SitRep – 5/27/2017

What the heck is going on???? !!!!!! ?????

Doesn’t it seem as if you ask yourself that question each day! Well, there is good reason for that…we are in an era of unparalleled upheaval at every turn. And it is all of our own making.

Brennan, Another Coup Player –

Throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks is the game plan of those fighting against Trump. The latest was testimony of former CIA Director John Brennan trying to tie Trump to the Russians in some dark conspiracy. Let’s set aside the fact that he couldn’t actually make that connection…the important point is he tried to and was more than willing to do so.

First off, you have to understand he is a hand-picked Obama sycophant. This man spent 25 years with the CIA learning to kill, torture, lie, deceive, and overthrown sovereign leaders. He was personally in charge of the “Disposition Matrix”, otherwise known as America’s “kill list.” Yes, you read that right. John Brennan, under the direction of Barack Obama was personally responsible for maintaining the infamous kill list. This man could pick and choose who CIA personnel (and contractors) or the military killed without trial or even a hearing. Brennan stated, “it’s a necessary part of what we do”. How’s that for an item on your resume!? Or, how’s that for part of your moral foundation?

Brennan also served as the President and CEO of The Analysis Corporation (TAC). TAC is a government contractor performing very, very shady work for federal intelligence agencies.

What is important here is this…Brennan is another intelligence player trying to overthrow the President of the United States. That now makes it clear that the entire intelligence community leadership is working very hard behind the scenes and publicly to overthrow Trump.

Coup Note: If the coup is not real, then why is the Washington Times running this headline, “The latest news from the president in exile” from an article on 5/25? And why are they referring to the “government in exile” and Obama as the “president in exile“…just saying.

Manchester Intelligence Leak –

Right after the Manchester Bombing a few days ago, US intelligence agencies leaked extremely sensitive and highly classified information to the media. That intelligence was given to the US intelligence agencies by the Manchester police and other UK intelligence agencies. It wasn’t just a single leak but a series of leaks. Here is the reaction of the folks in the UK, “British police believe the leaks are unprecedented in their scope, frequency and potential damage.”

So why did American intelligence agencies leak that information to the media?

Only a single reason…to embarrass Trump and weaken America.

Why endeavor to accomplish those two missions? I’ve told you consistently for quite a while now…United States intelligence agencies, specifically the US secret police (FBI, CIA, & NSA) are in the process of overthrowing the President of the United States.

Their end goal? I’ve talked about this at length as well…their goal is nothing less than the establishment of a totalitarian police state. And they are winning. For more information read previous SitReps and the FAQ articles.

Sessions & 2nd Amendment –

Most of the time in today’s world it is the little things that you have to watch for that point out where we are headed and what is happening. One of those little things was Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his recent anti-Second Amendment stance. Remember, Sessions works for Trump, so what Session does supposedly represents Trump’s beliefs and desires.

Just a couple days ago Sessions declared his intention to work against the Second Amendment. For reference the Second Amendment states…

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

It is clear as a bell, no qualification, no equivocation, no exceptions, nothing…period…”shall not be infringed.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions does not support the Second Amendment. Sessions is going to court to ensure that non-violent felons cannot have their right to bear arms restored. But, that is not the worse part…he isn’t protecting the Second Amendment to begin with!

Gun rights shouldn’t be limited or infringed period! It is crystal clear to any reader, lover, and supporter of the Constitution. It is exactly clear in what was written, what was intended, and for very good reasons. But, you have a powerful “law & order” advocate in AG Sessions that doesn’t believe in, and won’t support the Second Amendment.

It is plain and simple…you either believe in and support the Constitution or you don’t. If you don’t then you are no friend of our Constitutional Republic.

But, let’s test what I am saying…Is there anything else that would indicate the Jeff Sessions doesn’t support the Constitution?

The answer is once again, an unqualified “yes!” Sessions has made it clear that he 100% supports Civil Asset Forfeiture (CAF). CAF is a process, completely outside of the judicial system, that allows the federal government to seize any asset of any person they so desire. A person doesn’t have to be convicted of a crime of any kind for CAF to be invoked. And FYI…a person doesn’t even have to be charged with a crime. What about the CAF that violates the Constitution? CAF violates the Fifth Amendment, Sixth Amendment, and Ninth Amendment.

Let’s test Sessions one more time just to make sure I have it right. How do you feel about Big Brother? Do you feel the Patriot Act was the most “police state”, illegal, anti-Constitutional, intrusive, and power abusive move by the federal government in recent memory?

Constitutional expert and advocate Judge Andrew P. Napolitano said this, “The Patriot Act has a bad pedigree and an evil history.” Yup….he said “evil‘!

So now we test that against what AG Jeff Sessions has said about the Patriot Act, “The provisions in the Patriot Act are in no way extreme, in no way novel, in no way contradictory to the principles of the constitutional law this country has operated under since its founding.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is exceptionally anti-Constitution and extreme in his anti-American views of the law! He clearly rejects the Constitutional Bill of Rights (specifically five of them).

So what is he?

He is a huge advocate of a police state, an all powerful federal government, anti-states’ rights, and totalitarian government advocate. That is plain and simple…his beliefs, words, and actions prove it beyond a any doubt. AG Sessions is a very dangerous man.

So where does that place Trump?

Well, it was Trump that named Sessions as AG. It was Trump that has spoken highly of Sessions. And it was Trump that also stated that he supports and wants to strengthen CAF. On February 7th of this year in a meeting with law enforcement national leadership Trump voiced his unqualified support for CAF.

When a LEO leader brought up a Texas legislator that was fighting to weaken CAF Trump said, “Who is the state senator?  Want to give his name?  We’ll destroy his career.”

“Destroy his career.”   Those are the words that a madman, or a dictator, would speak.

Appears that Sessions and Trump are of the same mindset.

Greg Gianforte, They Just Don’t Get It –

This past week Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte “body slammed” a reporter. The media became hysterical once again. Why? Because they are some kind of alien life form! Listen, Montana elected this guy…why? Because they wanted him to represent them! So would I.

Everyone hates reporters, the polling data all shows that the media, especially reporters, are hated as much as herpes and rapists. Yeah, for good reason. So when a reporter pushed himself on Gianforte and invaded his personal space during a social event, the reporter got exactly what he deserved. More power to Gianforte…and thank you Mr. Gianforte for doing what most of us Americans would love to do.

There is this thing called “personal space” and you know what that is. It is the area immediately around you that people, decent people, stay out of. They stay out of personal space out of respect for each other.

Well, reporters are not respectful…actually, they are barely human. To understand the person that reporter Ben Jacobs is, it takes only knowing his background. Jacobs is a radical left-wing extremist. He has worked for far-left media outlets and he is a radical Progressive. He was there for one purpose, a single intention, to bait Gianforte. Well, he did…and he got what was coming to him.

If more people behaved liked Gianforte, and more people like Jacobs learned life’s lessons the hard way, we would have a much, much better society. But alas, the whack-job left has no clue how decent people should live and behave…so they will continue to be the provocateurs of violence and the personification of what is wrong in this world. All the while criticizing everyone but themselves.

Big Money, Big Corporate CEOs, Big Trouble for America –

Starbucks Howard Shultz and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg have recently become the latest big corporation billionaires to advocate for extreme socialism in America. They are advocating for extremist ideas such as universal income, government universal health care system, extreme tax rates for the middle class, massive welfare programs, massive redistribution of wealth, and a huge all-powerful federal government.

Why is that important? Because the Democrat Party with its anti-American extremist philosophies are the party of the rich. The Democratic Party dwarfs the Republican Party in terms of billionaire supporters. And guys like Zuckerberg, Shultz, Gates, Buffet, etc. are all extremely anti-Christian, anti-family, non-Consitutionalists, police state advocates, Federalists, and more…much more. And they have the money to move their agenda forward…and they are…and they are winning.

Remember, it is guys like Gates and Zuckerberger that are willingly and enthusiastically assisting the FBI, NSA, and CIA by providing all technology-based information on all Americans that pass through their huge mega-operations. Yup, go do the research. These left-wing radicals are providing information on you and all Americans to America’s secret police. And there is only one purpose behind it…an all-powerful federal government. And why do you think all those uber-rich billionaires are supporting an all-powerful, police-state federal government?

Static, Confusion, Deception, and You –

We are in an unprecedented time in America. We are watching and experiencing the overthrow of America’s Constitutional Republic form of government. We are seeing the federal government establishment -led by the FBI, CIA, and NSA- overthrow a sitting President. We are watching this tragedy unfold before our eyes. Everything good about America is being torn apart and destroyed by a coalition of the ruling class, the political class, the rich elites, and the media. We are watching the intentional and systematic destruction of America…in real-time.

What we witness every day is a mixture of truth and fiction. The fiction is designed to divert your attention, or capture your attention, so you don’t see the meaningful destructive actions taking place. The coalition that I just referred to wants to keep your life in such turmoil that you will be unable to see and/or react to what is happening that is actually important. That renders you helpless and ineffective…if you let them control you, have power over you. That in turn allows them to advance their agenda unimpeded.

Can you do anything meaningful to stop or reverse any of this? No, not really. This war is being fought at a very high level, far above what you and I can impact. But, there will come a time that is will directly affect you and I. And it will be our preparedness that might, and I say might, save us and our family.

Summary –

Once again:

  • Stay informed. Don’t become blinded by their shiny objects. Keep your Situational Awareness sharp. Don’t listen to the static. Don’t get distracted.
  • Don’t become a blind follower of anyone.
  • Keep preparing and don’t get discouraged.
  • Grow your sphere of influence. Become prepared to lead.
  • Be ready to act when the time and need comes.
  • Enjoy your life, enjoy your family, love that blue sky, take a walk and listen to the birds. Life and family are both wonderful gifts…don’t squander them.

If you would like to ask me a question concerning this SitRep…or any other subject, simply submit it via the form below.


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SitRep – 5/16/2017 >>ALERT!

I wrote this article yesterday afternoon (Monday 5/15), then did my final edit about 9:30pm. Yeah, then I woke up at 4am…worried. I was worried that the article was too “alarmist” in tone. I mean I am claiming WWIII to have started, that a Civil War is taking place, and our President is in the process of being overthrown by the ruling class.

Nah! That’s not alarmist at all…right!

So I laid there in bed and thought it through. You either believe me because I have proven myself to be pretty dang accurate in what I publish. Or, you will dismiss what you read because you think I am making stuff up. Then again, you might think I am a card-carrying tinfoil hat kind of person.

But, what hit me the most…I have to put this out there. I know I am right. I might not have each detail exactly right, maybe I am not spot-on about each person, and I probably am off on timelines. But, I know that I am connecting the dots correctly. So I am a voice of warning. What you do with that warning is up to you.

So here is the challenge…prove me wrong. Yup, don’t believe a single word I print in this article, or any other. Rather, try and find valid and reliable information that proves me wrong, that what I am saying is not true. Because in the final analysis you are responsible for yourself and your family. I am only be a voice of warning. And I am perfectly OK with that.

Here we go…the situation in the world and in the USA has just ratcheted up another notch. We have some serious problems facing us right now. Those problems are so serious that I am producing another SitRep on the heels of the one on 5/10 & 5/3.

There are dark forces at work right now in this country. Forces that would like to see nothing less than the Constitution being destroyed…completely destroyed.

In this SitRep I will cover the following:

  • The coup to overthrow Trump continues and intensifies
  • Update on the secret police in the US
  • World War III has started
  • I personally caught the Trump White House lying…clearly and unequivocally lying. And I can prove it.
The Coup Continues –

James Clapper, unindicted co-conspirator, has clearly made known his participation in the coup against Trump. I said back in March <SitRep – 3/6/2017> that James Comey and James Clapper were coordinating the actions of America’s secret police (FBI, CIA, & NSA) in the coup against Trump. Clapper, who repeatedly perjured himself during Congressional hearings, stated over the weekend that:

  • Russia interfered in our 2016 presidential elections.
  • Trump colluded with Russia in that interference.
  • Russia is assaulting our governmental institutions (i.e. an act of war).
  • Trump is assaulting our governmental institutions (eroding the Constitutional system of checks & balances) from inside the White House (act of treason).
  • Trump worked with, and gave a victory to, Russia when he fired James Comey.

Here is what we know about James clapper, former head of National Intelligence:James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, he denied that the NSA spied on Congress

  • He repeatedly perjured himself in Congressional hearings. All of which are felonies.
  • He repeatedly lied to the American public through statements and press releases.
  • He led the intelligence services to illegally and unconstitutionally acquire communications of regular Americans through massive acquisitions of all electronic communications.
  • He illegally authorized the “unmasking” of persons to the Obama administration for purely political purposes. Estimates are in the 2000 persons range. All of which were felonies.
  • He illegally authorized intelligence services to unconstitutionally conduct surveillance operations on members of Congress, both Representatives and Senators.

Clapper is a slimy dirt bag that is actively attempting, in conjunction with others, to overthrow the President of the United States.

Here is what we know about James Comey, former Director of the FBI:

  • We know that Comey was, and still is, working to oust Trump from office.
  • We know that Comey was a highly politicized appointee by Obama working directly for Obama’s political agenda.
  • We know that Comey used the FBI in coordination with the IRS against Tea Party and other conservative and constitutional non-profits. Yes, multiple felonies.
  • We know Comey perjured himself in Congressional hearings. Once again, felonies.
  • We know that Comey worked for AG Loretta Lynch. And after Lynch met privately with Bill Clinton is when Comey announced that although Hillary Clinton repeatedly committed multiple felonies, including national security violations, that Hillary would not be charged.
  • This is the same Comey that had threatened Apple Computer to give the FBI unfettered access to all Apple devices regardless of country or the legality.
  • We know that Comey illegally used intelligence and electronic communications that were illegally acquired by the NSA.

Comey is another slimy dirt bag that is actively attempting, in conjunction with others, to overthrow the President of the United States.

We are now entering a period of critical mass. We have the Democrats in an all-out assault on the Trump Presidency. You now have multiple Congressional Dems calling for the immediate impeachment of Trump. You see sleaze bag Liberal/Progressives like John McCain (so-called Republican) joining the battle to overthrow Trump. The media is obviously all in for overthrowing Trump.

This coup is real and continuing to grow.

Now that they are building and strengthening the case of “Trump & Russia against the United States” you will see more calls from both sides of the political aisle for a special investigation and prosecutor to probe that connection. And they will find enough…I am not sure exactly what, but they will find enough.

And possibly, very possibly, it will accurate and real. Remember General Michael Flynn? He has made it easy to link Trump to Russia through his highly suspect actions and financial dealings. Guilty or not he has added gasoline to the fire.

The Secret Police –

I keep talking about America’s secret police, and for good reason. The FBI, CIA, and the NSA all comprise to make up the generic term secret police. Here is what we now know to be 100% fact about those highly armed paramilitary organizations:

  • They have been illegally collecting all electronic communications and information on all Americans for over 10 years. And the whole time they’ve been denying it. However, all the information and documents released over the last two years through investigations and document leaks makes it clear they have been lying to us and to Congress all along.
  • The FBI, in conjunction with the IRS, illegally worked to suppress conservatives, Tea Party groups, and Constitution advocate groups. This is not just illegal but irrefutably unconstitutional…an outright act of treason.
  • We know the FBI has a long history of political influencing via blackmail and extortion of politicians and even Presidents.
  • We know that the CIA has been working clandestinely to influence elections around the world for over five decades.
  • We know that the CIA has violently overthrown governments around the world, including assignations of sovereign leaders.
  • We know that the NSA and FBI have undertaken a systematic abuse of the FISA court to otherwise illegally obtain intelligence information of US citizens.
  • We know that the NSA and the FBI have intimidated and extorted cooperation of technology companies to provide massive amounts of data on regular US citizens that would otherwise be illegal to obtain.
  • We know that the NSA and the FBI has intimidated and extorted cooperation of technology companies to provide “backdoor” access to their software and electronic devices.
  • We know the source of last week’s world-wide cyber-attacks was done with malware developed by the NSA.

And the list could go on and on and on. The point is we know beyond any shadow of a doubt that America’s secret police are working against the interests of American citizens. We know for absolute fact that they are breaking the law and their actions are also without question unconstitutional. We know for 100% certainty that they are lying about it to not just the American public, but committing perjury (felonies) when testifying in front of Congress. Yet, they continue to operate with impunity!

So the natural question would be, “Why?”

There are actually two questions here; 1) Why are they doing it to begin with? 2) Why aren’t they being stopped?

The first question is an easy one…America’s secret police is committing these treasonous actions because they support the establishment of a police state, a totalitarian government, and are actively working to assist in its establishment. To overthrow the Constitution they must subdue the citizens and silence all opposition. Their actions prove their intentions.

The second question is almost as easy, just a little more complicated…America’s secret police can’t be stopped because of their immense power…we are talking serious life and death kind of power. And combined with that are their powerful co-conspirators that are in the government establishment (i.e. political class). And we know that the secret police answer to the ruling class (i.e. Clapper, Comey, Clintons, Bushes, etc.). Hence, the secret police are doing what all secret police have done throughout history…acquired power, abused power, subdued the population, silenced the opposition, and supported the ruling elites.

World War III –

I am sure by now you have heard some rumblings about WWIII in more alternative and  mainstream outlets. I am here to tell you the war has started…yes, it has already started!

Asymmetrical warfare is a concept of making war on your enemy in multiple ways, from multiple directions; quick and nimble tactics from unsuspected directions. It is unconventional warfare. It is designed to throw your enemy off-balance and not allow them a clear path of response.

What we are seeing is this:

  • Russia attacked us when they hacked political operations during the 2016 presidential campaign.
  • Russia and her agents are behind multiple cyber-attacks against the US and our allies as recently as last week.
  • Russia has openly challenged the US militarily with armed fighters vs. our intelligence gathering aircraft.
  • Russia continues to challenge US sovereignty by air and naval intrusions of US controlled airspace and water. The challenges have been both intelligence gathering and strategic aircraft, submarines, and intelligence gathering ships.
  • China has used North Korea to militarily destabilize the Asian Rim area in direct opposition to American interests.
  • China hacked US government computers systems repeatedly in the last couple of years. These were massive breeches and data acquisition.
  • China continues to openly and directly challenge the US by establishing military bases in contested China Sea areas.
  • North Korea has used military intimidation against her neighbors, especially South Korea and Japan (US allies) directly challenging the military interests of the US.
  • North Korea continues to openly challenge the US politically and militarily with the testing of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.
  • North Korea has placed two military satellites strategically over the US. Intelligence reports have confirmed that these satellites appear to be, and are highly likely, capable of EMP strikes.
  • Iran continues to regularly challenge the US militarily in the Middle East, primarily minor naval operations. They even captured two naval vessels and briefly held US sailors prisoner.
  • Iran continues to build its nuclear capability. The increased capability of Iran’s on-going nuclear program was financed through cash payments by President Obama directly to Iran via pallets of cash delivered by private jet.
  • Iran has armed and is using puppet states to combat US interests through international terrorism.

And the list goes on. We are in a de facto state of war. Mostly so far it is a cyber war, one we are losing. There are some limited military operations, none of which have gone to a state of open engagement…yet.

But, here is the main point…one that should gravely concern you…we have all these international players openly working against us in a virtual war, but we also have all the internal political players at war against the Constitution…at war with the American ideal…at war against the American dream of our Founding Fathers.

Clapper even openly stated that our institutions are being assaulted from external and internal enemies. He correctly identified the external enemies (i.e. Russia), but he is attempting yet another deception against us, a lie of biblical proportions…he, James Clapper, is part of the internal assault. Actually he is part of the leadership assaulting our country, assaulting our President, and most importantly…assaulting our Constitutional Republic. Clapper, along with Comey and others, are traitors…in my mind they have committed treason.

We are in a World War…a coalition of countries – Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and Syria – are engaged in asymmetrical warfare against the United States of America.

We are in a Civil War…a coalition of the ruling/political class along with the elites are engaged in political warfare to overthrow the President of the United States and bring down the United States of America as a constitutional republic and replace with it with a totalitarian state.

And we are losing both wars.

Trump White House is Lying –

The Trump administration released a statement on Monday (5/15) that the recent cyber-attacks (last week and Monday) didn’t affect any US government computer systems. That is a lie! I have personal firsthand knowledge that the cyber-attacks last week brought down the largest federal emergency resources dispatch website five days ago. And it was still down as of late Monday morning.

I also have personal firsthand knowledge that multiple cyber-attacks were mounted against, and impacted, the Department of Interior’s entire computer and email systems last week. And there is still some residual affect as of Monday (5/15).

And who knows how many other Departments and Agencies were attacked.

So, ask yourself…Why would the Trump administration lie about government computers being cyber-attacked?

Summary –

Once again I am informing my website visitors that we are in some very tough times. On any given morning we could find ourselves in an open state of a shooting war in the world…or in a brutal and violent civil war started by those that wish to destroy America.

Is this credible? Test me on it. Look back over the last 2-1/2 years and the information I’ve been putting out about our government, the coup, the secret police, the people like Comey and Clapper…all of it. I’ve been right all along. And I am right now.

I urge you to continue to prepare. But, I also just as fervently urge you to not panic. There is no need to. The wars that are taking place right now are at a very high level and don’t affect people at our level in our daily lives…yet. There will come a time when it does…and it will be bad. But, that time is not yet.

Go about your daily life giving thanks for the blessings you have. Be grateful for and enjoy the time you can spend with your family. And go outside and do something as something as simple as take in the beauty of a blue sky morning.

Be prudent, prepare, but don’t panic. Panic will do you and no one else any good. What I want you to do is to listen to that little voice inside of you…and follow it. Listen to its promptings, its quiet whisperings, and allow it to guide you in doing the important things in your life. You need to.

In a bigger picture, I am monitoring the situations closely and will continue to provide updates through the website as I feel confident in the validity of the information. Until then…know that I care about you and your family very much. I can honestly say that I love my website supporters and visitors. That is you 🙂

Have faith in heaven above! He will not fail us.

If you would like to ask me a question concerning this SitRep…or any other subject, simply submit it via the form below.


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Comey fired, Trump in danger.

A bold stroke for President Trump! One that I highly respect, appreciate, and thank him for. Obviously I am talking about the firing of James Comey. Also, a move that Trump should be more than just a little concerned about.

For a very long time I have been sharing information on just how despicable a man James Comey, former FBI Director, is. He is a man that is all about power…extreme power. He is a man that is close to the center of leadership of the ruling elites in America. He was a key player when I wrote on March 6th of this year that Comey was coordinating America’s secret police (FBI, CIA, NSA) for their part in the overthrow of Trump. Yes, the literal overthrow. Trump has struck back and struck hard and to the very core of those involved. But, it wasn’t only a bold move, it was a dangerous move.

The ruling elite in this country have plans…a totalitarian state wherein people are finally and completely subjugated to the Federal government. That process has been going on for some time and has been highly effective…they are winning. That being the case, those behind the curtain are not going to stand ideally by and watch as their plans are thwarted and a key player of theirs is disemboweled from power. They will strike back. The question is, “How?”

We’ve already seen the main players stand up for Comey. Senator Chuck Schumer almost immediately came to the defense of Comey and implied that Trump was making a move to cover-up a Russia-Trump alliance. Of course Schumer would…as I said back in the March article, Schumer is coordinating the Congressional Democrats in that same coup against Trump. Comey and Schumer are part of that coordinated effort. Watch for who else defends Comey and attacks Trump.

Just how dangerous is this for Trump? I have a feeling this isn’t the straw that broke the camel’s back. But, this will embolden those ruling class, the elites that are determined to subdue America, depose the Constitution, and overthrow our Republic. They will not give up…and unfortunately they will win.

Comey was the ultimate Director of the FBI, in every way a mirror image of the infamous J. Edgar Hoover. The FBI has a dark and disreputable past reaching all the way back to their founding. The FBI has been influencing, interfering with, and adversely impacting our political system since day one. The FBI is the ultimate secret police, a powerful institution that almost no one can even dream of touching let alone dismembering to save the Republic. But, Trump has put the political class, the ruling elites, and their leadership on notice that he will not go down without a fight. Unfortunately, that is exactly what Trump is going to get…and he can’t win it.

Pray for our country, pray for our Constitution, and pray for our President. We need it now more than ever.



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SitRep – 5/3/2017

Dang…I just can’t keep my mouth shut. And, based on what I am seeing you might be interested in what I have to say…especially at the very end where I layout a new initiative.

Economy –

The economy still sucks! The pension plan problem continues to worsen, benefits are being reduced, taxes are being raised, and there is even some talk about special real-estate assessments to make up the pension fund shortfall in some areas. You probably heard of the Canadian housing bubble about to burst…some media outlets are talking about it potentially being worse than the US housing crisis in 2007 – 2008. Then there is the first quarter 2017 GDP, .7%. Less than one percent!!!  That is horrible…truly horrible.

You would think that with the election of Trump that the GDP would have picked up, but it hasn’t. Here is the weird part…consumer confidence picked way up…but not consumer or business spending in any marked fashion. So what is going on with that?

Here are some huge indicators that the economy could stagnate or retreat:

  • ObamaCare wasn’t repealed and TrumpCare was defeated. If TrumpCare is passed it is still a huge federal government entitlement program that will cost the government trillions of dollars that it doesn’t have.
  • The tax reform plan is stalled. There is already considerable talk that many of the reforms are dead as of now.
  • The current Continuing Resolution to continue to fund the government is a massive amount of money, well over a trillion dollars. That’s over $1,000,000,000,000 for less than 5 months of government spending. And on top of that, Trump increased the amount by $26,000,000,000 for defense and welfare programs while not cutting any spending, not defunding abortions, not funding the wall, etc.
  • Unemployment numbers are not really good. Actually since Jan 20, over 500,000 people left the workforce. And, Canadian unemployment is actually worsening as well. Yeah, tie that back to the news about the Canadian housing market about to burst.

So bottom line…the economy is still in bad shape…other than the stock market. But hey, it’s done well for about 8 years now, mostly under Obama. You gotta ask yourself why with Obama and with Trump.

Violence –

Street violence is increasing, especially on college campuses, especially in reaction to Conservative appearances. Why is it important about “college campuses”? Because all revolutions in modern history have roots on college campuses.

Trump Presidency –

Love him? Hate him? Really, it doesn’t matter a bit.

Trump has signed over 43 Executive Orders, actions, and memoranda in his first 100 days! Think about that for a minute. Now, does that make you happy? How about it that had been Obama? A President that signs that many orders that quickly should scare the ever loving crap out of you…regardless of your party affiliation. That shows a man who would rather dictate than use the Constitutional legislative process. That should be of grave concern…regardless of your political beliefs.

Misc –

Fox News, love them or hate them, has been the only large scale media voice for conservatives…and they are dying. With the change in leadership at the ownership level, the decisions have been made to move them left of center politically. While it won’t happen today or tomorrow, the change is taking place and conservatives have all but lost that media voice.

The Heritage Foundation has been a bastion of Conservatism and to a lesser degree Libertarianism.  But, that institution is undergoing a transition. Jim Demint, awesome freedom/rights advocate, is in serious trouble over there. There is a battle going on for the leadership of Heritage, and Demint is losing. If the rumors prove true, Steven Bannon (alt-right leader & Trump advisor) is poise to replace Demint…or one of Bannon’s puppets. This would be a terrible blow for conservatives, especially Tea Party Conservatives.

College campuses are shutting down conservatives and any allowance of their presence.

There is open discussion now among some left-wing politicians that the First Amendment needs to be changed to no longer allow “hate speech.” Which means…you can’t say stuff that the government doesn’t want you to. Here is the really scary part…there are some Trump folks who are advocating to impact the First Amendment to allow the President to sue critics under liable laws.

War –

It seems that the Trump administration is dead set on attacking North Korea…potentially in a more conventional strike and with ground troops. While everyone that is sane doesn’t want the DoughBoy of NK to use nukes against the US, the question has to be asked…”Why is Trump going after him now and why is Trump so intent on war?” Then a follow-up question…”What will Russia & China do if we strike NK?” But, the most important question…”What will NK do if we strike them?” I can tell you the answer to that one…it will be ugly, very ugly for South Korea. So, that naturally begs the question…”Has anyone bothered to talk with SK about this…and let it be their decision since it will be their people being slaughtered by any NK retaliation?”

And, is it really such a good idea to go after NK when they can’t even successfully launch a medium range missile? Remember, Hawaii is over 4600 miles from NK, and mainland US (Los Angeles) is  over 5800 miles. Is NK enough of an imminent threat to the USA to be openly talking war with them? I gotta wonder if that same war-mongering feeling exists among the people of South Korea. But, we keep flying all kinds of aircraft into NK airspace taunting them…just daring them to take a shot at us. What a great excuse/reason for us to go after them!

So we bombed the crap of a Syrian airbase…barely impacting their air capability. So what do they do? They move their airforce in with their close ally Russia. So, what is our next play now that we just made them even closer allies with a enemy of the US?

Just ask yourself this one simple question…Why is the US being so war-like right now and who benefits from it?

Summary –

We are in absolutely no better condition, big picture, as a country under Trump than we were with Obama. Actually, in many aspects we are in far worse condition under Trump. He has us so close to a war, a major war, that we could find ourselves in a nuclear exchange without much more political movement.

But, this isn’t about Trump, his success or failure, it is about preparedness…and you!

Many times I’ve been asked, “What can I do right now to be better prepared for what is coming?”

All too often I’ve fallen back on my basics, prepare to mitigate; violence, injury/sickness, improve communications capability, learn organization, improve water capability, improve your food storage, and ensure you have appropriate shelter. But that is no longer enough!!

Starting within 10 days I will be posting articles wherein I outline exactly step-by-step actions to take. Those actions will be designed specially to deal with where we are today…and the crap that is piling up.

Now, let me be perfectly clear about a point…I love life, I think life is great, and I want you to enjoy life and not be filled with a “doom & gloom” view or approach to life. When I refer to life being great I am referring to it on an individual level, micro-level if you will. What I am referring to when I speak of the “crap” we are in I am speaking on a national and world level, macro-level. I am not, or at least I don’t want to be, a purveyor of gloom…and certainly not doom. Life is meant to be enjoyed…and that means at the micro-level. The world right now, including the USA, is in big trouble and getting worse. We must be prepared for it!

Additional –

I am including a “Q&A” form on this SitRep and on the articles that I will be posting that I referred to above. If you have specifics that you want me to address please use the form and let me know. I am here for you…period. I want to cover those things that are important to you, not just what I think is important.





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SitRep – 3/6/2017

We are sinking!

We are sinking further in debt. We are sinking further into political chaos. We are sinking closer to civil war. We are watching a coup take place to over throw the President of the United States.

I have never been more pessimistic about the current state of affairs of our country as I am now. Even during the reign of the radical Marxist Obama we were never in such danger as a country. We are on the verge of losing our Constitutional Republic.

Sure, I could be optimistic, positive, and I could say things are great, we have a great President, the market is up, jobs are growing, people are happy, we are heading towards making America great again.

However, I would be both wrong and dishonest. America is in dire peril at this point. Politically we couldn’t be in more dangerous waters than we are now. President Trump is very close to being overthrown by a coalition of some of the most despicable, detestable, and dangerous people this country has ever known. And it is coming to a crisis point.

But let’s take it one step at a time…

Debt –

Government debt continues to increase, even under Trump. This year the US will acquire at least another half-trillion dollars of debt. This is not sustainable in any known universe. Then you add another 100 – 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities on top of the actual debt and there is no possible escape.

Public debt continues to increase. This is the total amount owed by all levels of government. That debt amount is well over 23-trillion dollars.

Household debt has now returned to 2008 pre-crash levels. Total household debt now sits well over 12.5-trillion dollars. That amount grew by half-trillion in 2016 alone.

Combine the government, public and household debt amounts and you have nearly 36-trillion dollars…$36,000,000,000,000.00 worth of debt out there in our economy!

No one…not a single person…can predict a positive outcome with that kind of a debt burden on a country’s economy.

Pension Funds –

California tri-plan pension funds, by themselves, are over a trillion dollars underfunded. That means it would take a one-time contribution of $90,000 per California household to bring it just to the break-even point. But, starting the next day the pensions would once again be underfunded due to employee and government contribution shortfalls.

A New York teamsters pension fund ran out of money last month.

Ten more teamster funds have applied for permission to reduce payments to retirees.

Hospital pension plan in New York has failed as of March 6th.

The Dallas police and firefighter pension fund that I began reporting on last year is done. They had record bulk withdrawals from retirees last year that had to be halted by court order. Then they went into negotiations to stabilize the fund. Those negotiations failed. As of last month…the fund is now insolvent.

Economic experts are calling the pension fund crisis a “tsunami” and that tsunami has started…the dominoes are falling. State and local government pension plans are underfunded by well over 5-trillion dollars. The top 25 corporate pension plan alone are underfunded by a quarter-billion dollars.

Exactly how do you think the “underfunded” amounts are going to be handled?

I’ll tell you…either the retirees will lose their benefits or taxpayers will pick up the tab. Either way the economy gets stuck with another multi-trillion dollar bill!

Add the 15 – 20-trillion dollars that pensions are underfunded to the previously mentioned debt problem of 36-trillion dollars. Now we are looking at an economy that has a $51,000,000,000,000 – $56,000,000,000,000 sinkhole waiting to crash it all in.

How in the world does anyone…and I mean anyone…see any way out of it? Well, any way out that can be close to defined as non-catastrophic?

Politics –

No SitRep would be complete without a discussion about politics. Let’s do an easy summary…President Trump is in big trouble. He is a terrible politician. He is losing. As I mentioned in my last SitRep he has a vast political coalition working against him.

To refresh your memory:

  • The man in charge of Democratic Congressional effort to overthrow President Trump is Chuck Schumer.



  • The man in charge of the Republican Congressional effort to overthrow President Trump is John McCain.




  • The man in charge of the civilian effort to overthrow President Trump is Barak Obama.




  • The main person coordinating the financing of the effort to overthrow President Trump is George Soros.



  • The people in charge of the secret police (FBI, CIA, and NSA) effort to overthrow President Trump is FBI Director James Comey and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.





But, notice my use of the term “overthrow”…that would indicate something other than simple politics. Something far more sinister…and it is.

Trump Wiretapped –

Over the weekend Trump made the accusation that he, along with the entire Trump Tower (meaning his staff), was wiretapped at the order of President Obama. Let’s face it…it is either true or not. It’s that simple.

If it is not true…then why would Trump make that accusation? If the secret police didn’t target him for wiretapping it will be discovered and then Trump will have lost all of his credibility. Would Trump want that? Would Trump’s enemies want that? If Trump was not wiretapped, why would Trump make that accusation?

But, is it true? How else would have the secret police been able to leak to the press all the Trump and staff phone conversation content that they have?

If it is true (which I believe it to be)…then we have a Constitutional crisis on our hands the likes we’ve never seen before. First of all let’s establish one thing right now…the FBI, NSA, and CIA illegally wiretap (eavesdrop) on American citizens all of the time. That fact has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. The FBI has been a political arm of the government for decades. And that as well has been proven true beyond any shadow of a doubt. Many Presidents have used the FBI as a political operative tool. Obama used them to attack the Tea Party groups, Patriot groups, and pro-Consitutional groups in conjunction with the IRS. The FBI relished that opportunity and they have a long history of anti-American deep state work. The CIA and NSA are even worse.

There are already claims that “if” it is true it may have been done through the FISA court. Let’s clear this up right now…I have written extensively on the FISA court…it is 100% unconstitutional, illegal, and nothing more than a self-justifying tool used by the secret police agencies in the US (FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.). There is ZERO basis or allowance for a secret court system in the Constitution. Actually, it goes much further than that, the Constitution specifically disallows anything that even remotely resembles a FISA court system. It is the antithesis of everything that our Founding Fathers believed in. The FISA court system is a direct import from the darkest parts of the old Soviet Union and other totalitarian states.

Let me get back to my point…if it is true that Trump was wiretapped we have 100% proof, undeniable evidence that:

  1. Shadow government -deep state- exists.
  2. The secret police agencies (FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.) have all become totally corrupted and are working to install a totalitarian state.
  3. There is actually a coup to overthrow Trump and our Constitutional Republic.
  4. We are screwed.
Overthrowing Trump –

This isn’t simple politics we are talking about. We are talking a well-coordinated, well-funded overthrow of the President of the United States by the political class and ruling elites.

I have been warning specifically about this since last year. The left-wing radical extremists (democrats/liberals/progressives/RINOs) don’t want Trump because he is a successful capitalist. The Republicans don’t want Trump because he is not one of them…not part of their club. Libertarians (civil-society and purists) don’t want him because Trump advocates for some liberal/progressive polices and programs. Some true-believer conservatives don’t want him for the same reason on top of the fact that Trump is a big-spending advocate.

But, the largest and most dangerous group of people that don’t want Trump as President are those I refer to as “shadow government.” Others refer to the same group as the “deep state”. And the country’s secret police agencies (FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.) fall squarely into this category of shadow government. And remember, regardless of what you call them, they have only one goal – a totalitarian state where the federal government is in control of everything…including virtually every aspect of a person’s life.

The situation we have now is unlike any other we’ve ever had in the history of the US…a coalition of evil deeper than it has ever been. You have all the political groups mentioned above, multiple anarchist groups, and the shadow government all working with a common goal…to overthrow President Trump.

Remember also, you now have former CIA and NSA leaders coming out and openly disparaging the President and calling into question everything about him…including his suitability to be President. They are working this attack in coordination with the current secret police leadership.

However, and that is a very big however, the real problem is not the overthrow of Trump…it is what comes after him should he be overthrown. Never would our country be more vulnerable to a complete change, a transformation, than a power/leadership void, a vacuum, left by the ouster of Trump.

The Constitution clearly outlines that the President would be succeeded by the Vice-President. But, I question if that Constitutional process would actually be followed. Wouldn’t the country be the most vulnerable after the first true coup-based overthrow of a President?

Coup or not?

Yes, it is serious enough to use that term. I wrote about it in my last SitRep…there is an active coup against Trump taking place right now. Really?

The UK Express reports, including evidence, that senior Republicans are part of the coup against Trump.

Former AG Eric Holder admitted that there is a coup taking place against Trump and that Obama is one of its leaders.

Bryan Dean Wright, CIA intelligence officer, claims –with no qualification– that there is a coup taking place within the intelligence community against Trump.

John Schindler, CIA operative, states categorically that there is a coup taking place against Trump…and that he personally supports it.

Even Rush Limbaugh admitted late last week that a coup is taking place.

And yes, there is even more evidence that a coup is taking place, it is all over the media. My military contacts tell me that there is talk of it amongst some of the military commands as well. No, don’t worry about the military being a player in a coup. At least not at this point. The discussion taking place that I am referring to is how to prevent certain members of the military from taking part in the coup.

Is a Coup Possible and/or Probable –

Before I give you my final thoughts on the coup against Trump I want to talk about the possibility and probability of a coup occurring.

Possible means is something is able to be done, the power or capacity to make something happen.

Probable means the likelihood of something to occur.

In the context of possible and probable of a coup against Trump:

  • 100% possible that a coup is occurring against Trump.
  • 100% possible that a coup can be successful against Trump.
  • 100% probability that a coup is taking place against Trump.
  • 60% probability that a coup against Trump will be successful.
  • 35% probability that the coup against Trump will turn violent.
What Does This Mean To You & Me –

Once again…there is only a 35 – 60% probability that the anti-Trump coup taking place will directly affect you. But, if it does it could range from a mild disruption of services to an attempted implementation of martial law due to wide-spread violence. And that martial law implementation, in some areas, could be violent as well.

Once again…the #1 priority in any emergency, disaster, and especially in a grid-down is the ability to protect yourself, your family, and your community from violence. And that violence could come in the form of mobs, gangs, or an attempt at police state martial law. It is vital that you have the ability and wherewithal to provide sufficient defense to prevent harm coming to your family and/or community!

After the ability to protect against violence, comes anything and everything that you can do to be as independent of the “system” as possible.

Understand this…to accomplish the above you must band together with other like-minded people. Failure to do so Prepper Groupwill result in the failure of you and your family to have a positive outcome to what has a high probability of falling at your feet.

Summary –

I hope you take me seriously. I have been laying out this case for quite a while now. We see it coming closer to fruition every day. We see the violence on the upswing. We see the politics getting uglier. We see the secret police becoming more involved. We see the coup leadership openly admitting their involvement. We see their plans being carried out every time we watch or listen to the media.


If you asked why I talked about the economy earlier in the SitRep here is the tie-in…the usefulness of a market and economic crash. The market and economy could be used as a tool to bring Trump down. It could also be used post-coup to implement wide-ranging transformation to the US…read that as implementation of a totalitarian state. What better motivation for citizens as a whole than a market/economic crisis of huge proportions to convince people that changes are needed? Sheep to the slaughter. People crying for law & order, pleading for safety and security. The weak populace accepting anything to meet those needs.

But no, you shouldn’t panic. PLEASE do not panic. Panic and fear will prevent you from making sound and rational decisions. Remember there is still a 40% probability that the coup will not be successful. And, an even greater possibility if it is was successful, it wouldn’t directly affect you immediately or violently.

I am asking you to do the following:

  1. Raise your Situational Awareness of what is happening and why.
  2. Think through multiple scenarios of what could happen to you, your family, and your community should the coup prove successful. Especially scenarios if it turns violent, whatever reason.
  3. Compare your preps to the scenario outcomes that you have developed.
  4. Work at –do something– to offset the negative impacts of those outcomes. In other words, reduce the probability and/or severity of those outcomes on your family and community.
  5. Pray!

This is not the time to lose your head. This is not the time to flee to your cave. This is not the time to scream “Doomsday!” to your family or neighbors. But, all evidence clearly points to the case that we are in the most perilous of times that our country has ever seen in modern history. Never have the forces of evil, pure evil, aligned themselves with each other to take down our Constitutional Republic.

Only individuals, at the individual level, can make any difference now. It is about the individual and the things they do…or don’t do…to prepare their family and community for what is coming.



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SitRep – 02/16/2017

Situation Reports (SitReps)This is an ugly SitRep and I don’t like what I wrote. Unfortunately I believe it all to be true. I have acquired information, some public, some private, to put this report together. But, in the end it is opinion of what I believe is happening. If you have some other plausible explanation that is based in the facts I would love to hear it.

Flynn –

What the National Security Advisor did, or didn’t do, is really not of any major consequence or of concern to me. The Logan Act states a private citizen can’t conduct diplomacy with a foreign government. Did Flynn conduct diplomacy as accused? I have no earthly idea…and it doesn’t matter one bit to me. He either did or didn’t, if he did then prosecute. If he didn’t then he was railroaded.

The real point to the controversy surrounding Flynn was his stance and knowledge concerning America’s intelligence community and an aide’s security clearance. Flynn was no lover of the security agencies; the CIA, FBI, & NSA. He knew of their dark ops, he knew of their anti-Constitutional activities, and he was willing to do something about it. That puts, literally puts, a target on his back with the agencies all taking aim.

A serious dot to connect – Several days prior to the hit job on Flynn really gaining public attention an aide to Flynn (Robin Townly) was denied a SCI clearance. And that is the key aspect to all of this. Interesting, Townly is former military, worked in military intelligence, and still had a current Top Secret clearance. Townly also knew about the CIA, FBI, and NSA black ops. He too knew how dirty those agencies are. Then for some unknown and unspecified reason the CIA denied him the clearance, which keeps Townly out of National Security Council organization. Thus, preventing any role in the draining of the agencies’ collective swamp.

Flynn was destroyed by the FBI, CIA, and NSA purely for his connection to Flynn and Trump. In other words…politics.

The Bigger Issue –

Remember over and over and over again the nation’s secret police (FBI, CIA, & NSA) have denied that they capture phone calls, emails, text messages, etc. of US citizens. Of course people like James Clapper, former National Intelligence Director, as well as FBI, CIA, and NSA leadership have repeatedly lied, not just to the US public, they have outright lied to Congress while under oath on multiple occasions.

However, the Flynn scandal revealed conclusively that the US secret police do in-fact capture every piece of electronic information of all US citizens. And, all of the detail information (i.e. content) is available to the secret police for whatever purposes they so desire…including mounting a campaign to destroy a member of the President’s administration.

I have been warning people for years about the outright evil of the FBI, CIA, and NSA, that it is deep and wide. I have shown over and over that those agencies have been lying to us about their activities about conducting illegal, anti-Constitutional, and un-American operations for decades.

And one more side of this…the secret police continue to spy on members of foreign governments. This was proven to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt because the person who Flynn talked to on the phone was the Russian US Ambassador. Not that long ago it was revealed that the US secret police were spying on all foreign government leaders…even our closest allies. Well, it has been proven 100% true that they did…and still do.

How ironic that the media is promoting the story that there is a Russian spy ship traversing international waters off the east coast of the United States. Moreover, there are politicians that are worried about it as well and voicing concern. Well, how hypocritical of us to be condemning the Russians for doing the same thing to us that we already do to the entire world!

Leaks, Really? –

Let’s talk about “leaks” regarding Flynn and other issues surrounding the President’s administration. First, let’s get it straight…there are no leaks. Nope, they are not leaks.

What you see happening is a well-coordinated attack against the President of the United States by the dark three that make up the so-called intelligence services. More correctly, more accurately, they should be called “the secret police.” The secret police is a combination of the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA. The FBI is the domestic arm of the secret police and responsible for running dark operations against US citizens. The CIA is the international arm of the secret police and responsible for running dark operations against all international countries and their citizens. Both the FBI and the CIA are the militarized soldiers part of the secret police operation. The NSA is a huge network of intelligence gathering capability, almost exclusively electronic. The NSA does not maintain militarized forces as does the FBI and the CIA.

All three agencies have a single goal…an ultra-strong police state. Some, such as myself, would call it a “totalitarian state” since it is a police state run by an absolute authoritarian government where individual rights, liberties, and freedoms are virtually non-existent.

If you look at the history of those agencies (CIA, FBI, & NSA) you will see a number of disturbing details emerge:

  1. The CIA was formed from the OSS. The OSS was the CIA by a different name, their original name. The OSS was created by the socialist president Franklin D. Roosevelt. The leftist president later changed their name to the CIA. In 1961, the CIA conducted the Bay of Pigs, it failed miserably. President Kennedy saw the CIA for the dark ops organization that it was. Kennedy went on to say in an interview he wished he could disband the CIA and began to initiate policy changes to do so. He was assassinated shortly thereafter. President Reagan ran afoul of the CIA in regards to Russia, specifically about their PM. President Reagan overruled the CIA. Shortly after there was an attempt on Reagan’s life and he was shot multiple times.
  2. The FBI was first called the Bureau of Investigation and created in 1908 by radical Progressive president Teddy Roosevelt. Their name was changed to the FBI in 1935 along with a substantial change in mission, adding violent tactics that resulted in the deaths of many people. The person responsible for the name and mission change…president Franklin D. Roosevelt. And to top it off, FDR and Teddy were cousins. The first director of the FBI, Hoover, was an infamous anti-Constitutional advocate, police state proponent, and radical Progressive. He set the standard within the FBI to develop files on politicians to be used as coercion and outright blackmail (including against presidents) to grow the power of, and advance, the FBI agenda. In addition, until very recently the FBI still maintained “shoot on sight” orders. That type of order lead to a long list of FBI hits along with the killing of a mother and child which is now known as the Ruby Ridge Massacre. No FBI agent or leader was ever disciplined for their actions let alone sent to prison. Actually, all involved in the Ruby Ridge Massacre were promoted as a result of that mission. Same thing occurred with the FBI leadership of the Waco Massacre when the FBI was responsible for a fire that burned to death 78 men, women, and children. When the FBI participated in the assassination of Levoy Finicum they were caught in a lie and subsequent cover-up. No agent was disciplined, let alone sent to prison for lying to investigators…and murdering a man in cold blood.
  3. The NSA was formed in 1954 by the Progressive and war-loving president Truman. The NSA repeatedly stated that they only collected “macro data” and they never collected entire phone calls, text messages, emails, etc. Repeatedly they have been exposed as having outright lied about their illegal activities. We know clearly and conclusively that they collect every single bit of electronic communications within the United States…including collecting personal and governmental communications of politicians and even White House/Administration staff. The information that the NSA collects is 100% available to either the FBI or the CIA for their dark ops.

Here is what we know collectively about all three arms of America’s secret police:

  1. They were all formed by radical Progressive presidents who believed in and advocated for a totalitarian police state.
  2. The agencies’ founding leaders were Progressives and advocated for and promoted a police state.
  3. Neither the presidents who ordered their founding or the agency’s initial leadership were Constitutional advocates. Actually, to the contrary, all the founders viewed the Constitution as a hindrance to doing their job and actively and repeatedly violated the Bill of Rights.
  4. Most of all…none of the three arms of America’s secret police are authorized by the Constitution. None, not a single one.

So why is any of this important?

There were no leaks that brought down General Michael Flynn, it was a well-coordinated operation by the FBI, CIA, and NSA. But, Flynn was not the target, he was a useful bystander. The target is President Trump.

President Trump sees the agencies for who they are, not their glossy public relations image. He openly criticized them, and rightfully so. Hence the war between Trump and America’s secret police…FBI, CIA, and NSA. And I apologize for using the term “war” because that does somewhat trivialize the matter. The FBI, CIA, and NSA are conducting a coordinated operation to overthrow the President of the United States of America…plain and simple.

Doubt me? Don’t.

It was revealed yesterday that the agencies are not giving the President full intelligence briefings. Yup, that means the FBI, CIA, and NSA are intentionally and willfully withholding vital intelligence information from the President of the United States.

It what universe is that acceptable?

However, based on the long history, as well as the founding, of each agency it should come as no surprise to anyone concerning their current actions. Well, there will be some that are offended by my statements. Those people will be employees of the FBI, CIA, and NSA as well as their family members and friends. I can just hear it now, “Impossible! I’ve known Bob for years and he is a loving father, patriot, great neighbor and he works for the FBI.” Or, “My son works for the NSA and he is the most dedicated husband, father, and church man I’ve ever known!” So what? You have to move beyond the bias, beyond the flashy agency PR, the government coordinated effective propaganda and see the facts for what they are.

What Is The End Game? –

Oh, come on! Do I seriously have to go into that? You know what the endgame is. The agencies that I have mentioned only want one thing…a police state…a very, very strong police state where they have absolute and total control over every aspect of a citizen’s life. But, we know it by its proper name, a totalitarian state run by an absolute authoritarian government where and individual’s rights, liberties, and freedoms don’t exist. In either situation, the average citizen loses their rights, liberties, and freedoms to be subservient to the federal government. And, if you objectively review the last 130 years since the uprising of the Progressive movement, along with the establishment of the FBI, we have steadily lost a vast amount of those individual rights, liberties, and freedoms. And paralleling that, we’ve seen huge upswing in governmental power and even the militarization of police at the most local of levels.

Are They Alone? –

No. The secret police are not alone in this effort. They are working in conjunction with the broader Progressive movement. This coalition includes the political arm in Congress, Democrats led by Chuck Schumer, and RINOs led by John McCain. The bureaucratic element led by federal employee union leaders. The propaganda arm is well-known to be the mainstream media outlets of cable, TV, and newspapers. The civilian activist arm are a loose coalition of organizations such as the New Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, and a host of other radical violent leftist organizations. Of particular note is the Organizing for Action group of radical Marxists and increasingly violent left-wing extremists led by Barack Obama. And of course the chief financier of most of it is George Soros.

Some conservative media personalities and others refer to this broad collection of groups and agencies as the “shadow government” or “deep state.” I can’t disagree with their terminology because the goal of all of it is to replace our current Constitutional Republic form of government with a democracy so they can more easily move the USA into a totalitarian form of government where the populace is completely subservient to the government..

What Does This Mean To You? –

From a “direct impact” perspective probably nothing…for now. This battle is being fought in Washington DC amongst the ruling and political classes. There should be little to no fallout on an individual if you are not participating in the coup…unless maybe you are reporting on it or bringing it to the attention of the wrong people.

What? Yes. I mean simply if you would discuss these things with a friend that also works for the FBI, or maybe a relative of theirs, you will get a note made in your secret police file. And yes, you already have a file with the secret police…all Americans do. Some thicker and more detailed than others…just ask Gen. Michael Flynn.

I don’t think that there is an imminent threat to the average person or even a threat to “the grid” that I can see at this time. The shadow government already runs Washington and knows how to deal with non-cooperatives like Flynn and Trump. Should the dark side feel they are losing (i.e. about to be defeated) then look for a major grid-down event. And remember, most open and violent coups contain elements of grid disruption.

What Can You do? –

Generally the same things you are already doing. However, I would suggest looking at your preps in the area of protecting yourself and family from violence, first aid supplies and training, as well anything that allows you to be as overall independent from the grid as possible.

But, I would say the #1 thing that you must be doing is staying situationally aware. In other countries where the government has been overthrown there have always been signs that it is coming. The very same signs that we are seeing here in the US. You must keep your eyes open to see the signs as they appear. And they are appearing almost daily now…and they are serious.

Summary –

Yeah a “summary”, as if you need one. Let me be perfectly clear…the US secret police agencies (FBI, CIA, & NSA) are unconstitutional entities. They were established by radical leftists Presidents who actively sought to convert the US into a police state. The agencies are actively subverting Trump as President of the United States. They are actively and aggressively attempting to overthrow Trump as President of the United States. Should that fail those agencies will finish what they started…the overthrow of the government…any way they have to.

We are in the most perilous times in the United States, at least since I’ve been alive. The Civil War and FDR’s attempt to turn us into a socialist country are the only other two domestic events with the same potential as what we are currently in. Do not underestimate what is happening and the potential for it to change rapidly into an openly violent situation.

The only thing more sad is the number of people who see themselves as patriots and/or conservatives and/or Republicans that will get caught up in all of this on the wrong side. The wrong side of history. They will blindly follow the call for “law and order” and “safety and security” right into the implementation of the police state. These folks have been deceived in thinking that giving up some liberty for safety is acceptable. It isn’t. You end up with neither.

God help us!  Please, we need it now more than ever.



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SitRep – 02/06/2017

Situation Reports (SitReps)It has been quite awhile since I posted a SitRep Actually, it has been quite awhile since posting any articles other than the Escape From Tucson posts…and for good reason, I’ve been watching and preparing. I will explain that more in the “Summary” section. The watching part has been the most time consuming and the activity that has been the most frustrating. It took time for Trump’s election and post-inauguration to become slightly more clear. I wasn’t going to rush publishing my findings.

Economy –

The economy has staged a temporary reprieve just as I mentioned several times before since Trump’s election. It has both improved somewhat but it will be short lived. Please don’t ask me a timeframe, I don’t know what that is. But, here is what we do know:

  1. More people are looking for work and that indicates that people are more optimistic about the economy. That will help drive up consumer confidence and that in-turn should help boost the economy even more for the short term.
  2. The stock market is doing really well since Trump’s election. The good thing is the market is up. The bad thing is it is almost all based on the expectation of Trump to accomplish miracles for business (i.e. lower tax rates and cut regulations). I don’t think he will accomplish much over the medium or long term. And the most scary part was last week occurred when he got into some public relations nightmare territory the market dropped like a rock for several days. That clearly indicates that any stumble on Trump’s part will drive the market down.
  3. Last month consumer spending was up and that tends to drive the economy in a positive direction. And, to make it even better, wages were up slightly. However, the downside to both of those aspects was consumer spending went up more than wages showing that consumers went into debt to boost spending. We already have a multi-faceted debt bubble brewing and getting worse. This doesn’t bode well for the economy long-term.
  4. Pensions are getting worse. Last SitRep I expressed grave concern over the status of America’s pensions, especially public pensions. Since then article after article has appeared showing my concern was well-founded. Pensions hare rolling back benefits and increasing participant’s contributions. There have been massive withdrawals from pensions, so much so that in some cases withdrawals have been curtailed. The single largest public pension, California, is in serious trouble and recent articles have stated clearly that they are now in the “unfunded liability” category and it is getting far worse by the day.
World Affairs –

It would be easy to jump on the bandwagon and talk about how trouble the international scene is now…and I would be right. But, you already know how troubled the world is, but there are a couple subtle little issues that I want to touch on.

England, their military is in horrible shape right now. They have battle tank problems big time. Their newest and most technologically advanced naval ships, destroyers/frigates, are in really bad condition fighting condition according to a recent classified report. Their ability to avoid detection by submarines is virtually non-existent. And that is their first priority…to fight submarines. Additionally, their drone program has ground to a halt with deployment of workable drones almost impossible to find in the field. Now, with their exit from the EU and concerns over their economic future, their defense spending is not the highest of priorities. And that spills over to their ability to participate in NATO and support any potential threat to NATO allies.

China, the economy is still chugging right along but has some underlying instability that concerns Chinese leaders. But, the most important aspect to China right now is our government’s, i.e. General Mattis, stating publicly that we will not get into a shooting war with China over disputed South Chin Sea islands. That tells China clearly that they are now free to continue their expansion in that area. It also clearly tells any potential or current ally of ours that we won’t make a move to stop China from being the local bully. So what options does that give every single country in that region of the world now?

Ukraine, lately Russia once again opened fire on the Ukraine. While the fighting didn’t last for more than a couple of weeks to one extent or another, it sent a clear signal from Russia to the Ukraine, “We are going to take what we want!” And to everyone else Russia was saying “We dare you to stop us!” We didn’t, no one did, and now Russia feels embolden to test the borders even more. Russia will move to expand their growing empire…and soon.

Iran, with their ballistic missile test launch recently they tested Trump. Trump failed. Well, not entirely, “Don’t test Donald Trump’s resolve!” was the mantra from VP Pence. But test him they did, and Trump failed. OK, Trump did propose sanctions against Iran. Oh my word…I am sure that Tehran is shaking in their boots and wishing they had never fired that missile. Not! Iran now knows that the Trump presidency is talk and no substantial action. That also sends a signal to Israel that Trump may not be the stalwart ally that they might have thought.

Speaking of Israel, they certainly got a wake up call! Trump’s initial support for Israel was firm and unshakable as granite. Well, until Trump changed his mind…like 180degree change of mind. Trump has now significantly reduced his support for Israel through his warning to them that settlements were not a good idea. That warning coupled with Trump’s lack of meaningful response to Iran’s missile launch must have many in the Israeli government wondering just how much support they can truly count on from the Trump administration.

Our foreign policy, it doesn’t exist beyond “America First!” While that makes for a great sound bite or bumper sticker, it doesn’t tell the world what to expect from the good ole USA. And, foreign interactions depend almost entirely on expectations and dependability. With the Trump administration, as of now, there is no clear expectation for our allies or enemies to hang their hat on. That means instability with both friend and foe.

The Media –

The media is…well, for lack of better term…insane. And, I don’t mean that figuratively. I have really been paying attention to CNN lately and it is clear they are taking on the role of anti-Trump on everything. And, I am OK with that. But, they have taken it to a whole new level. While they were obviously an Obama cheerleader network during his presidency, they have moved to new depths of partisanship. So much so that they are collectively showing signs of mental illness. Once character in particular, Chris Cuomo that appears in the morning. He has come completely unhinged. He acts so absurdly insane in his anti-Trump antics that it is a wonder he hasn’t been institutionally committed for his danger to himself and the community.

The media, as you well know, is now misrepresenting everything Trump says or does. And, the media isn’t even trying to hide the fact that they are lying about what Trumps does or says. Oh, lest I forget Fox. Fox is dismissive as well. They have assumed the role of pro-Trump everything. Granted, while they do present a more balanced presentation through the use of some left-wing pundits, they are still essentially an extension of the Spicer press corp. But, here is why the left-wing media is dangerous…the tsunami affect. No matter whether what the media is reporting is true or not, they have the numbers on their side. You have five or six major TV outlets along with virtually all the country’s newspapers, and most blogger websites spewing the left’s extremists views and anti-Trump propaganda, eventually it will simply swamp any other message out there.

And the message is clear…Trump must be removed from office. I think they will succeed (literally or figuratively)…it just a matter of time

The Leftists and Violence –

What you have seen lately is the true nature of the Democrats, liberals, and progressives…violence, hate, intolerance, and destruction. It won’t stop, it will get worse, and it will spread.

The last time I wrote I admitted that I was wrong when I predicted significant violence was coming. I am wrong that I was wrong. I was right. I just didn’t get the timing right.

The campus demonstrators, protestors, rioters, and destroyers won in silencing Milo, and separately, a host of conservative speakers lately. Through destroying property and violently attacking individuals they have proven successful. We saw police stand by while people were being savagely attacked and property destroyed. Now, these leftists know they can win…and that has emboldened them.

We’ve also seen demonstrations and protests erupt against Trump’s so-called travel ban. They too feel they were successful in their operations. Coupled with the campus demonstrations we will see an increase in the number and violence level of protesting, rioting, and destruction. Avoid any of these situations! Do not think you can safely counter-protest. During the last rounds of protests by democrats and other left-wing extremists they individually targeted anyone that they felt supported Trump. If you get caught in this situation you could find yourself severely hurt, or worse.

Soros & Bannon –

bannonsorosI’ve been carefully watching what is happening behind the scenes on both sides. It is clear as day that Soros money and associates are behind the democrats and their organized violence pushing for anarchy. But, not as clearly, Steven Bannon is working just as hard through the alt-right as Soros is through the far left. Bannon is to one group of extremists what Soros is to the other.

Yes, Steven Bannon is a bad man. I reported before that he has a violent criminal history. He has identified himself as a leader in the alt-right movement. He ran a hugely popular website that identified itself as spokesmen for the alt-right.

There is no difference between Soros and Bannon in the type of men they are and what they are working for.  Trump placing Bannon on the National Security Council gave me huge pause to worry…seriously worry about what is happening. Then removing the existing two positions from the NSC was even more troublesome. Either Trump unknowingly made a huge mistake or there is reason of grave concern of Trump as president. Bannon on the NSC is like placing Herman Goering on Hitler’s staff. No, not Trump as Hitler…Bannon in a position of authority and influence that could turn out as badly as Goering.

Trump & Politics –

Trump is a horrible politician! That is both a compliment and a complaint. On the positive side he isn’t cut from the same piece of cloth as our current politicians. On the other side of that sword he is bumbling and failing to successfully lead our country.

Now, if you are rabid Trump sycophant then you just got really mad at me because you are so invested in Trump as to ignore what is happening. Trump is not succeeding as our country’s leader. We are more divided, more polarized, as a people that ever before. Listen, I am not talking about policy and I am not comparing that he is better or worse than Obama or Hillary. I am simply stating the obvious…he is failing to successfully lead our country.

To be a successful leader you have to unite an overwhelming majority of people to follow a united vision of success. In politics an overwhelming majority could only be 60% or so of the people, but Trump can barely hit 50% on most issues, and often far below that. He can’t be successful with those numbers.

Do you care about that at all or do you just want him to implement his agenda?

Think about your answer to that question long and hard. Obama tried to implement his agenda and was successful in doing so to a certain degree. Did you like that? What was the outcome?

Obama polarized the country and cemented a strange coalition of Republicans and conservatives to elect Trump.

Trump’s precidency has already polarized the country even more…and he is just getting started. Will Trump cement a coalition of left-wing zealots along with the barely less radical Democrats? Will that then result in the election of an Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, or worse?

Are you naive enough to think vast numbers of the 40% or so of the left will have some kind of epiphany and become Trumpeteers? Do you think Independents will somehow see the light and join the ranks of Republicans?

Look, President Reagan only hit 53% job approval rating in office, do you think Trump can beat that? If you do then you are delusional. Trump’s presidency will simply divide the country even more than Obama did. No, Trump won’t divide because he is an evil man or anything even remotely similar. He is simply not able to unite, and he isn’t enough of a politician or a leader to do so. As the country continues to polarize it will continue to become more violent and that will lead to instability.

While Trump may have been a success in the business world’s board rooms, being President of the United States is not anything like being CEO of any corporation. If Trump doesn’t become more of a politician, the government machine led by other politicians will grind Trump into a footnote in history. And American citizens will pay the price for his failure.

The Trouble Makers to Watch –

I could list a whole bunch of folks on the radical extreme left…every member of the Democrat party, Soros, etc. But, you already know that every Democrat will be actively working to subvert Trump as President.

But, just as assuredly as the extremists on the left, you have Republicans that will work to tank Trump’s presidency mccainas well. The most notably is the war-mongering, RINO, Progressive John McCain. McCain is a dangerous man. Granted, by almost any measure he is a delusional old man, but his connections and influence run deep. He will subvert Trump both publicly, but most importantly, he will undermine Trump behind the scenes like you can’t imagine. And of course he will be accompanied by his clownish sidekick Lindsey Graham.

Watch for others to work against Trump as opportunities arise:

  • Senator Lamar Alexander
  • Senator Susan Collins
  • Senator Cory Gardner
  • Senator Jerry Moran
  • Senator Ben Sasse
  • Senator John Barrasso
  • Senator Bill Cassidy
  • Senator Bob Corker
  • Senator Chuck Grassley
  • Senator Mitch McConnell
  • Senator Marco Rubio

Any Bush or any other RINO or moderate Republican. But, McCain is the public leader of these Trump saboteurs.

Summary –

I really tired to come to some catchy phrase conclusion as to the current sate of affairs right now…but I couldn’t do it. But, what did come to mind was this…I am less confident in the US government now than I ever have been. I can also say with a feeling of certainty that the US is more polarized that ever before. We see a rise in demonstrations, protests, and riots. We are seeing an unleashing of the Democrats’ more violent side come out in the their shock troops’ behavior. We are seeing massive amounts of leftist money being thrown against Trump via lawsuits. We are seeing a cementing of a left-wing extremist coalition.

Most of all, we are seeing the stock markets betting on Trump-the-man and his potential for success as President. This alone is driving the markets. When Trump suffers another defeat, or the ultimate political defeat, we will see the markets tank.

Even worse than that we may see a foreign power try to take advantage of a perceived crack in the will of our President, and that could solicit a Presidential response based on ego but wrapped in so-called “vital national interest.” See your eye on the evil three…Iran, China, & Russia. But, don’t dismiss the clown in North Korea.

An aspiring totalitarian state craves confusion, chaos, and destruction. For it is then that weak people cry out for safety, security, law and order. Then liberty, freedoms, and rights endure a final funeral as the dictators look on and smile at the collective weakness of their people.

With all that being said…what to do?

Same as before, I’ve said it a hundred times…nothing more or less than what I’ve already told you to do…prepare. Concentrate on mitigating the threats of:

  1. Violence
  2. Injury and sickness
  3. Poor or non-existent communications
  4. Poor or non-existent organization
  5. Dehydration
  6. Shelter
  7. Starvation

Do those things that you know in your heart that are right. That is all that anyone can ask for.



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