SitRep – 11/20/2020

It seems as if there are so many things to write about these days, all of them pressing issues. There are hurricanes of historic numbers, historic wildfires, increasing discontent and civil unrest, the COVID pandemic, and of course…the election aftermath. While all are important to one degree or another, there exists a priority system for each of us.

One of the most disturbing events since I started this website many years ago has been the election and the associated aftershocks. Yes, I have been warning about it for the better part of 3 years…yet it still came as a shock to many, upsetting to say the least. Many Trump supporters were convinced he would be elected by a landslide…maybe even rivaling the Reagan years. When it didn’t turn out as expected many folks were devastated…and fearful…or at least apprehensive. I fielded many phone calls from friends and family starting election night about what comes next and what to do about it.

The most disturbing thing of all…the shock and fear that I heard in so many voices. It was disappointing and I felt the need to comfort and console. But, I can’t and won’t. These are times to be worried about, to be concerned about, to be apprehensive about…and to know that it is getting worse by the day.

But, these ARE NOT days to be fearful!

So let me share a few things with you…and let’s see how you feel when you are done reading. I will cover the following:

  • Election
  • Media (Mainstream & Social)
  • Civil Unrest
  • Control & Influence

Election –

Well, I can only say this…the single most fraudulent Presidential election this country has ever endured just occurred. While we didn’t have significant widespread voter fraud (nationwide criminal activity), we did see several states plagued with criminal voter and election fraud at an unprecedented level. And those particular states are the ones that tilted the vote in favor of a Biden victory.

If you listen to the media you hear nothing but platitudes concerning how secure, fair, and honest this election was…totally free from any voter fraud. You even hear the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI make similar claims…albeit cleverly worded. But, we know now, as we have for decades, that the federal government is rife with those that seek nothing but ill and evil for the USA. Those that I speak of are referred to as the Deepstate…but there are far more names they can be called…all seek for power and money…all seek an omnipotent federal government. We commonly know their goal more simply put…an authoritarian central government. And the vast majority of federal government workers strive for that end…either intentionally or by their unintended actions, or lack thereof.

It is my firm opinion that the outcome of the election was fixed in-place years ago…and Trump was not going to be re-elected…regardless of the vote outcome. And no amount of court challenges, demonstrations, rallies, protests, or court cases will do a single thing to change the outcome. Period!

Yes, that means a number of things:

  • Joe Biden will be sworn in as the next President of the United States.
  • The Supreme Court, if it even hears a Trump legal challenge, will not overturn the election results.
  • No protest, rally, demonstration, or any other act will help retain Trump as President. No letters, no petitions, no pleas will be effective, if even noticed by those in control.
  • The only hope that the country has now is a Republican majority in the US Senate…and they don’t have it yet.
  • Those that raise their voice, fist, or head in protest now will simply put yet another target on their back. Law enforcement is watching…and taking names and making notes.

So for just a minute let’s consider how Trump could use the courts to overturn, or stay, the election…

1) He could try to obtain a “stay” for the states’ election results being certified in the states where enough claims/evidence exists to indicate he actually won those states. The states could investigate and then release the results allowing the courts to “order” who won through the States’ Secretaries of State.

2) He could try to get a court order to force State legislators to pick the Electoral College electors vs the electors being normally designated by the certified vote outcome.

3) He could request that the Supreme Court “stay” the national Electoral College process/results; then potentially request a court order for a new election based on his claims/evidence of vote results fraud.

My opinion…

#3 will NEVER, EVER happen. The Supreme Court will not overturn or stay a national election. If they did so, or even hear the case, it would undermine the Constitution by bringing into question the Constitutional electoral process. They WILL NOT do this under any circumstance…PERIOD!

#2 is almost a virtual impossibility. I do not think for a minute that any judge wants to be the person that tries to undermine the Constitutional electoral process. And if a court would rule to do so it would be immediately appealed to the Supreme Court by the Democrats. See #3 above for that outcome.

#1 is highly unlikely…and may be the least desirable of all potential options. Yes…the least desirable. If a court would issue that stay, which is highly unlikely (impossible), then the relative state(s) would start an investigation into voter fraud or vote counting fraud. First off…both are criminal matters not civil matters. Second…think how long it would take…yup, a very long time. And if Trump is not declared a winner by inauguration day…well, by law according to the Constitution and the succession procedures…ah yes… at this point Nancy Pelosi becomes President until the election results would proceed with an inauguration <read more>. Now you know why I call this the least desirable option. And should the investigation be handled by federal law enforcement…well, the investigation would take 3 – 5 times longer and Trump would surely not be re-elected.

While Trump may not have lost the vote…but Biden will be sworn in as the next President. God help us!

Media (Mainstream & Social) –

As you are well aware of we are seeing a monumental increase, an exponential increase, in censorship in all forms of media in the United States. But, this is nothing new. All over the globe most countries already have draconian censorship laws. Many countries have severe criminal penalties for violating censorship and offending speech laws…including imprisonment. The same is coming to the US.

Corporations are currently the ones doing all the censoring in the US…and they are doing it very well. And yes, it will get far, far worse as the Biden presidency matures. What the US doesn’t have yet are the criminal penalties. But, they are coming. No, they won’t overturn the First Amendment…until the final push, but in the meantime there will be laws where people become more “responsible” for the things that they say. Whether it be injury, property damage, incitement, etc. people will be dragged into the civil and criminal legal system more and more based on what they say.

The Brandenburg Test – “Freedoms of speech and press do not permit a State to forbid advocacy of the use of force or of law violation except where such advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action.”

The key to where they will head with all of this is “…advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action…” The courts, including the Supreme Court, will become much more liberal in determining what constitutes “advocacy” and “imminent”. Example: A right-wing blogger says we should resist intrusion of the federal government into our lives. Then during a rally a scuffle between Proud Boys and AntiFa breaks out. People are injured, one dies.  During the investigation more than one person (or maybe even just one) states that he listens to said blogger. The blogger will then be subject to arrest and subsequent charges for incitement of violence, potentially conspiracy to commit murder, or as an accessory to murder. This would not violate the First Amendment as such, but would reduce any anti-government speech due to a person likely being held responsible for said speech.

Censorship is here, here to stay, and will only get worse…plan accordingly.

Civil Unrest –

As I stated multiple time over the last several years there would be civil unrest and violence before, during, and after the election. It has happened, will continue to occur, and will get worse. At several pro-Trump rallies there have already been violent clashes with opposition groups, even a shooting.

How will it get worse? If the election results (Biden presidency) would somehow appear to be in jeopardy the radical left (i.e. Democrats) will come unhinged. And the most violent of their party will hit the streets with a vengeance. And of course the anarchists will join in with them.

Also, if the right continues to hold rallies and/or demonstrations then the left is going to react to those events and more clashes will occur. And then once again the “Bubba Effect” will show up…and potentially more than an isolated incident or two.

The short-term looks as if it could spontaneously get bad in isolated situations. Medium-term…it could get very ugly whatever the vote/election results are. Long-term…well, it’s simple really…Civil War or another Revolutionary War…there is no avoiding it…it is coming.


The second wave has hit. Just as I have warned you about, although you already knew it was coming without me telling you. And it is ferocious in nature. Yes, the virus itself has mutated somewhat to make it more contagious on a wider demographic. However, we are also seeing a spike in cases for the simple fact that we are testing more.

But, none of that is new, nor the point of my writing. What I am seriously concerned about…the latest actions that state and local governments are taking. To say those actions are draconian would be an understatement by a rather large factor. What we are seeing are “extremist” measures being forced upon citizens that are nothing less than those taken by a petty dictator in some third-world country. Or, maybe more along the lines that the old Soviet Union or the current Communist China would take.

Example: In New Mexico they are closing food stores and pharmacies in some situations! But, then again…the Governor of New Mexico is a radical left-wing Communist/Marxist who is drunk with her own delusion of grandeur.

And it will get worse.

Control & Influence –

I was tempted to write a stand-alone article on this subject, but I thought it more appropriate to include it in this SitRep immediately preceding the “Summary” section.

There is an old saying in regards to worrying…80% of what we worry about will never happen…so don’t worry about all of those things. I tend to agree with that for most people in most situations.

But, I want to personalize it…adapt the saying to what is happening in today’s world. Sure, 80% of what we worry about will most likely never happen; at least not as we think it will. But what about the other 20%?

Here’s what I think and propose to you for consideration…

10% of what we worry about will happen. However, we have no control or influence over what actually happens. In other words…it’s going to happen regardless of what we do, or attempt to do. Example: US bombs Iran nuclear facilities to slow down their plutonium production. OK, maybe you work as the National Security Director advising the President to bomb em. Or, maybe you are the President and will make that decision. But, that is a pretty limited field of folks who can influence that decision…and only one person who can make that decision. The rest of us can worry all we want…we got nothing to say whether it happens or not.

But what about the other 10%?

I firmly believe that we do have influence in what happens or even may be the decision maker is that remaining 10%. Example: Who we cast our vote for, or do we attend a rally/demonstration or not.

So here’s my point…Where do we spend our time, effort, and resources on?

Do we pour time, effort, and money on the 80% of the stuff that never happens? Does it make any sense to worry about or invest in that stuff at all?

What about the 10% that we have no influence or decision making ability in? Do we pour time, effort, and money into those things?

Or, do we assess which things wherein we can have influence in the outcome…or better yet…we can make the actual decision in the outcome?

I suggest to you…forget about the 80% altogether! Don’t give those things a second thought at all; waste no time, effort on money on them.

As for the 10% wherein we can’t influence or make the decision on…spend the absolute minimal time and effort on them. Maybe just be aware that they are happening and any changes in actual events. In other words…good Situational Awareness…but minimal, absolutely minimal, investment in them.

And finally the 10% we can control or influence…concentrate your time, effort and money on those things…virtually exclusively. Be very efficient in what you do…invest heavily and wisely in them.

Here is the kicker…how do you identify each category?

Well, I think that is pretty simple as well…

  • The closer the issue/situation is to you the more influence/control you have over it.
  • If the issue/situation depends on your time, effort, or money the more influence/control you have over it.
  • Once you’ve identified those issues/situations mentioned above then prioritize them. The priority you assign to each should be based on your foundational principles. Those “foundational principles” I’ve been taking about now for quite some time if you care to read about them.

Why do I bring this topic up in the first place? Based on the number of phone calls I’ve received from friends and family concerned about the election and what is coming. And I also have to say…it is partially based on some of the comments I received on the last few posts I made. Some folks may be misunderstanding that I am suggesting folks do nothing.

Yeah, not even close! I have advocated for several years on what to do…to be actively engaged in. Some of my last few posts have included what not to do based on safety and common sense…and avoiding unnecessary targeting of yourself and your family.

The key to everything that is taking place right now in our country and the world is knowing what events/issues/situations that you have any influence in or control over. Then concentrate on those events/issues/situations with your time, effort, and resources. The other 90%…well, monitor and adapt as needed…but avoid worrying about them entirely…and invest only minimally in them with your time, effort and resources.

Summary –

This has been a terrible, terrible year! The last 3 years have been very, very rough. The last 11 years have sucked. Yeah…you get the point. But, know this (and you already do) that this is a very treacherous time…and it is getting worse…and will get way worse. And only you can prepare yourself and your family for it. And you can only do the best you can…and that is good enough.

Prioritize your time, effort and resources…focus on those things that you can influence or have control over. And go after those things like a person possessed!

If you need a reminder of what I think is coming and what to do to prepare…just start reading this website’s articles backward. Yeah, read the most recent articles first…they are loaded with good information. And comments on those articles contain great information as well.

Will I ever “go active”?  Yes. When the appropriate time comes, when the situation requires it, I will go active.

Will I let my website visitors know when to go active? I will never “incite” people to commit violence or damage property or rebel against the Constitutional government. What I will do, when the time comes, is issue a single one line post. And the post will indicate the time has come to defend yourself, your family, your home, your community, your congregation, and all that you care about against those who would commit unConstitutional acts, lawlessness and violence against you and yours. That post will read simply…”Call to arms!” It will be totally up to you how to do any/all of the above. I simply request you follow the Hollow Spirit when doing so.

Folks, the times are both treacherous and perilous. We’ve seen a coup against Trump during his Presidency…and they almost overthrew the duly elected President. We’ve seen the overthrow of the US Presidency in the election less than a few weeks ago. We will shortly see the inauguration of the most corrupt, radical, authoritarian, Communist/Marxist administration to ever takeover the Whitehouse. We are on the precipice of a “dark ages” for the United States the likes we can hardly even imagine. If the Republicans do not retain a majority in the Senate we will slip into an authoritarian government that we will never recover from.

I urge you STRONGLY to take ALL steps necessary NOW to prepare for those times. Have a PLAN and several backups on what you and your family will DO as we continue to slip into these darkest of government chasms. Do not delay, do not procrastinate, do not hesitate…it is coming. I can’t tell you exactly when…but IT IS COMING!!

As I have discussed with many folks over the last couple of years…there are going to be pockets of places/people who will honor and sustain the principles that formed our Republic and are contained in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. The rest of the country will devolve into a dictatorial/authoritarian septic tank.

It is your responsibility to know where the pockets/places are and will be…how to get there…how to contribute to their success…and how to get your loved ones there. Live up to your responsibility…and do so NOW !

In the meantime…or in addition to…SERVE !  Serve others with all your might, mind, and strength…with all that you are, all that you have been given, and all that you will be given. SERVE !

And remember this…If you are prepared you shall not fear.

As a reminder of some of the things I see coming let me reproduce the list from my 11/7/2020 article “Resist!”

  • The animosity among US citizens will skyrocket.
  • The rancor among US citizens will skyrocket.
  • Republicans will become even more cynical, angry, whinny, and weary of all things government. The latter is a good thing since they have been sycophants for the last 4 years.
  • The Democrats will be emboldened exponentially to nosebleed heights.
  • Expect more welfare.
  • Expect more abortions.
  • Expect more open borders.
  • Expect left-wing demonstrations/protests to advance their causes.
  • Expect higher taxes on higher income earners.
  • Expect more tax increases.
  • Expect more food stamps.
  • Expect college loan forgiveness.
  • Expect more housing assistance.
  • Expect a significant and at times violent suppression of militias.
  • Expect election reforms…national standards dictated by the federal government.
  • Expect a significant increase in social media and tech giant speech restriction (i.e. censorship).
  • Expect an increase in the federal minimum wage.
  • Expect more paid worker benefits.
  • Expect an exponential increase in the COVID-19 response by states controlled by Democrats and especially the federal government.
  • Expect COVID-19 situation to get worse…maybe even much worse.
  • Expect large federal budget deficits.
  • Expect a significant growth in the national debt.
  • Expect more “Bubba Effect”.

And on 7/17/2020 I wrote a SitRep where I gave specific things to do…

  1. Implement a plan to fill any holes in your emergency preparations based on the 7 Common Risks & Threats.
  2. Do NOT join any militia of any kind, or any group that vocally expresses blanket support for police.
  3. Do look for Peace Officers who respect and honor the Constitution…in good times and bad. Then tell them you appreciate them and stand by them when the time comes…and the time will come.
  4. Do NOT generally talk to folks about forming any armed group.
  5. Stay very aware of what is happening in your community. Keep your Situation Awareness at its peak.
  6. Stay off social media where controversial topics are discussed such as militias, armed resistance, etc.
  7. Read, understand, and use all of my Immediate Action Warnings that I have produced since the beginning of 2020.
  8. Have discussions with your neighbors to get an idea of where they are with everything that is happening.
  9. Prepare for the potential second wave of COVID-19 this fall.
  10. Prepare for increased violence when/if colleges and schools reopen.
  11. Prepare for a horrific Presidential campaign season.
  12. Prepare for the fallout from whoever wins the election…especially if the Dems sweep Congress and the Whitehouse.
  13. Hone your critical thinking skills and dig for accurate information…distrust the media and distrust all social media even more…especially prepper social media websites.
  14. Push to reopen churches and religious practices wherever and whenever possible.
  15. Support your local businesses whenever practical.
  16. Avoid Facebook, Instagram, Google and other big tech firms as much as you can.

Now, go forward, think clearly, act decisively, and do good!

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SitRep – 11/2/2020

I am going to make this a brief SitRep this morning, I have a lot going on and need to get after it.

  • Election
  • Food Shortages
  • COVID-19

Election –

Already there are huge numbers of early ballots being rejected. Most states have no requirement to notify people that their ballots were rejected and no requirement to “cure” the ballot problem(s).

DHS cybersecurity director is gravely worried about the election related cyber security issues.

DHS and certain military units have been preparing for this specific election and its potential outcome and the possibilities that may arise from it. Read that as you wish…my sources tell me that some of their preparations have to do with a “coup”…one involves a military coup.

Democrats have a 100% chance to retain the House of Representatives.

With recent developments in the election, I put it at a 40% chance that the Republicans will lose the Senate. I pray that the Republicans maintain the Senate.

Joe Biden…man, oh man! I have been watching Joe Biden closely for weeks now. I was looking for certain “tells”…and I found them. Most of you already have it figured out but let me share my opinion. Joe Biden is physically depleted. Meaning, he is in serious trouble when it comes to his health and physical capabilities. All signs indicate that his physical condition has collapsed to a pre-death or pre-incapacitated level. But, even more troubling…his mental state. Joe Biden has a seriously depleted mental state. No, I don’t mean his political beliefs, etc. I mean his brain in dying…he is losing his cognitive abilities. The more he speaks the more it becomes apparent that his mental capacity is serious declining. Between his physical condition and his mental state I expect Joe Biden has less that 1 – 3 years before he is 100% incapable of performing his duties as President (should he be elected).

And that plays right into the Democrats’ plan. Kamala Harris is a radical leftist…a left-wing extremist in her beliefs and actions. There is no doubt about that…it is obvious and unquestionable. But, notice her background…the judicial system side of law enforcement (District Attorney & Attorney General). What does that mean, or why is it important?

All political parties and virtually all politicians have a single goal in mind…power. And all governments have a single goal in mind…maintaining existing power and acquiring more power. That is the very definition of authoritarianism. And Kamala Harris is one of the chief advocates of those goals…and has proven so all her career. She is the ultimate Democrat…superficially Progressive in beliefs, and a pure authoritarian at her core. Actually, she is a perfect Republican as well…clear on her goal to use the federal government to advance her political goals.

Should Joe Biden be elected chances are almost certain he will not be able to serve out even his first term. And then who would become President…Harris. And then the real show begins. And to get an idea of the “show” look at her proven past and what she advocates…EVERYTHING that is unconstitutional…EVERYTHING that would eliminate rights, liberties, and freedoms…EVERYTHING that is directly opposite of our Founding Fathers…EVERYTHING that is is unAmerican!

Will Biden win? I put the chances at 90% that he will receive the popular vote…just as the Democrats won the popular vote in 2016. I put it at 50/50 that he will win the Electoral College. Yes, I am saying there is an even chance that Biden will become the next President. And yes, I hope I am wrong, very wrong!

Prepare for a Biden Presidency. Yup, I am encouraging you to begin preparations for Biden/Harris as President. Should Trump win, your preparations will not be in vain…because should Trump win, the country will catch fire.

Will the election be fair and honest? I say 100% absolutely not. This election could well be the most fraudulent in US history.

Food Shortages –

I finally got all my personal food industry connections contacted and digested what they had to say.

My opinions:

  • We are still seeing limited food shortages in the stores.
  • Those food shortages were primarily due to “hoarding” and people wanting easy to prepare foods and “comfort” foods.
  • People are once again beginning to “hoard” and food shortages will return.
  • I include paper towels and toilet paper in the “food” category.

COVID-19 –

As I have stated many times…the real COVID numbers will never be known and the current COVID numbers are fraudulent.

The reported COVID numbers (new cases / infections / hospitalizations) are increasing dramatically. Why? There could be several reasons. But, I believe that it has to do with the election in two ways.

1) Increasing COVID numbers tend to make many people think that Trump is doing a poor job of dealing with the problem. And it would influence some people to seek a change in leadership.

2) With large COVID numbers, and an alarming increase, it would give Biden (should he win) every justification to enact radical, and I mean radical, steps to shut the country down…and permanently reduce rights, liberties, and freedoms. Yes, that means moving the country more firmly into the authoritarianism category. Have no doubt about that…he will use it…it is a perfect opportunity for them.

Summary –

Get your preparations done now!

Clarify your foundational principles now!

Vote your principles…VOTE!

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SitRep – 10/19/2020

Well, well, well…the time is here. Yup, it is here…finally! We’ve all been expecting it. We’ve all seen it coming. And it is finally here…in the open, plain as day…easy for all to see. Well, at least for those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and minds to understand.

I will be discussing three things this morning, all vitally important, significant, and damning:

  • The Election
  • Freedom of Speech – Overthrow of the US Government
  • Militias

But, two quick notes before I start on those subjects…the economy and COVID.

The economy continues to tank. Evidence? HUGE new first time unemployment claim numbers, HUGE total unemployment numbers, HUGE/HISTORIC debt levels, and two new key indicators…nearly 150,000 restaurants have gone out of business since the start of COVID and will not reopen. Airline travel is down over 70% from last year and carriers just recently laid off nearly 40,000 people in that industry. And if the airlines don’t get another multi-billion dollar bailout soon…another 30,000 – 40,000 layoffs.  Yup, the economy continues to tank.

COVID…the fall surge it here and rising quickly. While more and more people are able to handle the COVID infection and recover, the already sick (pre-existing conditions) are continuing to die. And remember…we have NO IDEA how many people are actually dying from COVID…most are dying from previous health conditions but their deaths are listed as COVID. The main point to the COVID fall surge…more rights will be lost for sure. But most of all…it will be used to bring more disruption and doubt to the election participation and outcome.

Okay, on with the SitRep…

The Election –

This election has ZERO chance of being free and fair! Here are some problems that have already surfaced:

  • Ohio alone already has a problem with 50,000 mail-in ballots.
  • Wisconsin authorities found three trays of mail in a ditch that included absentee ballots.
  • Pennsylvania authorities found absentee ballots in a ditch near Scranton, Pennsylvania (interestingly, home of Joe Biden).
  • California republican ballot boxes have been declared illegal and the state has issued a cease and desist order to the state’s republican party. One minor problem…state law allows for the political parties to utilize ballot boxes for collecting ballots and then tuning those ballots into the state election authorities. Two problems; 1) would you trust any political party with ballots? Especially opposing party ballots? 2) will ballots collected by the republican party be accepted by the state’s radical left-wing election authorities?
  • According to the federal Election Assistance Commission, between 2012 and 2018, 28.3 million mail-in ballots remain unaccounted for…20% of all mail-in ballots.
  • More than one state is openly talking about bringing in the military for the election. Does that sound like a Constitutional Republic to you…or some third-world banana republic?

Election disinformation/tampering by foreign countries is clear and has been taking place for months. We now know, from published investigation reports that:

1 – China is backing Joe Biden. They have multi-billion dollar financial deals together. We know Biden’s family members were given billions of dollars…from China. You can figure out why they did. But, why does China back Biden? Because Biden is a friend of China and will not oppose China’s economic, colonial, and military expansionism…China has been working for years to see Biden as President.

2 – Iran is backing Joe Biden. Iran was paid billions and billions of dollars by the Obama/Biden administration. Remember the huge cargo plane load of pallets of different currencies that Obama/Biden sent to Iran in 2016? Well, don’t forget that Obama/Biden also set Iran on the path to legitimately having nuclear weapons as well. That is why Iran is working non-stop against Trump in favor of Biden.

3 – Russia is backing Trump. Yup, Trump companies have business dealings with Russian oligarchs. But it is more than just that. Putin (Russian President) is trying to undermine everything American…EVERYTHING! And the best way to do that is to create hate, dissension, chaos, and unrest among the America populace. That not only destabilizes America domestically but lowers our credibility and standing overseas…and that creates a power vacuum. And that is fertile ground for Russia.

4 – Surprisingly…North Korea has been relatively quiet and passive during this election cycle. Reports indicate they have their hands full domestically.

So foreign governments are hard at work interfering in our election process. But, please don’t get upset about that…the CIA and the US State Department have been doing the same thing to foreign countries for decades, at least the last 70 years. And at least foreign governments are not murdering our Presidents and overthrowing our government like the CIA had done many, many times to other sovereign governments. Some might call this election meddling by foreign governments “karma”…as would I.

Domestic Terrorism (overthrowing the US government) is taking place!

The curtain has been pulled back, the smoke has cleared, the clouds have lifted, it is now plain as day! For decades we have known that the mainstream media has gone radical leftist in their politics and policies. It is clear that they are leftists, many are Communist, some are Marxist, all are anti-American in the traditional term. But, a new and insidious domestic terrorism has risen and is now in full-blown operational mode to overthrow the US Constitution-based government…our Constitutional Republic. Specifically I am referring to big-tech companies. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. have now all made it clear that they oppose the Constitution, the Bill of Rights…especially freedom of speech…and they back the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic.

In my opinion they are now domestic terrorists and a clear and present danger.

These big-tech companies have now specific and coordinated plans that support everything that is anti-Constitution, anti-Trump, pro-Communism, pro-Biden, pro-Progressive, pro-infanticide, etc. They are actively and in coordination with each other suppressing any news article, opinion piece, group, or person that is in opposition to their plans. And it is a plan!!! They have been working on this for a very long time. For decades they have pumped billions of dollars into the Democratic Party (i.e. anti-Constitution / anti-America party) and are giving them unfettered access to their news and social media platforms. But, now they have taken it to a new level…the next phase of their plan…the phase they are implementing now.

Previously, for the most part, they have passively supported the anti-Constitution / anti-American agenda…but that has now changed…dramatically changed. Big-tech has now coordinated with mainstream media (including taxpayer funded NPR), to over throw the US Constitution based system of government. They are primarily doing in four ways:

  • Suppressing that which is opposition to their radical leftist anti-Constitution agenda.
  • Promoting people and “news” that supports their agenda and the political leaders of the radical left (i.e. the Democrat Party).
  • Creating and/or promoting disinformation.
  • Demonizing anyone and anything that tries to work against their agenda or expose their plans and leadership.

And let me add this…those mentioned above are working hand-in-hand with the Southern Poverty Law Center, the FBI, and the CIA. So beware…but don’t fear…use your head…make smart decisions when it comes to your speech and actions…especially on-line.

Militias –

I warned you repeatedly about this all year. I told you clearly not to be part of, talk to, or have anything to do with any militia. I outlined how they have been corrupted and told you how the FBI infiltrates them and makes a case against them. And it is happening exactly as I said it would.

Kidnap the Michigan Governor or the Virginia Governor????

Paaaaallllleeeeeaaaasssssseeee! Seriously, you think a bunch of half-wit militia members are going to carry that out…or were even truly serious about it?

But, let’s recap…a PAID informant working for the FBI becomes a leader of their militia group. And during a couple of meetings HE brings up the concept of perpetrating a crime against state leadership, HE leads the discussion of doing so, HE leads some level of some half-baked planning…and now they are some masters of the anti-government movement universe plotting to overthrow the United States!!!!????

Seriously…you believe that?  Well, I do!!!

OK, maybe just the first part…the part where the paid FBI informant leads the way for the others into the trap. But, the later part…anti-government movement to overthrow the United States…NOPE, not buying it!!!!!  Not even a little bit.

Did they talk about it…probably. Did they do some amount of planning…maybe. Would they have liked to do what they had talked about…perhaps. But, would it have even come up had it not been for the paid FBI informant??? I seriously doubt it! And there is ZERO indication that the group would have done anything, including planning, had it not been for the FBI informant being a leader of the group and forcing the plan on them.

And come on!!!!!! The “Wolverine Watchman” militia????? Seriously, someone would join a militia named the “Wolverine Watchman” let alone take them seriously? Okay, maybe if you were, 13 years old, a nit-wit, or a Red Dawn (1984 movie)…but that is probably about it.

And let us not forget the Michigan Hutaree militia. In 2008 the FBI sent in a paid informant. And once again…the paid FBI informant led the discussion and planning of criminal activity…SUPPORTED by an actual implanted FBI agent in the militia organization. Together the two laid the trap for US Attorneys to charger members of the militia with serious charges of “conspiring to commit sedition, or rebellion, against the U.S. and conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction.” Fortunately a federal judge recognized what the FBI had done (Keystone Cop entrapment) and dismissed the charges.

But, the FBI is not done trolling for more unsuspecting people to get suckered into their traps. If you are part of any kind of organization that even closely resembles a militia, or anything like it, GET OUT OF IT NOW!

Note: The Boogaloo Movement

It is reported that the Michigan militia members that were busted are members of a larger movement… the Boogaloo Movement. I cannot independently confirm that. But who is, or what is, the Boogaloo Movement? They are reported to be white supremacist, anti-government, pro-gun, and advocates the overthrow of the US government and calls Trump a tyrant. Well, to me…sounds like left-wing anarchists. And that means “leftists” such as Communists who violently (with guns) overthrew China, Russia, Vietnam, and North Korea, and a host of other non-Communist countries. As for the “white supremacist” part…that sounds exactly like the agenda of, and beliefs of the Democrat Party (read more about Margaret Sanger here).


Summary –

We are screwed!

Why all of this plague fear, why all of this election fear, why all of this violence fear, why all of this foreign election inference, why all of this domestic election interference, why all of this big-tech company anti-American behavior…why is all of this happening now?

Simple…the forces arrayed against the US Constitution (yes, the forces of evil) want chaos. Chaos and mayhem the likes we’ve never seen. They want distrust, upheaval, hate, violence, and uncertainty is every aspect of our lives. They want a sinking economy, they want unemployment…they want all of it!

Why? I already shared that with you before. And let me restate and clarify…when things, everything, gets bad enough, the people will plead, beg, cry out for stability, a solution, a “fix”…and we will get it. And it will be authoritarianism…totalitarianism. It will be ugly. It will be law and order to a soul-choking degree.

The election has ZERO chance of being free and fair. And should I be wrong (which I hope I am) or right, the post-election period will be fraught with danger and violence. The post-inauguration will probably be traumatic, chaotic, and extremely dangerous. I see a high probability (not a certainty) of the government being usurped. Remember, the last Presidential election we did NOT see the will of the people carried out! Trump lost the popular election by MILLIONS of votes. It was only the Electoral College that brought him in as President. And we had an immediate coup by the DeepState.

What happens with this election????   Anybody’s guess…but I doubt the “will of the people” will be the order of the day. There will be forces behind the scenes making whomever they wish President…the people will not rule. But, all of that being said…you MUST vote!

The economy has ZERO chance of returning to a free market system. The economy is tanking and will tank. Inflation is already here. Massive and historic federal government deficits are already here. Massive and histrionic government, corporate, and private debt is already here. And it will get worse.

I no longer believe it will be an economic “collapse” in the traditional sense of the word…it will transition. But the transition will not be back to a free market system. It will probably be a economic system tightly controlled by the government…in conjunction with large international corporations (i.e. Amazon, Walmart, etc.) and big-tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). It will be more based on “economic justice” and regulated to crush…and of course benefit the rich. Yes, all forms of taxes on the middle will skyrocket.

The solution…to survive it all, then work to thrive, regardless of what comes. And I know that you and many others can do just that. But the key is to properly prepare yourself first.

The #1 way to properly prepare…the single most important step to take before all other steps…find your foundational principles. Establish your right and wrong…know good from evil…have correct morals and ethics.

Once that is done…then prepare materially. And there is guidance for that as well. <start here>

Now…it’s not all doom & gloom! There is some amazing stuff going on. Good people are doing some incredible things. People are stepping up and doing good, reaching out, making a difference. You can do the same.

“If ye are prepared ye shall not fear!”

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SitRep – 9/21/20

Let’s review Presidential election process and succession:

  • President is elected for a term of 4 years. (Article II Section 1)
  • Electoral College will cast votes for election of the President, not the “people”. (Article II Section 1)
  • Congress determines when the Electoral College votes. (Article II Section 1)
  • Each state’s governor is responsible for certifying their states’ voting results.
  • The Electoral College voters meet the next month after the popular election. In 2020 it will be December 14th if I am not mistaken.
  • Then on January 6th 2021 the votes will be officially counted by Congress in Washington D.C. Then a motion requesting any objections and resolving objections takes place. The winner is announced after that.
  • When the President can’t serve, the Vice President takes his place. (Article II Section 1 & Presidential Succession Act)
  • The power to decide who becomes President in the absence of the President and Vice President is given to Congress. (Article II, Section 1, Clause 6)
  • If the President and Vice President cannot serve then next in line of succession is the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. (Presidential Succession Act & Succession Act of 1947 (as amended))

Now, some information on the Electoral College:

  • 30 states and the District of Columbia now have laws that require their state Electoral College electors to cast their votes for whoever wins the popular vote in their state.

Among them are:

      • California (55)
      • Colorado (9)
      • Florida (29)
      • Michigan (16)
      • Ohio (18)
      • Virginia (13)
      • Wisconsin (10)

TOTAL ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES: 150 (270 required to be elected out of 538)

Trump lost the popular vote against Clinton in 2016 by millions of votes. Specifically he lost:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Virginia

TOTAL: 77 Electoral College votes

So consider this:

  1. On election night the counting of mail-in voting will not be completed…not even close. Some experts estimate it could be weeks, maybe months before the mail-in vote count is completed and certified by the states.
  2. Clinton and others on the radical left have told Joe Biden to not concede…period! He has been told unequivocally to not concede the election to Trump under any circumstances.
  3. The Democrats have been sending a message for months (especially in the last few weeks) that the Post Office, on orders from Trump, is subverting, either directly or indirectly, the mail-in voting process.
  4. Trump himself has stated on numerous occasions that mail-in voting will be fraudulent.
  5. US security agencies (FBI & CIA) have both stated that Iran, Russia and China are already interfering with the US Presidential election and that interference will increase as the election approaches. It appears that Russia is attempting to weaken Biden, while China and Iran appear to be attempting to weaken Trump.
  6. The media (with rare exception) is clearly anti-Trump and working to subvert Trump’s Presidential bid, and to raise doubt in the election process.
  7. Election night comes and goes with the media not declaring key states (mostly controlled by Democrats) of having a clear winner…mostly due to incomplete mail-in vote counting.
  8. Governors are delayed in certifying their state’s voting results…or prevented from doing so by the courts.
  9. The counting process and court challenges drags on past the deadline for Electoral College voters to cast their votes on December 14th.
  10. Since the Electoral College votes can’t be cast by the deadline, then the Congress (specifically the Senate) can’t officially count them by January 6th…or declare a winner in the Presidential election.

So why all the technical information and what’s the big deal?

Well, Trump’s term expires on January 20th…period. There is no extension, no exceptions, nada, zilch, end of conversation. So the President is out on January 20th if he is not declared the winner and inaugurated! And since the election results are the same for the Vice President…he is out as well at the same exact time.

So who then becomes President via the Constitution, the 25th Amendment, the Presidential Succession Act, and the Succession Act of 1947?  Yup…Nancy Pelosi (assuming she is reelected).

So let’s step back, change the subject, and ask ourselves…why all the violence, civil disturbances, deepfake, protests, riots, looting, subverting the confidence in the election process, promoting mail-in voting, raising questions about the integrity of mail-in voting, reports of interference in our election process by agents of multiple foreign governments??????

I am proposing the end-game here might be an end run around the election process all together. A perfect storm, a convergence, of events/issues/problems that may well give us a radical left-wing extremist as President WITH NO VOTE OF ANY KIND MAKING THE DECISION! And who do you think she would name as her Vice President?

And she would remain President until the election is officially decided…by Congress…potentially by the Supreme Court…or replaced by her Vice President should something happen and she would be removed from office…or prevented from serving.

And how would the original Presidential election determination process go if accusation after accusation of voting fraud were to be made? State’s election results challenged in the courts…and then appealed…and appealed again?  And then one Congressional committee after another launches investigations into fraud, abuse, illegality, tampering, and foreign interference?

And ask yourself this…how would you feel about the Supreme Court deciding the election? Is that even allowable under the Constitution? No, the Presidential election process, under the Constitution, does not involve the Supreme Court.

And of course, all along the media scream their heads off for “fair”, “legitimate”, and “valid” election results. Wiping folks into a frenzy. Yes, the radical left media (99% of all media) and also the conservative media.

And let me now throw this into the mix…

First, what would the radical left be doing this whole time?

Second, what would the radical right be doing all this time?

Third, what would the average Trump voter be doing all this time?

Fourth, what would the markets and economy be doing all this time?

Fifth, what would unfriendly foreign governments be doing all this time?

Most importantly…what would you be doing all this time?

Think this is a bit out there, maybe even crazy?

Try this on for size…On September 18th (yup, 3 days ago) Dan Coats, former DNI, called for a Congressional commission to oversee the 2020 Presidential election. He did so in an op-ed piece in the NY Times.

He wants the following to be on the Congressional oversight commission:

  • congressional leaders
  • current and former governors
  • elder statespersons
  • former national security leaders
  • former Supreme Court justices
  • leaders in the private sector

I don’t know about you but I look at that list and I see “deep state” and “radical progressives”…all anti-Trumpers.

Just for clarity and to better understand my opinion on the above list, Dan Coats is:

  • Former Director of National Intelligence (head spook)
  • HUGE anti-gun rights advocate
  • Joe Biden legislative supporter
  • Tax advocate
  • War hawk
  • George Bush friend and political ally
  • Former D.C. lobbyist
  • Anti-Trumper (actually wrote and anonymous op-ed against Trump)

Now let’s do this…a wildcard…Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death.

I posted about the potential for violence, even armed rebellion, <click to read> and we have to factor this into the election equation. Many folks I talked to only voted for Trump in 2016 because of his potential Supreme Court Justice nominations. Some of those folks are even more disappointed in Trump after four years as President. However, with RGB dead and that seat open, those folks may be more likely to vote for Trump in this election. We’ll see. But that is not the point…the point is even more violence between now and…well, no limits on that end-date at this point.

With a vacant ultra-leftist, radical Progressive seat on the Supreme Court I can guarantee you that the left will fight with everything they can to keep Trump from filling that vacancy. And I put no limits on their actions…including an armed “coup”, armed rebellion, civil war, etc. But, violence for sure!

Another “wildcard”…PEADs. 

If you are unfamiliar with Presidential Emergency Action Documents (PEADs) then I would strongly suggest you read my SitRep – 8/29/20 (Parts 1, 2 & 3). <click here to read the SitRep>

There are two aspects of the PEAD as a wildcard; 1) Trump uses them to stay in power, 2) President Pelosi uses them to keep Trump out of power.

Yes, I believe Trump would invoke any potential PEAD there is to stay in power if he felt the election was fraudulent or illegal. And I for one would understand why he would do it…a belief to maintain a relatively free America. Would he be right in doing so? Dang! That is a whole other question…for another day maybe. But, my point…if he did invoke one or more PEADs what would Congress do? What would the Supreme Court do? What would the government establishment do? What would the violent radical left do? What might the military do…or not do? No need to ask what the media would do…it is 100% predictable. Whatever the case…we are talking a Constitutional crisis the likes we have never seen…and it would end up with some manner of civil war.

President Pelosi’s turn…(that name alone gives me the creeps). So January 20th comes with no properly and legally declared winner of the Presidential election…Nancy Pelosi is now sworn in as President, there is no other legal option. And she would immediately do what all radical leftists would do…start subverting the Constitution anyway she possibly could.

Now, let’s say a month later the Senate finally declares that Trump is legitimately the duly elected President (yes, it their power to do the Electoral College vote counting process and declaration of the winner). And of course in the meantime the House of Representatives has begun 1 to potentially dozens of committee hearings on the election and its legitimacy.

Might President Pelosi use PEADs to stay in power? I believe that answer is 100% “yes”! I have no idea which PEAD or how she would invoke it or what the result would be…but she would try. But, my point…if she did invoke one or more PEADs what would Congress do? What would the Supreme Court do? What would the government establishment do? What would the violent radical left do? What might the military do…or not do? What would the far right do? No need to ask what the media would do…it is 100% predictable. Whatever the case…we are talking a Constitutional crisis the likes we have never seen…and it would end up with some manner of civil war.

My bottom line…Dang! Pow! Ouch!

I think we could be looking at the roughest time in the history of the United States…other than maybe 1858 – 1862.

Now, what can you do about the situation? Basically…nothing. Come on now, you know that you don’t have that kind of influence. Sure, you can be aware, share with others, and contact your DC folks. But that is about it…and that ain’t enough to change the potential outcome of this mess.

What you can do:

  • Be aware and stay aware
  • Don’t become deceived
  • Don’t get caught up in politics
  • Vote in person
  • Make sure your principles are solid and followed
  • Share what you can with others, as appropriate
  • And be as materially, mentally, and spiritually prepared as you possibly can be

This is the most dangerous time in US history for our lifetime, probably in the last 120 years. We could see turmoil the likes that is almost unimaginable.

Think it is very unlikely? Well, maybe. But, in November 2019 who saw the COVID-19 disaster coming along with massive unemployment and a virtually devastated economy? That surprised everyone.

Lastly, there is a nagging question rolling around in the back of my mind…Why are both parties, at least their leadership and candidates, talking that the election could be fraudulent and influenced by foreign governments? I mean, why are both sides trying to sink the legitimacy of the election? I would fully and normally expect one side or the other but not both. It troubles me, gives me an eerie feeling that there is something I am missing, something bigger at play. I mean I have my guess…and it ain’t pretty…actually, it’s evil.

What if there is a layer of folks above the political parties and candidates that are working to ensure that no one has confidence in the election? Meaning…everyone in the USA doubts the outcome, regardless of what the outcome is. And if that is true…what would their endgame be? My concern…that it is actually the end game. Think about that one for a bit. I am not saying I am right…I just can’t help shake that feeling, that question. Food for thought on a Monday morning.


Ask me a question or send me a message/comment …


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SitRep – 08/29/20 (Part 3 of 3)

Note: If you haven’t read parts 1 & 2 you probably should. Otherwise, this article may not make much sense to you. <click here to read part 1>


Earlier this year I gave several warnings about not joining certain groups, essentially keeping a fairly low profile, not getting too involved…especially too publicly involved. The time was just not right due to a number of underlying issues. That’s changed.


Here is what I am asking, suggesting, that you do:

  1. Define your principles
  2. Focus on only significant/important issues
  3. Find your passion and work it
  4. Total and complete assessment of all 7 areas of your prepping efforts
  5. Remember balance
  6. Help/serve others
  7. Work your tail off !

Here is a little more explanation of what I mean in regards to those areas…

Define your principles –

Figure out exactly what you believe in; write it down to ensure they make sense to you. It doesn’t have to be long or involved.

Principle example: Abortion. Do you support it or not? Why? And what degree of tolerance do you have for violating that principle?

Answer example: I believe abortion to be wrong because the 6th Commandment says we shouldn’t kill (shed innocent blood), God tells us not to. The “standard” is the eternal principle to not shed innocent blood. And there is only one exception…a God-given right of self-defense. Gad has given us the right to self-defense and to defend our families. So the only exception to my principle stand would by the mother’s right to have an abortion should her doctor tell her that her pregnancy would kill her. Otherwise, I do not support abortion…period. It is also a “red line principle” of mine; something I sincerely and deeply believe in. That means if a political candidate supports abortion on demand, I won’t support that candidate.

Weigh issues against the “standards” that you hold to be of value. I use two standards; 1) the Constitution, 2) God. Just to have a more interesting debate in my head/heart I ask myself two questions; 1) What would the Founding Fathers say about this issue?, 2) What would Jesus say about this issue? The answer to those questions usually makes it very clear what my position should be.

Yes, this is all very, very subjective. That is why they are MY beliefs and MY principles. YOU have to decide what YOUR beliefs and principles are and why. If you don’t answer the “why” aspect then your principles and beliefs don’t have a solid foundation.

Focus on only significant issues –

There is a lot going on in the world, a long list of man-made and natural calamities taking place. It would be easy for a person to get distracted. I am telling you…ignore the static!

What is static? ONLY those things/issues which are NOT the most important to you and your family.

Example: “Chemtrail conspiracy theory”…now, I don’t care if you believe in it or not. My point…What can you do about it right now? This week? This month? What can you ever do about it? I am telling you the answer to all of those questions is…NOTHING! Because if the idea is true, you don’t have enough power to do anything about it.

Now, put it into perspective with other issues in your life…do you have a year’s supply of food? How about have taken an advanced FirstAid class on treating trauma wounds? You are far more likely to need food from your year’s supply and you are far more likely to need to treat a trauma would…then suffer from chemtrails. You can add to your food storage, you can take a FirstAid class far easier than cure any chemtrail issue.

Only give your time, effort, and resources to issues that are the most important…ignore the static!

FYI…90% of everything swirling around in life is static.

Find your passion and work it –

This is an easy one…find out what you love to do…then do it…a lot! For me it is commonsense prepping, working my little homestead, giving service to others, and doing family history (genealogy).

Yes, of course I do other things, the more mundane, life-required stuff. I still walk for exercise, clean my shop, take showers, and all other manner of boring (albeit necessary) tasks.

I am asking you to find out what really turns you on and then pursue it with a passion. Why? Because you can make a difference, a real difference, when you are passionate about something.

The only thing I ask of you…make sure your passions are moral and ethical. What about legal? Well, that is up to you 😉 The government has made sure that just about everything can be illegal in one way or another.

Total and complete assessment of all 7 areas of your prepping efforts –

Review the 7 Common Threats & Risks to all emergencies, disasters, and grid-down events. Then do an honest assessment of where your prepping efforts stand. Then make a realistic plan to fill the problematic gaps in your prepping. I am not suggesting that you go into debt, make your family suffer, create conflict with your spouse, inflict stress into your life…just make a doable plan to become better prepared. Plug the holes!

Remember “balance” –

Don’t get out of balance in your life. Don’t allow yourself to become obsessive with any single aspect of life. Remember the old adage…moderation in all things. I will present my wagon wheel theory examples for your consideration.

When you are balanced you are a better person…you are more of a help to others…a better parent…a better spouse…a better friend…a better Disciple of Christ.

Help & serve others –

Yeah, may sound a little strange at first, but trust me on this one. When you serve others you become a better person in almost every aspect. I am not asking you to become Mother Teresa. I am asking you to simply be of more service to others…help others. It may be something as simple as being kind to someone who looks to be having a bad day by a friendly “hello” as you pass by them. It might be something as grandiose as fixing someone’s car troubles. It could be helping the aged widow next door go to a doctor’s appointment. It might be a simple birthday card to a neighbor who lives alone. You figure out what you can do to help and serve others…then do it!

Oh, come on! Yes, don’t become obsessive over this…don’t become out of balance in serving others. But you have time in your life, in your day, to help others…so just go help.

Work your tail off! –

At this particular time, in this particular place, with all that is going on…you are needed! Your time, talents, efforts, even money are all needed. Now is the time to go operational!

Get out there and do the things that are needed. There will be time later for rest when things calm down. But right now…things are not calm…and best of all…right now you can make a difference!

Go out there into life an tackle those things that need to be done. Get ready!

Summary –

Earthquakes, wildfires, multiple and concurrent hurricanes, ravaging summer storms, violence, riots, the plague, politics based hate, and oh so much more. Yes, all of those things are happening right now at the same time. It is as if the world has been turned upside down and some great force has been released to make our lives miserable…even deadly. Well, it has. And yes, it will get worse.

But, let me assure you…it will get worse. Yeah, you read that sentence exactly right…it will get worse. Why? Well, that doesn’t really matter. How? Well, that doesn’t really matter either. What does matter is what you do!

So what is all this “do” I am referring to? It comes down to “doing” one thing…prepping. However, there are two aspects of prepping. Obviously there is the side of prepping that is easy to see…ways to defend yourself and your family, food storage, medical supplies and first aid knowledge, water storage, etc. The list could go on until I’ve covered all 7 areas. It is easy to know what to do in this respect. Let’s call that temporal prepping. Temporal meaning “enduring for a time only” in regards to our prepping. I could also refer to it as those things we can hold in our hands and the knowledge to use those things properly. But, there is another aspect of prepping I want to share with you today…a far, far more important facet of prepping.

I am referring to a mental state of mind, a person’s outlook, beliefs, intentions, and even their spirituality. Actually to me, in my way of thinking, you can add all of those terms together and summarize them with the term “spiritual prepping.” Now, don’t go getting all weirded out on me…just hear me out.

Your beliefs, your state of mind, when it comes to prepping is of key importance. It may mean the difference between surviving or not…or the person you become while surviving emergencies, disasters, or a grid-down event. If you have no solid foundation for your belief system then you will be easily swayed one or another on key issues and your behavior. If your beliefs are not founded on clear right and wrong, unmistakably understanding both, there exists the potentiality to a dark side of prepping and your behavior post-event.

Example: You claim to be a Christian…but during an incident you deny food to your extended family because they could have prepared (i.e. food storage) but bought a boat instead. Really?! Wherein lies the greater sin? Should they starve to death while your family has full bellies? What would Christ think of that attitude?

I am not telling you what to believe or what level of spiritual preparedness you should obtain. Those decisions are yours to make. I am simply asking you to be spiritually prepared as much as you are prepared from a temporal aspect.

Look at it this way…when the incident is over will you be satisfied with the person you became while the incident was taking place? Did you behave according to correct principles? If you are a Christian, would Christ himself be pleased with how you behaved, the person you became?

This is the time to be active, be bold, finish your temporal prepping. But, I am also asking you to give thought to your spiritual preparedness. It is important.

The past two days of SitRep material was extensive, detailed, involved, maybe a little daunting and overwhelming…you may not have even agreed with all that I had to say. That’s okay too.

What I hope happened during the last two days, and most specifically today, is that you listened to that little voice in your head and in your heart. You heard a message…you heard your message. Even in today’s article I made suggestions, encouraged you to action in some action areas. But, in the final analysis this is all my opinion, all my thoughts, all my…well, it is all about “me.”

What I am asking is for you to figure out how “you” fit into all of this, what you can do, and how you can do what needs to be done. So actually…it is all about “you.”

Now is the time to act!

If not you, who?

If not now, when?

Now is the time to be bold!

Now is the time to act!


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SitRep – 08/29/20 (Part 2 of 3)

This article is Part #2 of a 3 part SitRep. If you have not read Part #1 (published yesterday) please go read it first <click here to read it>

In yesterday’s article I covered:

        • The Economy
        • Civil Society
        • Politics (which includes the upcoming Presidential election)

This article will cover the “X-Factors”, the convergence point, and the beginning of a Call to Action.

The X-Factors –

OK, you should be ready for me to share my opinion on the “X-Factor” thing about now. I’ve held you in suspense long enough.

X-Factor #1:

The great plague of 2020 (COVID-19) is one of the biggest farces ever thrust upon the US citizens. No, not the health condition per se, because there is a health problem called COVID-19, but how governments at all levels used it against citizens. But let’s review the facts first:

  • COVID-19 is a form of coronavirus. Simply another strain of a virus that we’ve known about for something like 70 years.
  • Studies have proven that only about 2% of all patients whose death has been attributed to COVID-19 have actually died from COVID-19. Yes, that means approximately 98% of all deaths attributed to COVID-19 have not died from COVID-19. The 98%’ers all had serious, life-threatening, major underlying health problems, and they died from one of those conditions but they also happened to have COVID-19 present as well. Actually…that is not entirely true. A percentage of those deaths where COVID-19 was claimed as cause of death were in patients who only exhibited COVID-19 symptoms, they were never tested. And we know that somewhere between 20% – 40% of all positive COVID-19 test results are “false positives.” We also know that some health officials have outright lied. For instance…in July COVID-19 was listed as the cause of death for a man who perished in a motorcycle accident. Yup, died from the trauma due to a motorcycle accident and he was listed as a COVID-19 fatality.
  • Mask wearing has been proven effective in fighting the spread of COVID-19. Mask wearing has been proven ineffective in fighting the spread of COVID-19. Wearing some masks have been proven effective in fighting the spread of COVID-19. Other masks have proven ineffective in fighting the spread of COVID-19. So why all the confusion and contradictory information, especially from experts?

Wearing of masks over time has actually been proven to be detrimental to a person’s health. Rebreathing of carbon dioxide that the body natural tries to expel is damaging to the body. Rebreathing germs, viruses, and bacteria not properly expelled due to wearing a mask has also been proven to be unhealthy and damaging to a person’s health. So tell me again why various levels of government are mandating the wearing of masks?  And why are some levels of government making it a criminal act to now not wear a mask in pubic or in school?

  • And help me understand why furniture stores were allowed to be open to the public and churches were not allowed to hold services? Tell me again why fast food places were allowed to have their drive through windows or walk up counters open for business but churches weren’t even allowed to have worship services with congregations in their cars in their parking lots? Tell me again why at least one governor sent the state police out to record the license plates of parishioners who went to church. Oh, and later sent them citations.

So X-Factor #1 is the chaos of the COVID-19 situation and its use as a weaponized health condition to train citizens to be controlled, to comply.

X-Factor #2:America's Founding Fathers wanted to prevent tyranny

To fully understand this X-Factor we have to be able to agree on, or at least understand, how governments work. Governments are supposed to be formed and exist to ensure/guarantee God-given rights and protect its citizens from threats (foreign and domestic). In exchange citizens agree to support and sustain the law…becoming and exist as a civil society with rights, freedoms, and liberties.

However, we have seen throughout history that governments never stay within their “lane.” Meaning, just as with individuals, governments also lust for power and money. We sadly see that governments, once formed, quickly begin a quest to acquire more and more power.

Unfortunately power is something that only one of two of these entities can have at any given time. We know that ALL power/rights originates from God. We also know that God-given rights (natural rights) belong to people as individuals…rights are not governments’ to give. As individuals we willingly assign some of those rights/power to government in exchange for some specific limited benefits. Governments’ power come from its citizens.

Example: Individuals voting for representatives (Congress) and then empowering them to act on their behalf when creating laws. That transfers some power from individuals to the government, but it takes place voluntarily.

Unfortunately, once power is tasted, governments begin to lust for more power and begin to take power from individuals vs. individuals voluntarily transferring/assigning power.

Example: US Federal income tax forcibly takes money from citizens without their consent with the threat of imprisonment if the citizenry doesn’t comply.

As governments take more and more power, without sufficient opposition from citizens (i.e. actions such as ballot box to armed revolution), government’s natural tendency is to increase its seizure of power from individuals. And any specific power can only exist with an individual or with the government. In order for governments to have power, or increase power, it must be taken from individuals. It is a “zero sum game” situation…in the struggle for power one entity wins, the other loses.

Most of us are aware of FEMA and their vast authority when they invoke it. By law they can go so far as to seize private and personal property. Yes, meaning they can come in and seize your food, water, guns, and any other resource you have on your person, in your house, on your property. It is done under the guise of “declared state of emergency” for the greater good.

Also, many of us are aware of the dark powers outlined under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This single piece of legislation is the most contradictory of everything good that this country was founded on. By law it allows the federal government to completely and totally ignore the basic founding principles of our country. It gives vast powers to the military to override local and state governments…yes, to even replace local and state law enforcement if they so desire. It allows for the torture of US, as well as foreign, citizens. It allows for the seizure of (not the arrest of) US citizens and disallowing them their Constitutional rights.

But, there is a far more sinister, dark, and evil form of power that the government can and does wield. A while back I began looking into just how much power the federal government (specifically the President) has, that the President can invoke to suppress, partially or wholly, the American people’s rights/freedoms/liberties. In other words change our government from a Constitutional Republic into a totalitarian state temporarily or permanently.

First off…our Constitutional Republic is long gone in both theory and fact. Congress over time (230 years) has continuously passed legislation that negates most, in some cases all, of our original rights, liberties, and freedoms that our Founding Fathers blessed us with. Congress has substantially changed how government works and what powers they can wield. But the single most frightening aspect of government power has not come from Congress, not from the Constitution, and certainly not from the consent of the people. Even the Supreme Court has become an “activist” branch of our government creating law. But some of the most dangerous power that I speak of has simply been created by the Executive Branch of the United States government. I speak specifically of Presidential Emergency Action Documents (PEADs).

Yeah, probably never heard of it have you? Most folks haven’t. And there are no public PEADs, none have been declassified, and the exact contents of PEADs are not known. There is no known record of disclosed information in an interview of anyone who is, or has been involved, with creating, editing, reviewing, or even have read a PEAD. Why? Because all those persons who would have access to them, and they are very few, sign non-disclosure agreements…under penalty of imprisonment. Not even the Freedom of Information Act can get you access to any part of any PEAD…let alone a whole PEAD document.

So how are they known about at all? There have been documents forcibly released (FOIA) by various government agencies that reference a few PEADs by name, hint as to their contents, or use the PEAD reference as justification of current or future action by that agency.

An example of that would be the FBI some 60 years ago had a memo (released through FOIA) that authorized the “seizure”, not the arrest, of any person who represented a threat to the operation of the federal government. And FYI…that authorization has never been revoked, or found unconstitutional by a court (let alone even challenged). Congress has never investigated it and the Courts have never ruled on it or even had a case brought before it pertaining to its obvious violation of the Constitution.

The foundation of PEADs actually started with the concept that a President must be able to act quickly to protect the country, whereas Congress acts slowly and cannot respond in a timeframe adequate to a national emergency. And that is exactly where the abuse started…declared national emergency. When a President declares a national emergency some of the powers he gains through FEMA and NDAA are completely outside of the Constitution and virtually unchecked. And PEADs provide authority even further outside of the Constitution and with virtual immunity from the Judicial Branch of the US government. In other words…it provides everything needed for the United States to become an authoritarian/totalitarian state during a declared national emergency. But, what if a President didn’t stop there…and invoked a perpetual state of emergency? What if he canceled or delayed elections based on a declared national emergency? What if he disbanded Congress…or at least forbid them to travel?

So why don’t we know more about PEADs? The simple answer…security classification. PEADs are classified so secret that even members of Congress are not allowed to read them. In interviews with people that might know about PEAD contents, when asked a question in reference to a PEAD, they answer, “I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of PEADs.” That is government speak for, “I know about them, they exist, they are very powerful, and you are not worthy to know anything about them.”

How convenient is that! The very documents capable of destroying the United States Constitution, shred rights/freedoms/liberties, to establish a totalitarian state…and no one outside of those doing the dirty work can even read them. And the court system, including the Supreme Court, has absolutely no say-so in it…because they too are not allowed access to them.

What does all this mean? The government of the United States has become corrupt to the point where it no longer recognizes God-given rights, has overthrown the founding principles of the Constitution, has all but destroyed most Constitutional rights/freedoms/liberties, has sized power after power after power from citizens, and has changed the way our government was designed to work. Additionally, it has given itself the final, complete, and all-encompassing powers needed to complete the transition from a Constitutional Republic founded 240 years ago to a totalitarian state whenever it wishes to do so. How? Simply by declaring a national state of emergency.

So X-Factor #2 is the US government giving itself unlimited powers completely outside of the protections of the US Constitution.

X-Factor #3:

To continue we have to be able to agree on a few things:

  1. The US economic situation is unstable, and it has been, and is being intentionally destabilized,
  2. The existence of COVID-19 has thrown the US into a very chaotic world touching every aspect of our society…and changing it.
  3. US society is now uncivil and getting worse. Getting worse to the point that we could make a case that we are on the verge of a civil war.
  4. The US political system has reached a point of…well, it is exactly what our Founding Fathers warned us about…political acting as nothing more than two opposing self-interest groups vying for power.

So if you can agree with me on those things we can go on to talk about this X-Factor. AT this point in time we have a destabilized economic situation, a destabilized society, a destabilized political system and a health crisis. What is the common thread? Destabilization.

So X-Factor #3 is destabilization.

Convergence Point –

Convergence Point

So why all the suspense and drama…even coining the term X-Factors? Well, I didn’t exactly create the “X-Factor” term…I am simply applying the term to our current situation.

To understand where I am coming from right now you have to go back to my presentation of the “convergence” at the very beginning of this SitRep in Part #1. Convergence is the intersection, joining, merging, coming together of two or more things. At this time I am referring to the convergence point.

Our society consists of a destabilized economic system, a Basic emergency preparedness for emergencies, disasters and grid-down. check listdestabilized society, a destabilized political system, and a severe health related crisis. These destabilized aspects in the United States has created chaos, is creating chaos, and will continue to create chaos. They have come together to create the convergence point.

So where am I headed with all of this? I will answer that with a question…

When you have enough chaos what happens?

The chief mission of a guerrilla insurgency, a primary tactic of the CIA, when trying to overthrow a foreign government, is simple…create a destabilized society.  And that destabilization generates sufficient chaos causing the populace to cry out for change…safety and security. It is a tried and proven tactic for thousands of years…and it works…history proves it works. And that is to be feared.

And it can only be defeated with one counter measure…day light. And I am not referring to sunshine as such. But the analogy is spot on. What is the best disinfectant against bacteria and viruses? UV light. What is the most abundant form/provider of UV light? The sun. So shedding daylight on something that needs disinfecting is the best, surest, easiest form of killing the virus/germ/bacteria that is causing the infection.

In this situation shedding light on the situation means standing by correct principles and exposing the evil taking place around us. And to me that requires forgetting politics.

“However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”
George Washington,  1796

“There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”
John Adams, 1789

Nothing could be more ill-judged than that intolerant spirit which has, at all times, characterized political parties.
Alexander Hamilton, 1787

Yup, to fix our situation along with shedding daylight on what is happening we must forget politics, forget political parties. Don’t look at it in terms of Republican/Democrat, left/right, liberal/conservative, BLM/Proud Boys, III’s/AntiFa, etc. Forget all of that! If you stick with those political positions and views you are in direct opposition to our Founding Fathers. Our Founding Fathers’ actions were dictated by understanding correct principles, abiding by them, being bold, and standing up for those principles.

The Agenda –

Why? How?

The people who are running this overthrow show, those who have targeted the US at this particular time in this particular way are not part of any political side…they are their own side. Those behind all of this are not members of a political party; they are not liberals, not Communists, not Progressives, not Democrats. They are also not Republicans, not conservatives, not the so-called right. They are none of those! But, they are using all of them, both sides regardless of political position.

They are using all of those groups against each other…they are destabilizing and creating chaos by using all the those opposing groups against each other. Why? To create chaos. Why? So eventually people, the “populace” will ask for, then beg for, then demand safety and security…cry out for peace and stability. And those behind this mess have the perfect answer…and you won’t like it.

Their answer is not rights, freedoms, and liberties. It is not a Constitutional Republic. It is not founding principles based on eternal principles. It is not “…all men are created equal…” It is not “We hold these truths…” It is not “We the people…” It is none of those things. But, it is safety and security, it is peace and stability…or else! And, it is delivered by force through tear gas, night sticks, flash-bang grenades, guns, and military vehicles.

Please remember this simple truth spoken of by one of our wisest Founding Fathers…

The answer of those who are trying to destroy us, their answer to our problems of today, in the plainest of terms…authoritarianism…totalitarianism. You see, the elitists know that you can’t be trusted, to know what is best…so they will tell you what is best. They will give you only options that they deem appropriate…they will force safety and security on you. They will see to it that you live in a peaceful and stable world by forcing it upon you. And you are not going to like it. Well, you won’t like it if you are a person who enjoys rights, freedoms, liberties, and the ability to exercise agency.

And if enough destabilization is created…if enough chaos is created…most people will beg for their plan, they will beg for safety, security, peace, and stability. They will plead for it…demand it. And that same populace will be all too eager to give up rights, freedoms, and liberties in exchange. We’ve seen just that in the last 5 -6 months. People, previously known as patriots and conservatives, are all too willing to accept, even taking great pleasure in, seeing military armored vehicles and soldiers standing on our streets enforcing curfews. Seeing even peaceful protestors and journalists beaten and shot by federal law enforcement troops…others abducted by military uniformed personnel into unmarked vehicles. How quickly they forgot the struggle of 240 years ago and the evils that our Founding Fathers overcame. How quickly these so-called Constitutionalists give up rights and liberties for a little safety and security!

To resist this scheme of those that would see the complete destruction of the United States…to resist their cunning, their evil…it can only be done with correct principles.


Only understanding and standing by correct principles will we have any chance to defeat those that wish us harm…and destruction. We must become our Founding Fathers.

I have spoken before about “principles vs politics”…it is our only hope. And I’ve shared my opinion on what principles to adopt. For me I have adopted two sets of principles; 1) Constitutional principles, 2) eternal principles. They are not conflicting, they are not mutually exclusive. They are compatible and complementary. They work perfectly hand-in-hand.

Let me be absolutely clear in what I believe and advocate…

  • Being part of a political party will add to the problem and serve to overthrow the Republic.
  • Being part of a political entity or movement (i.e. BLM, AntiFa, or any left-wing or right-wing) will add to the problem and serve to overthrow the Republic.
  • Favoring any political group (i.e. Communist, Marxist, right-wing, conservative, Republican, Democrat, etc.) will add to the problem and serve to overthrow the Republic.

Why will this add to the problem and serve to overthrow the United States? Because any of the above will create divisiveness, destabilization, and chaos when dealing with the opposite group. They are all the perfect examples of tribalism.

How will this add to the problem and serve to overthrow the United States? Because is plays into the hands of the ruling elitists of pitting us again each other…manipulating us into becoming a tool in their hands…one tribe against the other…all tribes against all others.

How does adopting correct principles “fix” anything? Because when we do what is right we are following correct principles for the right reason. It is never the wrong time to do the right thing. Doing right is the only thing that will overcome the opposition who are doing the wrong things…doing the evil things.

Yes, we may lose a battle from time to time…but we can and will win the war. And the war is not what many/most think…the war is actually good vs evil. Put yourself on the right side of this war through adopting and adhering to correct principles. And, be bold in doing so!

Be bold and stand up for correct principles…speak against anyone, any group, any organization that forwards opposition to those correct principles.

Now is the time to act!

If not you, who?

If not now, when?

Now is the time to be bold!

Now is the time to act!


note: tomorrow I will share some additional thoughts and put forward some suggestions.

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SitRep – 08/29/20 (Part 1 of 3)

There are times when I, as well as others, “connect the dots” and show how something has occurred that is not readily apparent to everyone but various data points exist, and existed, to show it would or has happened. Then there are times when a series of events, called strains (a.k.a. trends), come together to produce a large and significant situation. That “come together” action is called convergence. It is interesting to read the formal definition of convergence. However, in the context of this article…it is the meeting, joining, merging of several strains of major occurrences taking place in the world…specifically the United States. And that convergence…well, it is producing a mega-storm of potential destruction that could change the face of the United States forever. And I am not talking a good change.

Before I get into the meat of the article me explain, or rather “re-explain”, how I present material. I provide “predictions” in terms of probability. I don’t remember ever saying that such and such will (as in 100%) happen in regards to the material contained herein. I present it in terms of what I think will happen…but in terms of only the probability of it happening, not the certainty of it occurring.

Example: Earlier this year, after the plague started, I laid out the case for the collapse of the US economy. I gave a timeframe for that collapse in 4 – 6 weeks from the time of the article’s publication.  In that “prediction” was my assessment that the collapse probability was better that it would happen, than it would not happen. Did the economy collapse? No, at least not in the traditional sense of the term, nor did it collapse like I saw the potential for it to. It actuality did collapse further and deeper in some aspects than I thought it would…but didn’t collapse in the sense that it ceased to function. So the collapse beat my expectation on it’s probability. More on the “economic collapse” later.

This SitRep article uses the exact same concept…probability. And there is a significant difference between the percentage of probability of something occurring vs the certainty of that event occurring. In this article I am saying there is a high likelihood, or high probability, of events taking place…not their certainty. Now that all of the clarification is out of the way…on with the SitRep.

In this article I will explain how four areas of concern (AOCs) have matured and are now merging together to create an impact that I feel compelled to write about…to warn you about. Fortunately, for those of you that have been following my website and reading my SitReps and Immediate Action Warnings…none of this will come as a big surprise.

Also, something a bit different from me…this SitRep consists of three parts. Today’s part covers the first three AOCs. Tomorrow I will cover the 4th AOC and Summary. And finally I will provide my thoughts on some specific issues in regards to this SitRep and make some suggestions.

AOCs –

Basic emergency preparedness for emergencies, disasters and grid-down. check listThe areas of concern I will be referring to are:

  • The Economy
  • Civil Society
  • Politics (which includes the upcoming Presidential election)
  • The X-Factors
The Economy –

As mentioned just a few paragraphs above, earlier this year I presented the probability that the economy would collapse before or during the summer. While the economic collapse did not occur in the traditional sense of the word or as I expected it would, let’s review a few things:

  • The unemployment situation is in massive trouble. While the administration is touting the job creations numbers (i.e. 1.5million jobs created in a previous month) they conveniently neglected to also point out that 1.1million people filed for first-time unemployment the previous week. If it were not for the special supplemental federal unemployment benefit of $600 per week, the economy would have been decimated along with tens of millions of families months ago.
  • The Federal Reserve (Fed) has created as much as 15 trillion dollars of “funny money” since the beginning of the plague. Yes, the Fed has digitally created that money out of thin air with nothing to support it but the full faith and credit of the US government.
  • The Fed is now virtually the sole purchaser of US treasury notes and bonds. Why? Because no one else wants to buy them. Well, that is not entirely true. Other countries and some individuals would buy them…if the yield (interest rate) was high enough. But, allowing the interest rate to that level in the free market system would expose how precarious the credit rating of the US actually is. So the Fed conveniently steps in buys those government notes… keeping the interest rate artificially low.
  • There is a substantial amount of information out in the financial world stating clearly that the US credit, financial outlook, etc. is diminishing…actually falling to dangerous levels. While not degrading the US government credit rating, as has been done in the not too distant past, they use terms such as the “outlook” for US government economic stability is weakening. Another way they go about it is stating things like, “US economy recovery potential is softening.” But the signals are there, in abundance, and all showing that, as is well-known around the world, the US economy, propped up the Fed, is extremely unstable, headed downhill, and in a very precarious position right now.
  • The Fed has been pumping about $150 – $250 BILLION dollars per week into the US financial system…banking and the stock market. Without this massive influx of cash the US economy would have ceased to exist months ago.
  • The money that I just mentioned…has all been digitally created…yes, meaning “funny money”. But worse than that…it is money that the US government is borrowing…and adding to the national debt.
  • Due to all of this digital creation of money and massive borrowing of funds by the US government…and then it being artificially pumped into the banking system and stock markets…we are seeing a substantial reduction in the dollar’s purchasing power. That is also known as inflation. Granted, inflation is not being seen in all aspects of the US economy, the dollar’s purchasing power is being felt by all US citizens except for the very rich.
  • In terms of who owns the underlying mortgages of private property in the US…the federal government is now the largest private landowner in the US. And yes, the federal government is already the largest public landowner in the US.
  • The federal is also virtually the sole holder of all student debt in the US. And essentially the only game in town for student loans. And the student loan default and delinquency rate in historic territory.
  • The days delinquent for residential mortgages, car loans, credit card balances, and car title loans is also growing substantially…as in growing into collapse
  • Business bankruptcies are at historic levels.
  • Commercial real estate is becoming over built, sitting more and more empty.
  • The trend in personal bankruptcies is indicating that we are looking at historic levels in the near future.
  • Small business brick and mortar businesses are closing their doors at an historic pace.

I won’t keep going on, you get the picture. The picture is simply this…the US economy sucks! We are in precarious, if not perilous, times from an economic perspective. You might well point out the stock market performance as contradictory evidence…and you would be right to do so. It is doing amazingly well this year…and specifically during the plague. Why? That’s an easy one. Another question, maybe more appropriate, would be “How?” And that answer is just as easy. The Fed. Yup, the Fed has been pumping 10’s of billions into the stock market…each week. That’s the “how.”

Going back to the “Why?” Well, that answer is multi-fold; 1) to transfer massive amounts of wealth to the Fed’s member banks and the rich ruling class in America, 2) to artificially prop up the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, 3) to give a high-profile example of how well the US economy is doing…albeit a “false front”.

Economic X-Factor : a wealth transfer economy and inflation as a tool.

Economic Summary –

We have never, ever seen economic times like this in the history of the US or the world. But, that is not the point. The point is…”Why is it all happening now?” And that is why it one of the top convergence factors…but also just a part of the convergence. By itself the economic situation is not insurmountable. In combination with the other convergence factors…well, wait for the “Summary” at the end of this article.

Civil Society –

I actually chuckled when I typed the above term. I had to ask myself…What civil society?!

Now, don’t get me wrong…I am not referring to individual people, or even specific small groups. I am referring to the whole of US society. And our society is anything but civil any more. I originally included the next section’s topic “Politics” in this section…but quickly realized that politics needed its own section. But, back to civil society.

I won’t go into painful discussion on this subject. Simply turn on the TV, read the news, watch the videos, listen to the reporting, and talk to people you know and you get an idea of how uncivil society has become.

The obvious is just that…we can see the classic example in BLM/AntiFa protests that turn into riots, especially when confronted by opposing groups…it becomes uncivil and quickly…sometimes violently. But, we are also seeing it in the COVID “masked vs. unmasked” confrontations. We see it in teachers striking to not go back to school…and parents demanding that face-to-face classes restart. We see it in proponents of COVID-19 treatments…and those who oppose those treatments. We see it in those who want restrictions of rights and freedoms in favor of safety and security…and those who want freedoms and rights…including the right chancing to die of COVID-19.

We see peaceful protests corrupted and turned into violent clashes, rioting, looting, and all manner of criminal activity against their own community. We peace officers try to fight criminals and maintain the peace…then it turns into chemical warfare, thug-like violence, military armored vehicles, and military troops being used against US citizens.

We see a middle-class, middle-aged couple defend their home against trespassing criminals known for rioting, looting, and destroying…then they are arrested by police, police confiscate their weapons, and the judicial system charges the couple with criminal activity.

I could go on and on about the breakdown of society…and the exponential falling apart of society since the onset of the COVID-19 plague. But do I need to…or do you see it clearly enough?

There is an old saying about the times that try men’s souls. To me, in my lifetime, I’ve seen stressful times/events do two things; 1) good people become better people, 2) bad people become worse. Yeah, yeah…I know that is very judgmental of me. And that judgement is very, very subjective in terms of my personal observations. I understand all of that. But do you disagree with my statement? Do you find that stressful times/events make bad people better and good people worse?

And please, don’t chastise me on using language such as good and bad in terms of who people are. And I am talking about the “real” person, the inside person…NOT who they appear to be on the outside. And just for your information…I almost used the terms “good and evil” vs “good and bad”…so you got off easy. Yeah, yeah, I tried/trying to be a little more soft and tender.

So, I think we can pretty much agree that society has become anything but civil…especially true when you start bringing in politics into the equation. But, have you ever asked yourself the question…”Why now?” Why is society becoming so uncivil right now…during this particular time in US history?

Hold that thought…

Politics –

Oh Boy!

If there was ever a can of worms…it is now…and it is discussing politics. But, I am not going to talk about politics in the traditional sense of the word. Why? We all know the state of politics… it has never been more divisive than it is now. The Republicans and Democrats are eating each other alive…and themselves as well. And actually…they are eating the entire country alive in the process…eating way at the very foundation and fabric of the United States.

But, if you have been following me for any length of time none of this is a surprise…I’ve been pointing out the details of it for a very long time. And most of all…our Founding Fathers warned us about political parties and their inherent evil. They warned us against them, warned us about not joining them, clearly warned us that political parties would destroy our Republic. And our Founding Father were right…they have destroyed our Republic. The United States of America is a dim shadow of what was built over 240 years ago. A shameful, dim shadow at that…thanks to political parties and their blind lust for power…and I speak of Republicans as well as Democrats.

But today, right now, in the summer of 2020 we are seeing our political system at its very worst…at its most destructive. We are seeing demonization that is unprecedented. We are seeing for the first time such things as multiple former Presidents coming out and publicly speaking in terrible demeaning terms of the current President.  We are seeing a sitting President personally attacking individuals at a level that was unimaginable until just a few years ago. We are seeing demonization of both sides by both sides…demonization at unthinkable levels. And the media…well, they have fallen to such partisan depths of muck and mire that I need not even take the time to give specifics or details.

Have you asked the question…”Why?” and “Why now?” The answers to both are important.

In my opinion, in my way of thinking, the answer to “Why? Is very simple…the lust for power. No, not the less extreme, quest of power…but the extremist…”lust” for power. And not power in terms to fix or restore America…and certainly not restore the Constitution or the founding principles of the Republic…no, not at all. But the demonization as a tactic, a despicable and evil tactic, used in politician’s raw lust for power, for authority, for subjugation.

To me I see this demonization as using a nuclear bomb on the battle field by both sides, with troops from both sides still on that battle field. The Generals’ lust to claim victory…their lust for power…overshadows the idea that they kill all of their own troops along with all of the enemy troops in the use of that nuclear weapon.

Yes, that means that our politicians, both sides, are killing the American Republic in their lust for power. And the worst part…they know they are killing the American Republic.

So now let’s talk about the election for a moment. I started talking about this a couple of years ago. No one will win this election, both sides, everyone will lose. I explained it as this…the outcome of the winning political party will be contested by the opposing political party. I stated that fraud and interference (foreign and domestic) will be claimed by the losing side. And we are seeing both political parties lining up thier arguments…putting the ideas in the heads of Americans.

One political party is demanding wide-spread general mail-in voting. And we know for a fact, indisputable fact, that there has been and will be widespread fraud and abuse via mail-in voting. It will simply be a fraudulent election process. And a process not even allowed for in the Constitution.

At the same time we have leader of the opposing political party talking openly about delaying (i.e. canceling) the election. And to be clear…there is no Constitutional authority for that to be done.  However, I chose my words carefully…and that is an X-Factor to be discussed later.

We are also now seeing more reports coming to the surface that Russia interfered with the last Presidential election. Of course they did!!! That is the job of their state department and spy agencies…that is not news and it is not new. And FYI…the United States does the same thing!! The US State Department and US spy agencies have done it for nearly 120 years. And in many cases when those US government agencies can’t swing an election…the CIA simply goes in and topples the sovereign government of that country. And when it is unfeasible to topple a government the CIA has simply killed, or attempted to kill, the foreign country’s leader. So when Russia, or any other country, interferes with our election…well, it is called karma…or payback…or business as usual. Whatever you call it…it is common…and the US does it as much, or more, that any other country in the entire world. And everyone in the US government knows it…and yes, that includes all the national level politicians.

But again, that is not the issue! The question to ask is this, “Why all the posturing of political parties to be able to claim election fraud, and why all the reports of past and future election interference, and even talking about delaying the election…why now?” The answer in the political X-Factor.

This concludes Part #1 of the 8/29/20 SitRep. I will publish Part #2 tomorrow.



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The 7/17/2020 SitRep Action Plan Explained…

I’ve had more than a few requests to explain my Action Plan that I included at the end of my SitRep – 07/17/20. So I took a few hours this morning to write some of my reasoning behind what I suggested as items for your action plan. As always, some of the items may apply to you, some might not. Even those that apply to you are to be used by you as you see fit. Let your instinct be your guide. Only YOU know your situation and what is best for you, your family, and your community.

I hope this makes sense and you find value in what I put forward. I think if you ponder it…no, I am sure that as you ponder these 16 items you will find the value, the nuggets, that will help you in going forward.

If you haven’t already read the SitRep – 07/17/20 – Warning! you may want to do so before reading this post <click here to read it>.

Here is each of the 16 items and some thoughts on each:

  1. Implement a plan to fill any holes in your emergency preparations based on the 7 Common Risks & Threats.

We have seen in the last 6 months what it is like when folks aren’t prepared for even the most simple and basic of issues and disruptions of the supply chain and services. Do you want to run out of toilet paper? Of course not. But, what disappears from the shelves next…do you have enough to get by? We have an overall idea of what might come next…I want you to be prepared for it so you and your family do not suffer. And, the 7 Common Risks & Threats covers the bases when it comes to ALL aspects of emergency preparedness. Each one of those Risks/Threats are common to every emergency, disaster, and even grid-down. If you have used that as a guide you will be prepared, you will be ready, and you will not fear.

Why work diligently to fill the holes now? Why not now? You know what is coming.

  1. Do NOT join any militia of any kind, or any group that vocally expresses blanket support for police.

Sounds strange that these two are lumped together. But I have my reasoning. There are groups out there, some are referred to as militias, but they go by other names as well. And these groups are militant and express unconditional support for law & order, police departments, and anti-AntiFa, etc. They have been showing up in communities well-armed, some in full battle rattle.

However, some of these groups have questionable leadership, suspect motives, and doubtful ability to understand and stand-by Constitutionals rights of folks. They act tough, they strut around, and show off their latest cool tactical gear. But, beware!!

All of these groups either have government special agents (i.e. FBI) or confidential informants that are keeping their respective law enforcement agencies fully aware of what is going on…well, their version of what is going on. There is a huge list of instances where these “moles” have reported misinformation back to their handlers…and in the past it has led to arrests, malicious prosecution, wrongful imprisonment, and in some extreme cases…death. Police departments are desperate right now to prove themselves…don’t get caught up in something like that.

More importantly…don’t get caught up in a group, however well-intentioned, who may do the wrong thing at the wrong time, in the wrong situation…and it goes horribly bad.

This is not the time for joining a militia or any similar group.

  1. Do look for Peace Officers who respect and honor the Constitution…in good times and bad. Then tell them you appreciate them and stand by them when the time comes…and the time will come.

As I’ve pointed out for years…there are good guys out there who carry badges! And the good ones are fairly easy to spot…they are the police officers (a.k.a Peace Officers) who are not killing people by kneeling on their neck, they are not the ones arresting journalists, they are not the ones shooting peaceful protesters with rubber bullets, they are not the ones whisking protestors off in unmarked vans while not wearing agency identification, they are not the ones posting mocking or racist material on websites, etc. You know who they are. They are not the ones who will justify their acts by saying, “I was just following orders” or “I don’t make the laws, I just enforce them.” The good guys will stand by the Constitution, rights, liberties, and freedoms even when it is not popular with their political bosses or their fellow officers. They are the ones who know that “To serve and protect” means to serve and protect citizens…NOT serve politicians or political agendas. They are the ones will to stop other officers from “tuning up” suspects…or stop them from killing a man in handcuffs, on the ground, begging for his life, while one of the badge holding tough guys…well, you get the idea.

And the good guys with badges NEED your support! They need that face-to-face where you sincerely thank them, buy them lunch, give them a bottle of water on a hot day, and any number of heartfelt gestures. They need that support now…and they will need your support in the future. And in the future the support they need may well be of a more physical nature.

Let the good guys know that you recognize them, appreciate them, respect them, and are there for them. Be actively engaged in this effort! The good guys with badges need to know that the public has their back…or at least you have their back.

  1. Do NOT generally talk to folks about forming any armed group.

Right now most law enforcement agencies, all federal law enforcement agencies, have an all-out effort to identify “threats” and that means people capable of and willing to cause violence. And as the FBI has been directing these efforts for nearly 20 years…potential domestic terrorists are at the top of their concern list. And the list that the FBI and DHS uses to identify potential domestic terrorists apply to almost exactly anyone who is a prepper, Constitutionalist, Christian, veteran, food storage advocate, etc. And they are specifically looking for any “groups” who advocate violence. And yes, that means any group who support the Second Amendment and who want to protect their family and community.

Especially now…if you become associated with, or attempt to form, any group who is armed, expresses a desire to protect your community or protect your personal property….you will fall directly in the bullseye of one or more law enforcement agencies…and almost assuredly at the federal level…meaning the FBI. And don’t think you can do so under the radar. The FBI has a massive network of undercover agents and confidential informants who are all ready, willing, and able to suck you into their web.

Stay away from these kinds of activities.

  1. Stay very aware of what is happening in your community. Keep your Situation Awareness at its peak.

I am sure you’ve noticed that protests have occurred from coast to coast. Obviously all the big cities…but also in small towns. A nearby town, population under 12000 people, had BLM protestors and a few AntiFa mixed in. However, they were largely ineffective, ignored, and didn’t cause any notable problems. But…they were there and who knows what might spark a real problem. But, that isn’t the real threat…at least not in this situation. Just yesterday I ran into some a large number of folks doing some “target practice” out in the middle of nowhere while I was riding in my UTV. Normally no issue…but they were drinking and blowing up more than a little tannerite. As a couple of us were talking four of the 20 – 40 age group took their AKs & ARs and just let loose with extreme rapid fire for a whole 30-round mag each. Then the hooting and hollering as the smoke cleared…

“That’s just what those AntiFa guys will get!”

OK, so maybe the beer and false bravado of a gun rush was talking. But, there is some truth to what they said. How much truth is debatable. But, what if a group of folks like this actually geared-up and went after a relatively benign group of protestors in the community? Or even went after a group of looters? Leave the bad guys to the police and those protecting their own personal property and businesses. Don’t get involved in armed vigilantly groups.

Be aware of what is happening in your community, the potential flash points, and even the smallest of threats. It might just get out of hand.

  1. Stay off social media where controversial topics are discussed such as militias, armed resistance, etc.

This ties into earlier topics. Law enforcement agencies have people combing through social media looking for potential targets. And I mean anyone who they can classify, rightly or wrongly, as a potential threat…especially “groups.” And once they have put you on the list…you never, ever get off it. You are in their database forever…and always a potential threat!

If things get bad (I could just as easily say “when”) and law enforcement starts to round up folks, who will they come for first? Second? If/when they want to send a message to those who would oppose ant-Constitutional actions…who are they going to look at as their biggest threat or easiest target…and what will they do?

Just trust me on this…you don’t need this kind of attention right now…or in the future. Don’t bring a spotlight on yourself in this way. And I am telling you point blank…federal law enforcement agencies are all over social media looking for targets of opportunity. Don’t be one!

  1. Read, understand, and use all of my Immediate Action Warnings that I have produced since the beginning of 2020.

I don’t have all the answers. I do have some. I issue those Immediate Action Warnings for a reason…sometimes for a whole host of reason. Sometimes I have inside information that I cannot, and will not reveal. Sometimes it is just common sense and some folks may just need a little nudge. Whatever the case…read the warnings and listen to what your instinct tells you needs to be done for you and your family. Then act on it!

  1. Have discussions with your neighbors to get an idea of where they are with everything that is happening.

What I am talking about here is just to get a feel for what is in their head and heart. Whose side are they on? Will they be on the right side when it hits the fan? Will they be a threat or valuable ally when times get tough? Are they a raging liberal AntiFA supporter…or worse, a law & order extremist?

Just get to know who your neighbors are…it will pay off big time!!  And they might even invite you over for a BBQ.

  1. Prepare for the potential second wave of COVID-19 this fall.

COVID-19 is in its third major mutation…that has made it much more contagious. However, it appears that its lethality is lower. So you are more likely to get it, and less likely to die from it.

However, the next natural mutation would be for COVID-19 to become more lethal. That’s just how viruses work. Their mission is to find hosts, feed off them, and move on. A “survival of the fittest” kind of thing.

Right now people are outside much more, and that means more social distancing, and more sun whose UV rays kills viruses. But as fall approaches, and especially if schools open back up, we will be in much closer proximity to each other, less sunlight, and a perfect breeding ground for the spread of the virus. History has proven that over and over.

If those in power see a spike of the nature we could be looking at in the fall they will react in more dramatic and draconian ways. They already have a good feel for what powers, Constitutional or otherwise, that they can wield over their respective populations. And you could see extreme measures taken…far worse than what we’ve seen so far. And with it being a presidential election cycle…well, let your imagination dictate what could happen. Don’t get caught lacking in your prepping.

  1. Prepare for increased violence when/if colleges and schools reopen.

Colleges are historical hotbeds of unrest and violence when it comes to social issues. Kids at that age are full of energy, seeking direction, susceptible to all manner of evil, and easily motivated to violence. Beware! If the anarchist leadership can maintain the momentum they’ve built up there could be real trouble. Just as a second wave of COVID-19…we could be looking at a second wave of violence. This would especially be true if another George Floyd situation occurred…or a situation that the propagandists could make one to appear as such.

This has the potential to be a huge flashpoint! Not just the anarchists and politicians will take advantage of it…look for the violent right to become much more active.

  1. Prepare for a horrific Presidential campaign season.

I’ve been writing and warning about this for a couple of years now. And for good reason! Not only do we have historical perspective of what the “politics” could look like…we now have the widespread violence aspect increasing. And I am telling you point blank…there is political violence coming.

The violence will be from both sides. AntiFa and the leftists will want to confront Trump supporters. And there will no shortage of Trump supporters who will welcome the opportunity to violently confront those on the left. And violence will occur…and it will be deadly.

I expect to see a level of violence on par with the Democratic National Convention of 1968…or worse. Be careful, be cautious, be aware, be smart. And of course…don’t believe what the politicians say…or the media.

  1. Prepare for the fallout from whoever wins the election…especially if the Dems sweep Congress and the Whitehouse.

Another topic I have talked at length on for the last couple of years. Suffice to say, whomever wins…the opposition is not going to like it…not at all. Not only will there be spin-off violence from the election, there will political knee jerking. If the leftist Democrats win expect there to be a long list of rights restrictions, liberty/freedom killing legislation…a full-on Communist/Marxist agenda attempted. And a radical and violent reaction from their opposition.

If the Republicans win…they will be emboldened and attempt to implement more of their agenda. And it too will be violently opposed by the left. And that opposition will in-turn be met with a violent reaction from the right.

This election cycle is a “lose-lose” situation filled the potential of violence…extreme violence. Be careful, be cautious, be aware, be smart.

  1. Hone your critical thinking skills and dig for accurate information…distrust the media and distrust all social media even more…especially prepper social media websites.

Accurate and truthful information will be very hard to find. It will be out there to be sure. But, both political parties, all political candidates, will not be advocating and promoting truth. They will, as politicians do, advocate only that which supports their own agenda…personal or party.

Treat all media and politician information as false and fake. Be especially watchful for “deepfake” media. Use your own skills, your own mind, your own sources, and find the truth. And then pass that truth on to all those you realistically can.

In the coming months truth will be a rare commodity…an endangered species.

Prepper social media websites especially, and most prepper websites in general, have developed some serious issues. Some have gone full-on hard right militant and violence prone. Some have gone into some very weird directions that I won’t go into. Some have particularly problematic and questionable leadership that have…well, gotten themselves into some deep legal trouble. Be very cautious about social media sites right now…especially prepper social media websites…there are some real problems at the present. And…they are rife with confidential informants working for all manner of federal law enforcement agencies as well as local agencies. Be very wary!

  1. Push to reopen churches and religious practices wherever and whenever possible.

As we’ve seen…government officials have taken very opportunity to further the leftist agenda of subverting the right to religious freedom that is guaranteed under the First Amendment.  Don’t think for a minute that it has gone unnoticed by these politicians that they have the power to so easily crush something as fundamental as the right to worship. It is not a mere coincidence that the right to worship, freedom of religion, has been so easily crushed. Push back! Support this valuable, essential, right!

  1. Support your local businesses whenever practical.

As I look around the three local communities in the area where I live I see more and more closed local businesses. The lights are going out! The big entities such as Amazon are doing fine…growing actually. But, your local businesses may be suffering. Support those local folks whenever you possibly can. As the larger retailers grow…the power of the average person shrinks…and the potential for government/corporation cooperation/coordination grows. And that ain’t good for lights, liberties, and freedoms…not good for you!

  1. Avoid Facebook, Instagram, Google and other big tech firms as much as you can.

There is a whole host of reason for this. But, the number one troubling reason that I see right now…intelligence. No, not the kind that means “smart.” The kind that means “information.”

It is scary right now, horrifying actually, the amount of information that these tech giants are gathering.  Yes, they are gathering personal information of every kind on individuals. But, far more troubling…they are gathering massive and I mean MASSIVE- amounts of information at the macro level. And with that information they can very, very accurately predict what populations, or sub-groups, will do. Specifically what a reaction would be to any number of actions imposed upon the populace. AND THAT IS VERY DANGEROUS! ! !

Why? You already know the answer. With that kind of information comes power…power over people…control, control of the worse kind. Power at an unreal level…the kind of which we’ve never seen before. It is terminal cancer infecting us. It is killing our freedom to choose faster than anyone ever dreamed possible. And by law or coercion…all of that information is available to the government…government bureaucrats and the politicians.

The more you use any social media website, any major search engine, and any online retailer, any online news service, any debit/credit card, you add to that information base. And each and every day their power grows…and our freedoms shrink.

Stop thinking globally…think locally. Actually, stop thinking/acting nationally…think/act locally. Don’t feed the beasts if you can help it.



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SitRep – 07/17/20 – WARNING !

This SitRep is critical and I am asking you to read it in its entirety. Please feel free to pass it on to those who you feel will benefit from it.

This SitRep differs slightly from most of my previous SitReps in that I provide some pretty specific suggestions in the Summary / Action Plan section.

It’s been 2-1/2 months since my last SitRep…and I write this one with all seriousness and deliberation. Please don’t take it lightly…or worse yet, disregard it all together.

The topics I will cover in this SitRep are:

  • Civil Rights
  • Civil Liberties
  • Civil Society
  • Civil War
  • Economy
  • Politics
  • The Plague
Civil Rights

First off… civil rights is equal social opportunities and equal protection under the law. And that concept comes straight from the Declaration of Independence –

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” 

The US does have a history of not fully implementing that concept. However, in the mid-1960’s that implementation was finally codified. Unfortunately, some folks have not actually accepted that…and in some strange ways. First off, there is prejudice in the US…many flavors of it. But the worst possible example of it is our two-tier legal system. There is no question that those with power and money tend to fair far better in the legal system, especially the judicial system, than regular folks and especially lower income folks. Politicians and the super-rich tend to be almost immune at times to prosecution for their criminal behavior. And certainly we have seen that the Department of Justice has been used as a weapon against citizens more times than we care to think about.

Now we are seeing a two-prong approach to the demand for civil rights. First are those who feel they have a legitimate claim to correct present and past injustices. Right or wrong, their claims are heartfelt and sincere. Then there is the second prong…dark and sinister. They are those that wish to use the legitimacy of actual civil rights abuses and the civil rights movement for their own benefit…their quest for power and money. They are the ones who take a peaceful protest for justice and protection from abuse…and then turn it into a cesspool of anarchy with violence, looting, destruction, and wanton disregard for everything that is good in our society.

All the while the primary violation of civil rights, a two-tier legal system, continues its march into the abyss unabated.

Civil Liberties

First off…civil liberties include the freedom of conscience, freedom of press, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, the right to security and liberty, freedom of speech, the right to privacy, the right to equal treatment under the law and due process, the right to a fair trial, and the right to life. In other words, freedom from arbitrary interference in one’s pursuits by individuals or by government. This concept also comes straight from the Declaration of Independence –

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

We now see a two-prong attack against civil liberties. Wait, don’t get confused. We know that governments (local, state, and federal) have been infringing upon our civil liberties for a very long time. It became pervasive and virtually unrestrained about 120 years ago with the advent of the Progressive movement. And please don’t get tangled up in unreality…Republicans have done little to nothing to protect our civil rights. And in many cases they have done far more damage to our civil rights than the Progressives. And essentially Republicans are Progressives as well…just a slightly different flavor. And Progressives love authoritarianism.

Back to the two-pronged attack upon civil liberties…

The government attack is plain to understand and easy to see. Their motive is just as obvious…their quest for totalitarianism. But, what/who is behind the second prong? You already know the answer to that. The ruling class…also known as the “elites.” There is a long list of participants in that group, chief among them is the media (i.e. print media, TV, etc.). But that list also includes the super-rich and the old money families. Recent additions are tech corporations such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

All of the second prong wish to see the elimination of civil liberties. Meaning;

  • Limitations on free speech through the elimination of anything they deem to be “hate speech” or even “hurtful speech.”
  • Limitation on religion through the elimination of religious practices or symbols from the public space and even limitations of the same in the private space.
  • They have already waged a successful campaign against the right to life.
  • They also use one crisis after another to eliminate the right to assemble…especially for religious purposes.
  • They have virtually eroded any hope of due process when a person, or company, runs afoul of their principles.

I could go on and on but you are already all to familiar with their activity in destroying the very foundations of civil liberties.

Civil Society

First off…civil society is seen also as a “normal” concept of civic values.  In other words, a shared set of norms and ethics (i.e. good and evil), in which free citizens on an equal footing live under the rule of law.

Let’s work over the government, all government first. Can you show me any level of government where they adhere to a decent standard of ethics? How about equal footing under the law? How about the rule of law? Yeah, I didn’t think so. In today’s world we see politicians get away with unspeakable acts of criminal behavior. We see massive corporations allowed to run amuck while politicians receive huge campaign donations from those same companies. We see government treat citizens more like serfs than citizens with God-given, Constitutionally guaranteed rights. We see all too often weaponized bureaucracy.

Then there are individuals, and tribes of like-minded individuals, who intentionally destroy any semblance of norms or ethics. They refuse to accept the reasons for fences before tearing them down. They demand preferential treatment, all the while trampling on the rights of others.

No, a civil society in America is long gone.

Civil War

A civil war is an intense conflict, often involving regular armed forces, that is sustained, organized and large-scale. Well, it’s here!

We’ve been in a “soft” civil war for the better part of 20 years. It began in earnest after 9/11/2001 when the Patriot Act - citzens are suspectsRepublican Conservatives, with the help of Progressives, implemented the Patriot Act, gave massive amounts of power to the NSA, and added to the already anti-Constitutional NDAA . And have no doubt…it is has been getting worse ever since.

But, we’ve seen a dramatic escalation in our civil war…and that has been going on intensely since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the USA. I am referring to two aspects of the civil war in particular; 1) the dramatic assault of civil liberties by all levels of government, 2) the outbreak of violence by the anarchist arm of the Progressive movement.

And as #2 increased we saw a dramatic and anti-Constitutional response by government. As the outbreak of violence occurred and increased the police should have been activated to deal properly with the criminals. However, what we saw was abhorrent. Rather than arrest looters and those destroying both public and private property we saw law enforcement use excessive force against peaceful protestors. We saw journalists targeted and assaulted…some gassed, some shot, some illegally arrested. Then we saw politicians and law enforcement allow violence to increase to the point where military troops were placed on the streets of America.

The Insurrection Act of 1807 is authority for the President and/or Congress to mobilize the military in the during an  instance of citizens rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government. Kind of interesting considering the specific wording of the Declaration of Independence…

“But, when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”

Most normal, average, people would see insurrection as being rebellion, trying to overthrow the federal government. However, interestingly enough insurrection now means any opposition to government authority…including protests.

Now, some folks might think there is protection through a federal statute known as the Posse Comitatus Act, enacted in 1878, which forbids the use of the US Army for domestic law enforcement purposes without the approval of Congress. Since the US Air Force derived from the US Army, the courts have found that the Act also applies directly to the Air Force as well. Interesting that it wasn’t until 2013 that a directive of the Secretary of Defense included the US Navy and the Marine Corps.

But don’t be fooled…there is NO protection from the US military being used against US civilians in regards to domestic law enforcement. All the President has to do is invoke the Insurrection Act and US military troops flood the streets of America and the the Posse Comitatus Act become null and void.

And we have seen that in the last few months…and we will see more of it.

And let me be clear…while the Founding Fathers saw the evils of authoritarian governments, they also outlined the right and duty to overthrow those governments in the Declaration of Independence. And the Founders, once the American Revolution was won and our freedom assured…those same Founders enshrined certain rights and limitations on government within the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Within a few short years politicians and government bureaucrats began to whittle away at the rights of citizens to have a government by the people and for the people. They forgot a keystone to America…

“…to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

Now, there is also another aspect to the Civil War taking place in America today…Cultural War. We saw this during the Communist revolution in Russia as they tried to eliminate all vestiges of their history. Then again we saw Communist China implement their cultural revolution. But, the most striking example of culture warfare, and the closest example to what is happening in America today, is what happened in territory controlled by Islamic extremists/terrorists…also know as ISIS. From 2013 – 2017, under the guise of religion, ISIS followers destroyed anything of historic value that didn’t conform to their radical interpretation of their religious beliefs. We are seeing the same thing in America…but it isn’t ISIS here, it is AntiFa, anarchists, Progressives, Democrats. And they are trying to destroy America’s history…anything that doesn’t conform to their interpretation of their radical and extremist political views.

The cultural war in America is a subset of the civil war taking place. It is just as violent and destructive as we’ve seen previously in history…just as radical, just as extreme, and for the same end goal.


I love it!!  A couple of weeks ago I heard a Trump spokesman rave about the historic number of new jobs created. They gloated and pontificated on that accomplishment.  Interesting…the US population loses nearly 50million jobs and falls to historic, Depression Era level of unemployment and some nitwit makes it sound like adding 2.5million jobs (5% of the jobs lost in the previous 4 months) is some amazing feat of genius economic engineering. And the media let them get away with that bragging…and they forgot to mention one minor detail…there were approximately 5.5 million people that filed first time unemployment claims during that same time period that only 2.5million people found a job. So more than twice as many people lose their job as find one…and this administration forgets to mention it…and essentially ignores it…while spewing economic propaganda. Have we become that collectively stupid? Or do they just think we have?

Now, normally I would not point it out, worry about it, or bring it to your attention. But for this SitRep I must. Why? Because the economy is in terrible, horrible, shape!!

Just in the last 10 days several major restaurant chains are looking at, or have started, bankruptcy proceedings. We are talking Checkers, Chuck E. Cheese, Steak and Shake, and several other name brand franchises. This adds to a long list of earlier bankruptcies and door closings. Brick and mortar retailers are being decimated. And it will get worse.

The government is readying another stimulus round including direct payments to citizens. Would they being doing that is the economic numbers were good? Of course not. The economy is in terrible condition and a poor outlook indeed.

Just a little side note…have you noticed some businesses have experienced “cash” shortages and have reduced the number of electronic cashiers that will accept cash or give change? Yup, the Fed has acknowledged that there is a cash shortage. They say is is due to the mints having problems producing coinage and paper money…and people hoarding cash. And if you are wondering what they think…they let this little tidbit slip out when answering questions on the shortages, “…it’s not necessarily a bad thing to move away from physical cash and coins…”

Huuuummmmm……..just saying…..


Oh boy! A topic sure to stir the pot, ruffle some feathers, rock the boat…and all the other appropriate clichés. But, there is a bottom line here…our country is headed for a political nuclear bomb. I’ve explained it before in general terms, let me restate:

  1. Both political parties are preparing their constituents to claim “fraud” or “outside influence” if their candidate loses.
  2. Die-hard Republicans think their candidate can’t lose. Nothing could be further from the truth. Trump is in real and serious trouble. The numbers can/do lie, but there comes a point where some truth cane be seen because the numbers become so overwhelming. Trump is twice as far behind Biden as he was behind Clinton. And don’t forget…Trump lost the popular vote by the millions. And several key states have changed their Electoral College voting process so their delegates must cast their Electoral College votes for candidate who won the popular vote. Trump has far more going against him than for him. And that is especially true according to the poll numbers in swing states he won last time.
  3. Die-hard Democrats know that Biden can’t win. First of all, Biden in in a diminished mental state and getting worse. He also has a horrific history of being a sexual “creep” that will surface even more so in the general election campaigning. Biden can’t even begin to rise to a level sufficient to debate Trump. Trump will make him look like some kind of mentally incompetent fool that can’t form a cohesive sentence. But, trust me…the Democrats have a plan…and it ain’t Biden.
  4. Those that wish to further their anti-Constitutional, authoritarian agenda are planning to use the COVID-19 plague to their advantage this election cycle. It is called “mail in ballots” and it is proven to be corrupt in every aspect. And they will use it to their gain. But, their true purpose may not to be simply to win the election. While backing vote-by-mail, they will also seed dissent that there is wide-spread fraud in the process by both sides. That will in-turn create even more division between members of the political parties and it will create a sense of election by fraud regardless of who wins the Presidency. And that my friends serves their purposes quite nicely…further dividing America…and creating the fertile ground for violence.
  5. The Republicans stand a very high chance of losing control of the Senate. I believe that is a done deal unless an unexpected event occurs to change that outcome. If the Democrats win the Senate then America is in horrible shape. Yes, even if the Republicans win the Presidency. If Trump wins reelection and the Dems control Congress…then they will stop Trump at every turn, investigate ad nauseam, and cause mayhem whenever possible to create an environment in which to impeach Trump. If Trump loses and a Democrat gains the Whitehouse and the Dems control Congress…God help us! And I mean that sincerely…only God will be able to help us if the Democrats take control of the government. Their radical extremist ideology will crush us.
The Plague

We know that COVID-19 is in its third major mutation. The first was relatively harmless, at least in terms of fatality. But, the two major mutations that it has gone through now makes it far more transmittable, more contagious. However, it is not more lethal. Actually, originally only about 2% of all deaths attributed to COVID-19 were actually COVID-19 deaths…the other 98% had co-morbidity. Meaning that the patient likely died from a major health condition (i.e. heart disease, respiratory distress, diabetes, etc.) vs from COVID-19. Lately the experts are stating that the number of people that actually have is 10 times higher than first expected. That means the mortality rate is actually 1/10th as bad as previously reported. So the true fatality rate may be in the area of .002 – .01% range.

Unfortunately we will never know the true figures/statistics because the government and health care profession have so perversely corrupted the real numbers that the truth will never be known.

But this is a fact for sure…the government is using this plague crisis to their full advantage!

Just one simple example…CBD shops have been allowed to remain open, Walmart has been allowed to be open, as well as other businesses and government offices. But…churches were ordered shut down and police patrolled church parking lots throughout the country looking for folks trying to exercise their First Amendment right to freedom of religion.

And you guys have seen terrible, horrific examples of government abusing citizens and business all in the name of enforcing executive orders restricting, and in some cases eliminating, Constitutionally guaranteed rights.

Those things have not occurred unintentionally.

Summary and Action Plan

Civil rights, civil liberties, a civil society, and the economy have suffered immeasurably in the last 6 months.

Civil war broke out and will get worse. I am telling you, warning you, that there is going to be a slingshot effect. We have seen AntiFa, mainstream Democrats, liberals, and Progressives take to the streets in the worst of anarchist examples.  They have looted, destroyed, attacked, taken over public spaces, and caused mayhem throughout the country. We have seen police and the military react in the most un-American fashion shooting peaceful protestors, gassing others, and illegally arresting and harassing journalists to name just a few of their reprehensible acts. And all the while allowing stores to be looted and burned, citizens to be attacked, parts of entire cities to be taken over. And worse of all examples of despicable acts…refuse to answer 911 calls for help like they did in Atlanta. We’ve see police officers ambushed, murdered in cold blood, by those claiming to be warriors of social justice…all the while they are actually nothing but psychopathic killers.

We’ve seen politicians encourage illegal and un-American behavior…even walking with those monsters to show their support. And worse of all…standing by, even supporting, the destruction of statues, monuments, and memorials. And have no doubt…this is intentional and deliberate. How so?

Remember a couple of things; 1) Obama ran on a platform to “fundamentally change America”, 2) his wife Michelle stated “…we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history…” Don’t think for a minute those were casual words or political slogans. They were telling us exactly what was coming…the Progressive agenda. An agenda that has been in-place and in process for 120 years. Don’t doubt them! They simply voiced what the Progressives have been doing for a very long time. And as we see the destruction of memorial, monuments, and statues…we see the violent manifestation of Michelle’s words,  “…we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history…” And they are doing it violently through absolute destruction of history…and demonetization of all who would attempt defense of history. Behaving just as ISIS did during their reign of terror.

Let there be no doubt…civil war has broken out and it is violent. Can it get worse? Yes! Let me explain…it will probably come in its most virulent form from the law & order extremists…and the ignorant. Meaning this…the “slingshot effect.” We see violence, destruct, war, and other despicable acts taking place. We have also seen the beginnings of non-official opposition. Some store owners and some homeowners took up arms and defended their property. Good on them!!!!  They are acting within their God-given, Constitutionally protected rights. But, there is more developing…stewing in the pot…bubbling right below the surface…armed non-official opposition that will turn violent.

Who are they?

Some are called militias…unfortunately. Some are called by other names. Some are loosely associated individuals. Many are backed directly, or indirectly by the same people who are fostering the current destruction and anarchy. At some point the opposition groups and/or individuals will fight back, open fire, strike out…and it goes bad, really bad, from there.

I spoke with a reliable source who has been looking into this and he confirmed that he knows of a radical racial group who have armed up and looking to strike out at anyone who is not of their race. And several groups are growing intolerant of their taunting. Violent conflict between the two groups is inevitable.

And it is worse…there are some well-intentioned folks who are joining militias, or forming armed groups for defense…and the stories continue. The problem lies not with their intentions of the good folks, but the actions, intentional or inadvertent, that will escalate this low-level civil war.

And I am telling you without reservation…this is a civil war.

What actions should you take? You probably already have a pretty good idea. But let me make some suggestions:

  1. Implement a plan to fill any holes in your emergency preparations based on the 7 Common Risks & Threats.
  2. Do NOT join any militia of any kind, or any group that vocally expresses blanket support for police.
  3. Do look for Peace Officers who respect and honor the Constitution…in good times and bad. Then tell them you appreciate them and stand by them when the time comes…and the time will come.
  4. Do NOT generally talk to folks about forming any armed group.
  5. Stay very aware of what is happening in your community. Keep your Situation Awareness at its peak.
  6. Stay off social media where controversial topics are discussed such as militias, armed resistance, etc.
  7. Read, understand, and use all of my Immediate Action Warnings that I have produced since the beginning of 2020.
  8. Have discussions with your neighbors to get an idea of where they are with everything that is happening.
  9. Prepare for the potential second wave of COVID-19 this fall.
  10. Prepare for increased violence when/if colleges and schools reopen.
  11. Prepare for a horrific Presidential campaign season.
  12. Prepare for the fallout from whoever wins the election…especially if the Dems sweep Congress and the Whitehouse.
  13. Hone your critical thinking skills and dig for accurate information…distrust the media and distrust all social media even more…especially prepper social media websites.
  14. Push to reopen churches and religious practices wherever and whenever possible.
  15. Support your local businesses whenever practical.
  16. Avoid Facebook, Instagram, Google and other big tech firms as much as you can.

Most of all…get ready! Yes, get ready…period! There is an underlying violence bubbling beneath our feet. Our society is under attack, it is being destroyed, the American way is being trashed and decimated. Our history and our culture is all but gone in many respects…and all of it is under attack. And it is all by design.

Those that wish for an authoritarian government are winning and will win if we are not vigilant in every aspect of the word. With opposing sides, multi-faceted, pitted against each other…and violently so…there is only one winner. And that winner is the group that wishes to see a totalitarian state…with themselves as the ruling class. And yes, that means the rest of us simply will be serfs providing for their every whim.

Now, I would encourage you to prepare to defend yourself, your family, your property, and your community. I would also suggest you consider that you defend physical representations of our history and culture…but do so 100% non-violently. Yes, non-violently. Here’s why…let’s say you decide that you will defend a monument erected for a local hero that has been targeted for destruction by the Progressive anarchists. Do not take a weapon with you. Join others and surround the monument/statue and do not let the criminals near it. If they attack…DO NOT use a weapon to defend yourself. Have people there with video and audio capability to record what happens. Allow the police to intervene and do their job. If they don’t…then you have gathered very valuable additional intelligence on your community. Then prepare and react accordingly.

Am I panicking or trying to cause a sense of panic in you…or even trying to raise the collective stress level? You know me better than that! I am not.

What I am trying to do is give you my best “read’ on what is happening and will probably happen in the coming days, weeks, and months. I did that back in the first month of 2017 with the coup against Trump, I did that in the weeks before things got violently ugly this year. I have providing actionable intelligence to you for years…and have been generally spot on. This SitRep is in that same vain…prepare for what is coming…and it is coming. Some sooner than later.

Please don’t get caught unprepared!



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SitRep – 05/01/20 – WARNING !

OK, gonna be down & dirty…a lot of ground to cover and Immediate Action Warnings coming out later today. To get the information out I will provide less background than normal. So either believe me or not. Do your own research or not. Prepare or not. It’s all up to you.

Coup Taking Place –

Yeah, we are back to that. Remember, I was right back in 2017 when I broke the news, named names, and laid it all out…I was 100% right then…and I am right now.

The deepstate, democrats, the FBI, and others have been unsuccessful in overthrowing President Trump, not for lack of trying. However, they have not been savvy enough, Trump has been smarter than them and used direct contact with the public to overcome his enemies. But all the evidence I am seeing now is Trump is not, and cannot, beat COVID-19. Well, more specifically…the “use” of the COVID-19 panic by his enemies.

I have written about this upcoming election in pretty plain terms…everyone loses. I believe Trump has now less that a 10% probability of winning. The latest evidence, with the numbers to prove it, show that if the US uses mail-in ballots for the election this fall Trump would have 0% chance of reelection.

Dubbed “cheat by mail”, numbers show that Virginia has 11,000 dead people ready to receive mail-in ballots, Pennsylvania has 800,000 inactive voters that would receive mail-in ballots. If I just make a conservative low-end estimate of the potential voter fraud using a real-life example of PA, that means there are approximately 13 million inactive/dead/ineligible registered voters on the books in the USA ready to receive mail-in ballots.

But, let’s say I am off by half and there is only 6.5million. And  make it even more fair…only half of them are fraudulent when election day comes…that is 3.25million mail-in ballots that are used fraudulently in the 2020 Presidential election. Remember, Trump lost the popular vote by millions in 2016. Think about this…in 2020 he loses by millions more…let’s say he loses by 4 – 5 million votes that include the fraudulent mail-in ballots. Do you think there is any chance the Electoral College saves him? Even if the Electoral College somehow did swing in his favor…would the majority population accept it? Nope!

Electronic balloting would be even worse by an order of magnitude.

The coup against Trump has changed, Trump is losing and Trump has little chance of reelection. At least at this point.

And there is serious talk now that the Republicans could lose the Senate. Well, if they do, which I believe stands at about 50/50 probability right now, then the country will end up in another revolution within 4 years…period. And in the meantime the Democrat controlled federal government would push an all-out socialist/Communist agenda.

War –

Within the last 48 hours China claimed that it “expelled” a US warship from the South China Sea. Let’s disregard the truthfulness of it for a minute and just focus on the claim…it is frightening…at least from a “war” prospective. And let’s not forget that they are promoting more and more that COVID-19 is a US bio-weapon. I am telling you…China is pushing us towards an armed engagement at best, an all-out war worst case.

And of course they are having help from the Russians…who are helping to destroy our energy industry, specifically the oil industry, by pumping oil at an historic rate vs. demand driving oil prices down…and shuttering American oil company doors in the process.

Economy/Fed –

The Federal Reserve (Fed) has admitted to creating nearly $7tillion dollars of fresh debt in the last month+. However, nowhere do you find a corresponding rise in the US national debt to match it. And the only way the Fed can raise money to pump into the economy is by creating US debt. So what has happened? It is “off-book” meaning there is no accounting of the Fed on how it raised that money and the US government is not admitting its involvement. That should shake you to your very foundation.

But it gets worse…the Fed is admitting to an increase of 40% of its assets. Yes, you read that right…it’s assets. Those assets include; T-Bills, municipal bonds, bank loans…and stocks. Yes, stocks. So part of this whole mess means that the Fed is becoming rich. And as the stock market continues to improve the Fed gets richer and richer. And who is the Fed?  A private corporation of private banks.

Remember I mentioned the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the US through the COVID-19 panic? Well, now you are seeing a small slice of it. But that is not the significant part. The Fed creates nearly $10trillion (actual number vs admitted number) to pump into the economy and where is the corresponding debt accounting for it? Nowhere to be found…but that is not worst part. The worst part is the mammoth devaluation of the dollar. The actual value of the dollar has been devalued by 30 – 40% in the last 6 weeks. How? The Fed simply created more money, $10trillion, with ZERO underlying increase in anything tangible to back-up that “funny money” creation. It was created out of thin air!

25million people have become unemployed in a little over a month. Let that sink in for a minute. How are they collecting unemployment benefits now? How long will they stay unemployed receiving those unemployment $’s? How does the US pay for the $’s? How does the US get 25million people back to work?

In the last 10 years the USA has created a little over 20 million new jobs. So I ask again…how long does it take the US to put those 25 million people back to work? And what happens to those people and the US economy while trying to get those people backs to work?

Food –

I’ve written about the food chain issues, I warned about food shortages, I’ve given you warnings this could turn into a world-wide crisis. It’s here…or at least the beginning stages of it. Want proof?  President Trump just a couple days ago invoked the Defense Production Action to keep food production going. I verified yesterday of the seriousness of the problem. Sure, we’ve heard presidents of companies, including Tyson Foods, talk about closing plants, lack of employees, huge reduction of product going into the food distribution system. Yesterday I personally confirmed it with my sources. Pork is the first hit, poultry is close behind, beef not too far off.

There will be increasing food problems…mainly food getting to the stores for retail consumption.

Summary –

Probability of violence, war, food shortages, coup, etc. have all gone up significantly!  Urgent to prepare now as much as you possibly can.

Avoid prepper fatigue, news overload, and don’t over react, panic, or scare others…just step up prepping now!

Watch for Immediate Action Warnings.



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