SitRep – 1/18/2022

There are so many things going on in the world today…and it is planned, albeit not all coordinated. The design of the chaos in the world today is simple and straight forward; create enough chaos, create fear/panic, and then offer the solution. And their solution is not good…not good at all. I urge you to stay focused and to not get caught up in the static that is so abundant right now.

It has been a month since the last time I wrote and 8 months since I posted a SitRep, much has happened in my life…some personal and some just being busy preparing for what is to come. And I have been doing a significant amount of research during this past month as well…about 1 – 3 hours per day, sometimes more.  Now I have to get some things off my chest…a mini-brain dump of what I see happening and why.

Topics for today’s SitRrep:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Voting Rights
  • Law Enforcement
  • FBI
  • Biden Judges and Appointees
  • Civil War
  • Principles vs Politics
Cryptocurrency –

Yeah, it sucks! Yes, all cryptocurrency sucks! And cryptocurrency is NOT a prepper item and is only, at best, a highly speculative and volatile investment. And I hate even giving cryptocurrency the undeserved title of “investment”!

So far this year (YTD) Bitcoin has lost 10% of its value, losing over 2% so far today. That is an abhorrently terrible performance…unless of course you are talking a general crash of the entire financial system. How does it compare to other highly speculative investments year-to-date?

  • Silver is up 1%
  • Hog Futures down 1%
  • Aluminum Futures up 7.5%

So just about any “futures” as speculative as cryptocurrency is has far, far out performed Bitcoin. Well, silver is not nearly in the same “speculative” category as cryptocurrency. At least silver can be held in your hand.

Nassim Taleb, author of “The Black Swan” (reminder: Black Swans are extremely unpredictable events that have massive impacts on human society) and Nassim Taleb is considered one of the world’s top intellectuals…and he has clear opinions of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in particular, he very recently shared those opinions of Bitcoin, they are:


  • “infectious disease”
  • “worthless”
  • isn’t a “currency or a store of value”
  • isn’t an “inflation hedge”
  • isn’t a “haven for investors”
  • “it doesn’t serve as a hedge against anything”
  • it isn’t “a haven from government tyranny or catastrophe”
  • “Almost nothing in financial history has been more fragile than bitcoin.”

In a very clear statement Taleb says, “Bitcoin is a contagious disease. It will spread and its price will rally until saturation, when every sucker stupid enough to buy the story is invested. Bitcoin is not competing against ‘fiat’ currency. It is competing against the thousands of other sucker products that are born every year.”

That should clearly cover cryptocurrency. If it doesn’t for you, then nothing else ever will.

Voting Rights –

This is a simple and easy one…but vitally important and a clear indicator of who is who and what they believe in.

The right to vote is NOT a God-given right. There is no mandate from God that a person has a right to vote (i.e. a say) in their government elections. It is however a right granted via the US Constitution. And as such can be regulated…as in regulated to ensure integrity at the ballot box and throughout the entire election process.

When our Founding Fathers designed our system of government it was far harder to vote than it is today. Actually, with transportation methods it is almost a breeze to vote in today’s elections. Showing identification to prove who you are before voting is not limiting voting rights, it is ensuring voting process integrity. Voting on election day at a specific voting location is not limiting voting rights…it is ensuring a clear, clean, open election process.

So why are so many folks so adamantly against elections with integrity? Let’s go down their road:

  • Constitutional Republics require an election process with integrity and some reasonable restrictions. The United States was founded as a Constitutional Republic.
  • A democracy is simply mob rule with no regard to elections with integrity. The more people whose vote can be manipulated or is fraudulent in nature ensures mob rule.
  • Liberals and Progressives want the USA to be a democracy.
  • Finally…

Democracy is the road to socialism. Progressives and politicians love it!

Socialism is authoritarian/totalitarian in nature.

Note of interest: Less than two weeks ago New York City just gave the right to vote to over 1,000,000 non-US citizens. Think about that…a radical leftist city just allowed over a million people to fraudulently vote and direct this country who are not even citizens of this country. Think about the “why?”

Law Enforcement –

Police abuse, cop kicks woman in the head.Some of you are going to not like this section, some will misinterpret it, some will simply kneejerk react to it, and those of you who are independent thinkers will understand and get the message.

Law enforcement, as an institution, is lost…as lost as the military…probably worse. For close to 10 years I have been watching and studying the law enforcement community. I worked closely with them for 30 years, I have trained with them, I have trained them, I have very close friends in the community, and even some relatives who are LEOs. And there is a single, clear, honest, blunt, and accurate statement…law enforcement, as an institution, is no longer a protector of citizens, rights, property, or even supporters of the Constitution and its associated rights, freedoms, and liberties.

Now remember, I said as an “institution” twice, I am not referring to any specific person or department. And my conclusion is based on thousands of LEO videos, hundreds more court cases, and personal experience. It is not based on bias, bigotry, prejudice, etc. It is also not scientific, it is all subjective…my opinion.

First off, ALL federal level law enforcement exists for only one purpose…to protect and increase the power of the federal government. Further, there is no Constitutional authority for any federal law enforcement agency. If you think otherwise…then go read the Constitution and share with us where they are authorized, if you can find it.

If you want to see the deprivation for yourself, a good place to start would be to watch the police officers themselves, in action, interacting with the public, in their own words. To do your own research simply search for “police audits”, “audit the audit”, or “1st amendment audit” and then see the proof of what I am saying. But that only scratches the surface. There is also &

I don’t want to go on and on and belabor the point, but I do want to point out a few things:

  1. The larger the law enforcement department the more likely they are to be “lost” but that doesn’t eliminate smaller departments. Some of the most egregious abuse of power and unconstitutional actions can be seen in small departments.
  2. There are some outstanding LEOs out there. And they prove themselves as “outstanding” by not violating people’s rights, by not using unnecessary force, by not employing “comply or die” tactics, and by actually serving and protecting people.
  3. Some of the abuse by LEOs comes from lack of training, carelessness, and ignorance of the law; most of it comes from the “blue culture”, from mental illness, from job stress, from peer pressure, from a “thug with a badge” mentality, and a few other despicable origins.
  4. Just because an LEO is a nice guy as a friend, a good husband, a good father, etc. doesn’t make him a good cop. It is only their actions/behavior while on the job interacting with citizens, and supporting those principles that are compliant with the Constitution and keeping true to their motto of “to serve and protect” that makes them a good cop.

Just two weeks ago it was revealed that inside the federal infrastructure bill passed by the Democrat controlled Congress is a cute little gem for law enforcement -and authoritarianism- a “kill switch” in all new cars. Yup, the law and order freaks and those who are looking forward to a totalitarian state can revel in the idea that any/all new cars can be completely disabled by government officials. That whole concept should send chills of Nazi Germany down your spine.

Why do I make this law enforcement point, sound the alarm, expose the problem now? Because in the days ahead you must not depend on law enforcement officers to support the Constitution, serve and protect your family, or do anything other than protect the power of government against the people.

The FBI –

As I have written about before…the FBI has been a disgrace and a black mark against America from its very foundation. Its founder was as despotic and perverted a person as one can imagine…and the agency has followed his lead.

I have endlessly documented their corruption, their killings, their outright lies to citizens and members of Congress, and their perjury in the courtroom. Their leadership role in the coup against Trump is well documented…along with their countless violations of the law and Constitution.  I have documented and written about how they are the lead agency to label, investigate, track, charge, and kill a long list of people that qualify as “domestic terrorists”. To see if you qualify see the list here <click here to see the list>

I’ve spent many, many hours reviewing Congressional testimony by FBI officials and read numerous reports in the last year. The FBI, clearly and undeniably, is in a war against both the Conservatives and the Constitution in the USA. And sadly, they are winning.

Go back to their role in the coup against Trump, then fast forward to their recent targeting of parents at schoolboard meetings who are voicing their opinions against critical race theory. Yes, parents at schoolboard meetings now have FBI records and are flagged as “domestic terrorists”!! And yes, that is officially proven to be true in Congressional records.

And we know from court records that the FBI had its people inside the militia group that was accused of planning to kidnap the Michigan governor. And what did those FBI personnel do? They initiated the idea, did the planning, and then asked the group to consider it. And then arrested the militia members!

And we know from recent Congressional testimony that the FBI had personnel in the crowd that attacked and entered the Capitol on 1/6/2021. And they just weren’t there as spectators. Records, including video, show those FBI agents instigating the building entry and violence among other activities.

Let me make this clear…the FBI is actively working against the citizens of the United States, the FBI is working to establish an authoritarian federal government, is working against the Constitution and the rights guaranteed therein.

Why do I write this now? Actually, I have been warning you about this for years. But it is imperative that you understand this now. In a very short time the FBI will be one of the biggest threats to Americans’ rights, freedoms, and liberties that we have ever seen…if they aren’t already.

One piece of advice…NEVER EVER talk to the FBI without your lawyer there with you. It will NEVER hurt you to have a lawyer present no matter why the FBI is talking to you. But, without a lawyer…you could end up in prison…or worse. FBI agents are highly trained in myriad forms of questioning, interrogation, and deception…you can’t out think them, you can’t out talk them…have a lawyer there no matter what the reason they are talking to you.

Biden Judge Nominees –

I have been watching the Senate confirmations of federal judges. On my gosh!!! Let me make this simple…they are ALL radical leftists, partisan extremists, and clearly rabidly dedicated to all things liberal and Progressive. And I am not saying they are committed Democrats. I am saying these nominees, to the person, are extremists to the very letter of the word.

Why is this important? Because these judges collectively will act thousands of times a day all over the US challenging the Constitution, our rights/freedoms, and working diligently to forward the goals of an authoritarian regime in America.

Civil War –

It is funny almost, ironic actually, that I see so many prepper websites and bobbing heads discussing the rash of talk about “civil war”. If you have been visiting my site for any reasonable length of time then you know about the coming “civil war” and what it will look like.

But, why all the recent talk?

Simple, and I’ve explained this before, with the talk about “civil war”, domestic terrorism, right-wing extremism, the attack of 1/6, the arrest and charging of the Oath Keepers’ leadership, and much more, there is only a single answer. The government, with the help of the media, is laying the ground work to further establish an authoritarian regime. The government is creating the problem and the media is reinforcing that deception.

You see, the US government creates the problem, creates the hysteria, creates the fear and panic, and then offers the solution. It is a tried and true, and highly effective, tactic that the US federal government has used over and over again. It started after 9/11/2001 with the federal law enforcement agencies getting massive power and huge amounts of money for their operations against terrorists.

Unfortunately, those same agencies under direction began expanding “terrorism” to include many normal everyday Americans…such as preppers, anti-abortionists, veterans, pro-2nd Amendment advocates, Conservatives, etc.  Then in reaction to the expansion of domestic terrorism we saw an even greater increase of power and money flowing to those same federal enforcement agencies. FBI & DHS report on rightwing extrmeism and domestic terroristsAnd all along the way…rights, freedoms, and liberties have been reduced…some eliminated.

Notice the terms being used by federal authorities, including the military; “insurrection”, “rebellion”, “sedition”, “insurrectionists”, “domestic insurgents”, on top of the previous labels such as “domestic terrorists”.

Why are they using such specific terms/labels?

Once again it’s simple…those terms give so-called legal authority for law enforcement agencies (specifically at the federal level) to take extreme actions against individuals and groups that the legal system would otherwise prevent.

And most troublesome of all…it allows the US military to become officially involved.  I say “officially” because the US military has been operating outside of the Constitution against US citizens for almost 20 years, mostly covertly. Now, the US military can take a more visible role based on a made-up legal point based on nothing more than deception. Remember how fast the US Military jumped at the chance to occupy Washington DC last year?  <click here>

US Veteran Protest Camp in 1932 before US Military Attack (wives & children in camp).

Same Veteran Camp After the US Military Attack: 55 veterans injured, wives injured, 12-week old baby killed.

And why that action and why now?  Once again it’s simple. The US government is taking the next large step in furthering an authoritarian/totalitarian state.

Watch what happens when the next 1/6 happens! And it will happen…the FBI will ensure that it does.

Principles vs Politics –

I have been writing about this for a long time <click here>. But, it stops here and now. You’ve either heard me or not, you’ve either acted on it or not.

Shortly I will be releasing a post that will explain the next, and larger, point that needs to be made…

Principles vs Self-Interest

Summary –

Everything temporal is crumbling around us. The United States of America is no longer as it was founded. Constitutional rights, freedoms, and liberties are mostly a thing of the past. The economy is in shambles. People are more deceived and divided than has ever existed in this country. There are actually self-identified patriots and conservatives out there calling for a shooting civil war to start. They could not be more wrong, more deceived, and more dangerous than they can ever imagine.

Civil War, especially a violent one, is NOT the answer!!!  The situation is wrong, the people are wrong, the environment is wrong, the timing is wrong, and anyone who would join such a stupid endeavor at this point would be crushed. And further, it would be the final act of sheer irresponsibility that would usher in an authoritarian/totalitarian state.

Notice the word “temporal” two paragraphs above? There are many, many good and wonderful things taking place. There are incredible people doing miraculous things in our country. They are not radicals, they are not conservatives, they are not federal employees, they are not politicians…but they are people who care, who are unafraid, and who are willing to step-up.

I will reserve the remainder of the “Summary” for a forthcoming article…stand-by!

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SitRep – 5/3/2021 (summary)

This post is the Summary of a multi-part SitRep. The original SitRep (part #1) appeared on Monday, and additional parts since then. For this post to make any sense I would strongly encourage you to read Parts #1 – #4 in order.

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<Click here to read Part #4>

<Click here to read Part #5>

Summary –

So now what? Is it all doom and gloom? Are we all lost to a current miserable existence and future?

Nope! All this information and opinion sharing was meant to do two things…challenge what you thought to be true…and get you better prepared for what is to come. And it is coming sooner than you think…and it is going to be worse than many of you think.

As you finish this series of articles and get down to the nitty gritty…we have to understand only a couple simple concepts to be far more effective and efficient in our preparedness activities and our life in general.

But before we get into that let me share/summarize a few things:

  • The Economy

The economic system of the US is over, shot, wrecked, and any other melodramatic term we could use. But you understand what I am saying…it is unreliable if not actually finished. We are ruled by debt and every day the system transfers more wealth and resources to the ultra-wealthy and powerful…at the expense of the common citizen…especially the middle class.

  • The Military

Our government thrives on and loves war. It loves every aspect of it, and our leaders look for every opportunity to get involved in armed conflicts around the world…and domestically. The government and the military-industrial complex profit wildly from wars. We, as a people, generally idolize our military and war…we brag about our prowess and our skills of destroying and killing, invading, overthrowing, bombing and assassinating.

  • Truth

Truth is almost a dead commodity. It cannot be found in government, from virtually no business, from no government school, often not found even from the pulpit. We are constantly ruled by propaganda and its close cousin…advertising.

  • Our Constitutional Republic and Justice

Our republic is dead and gone and we are in the throes of mobocracy (a.k.a democracy). Our Constitution means little to nothing to government bureaucrats, politicians, and even the Supreme Court for the most part. There is a concerted and committed effort to establish America as an authoritarian Progressive state…the exact opposite of what the Founding Fathers envisioned and designed.

We have a multi-tiered justice system that knows virtually no real justice. The rich and powerful are almost immune to the legal system vs the average US citizen. Law enforcement officers mostly have changed allegiance from protecting and serving citizens…to enforcing law regardless of Constitutionality of those laws. They have become almost the exclusive  enforcers of the powerful ruling class (i.e. government).

  • Our Society

American society has never been more chaotic, uncivil, or quite honestly…demented. Need I say more!?

Also, I have to touch on one very important, albeit self-evident, fact. Our country is led by a President that is not fully functional in body or mind. He is physically feeble and suffers from dementia and other mental illnesses.

For decades Joe Biden has been a sexual predator…a pervert…of monumental proportions. He is a man who has fallen prey to the evils of life and passed that on to his son Hunter. They are a criminal family in every sense of the word.

But it is worse than Biden even being a pervert, Biden is there for one reason…to get the authoritarian extremists into power so they can further implement their agenda at a faster pace.

As bad a Biden is…it is Kamala Harris that is the bigger threat in all of this. She is a total puppet controlled by those with the real power. And she is all to willing to do their bidding.

Don’t get me wrong…Biden is dangerous and unpredictable due to his obvious mental instability. Biden is not a person to dismiss lightly…he could and would destroy the world with nukes in one of his delirious moments.


  • Potential for War

Being a war-like people we are ready at a moments notice to strike…for just about any reason…justified or not. As we look around the world there are plenty of opportunities just waiting for us to step in their pile of crap. Russia, China, Iran, North Korea…and I am sure there are more that would like a piece of us…especially if we get into it with one of the big boys.

  • The Fall

I would like to avoid repeating myself on this subject. However, one needs to simply look around at the state of the United States. Those of us 60+ can clearly see how far America has fallen. A person only has to look at how big Big Brother government has become and how virtually every aspect of our lives is now ruled, heavy handedly, by some level of government…especially at the federal level.

I hope I have made myself perfectly clear on my vision of the world as I see it presently. If you disagree…I hope you have facts, documentation, and truth to back up your opinion. Your mere disagreement with me is not a basis for changing the status of the reality of the world. Neither is your “hope” for things to be better…or your rose-colored glasses through which you view the world…is going to make the world better than the facts show it to be at this point in time.

So there is my current events opinion…I hope it makes sense to you. No, you don’t have to agree with it…just understand where I am coming from in general terms.

And before my “concept reveal” let me cover a couple things to potentially help you deal with the coming events:

  1. This economic experiment that is taking place, or rather the planed destruction, has been done before for over 2,000 years of world history. It has never, ever worked…and it will not succeed now. The model will fail…period…it is an unavoidable historical fact. However, there are some things you might consider to lessen its impact. First, have a great skill that is good demand. Doing so will allow you to command top dollar for your services…which allows you to stay ahead of price increases. Second, have valuable assets such as land that can produce food. If you ranch or farm, buy your implements now to help with efficiency later and while prices are low compared to what they will be. If you are going to buy land with a mortgage…FIXED rate mortgage only. Third, buy the everyday essentials ahead of time. Buy plenty of what you use…like in years worth of items. Obviously I am referring to food, OTC medicines, clothes, etc. Fourth, don’t buy into schemes such as buying lots of gold/silver, cryptocurrency, etc. Yes, some amount of precious metals is a good idea but don’t get carried away. Fifth, own a company whose product or service is in high demand…especially in a time of recession or depression. Pepsi is an example…people like me will buy Pepsi no matter how tough times get or how high the price goes. If you can’t own the whole company…then buy stock in a company such as Coca-Cola Bottling Co. If you really want to go this route…think popular liquor and cigarette brands. Those two aren’t my thing, but some folks swear by them.
  2. I already explained what you need to do for truth…depend on yourself to be your own oracle. And plead that heaven will assist you in knowing what is true. Notice I didn’t say work hard to reveal what isn’t truth…there is a reason for that. Just ignore all of the static until you need to need to know some truth. Then seek only that…discard all of the other crap static from your life.
  3. Understand the difference between democracy and Constitutional Republic. Study the Constitution and the Bill of Rights…and why the Founding Fathers wrote it as they did. Clearly understand the Declaration of Independence! Reject and and all Big Brother government by understanding that the federal government is no longer by the people and for the people. Our federal government serves only itself and its masters. Look at justice in a “justice for all” light. Not jaded for some, exempt for others, and anti-justice applied to some unlucky few. Beware of thugs with badges. Know that not a single federal law enforcement agency serves the citizens of the United States, they serve only those in power…to keep them in power.
  4. There is a saying…“Be in the world, but not of the world.” Truer words have never been spoken…as if they were written for our day. Put down your technology once in a while and go be a good neighbor and talk to them. Give service to others…lots of service to as many people as possible. Don’t accept or participate in the evils of today’s society…nor justify those that do.
  5. Stop idolizing the military! Yes, you can honor those that selflessly serve…but don’t turn them into idols. Our United States history is full of us sticking our noses in where it doesn’t belong. Do not support war or other so-called military actions that we so readily engage in around the world. When is war justified? In defense of our freedoms, rights, liberties, our families, homes/homeland, and God. Otherwise…stop the profiteering of the military-industrial complex. And remember, it is both the “military” and their related industries. Remember too, our Founding Fathers did NOT want a standing army…and you should now be able to see why.
  6. See that America has fallen. We are no longer a Constitutional Republic we are a democracy headed for the final goal post…authoritarianism/totalitarianism. The federal government is hell-bent on destroying whatever few rights, liberties, and freedoms that are left. You must know and truly believe in those rights, freedoms, and liberties that our Founding Fathers held so dear…and why. Understand that they saw this day coming…they tried to prevent it but couldn’t. Teach others about rights, freedoms, and liberties, especially your family. Use those concepts in all your dealings. Stand your ground. Be prepared to give all that the signers of the Declaration of Independence where ready to do.

Now, back to my two simple concepts to avoid a miserable current existence and future.

#1 – Principles vs politics. I have written on this subject ad nauseam. Simply put…you have to give up political beliefs…all of them. Both political parties, Democrat or Republican, put their party interests/agenda above the national interest. One but has to look around today to see that is an absolute fact.  Along with that cleansing of political beliefs, you have to acquire, or strengthen existing, personal principles that are based on a sound foundation. For me that foundation is plain and pure…eternal God-given principles and the principles found in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Once cleansed and correct principles have been firmly put in place…you stick by them…no matter what. Yes, some will call you “idealistic”…but they do so only because they have embraced situational ethics. They themselves have no foundation…or a weak foundation built only on sand. They think themselves wise, or enlightened, or smarter, or simply better than those that are idealistic. They are not.

But I ask…Were our Founding Fathers idealistic? Was Jesus idealistic?

Yeah…thought so…don’t allow yourself to be beat up by those who willingly get tossed about by any winds that come along.

You must stand by your principles…period! Always, every time, without wavering…no compromise. When it comes to our nation’s situation I have no room for compromise…and advise you to be the same. I do advocate consensus when the times and situations call for it.

The ultimate evil is to control others actions. You must give people the right to choose for themselves, to embark on their own actions. But, all actions have consequences. Actions that cross the line of correct principles warrant natural and appropriate consequences. But do not seek to control others…or you are no better than our current rulers.

#2 – Sphere of influence. Know who you can influence and who you can’t. We can influence ourselves quite easily…except in the cases of personal internal evil or adverse mental health conditions. You can influence your spouse and your family fairly easily. I said influence…NOT force. You have some influence over your congregation. (If you don’t have a congregation, get one.) You can also have influence over your neighborhood and community if you are advocating correct principles and do so in an appropriate way. You may have some influence in your county, much less so on the state level. Influence over national matters for the majority of individuals is virtually non-existent.

Once realistically assessed, use your influence for good…fighting evil at every turn. Be a voice, be a leader, be the guy who can be trusted and counted on. Stand up for the your rights…and rights of others. Yes, that means stand up for the rights of others always…even when you don’t agree with them personally. If your principles are well-grounded you will not find yourself at odds advocating for the God-given rights of others.

You have limited amounts of energy, time, and money…use it most wisely in areas where you have the most influence. Where you have little to no influence…don’t waste energy, time, or money.

Now, I have covered what I see is the wrong in the world today and the significant problems we face. I have also revealed…or repeated…my two simple concepts to deal with the problems and wrongs we face. When the time comes your principles and actions will be that which saves you, your congregation, your community, and most of all…your family.

As the grid goes down and we see TEOTWAWKI staring us in the face…we will not fear, we will not shrink, we will not hide, we will not shirk…we will stand and fight the good fight. And in the end, regardless of what happens, we will hear “Well done.” What more can we ask for?

Why do I bring up this long SitRep now, this week? Society’s desperate condition.

Society is collapsing all around us. We cannot stop it. We may be able to slow the collapse closest to us, but the collapse is here, getting worse, and the collapse is inevitable. How so?

Recall John Adams said, “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

The society within the boundaries of the United States of America is committing suicide. We the people, citizens of the United States, along with illegals, have been working on committing national suicide for a long time. To see this plainly…you only have to look at those in Congress and the White House over the last 130 years to understand this predicament.

You have to function within society, but you don’t have to be part of this society. Live your principles, stand by them always, fight the good fight…know the ending. Good does win…know that, it is a promise we’ve been given.

  • Review your plan now.
  • Take action.
  • Don’t delay.
  • Be prepared so you shall not fear.
  • Have on the right jersey when the final whistle blows.

Hey!!!!  Take the poll and let me know what you thought of this SitRep <click here>

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SitRep – 5/3/2021 (part #5)

This post is Part #5 of a multi-part SitRep. The original SitRep (part #1) appeared on Monday, and additional parts since then. For this post to make any sense I would strongly encourage you to read Parts #1 – #4 in order.

<Click here to read Part #1>

<Click here to read Part #2>

<Click here to read Part #3>

<Click here to read Part #4>

Tomorrow will be the Summary.

Authoritarians & the Alphabet Agencies –

One of the most disastrous and dangerous occurrences, and not simply a transition, that has been finalized is the mission of the US federal government alphabet agencies. And yes, I mean the NSA, CIA, ATF, DHS, DNI, and even the much vaunted FBI…they are all firmly behind the conversion of the United States constitutional republic into an authoritarian/totalitarian state.

This is something I have been sounding the alarm bells on for well over a decade…providing facts and evidence. Even Donald Trump spoke and tweeted of the different agencies’ extensive abuses of power. Hell, it was the FBI led the coup against the President of the United States, Donald Trump!!! And yes sir…the CIA was right their helping the FBI all the way.

The most damning and extensive revealing of their malevolent, criminal, and unconstitutional actions came from one of the bravest and strongest-willed Americans I’ve seen in my lifetime…Edward Snowden. In 2013 he brought to light the actual documents that proved how corrupted and immoral our federal law enforcement agencies had become.

The damming evidence released by Snowden is a sequel to the horrific information that Bradley Manning released back in 2010. Yes, Manning also released classified information…a crime. However, as criminal as Manning’s actions were, they paled in comparison to the actual crimes, immorality, and cover-ups by the US government. Yes, those government actions I classify as treason…pure and simple.

As an example, if you are comfortable with such appalling acts as US government representatives (i.e. CIA, etc.) acquiring young boys for “entertainment” purposes of Afghan military and political leaders…then you will obviously find Manning’s actions unacceptable.

I find the heroic efforts of Snowden and Manning admirable; and if more sunlight was shed on the US government we would not be in the dark ages we find ourselves in now.

And you can fast forward, jumping over Manning’s and Snowden’s reveals, to 2016 when the FBI in cooperation with the CIA put together the since debunked Trump-Russia collusion fraud scheme.

But “scheme” hardly does their criminal actions justice…those federal agencies participated in a coup against the President of the United States!

In ANY other time, with ANY other President…many from the FBI and CIA would have been shot by a firing squad for treason. But since Trump was perceived as a threat to their authoritarian state plans…the criminals were all exonerated. Well, that isn’t exactly true…they were actually highly rewarded by their media and government co-conspirators.

But let’s not forget the participation of the FISA court system in all of this mess!

Remember the FISA court is a secret judicial system that operates outside of the Constitution. It is used to assist the US federal law enforcement agencies in keeping their actions away from the prying eyes of US citizens…and the Constitution-based judicial system. Thus enabling all US federal law enforcement agencies to effectively become secret police forces exempt from Constitutional restrictions. And that should shake you to your very core! Well, I guess that would be if you are an actual supporter of the US Constitution.

Let me be perfectly clear…


I could go on ad naseum but you probably already know the details of which I would write. The unconstitutional and criminal acts of the federal alphabet agencies are intended for a single primary purpose…to maintain and enhance the power of the federal government and to protect those in government. In other words…they have collectively become the US Gestapo…but with far more capabilities.

Yup, you read that right…I called them the US Gestapo!! I stand by that claim 100%!!

Look at the facts, review the impartial evidence, dig into the realities of what has happened. Ponder the Waco Massacre, contemplate the Ruby Ridge Massacre, research all tragedies of FBI informant originated actions…think for yourself…drop the bias…ignore the agencies’ massive public relations teams…then see what they truly are and what they do in the cold light of reason, logic, and truth.

Stop drinking their KoolAid !

And for more evidence…watch what the ATF does, in coordination with the FBI, over the next few years as they continue to wage their war against the Second Amendment and US citizens.

You need to know who the real enemies are…both foreign and domestic!

Potential for War –

Russia has taken significant steps towards another invasion of Ukraine. In 2014 Russia invaded Ukraine and cut away a notable chunk of Ukrainian territory. That step, while noteworthy in and of itself, was only a precursor of what was to come.

Let me digress…Russia lost an extremely valuable resource when Ukraine became independent of the old Soviet Union in 1991. Ukraine provided vast food supplies to the rest of Soviet Union…but Russia/Soviet Union has never been kind to the Ukrainian people. In the great Soviet famine of 1932 – 1933 the Soviet Union deliberately starved to death 4,000,000 Ukrainians (yes, four million). During that famine The Ukrainian farmers grew plenty of food, especially grain, to feed their entire region and then some. But the Soviet leadership took the grain and sent it to Russia proper…starving millions of Ukrainians, including some of the very farmers who had grown the food. So there is no love of Russia by the people of Ukraine.

Now the Ukrain as a resource is not only the ability to grow large quantities of food…it is the production of, transportation of, and refinement capability of oil/gas that the Russians want. Well, all of that plus significant additional access to the Black Sea.

Normally I would take the position of “let them handle their own problems”…and I still lean that way. However, it is slightly more complicated than that. In 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed and Ukraine regained its independence. And along with that independence the Ukraine absorbed a whole lot of nuclear weapons left there by the Soviets during the collapse as the Soviets withdrew. So this new found freedom loving Ukraine had a fantastic future in front of it…plenty of natural resources, a motivated populace, educated workforce, an army to defend itself…and nuclear weapons to back up its conventional military. Then comes the USA…oh boy!

“We’re from the government and here to help!”

See, the US government was not satisfied to see a pro-democracy country reborn with ability and strength…they just had to get involved and meddle. Led by a US President (a CIA operative), G.H. Bush laid out a deal with the Ukraine…give up your nuclear weapons and we will ensure your safety and independence from Russia. And of course the US supplied plenty of dollar motivation as well.

Unfortunately the new Ukraine leadership actually believed the Americans as US government representatives smiled and stuffed dollars into the Ukrainian pockets and poured lies into their heads. An American strategy for over a hundred years…pay-offs and lies promises.

So in 2014 what did Marxist President Obama do to stand by the US commitment to Ukraine as Russia invaded?

Nothing!!!  Oh wait a minute…that’s not entirely true. The US did some minor, albeit ineffective, financial sanctions against Russia. And as an even greater show of support…we guaranteed the repayment of $1billion of international loans by the Ukraine. Man oh man…does the US know how to step up and stand by our promises or what! And Russia invaded, killed a whole bunch of Ukrainians, and stole a large chunk of the Ukraine…while America did virtually nothing to back-up promises made.

FYI: Russia’s military is rated #2 in the world, Ukraine is rated #25.

NOTE: Lesson learned – Don’t believe a word the US government says…not a single word…especially their promises!!! And especially when those promises are grouped together with US dollars.

Return to the present…2021…Russia is massing its military along the Ukrainian border once again. Some minor skirmishes have already taken place and Russian special forces have already breached Ukraine’s sovereign borders. Putin has made it clear in the past that is wants Ukrainian resources…and its people, along with its industrial base. That should come as no surprise considering Putin has been rebuilding the Soviet empire from the beginning of his reign.

The question now is posed…What will the US response be when Putin’s military forces once again go to war with the Ukraine?

The Biden/Harris regime released a statement that said the US would “act firmly” if Russia invades Ukraine. Then Biden/Harris called for a summit to talk it out peacefully. Does anyone think Putin will give up his desires from “talking” with Biden/Harris, Ukraine or anyone else? And what does “act firmly” mean to Biden/Harris? And let us not forget….it was Biden advising Obama in 2014, the last time the USA avoided keeping their commitment .

I give it an 60% probability that Russia invades Ukraine, 100% probability Russian forces covertly assist Ukrainian “separatists”, and 0% probability that the US will stand-by its original commitment to the Ukrainian people.

But, I will also give a high probability that US forces, probably the CIA, will take some kind of action against Russia somewhere in the world in retaliation.

So there you have a chance, although relatively small chance, of war with Russia.

But, what else comes into play…probably  concurrently? War, or near war, with China.

Remember it is well documented that China’s goal is to become the world’s #1 super power. That includes financially and militarily preeminent and dominant…unchallengeable…in the entire world. They have not just insinuated it…it is in written form authored by their government.

So far they have become the #2 economic power in the word…and will displace the US within a couple short years. And while they may now be only #2…they could economically cripple the US in a matter of weeks simply by withholding consumer goods. And they hold enough US debt and financial reserves that they could debase, (i.e. destroy) the US financial system overnight should they desire to do so. So arguably, China has already become the world’s #1 economic super power.

NOTE: Tell me again why the US government would allow itself to become so economically dependent on a country who has an official stated goal of displacing/defeating us.

Now, how would China make itself the world’s #1 military super power in the world? Well, in the sports world you beat all the other teams. In boxing the challenger goes up against the top ranked boxer in a title bout to see who the new champ is. In nature the challenger goes up against the leader of the pack and sometimes it is settled by bloody combat…sometimes by bluff and bluster. Either way, the pack maintains its existing leader or adjusts to the new leader. If you are a lion cub…the new leadership is a fatal blow for your future.

Back to China’s challenge…it’s all about Taiwan, and to a lesser degree, the China Sea and Asian Rim. Taiwan has been a thorn in China’s side for a very long time.About 450 years ago Taiwan became part of China. In 1945 the anti-Communist Chinese fled to Taiwan and formed their own government…Republic of China (ROC). In the 1980’s it actually became a form of democracy with elections and all of the other benefits. ROC became an industrial and economic powerhouse early in its history…making it wildly unpopular with its less fortunate, but much larger, cousin…the People’s Republic of China…Chinese Communists…ChiComs for short. And as a side note…the ChiComs have always maintained that Taiwan has always been, and still is, a part of China…NOT an independent country. That is a VERY important note to take.

We have seen China for a couple of decades now exerting it military might in that part of the world. They have actually built atolls to claim vast areas of the China Sea as their own. And they have become increasingly demonstrative that they intend to return Taiwan under Communist China control.

As part of their actions China has become increasingly bold in challenging the presence of US military forces in “their” sphere of influence…their area of the world. Those challenges have been against both US naval and air resources.

FYI: China is rated #3 in the world militarily, Taiwan is rated #22.

So how does the Ukrainian situation and Chinese desires cross paths…their convergence?

If either area of these world hot spots heat’s up to a boiling point…the other will then heat up as well.

How so? Or rather…Why so?

The entire world knows that Joe Biden is feeble of body and mind…at best. They correctly assess that Biden is totally incapable of handling a single military flashpoint let alone two. So if Russia pushes it, China will too. If China pushes it, Russia will then make a move. They are counting on Biden not responding to either, let alone both. And I believe them to be right…well, probably right.

Here is what worries me…what if Biden, in his feeble state of mind and diminished ability to think rationally, takes an action to show “bold leadership”? Yeah, I mean get the US directly involved militarily with either situation…or both. It would be an utter disaster…for the US and the world in general.

You have the #2 and #3 super powers in the world who are both challenging the #1 super power in the world for dominance. You have a combined military in the two super powers that dwarfs the #1 super power in all areas with maybe the exception of technology.

The US military has made it perfectly clear that it is incapable of maintaining two concurrent military actions…even relatively moderate ones. Think what the outcome would be if the US military was tasked with two major concurrent military actions!

Now, there is one more scenario that I have to put out there, maybe not the most probable, probably very unlikely, but something to consider all the same. What if there was an actual desire to create a situation where the world would erupt in a world-wide conflict?

Think about it…in modern history the first time there was a world-wide conflict we got the League of Nations. The second time we had a world-wide conflict we got the United Nations, the IMF, strong central banks, and an internationally dependent economic system…and a powerful military-industrial complex worth trillions of dollars.

Now, throw this into that pot…who benefits from limited (i.e. non-nuclear) military conflicts? Yup, the world’s financial institutions and the military-industrial complex. So, you think…

But, let me add one final concept into the murky waters…What if Biden is so feeble minded and in the throes of dementia that he becomes overwhelmed with a two-front military situation and he does the unthinkable…he goes, or threatens to go, nuclear?  I could see him acting so irrationally that he sees it as his only military option. If that happens…it is over…realistically, the world ends.

But, potentially just as devastating…what if that same two-front military challenge presents itself and Biden/Harris do nothing?

Then the USA is displaced as the #1 super power…replaced by both China and Russia. We are little more than a toothless tiger. Well, until the next war hawk gets into the White House and desires to reclaim the US military’s glory.

Bottom line…we are potentially facing war with Russia and/or China. Should either erupt…we have our hands full at best…a ruined country at worst. If both erupt…the outcome is written in stone.

And just for kicks…let’s not forget North Korea and Iran. If we get tangled up with Russia and/or China, do you think that North Korea might go after South Korea? Or, how about Iran forming a Muslim coalition to go after Israel? Sorry, just thinking out loud. So, you think…

The Fall –

I am consistently, repeatedly, and with facts and detail written about the fall of the United States of America. Our government is, by far, more oppressive and more tyrannical than the British government ever was in the 1700’s…by a wide margin. <click here to read more> And we went to war with that government to win our freedom!

Compared to Colonial America we pay far more in taxes at every level, government has far more control over our lives, and law enforcement is more oppressive than 240 years ago, 120 years ago…or even 50 years ago…and it gets worse every year.

The biggest problem…there is no returning to a Constitutional Republic. We have fallen into a quasi-police state democracy. No longer are the Bill of Rights respected and enforced as designed by the Founding Fathers. Our politicians have degraded our society into their personal playground for the rich and powerful. Law enforcement agencies virtually due the bidding of government vs protecting the rights, freedoms, liberties, and property of ordinary citizens.

How often do we hear, “I don’t make the laws, I just enforce them.” The words of weak, ignorant, complicit goons who have no knowledge of the Constitution or their oaths to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign AND domestic.

We are caught in the grip of “democracy”…the enemy of a Constitutional Republic and freedoms/rights/liberties. Let’s explore democracy for a moment…

  • Alexander Hamilton stated, “Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.”
  • Thomas Jefferson said, “The republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind.”
  • John Adams saw the harm of democracy when he said, “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

In a democracy, the voting majority has almost limitless power over the minority. They have virtual unlimited ability to control everyone, anything…at will. And who influences and controls the voting majority?

Democracy is defined as “rule by the people”…a mobocracy by design and reality.As it is already lost, our Constitutional Republic is gone forever…it cannot be recovered. We will live in our mobocracy -our Democracy- until it falls completely apart. Governments do not willingly give up their power returning rights, freedoms, and liberties to the people. They never have and never will.

Does that mean the Constitution is dead?

No. It has been saved, or more appropriately, its principles have been saved by those who truly understand it. Those who have saved it are called civil society libertarians.

Liberals have obviously  not saved it. And just as much Liberals …Conservatives have not saved it. Listen to Conservatives promote a strong military, a powerful standing army, military intervention around the world, being the world’s policeman, etc. And remember is was a Conservative that gave us the Patriot Act!

When was the last time Conservatives balanced the federal budget, eliminated unconstitutional laws, reduced the power and scope of the federal government in any meaningful way, strengthened the basis of the Second Amendment, or restrained the power of out-of-control federal law enforcement agencies?

Yeah, I thought so.

True, there are many people that have mistakenly labeled themselves “Conservative” when they are actually civil society libertarians (a.k.a. classical liberals). I wish they would gather their thoughts and see Conservatism for what it is.

And let me be perfectly clear about a very important point…the law & order crowd is not, has not, will not, and cannot save the Constitution. They thrive on absolute power, idolizing the military, and subconsciously supporting an authoritarian government. They wish to force on all people their own personal ethos. All of which is in opposition of a Constitutional Republic.

So there is no going back to a Constitutional Republic, we are stuck with a democracy on the way to authoritarianism.

Doubt me?  Let an expert explain…

Democracy is the road to socialism. Progressives and politicians love it!


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SitRep – 5/3/2021 (part #4)

This post is Part #4 of a multi-part SitRep. The original SitRep (part #1) appeared on Monday, and additional parts on Tuesday & Wednesday. For this post to make any sense I would strongly encourage you to read Parts #1 – #3 in order.

<Click here to read Part #1>

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<Click here to read Part #3>

Tomorrow will be Part #5

The Truth –

As most of you know and are plenty aware of, truth is very hard to find now a days. It is rarely found in society as is self-evident by the “woke culture”. It is often even absent from our churches’ pulpits. Our government schools offer up only a very slanted version of agenda driven truth. Mostly government schools forward an agenda full of lies and degradation for the purpose of promoting the acceptance of authoritarianism. I propose truth is never found anymore from the mouth pieces of our government. And I imply…at any level of government, but especially so at the federal level.

Can you point to a single instance where the federal government spoke the truth…the entire truth…in any given situation?

Remember I am a former US government employee. I was present in planning sessions and even press briefings when half-truths, even outright lies, were presented by Public Information Officers, press secretaries, and government leadership.

Our elected politicians, especially Presidents, have become masters at providing false information, or only putting forth those small bits of information that uphold their personal and/or political agenda. Can you name a single instance where a politician spoke the entire truth concerning anything?

I can remember clearly such blatant lies such as Nixon denying the break-in, Clinton forcefully denying having had sex with Monica, and Bush swearing that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction ready to unleash on the civilized world. The list of such government lies would number in the tens of thousands. I would actually put forward a challenge…has the government actually spoken the whole truth about anything ever?

My point? Can you believe anything the government or any politician tells us?

So what do you believe? Simple question, that which you know to be true.

How do you know it is true? You have to be informed, honest, open-minded, and independent of malicious agendas. It is even better if you can be free of unhealthy bias…or at least have your bias in check.

For me…I never, ever believe that any politician or government official is telling the truth because they have a proven, documented history of lying to and misleading the American public. You have to find and know the truth yourself…or at the very least be skeptical of what truth is represented to be by suspect entities.

Our Constitutional Republic and Justice –

I already stated a fact earlier…our Constitutional Republic is dead, it has been purchased for gold and silver, and democracy is now being used to rule us. This is our Founding Fathers’ nightmare…a dreaded perfect storm at its very worst.

Justice, as is clearly seen today is a multi-tiered system. There is the lowest tier…the one that is applied to you and I. We are subject to every whim of law enforcement officer, every District/Prosecuting Attorney, IRS agent, Judge, government bureaucrat, etc. We are held accountable and illegally persecuted far more often than anyone else -any other class of people- in the system.

The next tier are those that are rich and/or powerful…but not the ruling class/elites. The rich/powerful are far less likely to be bothered by law enforcement or anyone else in the judicial system…unless they run afoul of someone in that system. When they are prosecuted they tend to get far less penalizing sentences, put in less severe prison environments, and they tend to be let out of prison sooner.

Finally there is the ruling class and elites. Seldom are they ever brought into the judicial system. And when they are, it is only because the violated some “rule”…or hurt/insulted someone further up the food chain. A perfect example is Hilary Clinton. She violated numerous national security laws, each a high-level felony, but she was never even charged let alone arrested and brought into court. Even the investigation was a cover-up masterminded by none other than the FBI Director himself.

There is no longer “justice” in our legal system…it is a caste system…at best. Run up against the powerful…and you pay a steep price in the judicial system…or you might be outright murdered on the street or in the shadows by some goon enforcer from within that system (i.e. Seth Rich, Peter W Smith, Victor Thorn, Vince Foster, and hundreds of others). But the evidence is clear, the facts and stats speak for themselves.

Latest Perfect Example: Duncan Lemp. In 2020 the 21-year old Duncan Lemp was trying to help the patriot movement the best way he knew how…website development, his speciality. He had offered his website programming services to several well-known patriot and right-wing groups. And that made him a target of the leftist goon enforcers.

In early 2020 a SWAT team raided his parent’s home where Duncan and his pregnant girlfriend were living. His “crime” a gun charge, allegedly he was in the procession of a gun for which he was not eligible. During the raid, according to an actual eye witness, he was shot to death in his bed while asleep next to his pregnant girlfriend.

So let’s look into some interesting facts related to the situation:

  1. The supposed reason for his ineligibility to possess the firearm was based on a juvenile record…which was sealed and no judge had ordered the information released to any law enforcement agency.
  2. There was no evidence presented that he was a high-risk suspect when police applied for the no-knock warrant.
  3. It was a no-knock raid, executed well before dawn when the police knew that everyone would be asleep and most vulnerable to confusion…and easiest to kill.
  4. All the LEO body cams were turned off during the raid, as well as all dash cams.
  5. All non-LEO witnesses, including an eye witness to his execution, had one story of Duncan’s murder…all LEOs had another story…with no body cams or non-LEO witnesses to back up the LEO version.
  6. When the parents of Duncan started showing up at protests for the killing of their son by police…the county prosecutor threatened any Lemp family members who attended a protest over his killing with a $5000 fine and a year in jail.

Now…tell me about the US justice system!

Our Society –

So with this subject comes the good & the bad.

Let me start with the “good”…and there is plenty of it…but it is all anecdotal. We all know people personally, and see even more good folks doing all sorts of amazing things in our communities. There are many, many incredible people working their tails off providing service to others. And that is a wonderful thing!

But the larger picture and the actual statistics show that they are the exception, not the rule. The facts and statistics show a bleaker picture of our society.

Let me point out the #1 problem currently…with the installation of the radical leftist Biden/Harris regime we see tens of billions of dollars being earmarked/dedicated/budgeted for a drastic increase in infanticide. And not only do we see that expansion of infanticide domestically…we see that same poisonous commitment being spread around the world. I can’t think of anything more insane, more evil, more criminal than having a goal of killing babies in the womb…and working tirelessly to accomplish it…all over the world.

As I have written about not all that long ago we are seeing a spike in crime in the US, much of that increase is in murder and other violent crimes. There are many reasons for it…and it doesn’t matter a bit why…suffice to know the situation is bad and getting worse.

I have close friends, family, and acquaintances that are cops, current, retired, and former. It’s bad, real bad. Departments are losing large numbers of personnel quickly. There are a wide variety of reasons, everything from lack of support, scared of legal problems, public views/opinions, scrutiny, etc. The only area of LEO community that is thriving is federal law enforcement. They are hiring like crazy and people are flocking to those agencies. People that have a mental predisposition for loving forced authority are finding a welcoming home in the federal LEO agencies. And if you think that is a good thing…then you are on the wrong website and on the wrong side of history.

I could write a whole article on the problems facing our police right now…but this is not the time or place. Let me share one thing now…police in this country are hurting…as individuals and as departments. And it is getting worse and will get much, much worse.

I do have to note one thing that gives me some hope that it could be worse but isn’t…a small glimmer of hope…the trial of Derek Chauvin. If you haven’t heard, Derek Chauvin is the bad cop that killed George Floyd. He is on trial now in Minneapolis, Minnesota for that murder. Finally, finally, there is a break in the “blue line”!!!! Fellow officers, supervisors, his Chief, and other LEO experts are united in the fact the Derek Chauvin did in fact kill that man. Hallelujah!!!

4/20/2021 Note: Derek Chauvin was convicted of murdering George Floyd. This is a major victory for justice against the thousands of killer/bad cops that roam our streets as thugs with badges. Be very thankful for this conviction…and hopefully many, many more to come!

If we could just turn that small glimmer of hope, a broken blue line, into a wave, then into a tsunami, having the tens of thousands of good police turn against the thousands of bad cops…throw all the bad ones the under the bus. Then when the dust settles we, the public/society, could learn to trust the police again…and the good cops left would do their jobs to serve and protect us, the citizens. But we will have to wait and see if things get better…and they really, really need to get better. I fear they won’t.

One side note…don’t ever expect that the federal agency law enforcement folks to get better…they Americahas become a police state.simply won’t…they love their authoritarian ways too much. They are a blight on this country a mile wide. And that comes as no surprise…they are not authorized under the Constitution. They only exist to grow the power of the federal government and protect politicians, bureaucrats, and the US government structure/operations from US citizens who wish only for a restoration of rights, freedoms, and liberties.

A good example of the bad federal LEO agencies is the new Director of the ATF that Biden/Harris want to install…David Chipman. Again, I could write and entire article about him. But let’s stick with the basics:

  1. He is a former ATF SWAT officer (25 years) known for his well-documented violent tendencies against US citizens.
  2. He was an active player in the Waco Massacre where nearly 80 men, women, and children were burned alive. And remember that horrible event began with an ATF raid, where with guns blazing the ATF stormed a building full of men, women, and children.
  3. And it is clearly documented with testimony that Chipman stated that the people in the Davidian building shot down two ATF helicopters with .50cal military weapons. None of which was ever true, yet he was never held accountable for his lies and false testimony.
  4. And since his retirement he has been employed as a lobbyist by multiple radical leftist anti-gun groups.
  5. He has spoken rabidly and repeatedly against US citizens being allowed to own ordinary and common guns.

Do you really have to wonder why Biden/Harris would pick such a radical antiConsitutionalist to head an agency NOT authorized by the Consitution?

The answer…To bring in a radical authoritarian with a single purpose…dismantle the Second Amendment.

What part of that doesn’t everyone understand?

Why do I mention this under the heading of “Society”? Because it is another indicator that our society has changed, is changing, and will change…to the point of making the collapse complete and irreversible. And this leftist totalitarian Chipman is a big player in destroying what’s left of our society…a bigger player than you may think.

Finally, church affiliation…it sucks and is getting worse…at a very rapid pace!! Now, don’t get me wrong…just sitting in a pew and calling yourself religious isn’t all that impressive to me…and doesn’t mean all that much to society. It is more what a person does, their service to others and the love they show, rather than sitting in a pew.

But the research shows the “macro” picture…and that picture is bleak and getting worse. As more and more abdicate religion and religious affiliation…it shows a clear trend line that they are also abandoning the Judeo-Christian values that helped formed this country 240 years ago. Those Judeo-Christian values formed the foundation of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. As that foundation crumbles it is replaced with situational ethics and a belief that rights, freedoms, and liberties come not from God but from the government. And what the government gives…can be taken away.

Our US society is shot…lost…and getting worse. But that is the “macro” view only. And that is important as you will see when you read the “Summary”.



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SitRep – 5/3/2021 (part #3)

This post is Part #3 of a multi-part SitRep. The original SitRep (part #1) appeared day before yesterday, SitRep (part #2) appeared yesterday. For this post to make any sense I would strongly encourage you to read Part #1 & Part #2 in order.

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<Click here to read Part #2>

Tomorrow will be Part #4

The Military –

This one will stir the hornets’ nest a whole bunch!

For those of us that are old enough…we remember the Vietnam War. Some of us even served during that war. We remember very well that the military fell out of vogue to a very, very low point in the 1970’s. It was tough for us to be in the military during those times. While I was never called a “baby killer” or spit on…many of my fellow veterans were…maybe even you.

Now fast forward…today we revere the military…especially those individuals who have served more so than the military “establishment”. But I ask “Why?”

Let me rewind to the Civil War. During the Civil War obscene amounts of money were made by companies supplying both sides of that horrific four years. It is here we find the true origins/growth of military-industrial lobbyists…especially during the Grant presidency. So the 1860’s was the real birth of the military-industrial / Federal Government cabal.

Since the 1860’s let’s review the facts…Dismissing the 45 or so wars and/or military conflicts the US was involved in before the late 1860’s, there are the following –

  1. Second Franco-Mexican War 1865
  2. Korean War 1871
  3. Hawaiian War 1887
  4. Mexican War 1891
  5. Second Samoan Civil War 1898
  6. Spanish–American War 1898
  7. Philippine–American War 1899
  8. Philippine War 1899
  9. China War (Boxer Rebellion) 1899
  10. Mexican War (Border War) 1910
  11. Cuban War (Negro Rebellion) 1912
  12. Nicaragua War 1912
  13. Mexican War (Occupation of Veracruz) 1914
  14. World War I 1914
  15. Haitian War (Occupation of Haiti) 1915
  16. Dominican Republic War (Occupation of the Dominican Republic) 1916
  17. Russian Civil War 1918
  18. Word War II 1939
  19. First Indochina War 1946
  20. Korean War 1950
  21. Iranian War (Operation Ajax) 1953
  22. Laotian Civil War 1953
  23. Lebanon War 1958
  24. Cuban War (Bay of Pigs Invasion) 1961
  25. Conga War (Simba Rebellion) 1964
  26. Vietnam War 1965
  27. Dominican Civil War 1965
  28. Cambodian Civil War 1967
  29. War in South Zaire 1978
  30. Lebanese Civil War 1982
  31. Invasion of Grenada 1983
  32. Invasion of Panama 1989
  33. Gulf War 1990
  34. Somali Civil War 1992
  35. Bosnian War 1992
  36. Haitian Civil War 1994
  37. Kosovo War 1998
  38. War in Afghanistan 2001
  39. Nepalese Civil War 2002
  40. Iraq War I 2003
  41. Libyan War 2011
  42. Uganda War 2011
  43. Iraq War II 2014
  44. Syrian War 2014
  45. Yemeni Civil War 2015
  46. Second Libyan Civil War 2015

That’s 46 fairly major military engagements for the US military in the last 160 years. That’s almost a war every 3 years. And it includes two major world wars…and many wars that included multiple countries from around the world. And many of the listed wars overlapped each other with the US involved in multiple concurrent wars.

And 2/3 of those wars occurred since the first socialist US President (FDR) in the 1930’s.

And the majority of those wars were started/initiated by the US…and most of those by the USA invading a sovereign foreign country.

Before I continue:

  • Note #1 – This doesn’t include some 40 more minor armed conflicts that the US got involved in during that same 160-year time period.
  • Note #2 – The “Progressive Era” in the US began about 1890, shortly after the beginning of the referenced time period.
  • Note #3 – WWII was an absolute necessity to stop Nazi Germany from exterminating a whole race of people and taking over a good chunk of the modern industrial world.

And what do we have to show for all that war activity? Nearly two million dead US military personnel…and trillions upon trillions of dollars poured into the pockets of the military-industrial complex. So I beg the question…was it worth it? Seriously…was it worth all that war?

In addition to that question let me ask another; did we win the war in Afghanistan? How about the Iraq War of the early 2000’s? Did we win the Vietnam or Korean wars?

Let me revert to our WWII victory over Germany and Japan…we unquestionably won that war. And for good reason! It had to be won! And the world is far better off without the Nazis running it.

And now let me go back to Iraq and Afghanistan…Are they better off now than before we went to war against them? Is the world better off?

Well, lets’ look at Iraq…we bombed them back to the Stone Age…and their country looks like it. While obliterating that country the US military killed about 250,000 Iraq civilians (exact number is unknown, possibly as high as 500,000) while US military suffered less than 5,000 military personnel killed but another 30,000+ injured US personnel. And all for what? Tell me…for what!?! What was gained? Even do a cost-benefit analysis…was it worth all that death and destruction?

In Afghanistan the numbers are estimated to be well over 300,000 Afghans killed since we started a war with them 20 years ago. US military deaths are about 2,500 and another 21,000 wounded. And they were already in the Stone Age…we just bombed them deeper into it.

So was either sh*thole country worth the war with them?

Let’s look at it this way…the total minimum estimated cost of those two conflicts alone amount to a total of $5,000,000,000,000 ($5trillion). That’s a staggering $3trillion for Afghanistan…Iraq by comparison is a super-saver bargain coming in at only $2trillion. Viewed another way…those two wars amount to nearly 80% of our current national debt. Or look at it this way…it cost every US man, woman, and child $66,000 to fight those two wars. Heck of a deal, eh? (note #1: some cost estimates for those two wars exceeds $8trillion. note #2: amount was edited on 12/13/2021 due to error in original article.)

But, where did all those trillions go? Granted some went to the men and women of the military who served there in the form of salary and benefits. But, the vast, vast majority of it when to who???? Yup, the military-industrial complex that supplied all those bullets, bombs, and “services”.

Now, here is the tough question…What do we, the United States of America, have to show for 7,500 military personnel dead and another 51,000 wounded…and $22trillion spent? Seriously, what example can we hold up and be proud of!?! Tell me!!!

Honestly speaking…what do we have to show for the 28 wars/conflicts since WWII? Seriously…what do we have to show for it…show me!!

Let me digress for a minute before I make my final two points in this section. We won our independence from an oppressive British tyranny through a war. We had to beat them again in a war about 20 years later. So our country is founded in blood, death, and war. But, in my opinion it was well worth it. We came away with the first Constitutional Republic and a Constitution that guarantees rights and freedoms.

Since 1950 (the last 70 years) what war was “worth it” anywhere near to that bench mark of the American Revolution? What did we gain?

So now I ask another tough question…Is the United States a war-mongering country?

I propose that the facts clearly show we are a war-mongering country. No matter how we justify it…the US likes to be in wars and other military conflicts around the world…the facts show that to be absolutely true. You cannot deny the facts.

America has a long history of honoring military personnel. One of those people some folks tend to revere is General Sherman of the Civil War. But, is he deserving of anything but a war crimes court? Sherman graduated from the United States Military West Point Academy that we have cherished throughout American history. Sherman looks to be a model example of the US military. And he was a winning Union General, right? Pretty good résumé…right?

In September 1864 Atlanta was abandoned by Confederate soldiers leaving only civilians. But Sherman had his 40,000 US Army military soldiers burn it to the ground…along with killing most every civilian in sight that was left in the city. The women even had to endure days of rape before some met their deaths. It is well-documented that his men, as they looked over the scene later, shouted over and over “Glory, glory, hallelujah!”

Then Sherman proceeded to “March to the Sea”…with nearly 70,000 US military troops. They made a swath on US soil 65 miles wide 285 miles long where everything was destroyed…completely laid waste. Sherman himself said he wanted to “Make Georgia Howl” In other words…make the people scream in pain before death and destruction occurred to everything they couldn’t steal and send back to Washington D.C..

In addition to the $2billion in property that was stolen or destroyed, thousands of US citizens were killed. There are no accurate estimates that I could find but they ranged up to 100,000 rapes of civilian southerners and thousands killed during his military campaign against civilians. Sherman even ordered that if any suspected explosive mines were found on roads…well, they were to be tested by a wagon load of prisoners…women, children, or men.

And to ensure that his legacy survived the coming decades…much of the farm land was sowed with salt to ensure that crops could not be grown on the land.

Sherman had defined the concept of “total war” that is still used to this day…kill and destroy anything and everything of the enemy. Sherman…US military hero…or war criminal? All the same…he was a US Army General.

So my point is…we, as Americans, virtually idolize the US military. And now I ask…Why? Why do we revere the military so much? Does it come down to worshiping idols?

Obviously there are many outstanding personnel in the military who have done some amazing feats of mercy, self-sacrifice, and heroism. But, why do we idolize the US military? What has the US military actually, truly done in the last 76 years to keep America free?

And oh…free from what exactly?

And please don’t generalize…”Free from our enemies!” or stoop into the depths of stupidity by proposing “Free from Communism!” Neither of those were ever a military threat to the US homeland. Well, except that Communists have taken over the Democratic Party and currently occupy the White House and much of Congress.

Now, my point is not to demonize all our military personnel or criminalize all military operations. I am asking the question…or making the point…the US is a war mongering people…the facts, absolute facts prove it to be so. Otherwise why would we have engaged in hundreds of wars and armed conflicts, including massacres of US civilians, in the 240 year history of our country.

We like war…we like armed conflict…we like to kill…we like to destroy…and we are very good at it.

But I ask…To what end?

Money and power is the obvious and accurate answer to that question. And along with that…the occasional good deed such as stopping the holocaust of WWII. And where does 90% of that money and power end up? In the hands of the military-industrial complex and the politicians of both parties.

Outgoing President Eisenhower in a 1961 speech warned about “the immense military establishment” that had joined with “a large arms industry.” Eisenhower said,

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.”

Eisenhower who led us to a WWII victory in Europe also spoke as someone who had seen the horror and lingering sadness of war, saying that “we must learn how to compose differences not with arms, but with intellect and decent purpose.”

For the last 70 years the military-industrial complex, along with others, have ruled the United States political system, our country’s people, and the purposes of the US government.

The Constitutional Republic fell, or was bought, a long time ago for profit.

To understand this view of war, the military-industrial complex, and how it plays into this SitRep…you have to read the upcoming “Summary”.

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SitRep – 5/3/2021 (part #2)

This post is Part #2 of a multi-part SitRep. The original SitRep (part #1) appeared yesterday. For this post to make any sense I would strongly encourage you to read Part #1 (yesterday).

<Click here to read Part #1>

Tomorrow will be Part #3


The Economy –

The economy is also referred to as the financial system, banking, the markets, etc. For this purpose the “economy” is a combination of all of those individual terms, it is everything to do with the US economy and dollar.

Bottom line for the economy…NONE of it matters any more. You see, the money supply system has become so corrupt that the dollar no longer has any value, substance, or more appropriately…the US dollar has absolutely no meaning to it any more.

My wife and I had a very long discussion about this subject last month. We went into detail on the money supply, deficit spending, the national debt, Federal Reserve, unfunded liabilities, foreign central banks, etc. Hours later when we were done with that conversation it became very clear that it all means nothing…the economy as we know it means nothing anymore!

Think about this…

  • During Obama (8 years) we racked up approximately $7.5trillion in budget deficits. That is an average of almost $1trillion dollars per year.
  • During Trump (4 years) we racked up approximately $5.3trillion in budget deficits. That is an average of almost $1.4trillion per year. And increase of an average 40% per year!!
  • In March of 2008 our national debt was about $10trillion. In March of 2021 our national debt is over $28trillion. That is almost triple what is was just 13 short years ago…two Presidencies…one Democrat, one Republican!
  • Biden/Harris administration proposed a $2+trillion dollar infrastructure stimulus package. And of course that will be all unfunded…meaning the Federal Reserve simply creates that money out of thin air. Yes, that means more budget deficit and higher national debt…especially when you consider the multi-trillion dollar relief plan already in play for 2021…and all of that added on top of a regular budget deficit of over a trillion dollars.
  • If you are keeping track…the US federal government now prints almost 60cents of every dollar it spends. Yes, that means they are simply making up money. Yup…funny money flying off the printing presses!

as of 4/28/2021

The point to all of that…money means absolutely nothing anymore! It is just created as desired with nothing at all behind it to support it, to give it any real value. To understand more of what I am talking about when it comes to “funny money” you can read my SitRep – 3/1/2021 article <click here to read>

The sad part to this…this “funny money” is an actual economic model going back a couple thousand years!! And SURPRISE!!!! It has failed each and every time it has been tried. Imagine that.

When you get rid of all the “economy static”…there is nothing left to talk about…it is ALL static…none of it matters any more…none of it. Are you thinking you are a guru with the economy and you can still make money in the stock market…yup, till you lose it…unless you are really good. You can still make sound (i.e. good) everyday decisions based on the economic static of the day. But when it comes to preparedness…no economic numbers mean anything anymore…it’s all worthless static…pure nonsense.

But do you think a few folks look at our US economic situation as “nothing”???  Think again! Foreign central banks (i.e. foreign Federal Reserves) are dumping the US dollar at an historic pace. Yes, meaning they are losing confidence in the US dollar, our economy, our US society, and our US government. Again, image that!

Call it a crash, a decline, depression/recession, or a reset…whatever floats your boat. The crux of the matter is simple…it’s over…it’s just a matter of time till the entirety of its termination manifests itself.

Look at the price increases taking place. The price of construction materials (i.e. lumber) has skyrocketed. Actually home and land prices have gone thru the roof as well. And the reason is pretty dang simple…the Federal Reserve. They have been pumping hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars into the mortgage markets. So there are huge amounts of money available for first mortgages, second mortgages, mortgage refinancing, debt consolidation, and remodeling loan packages. Banks are going out of their way to make sure the house flippers also have all the money they need. That all adds up to home prices going so high that a significant percentage of the US population can no longer afford to buy a home…especially first time buyers with young families.

Go to the grocery store…how do you see the prices now compared to last year or the year before? Think they are going up a little, eh?

Gas is up 40% in the last 6 months! The price of fuel ripples out to the entire economy in the form of higher transportation costs on everything.

So call it price inflation or dollar devaluation…it is destabilizing the entire US economic system. And as the US goes…so goes the world.

On the other hand…have you seen the number of “experts” talking about the economy getting ready to roar?

Another prediction I am hearing that sounds all too familiar…there is no housing bubble? Well, if you have the Federal Reserve pumping trillions of dollars of funny money into the system and the federal government pouring trillions of dollars into the system…does it sound unreasonable that the economy would do anything other than roar? At least for awhile.

I already told you that most of the foreign central banks are accelerating their dropping of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Now, have you ever heard the saying “the chickens coming home to roost” in any context? Do you think that the economic chickens coming home to roost will be a good thing for the US economy…or a bad thing?

Can you see any possible positive outcome for what the politicians are doing to us with this massive deficit spending on ridiculous political payoff programs? Can you see anything, anything at all, other than an economic disaster coming?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. It is only a matter of time.

For me and my family, we have a good portion of our IRA money in a growth mutual fund that is outpacing inflation by a large margin. And yes, we are making sure we have a solid supply of tangible goods that we will need…and the price of those commodities will only go up as time goes on. We sat down and talked about what we would need to weather an economic depression or a grid-down situation…and we are buying those items that we are lacking. Example: we are doubling our solar battery storage capability. And yes, we have over a year’s worth of toilet paper on hand.

Why the growth mutual fund for our IRA? Simple, it is hedging our bet. We don’t want to pull out all our money and spend it. Why? What if we need cash before the SHTF? And if we put that reserve money in a money market fund or a savings account then is doesn’t even keep up with inflation and that loses us ground. So we picked a great performing and well managed mutual fund for part of our IRA just to make sure we had a financial “Plan B”.

One important point to note…we can have that money in our bank account within 48 hours…usually less.

If you want to read more about our currency and the US economy please read SitRep – 3/1/2021 <click here to read>

Now, I fully expect to see the economy be described as “roaring”, maybe as “running on all cylinders”, “best recovery ever”, and similar arrogant and inaccurate platitudes. Yes, I do see the economy doing very well for a while, excellent statistics, great economic numbers, and it will be all hogwash, superficial at best…a house of cards.

As we pull out of the COVID crisis we will see a more organic recovery…people spending money from stimulus checks, etc. and doing stuff that causes them to spend money. Of course it will “roar”!!!

And for a historic perspective…think the Roaring Twenties. And then think what the depression 1930’s looked like right after the Roaring Twenties.  I would hope that gives you food for thought…and pause for consideration. Roar, then depression, then…

Then came the real aftermath…the 1940’s…the real serious kick in the pants…WAR !

Coming back to our current day…prices will rise, inflation/devaluation will kick in…whatever way you want to describe it…it will occur.

And just as assuredly, the economy will collapse, crash, or reset…whatever you want to call it.

Both are coming…there is no avoiding it.

Please, please prepare your financial house! If you don’t prepare…you may well see a time when you get rolled over financially. And it might come sooner than you think and be far uglier than you can imagine.

This is an extremely important point to note: Not the US Government, nor the Federal Reserve, nor any national politician has any intention or desire to reduce, let alone pay off, the national debt. Think about that…



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SitRep – 5/3/2021 (Part #1)

This is not an article that some, maybe many, of you are going to like…maybe not even believe, nor possibly not embrace. But it is an honest opinion of mine based on available information, current events, 66 years of experience of life, and a very long career in emergency services and emergency preparedness. So, read on at your own peril…it has taken me over two months to research, rough draft, edit, and get it to this point.

I have spent the last two months doing extensive research on history, current events, and centering on the “macro” picture. After about two weeks of research an astonishing image began to develop…and is now coming into considerable focus…to the point where I felt the need to share that intense image with you. The entire article is over 25 pages in Word document format. That is WAY too long for a single Internet website article.

Most folks, mentally challenged with instant gratification syndrome, would be lost after the first two paragraphs…think how they would do with over 25 pages of reading! So I have to break this article, this “manifesto”, into reasonably sized postings. To understand…you will need to read all. Or, conversely…read none of it.

Why did I highlight the term manifesto?

When law enforcement authorities and/or prosecuting attorneys target people they deem “undesirable” and wish to silence…they apply labels to them. One of their tactics is to disclose these undesirables’ manifesto. And the general public eats it up…obviously, because demons always publish manifestos.

Unfortunately manifesto means, “a published declaration of the views of the issuer.”

I am sure this article will give great fodder to those James Bond, secret agent, alphabet agency,  national security types.

So be it.

After reflecting on the “image” I am referring to and to verify it as more fact than fiction or bias, I have come to the conclusion that I think this view is pretty well based in solid data and well founded. But then again…it is only my opinion full of my own bias (i.e. my manifesto). It will be up to you to validate it or dismiss it. Either way…take a minute (or hours) to see how it might affect your emergency preparedness.

I believe ALL of your preparedness might depend on what you see in this SitRep article…and how you act upon it.

Let me be clear…I am going to give you lots of opportunity to get really pissed off at me throughout the article. And at many points you will be able to swear at me…and maybe never return to the website due to your anger. Then again…this SitRep may give you pause to think I am simply nuts. But, should you choose to read the entire series of postings and understand what I am trying to say in the summary…then you might just withdraw the hate and cursing and find yourself appreciative of what I have shared. The choice is yours…your preparedness may will depend on it.

First off I want to make sure you understand my position on “static” as it relates to current events…I try to ignore all of it. Static is the entire BS that comes into our lives. Some of that static comes through various conventional media sources. Most of today’s static comes from the Internet and cable news. All so-called “news” from both of those sources is chocked full of bias and agenda. Some of which comes from nefarious sources such as one or more foreign country’s anti-America operations, and some from anti-American federal government sources such as the CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS, ATF, DEA, FEMA, DNI, etc. Regardless of foreign or domestic government origin…their “information” is meant to influence the American public to lose confidence in the traditional/conventional American way of life…including Constitutional and Judaeo-Christian religious values/practices.

To be perfectly clear…there are leftist sources promoting their agenda and there are right-wing sources promoting their agenda.  Both are just as dangerous! Why? Because they don’t present the truth…or at least not all of the truth; they present only that information (i.e. truth) that supports their agenda. And dark agendas are what is killing this country…and has been for a very long time.

So I try to ignore all of that static…and I suggest you try to do so as well…then concentrate only on the remainder and only that which is the most important.

Now that is out of the way I want to move on to a few observations that may well challenge you to your very core. In this series there will be distinct areas I will touch on:

  • Introduction
  • The Economy
  • The Military
  • Truth
  • Our Constitutional Republic and Justice
  • Our Society
  • Potential for War
  • The Fall
  • Summary

Yeah…did I leave anything out????? The subject areas, some combined, will be broken into individual postings to make it easier to read and for time sensitivity regarding each article.

Introduction –

Thomas Jefferson was one of the most brilliant minds in the history of the world and added greatly to the successful outcome of the American Revolution. His boldness and brilliance led the way establishing a Constitutional Republic with freedoms and rights guaranteed by its founding document…the Constitution with the Bill of Rights.

In 1787 Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to Peter Carr. In that letter is one of the most profound injunctions I have ever read. It is this…

“Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a god…I repeat that you must lay aside all prejudice on both sides, and neither believe nor reject any thing because any other person, or description of persons have rejected or believed it. Your own reason is the only oracle given you by heaven.”

Some misguided folks have used “Question with boldness even the existence of a god…” as definitive proof that Jefferson didn’t believe in God. And they do so inaccurately. What I read Jefferson to mean, in context, is plain and rewarding as written…without ambiguity. What Jefferson is saying is dismiss your bias and prejudices…then challenge EVERYTHING! Yes, challenge even the very existence of God.

Why? Because if his encouragement is embarked on successfully a person becomes more rooted in truth and dismisses that which is rooted in stinking thinking. In other words…they clarify their core beliefs and principles.

What I am asking you to do through reading and pondering this SitRep is to lay aside your bias and prejudices…and consider what I am saying as a challenge to what you may have previously thought to be true.

When the SitRep has been read in its entirety you will find one of two basic outcomes…you were right all along, or you reevaluated your previous positions and have revised them based on additional information and perspective.

You are your own oracle with the assistance of heaven. Use both wisely.

Good luck…and good reading.


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SitRep – 3/1/2021

I’ve been working on this SitRep for a long time, and just about the moment I think I am ready to get the meat on it…current events get worse. So, I had to stop writing, observe more, think it through, and come up with the end state…and how soon it happens. And it hasn’t been easy. However, I figured I better get something out to you or you would think I’ve been on vacation goofing off.

Also, I have been working hard and fast on my own property (homestead) to get it ready, ready to deal with what is coming. I am not there yet, but getting closer each week. And I want you to get my sense of urgency…clearly.

Economy –

Oil & Gas: Since Biden/Harris was elected on 11/20/2020 the price of oil has risen 51%…that’s an average of 17% per month. But that should come as no surprise since Biden/Harris regime has declared war on the oil & gas industry. Hence, declared war on middle America and rural America.

You’ve read the headlines and stories…the price of gas at the pump has gone up 28% in that same time period…an average of over 9% per month. And the radical leftists are just getting started. We could easily see $4.50 – $5.50 per gallon of gas by 2024, if not sooner.

The Economy vs the Dollar (WARNING – might be real boring for some of you.): For a long time I’ve been reporting and opining on “the economy”…and I decided that today I need to change that. The economy consists of the stock markets, bond markets, banking industry, employment, inflation, etc. But in reality, it all revolves around the dollar…yeah, our US currency…the US dollar.

See, the problem is…our currency is actually worthless…the personification of a fiat currency. Fiat currency is currency backed by absolutely nothing. Well, in the case of the US dollar it is backed by the “full faith and credit of the US Government.” Well, that isn’t entirely accurate either. Look at a typical $1, $5, $10, $50, or $100 bill. It says it is a “US Federal Reserve Note”…yeah, that means it is a loan from the Federal Reserve Central Bank. And it is not currency backed by the US Treasury Department…or anything of value…it is simply a loan…from the Federal Reserve.

So what does that mean? Well generally speaking, currency is a medium of exchange…a convenient one in reality…makes it way easier to buy and sell vs barter. But, our US dollar has no value in and of itself. Now, it used to…it used to be backed by physical gold and silver held by the US Treasury Department. That is no longer the case…there is no physical or tangible asset securing our US currency.

And just to clarify…no note issued by the Federal Reserve, no US Treasury Bond, etc. is backed by any tangible asset of the US government. Yup, that means that no country or person can lay claim to any asset held by the US government…not any building, not any land, minerals, no oil & gas, nothing. So, if you got sucked into the idea that some government can come in and take over our land based on defaulted US government debt…well, get over the wild idiotic conspiracy theory that China or any other country can start taking over the US if the US defaults on its debt. That ain’t going to happen! And if someone promotes the idea that it is probable or even possible…then they are ignorant, stupid, or promoting a conspiracy theory for their own agenda.

So back to the US dollar…if it loses favor in the international community…or domestically…then we will see a very, very serious problem. But first, let’s talk about inflation….

  • Defined as a general rise in the price level in an economy over a period of time.
  • Shows the decline of purchasing power of a given currency over time.
  • Lowers your standard of living.
  • And theoretically, tends to be offset to some degree by the increase in personal income.

However, are prices truly increasing…or is there something else going on?

Let’s do this…the average price of a house in 1900 was $5000. In 2020 the average price of a home in the US was $285,000.  So the price of the average home went up 560%…WOW! Times change eh?

In 1900 the average income was about $440 per year. So that average home cost was about 11-1/2 times the average income. In 2020 the median income was about $35,400. So that average home cost was about 8 times the average income.

So it sounds like we are WAY better off now…right? Houses cost way more, but we are making even way more income. A win-win situation…life is GOOD!  Yes?

Ah, hold on a second…let’s look at it another way…using a constant.

Is it fair to use the price of an “average” house? In 1900 they didn’t even have refrigerators…in 2020 every home a million inch quadruple surround system TV…right? So houses are bigger, nicer, central heat, AC, and granite counter tops. Back then houses had coal furnaces…if you were lucky, some even had plumbing…very few had electric.

So let’s use a constant…gold. An ounce of gold is an ounce of gold…doesn’t matter if it is 1900 or 2020…an ounce is an ounce…gold is gold.

In 1900 to buy an ounce of gold it took $20.68. In 2020 to buy that same ounce of gold it would take $1,733. Wow!!!  That ounce of gold sure went up in value…right?

Ah, how did that ounce of gold become more valuable…it’s still just an ounce of gold…an ounce is an ounce, and gold is gold.

So what really happened? Each dollar in 1900 was worth nearly $84 in 2020. That means each dollar a person had in 1900 devalued 840% by 2020. Yup…it took 84 dollars in 2020 to equal 1 dollar in 1900.

But times are still good…right?

Well, in the last 50 years middle class income has shrunk by over 30%. And add to that figure, the middle class population in American has shrunk by nearly 20%.

And strangely enough…during that same time period upper class earners income is up 75% and their % of the population has grown.

But let’s not leave out the lower class folks…their income has fallen 10% and their % of the population has doubled.

Bottom line…if you are rich…you are getting WAY richer…everyone else is losing ground BIG time! So I guess it’s true…the rich get richer. And add to that…the people who actually do the work…build houses, cook food, grow food, plumb houses, and stock grocery store shelves…well, they are falling behind…along with everyone else but the rich folks.

Sorry about all the statistics and all the talk about gold, houses, and income. But the point is…the rich are getting richer, everyone else is getting poorer…and the dollar is become more and more worthless. So obviously it sounds like the economy crashes sooner or later.

So when does it crash? I am not 100% sure that it does, but it could crash tomorrow morning…our economy is that shaky. It actually did crash during the financial crisis of 2007–2008. The only thing that kept it all afloat was trillions and trillions of dollars created by the Federal Reserve and pumped into the banking, insurance, and financial sectors. But, I can guarantee you one thing…it will “reset” somehow.

Why? Because at some point the world will realize that there is ZERO value to the US dollar. There is NO tangible asset backing the US dollar. At some point the world will say “Enough!”

The reason is simple…the US debt is nearing $30,000,000,000,000…yes, 30trillion dollars. If you don’t already understand…there is NO ability for the US government to pay off that debt. But, it gets worse…far, far worse. The US government in indebted another $200trillion in unsecured liabilities. That means the US government owes that $200,000,000,000,000 in the future (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, pensions, etc.) for which there is virtually no money to cover it…other than to borrow it. And let’s not forget a “master”…interest. The % of each annual budget will increase dramatically the more we borrow. As of right now…the only way the US government meets its financial obligations is to borrow more and more money each year.

Back to the US dollar…The US dollar is a medium of exchange…I will sell you this widget if you give me enough of those paper dollars in your hand. As soon as the person with the widget wants more paper dollars for that widget…the dollar is, by default, devalued. And we are seeing that every single day now.

Now, another phenomena is taking place, and has been for decades. Creating money out of thin air…literally. For 47 years now when the US government wants more money it simply asks the Federal Reserve to create it…a few key strokes later and a computer magically creates another $1,000,000,000,000 (trillion dollars). And the US government is another trillion dollars in debt. But what happens to the trillions of dollars already out there? Well, if you have 10trillion of something and create another trillion of the same thing…what happens to the original 10trillion’s value? Bingo! It becomes less valuable.

Now create 2 – 6 trillion more dollars each year…what is happening to all of the previous trillions of dollars? Yup, it becomes less valuable…devaluation. And that means the prices of everything goes up, because the value of the dollar goes down. Most folks call that inflation…the general rise in the price level goods and services in an economy over a period of time. But, in reality it is now actually more properly defined as the devaluation of the dollar.

So it’s a 1-2-3-4 punch to the gut…more national debt, more federal budget required to pay the interest on that debt, dollar continues to become less valuable, and prices of everything you buy increases.

That is why I say…at some point folks will say “Enough!” And when it does…the US economy/banking/financial industries collapses…30 seconds later the world’s economy follows suit. What then?

If the rich are getting richer…and that is a fact…who gets poorer when the world does a financial reset?

If you answered “everyone but the rich elites” you would be 100% correct. Why? Because the rich elites have tangible assets to protect themselves…they do not depend on paper money -fiat currency- to maintain or grow their wealth.

So what about you and the reset?

If you are the average person…you go down the tubes into the poor house…literally. And you become enslaved financially, if not literally. If you have a valuable skill such as house building, electrician, soldier, etc. then you have a chance to make a little more money than the average poor person…but you are still a slave to the rich…you serve them at their pleasure. If you are a government employee…yea! You are well taken care of…because the rich elites use you to control the slaves. But then again…everyone hates you!

So what is the answer…the preventative…the cure?

Well, if you are a Christian…only the Second Coming of Christ looks like a viable option. But, generally speaking there might be another option…a preventative for the reset or crash. But it hurts like hell and may not, probably won’t, work. That is to get our country to stop using debt to finance everything. Unfortunately, the chance of that occurring is almost incalculably small.

So what else can be done? Take a look at the great depression of the 1930’s as the closest historical equivalent to a crash or reset.

People with highly desired skills kept their, or found a, job. People with some arable land grew their own food. The super-rich stayed rich, many got richer. The middle class, middle income earners, lost their butts! Most importantly…and my whole point…communities, geographic or demographic, who worked together fared much better…because they took care of each other.

What do you do right here and now? Well, pray for His Second Coming, acquire/perfect a desirable skill, learn how to grow your own food on land that you can pay the taxes on, etc. Or, as an option we can change the system, change the government. Yup, we did it once in the late 1700’s…and the Declaration of Independence states the right and roadmap to do so. But, we’ve gotten lazy and let all those rights, liberties, and freedoms virtually slip away. Maybe we could get it back, maybe not. Depends on how much we want it back, how much character we have, how much we are willing to sacrifice…and timing.

But, there is always the easy way…just let it keep going the way it is…and suffer the consequences.

Biden’s Administration –

I started writing about who Biden/Harris was bringing onboard in their administration. Clearly, one after another showed themselves to be radical leftists, most of them hardcore authoritarians, some clearly with socialist and communist beliefs.

Continuing my research I started looking into William Burns, the next CIA Director…wow!

First off…disclaimer: I think the CIA is one of the most vile and evil institutions the world has ever seen. It far surpasses even the Gestapo in its depth and breadth of evil.

With that out of the way let me continue…Burns made the statement in his confirmation hearing that China is our biggest threat. Finally, someone gets it! But, let’s not forget the proven factual evidence of the deep financial ties that the Biden family has with China, including Joe Biden himself. So can ole Billy Burns be objective and effective in his new role?

Well, how about Billy Burns being a Chinese mole, a Chinese operative, deposited at the top of the CIA!!!

But, before we get into that…let’s talk about Burns being a close ally of Russia. But, that is boring. Well, then something else worth noting and not so boring…Iran. Yeah, that Iran! So remember that 2015 “deal” of Obama’s that put Iran on the path to nuclear weapons AND delivering a cargo plane of cash to Iran containing billions of dollars???? Yeah, good old Billy Burns was a chief negotiator in that one. But, back to China…

So I got all warm and fuzzy when Billy Boy mentioned that China was a real threat to the US. Nice, eh? But, I had to stop and think…with the Biden family, including Joe, being on the Chinese payroll to the tune of billions of dollars…Could Burns and the CIA be serious about China? Good question if I do say so myself. So I decided to take a closer look at William Burns.

Burns, the Biden/Harris CIA director, is the President of a think tank called The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Sounds cool, eh? Well, well, well…it just so happens that the think tank has received millions of dollars in funding from…guess who? If you answered China you would be 100% correct!

And now let’s make it even more interesting…in 2016 a guy by the name of Zhang became a board member of the same think tank…and Burns sang his praises big time! And who is this Zhang? Zhang is a Chinese Communist Party member responsible for advocating the Chinese Communist Party and national agendas abroad. And get this…Zhang runs the Chinese Communist Party organization called The Center for China and Globalization. So we have a close friend, business associate, and funder of the new CIA Director who is:

  • A Communist Party member,
  • A Chinese leader,
  • A Chinese agenda promoter,
  • A world globalization advocate.

Pretty sweet eh? And don’t forget…that same Chinese Communist Party member, with Chinese money, paid, maybe still does pay, our CIA Director through the think tank payroll. Nice, eh? But, it doesn’t end there…in 2019 Burns went to China and co-hosted a forum to “reduce misconceptions concerning China.” What do you think now???

But let’s keep going…The Starr Foundation has given millions to Burns’ think tank as well. But who is this Starr Foundation? They originated from a multi-billionaire guy who was in the insurance industry…with big time insurance operations in what country? If you guessed China again, you would be right! Eventually the insurance company became AIG. Yup, that AIG…the insurance company that received billions in bailouts from the US government back during the 2007 – 2008 crash. And let’s go back to the Starr Foundation…they are globalization advocates as well as promoters of Chinese policies…and they have provided millions of dollars in funding to William Burns, CIA Director, through his think tank.

So tell me again…how do you feel about this Communist China insider (a.k.a. William Burns) running the CIA? The CIA has been widely known for their black-ops against foreign countries and domestic individuals…what do you think they will be up to now with China William Burns running it?

And Burns is no different than all the rest of Biden/Harris picks to run the US government. Hell, no different than Biden or Harris!!

Immigrants –

OK, by now you have to know, or should know, that the whole reason that Democrats love immigration is simple…LOTS of new democrat voters. That is the ONLY reason the Democratic Party advocates for getting all those illegal immigrants, including known criminals, into the US and them giving them the right to vote…political power and control. Well, that isn’t the only reason…the Democratic Party caters to the rich elites and powerful corporations…and those rick folks like the availability of cheap labor to meet their corporate needs and to become their company’s consumers. Once illegal aliens are rewarded with citizenship they will have the right to vote. And that will cement the Democrat Party’s dominance for a very long time…well, at least long enough.

Enough of that, I will move on…

Civil Unrest, then Civil War –

There is a Natural Progression taking place. It will result in Civil War…and a significant increase in civil unrest until then. And both parties are pushing it…have been for about 120 years. But, no one is pushing it harder than the ruling class (a.k.a. rich elites). Why? Because the endgame is an authoritarian regime where they can control quite literally all the resources…and thus all the power.

Let’s review a couple of things…the top 1% of the world’s rich control over half of the world’s wealth, and they control almost 90% of the world’s resources. So take a guess…how much of the world’s power do they already control? And just a reality check…how much power and wealth do you think they want to share with the rest of the world’s population? True, a few of the rich do give away money through their charities…but they receive increased power doing so. So they are simply buying more power to advance their agenda(s).

And remember way back earlier in the SitRep I talked about how the facts/statistics show that the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer…why do you think that is an historical fact? Yup, because that it their endgame…control…because that control/power brings more wealth. And you control the world population through authoritarian regimes…just ask China…ask Russia…

It is no different here in the US…just review history and facts:

  • Does the US government have more power now than in 1890?
  • Does the US government have more money, or control over more money, now or in 1890?
  • Do we have more federal law enforcement now than in 1890?
  • Do we have more taxes now than in 1890?
  • Is the US military larger now than in 1890?
  • Do we have more federal bureaucrats now than in 1890?

Need I go on? And why do I use 1890?  That is the general start of the Progressive Movement in the United States…a natural evolution of Socialism/Communism/Marxism principles that developed in the mid-1800’s.

Last summer we saw the radical and violent arm of the Democrat Party go full-on anarchy. They burned their way across most of the large liberal cities in the US. Then we saw a major “Bubba Effect” take place on 1/6/2021…the attack on the Capitol Building predominately by radicalized Trump supporters and a few others.

So the civil unrest is well underway…and it will get worse. Sure, it has calmed down a bit right now…but all sides are alive and well…and all sides are planning.

As the Biden/Harris regime implement their radical authoritarian agenda more and more…you will see more and more civil unrest…from both sides. Don’t forget the announcement that the FBI has now identified 500 participants in the 1/6 attack on the Capitol…what do you think the FBI is going to do about them…and how?

Civil war is the natural endgame here in the US…a natural progression from the civil unrest we are experiencing now. Exactly what form the civil war takes I am still not clear on…there appears to be several roads it could go down. But one thing is clear…it will probably be violent, brutal, ugly, and tear our country apart…perfect for the authoritarians. Perfect for them to come in with their solution, their cure, their answer…and most everyone will beg for it. Most everyone will gladly give up freedoms, liberties, and rights for a little safety and security…provided by an even more militarized federal law enforcement apparatus.

Exactly when the “war” will start or where it will start is still unclear to me. But one thing I feel sure about…the FBI will be instrumental in starting it. Remember, the FBI is a couple things; 1) not authorized by the Constitution, 2) fully militarized, 3) works to protect the power of the US federal government.

And let’s not forget it has plenty of experience…it massacred 78 men, women and children back in the 1990’s…not just massacred them…burned them to death. And let’s not forget it was the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover that headed up the operation sending tens of thousands of Americans to prison camps in the 1940’s.

So we are in the midst of civil unrest, civil war is coming, and the FBI will probably be involved in starting that civil war…the spark. And I honestly believe the form that the civil war takes will be tribalism more than likely…but I could be wrong…I pray that I am.

Summary –

The dollar is becoming more and more worthless with each passing month. With every federal government annual budget we go further in debt. Every time they pass a “bailout”, a “stimulus”, a “relief bill”, etc. we go further in debt. Every time we go further in debt it means the Federal Reserve has created more money…and in doing so our dollar becomes less and less valuable. And it will come to a dramatic and ugly end at some point.

And that “reset” will probably be the final straw that starts or exacerbates the civil war.

But, is civil war avoidable? No, it is inevitable. The country has become clearly and irrevocably divided. There is no repairing that divisiveness. Too many powerful forces are driving the divide, they cannot be stopped. Okay, there is a single viable option that could stop it…the Second Coming of Christ. But, we don’t know when that will be.

In the meantime there are some things to do, for instance…

#1 is develop, define, and defend a set of personal principles that are well founded. Work with your family and congregation/community to do the same.

#2 is develop the ability to defend yourself, your family, and your congregation/community. You don’t have to be a tier-1 operator…but you can assist in organizing or help support a community defense organization.

#3 is to remain calm & cool, do not become radicalized, do not do stupid things and take ill-timed actions.

#4 is to organize yourself, your family, and your congregation/community to deal with the coming historical events. Round out your preparations, encourage and assist others to do so.

#5 ensure your ability to communicate with your family and your congregation/community, especially if the normal means of communicating are no longer available.

#6 develop a basic skill plus the ability to grow food.

If you will do those six things, in addition to practicing your faith, you will become much better prepared to deal with all that which is coming. And it is coming…it is inescapable.

I don’t know how much more direct I can be…or how much more encouraging I can be. I’ve laid it out for you repeatedly for over 5 years now on this website. Now is the time…you must get your head on straight and get serious about what is coming. We may have years to prepare…it may be only weeks…it might be a few months.

The time is NOW to get your preparations in order! Please don’t delay.


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1/6 Capital Attack Summary & Closeout

OK, so you have been hearing from me daily, sometimes more often, in regards to the attack on the Capital Building on 1/6. The subject now seems to be wearing out…I am not sure how much more I can say about it that I haven’t already said. And you already have a handle on what happened…or not. My writing more about it enters the realm of “diminishing returns”.

So I am going to construct this summary page that lists all of the posts I’ve made concerning 1/6…since 1/6. Yeah, that means you have to go read all the previous SitReps where I wrote about what was going to happen…before it happened.

So here you go…

SitRep 1/7/2021

Immediate Action Warnings:

Personal Message this Evening… (1/10/2021)


Feedback & Comments:

For additional interesting reading consider:

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Well, well, well…(SitRep 1/7/2021)

  • Mayhem, chaos, insurrection, coup, national disgrace, historic…
  • Thugs, protestors, rebels, insurgents, rioters, terrorists…
  • Attack on democracy, sedition, storming Congress, attempted overthrow, open rebellion, insurrection…

That is the 2nd victory, the major victory, for the Democrats/Progressives/Authoritarians yesterday. The lesser, albeit significant & devastating, was the Republicans handing over the Senate to the radical left (i.e. Democrats).

Huuummmmm……….2 victories…one major and one minor…and the minor victory is described as “significant and devastating”?????

Hang on a minute, let’s play a game for a minute shall we…

It’s the year 2000 and the Presidential election is close…Gore vs. Bush. The left claims voter fraud, especially in Florida, challenges the outcome, goes to the Supreme Court and losses. And then when the Electoral College vote certification takes place they storm the Capital, break in, vandalize the place, protestor is shot dead, 3 more deaths result from the chaos and mayhem. Wow!!!

And how would the Republicans react? How would Conservatives react? How would the law & order freaks react? How would Fox News portray it?

But, oh wait…as radical and violent as the leftists are…they never did the latter part. They followed the law and accepted the legal outcome of the election. They didn’t even object on the Senate floor during the certification process.

Now, let’s come back to reality…1/6/2021…one of the worse days in American history…a story that will become part of our written history…a shameful part.

But, one more thing before I continue…to all of those who think the protestors (turned rioters, turned mob, turned idiots) were all AntiFa in Trump gear, or paid leftist goons of George Soros…WAKE UP and use your head, use your mind, use your eyes, step away from the KoolAid!!!! These were radical right Trump sycophants. Were there some agent provocateurs (of various ilk) among them? No doubt. But, the vast majority, maybe all, were violent anarchist crazies or those caught up in their idiot moment. So stop trying to avoid the reality of what happened…step out of the twilight zone and back into the world of common sense and sanity.

First let’s cover the minor victory that occurred…Republicans handing the Senate to the Democrats. Dang! Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory…the Republicans are very good at that it seems…or very determined…maybe both. In any event…Republicans made history in that they gave Georgia two Democrat Senators serving at the same time…one a radical religious nutcase. Religious Nutcase? Yup!

Warnock is a Pastor at a church whose entire congregation, and especially Warnock, are racist to the core and adherents to anti-Christian, anti-Biblical beliefs called Black Liberation Theology. It is utterly disgusting what they believe. Warnock’s religious mentor actually preaches that if “God is white, kill God!” Can you get any more racist, any more evil, any more disturbing than that? But more than disturbing or disgusting…it is dangerous! It sounds like something out of the ISIS or Nazi manuals than something that a supposedly Christian Church would believe in and advocate. And what did ISIS or Nazi attempt to actually do? Think about that…think long and hard!

Back to my point…now the Democrats control the Whitehouse and both houses of Congress. And what do you think they’re going to do with that situation? Your worst nightmares!! Well, your worst nightmares and no surprises…I’ve been warning you of this for a long time. More on that later.

Let’s get back to yesterday…was it in any way justified? No! No justification for it in any way whatsoever! If you think it was justified and appropriate to any degree…then you are an anarchist, you don’t support the Constitution, and not any better than the AntiFa crazies. Or possibly you could simply be extremely ignorant of all things Constitutional. But I doubt that any of my website visitors had any support for what happened yesterday when the violent anarchists stormed the Capital Building.

Let me address one thing for clarification…Does the Declaration of Independence allow for the overthrow/change of government under certain circumstances? Yes, absolutely! And before anyone tries to play that card here…did yesterday, in any aspect, resemble a change of government as outlined in the Declaration of Independence? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Yesterday was an amazing gift handed to the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives/RINOs/Authoritarians. Its value is immeasurable…and handed to them on a silver platter by those Trump supporter idiots. It does a number of things, but let’s recap a couple:

  1. It will give media endless visuals of the “right” being violent, out-of-control, dangerous, and trying to overthrow our Democracy.
  2. It will give Democrat politicians a huge edge in any future campaigning to ensure that they are elected vs some crazy right-wing extremist. They will use those visuals…with glee.
  3. It will give liberal historians great material for documenting The 2021 Rebellion, The Insurrection of 2021, etc.
  4. Worst of all…it will give the Democrats, and RINOs, all the ammunition (sorry, pun intended, I should have said “justification”) to pass a slew of anti-Constitution, anti-right, anti-liberty, and anti-freedom legislation. Yup, they will be able to show the American people why even more legislation is needed in order to ensure that the terrorism, mayhem, chaos, and violence never takes place again.
  5. And of course…the perfect reasoning to crush conservative groups, Constitutional crazies, and of course…militias. All to ensure that something so disgraceful never happens again…to protect our American Democracy!

Thank you to all the Trump supporters who took place in yesterday’s stupidity!!!!!  You just ensured the political preeminence of the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives for a long time to come…and for their agenda to march forward with little true and effective opposition. And you ensured that the government has everything it needs to crush all that is good in our country. You have effectively set back any freedom movement in a very big way. Thanks a lot you freaking morons!!!!

So now what? It will be as bad as or worse than I have been telling you about for years if Trump lost and the right cut loose. Which all happened as I told you it would…the Bubba Effect…although at a factor larger than I expected. I didn’t expect them to attack the Capital Building.

What do you think the left is going to do…since the radical right proved them to be absolutely correct? What kind of legislation do you think they are going to pass?

The FBI, ATF and DHS already view the right as all potential domestic terrorists…now what do you think they are going to do? Or rather…What more do you think they are going to do?

As I said…thanks to those radical Trump supporters, the leftists have a free pass to do virtually anything they wish to crush rights, freedoms, and liberties…and the FBI, ATF, and DHS will be all too happy to do their bidding. It will harsh, heavy-handed, and probably lethal in many cases.  But none of it should be surprising if you have been reading my warnings for the last few years…I’ve told you exactly what is coming…and I should have been more plain.

Yes, I am partially to blame here…I’ve held back.

Yup, I had more that I wanted to warn you about, more I wanted to say, more I wanted to be truly open about. But, I tempered by words, clouded some of my warnings, treaded lightly when I should have just spoken my mind completely. I did these things with good intention…I didn’t want to have folks think I was just another crazy and drive folks away from the website. But that was wrong of me…I should have said what I was thinking, what I saw, and what I knew was coming…exactly like it was in my head. Hopefully, as you read my articles you felt the witness of what I was trying to get across. Hopefully.

So where do we go from here?

No place different than what I’ve been sharing specifically with you for the last 4 years…prepare. Prepare what? Go back and read what I already wrote…there is ZERO need to me to repeat myself with all of that info…read what I have already written.

The #1 thing to prepare…your FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLES!!!! Get your foundational principles firmly fixed on solid ground…then stick by them. Especially decide on your “red lines” that you will not allow anyone to cross…especially the government. And then what will you be willing to do, exactly willing to do, to defend those red lines. Make is crystal clear what you will do, how you will do it, who you will do it with, and just how far will you take it. Then do everything you realistically can to be ready for that.

Get you head on straight, get your priorities straight, get your life straight, get ready in every realistic way…it is coming! Coming just as I outlined over and over again. Some of it is already here, but the bad stuff, the truly evil stuff is coming at us like a freight train. If you and your family are not ready…you will get crushed.

Once again…all of you Trump supporter idiots that took action yesterday at the Capital Building…you handed the evil side everything they ever dreamed of…you advanced the cause of evil, you single-handedly gave the authoritarians every justification to crush the true freedom movement and groups. And as federal law enforcement now kicks into high gear…you probably led to the deaths of a whole lot of good people.

Folks…think about what you do and how you do it! Being stupid, being…  Oh hell, you know what I’m getting at.

Be the good, be the right, do good.

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