plans encourage investments according to ESG rules. And remember it is ESG…wait, did you read the section about the WEF?

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the first White House state dinner of President Joe Biden’s regime last week. Yup, over 300 guests joined Biden (although he probably doesn’t remember) from fashion, entertainment, politics, and business. There was plenty of women’s gowns from Oscar de la Renta and jewelry from by Louis Vuitton. And special mention to House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy of California who was there and buddy-buddy with Biden. Oh, another special mention to another attendee…Alexander Soros, the son of George Soros and deputy chair of Soros’ Open Society.

On the menu was basic fare for any normal, average American family…butter-poached Maine lobster, beef with shallot marmalade, and then for dessert was orange chiffon cake with roasted pears and crème fraiche ice cream. And let’s not forget bottles of white wine by the case for all the drinking. Isn’t it nice of the Biden Regime to spend millions on a state dinner for the creme of the socialist crop in society eating wonderful food that most American have never, and will never, taste in their entire life because they can’ afford it. And think about how considerate it is of all these great authoritarians to partake of all that scrumptious food…while food inflation is hitting the average American so hard…and forcing some Americans to go without! Such a wonderful bunch of folks in Washington…kinda like the royalty in England at the time of the American Revolution don’t you think? Isn’t it just wonderful that Creepy Joe spends millions of dollars on a dinner for 300 elites…while many military personnel have to rely on food stamps to feed their families!

And let me conclude with this…and I am sure it will surprise you. We are all aware of all the talk and written articles of civil war…but, did you read the article on Friday, “Secession movements gain traction in US amid deepening political rifts”? Yup, it was a fact filled article speaking to the number of counties within blue states (i.e. socialist states) that are trying to secede from those states. It differs, but some counties want to form a new state after secession, others want to join more conservative neighboring states. But, here is my question…Does anyone really not understand why folks would want to do that? Seriously, in this country run by horrible, authoritarian, elites…is there any wonder why people would want out of the Communism and join together in a somewhat more traditionally Constitutional environment?

Folks…get your shit together! It is falling apart so fast that who knows what it will look like tomorrow morning or a week from now. But we know what evil looks like today, just look around at those in power…look at Washington D.C. So if it is this bad today, think about how bad it will get. I am telling you now, and have been telling your for years…get prepared. If you don’t, it will roll over you and crush you and your family.


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SitRep – 12/07/2022 (part #1)

Last week was a huge brain dumb from me to you…some of things frustrated me to the point where my head wanted to explode, some just made me very concerned about where we are headed as a country and as a world. And I am telling you, some of the stuff is truly troubling that we see in the world today. I am sure all of you, and I, wonder how long the system can stay functioning…as we know it.

To get up to speed, or review lats week, read these:

When I do research, then produce a post, I almost always do some “sustaining research” looking for evidence that what I previously posted is accurate and most of all true. Consider it my own “trust, but verify” process. I do that to try and make the info I provide as applicable, accurate, and valid as I possibly can. I did some more research over the weekend to that end. Dang it!

note: I wrote this Monday, posting it today.

Here’s what I am seeing…

Food, Farmers, Starvation, Environmentalism –

I have been telling you that environmentalists are the bad guys, they want to starve people, they are not our friends…and they are at it again…along with the world’s elites. A week ago the Netherlands moved to put 3,000 of their farmers out of business…the Dutch government is physically and violently stopping them from producing food.

The Netherlands (Dutch) is taking these Communist style actions to comply with forced European Union (EU) environmental laws. But, just as I explained how the US federal government will confiscate guns, the Netherlands is confiscating farm land. First, they offer a very generous, almost obscene, amount of money to buy the land. Once the “buy back” period is over, according to their new law the government will then simply take the land and force the farmers off. The farmers in the Netherlands have been protesting for years of these government ruler, regulations, laws, and actions to try and bring attention to this matter…and the public has been unsympathetic and the government as gotten more and more violent. Just a few days ago forces of the Netherlands government attacked protesters with heavy equipment. Farmers were sitting in their tractors during peaceful protests…and while additional protesters where outside of the tractors leaning against the machines. Heavy equipment used by the Dutch government had been militarized with armor and protective screens…then used to tip over the tractors. The interesting part…the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, has praised World Economic Forum, the founder, and the Great Reset plan.

Not the First Time – I found an article in a July 2022 edition of the Deseret News where during another protest by farmers in their tractors, Dutch forces opened fire on the farmers. The farmer’s tractor caravan came up on a “blockade” by police and tried to go around it and push through it. The Dutch forces claimed the tractors were aiming at their personnel and tried to kill them, so they had to open fire on the farmers in their tractors in self defense. Strangely, no officers were injured before, during, or after the incident. Well, anyone who has ever worked around tractors know that you could just stroll your way out of danger of an approaching tractor…they are hardly fatally dangerous in a situation such as this. And the Dutch government is doing all of this to comply with World Economic Forum environmental guidelines that have been adopted by the European Union.

And It Is World-Wide –

It doesn’t take much time or effort to find a whole bunch of articles documenting that this kind of activity is taking place pretty much all over the world. Like the violent protests in Peru over farm and truck regulations. Yup, they are trying to put farmers out of business in Peru as well. And get this…their government wants to take all trucks off the road that are older than 1999! So, tell me again how this helps those people and their economy? Oh wait, Peru’s government is Communist. And wait for it…Peru’s government is closely aligned with China. And China wants to do what? Oh, mine all of  Peru’s vast rare earth mineral deposits for…wait for it…lithium batteries. And who has close business relationships with the Communist party and government in China…the Biden Crime Family. And who is not supporting the freedom desiring citizens of Peru and who is supporting the Communist government of Peru? Yup, President “Joe-the-Commie” Biden…head of the Biden Crime Family. And what does Communism and the US federal government have in common…a complete and total authoritarian agenda.

World Economic Forum (WEF) –

Were you aware that the founder of the WEF and who authored the “Great Reset” plan, and the “Davos Manifesto”, is Klaus Martin Schwab? Did you know that he was born 30 March 1938 in Nazi Germany (Third Reich). In 1971, Schwab founded the European Management Forum, in 1987 it was renamed the World Economic Forum. Now, there are all sorts of wild claims about him and his father and ties to Hitler. I cannot confirm some of the more fringe claims. But what I can tell you is this:

  • His parents appear to be Swiss, not German, but worked and lived in Nazi Germany a lot.

  • His father was the managing director of a subsidiary of Zurich, Germany-based engineering firm Escher Wyss. That subsidiary was locating in Switzerland during part of the war. That firm supported the German war effort.

  • His father also had managed the Escher Wyss branch in Ravensburg, Germany branch during the war as well. That Nazi branch used prisoners of war and forced laborers while his father was the manager.

  • His father was a member of some National Socialist organizations, no Nazi Party records exist that show his father was a Nazi Party member, although he almost surely would have to have been to hold a high position such as he did.

  • The firm, and his father, participated in developing the Nazi nuclear weapons program.

Klaus Schwab, the son and founder of WEF, advocates for, and along with the WEF spends hundreds of millions of dollars in the pursuit of, a world economic system in which there are a few elites at the head of the world’s economy that control and dictate how that system is run. He uses the term “stakeholder capitalism” where everyone involved benefits from the economy. But, on closer inspection it is only a top-tier few elites that actually do the controlling and the majority of the benefiting. When viewed objectively, “stakeholder capitalism” in reality is just a form of Communism…and Communism is authoritarianism, a totalitarian state.

Oh, and did I mention that the WEF is the driving force behind “ESG” that is the primary tool in implementing the “Great Reset” and used by the enviro-crazies through controlling trillions of dollars of investments. Oh, and soon will control/replace your credit score…with a “social score”. Oh, just like China already does.

Workforce/Debt –

Late last week the report came out showing both the Workforce Participation Rate and the Productivity Rate fell again. That means fewer and fewer workers doing less and less work. And that helps explain two major points…1) credit card debt at historic highs because people are using credit cards to pay bills, 2) household savings falling to historic lows in terms of amount of savings and number of households with any savings at all. So you have to ask yourself…What happens with the credit card limits are reached and the savings is all used up? Well, 60% of all Americans do not have a single penny of savings of any kind.

Crypto Fallout –

Crypto currency was falling apart for this entire year, FTX collapse accelerated it. Then the crypto lenders got into trouble, now the problems have spread to the entire investment community. A Market Watch article came out on Saturday revealing that numerous and serious problems with the crypto world has now spread to the mainstream investor world and is now jeopardizing some major investment funds and companies related to the crypto industry/markets. How widespread the problem is, and the potential damage, is mostly unknown at this point. But some estimates would boggle the mind of the average person. Yes, that means the fallout could mean collapse.


There is now multi-sourced documented evidence that the FBI met weekly with leaders of big-tech companies prior to the 2020 Presidential election. That same evidence also shows that the FBI colluded with those companies to swing the election to Biden by covering up Biden Family crimes, raising questions about Trump, and directly influencing the public and media conversation regarding the election outcomes. As released last Friday, this on-going problem was again proven by FBI whistle-blower testimony before a number of state’s Attorneys General last week.

Oh, and let’s not forget…that evidence now proves that the FBI was meeting regularly with the Biden campaign staff and organizing/colluding with them to ensure Biden election.

This is proof-positive that the FBI is now nothing more than a federal-level political police force…enforcing the will of the government against the rights, liberties, and freedoms of US citizens…including ensuring presidential outcomes…as is done in any aspiring dictator run country.

The first real, substantiated, and numerous reports began came out this past summer, then it was backed-up in early November in a 1,000 page report from Congress. And for several months now all of that information has been corroborated by actual FBI agents turned whistle-blowers. The FBI is completely and totally compromised, there is only one solution for this problem.

Secret Service –

Last Thursday it was released that the Secret Service is now actively involved in the Hunter Biden – Joe Biden cover-up. The Secret Service changed its official statement and position in assisting the Biden Crime Family. In the spring of 2021 the Secret Service received a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for all information regarding the illegal purchase, ownership, and disposal of a Hunter Biden gun. In response to that FOIA request the Secret Service stated they had records in their possession and would turn those over to the FOIA requester. A year later the Secret Service had still not turned over the records…a violation of law. When the FOIA requester sued the Secret Service in September of 2022, the Secret Service responded stating they had no records of any kind related to any Hunter Biden gun issue.

We see once again…a US federal law enforcement agency has become completely and totally corrupted. And again, to the point where there is only one solution for this problem.

World Energy Crisis –

Let’s start at home…It is already well documented that “Senile Joe” Biden is at war with the oil & gas industry and has doubled energy price in the US since his election. And we know that since Biden was elected as Vice-President that over ½ of all coal plants in the US have been put out of business due to regulatory costs imposed upon them first by the Obama/Biden regime and then those costs and regulations increased by the Biden Regime. And ironically last Thursday Biden said coal plants are closing because they are “too expensive” to build and/or operate. And why is that? Because Biden has for decades been directly responsible for increasing those costs that he now admits are too expensive and driving them out of business!

And of course all of this energy supply and cost catastrophe comes at a time when the US is already experiencing energy shortages and HUGE increases in costs. Last week multiple reports came out that predict significant energy shortages that will result in rolling blackouts this winter. That is on top of reports that there are, and will be more, people freezing to death due to the cost of home heating oil.

And ironically enough…the Biden Regime has mandated electric vehicle usage. And this is while some states, humorously California, has puts limits and bans on charging electric cars due to…wait for it…energy shortages. That comes from…wait for it…the Biden Regime’s actions to shut down energy production and increase the remaining energy to astronomical levels. But not to worry, Switzerland is about to ban electric cars and/or their charging due to energy shortages. Oh, and after they implemented mandates for the adoption of electric cars not that long ago…mandated by the EU.

And of course you have the EU countries…who have, and still are, in a war against non-green energy production. But…they are now looking to import energy from outside sources due to these brilliant moves. But…they are having problems finding sources to buy from due to their war against non-green energy production. But, one country has stepped up and said they have plenty of oil and natural gas to provide…Russia. Oh wait, they are in a war with Russia. Oh, and they told Russia they would pay no more than $60 per barrel of oil. Wait a second…a desperate buyer in need of a commodity that is in short supply telling a supplier of that commodity what they will pay for that commodity???? I hope Russia laughs in their face!!

Now, let’s touch on one energy crisis-related minor subject that I think is hilariously funny in a way…well, two actually. Let’s take the easy one first…”renewable energy” and its ridiculousness. So the crazies want all renewable energy…fine…that’s what I already due with my solar system. My system harvests solar energy during the day, stores it in lithium batteries for use at night. My batteries (with the addition of the new one) weigh in at about slightly over ¼ ton in a space about 2’x2’x3’. And that doesn’t allow us to have electric hot water, 24-hour electric baseboard heat, or 24-hour air conditioning. So, if the US switches to renewable, solar and wind, what happens to energy production at night when the sun is gone and winds die down? Store the daytime energy in batteries…for the entire grid? Huuummmm, think again, it is mathematically impossible. So tell me again…how does renewable energy power from the entire US electric grid work, stored at night in batteries? And tell me that in light of the fact that we can’t even charge all the existing electric cars right now? And that is supposedly going to increase by 10x the number of electric cars by 2030? Yeah…right!

Now the tougher one…OK, maybe not! So, you take all the electric cars that have been mandated for 2030/2040…there seems to be a slight bit of a problem. To produce those cars, especially the batteries, for those cars, it takes hundreds of millions of tons of rare earth minerals…and even more other resources. Valid and reliable studies have been done…oh, wait…there aren’t that many tons of those materials currently available on the planet. And to make it even more interesting…the damage to the air and earth from producing those cars, even if the minerals were available, is legitimately estimated to be 1,000 – 1,000,000 more destructive to the environment than operating the same number of fossil fuel vehicles vs the electric vehicles.

And let’s top off this section with a final interesting note…Who produces almost 100% of lithium batteries and solar equipment in the world? Yup, China. The same China where the Biden Crime Family and Clinton Crime Family have close business and political ties with the Communist Government. And of course who produces virtually 100% of all the advanced microchips that will/would be used in all of those cars and most of the solar equipment? Yup, Taiwan. The same Taiwan where the Pelosi Crime Family has close business relations with those same chip manufacturers.

Wait…one more thing…remember I talked about the WEF and their big push for what? Yeah, go figure…a world-wide, global elitist organization of the richest people in the world, who believe in authoritarianism, and pushing a “green agenda” that fits perfectly with the largest authoritarian country in the world that produces almost all solar equipment and 99% of all lithium batteries…China…a Communist/authoritarian government.


Notice a trend here?

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SitRep – 12/02/2022

I did research and wrote yesterday’s post early in the week, and that post was based on my “impressions” or rather “feelings” from the week before that I just could not ignore. I did some editing on it yesterday morning before posting it…the editing being at 3:30am. Yeah, that 3:30am…I woke up with a sense of dread and foreboding like I was missing something that is standing right in front of me. So I decided to make good use of the early morning hours and do some more research into the financial aspect of what is taking place in the world, specifically in the US. It wasn’t encouraging as you can imagine…and there was a little more to it.

< click here to read yesterday’s post >

Here are some points to make about what I found:

  1. U.S. Treasury bond market inversion problem. What the heck does that mean? Well, not to bore you with details…it is the relationship of 10-year Treasury bond vs short-term Treasury bonds. In normally good times the 10-year bond yields are higher than the 2-year bonds, when they inverse it signals a looming recession. And it is historically accurate. The “inversion” is now worse than it has been in over 40 years. Yes, that means we could be looking at the kind of recession that the country endured in the 1980s’…and that was bad. Back then it was mortgage interest rates in the teens & even twenties, credit card interest rates in the twenties and thirties. It was bad.
  2. Barron’s article spoke to on-going supply chain issues…some of which are really worker-based issues. And we know that they are right. The official unemployment rate is relatively low, for now. But we also know that tech firms as well as many other companies have begun massive layoffs. However, the most important number is the “workforce participation rate” that I wrote about a while back. It is terribly low…dangerously low. Meaning, historic numbers of people have quit, been laid off, or gotten fired, and they are no longer looking for work. Then there is the “worker productivity rate” and it has been down and continues to look like it will get worse. Then there is the whole “quiet quitting” phenomena taking place. So Barron’s linked the two issues, ongoing supply chain problems and workforce problems…both have to be fixed before the supply chain, and associated economy, has any chance of being “fixed”…whatever that means.
  3. We all now there is a problem, a huge problem, with people struggling to pay their mortgages. Some have taken on more debt than they actually could afford, mortgage interest rate increases have pushed a lot of home buyers out of the market, and there is a general slowdown in the housing market…some calling that it the early stages of a housing bubble bursting. But, the symptoms don’t stop there…now mortgage companies are being hit…and going bankrupt. The housing problem in the US is looking as if it is beginning to spin out of control.
  4. ESG…really? I have been hearing about the whole ESG thing and its link to the great reset, etc. for quite a while now. I had my doubts about it…but, the more research I did the more it proved to be true. Yes, true…in and of itself…and its link to a “reset”, “collapse”, “transition” or whatever you want to call it is real. It is real and it is happening. For me I can see three main thrusts: 1) use the environment (the “E”) to move money from the common/average person to supposedly the poor (environmental reparations) but in reality the majority of the money will end up in the hands of the ultra-rich when the dust settles, 2) supposedly make society more just (the “S”) through a mislabeled effort of “equity” but, once again, it will be the middle moving some of its money to the poor but the transference will result in massive amounts of wealth being transferred to the ultra-rich, it is nothing more than Communism, 3) and the most staggering part of this…the “G” part, meaning the massive increase in government control of everything…and I mean every thing! Now, my point…I have been seeing a significant increase in the discussion of “biodiversity” investing. If you hear that term…it is directly related to the ESG agenda…and stay away, far away from it. It is simply a scheme to move money from the average person to the wealthy.
  5. The rail strike…dang! Originally, a couple months ago, I wasn’t worried about it and it appeared to be on the road to settlement. Now I am not so sure, but differently than what you might expect. Some of the unions accepted the agreement, some rejected it. Among the unions that accepted it, there was 100% unity with not crossing a picket line should the non-accepting unions strike. And yes, that means the rail transportation in the US would effectively shutdown. The resulting economic and practical effect would be significant…and then crippling if it went on. So rather than letting a free market system take its course and allow the two sides to figure out a solution that is agreeable to both sides…the US Communist Federal Government is in the process of forcing a settlement on both sides. Yes, I said “Communist” because that is exactly what it is…Communism. And if you support the US government forcing both sides into accepting their government’s deal…then you to are a Communist at heart. Congress is a day or so away from passing the law for the forcible acceptance, and Biden is calling for its passage. And if it passes that means the government controls your job as well…it’s only a matter of time. But here is the problem…I am hearing that at least two of the unions will not accept the deal even if it is enforced by Congress through legislation. And they have further indicated that they will strike. And if they strike it is highly likely that the remaining unions will not cross their picket lines…and that will shut everything down that is rail related. Then what does the government do? That my friend is my point…this could be a spark that potentially brings on a civil war. And the Democrats will be responsible for it through their Communist beliefs and actions. We need to pray that the strike and/or associated violence doesn’t happen. It’s too soon, they would lose.
  6. Just Wednesday Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, a hardcore authoritarian, warned of an increased homeland threat level related to domestic political violence…”driven by violent extremists seeking to further a political or social goal or act on a grievance.” He went on regarding these violent extremists that they “pose a persistent and lethal threat to the homeland.” And here is the key from him…“Perceptions of government overreach continue to drive individuals to attempt to commit violence targeting government officials and law enforcement officers…Some domestic violent extremists have expressed grievances based on perceptions that the government is overstepping its Constitutional authorities or failing to perform its duties.” Mayorkas is laying the groundwork, preparing Americans, for any acts of government violence and suppression of rights/liberties against US citizens…including martial law. Watch for a rail strike…violence erupting from that strike (including false flags)…and then how DHS responds to that violence or false flag.
  7. Bloomberg just came out with a huge warning about the cyrpto problems. FTX was a killer blow to the cyrpto industry and it started a domino effect with many other cyrpto companies…and it just got worse. Cyrpto related lenders are now struggling big time, specifically in relation to crypto “miners” and their ability to repay debt. Watch out…it looks like a government takeover or a collapse coming in this sector if I were talking to myself.
  8. Wars…Russia/Ukraine and China Civil War. Be watchful and careful of these wars. The Russia/Ukraine war appears as if it might be ready to make a significant upswing in intensity from both sides. And it also appears that the US will be sending Ukraine long range missiles that could strike well inside Russia’s borders. And Russia won’t stand for that.

And right now in China there are just “widespread protests and some rioting”…but that could change quickly. China’s hardcore communist government won’t tolerate the unrest much longer. But then let’s see how it works out as they try to control 1billion+ people. And don’t you find it interesting that the Biden family has deep, very deep, financial ties to both Ukraine and China? Maybe that might just have something to do with why we are pouring over $100billion into Ukraine? Oh, and not a peep out of Biden supporting the freedom seeking/loving protesters in China. And strangely, not a single word, not even a whisper from Biden about the violent Communist Chinese government crackdown on the protesters.

Summary –

Yesterday I wrote about something lurking in the shadows that I could tel was there…could see some form of it…but the details escaped me. Same is true this morning as I write this. But, the shadow is becoming far larger and more dense…and honestly, significantly more troubling.

As I have been saying for years…our economic system has failed…it has collapsed…the end will come. However, the end is on track for possibly years, if not decades, out into the future. Then again…we could just as well wake up on any given morning and it has collapsed entirely and completely.

What I feel is happening now…we are no longer decades away…maybe a couple years, maybe a few months…I am not sure. But the most troublesome…I can see far more issues that could collapse us overnight. And then add on top of that Mayorkas. Yes, Mayorkas! I am telling you Mayorkas would be far more at home in 1930’s and 1940’s Nazi Germany than here and now. But, in the here and now…he brings that same mentality of Nazism. If we were to collapse now…Mayorkas would be in his natural environment…and Amerika would turn into one big concentration camp. One that would be oppressive as you can’t even imagine…violent and tyrannical as any madman has done in the history of the world.

I think we need to have a serious discussion about what to do.

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SitRep – 10/19/2022 – Dire Warning !

! Dire Warning !

It’s here, it’s now, and it is going to get worse. OK, thanks for reading my latest SitRep…have a nice day and have a great week. Bye!

Well okay, that was nothing more than an attempt at some humor regarding a very serious and dark topic that I must share with you once again. Today I will be specific and issue a dire warning.

As I started to rough out this article I tried to figure out a starting point…and had an almost impossible time. Then I realized that the article’s starting point didn’t exist here in the US, the starting point of this article about the state of the US economy actually starts in Europe. Yup, our democratic socialist brothers and sisters across the pond.

Anyone find reports in the mainstream media, or any media actually, of the numerous and massive demonstrations in Europe? Yeah, by massive I mean crowds in the thousands, sometimes tens of thousands…often clashing with police. And not just taking place in a single EU country but lots of those countries. So have you seen the pictures or videos of the crowds? Yeah, didn’t think so.

In my last SitRep on 10/3/2022 I shared that the British pound (British currency) was seconds away from collapsing before their central bank (England’s federal reserve) stepped in and saved it by printing billions of pounds. Oh, and all of their country’s pension funds were ready to go bankrupt at the same time till -you guessed it- their central bank stepped in and printed billions more pounds to bail them out. But it is far worse than just the British problems…it’s Europe’s and the entire world’s problems…including the US.

As you well know by now the EU has fully embraced the radical green energy agenda. And in so doing they have already had significant electric grid problems for two years. And they’ve all but assured that almost the entire of Europe will be freezing this winter due to lack of home heating ability. Yup, they have shut down so much of their conventional/traditional energy production that they are looking at massive energy problems this winter. Meaning, they won’t be able to heat their homes to a reasonable degree…some, not at all. Oh, but don’t worry…I am sure their government offices, parliaments, and banks will be just fine though.

Back to the protests…what were they protesting? Well they are the most extreme of the radicals over there! They were protesting such things as inflation, energy shortages, lack of justice for regular citizens, and preferential legal treatment for the elites. Yeah, go figure…people actually protesting such things. The nerve of those Europeans!!!

Change of direction…

Let’s start with the recent US inflation figures:

  • Overall inflation came in at a staggering 8.2%…still 40+ year high.
  • Food component was up over 13%, with many food elements up 24 – 32%.
  • Energy component was up 19.8%.

But lest you forget…I’ve been telling you for years that the government changed the way it calculates inflation figures. Once again, back in the late 1980’s the federal government didn’t like the high inflation numbers that had been reported from the Carter inflation/recession time period. So they simply changed the formula to make it look better for the federal government. Imagine that!

So, based on the formula from the Carter inflation/recession period that rocked the country…our true/actual inflation rate is hovering at about 17%. Yup, imagine that!

So now let’s talk about the US unemployment rate…the current US unemployment rate is 3.5%. Wonderful! We have lots of people working and anyone who wants a job can get a great job making lots of money and enjoying life to the fullest! Ah, no. Even those who have jobs are seeing spending power down 3 – 5% even if they got the higher average wage raises.

Again, as I have explained before, about 30 years ago the federal government changed the way it calculated the unemployment rate. First off, don’t be confused…new unemployment claim filing numbers have nothing to do with the unemployment rate. The federal government actually contacts 60,000 households around the country and asks them about their employment status, etc. That is how the “rate” is set…not by any actual numbers, statistics, or filings…or any other realistic measure. And if a person has quite looking they also are not included either, along with some other bizarre measures that excludes some of the actual unemployed.

Just to do the numbers…the federal government asks 60,000 households about their employment status. There are 136,000,000 households. So .00044 of US households decide the US unemployment rate! In what universe does that make any sense at all??? OK, only when it comes to the US federal government does absolute absurdity become the norm.

So using the old numbers/stats/figures, the unemployment rate is actually just under about 8%.

And finally, the national economy figures show a contraction of over 1% for the last quarter…and the country’s economy has been contracting most of this year.

Now let’s wrap it up and make sense of the numbers:

  • In late 1916 the inflation rate hit double digits and stayed there through 1920 when it started to nose dive.
  • In 2005 the “new” inflation rate calculation hit 3%, hitting 5% in 2008 just prior to the Great Recession. Actual numbers would be 6% and 10% respectively.
  • In 1929 the unemployment rate was 3.2%, in today’s terms it would be reported as 1.7%.
  • Late 1929 the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began.
  • In 1931, two years into the Great Depression, the unemployment rate hit 15.9%, almost double what the “actual” unemployment rate is today.
  • During that same year, 1930, inflation nosedived and the economy was contracting at an alarming rate.
  • The contraction was driven by people losing their job and money/cash drying up.
  • In 1929 the stock market indicators showed a 17% loss, in 1930 the loss rose to 33%.
  • In 2022, year to date, the stock market is showing a loss of 16%.

Sounds like a bad time for America! Yeah, and the 1929 US depression drove the rest of the world into a global depression as well. But let’s look at something that should make you really uncomfortable.

The Federal Reserve (the Fed), a private banking organization that the US federal government placed in charge of the economy uses a single key tool to control the economy…short-term interest rate. In reality they also control employment, more correctly the unemployment rate. Historically they raise interest rates to dry up money supply which also raises the unemployment rate, also drying up money available in the economy. The two combined theoretically work together to bring down inflation.

It all sounds good until you are the person paying 20 – 30% more for food…and 15 – 25% more for energy like gas for your car and electricity for your home heating. And then you become one of the 15% of the workforce that loses their job. There is a reason the Great Depression had bread and soup lines and millions of people lost their job…and millions lost their home and life savings.

But, today while we have high inflation, we don’t have that high unemployment number…right!? Well, unless you think today’s 8% actual unemployment is high.

Well, there are sources close to the Fed now leaking information that the Fed is considering driving unemployment up by another 10+ million people. Ah, that means the “official/new” unemployment figures would officially rise to 7%. But remember, based on the 1929 formula…the unemployment figure would be 15.75%. And that my friend is the same unemployment rate during the opening days of the Great Depression in 1929.

Now, the federal government is talking about cooling inflation…but the experts are saying we are already in a recession and it is assured that we are headed into a “hard” recession in 2023. Some of the experts are even talking about the world being in a pre-depression stage. The figures and statistics show that they may well be correct.

If the Fed drives that unemployment rate up as their plan indicates…the only figure left needed for a depression is a negative inflation rate.

When you start to see true negative inflation then be very, very worried. And to be clear…that means official government figures showing inflation to be in the neighborhood of 1 – 2%…meaning the “true” inflation rate has gone negative. Combine that with unemployment numbers continuing to increase we are looking at a depression here in the US…and then spreading world-wide.

Almost done, hang in there…

I believe with all my heart and soul that when we start to see these numbers truly worsen just slightly and unemployment really hurting people the government will offer a new economic plan. It will be something that sounds good to the average stupid American, the liberals/Progressives will love it, the media will sing its praises, big business will be all in, big-tech will rave about it, and you will see it for what it is.

I have proven the case over and over again how the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and the middle class is disappearing. And that middle class disappearing began 50 years ago. I have previously provided charts, statistics, and facts from reliable and verifiable sources proving that to be true. There is no reliable evidence to the contrary.

So now…

In September 2020 a Price and Edwards report came out that showed $50trillion had moved from the bottom 90% of the US population to the richest top 1% of the US population…during that same 50 years I have spoken about, 1970 – 2020.

In June 2021 Bloomberg released figures showing that basically the bottom 90% of the US population are indebted to the richest top 1% of the US population. And the debt-to-income ratio of the bottom 90% is far, far greater than the top 1% making it less likely for the bottom 90% to be able to save and/or invest their money. And that debt prevents them from getting richer, and even prevents them from becoming less poor.

In early October 2022 Industry Week released a report that showed a very interesting trend that started in 1950. In 1950 the manufacturing industry in the US produced 40% of all profits and had 30% of all jobs. Today the finance industry (banks and investment houses) have 40% of all profits but only 5% of all jobs. Yup, that means those in the finance industry are making the profits but with 600% less people. And here is a little tidbit…wages. The current average US manufacturing job pays about $31,000. The current average US finance sector job pays from $63,000 to $120,000. Think about the “why” on that one.

Here is my final point…it is obvious what is happening to the US economy…it is being manipulated to make the rich richer as 90% of Americans lose their standard of living and struggle to pay their bills. How long do you think that can last?

Here are my questions that make it clear to me where we are headed:

1) At what point to do the 90% of Americans say enough is enough and demand change…either peacefully or otherwise?

2) If given a change to the US economy that drastically improves their financial lives (as in reduces/eliminates their debt) how willing will that 90% be to accept a “new deal”?

3) What entity is the ONLY entity able to offer that “new” economic plan?

Have you figured it out yet? Can you see where all of this is headed? Can you accept the facts, figures, and the mountain of evidence for what they show to be true?

Summary –

You know!!

You know it, you feel it, you can tell something is very wrong in the country right now…and has been for quite a while. Obviously the political situation is a complete disaster. And society is a total mess with all the bullcrap woke junk and degenerate LGBTQ trash being pushed on us. I could go on…but, probably of greatest importance to you is the current economy and our economic future. And that you can tell is a very real problem. You may not be able to put your finger on exactly what is wrong…but you know it is bad and that it is getting worse. And you are right.

It is clear that we are in a high inflation period…crystal clear. It is also clear the housing market is about to collapse again…the beginning is already occurring. Every single reliable and objective expert says we are in a recession right now. Most of the brightest and best experts say we are headed into a severe recession in 2023. A few of the top economists and experts are reading the stats and figures that we could be staring a depression right in the face starting as early as mid-2023. At the very least they are predicting stagflation for a decade.

But listen to the World Economic Forum’s own plan in coordination with the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations. They, in their own words, want to transform the entire world’s economy…period. And you know that they won’t be changing it to benefit the entire world’s population…it will be transformed to only benefit the top 1%, the ultra rich, the elites. Just like has been doing for the last 50 years. The same rich and elites who control the World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund, and the United Nations

How can I say that? Well…wake the hell up!! They have been freaking doing it for the last 50 damn years!!

The facts, the statistics, the evidence all show that their plan has been working really well for 50 years…but they are now accelerating it. They want to bring their plan to full fruition. It is time for them to complete this current phase of their plan and gather in even more wealth and resources…so they think.

But there is a side to that plan that is far more disastrous for you and me…maybe even fatally so. To control the kind of wealth and resources that they are talking about there is only one way to do it…authoritarianism. They must have complete and total control over the populations of countries. Many countries are already there…many are already close, really close, all of Europe is moving that way a staggering pace. Why do you think the US federal law enforcement agencies (such as the FBI, ATF, DHS, etc.) are becoming far more active and going after anyone who opposes US government & Progressive policies?

Bottom line…get prepared…do it quickly…do it soon…time is fast running out!

Some things to consider:

  • Get out of debt which gets you out from under the control of the lenders, the banks, the ultra rich, the elites.

  • Raise cash; sell unneeded possessions, get a second job, stop spending/wasting your money.

  • Create the ability to grow your own food.

  • Participate in the parallel economy; buy direct from farmers and ranchers, go to garage/estate/yard sales, take advantage of thrift stores, trade/barter for services and goods.

  • Adopt a plan to prepare for mitigating the 7 Common Threats & Risks associated with emergencies, disasters, and especially grid-down.

  • If you can, move out of large population areas into more conservative self-sustaining rural areas. Move out of California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, an other radical blue states as soon as possible.

  • Find others that are like-mined…and organize.

There are more things you can do…to get more ideas:

What my wife and I are preparing to do is to have the ability to live outside of the “system” and survive locally with friends, family, and other local/community folks who wish to avoid, or at least minimize, the absolute disaster that I believe is coming.

I highly encourage you to prepare…get it together…get going…get started and don’t stop preparing. The time left may be far shorter than you may think. All of the signs are there for an approaching utter catastrophe…and the signs have been showing themselves for a long time. But you have to see them, accept them, and then act on them. Failure to act could result in complete, total, out-and-out, potentially fatal, outcome for you and your family.

Can I make it any more clear?!?!?!?!? What else can I say or do? What other facts, statistics, evidence do I have to give you?

I can’t prepare for you, I can’t get you ready, I can’t make decisions for you, I simply can’t…that is your job. You must do it! You must do the preparing, you must do what is needed…only you can do that. No one is coming to rescue you, no one is going to show up as a knight in shining armor and save you. FEMA is not the answer. The National Guard is not the answer. No aspect of any level of government is the answer. Politicians are certainly not the cure no matter the party or what they promise.

You are the answer…the only answer. I am begging you to get this done…get prepared. Please do not delay! Do something, anything…just buy an extra can of food or two…or a packet of garden seed…please!

For the believers out there…pray for guidance, I promise you He will help show you the way forward, He will help you. Remember faith without works is dead. You do you part, you do your works…He will bless you with grace, with strength…He will bless you to not fear.

Folks this is it! It now or never!

Second to last thought…Why do you think all those protests and demonstrations are occurring all over Europe right now? And why do you think you are hearing virtually nothing about it in the USA? Again, what are they protesting and demonstrating against? Ah, inflation, energy shortages, a screwed up justice system…and fear of their bleak economic future.

Then you have got to ask yourself…why is that not happening in the US…why no protesting here? Well, we have been trained to be compliant little sheep, trained to obey, compelled to conform, acclimated to accept, and we have been beat over the head with the “law & order” crap at all costs. And if that doesn’t work…well, law enforcement agencies, especially at the federal level, are all too willing to protect those in power.

Finally, final thought…if you think a Republican sweep in November will fix anything…oh you silly, silly sheeple. Granted, it might slow things a bit…but it won’t stop the train wreck…it never has. Politicians are politicians no matter the party…it’s only correct principles that truly matter. And those my friend are in very short supply…in the US right now…and nonexistent in Washington DC.

You are the answer…you must rescue yourself…then be prepared to rescue others. It must be you!

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SitRep – Economy – 10/3/2022

This is an update and expansion of my article on 9/26,  Economic Situation… <click here to read that article>

This is a markedly different type of SitRep. I am referring to current news reports from the last 6 days. You can add these reports to the post on 9/26 < click here to read that article >

So, the previous post from 9/26 is added to the following information. Then I will give my summary at the end.

September 27th – Ned Davis Research’s Global Recession Probability Model shows that there’s now a 98% chance of a global recession – which signals a severe downturn and the global macro picture appears bleak. All signals point to that which is a coming severe global recession sometime in 2023.

September 28th – Mohamed El-Erian warns the Fed has lost most of its credibility, and that increases the risk of economic pain as tightening continues and it will cause more economic collateral damage in the US. He went on to say markets were no longer confident that a US recession could be avoided.

September 28th – CoinDesk reported that with markets in turmoil and the recent crash of the British pound and bond market being the latest examples, central banks are facing an acute dilemma…stabilize and saving the global financial markets vs saving country’s economies around the world. It appears that it is not doing either.

September 28th – The verdict from a trading model created by JPMorgan Chase & Co. strategists show it is a lock that a recession is all but imminent.

September 29th – World Bank chief warns of an existing “perfect storm” and to prepare for global recession and stagflation. He is joined by global institutions including the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization have both warned that countries around the world are sliding into a “global recession. A pressing danger for the developing world is that the sharp slowdown in global growth [continues to] deepens into global recession.”

October 1st – Bloomberg news service reported that since early 2021 the Chinese stock market has lost $5,000,000,000,000 ($5trillion) in value as their economy continues to tank.

October 1st – Yahoo finance reported that the Fed has the world in its hands — and its aggressive moves are creating global economic chaos that could come back and hurt the US.

October 2 – Climbing interest rates and prices are increasingly putting pressure on people’s finances. And in an effort to make ends meet, they’re turning to pawn shops for what can be low-risk, quick cash. The average is about $150, according to the National Pawnbrokers Association with over 30 million people using these types of loans.

October 2nd – The Wall Street Journal reports ocean carriers are canceling dozens of sailings on the world’s busiest routes during what is normally their peak season. This is the latest sign of the economic whiplash hitting companies as inflation weighs on global trade and consumer spending. Trans-Pacific shipping rates have plummeted roughly 75% from year-ago levels. The erosion in global economic conditions, from the war in Ukraine to factory shutdowns in China, have dealt heavy blows to trade activity..

October 3rd – Doug Duncan, chief economist for Fannie Mae, “…recession beginning in the first quarter of 2023.”

October 3rd – Oil market analysts say oil prices could soon return to $100 as OPEC+ considers ‘historic’ production cut. An influential alliance of some of the world’s most powerful oil producers is reportedly considering their largest output cut since the start of the coronavirus pandemic this week, a historic move that energy analysts say could push oil prices back toward triple digits. This would add significant pressure on the world pushing it deeper into a global recession.

Summary –

I am not expert by any stretch of imagination, but, it is pretty clear to me on where we are headed…and at best…it ain’t good. I can’t find an reliable expert of any kind that is committed to an optimistic economic outlook for either the United States or the world in general. If you read the info that I gathered it all points to a single near-term outcome…a global recession. And not just a mild one or a little hiccup…but a severe global recession.

So I started thinking about it…if we are in a time of high inflation, slowing job growth, and slow economic growth that means we are experiencing “stagflation.” To get a better understanding I looked for a modern example that would provide more information…Japan in the 1990’s. And it killed their economy for decades.

But, what about a recession. Forbes laid out a pretty clear definition of “recession”…

“A recession is a significant decline in economic activity that lasts for months or even years. Experts declare a recession when a nation’s economy experiences negative gross domestic product (GDP), rising levels of unemployment, falling retail sales, and contracting measures of income and manufacturing for an extended period of time.”

In other words economic conditions suck! Sorry, it means that people don’t get ahead, could well lose their job, pay more for everything, and poverty increases. Global recession also lays the groundwork for potential wars through competition for resources.

Points to ponder:

  • Stagflation and recession both describe declining economic conditions with negative business impacts.
  • Stagflation is a period of stagnant economic growth combined with high inflation and high unemployment.
  • A recession is a period during which the economy shrinks; it is commonly defined as two successive quarters of declining gross domestic product (GDP).
  • Stagflation is rare but can be persistent with devastating effects; in the U.S., it occurred from the 1970s to the early 1980s.
  • Recessions occur periodically as part of typical economic cycles of expansion followed by contraction. The U.S. has experienced a dozen recessions since 1945, averaging less than a year each.

So which is worse? Ah, kinda like choosing your poison…both are bad for you.

Either way it looks certain that we are in for a very rough ride. Back on June 23rd in my post title “Intensify I stated the following…

“Here is my larger point…as a country we have crashed politically and economically and civilly. We went off the cliff some time back…and we have already hit the bottom…we have felt the ‘thud’…and now comes the real pain…and it will intensify with each passing day, week, month, and year.”

And I was right…I wish I had been wrong…I hope I still might be. But let’s take a deep breath and step back for just a minute. What if this is the start of that global economic collapse? Glenn Beck referred to it as the “Great Reset” and he made a good case for it in relation to, and driven by, the World Economic Forum, Beck even wrote a book about it. What if he is right?

We know for a fact the global elitists control the world’s banking system. We know for a fact the the world’s central banks control every country’s economy, including their banks. And if you look at who controls the central banks we can clearly see what is going on…for their benefit…the global elites. And we know who is behind the “green energy” religion and we know what their ultimate goals are. Seems as if they overlap with an eerie coincidence.

Now connect the dots…

  1. The global recession is predicted as a certainty by a huge list of experts.
  2. Global stagflation is being thrown about as a real possibility.
  3. We saw the British currency collapse last week and it was barely saved due to radical central bank actions.
  4. We have a major war taking place with it expanding weekly.
  5. We have the two super powers threatening each other with nuclear weapons.
  6. We have the “green energy” freaks bringing down the fossil fuel industry in the US and the EU, while the USA’s enemies continue to get rich from fossil fuel production.
  7. And as a consequence of the “green energy” initiatives we have major energy shortages in both the US and EU.
  8. We have an existing food production shortage, significant worldwide agriculture industry problems, and a severe food shortage predicted for next year.

Need I go on?

PREPARE NOW for severe economic times…and the possibility/potential/probable collapse of the entire economic system. While the system may not collapse, being prepared for such an event will dramatically improve your personal economic situation…if you do it based on sound monetary/financial principles.

If you have been following this site for any reasonable length of time you know I have been warning you about this for a very long time…years to be exact. If you have not already started taking action…do so now. If you have been plodding along with your plan…expedite the steps in that plan.

But get moving…take action!

Please, I am asking you to make a solid financial plan to deal with our dire economic situation and what is to come. I can’t impress upon you how serious I think this is. I can’t think of anything else to do to encourage you to prepare for this. I can only beg you to get your financial house in order and be prepared for what is to come. If you are prepared for the worst of the economic possibilities then anything less will be much easier to deal with.

Additional Information: Feedback & Comments: 10/4/2022 <click here>

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Disclaimer: It goes without saying, I am no financial genius, I am no economic expert, and I am not anyone but an average Joe relating to you my opinion and nothing more.


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SitRep – May 2022 (part #4 of 4)

This is Part #4 of the May 2022 SitRep. Before reading this article I strongly urge you to have read the previous articles related to this SitRep. Failure to read these previous articles will prevent you from having an accurate understanding of what I am trying to say and why.

Never has a SitRep been more important…and the need for you to understand what I am saying more urgent.

Please read the following before proceeding:

Answers DAMN IT! –

This is what it all boils down to…answers. In other words, answering the #1 question of all preppers, and most US citizens in general, have…What can/should I do?

Before that question can be addressed I propose that the risks/threats must be correctly and properly identified:

  • The federal government is taking steps to silence free speech.
  • The federal government is creating a bureaucratic mechanism to criminalize anyone who disagrees with anything the federal government does or says.
  • The federal government has taken steps to eliminate constitutional rights by use of extreme measures such as identifying dissidents as domestic terrorists.
  • The federal government has taken, and will soon take, draconian measures to disarm US citizens in direct contradiction to the US Constitutional Bill of Rights. Understand this…the 2nd Amendment is already half destroyed due the elimination and demonization of militias.
  • The federal government is creating one crisis after another causing chaos, confusion, fear, hate, insecurity, and general turmoil. Once created they advance the concept that only the federal government can cure each crisis…each crisis that they created.
  • The federal government is allowing the Federal Reserve to create fluctuating unemployment, hyper-inflation, and the Fed devalued the US dollar to a low from which it can never recover.
  • The federal government is creating a massive network of law enforcement that can infringe, and has infringed, upon the rights, liberties, and freedoms of individual citizens at any time for any reason. Such actions being outside of Constitutional due process and principles.
  • The federal government expanding the capability of an agency (NSA) that can, and does, spy on every aspect of every US citizen’s life.
  • Federal bureaucrats and politicians elevating themselves above the average US citizen to a status of a ruling elite, an aristocrat class, the ones who know best. Ensuring that they and their peers are exempt from the laws that the average citizen can not escape.

But the greatest threat of all…the US federal government’s plan to completely subjugate the citizens of the US into a serfdom class totally unable to defend themselves against the implementation of authoritarianism and its ugly cousin, tyranny.

How has the federal government accomplished all these things? With the help of, the blessings of, and the approval of the US citizenry. Now, not all citizens have approved of all their actions, and many have opposed them, but the government could only do that which the citizenry has allowed and tolerated them to do.

And how did US citizens get to the point that the federal government was allowed to run amok? Well, as a people and country we abandoned God, forgot the reasoning behind the Constitution and Bill of Rights, embraced situational ethics, and all too much viewed the Constitution as a living breathing document vs a firm foundation of guiding principles. We turned a blind eye to our politicians’ unbridled lust for power and money. We encouraged a large and powerful standing army fueling the greed and power lust of the military-industrial complex. We embraced party politics over sound Constitutional principles and eternal truths.

Our out-of-control US federal government became the hydra it is today simply because we allowed it to. We were seduced by their promises of easy money, peace, security, pride, patriotism, and manifest destiny. What we got instead was none of those promises fulfilled, but a government that is interested in one thing…creating an authoritarian state that benefits the few at the expense of the vast citizenry.

Does that about sum it up? You cure the problem of the US federal government and most other problems either disappear or become less daunting.

But therein lies the problem…there is no realistic cure for the US federal government, it has simply become too large, too powerful, too overreaching, too tyrannical in nature and deed to be cured. No election can cure it, we’ve seen that already for over 100 years. The Supreme Court can’t fix it, it is part of the problem. Elected federal politicians can’t fix it, they either are the actual problem or the good ones get converted to the lust for power or get crushed by the political machines of both parties. There is no modern day George Washington to straighten everything out, and there never will be. There is simply no way to cure the problem of the US federal government. If you try they will attempt to silence you. Should that fail…the FBI Hostage Rescue Team will come knocking and kill you.

Not a pretty picture…just the way they have been painting it for 130 years.

The only way to attempt to cure the federal government problem is to cure the problems within our collective selves as citizens, to make right that which is wrong within each of us. It boils down to each individual, that is how you attempt to fix it.

So, now that I have, more or less, identified the risks and threats, IMHO, depressing as it may sound…what can/should you and I be doing about it all?

Well, let’s take this in priority order:

  1. FIRST and FOREMOST – In order to stay alive and out of prison do not participate in violence of any kind. Do not attend protests, demonstrations, or any kind of rally. At this point in time all of these have the real potential to turn violent. Do not get involved in those activities! Don’t even talk about committing violence no matter how patriotic it may sound. When you are around people do not allow them to talk about committing violence, or even advocating for it. If they do, then tell them you will have no part in it and leave. Why? Same as I have told you before…the federal law enforcement agencies have agents or informers in every militia in the US and any other group they see as a threat. They will look for and find any reason to arrest and imprison anyone they can. And if that can’t find a reason they will manufacture one as they have done so numerous times. Stay away from any anti-government style violence or discussion of such…period!
  2. Have a clear set of core principles that you believe in no matter what. If you don’t already have them, develop that set of core principles. Those principles must be based on both temporal (i.e. US Constitution & Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, etc.) and spiritual concepts (i.e. 10 Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, etc.). Make the decision to stand by those principles no matter what, and then do not compromise those principles. When challenged, do not shrink from defending those principles using sound reasoning, logic, and compassionate understanding of others.
  3. Clearly see the magnitude of the problem and the utter enormity of the collapse that has already occurred and more which is coming…and stay situationally aware. Focus on knowing what is going on in the country and world from only trusted sources of information. But, do not become obsessed over current events, ignore all non-trustworthy sources of information, stay away from those promoting conspiracy theories, avoid “fear porn”, and do not give time to the “static” in life.
  4. Be willing to have am emergency preparedness plan, make a plan, and be committed to work that plan. The plan must be based on solid, practical, and proven concepts of emergency preparedness. The plan must cover all areas of threats/risks and above all, it must be realistic.
  5. Forget acting globally, forget acting nationally, but do act locally. Be involved in your family, community, congregation, and possibly at the state level (if you feel prompted to do so). It is highly likely that you can have no impact at the global or national level to right this sinking ship…so don’t waste your time, talents, efforts, or resources on that pointless effort. Stay focused and engaged where you can make a difference. Start at the smallest/lowest possible level and then expand from there. Concentrate on where you can be both active and effective in your ability to help others. Serve.
  6. Do not be part of political party politics and do not support any political party platform. Advocate, support, and advance only your principles as outlined in #2 regardless of politics or political parties. Push forward the sound principles that you have formed when you are involved in your community. Do not compromise those principles. Seek consensus not compromise. When you vote, vote for the candidate whose principles and ideas match yours regardless of political party affiliation. Do not donate your money to any political party; you have no true knowledge of what they are doing with that money.
  7. Talk about emergency preparedness whenever appropriate to get as many people aware as possible. But, do not show your preps to anyone and do not be specific regarding the extent of your preps.
  8. Gently, quietly, without fanfare, find others who think and act as you do. Start a moderate conversation regarding emergency preparation in general terms. Gauge their response, move forward if there is common ground, but do so only in small steps. Know who you are talking to. As trust and confidence grows move the conversation to mutual support and assistance in your emergency preparedness endeavors. A good place to start would be at church. But, don’t assume that just because they are fellow church goers that they share all of your preparedness beliefs or share your core principles.
  9. Do everything you can to be as independent of all levels of government as possible, especially the federal government. Think “self-reliance” in every aspect of your life.
  10. Be willing and committed to defending yourself, your family, your principles, and your community against all threats that would jeopardize those principles or the safety of those you love and have joined with.
  11. Have “realistic expectations” of yourself and your family when it comes to emergency preparedness. It would be wonderful to be 100% prepared for any emergency that might come your way…but that is 100% unrealistic. Do the best you can with what you have…and that is good enough. Focus your time and resources on that which is the greatest risk/threat against you and your family, solve that, and then move on to the next item. Work your plan but do not become obsessive.

I apologize if you were expecting some great “silver bullet” solution. But I don’t apologize if you were expecting me tell you to join a militia, take up arms, revolt, become an Alexander Hamilton, etc. These times are not those that cry out for violence as our Founding Fathers did after decades of trying to solve the problems with England. If you are drawn towards violence, a repeat of the 1/6 disaster, etc. then I am not your guru, I don’t have your answers.

What we need in this country right now is civility, compassion, willingness to serve, level-headedness, calm, and people determined to be prepared for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down. We need people who Preparedness Communitycan reach out to their families, their communities & neighbors, and their congregations with helping hands. We need people with strong principles, or at least those willing to embrace strong righteous principles, willing to stand-up for those principles, and then share them with others in a calm and gentle manner.

Look at what the federal government is doing, what bureaucrats are doing, what politicians are doing, and how they are behaving and what their position related actions are. We need good people doing the exact opposite. We need good people doing good things for the right reasons, helping and serving others. Embrace selflessness…abandon selfishness.

The best way, actually the only way, to fight evil is to fight it with good. And you must be that source of good. For this is truly a struggle of good vs evil. Right now evil is wining on a global and national level for the most part. But that can and will change. I am asking you, imploring you, to be part of that good that makes that change.

Now, just for clarification…I am not advocating that you not physically defend yourself or your family against threats and acts of violence. You have a God-given right to defend yourself and you have a responsibility mandated by God to defend and protect your family. And I urge you to take both of those responsibilities seriously, as seriously as you need to…only you can make that judgement as to what degree.

This is not a month long struggle, not even a year long struggle; it may not be resolved even in your lifetime. But, you are part of the solution, today’s solution, tomorrow’s solution…be the part of the solution that you need to be.

Summary –

Right now pretty much every aspect of our world is in turmoil…and it is meant to be that way…that is their intention. Every soldier of evil is working overtime to create that mayhem and havoc. It is all by design. And for the most part it is the federal government creating, or at the center of, all of the chaos and bedlam. For in doing so they create division among the people keeping them from uniting to restore our Constitutional rights, to live a free and happy life, to hold accountable those who lust for power. By separating us, by using party politics, by playing race against race, by distorting truth, by heavy handed tyrannical and powerful government tactics the seek to move us to little more of a role than serfdom.

You could easily find reason to be depressed, withdraw from society, or take up arms in a misdirected cause. Don’t! You could easily get caught up in worship of political idols or in embracing political party platforms you could find some semblance of security and a sense of belonging. Don’t! You can justify anger and rage in today’s world with minimal effort. Don’t!

There are many easy roads and paths to follow. But where do they actually lead you? Some may seem to be correct, some meeting an inner need for action, others may appeal to some desire to belong. But what is the actual eventual outcome of those paths and roads…they all have an end-state somewhere. What does that look like? Can you even see the end or know what it is? Is it really something you want to be involved it?

I don’t know a single prepper who isn’t action oriented. We all want to take action, we all want to fix things, we all want to make things better, and we all feel better when we are doing something to correct a bad situation. We are doers and not just talkers and dreamers; although I am sure we do plenty of the latter two. The key here is what we do, the next actions we take.

There is no easy answer, there is no easy fix, there is no easy road or path to follow, and there certainly is no magical silver bullet. But there is an answer, there is a path to follow, there is a positive outcome, and you can easily be part of it.

Notice I said “…easily be part of it…” That doesn’t eliminate any of the hard parts…I just refer to it being easy for you to join in the solution. Staying there and performing tasks within that solution is a whole other story…I imagine that part will be hard at almost every turn for most of us.

But, you can do, you can belong, you can fix, you can move forward, you can help, you can make a difference, you can serve, you can be part of the solution…it depends solely on who you are inside and what you want out of life. It is all entirely up to you.

I can’t imagine for the life of me that anyone reading this article (other than the federal law enforcement agents/researchers) would not want to be part of the solution. Meaning a lawful, Constitutional, God-centered, positive, correct, appropriate, and meaningful solution to the problems we face today.

I know many of you, I get a sense from everyone who visits my site and reads my articles that you are great people, intelligent people, folks who want the world to be a better place.

I also know exactly what frustration is. Maybe not your particular frustration, but I know what frustration is when I look at this disaster of a country we live in. I am frustrated that our government has abandoned virtually every founding principle that was divinely inspired nearly 250 years ago during our young country’s struggle for independence. I am frustrated that many of our citizens have exchanged freedoms, liberties, and rights for the promise of security and peace. I get it…I do…I understand it.

And frustration can be a wonderful motivating tool or it can lead to utter destruction. They key is what your frustration motivates you to do. I suggest you search yourself…and then allow your frustration to motivate you to do what is right. There be consequences, some good, some not so good, that follow when you do the right things…let them come. Start today.


Personal Note: Please share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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SitRep – May 2022 (part #3 of 4)

This is Part #3 of the May 2022 SitRep. Before reading this article I strongly urge you to have read the previous articles related to this SitRep. Failure to read these previous articles will prevent you from having an accurate understanding of what I am saying and why.

Never has a SitRep been more important…and the need for you to understand what I am saying more urgent.

Please read the following before proceeding:

Now on to Part #3…

The fall of the U.S. Empire –

So why this topic after just writing about the US Civil War II; or more accurately The Great United States Federal Government Revolution?

Pretty simple…to explain “why” and “why now.”

For years, lots of years, I have been studying history…including great empires. And I am sure you are aware as well of the rise/fall of empires, the Roman Empire is a prime example. And I am sure that you have made, or read, about the comparison of the USA to the rise and fall of other empires. Well, it is true, proven by fact, well documented, and shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that the USA is on the same track. How close to the “fall” we are has been hotly debated for a while now. I personally believe we are close, very close, to the “fall” as an empire.

First of all let’s get this out of the way…if you think the USA is not an “empire” then you are either ignorant or a reality and truth denier.

Now, the most researched, documented, and clearly written information regarding empires that I have ever seen has been produced by a guy by the name of Dalio. He went into factual scientific detail, extreme detail, regarding the rise and fall of the great empires in the last 500 years. So let’s start with this…a chart that shows the life-cycle of an empire:Yeah, this chart represents exactly and factually what all empires go through…its called their empire life-cycle. Does anything look familiar?

Then we can review how all the empires have cycled in the last 500 years:

But that looks a bit confusing, so let’s boil it down to the top 4 empires:

Notice which empire is rising and which is falling?

Just gotta throw a couple more charts in there. Next one is rise/fall based on the global reserve status of an empire’s currency.

Notice which empire is rising and which is falling?

Next are the eight factors that empire’s rise/fall curves were based on and their place in the empire’s life-cycle.

Is this clear yet?

There is a variable factor that has come into play throughout the 500 years, but most notably in the last 100 years…technology. The technology of today is accelerating the curves, both the rise and fall ended of the curves.

The United States of America is an empire…an empire is steep decline. That statement is factual, based in reality, founded on history, and well researched empirical scientific evidence. Worse yet, nothing will occur that will or can stop the fall…it is already occurring…and the USA will complete the collapse. Again, that too is based on fact and historical evidence.

Here we see the status of 9 areas of importance controlling the rise and fall of the US Empire:

The only trait that is consistently rising over the last 30 years is the US military. And that is because our endless wars and the military-industrial complex grip on the government and our desperate gasp to be relevant in the world.

In the following two charts we see where the US Empire is in relation to the modern Chinese Empire:

Here is the key and the point to all of this…why do you think that the US Federal Government has started the revolution that I talked about in Part #2? Why do you think they are intentionally creating chaos, mayhem confusion, hate, violence, pitting once group against another, etc.?

The powers behind the monstrosity that is called the US federal government know the United States empire is falling and will collapse, they are simply implementing a plan (revolution/civil war) for that which is to rise from the ashes of that coming fall. And I am telling you now…it ain’t no Constitutional Republic they plan to resurrect.


  1. Do you recognize fact, do you accept scientific evidence, do you believe in proven historical datum?
  2. Do you see what they are planning for the USA, and why, after it collapses as an empire?
  3. Do you have a plan on what to do about it or how to cope with the fall?
  4. Have you talked it through with your family, your community, and your congregation?
  5. Do you even know anyone else who accepts this information or believes similar to you?
  6. What will you do going forward now that this is staring you right in the face?

USA’s divine origins…Yes, I believe the Founding Fathers when they talk about the US being founded with divine help from God. The Declaration of Independence uses the very terms “God”, “Creator”, “Supreme Judge”, and “divine Providence.” So yes, the United States of America was founded, in whole or in part, by God for His purposes.

Does God guarantee that America will survive or operates with his blessing today? I can’t find a single inspired source that says that. And I believe that any country such as America that kills nearly 1 million unborn babies per year is not, and will not, receive the blessing of our Father in Heaven.

Now for an extremely important point that I have to make; and it is critical to everything I have talked about and that I will talk about going forward. Not understanding the next statement will jade opinions of everything I’ve written in terms of the US Empire and its fall, a war mongering people, etc. So here goes…

There is no comparison between the people of the United States and the federal government of the United States. The government of the United States is completely corrupt, decadent, and its leaders totally depraved lusting only after power and money. It follows no eternal truths, acts against the best interests of its citizens, and performs abhorrent acts of evil. The US federal government has abandoned the rule of law, turned away from the Constitution, no longer recognizes natural God-given rights, or respects rights guaranteed through the Bill of Rights.

On the other hand, as a people, citizens of the United States are some of the most warm, friendly, compassionate, and giving people in the world. Global statistics show that to be 100% true. One only needs to travel to the mid-west or localities that are church-centered to see that this is true. Granted liberal run states are far less so, but still as a country, we are a good and decent people. Not near as much as we once were, but still on the positive side of the scale.

But let me be clear…the US federal government doesn’t mirror the positive qualities of its citizens. And to be quite honest…the federal government it doing its very, very best to crush the good and decent people of the US into oblivion. Why? So no one looks to fellow citizens for decency or help…they look only to the federal government for answers and solutions. Thus becoming serfs to the authoritarians. They seek to crush any form of self-reliance…temporal or spiritual.

Yes, there are a few decent people at the federal political level, but damn few…probably could count them on one hand…maybe. Virtually all politicians and bureaucrats prefer compromise vs consensus, power vs liberty, regulations vs freedoms, controls vs rights, wealth vs fairness, politics vs principles, and authoritarianism vs a Constitutional Republic.

So please don’t confuse the qualities of people in the US vs the immorality of the government of the US. The problem lies in the fact that the people no longer control the government…and people fear the government.

money and power used by the federal government creates tyranny at the loss of rights and freedom.Bottom line…

  1. As a government the US federal government has fallen into decay, ruthless tyranny, and is totally debauched.
  2. As an empire the US is falling fast and the crash cannot be prevented. What rises from its ashes will be much, much worse than what exists today.
  3. You must have a plan on what you are to do, how you are to do it, and with whom you will do it. Failure to do so ensures failure of the worst kind.


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May 2022 SitRep (Critical Updates to Parts 1 & 2)

These updates I consider “critical” due to their potential impact to bring down the US in one fell swoop when grouped together. One update could create an almost instant shooting civil war. These are serious developments and I felt the need to include them in the SitRep to bring additional clarity and understanding to what is happening and just how precarious our situation is.

The areas I will be updating are:

  • The Economy
  • Food Situation
  • War with Russia
  • US Civil War II

If you have not already read the following articles prior to this article, please do so now. Doing so will help you understand more fully what I am referring to in this and subsequent May 2022 SitRep articles.

In a article later today I will be posting the actual Part 3 of the May 2022 SitRep covering “The fall of the US Empire”.

On with the updates…

The Economy –

There is an interesting (albeit troubling) economic narrative starting to surface. The numbers for months now show that the US is in-fact in a recession. Additional numbers how that inflation is fiscally killing everyone but the rich; and especially negatively impacting the middle-class. The job numbers show that people are increasingly unemployed with many people no longer seeking employment although employable. And there was widespread belief among many experts that the country would enter a depression before the end of the year.

Well, there is an economic term out there called “excess savings” (ES) and man is it weird. ES is the difference in the total value of money in savings due to COVID vs if COVID hadn’t occurred.

Example: let’s say that you would normally have $1,000 in savings had COVID not occurred. But, since COVID occurred you now have $2,500 in savings; supposedly because you weren’t spending money and thus you saved it. ES is the $1,500 additional money you now have in savings.

And these ES true believers say the US has $1.6trillion in ES to spend. That equates to $12,307 of ES per US household. And based on that figure these ES folks are predicting that the US is coming out of a recession and headed, very shortly headed, to an economic boom. And the worst part…many on the Biden/Harris team are jumping onboard the ES ship.

Now, I don’t know about you and your household but I can tell you that without any hesitation…in our house we don’t have an extra $12,307 dollars in savings!! And I am not hearing any of my friends or acquaintances talking about their extra $12,307.

But there is more contradictory information…

  • US citizens added $13.5trillion of wealth,
  • Paid off massive amounts of credit card debt,
  • Bought and refinanced homes a record paces,
  • Put more money into savings than ever before.

But we know that…

  • Unpaid credit card balances are at record highs,
  • Mortgage foreclosures have skyrocketed by 132%.

But, once you dig below the surface to see the fallacy of those positive ES numbers…

  • The stock market was the biggest driver of that wealth gain in 2020 and 2021. And 2022 YTD stock market losses totaled nearly 10% wiping out most of that wealth gain.
  • 1/3 of that wealth gain went to the top 1% of the US rich folks, well over 70% of the wealth gain went to the top 20% richest people in the US.
  • The middle-class folks suffered the most financially, showing little to no gain in wealth. And as stated, almost all of their wealth gain was from the stock market which has since been wiped out.

Bottom line…the rich got richer…as for everyone else, not so much.

And an interesting set of facts…there were many new billionaires created in the world and the US. All of them came from the ranks of millionaires. And out of the top 16 billionaires created around the world during the COVID pandemic…8 were from China. I find that very interesting considering where the virus came from.

Couple the increase in the wealth going primarily to the richest and most of the new billionaires are located in China…well, you get the idea. If you aren’t following me…it is not just the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. In this case, as in virtually all cases in the last 50 years…the wealth is being transferred from the bottom 90% of the people to the richest 10% of the people…and the US middle-class is disappearing as China producers more and more billionaires.

That should scare the hell out of you! Why? Because the strength of the US Constitutional Republic and the US economy has always been the US middle-class. Without the middle-class you have the rich elites (i.e. ruling class authoritarians) and serfs.

The single most troubling aspect of this dramatic contradiction of economic data…it adds to the confusion, anger, and chaos being created.

What is actually the damage to the middle class?

Since 1970 the US rich have gotten notably richer, the poor have gotten marginally less poor, but the middle-class has been decimated by comparison.

The underpinning of a stable US constitutional political system is the middle-class. In every country or empire, once the middle-class begins to disappear and the rich become richer and dominate…that country/empire falls.

The chart above shows:

  • The middle-class shrank by 33%
  • The poor did shrink by 20%
  • And the rich increased by 72%

So you might think…GREAT! The middle-class and poor folks moved into the “rich” class. Ah, no. This is a comparative chart…it shows that the few rich got richer by a lot. The poor improved their status a bit. But it shows that there is a significant decrease in folks being considered middle-class. Meaning that for the most part many of the middle-class moved into the “poor” category. And that movement of the middle-class earners into the lower-income category is what boosted the improvement in poor category up a small amount.

Now let me connect two dots to help make things more clear.

Remember the $12,307 increase in excess savings (ES) per household? That number is an average per household. However, looking below the surface for the middle-class you see that most of that ES was based in two areas:

  1. Stock market increase came from and linked to their IRAs, 401(k)s, etc.
  2. The other part of the ES came from multiple government stimulus handouts.

Once you factor in the downturn of the market YTD and remove the temporary government handouts there is virtually no increase in savings of the middle-class at all. And the same is even more true for the poor. Meaning…during COVID wealth was transferred from the poor and middle-class to the rich. And the majority of those who became newly rich (i.e. billionaires), 8 out of the top 16 were in China, and most of the total “newly rich” became rich off of COVID related services and products.

Remember my article yesterday regarding authoritarianism? Their goal…power and money.

Why is the middle-class so important? History has proven that it is the middle-class that becomes the heart and soul of a country. It is the center of morals, integrity, and keeps a country centered, stable, and balanced. Without the middle-class any/all countries fail and fall. But until they do…the middle-class is a direct threat to authoritarians (ruling elites).

Food Situation –

I will make this short and to the point…

  1. Major sugar producers are now limiting exports. There is some indication that more than one may curtail all sugar exports.
  2. India has already curtailed wheat exports, now they are considering limiting or stopping all rice exports as well. India is the #1 producer/exporter of rice in the world…40% of all global rice exports.
  3. There are upwards of 12 countries that are now actively considering reducing or stopping food exporting.

We have entered very, very dangerous territory regarding a global food crisis. And the US is smack dab in the middle of it. Estimates are now between 100million to 200million are at risk globally for starvation in 2022. Do I believe those estimates? Kinda. Historically those numbers have been used as “scare tactics” but I am starting to see more and more potential that they may be right this time, at least to some degree.

War with Russia –

Truth be told this should be a larger category…”World War III”.

The US has continually prodded Russia into continuing, if not expanding, their attack/war on Ukraine. The latest development is the US announcement to send an advanced weapons system to Ukraine that is not just an offensive weapon, it is a weapon that can easily reach inside of Russia’s borders with deadly accuracy.

Personally I like to see the fight being taken to Russia and let them get a taste of the destruction war brings. But, is that a logical or even right thing to do? What will Russia’s response be to our escalation of our war with them? What will happen to the resolve of the Russian people when their homeland is attacked? Who will the Russian military blame for these forthcoming attacks on their soil? How will they react?

Then we have “Crazy Joe” now poking China in the eye and trying to provoke a war there. In the last few days he made the statement that the US would militarily defend Taiwan against an attack by China. That has never been the public foreign policy stance of the US. Granted, it has been the unspoken policy but that is far different in the world of sleazy foreign relations. China knows we back Taiwan with military aid, providing advanced weapons systems, training, etc. China always knew with some certainty that we would back Taiwan to one degree or another when China attacks Taiwan. But to take the US stance public, stating it in their backyard, is a direct military challenge to China.

China’s response? A show of military force on the sea and in the air as a direct challenge to “Crazy Joe” and his dare. China calling Biden’s bluff, showing they are not afraid of him or his dementia. Crazy Joe…the man that brings us one step closer to another war…one with a large and technologically advanced military. A military whose publicly released documents states that their intention is to replace us as the sole world’s power. Great job Crazy Joe!

Now I need you to remember what I have been saying for a very, very long time…”watch the other hand.” Meaning, while the focus is directed at one or more high-profile issues, keep an eye on what they try to do while we are not watching the other hand.

Notice how quiet North Korea and Iran are right now? Keep an eye on them, something is up and they won’t remain quiet much longer.

US Civil War II –

So the heart of the matter is simple…coming anti-2nd Amendment moves by the US federal government.

As we all know the authoritarians love a good crisis…the worse the crisis, the more dangerous the crisis, the deadlier the crisis, and the more media focused the crisis the better for the authoritarians. The Buffalo mass shooting of blacks fit that bill perfect because along with the “gun” aspect they also could dwell on the “race” aspect as well. Then the Uvalde school shooting…OMG that is the authoritarians ultimate crisis…not just “gun” but “children” as well!!

No, I am not downplaying either event or mocking either, I am referring to the authoritarians’ outcry directly.

So now you have a perfect confluence/convergence of events that allow the authoritarians to move against guns. And why are authoritarians so anti-gun…or more specifically anti-2nd Amendment? Because they know the sole purpose of the 2nd Amendment as designed by the Founding Fathers.

And the Founding Fathers designed the 2nd Amendment for a single purpose…to allow the people to throw off a tyrannical authoritarian federal government. They suffered under British tyranny, knew the face of authoritarianism, they knew all too well that eventually that same lust for power would creep into the United States. And we see that it clearly has, it is here, and getting worse by the day.

Our Founders showed us the way to deal with tyranny in the Declaration of Independence and the means to do so through the 2nd Amendment. And of course, the authoritarians have steadily diminished both over the years. Their goal? Remove any and all capability to resist tyranny and authoritarianism…yes, even the very desire to resist.

There has been a “bipartisan” committee formed in Congress to hammer out the next round of anti-2nd Amendment unconstitutional gun laws. And it is startling what they are considering. The more radical of the authoritarians want gun bans and confiscation. The more conservative of the authoritarians are willing to go along with banning high-capacity magazines, age restrictions, and broad and vague “Red Flag” laws. Even the most conservative authoritarians are willing to go along with many of the ideas being floated around. The authoritarians are not going to waste this crisis…they will enact more anti-2nd Amendment and unconstitutional laws…it is only a matter of to what degree…but chip away they will.

Anyone in Congress who votes in favor of any gun law can easily be identified as an “authoritarian”…plain and simple. Why else would they vote against rights guaranteed by the Constitution? Why else would they fly in the face of the Founding Fathers wisdom and experience?

Note: When you hear the term “bipartisan” just substitute “authoritarians working together“…which would be far more accurate and revealing.

And interestingly enough…

  1. The shooter in Buffalo was well known by both law enforcement and mental health officials, both of which utterly failed to stop him even with plenty of advanced warning.
  2. The shooter in Uvalde was well known to friends and co-workers by the nickname “school shooter”. And for as yet to be determined reasons, law enforcement delayed stopping the shooter for almost 1-1/2 hours. The school district police chief being the primary person who delayed stopping the carnage. But it was not on his shoulders alone…the first 7 law enforcement officers on-scene did not engage the shooter. This was in direct opposition of all protocols, all training, and all professional standards on dealing with active shooters. And the reason they gave for their lack of action…they “were afraid of being shot at”!!! What???? That’s part of their job, what they agreed to when they signed up, what they knew the job might entail. So is that the real reason they didn’t engage, especially in light of the police chief’s actions to not engage as well?
  3. We know that due to the lack of action on the part of the responding officers in Uvalde children died.
  4. We know that due to the decision of the police chief more Uvalde children died.
  5. So in both cases, Buffalo and Uvalde, we apparently have the utter failure of law enforcement to do their job. Why, when it is so clear what they should have done, were trained to do, knew to do…did law enforcement fail so miserably and completely in both cases?
  6. 65 people a month were shot and killed last year in Chicago, a city run by a radical left-wing authoritarian in a state run by a radical left-wing authoritarian. And where is the outrage, the DOJ investigations, the calls for reform? Huh, tell me where???
  7. 15 shootings, 12 people killed last weekend in Philadelphia, a city run by a radical left-wing authoritarian in a state run by a radical left-wing authoritarian. And where is the outrage, the DOJ investigations, the calls for reform? Huh, tell me where???

What we do know for sure is…

  1. Without these two back-to-back events there would be no unifying cry by authoritarians for gun control.
  2. Without these two back-to-back events there would be no emotions running so high for the authoritarians to play on.
  3. Never has there been a better opportunity for the authoritarians to further disarm US citizens…and they will.
  4. The more radical elements of the authoritarians know that attempting a gun confiscation will start a shooting civil war. They also know that a gun sales freeze or an assault weapons ban would likely start a shooting civil war. In both cases they welcome the opening of a shooting civil war. Should that occur it would give authoritarians the perfect excuse/reason to impose the final phase of their plan for an authoritarian/totalitarian state. And they care not for the price paid in lives or the destruction of the Constitutional Republic. Again, they would welcome it.

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SitRep must be delayed!

The May 2022 SitRep will be, must be, delayed.

In the last 24 hours a number of extremely and critical issues came to light, one may be a huge game changer for the worse. I have not been able to vet any of the information sufficiently, and I must do so before including or excluding it from my “Answers” and “Summary” sections of the SitRep.

Also, due to the content of these issues I will have to increase size the last part of the SitRep. That being the case I will split it into two sections vs a final single section.

Finally, we are now in a long holiday weekend situation. Experience has shown me that there would be a notable drop in readership of the last two parts of the SitRep during the holiday period. So, the Part #3 is scheduled to come out on Tuesday and the final part (Part #4) will be posted on Wednesday…if all goes as expected.

One last note…with the things that are happening right this minute I am truly worried that I will miss something. And the level of events transpiring now…well, could change the face of everything as we know it. Please hang in there with me as I try to get my research done and my articles properly organized and worded. This is a make or break time period in the history of our country…we have to get this right.

Thank you,


SitRep – May 2022 (part #2 of 4)

So did you read Part #1 of the May 2022 SitRep? If not, why would you want to read this Part #2?

So make sure you have read Part #1 and you should have also read the Pre-SitRep article as well.

Let’s continue with Part #2 of the May SitRep…

War with Russia –

You can call it a “proxy war” if you want, but, it is a full scale war that the US along with other NATO countries are waging in Ukraine right now against Russia…and we have been poking the Russian bear for years anticipating a war. And if you think for a minute that US Special Forces and CIA operatives aren’t actually in Ukraine…you are sadly mistaken. We are fighting a war with Russia right now…period. And yes, I know that Russia actually started the war not the US nor NATO. But, for some interesting reading try this out before going on (click here to read the article of the US meddling in Ukraine, toppling their government, and creating a very antagonizing neighbor for Russia)

And to make things really interesting…we have an incompetent, senile old man in the throes of dementia with his finger on our nuclear trigger. And on the other side we have a ruthless tyrant who is hell-bent on rebuilding the Russian Empire at virtually any cost. So it is a matter of which crazy man pulls the trigger first…and destroys mankind as we know it.

You know…if he was any other regular person he would be admitted into an assisted living facility or hospice. But, our country makes Joe Biden very comfortable with a luxurious house and his own 747 jet…along with the most sophisticated and powerful nuclear arsenal that could destroy the entire world into little more than cosmic dust. Kinda ironic don’t you think?

However, I am actually torn over the war in Ukraine situation. Russia must be stopped or their empire building goes unchecked. They are, on the face of it, an overwhelming force of evil going up against a country that should have crumbled in days. Russia’s campaign of utter destruction is clear, pervasive, and criminal. Ukraine’s resistance is nothing short of heroic and miraculous. As my wife and I sat watching the war wage on in the early days she said to me, “You want to go, don’t you?”

Fifteen years younger and I would have already been there. So my natural instinct drives me to help the Ukrainian people…but only personally. Our government should not be spending billions of dollars to fund that war. And where exactly will those billions come from? Oh, that’s right…thin air!! But, whose pockets does all that money end up in when we replace the equipment and weaponry we’ve sent to Ukraine?

It is Ukraine’s war taking place in Europe. Why does that make a difference? Well, I turn to two men who are far smarter, far wiser, with far more experience in these matters…George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Both of those Founding Fathers, the 1st & 3rd Presidents, knew the dangers and fatal errors associated with “alliances” and both warned against permanent entangling alliances that would drag us into wars. The United States has done a damn fine job of clearly and intentionally ignoring their advice and wisdom.

So I will go with Founding Father wisdom and state categorically that the United States government should not be involved in the war in Ukraine against Russia.

We have spent, or committed to spend, directly or indirectly, close to a total of $100billion dollars to aid Ukraine…so far. Look at it this way…the US federal budget deficit for 2022 will come in at about $2trillion. Our war aid to Ukraine will add another 5% to money that we don’t already have, so we borrow/print it, and we can never repay it…so, the Federal Reserve will simply add it to our debt. Another straw to our fiscal camel’s back.

All that being said…I would go there personally and help, as I would hope thousands of other trained veterans would. But the US government has no business being involved in a European war, let the Europeans fight and pay for their own war, they certainly could/can do it without our help…if they wanted to.

Why talk about this at all? Do you not remember my article that I posted just over a year ago regarding this? In that article I clearly made the case that the US is a war mongering country (click here to read that article)…and we are, it is factually true.

And there is a question that must be asked concerning that fact…Why are we a war mongering country?”

Former President Eisenhower made it simple and clear nearly 65 years ago…the military-industrial complex. Large corporations make trillions of dollars off our lust for war. And as Eisenhower made indisputable, the “the immense military establishment” becomes more and more powerful the more war we wage.

And let’s not forget our past and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers…one of their biggest fears was a large and powerful standing army.

Ahhhhhh, what do we have today?

Once again the average US citizen is paying huge money to the military-industrial complex, lining their pockets, feeding their profits, buying them luxuries, and growing both their wealth and power. And all that as the country slips more and more into the fiscal abyss and the American middle-class disappears into oblivion.

Now, ask yourself this…

To what end…Why does the US wage war, after war, after war, after war?” 

Well, my opinion, if you are interested, is this…the acquisition of power and money. Or rather the transfer of wealth and power from citizens to private corporations and power to the US federal government.

And one last tidbit for you…When we, the 13 Americans colonies, suffered under British tyranny the Red Coats (British Army) served as law enforcement. So think to yourself…Why were the Founding Fathers so concerned about a standing army?

2022 Election –

Let’s make this quick and easy. I have been asked multiple times and involved in more discussions than I wish to admit to concerning the upcoming 2022 election. So my position is clear…the outcome of the 2022 election is of no significant consequence of any kind to our country other than perhaps deception.


Let’s start out by me saying that I rely on historical facts and evidence. And, for this conversation either the Democrats maintain power in Congress or they don’t. If they do maintain power things continue to crash quickly and the US Empire collapses into a totalitarian state rather soon thereafter. If the Republicans take control of the House and/or Senate then the US Empire continues to crash into a totalitarian state…somewhat slower, but not much.

How so?

Simple, refer to history. When was the last time the Republicans did anything to restore the Constitution or the Republic…or even any rights, liberties, or freedoms? Let’s talk about Republican Presidents first:

  • Trump – 2020 was the largest US federal deficit in US history, he weakened the 2nd Amendment through Executive Order, and he didn’t even support constitutional due process (i.e.CAF).
  • Bush #2 – huge deficits, crashed the US economy, implemented socialist “fixes” to correct the economic crash, destroyed more rights, liberties, and freedoms than any other president in history with his actions taken post-9/11, and started two completely unneeded and costly wars.
  • Bush #1 – lied to us, raised taxes, got us into multiple wars, and ran large budget deficits.
  • Reagan – promised us that he would dismantle decadent federal bureaucracies but didn’t, and gave us large budget deficits on top of that.

How’s that for the last 40+ years of Republican Presidents? And the list goes on and on. But how about Republican controlled House and/or Senate?

Go ahead…give a rock solid example when a Republican controlled House and/or Senate did great things for the US! Which one gave us a balanced budget, reduced the national debt, restored rights, liberties, or freedoms…or did much of anything to repair/restore our Constitutional Republic? The only one that comes to mind is a Republican Congress giving us a balanced US federal budget and a budget surplus under President Clinton in the late 90’s. But they did nothing else to restore our Republic!

So no, if the Republicans take control of the House and/or Senate nothing of any significance will change…other than a minimal speed change at which America completes its fall into a totalitarian state.

Bottom line…the 2022 election means virtually nothing and will change virtually nothing. But I guarantee you this…it will create more hate, more rancor, more division, more chaos, and probably more violence.

And what did the #1Founding Father think of political parties and party politics?

So how do you feel…if you belong to a political party, toe the line on party politics, and find yourself having run afoul of George Washington?

US Civil War II –

How do I make sense of this subject…let alone write it coherently for publication. Best to start it off with my opinion clear, concise and to the point…

The United States Federal Government has declared war on citizens of the United States.

How’s that for to the point? Now, let me get to outlining the case to support my claim.

Let’s take the price of oil for just a minute…

Use the chart, explain the crisis that comes from killing the oil & gas industry.

So did you study the chart real well? Do you see all the products that the average US citizen uses every single day? How many of those uses are critical to a person’s life? Got that all put into your cranium?

So why did Joe Biden declare war on the oil & gas industry? Why did he close down oil pipelines? Why is the US government not approving new oil refineries? Why did his mentor Obama advise Biden to take these steps? Why has Biden virtually emptied the US’s strategic oil supply reserved for military purposes during wartime?

Oh, and try this one on…The White House made the tentative decision to open up the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve to address the diesel price and growing fuel shortage crisis, a White House official told CNN. Here is the interesting part of that…there is approximately 31million gallons of diesel fuel in that reserve. Here is the kicker…the US uses about 120million gallons of diesel fuel per day…or about 5million gallons of diesel fuel per hour. So why would Biden empty out another national fossil fuel reserve supply for about 6 hours of truck driving?

Yet another crisis to be created by the US Federal government.

OK, time to move on to the next item of business, a really important item…

In early May President Biden called former President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement the “most extreme” group in recent US history. As defined by Biden, MAGA refers to Republicans in general, and conservatives more specifically…more to the point, anyone who doesn’t support Biden and the radical left agenda.

In purely objective terms…how is the MAGA crowd extreme?

Yeah, some of them are a little weird, and the shaman is really a kook, but they are for the most part just political zealots committed to their party’s, or at least Trump’s, ideology. So describe them as ideologues for sure, perhaps zealots, but not hardly extremists by in large.

In the following days after Biden’s outlandish claim the press reported incident after incident where Biden called MAGA a threat, extreme, dangerous, etc. And of course the media jumped in there to support the radical Progressive/Liberal attacks driving home the point of how extreme the MAGA crowd is…and how it jeopardizes our democracy.

Interesting to note how often the media refers to, or claims, the USA a democracy. Thankfully it was designed and founded as a Constitutional Republic. Sure, we’ve changed…

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch

Democracy is the road to socialism. Progressives and politicians love it!Oh, now I get why the media and most politicians refer to the USA as a democracy!

Why would Biden, in regards to MAGA supporters, make the claim of “extremism” so many times and so clearly with the support of the media echoing his words? The “given” answer by the political pundits is…multiple focus groups found that “MAGA” had negative connotations amongst the majority of voters. So the pundits say that the MAGA claims/attacks are simply a political move. I simply say, NOT SO!

The key is in Biden’s use of the words “extremism” and “extremists”…and it is very, very important to understand his specific language.

June 15, 2021 the White House issued a “fact sheet” called “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism”. The wording in that fact sheet defined domestic terrorism. And, if you guessed that “extremist” was the cornerstone of that definition you would 100% correct.

But don’t think that is anything new. Back in 2015 the FBI working with DHS listed who they thought were not just extremists but potential domestic terrorists as well. According to the FBI and DHS there are 188 ways for them to identify potential domestic terrorists. Some indicators are, anyone who:

  • opposes illegal immigration,FBI & DHS report on rightwing extrmeism and domestic terrorists
  • thinks the government is too big and too powerful,
  • believes there are political elitists,
  • believes that the Federal Reserve is illegitimate,
  • supports the Second Amendment,
  • protests against taxes,
  • prepares for emergencies or disasters,
  • wants the government to strictly abide by the Constitution,
  • criticizes the federal government,
  • is anti-abortion,
  • is a military veteran.

And the list goes on and on and on for another 177 red flags to link a US citizen to terrorism! And the reason for that is???????

So let’s throw in one more dot to connect to all of this, just for clarification and background info…

Back in the early fall of 2021 President Biden, via the Department of Justice, directed the FBI to investigate parents who voiced objections to critical race theory at school board meetings…and label those parents as domestic terrorists. In early October 2021 Attorney General Garland ordered, via letter, FBI agents to do just that…using the specific wording of “threats of violence”…read terrorist by DHS’s own definition. Then…

Later in October while testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on oversight of the Department, Attorney General Merrick Garland denied claims that the Justice Department (DOJ) would label parents as domestic terrorists or related investigations as terrorism. Which directly contradicted the wording in his letter to FBI agents had directed the FBI agents to do. Then in November 2021 an FBI whistleblower provided documents to Congress proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the FBI did in-fact label investigations into parents who voiced objection to critical race theory at school board meetings with domestic terrorism tags and labels.

So we have the President of the United States, the US Attorney General, and the FBI:

  1. Conspiring to illegally, and ludicrously label regular US parents, mostly moms, as domestic terrorists,
  2. Lying to Congress and the American people about it,
  3. Attempting to cover-up their actions,
  4. And then being proven that they actively and intentionally conspired to subvert the Constitution of the United States.

Huuuuummmmmm…I wonder why???????

So now the last piece and the most vital/significant point…why use “extremism”, “terrorism”, “domestic terrorist”, etc. in reference to MAGA folks, Trump supporters, preppers, school board attendees, Republicans, Conservatives, etc.?

Because when federal law enforcement agencies label investigations into potential domestic terrorism they have HUGE leeway in negating legal and Constitutional restrictions on investigations. And worse of all…it virtually eliminates constitutional rights of any kind for anyone targeted as domestic, or potential domestic, terrorists.

And if you read my “Pre-SitRep” article earlier this week (click here to read) then you understand why these terms and actions by federal law enforcement agencies are so vital for this current phase of the US government’s agenda. But, it is truly critical for the next phase of the US Government’s agenda.

And once you have removed any last vestiges of Constitutional rights then the last nail is pounded into place for America being a tyrannical power, Banana Republic, totalitarian state, or any other term along those lines. And, a totalitarian state is the ultimate goal of the US federal government and those in power behind it…total authoritarianism…absolute power…complete subversion of the US Constitution.

Did that sink in?

Now, just to make sure I am not smoking up your skirt…take a second and think of all the comments made by Democrat politicians, even some Republican politicians, the Biden White House, federal law enforcement agencies, and the media regarding the “right”, conservatives, MAGA, Trump and his supporters, deplorables, etc. Just a reality check…what was the first words out of the mouths of Dems regarding the mass shooting in Buffalo? “White supremacy!” Why? The #1 label to identify domestic terrorism is white supremacy. And the mass shooting was done with what kind of weapon? You have part of  their agenda figured out by now…and unarmed population is powerless against the imposition of tyranny. Kinda why the Founding Fathers wanted no standing army, wanted militias, and made sure that the 2nd Amendment was clearly spelled out.

So tell me again why the US Federal Government demonizes, prosecutes, and seeks to eliminate any and all militias?

The US federal government has declared war on citizens of the United States…and they are using every tool in their arsenal to win. They will demonize, then investigate, then prosecute, and then imprison anyone who opposes the unchecked power of the US federal government. And if that doesn’t work…well, just review the history of the FBI: Ruby Ridge Killings, Waco Massacre, Finnicum Ambush & Murder, etc.

And then of course there is the US government’s right to outright kill US citizens…and is proven to be 100% true based on their own words (click here to read that information).

Yes, the US Civil War II has officially started and publicly acknowledged…as per Biden, DOJ, DHS, the FBI, and all the rest of them. But don’t think any federal law enforcement agency has been left out! Georgetown Law Center on Privacy & Technology just released a report that took two years to complete. In that report it revealed that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement, under DHS) has crafted a sophisticated surveillance dragnet designed to spy on anyone in the United States, without the need for warrants and circumventing state privacy laws. Yup, even ICE is in on it!!

And if you think you are protected from government spying on you…a top executive of NSO – Pegasus (#1 producer of mobile phone spyware used by governments and corporations all over the world) stated they can turn on/off phones, turn on/off cameras and microphones, and gather every single piece of any kind of information off any cell phone whenever they want…without the user ever knowing it. But that is not the important part! They said the NSA makes their spyware look like child’s play…whether it is a cell phone, computer, or any other electronic device.

And one last little tidbit in this section… In April the head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the creation of the “Disinformation Governance Board.”

So let’s think about this…the largest federal law enforcement agency creates, on their own, an internal agency and gives it the mission to identify, investigate, and prosecute any organization or individual it solely deems, to have produced or quoted disinformation or misinformation.

Did you get that? And to make matters even worse…as the Chief of this new agency they put a certifiable whack job in charge. Gee, I wonder why they did that!?!

Let me bring it into more clarification…a federal agency not authorized by the Constitution is now perusing people who do have a right of free speech under the Constitution.

One more time…DHS (a US federal government department NOT authorized by the Constitution) is placed in charge of investigating and imprisoning anyone it finds guilty of a right -freedom of speech- that is protected by the US Constitution.

If that is not clear enough for everyone to understand, without any doubt or question, the US federal government is currently implementing one of the final stages of totalitarianism…well, I just don’t have a clue what could possibly be more clear!

And yes, I know that it was officially announced that this has been “paused” and the new chief resigned. However, the only pause is who is in charge (i.e. the chief resigned). Nothing else has been paused…nothing! Everything else is moving forward, it has just gone semi-dark for now to avoid the spotlight and to act more covertly against citizens of the United States.

And here is what should frighten you to your very core…not only is DHS not a constitutionally authorized federal government department:

  1. No legal authority was cited for the creation of this new sub-agency,
  2. DHS created this “board” without the approval of Congress or anyone else other that Biden,
  3. No definition of misinformation or disinformation was provided,
  4. No mission statement was provided,
  5. No organization or leadership chart was provided,
  6. No investigative or arrest or prosecution boundaries were provided,
  7. No limitations on it powers or authority were provided.

So this HUGE law enforcement agency identifies you as a disseminator of disinformation (or its cute cousin “misinformation”) in one of the 188 categories that identifies potential domestic terrorists…what happens?

Well, if you are identified as such…you have virtually NO constitutional rights to fall back on…period!

What do you think…turn preppers, conservatives, basically 1/2 of the country, into potential domestic terrorists. What kind of government would do such a thing?

Seriously…what kind of freaking government would do that to its own citizens!?!?!?!? Well, I know.

I am sure that you have probably thought about Civil War II, you probably have seen the US federal government acting tyrannically, and undoubtedly you have seen the criminality and corruption at every level and in every corner of the federal government. But, I am telling you now, without reservation, it is now a civil war. They know it, they have started it, and they have only one goal…to win. And they will do anything to anyone whenever they can to accomplish that goal.

But is US Civil War II really the right label? Maybe not. I submit to you “revolution” may be far more accurate. The US Federal Government is revolting against the US Constitution, revolting against the Bill of Rights, and ultimately revolting against its own citizenry.

The Great United States Federal Government Revolution…yeah, that sounds more realistic and factual.

Put it to the test…ask these questions:

  • Why else would the US government, politicians, corporations, educational institutions, media, etc. all be playing different groups of people against other groups creating hate, discontent, and discord?
  • Why would those groups involve virtually everyone in our country…pitting them against each other?
  • Why would they identify 1/2 the country as potential domestic terrorists, and even identify political opponent supporters as extremists?
  • Why would they declare war on the oil & gas industry that provides vital and life saving products to the US?
  • Why would they wage endless wars?
  • Why would they empty the country’s strategic oil reserve?
  • Why would they empty the country’s strategic diesel fuel reserve?
  • Why would they run-up a national debt that they know full well that it can never repay?
  • Why would they take to themselves the right to have a “kill list” for American citizens?
  • Why would they…why would they…why would they…

For me it is clear…crystal freaking clear. Now, it’s up to you to answer the hard questions. And don’t get caught up in the fluff…the powder puff junk…the easy answers…the comfort zone crap. Come up with the real answers…the hard answers…the truth.

I will finish up this SitRep tomorrow…see you then!

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