SitRep – 4/6/2020

I could make the statement, “Right now the world as we know it is falling completely apart.” Yes, the the prepper term TEOTWAWKI would apply.

And I would be right…and I’d be wrong. Let’s face it, you’ve been reading news articles and watching the news on TV and the Internet. You may have even read all the conspiracy theories running rampant recently. Or you may have watched one of many podcasts promoting the latest notions of the “why’s” of current events taking place. Some may be right, or at least partially so…most are full of half-truths or outright lies. But not everything is bad, not everything is lost, not all people are baked full of craziness…there are some bright spots out there…and they are growing.

One of the brightest of those areas is more and more folks recognizing reality. An area I have been very concerned about for the past nearly two months was the panic resulting from those promoting fear, panic, and hysteria over COVID-19. And clearly the hype-hustlers have won. However, more and more people are beginning to wake up and realize that this virus is not nearly as deadly as the “cure” we are seeing. I know I’ve been hinting at it, whispering it, for almost a month…and now I am telling you flat out the cure that America is implementing will kill our country. Period!

Now, I am not saying that the United States of America will cease to exist. The USA will still be here and so will most of its people, most of its industry, some of its retailers…and of course its many levels of government will flourish and grow. It’s the rest that will be gone…or is rapidly dying…or will be greatly diminished.

Let me explain…

One of the advantages of being a senior citizen is age…years of living, called experience. Those of us with some years under our belt have seen things come and go in our country throughout our lives. And what I see now makes me more concerned for America than I have ever been. And that is saying something.

Collectively America has turned into a country of sissies and cowards…frightened of our own shadows, fearful of being around others, terrified of another person’s cough or sneeze, and grateful for government intervention, even pleading for it.

During WWII our soldiers would storm beaches while machine gun bullets would drop them like flies. Marines would endure months of malaria, dysentery, and foot rot…then go root out fanatical Japanese soldiers charging them in human waves of suicidal killing machines.

After 9/11 the country came together in unity supporting our first responders and each other against a radical religion of terrorists sworn to destroy all but their own. But, that is the last show of unity I have seen in this country..then we rabidly turned on each other. But our problems started way before 9/11.

In the Korean War we lost to a third-rate country. In Vietnam we lost to an even smaller fourth-rate country. But through our experience in Vietnam, we learned that war was a purely manufactured war run by unscrupulous men who held no morals or ethics. We, as a nation, were no longer naïve, uninformed, or willing to accept the pabulum that a government was all too willing to serve us. As more and more clarity began to emerge through media, and eventually the Internet, we learned some of the darkest secrets of our government…and we demanded more and more truth. And through that questioning, came skepticism, finally came cynicism.

However, the government always has a plan to deal with uncooperative citizens. The government over the decades grew programs that cured problems…or at least we thought so. The Democrats, and to a similar degree the Republicans, became masters at manipulating the public. And what better way to manipulate people than dependency. Social Security checks, unemployment benefits, food stamps, housing assistance, disability assistance, college grants/loans, and the list goes on and on and on. But the bottom line was always the same…government was the cure. Why? Because their message was always the same…us lowly people couldn’t take care of ourselves, we had to depend on the government to save us…and it taught us to fear what might happen if that benevolent government didn’t come to our aid.

Obviously there are plenty of exceptions to the “people” I am referring to. There were and are plenty of strong folks out there who are rugged individualists, able to take care of themselves independent of government aid…and we use to call many of them preppers. But most US citizens have become people with weak Obama on Bike - Beta or Omegaback bones, sissies, whiners, and cowards…fearful of life without the government and fearful of taking responsibility for their own lives and families. That mentality flourished and grew under President Obama to the point it almost overwhelmed all of America.

In 2008 Obama said, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” And he made good on that prediction. He oversaw the implementation of the metro-sexual, the wussification of America’s males and worse. His vision of making everyone dependent on the government almost became the winning overarching theme…but, by a very slim margin America rejected that concept and elected Trump as President.

Well, technically, more voters in the US supported the Progressive vision led by Hillary Clinton. Nearly three million more voters voted for Clinton than Trump (48% vs 46%). So the people, by a notable margin, embraced the Progressive/Obama/Clinton vision of America’s future rather than a stronger male vision of who America is. Only the Electoral College prevented Clinton from becoming President.

What does all of this do with the current virus situation?

Remember the yeas after 9/11? We, as a nation, embraced authoritarian legal concepts. We applauded every new move by the government to restrict travel, increase surveillance, use secret courts, and we expressed unfettered respect for America’s secret police agencies such as we are being lied to about the Patriot Actthe FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. We begged and pleaded for more safety and security…even at the expense of Constitutional rights. The liberals and conservatives worked together in support of their political leadership to pass law after law after law that continued to chip away at American freedoms, rights, and liberties. Remember that?

We are there once again…embracing the government as the solution to our collective weakness, our cowardliness, and begging the government to save us once again.

And “save us” they are…the same way they always do…taking our money and our rights/liberties/freedoms. And they are doing it quite well…and we are applauding them for it…and begging for more of their cure.

But let me digress just a bit…

Coup & the FBI

Remember back in March of 2017 when I laid out the information regarding the coup against Trump, named names, and specifically named the FBI as a primary player in the coup leadership? Well, well…the Washington Post on March 31st reported on the DOJ investigation results, and guess what? The DOJ report states there was widespread criminal and unconstitutional activity by the FBI.  And the FBI began its criminal activity against the Trump campaign and lasted well past his election into his presidency. And…that was only the tip of the iceberg of the criminal activity of the FBI.

But not to worry…not a single indictment, not a single criminal charge, not a single firing, not a single demotion for any FBI personnel resulted from the DOJ investigation. Deepstate protecting its own…the US government at its finest.

But, for those Americans who wish to have their eyes open to the reality in America…this latest report is only yet another confirmation that the FBI is a septic tank of morals and ethics that have been in-place since its inception. And it will never change…but it will get worse. The FBI is a primary federal law enforcement agency responsible for protecting the deepstate…the FBI is nothing more than America’s KGB. And this is the perfect example of what the US government is and what it is capable of.


Man, what can I possibly say that you don’t already know. The economy has been shredded, it is falling apart, it will get worse, and it will never ever be the same. And for the first time ever…I can see the probability over 50% of it crashing in the very near future…months at best, weeks at worse. And I mean crashing!

Auto industry reports are showing as much of a 30% reduction in vehicle sales in the last month. That is a horrifically bad number. That is a game changing, economy crushing, number. And there is another side of this…if the economy would turn around quickly…the auto sales numbers would lag by a substantial margin as people got caught back up on paying mortgages, rent, utilities, credit cards, etc. before buying new cars. And on top of that, auto workers tend to be better paid middle income folks. And the fewer vehicles sold, the more auto workers unemployed/laidoff, and the less money they spend into the economy. A vicious cycle.

And the experts are now predicting 33% of all mortgages will go into default in the next wave…within the year. 33%!!!  How will the lenders be able to deal with all of that? How will people deal with, react to, losing their homes?

And then there is the train wreck of people paying rent…and landlords unable to pay their mortgages and bills.

Jobless claims for the third week of March was just under 300,000. The fourth week of March it was 3.3 million. The last week of March was almost 6.7 million. That is staggering by any measure!! If it doubles again in the next report the crash could be just weeks away. But think about it… more than 10million people lost their jobs in just 3 weeks!!

But, you say that the unemployment checks may grow by $600 per week to those collecting unemployment. That’s good, right? Well, where is that money coming from? We don’t have any surplus money in the federal budget…the states certainly don’t. So all of this cash going out to folks to ease the pain is in the form of new debt…printed money with ZERO value behind. And we already know that the Federal Reserve (Fed) is buying US T-Bills because no one else is buying them. Sound desperate?

Many employment/financial experts are now saying that the next report will show “Depression Era” unemployment numbers. And all indications now point to them being right. I was hesitating to report what I was feeling until I saw the “trend line”…and no hesitation now. The trend line clearly shows unemployment headed towards depression.

The Fed as World Bank & The Fed Treasury Swap…weird wording, terrible implications. Bottom line…the US Treasury Department working with the Fed is pumping huge amounts of dollars into the world economies…we’re talking TRILLIONS!  They are creating dollars (I explained how that is done previously) and “lend” those dollars to the central banks (Fed equivalent) of other countries. They are doing so to ensure that the world has enough “liquidity” to prevent banks from “seizing up”…meaning that there is money in the banks’ cash drawers to give to people when they want to withdraw savings or write a check.

The other side of that liquidity methodology is the “swap” side. The US Treasury Department, through the Fed, is buying back US Treasury Bills that foreign countries are cashing in. The other countries need money to pay their bills so they are selling the T-Bills they own. No one wants to buy those T-Bills right now…so the Fed buys them to prevent that market from collapsing. But to buy them the Fed has to create new money -backed by new debt- to purchase the older T-Bills the other countries are selling. They are effectively swapping one T-Bill for another…paying off an older debt with a newer debt. If there was one advantage to this “swap”…the newer debt (i.e. T-Bill) is at a lower interest rate than the older one. But, it is still a debt…money we don’t have and no possibility to ever pay off.

Jim Cramer, well known Wall Street financial expert, said on 4/3, there is “…the potential for a brutal depression ahead.” While he acts a little bizarre sometimes and is as much an entertainer as a Wall Street expert…he is usually right about his predictions. He joins a lone list of other experts making that statement.

Glenn Beck, author and talk show host, is saying essentially the same thing. While Glenn Beck is another one that can at times sound silly, although entertaining, his research staff is second to none. And they are saying the same thing…with the stats and numbers to prove it as a very high probability.

So here is my bottom line concerning the economy…as of now I see it as a better than 50/50 probability the economy will crash within 4 – 12 weeks. Now remember, that means an almost equal probability that it won’t.

I’ve been maintaining for years that the economy is spiraling downward and it won’t/can’t change that trajectory. And, I’ve also maintained that we could wake up on any given morning and the economy has crashed due to some event. Well, that “event” appears to be developing right now with all the major data points indicating a crash.

Let’s say that the economy doesn’t crash. Hear this…it will be changed more that we can imagine. The economy will never be the same again. It will be more unstable, more government controlled, less opportunity, far more debt, and leaning far, far more towards big corporations vs. small businesses…and of course…government dependency.

Over the last two weeks I have been watching closely what is happening to small businesses…and it ain’t pretty! In the three towns close to where I live I am seeing more and more businesses with permanently shuttered doors. They simply can’t handle the drastic downturn in their income stream. And small business income is taking a hit primarily due to the actions of government intervention. Governments, at all levels, ordering their closure to prevent the spread of the virus. Also affecting them…customers staying away from businesses due to the “fear” that has been created by the government, media, and others who are promoting it.

Whether it is a crash or not, the economy and businesses will never, ever be the same. And what the economy and businesses become, if they survive…will not be what we know now. America is fundamentally changing…for the worse.

When asked yesterday what aspects of U.S. life he expects to see altered as a result of the pandemic, Mark Cuban, billionaire businessman and Dallas Mavericks owner said, “Everything!”

Something to remember…the federal government will do everything within its power (i.e. print money, send stimulus checks, bailout banks, pour money into the stock markets, etc.) to save the economy. The Fed has already stated there will be no limit to which they won’t go to save the economy. Why? If the economy goes the United States government will collapse. And along with the USA…the entire world’s economy will collapse as well. If that happens…a world war is inevitable.

Self-preservation will win…the US government will stop at nothing to save the US economy…even if it means fundamentally changing it. So expect change in…everything.

Coming Violence

Back on 3/13/202 I issued an Immediate Action Warning regarding coming violence. The violence is no longer coming…it is here. TX burglaries are up 20%, NY business burglaries up 75%, and there are now news articles and pictures all over the Internet of businesses boarding up because they are expecting more burglaries…and soon, looting and violence.

The governor of NY recently made the statement that if Trump tried a quarantine of New York it would be a “declaration of war”. We know that NY is a major center of the COVID-19 outbreak. NY is a natural epicenter due to the intense density of citizens into a small area…it inevitably would spread quickly. And Trump declaring a quarantine would be a highly likely and medically responsible thing to do to keep NY residents from spreading the virus. But, the Democrat governor (Progressive extremist) threatened “war” with a Republican president!!  The irresponsibility is easy to see…the potential ramifications could turn violent on a scale we’ve not seen since the Civil War.

Experts and government officials are also closely monitoring Michigan for the potential of widespread violence (i.e. rioting and looting). The state’s unemployment infrastructure has fallen apart and residents couldn’t file for unemployment. The 800 help line number broke down and was unusable. The computer system running the unemployment process failed because it was overloaded. And the Internet benefit filing site was overwhelmed and quit working. Several articles appeared reporting on the situation and it was ugly, the state government simply failed, and is failing to get people registered for unemployment benefits. That means no money for the people to pay bills, pay mortgages/rent, buy food, etc. And how do you think residents will react to that if it goes on for any real length of time? What happens when it spreads to other benefits and other states…or occurs on the federal level with the individual stimulus checks?

Another aspect of the COVID-19 panic, articles are now reporting an increase in domestic violence. Agencies that deal with domestic violence are seeing a notable increase as more family members are kept in close proximity to each other, the stress of job losses, financial crisis, the constant stream of hyped-news, etc.  As families break down…so goes the country.


In my previous SitReps (3/18 & 3/26) I spoke of war, specifically with China. And I am seeing that threat of war growing. There are now politicians in Washington speaking specifically that China is to blame for the pandemic…and should pay for it. But they are not speaking in theoretical terms…they are speaking to the “intention” and “responsibility”. There are even politicians talking about China literally paying the US government to deal with virus here in the US.  The payment would be the cancellation of over $1trillion that the US owes to China via voiding US T-Bills. Seriously!  How do you think China would respond to such an act of the US government? How do you think they are reacting now to the very idea it could be formally proposed in Congress?

Here is the real question…why would anyone in Washington even make that suggestion? Ponder that one.

We are also seeing a significant increase in China navy resources actively taking over fishing areas in the China Sea. China has specifically targeted Indonesia’s fishing fleets recently.  They have recently become more aggressive in dealing with other countries, including Europe, over control of not just fishing rights, but also  sovereign control of areas located in the South China Sea.

Finally, I read an article yesterday plus several more articles this past week that confirmed what I spoke about on March 18th and again on the 26th…we are growing increasingly closer to a potential war with China. If that happens…well, you know what that means.

The Government

One of the most disturbing initiatives that has come out of Washington in a long time is the “See Something, Say Something” program that the Department of Homeland Security started in 2010. That is clearly and unmistakably an authoritarian government program…urging citizens to report “suspicious activity” of one another to law enforcement. It is a tool widely used in Communist countries and previously in countries such as Nazi Germany under Hitler. It is nothing more than a tool straight out of the book 1984 to pit one citizen against another, to destroy trust in each other. It is another aspect of “divide and conquer” strategy…to create a compliant citizenry.

Now we see the governors of California and New York actively encouraging its citizens to “snitch” on each other for violations of stay-at-home orders or business closures. Some government leaders are even offering rewards for such snitching.

Just lately we’ve seen the Department of Justice seize privately owned medical supplies, unlawfully seized, from a private individual. That person was accused of “price gouging” and his privately owned property forcefully taken from him. Also, the governor of New York just signed an Executive Order that authorizes state troopers to seize medical supplies from hospitals and redistribute those supplies as the state sees fit. That is a page straight out of Communism.

Those moves should be of grave concern to you!

I have been stating for years that during times of emergency FEMA, and the government in general, has virtually unlimited power to do as it pleases. And we are now seeing that. What this means…no food storage, no water storage, no emergency preparations of any kind -public or private- is safe and out of the reach of the federal and state government. The government can, and now proves it will, seize whatever it wants as it deems necessary. Freedom and rights destroyed!

The fact that the government, regardless of level, would seize private property is unconscionable. But, much worse than that…most people are applauding it and supporting it! I read comments from some folks who claim to be Conservatives and patriotic…Christians and Constitution lovers…and they also support these totalitarian acts. That is the real scary part to this…making these authoritarian acts acceptable…even laudable by people, Conservatives/Patriots/Christians, who only thought they loved this country and our freedoms. But, it turns out…they love safety and security more than freedom and liberty.

What are the Democrats up to? In my previous SitReps I spoke of them using the current crisis to fundamentally change America. California Governor Newsom made it crystal clear recently what their intentions are, the crisis is an “opportunity reimaging a more progressive era.” And they are serious! Sadly…many Conservatives and preppers are right there with them helping them with that plan.

One of the saddest examples of government behavior, all too representative, I’ve witnessed so far during this COVID-19 panic…Captain Crozier of the USS Roosevelt was relieved of command. Background note: I served two years on a US Navy carrier and understand that life. Capt Crozier tried to tell his Navy superiors that their orders were not working to take care of the health of the ship’s sailors when his ship was struck with a COVID-19 outbreak. The Navy ignored his recommendations and requests to deal with the outbreak…sailors were getting sick, the outbreak spreading, and threatening death of his men from the virus was imminent.

Finally the Captain wrote a detailed letter to the Pentagon detailing his requests and reasoning, his pleading for the Navy to take care his men. The Pentagon ignored his letter and requests. The letter was then leaked to the press; some say it was the Captain himself who leaked the letter. It matters not who leaked it…he was relieved of command…effectively ending his Navy career on a charge of by-passing the chain of command. Although his original requests went directly to his superior whose stateroom was mere feet away…and those requests were rejected.

So we see the US government punishing a leader who was desperately concerned for the health of his men. Rather than help him, they fired him. Rather than admit that their actions were inadequate, they removed the man who pointed out their mistakes. A typical government move…yet another sad example of our pathetic federal government in action…the deepstate at work.

Martial Law

Let me make this clear…the rumors are not true. The federal government has no intention of implementing martial law in its plan to deal with COVID-19. However, should violence reach an intolerable level in reaction to Draconian state and federal government actions dealing with COVID-19, then martial law could/would be used. But honestly, don’t expect it on the federal level.

However, we are already seeing instances of parts of martial law being implemented at the state level. NY seizing private property, MA state troopers stopping out of state drives for no probable cause or reasonable suspicion of a crime, Governors/Mayors/Sheriffs ordering businesses closed, ordering people to stay home, county roadblocks, etc. So to a certain degree we are already seeing instances of martial law.

State governors have much more flexibility to implement martial law than the President. And we are already seeing governors doing so. And we will see more of it…and in some cases…to the extreme. If state governors increase their use of martial law we will see a corresponding increase in violence. Violence not just directed at law enforcement trying to enforce those measures but against communities/business in general. The first person shot by law enforcement for martial law purposes could well start a violence spiral that would only stop after much bloodshed.

The first instance of complete martial law on the state level, and more so on the federal level, will cause an exponential spike in widespread violence, rioting, and looting.

Post Office

Remember back on 3/26 I wrote about the trouble the Post Office (USPS) was in? Well, finally someone else caught on. Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) who heads Congressional oversight of the USPS, a couple of days ago put it bluntly about the USPS folding, “We need to start thinking in those apocalyptic terms because we are about to face the apocalypse.”

Did you hear him? He used the term “apocalypse”…how does that strike you?

What happens to the USPS? Who knows at this point. But, I bet there are some big corporations salivating at the thought. And many politicians and other Washington insiders right now are thinking about large deposits to their bank accounts and an increase in their power if the USPS folds.

If something happens to the USPS see it as a major mile post that something more dramatic is about to happen.

Black Swan Event

The question has been posed to me…Is this a Black Swan Event? Well, a Black Swan Event is an occurrence of an event that wasn’t predicted that is beyond the realm of normal expectations or the probability of occurrence was so low as to be at all realistically possible. It includes the reaction(s) to the event as well as the event itself. And the results from that event changes history in a major and significant way.

My answer to the question… is this, theCOVID-19 panic, a Black Swan Event? Yes, unquestionably so.

Now let me explain why. Not because of the pandemic itself. We’ve had far, far worse outbreaks of health concerns. We’ve had flu seasons in the US alone that killed 80,000 people (2017-2018 flu season). What is making this an unexpected event of such a magnitude is the actions that world governments, especially in the US, are taking as the result of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is unparalleled in modern history…and undoubtedly a Black Swan event.

The Spanish Flu of 1918 killed 20,000,000 – 50,000,000 people worldwide, almost 700,000 in the United States. COVID-19 has killed 65,000 worldwide and 8,500 in the US…so far. So COVID-19 is .13% (that’s point one three percent) as deadly worldwide and 1.2% as deadly here in the US. But look at the extraordinary and extreme measures that the governments worldwide are taking.

The true aspect of a Black Swan Event is its impact and historical perspective. And we can barely see the true impact it will have on the US at this point. But I can assure you of this…it will be devastating in many ways.


This section could almost be as long as the entire first part of the SitRep…but I won’t punish you that way.

Here’s the bottom line:

  • A Black Swan Event has occurred
  • The economy is wrecked and getting worse…potentially could crash within weeks to months
  • Job loss and business closings are rampant and growing
  • US debt, private and public, is growing exponentially
  • All levels of government are growing more and more authoritarian and Draconian
  • People who we previously thought were patriots and Constitutionalists are turning out to be exactly the opposite
  • People believe the main stream media…and are more and more falling prey to their manipulation
  • Progressives are ramping up their plans, goals, visions…and actions
  • Our country is being destroyed from the inside…we are eating ourselves
  • Our country will probably not recover from this as a Constitutional Republic with a capitalist economy
  • We are probably watching the destruction of the United States

On the positive side:

  • This is not the Spanish Flu, tens of millions will not die from COVID-19
  • The US will come out of this…eventually
  • You can survive this, your family can survive this
  • We will see people for who they really are based on their actions during this crisis
  • For those who have the right outlook…faith will increase
  • For those who do the right thing…we will be better people individually when this is all over

But, you ask…What should you do about all of this? What can I do about all of this?

Same thing you have been doing, or should have been doing, for years. Just do more of it and much quicker. Fill in your prepper gaps. Acquire practical skills for use in an changed job market. And more!

Over the next days and weeks I will make more suggestions and more recommendations as the need makes itself known. I will only do so when I see a clear solution for a specifically identified problem. But, you probably already know what to do…just proceed!

More than anything though, I want to share one word of warning that I feel is imperative…DO NOT OVERREACT!

There are some unscrupulous people out there enjoying promoting fear…trying to cause panic. Don’t fall for it!!  Use a level head, use your common sense, your intuition, your training, your planning…and make wise thoughtful decisions.

Along with that I want to advise you to start eliminating the static in your life. Start weeding out that which is distracting you. Whether it is social media addiction, hours of news article reading, visiting radical prepper sites, or avoiding the constant stream of misinformation coming out of the media and the Internet…get rid of it. Focus on what is important and what is applicable to your situation and to your planning.

Please ignore the static…it will only make things more confusing.

Hang in there, do your best, help others, share with those around you, keep good security, stay Situationally Aware, increase your faith, love your family, stay positive, avoid all the negative you possibly can…and be the person you were meant to be.

Times are desperate right now, I dare say very desperate. But I say to you…do not despair, do not fear…do not take desperate actions. Remember this, there are only two important things in this life…God and family. Believe in, have faith in, trust in, and take care of those two things…and you will be fine.

A while back I made a request of you. Now might be the time to read that request again. (click here to read the request)



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SitRep – 03/26/2020

This SitRep has taken me four days to write. I had a lot of thoughts to get put down in writing, a lot of research to do, and facts to verify; so there is some time delay involved in some of my information. More than anything, I wanted this SitRep to be as spot-on as possible, logical, fact-based, and informative…maybe even predictive. You be the judge.

Note: please forgive the sputtering, I’ve been adding and subtracting to this article for four days, it might be a little jerky in style.


Questions at the Beginning –
  • Why such an aggressive response from state governments to COVID-19 vs. other health scares?
  • How far would the federal government go in their response?
  • What would happen to the stock markets and economy in general, and what would the response be to those two issues?
  • What would be the response from the nefarious powers that be?
  • Is there a diabolical origin to this?
Aggressive Response to COVID-19

One of the first questions that popped into my head weeks ago was…Why such an aggressive response from state governments to COVID-19 vs. other health scares? I am talking about a long list of so-called health emergencies; situations such as the Bird Flu, Swine Flu, MERS, SARS, and others in the last 20 years. I couldn’t answer that question, there just didn’t seem to be a logical answer.

The next questions came in rapid succession:

  • How far would the federal government go in their response?
  • What would happen to the stock markets and economy in general, and what would the response be to those two issues?
  • What would be the response from the nefarious powers that be?
  • Is there a diabolical origin to this?

Notice a missing question? Yeah, pretty obvious if you think about it…How bad would the health aspect of this be?

So let me take that last question first to get that out of the way. Originally I didn’t ask that question at all because we have historical perspective to fall back on to get a pretty good idea of the answer. And that answer, for me anyways, was simple…”not too bad.” How bad is “not too bad”? Well, not as bad as the regular flu season and maybe not even as bad at the last dozen or so health scares such as Bird Flu, Swine Flu, MERS, and SARS; at least not much worse. But again, nowhere near the deaths of a regular flu season… at least that is what all the facts and figures point to as of now.

And let’s review…as of right now we have a number of COVID-19 treatment protocols, one of which treats folks on an outpatient basis that has a 100% non-hospitalization rate, and a 0% mortality rate. And this treatment protocol uses commonly available drugs…some of which have been around for 75 years. There are other protocols as well that have already proven highly effective in curing the disease after a person has become infected. So we know for a fact that the medical community has the ability to beat COVID-19 quite handily. And a final reality check…as of now, deaths in the US from COVID-19 represents 2% of the number of people killed in the US from our current regular flu season. Yes, 2%! Worldwide the deaths from COVID-19 represent 2.6% of the deaths from a regular flu season. Yes, only 2.6%! So COVID-19 is not as deadly as the regular flu season…and that is a FACT!

Notice a pattern with those FACTS? And they are facts, not guesses or estimates of potential mortality…actual factual hard numbers.

Now, let’s go back to the remaining questions, but to do so I will go about it in a bit of an unorthodox fashion. I want to go about it in a more narrative way rather than simple Q&A.

Is there a diabolical origin to this?

First off, I am finding no conclusive evidence that this is a bio-weapon unleashed by any country against any other country. China specifically is on an all-out propaganda campaign trying to convince the world, or at least its own citizens, that the US Army attacked China with COVID-19. So no, I don’t believe we are at war with a bio-weapon. Do I believe the CIA is capable of it? Yes, they have the complete lack of morals, ethics, and scruples to do any imaginable evil…they’ve proven that by their long history of infamous and evil acts…but I don’t see their hand in this.

At the same time I don’t see any “diabolical origin” in regards to COVID-19. I don’t see some mad scientist somewhere designing COVID-19 for use by the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, or even the nefarious Democrat Party

So in my mind I’ve answered a number of questions that I had posed, but some questions still exist…and those are the important ones.

Why such an aggressive response from state governments to COVID-19 vs. other health scares?

The state governments have no choice but to react to the COVID-19 situation the way they have since it is affecting them at the local level. No city or county has the resources to handle a health situation such as COVID-19 by themselves. And realistically, the whole emergency response system is designed to have the state governments step in and assist the local governments. So state governments have the responsibility to be the second major line of assistance in the emergency incident response system.  And their response has been in direct proportion to the perceived magnitude of the threat. And they will continue to follow their previously developed action plan with minor modifications for the specifics of COVID-19. And the most vocal “experts” have been claiming an Armageddon Apocalypse from COVID-19…so most of the states are basing their actions on those claims. Well, that and the outcry from their constituents.

One area that falls within the bounds of “state level” governments are cities and counties. Why? Because they technically fall directly under the control of the state from a jurisdictional perspective. Why am I concerned about cities and counties? Well, within the last couple of weeks the mayor of New Orleans banned the sale of all weapons. Remember New Orleans was the same city that illegally ordered the same thing back during hurricane Katrina. Then they illegally ordered the confiscation of guns. And then illegally “disposed” of those guns in the Gulf of Mexico. Pretty bad eh?

But, just recently the Sheriff of Los Angeles County declared gun stores “non-essential businesses” and ordered them closed. What????  Yup, a Sheriff, a sole individual, imposed his personal will on 10Million people and an untold number of privately owned businesses. How does that sit with you?

That is just one aspect of declarations of emergencies and the powers that is gives to governments…and the power a lone individual in government can wield. How far are these radical authoritarians willing to go? And this is just on a local, county, state level.

What would happen to the stock markets and economy in general, and what would the response be to that?

I was blindsided by the depth of the “dip” of the stock markets. I never expected that a health scare such as COVID-19 would affect the stock markets as it has. There is no logical reason for it and no historical precedent for it. The stock market has lost of 30% since the beginning of the year (approximate timeframe of the first case of COVID-19 in the US). -30% is a huge loss! Although the good news…if the opening bell Wednesday matches the futures indicators and added to the highs from Tuesday we could be looking at a 7% bounce back in the stock market in one day. Well, as of the end of the day Wednesday the market ran up over 15% at one point. But don’t expect that to hold, the markets are going to fluctuate widely for a while…history shows they will come back quite nicely.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which normally grows at about 1 – 4% per year, appears will hit significant negative territory this year…as much as -24% according to some experts. That would be a huge contraction in the economy but in-line with a large stock market devaluation.

Unemployment is expected to rise significantly as well. Again, some experts are saying an unemployment rate of 30%. The highest unemployment rate during the Great Depression was 25%. So some experts are predicting an employment situation rivaling, perhaps surpassing, the Great Depression. Before you slit your wrists remember one BIG difference…the USA has many, many more economic safety nets in-place for US citizens now compared to 90 years ago.

And on another related note…many companies are talking about hiring thousands and thousands of new employees. While that may sound as if it will blunt the pain of the lost jobs, remember this…a lot of those new jobs will be Walmart, pizza/food delivery, Amazon, etc. And at this point we have no accurate statistical way to determine who will lose their job as compared to those that will gain employment. My best guess…those who lose their job at Boeing won’t find an equivalent paying job at Walmart. Also, average income will take a hit, as well as average per hour wage will go down.

How far would the federal government go in their response?

We don’t know that answer to that question entirely. But, we do know to what lengths they are willing to go economically right now…which is a good indicator of what the future holds.

There are multiple relief packages being discussed in Washington. Anywhere from $1Trillion to over $2Trillion of direct aid to businesses and individuals…that is unheard of and unprecedented in the history of the United States. And the powers in Washington are saying that is just the “initial” economic relief package…more would be forth coming. I could see the next relief package, say 30 – 90 days from now, could easily be another $1trillion – $3trillion.

[And a note added Thursday morning: The aid package (White House and Senate) now appears will be approximately $6trillion dollars; $2trillion in direct assistance to citizens, companies, and other organizations (i.e. Kennedy Center), and $4trillion in direct loans to banks from the Federal Reserve. But that could all change when the House gets their claws into it.]

But that is not all of what is going on…the Federal Reserve has been quietly working behind the scenes from the beginning of this crisis. Remember, the Federal Reserve (Fed) is not part of the federal government. The Fed is a private corporation of banks in the United States who act on behalf of the US government. Their mandate is to control interest rates and manipulate the employment rate in the US. So what has the Fed been up to?

Banks – The Fed eliminated the requirement of banks to keep a cash reserve on hand. Why? Because they’ve instructed banks to buy stocks and bonds. Freeing up those cash reserves allows the banks to make those purchases in a big way.

Stock Market – The Fed has been buying stocks at an incredible rate…into the trillions of dollars of stocks. And the banks, at the direction of the Fed, have put tens of billions more dollars in stocks. That is the only reason the stock market has not completely crashed from the COVID-19 panic.

Municipal Bonds – There is no market for municipal bonds right now. Those are the debt obligations of cities (in other words, loans to cities). To help ease that market and prevent a crash there, the Fed and banks have stepped in and buying those municipal bonds as well.

Treasury Bills (T-Notes) – An interesting note, a VERY serious one, at the latest Treasurer Bill (T-Bill) sale which took place late last week…no bids were received from any private purchaser of the US government notes. Yup! Not a single buyer of US Treasury Bills!!! So what happened? To prevent a collapse of that market the Fed stepped in and purchased all of them.

So how does that work?

The Fed has the ability to create money digitally. That means they go to the keyboard and type in a few commands and “Poof!” they now have $1Trillion in their bank account thanks to a computer program. Now they go to the T-Bill sale and buy them all up and transfer their newly digitally created money to the US Treasury Department bank account. Now the US Treasury Department has money to pay its bills. Nice huh!

Well, until you think the process through. What is behind the digital dollars that the Fed created? It’s a debt obligation from the US government. Yeah, the Fed creates money that they can obligate the US government to repay. And then with that newly created money they buy US government T-Bills. And those T-Bills gives the US Treasury Department money in their bank account. What? Yeah, and behind the scenes the Fed actually borrowed the newly created money, money that they created, from the US government. So in the purest sense of the word…the US government lent itself money by creating money…using the Federal Reserve to borrow from itself. The process is known as “monetization”.

The Fed records are secret, not even the US government has the right to see the Fed accounting books. But, the Fed itself has publicly admitted to pouring trillions of dollars into the stock market and hundreds of billions into the bond markets…so far. What is truly freighting…they have said they will pour unlimited funds into the stock markets, the bond markets, and T-Bill market. That might sound good on the surface…but every dollar (or trillion dollars) they pour into the stock market and economy is ALL debt of the US government…and that means debt obligations of you and me. Now how does that sound?

Individuals – One on the glaring facts to come out of this COVID-19 mess is how badly the individual, or family, is prepared to deal with a financial emergency. We know that prior to the crisis most Americans didn’t even have $1,000 in savings to respond to emergencies.  Almost half of Americans didn’t even have $400 on hand for emergencies. That is amazing…and disheartening. So the result has been simple…many Americans have tapped their savings dry, many more have gone into debt to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. How many Americans have done this, how much of their savings has been wiped out, and how far into debt we’ve gone is unknown at this time. But, all indicators point to it’s bad, very bad.

By itself the economic numbers could be dealt with by individuals and absorbed into the economic crisis generally speaking. But, the spin-off is three-fold…1) the crisis is still fairly young and we have no idea how much worse those numbers will get, 2) people will begin, have begun, to find they can’t make other debt and financial obligations such as mortgages, car payments, utility bills, etc. 3) the actions the federal government does/doesn’t take to off-set the economic impact of defaulting consumer debt. The impact from #2 could be devastating to the commercial lending industry. The debt created by the federal government and the Federal Reserve to relieve the impact to individuals and the commercial industry could be enormous…hundreds of billions of dollars, possibly trillions of dollars. And it is all dependent on #1 which final numbers are entirely unknown at this time.

US Postal Service (USPS) – What? Yeah, did you ever figure this would be a problem? So let’s lay out a couple things first…the USPS is not a government agency, it is a corporation that operates on behalf of the US government. It has never been “efficient” and never was designed for such. It has been in financial trouble (i.e. the verge of bankruptcy) for decades. It survives only on loans from the federal government. But, the problems here are also potentially staggering; 1) what happens when postal workers begin to come down with the virus, think they have it, or simply want to self-isolate? 2) What happens when all those bills that are supposed to be delivered aren’t? 3) What happens when someone starts talking about what surfaces the virus can exist on and for how long? Yeah, it is estimated that the virus can exist for two weeks on some surfaces…does that include paper…as in paper envelopes? 4) What happens when someone starts talking about postal carriers who test positive for the virus, or haven’t been tested, are spreading the virus to each household they come in contact with?  One article I read stated that the economic impact from a USPS bankruptcy, or any other related problem, could almost cripple the nation by itself depending on the depth and duration of the problem.

Other countries – There are some reports beginning to trickle out that there are countries that are looking at this situation and feel it will be to their advantage to hoard their own locally produced food and other trade products within their own borders for their own use.  We can survive without food from other countries, for the most part. We can do without their trade goods, for the most part. The bigger question is…what does it do to the world economy in the near-term and how does that affect us? I would also propose this…the longer those potential hoarding problems exist, the harder it will be to return to a state of trade normalcy. And then there is the question…what does the federal government do in response to any particular country holding back food and other trade goods?

So far we just touched on how far the federal government (and the Fed) will go in their response to the COVID-19 panic. But just how far would the federal government go in their response in areas other than economy?

Well, we have all heard/read about the various declarations of emergencies, issuing Executive Orders (EOs), and such. But do you understand the depth of what those orders mean? President Trump has already issued enough declarations and EOs to essentially suspend many Constitutional rights, liberties, and freedoms. Have at least some of those drastic suspensions taken place as of now? Yes. But, the power is there to do much, much more so should the government wish.

To that point…just late last week the Department of Justice submitted a request to Congress to allow the suspension of Due Process (right to trial, habeas corpus, etc.) for Federal District Courts. Simply put…the federal government is already taking actions to suspend some of the most basic Constitutional rights of US citizens. Can you imagine anything worse? Well, I can…martial law. Now hear me clearly, we are NOT there…NO martial law has been declared. And I don’t see President Trump being the kind of person to implement such a thing based on the COVID-19 panic alone.

Where are the politics in all of this?

Simple for the Republicans in Congress…push money out to the economy to save the economy…and create massive debts (trillions of dollars) for the US government on top of the already massive national debt.

For the Democrats it is a little more sinister. A leading Democrat in Congress made a statement in a Democrat strategy session held last Sunday night. That statement, his own words, says it all for the Democrats…use this crisis to push the radical leftist agenda forward…or crash the economy.

The politics could not be any more plain…both parties want to increase an already unsustainable debt load for our country. Both strategies will crash the economic system of the United States. The only difference…the Republicans want short-term gains with a long-term disaster. The Democrats want a short-term leftist gain with a long-term disaster. Both see the long-term disaster…and embrace it! And that “disaster” is eventual implementation of totalitarianism.

I can’t help but think about the “Cloward–Piven Strategy”…crash the US economy in order to establish a radical system of Communist/Socialist/Marxist principles which leads to a totalitarian government here in the United States. It appears to be working, being further implemented, and completely supported by the Federal Reserve actions…and that of the US Congress.

War –

In an Immediate Action Warning on 3/14/2020 I warned you of the potential of violence. In a SitRep on 3/18/2020 I spoke about the potential for war. Later on the 18th of March President Trump referred to himself as a “war-time President.” He also used the phrase, “…developments in our war against the Chinese virus…”. In the following days we began to hear the media and medical experts use the term “war” more and more. To the point…now the term “war” in regards to COVID-19 is commonplace. Where does it take us from here?

While not the context in which I used the term “war” it is representative of a clear mindset and I believe just as clear a predictor of where we are headed in the context that I used it. I surely hope I am wrong, but I see a high probability that I am right. Now, I am not saying it is a certainty…but the probability is higher now, and growing.

One of the indicators I saw in just the last few days of increasing violence and the potential for it to get worse was the theft of 29 COVID-19 unused test kits in Tucson, AZ. That tells me that the criminal element has now seized on this crisis and has every intention to use it. So where are those boundaries, if any, and will they fall completely?

Bottom Line…

We know that there is at least one 100% successful COVID-19 treatment plan with common drugs out there that can be used on an out-patient basis. We know there are very successful treatment plans out there for hospitalized COVID-19 patients…proven plans, again, with common drugs that have been available for 75 years. We have right now multiple vaccines that are being tested, and are proving highly effective against COVID-19. And we know that most people, by a large margin, who contract the virus never need hospitalization. And we know that COVOD-19 is NOT as deadly or as widespread as a regular flu season event. So why such an aggressive response by countries around the world, including the United States?

Remember the words of Rahm Emanuel (radical leftist) some years ago…”Never let a good crisis go to waste”? Now couple that statement to Rep. Clyburn’s statement just days ago about using this crisis to push the radical leftist agenda forward. We see exactly what the politicians have in mind. But, does it allow us a window into a much larger story? Yes!

The Democrat Party is a mere extension of the radical left…the world-wide radical left, the international Progressive movement in general. Power players such as Soros are at work taking full advantage of the situation just as Rahm stated. Just to restate…I see no conclusive or significant evidence indicating that the radicals in this country or anywhere else in the world developed this virus to bring the USA or the world to its knees. But, I am saying clearly and unequivocally that those who wish to implement totalitarianism into the USA and around the world are using this crisis to move that agenda forward.

What? Yes! So ask this question…Why did China go into a virtual lockdown of its country? What could they gain by doing so? They don’t gain money because the lockdown drastically reduces their ability to conduct international trade. And their domestic markets are miniscule compared to their international trade markets. Their domestic markets can’t even begin to absorb the loss of international trade. So what could China gain? I say “power.”

The Chinese government has to be able to control 1.4 billion people who live there. They have gone to great lengths to implement extensive society controls…such as social scores, tracking citizens via cell phones, and wide-spread usage of facial recognition software through millions of cameras located throughout the country. Keeping 1,400,000,000 people content and/or passive is a big job. And in a Communist or other authoritarian society every once in a while you have to show folks who’s boss. But by itself it that strategy doesn’t fully answer the question in my mind.

For about a decade we’ve been hearing publically that China’s goal is to replace the US as the world’s superpower. By that they mean in terms of military power and economic power. Economically they have all but caught up to us. Further, they spread that economic influence around the world overshadowing us in many geopolitical areas. In some countries they’ve completely replaced us in terms of political influence.

Militarily they have been making huge advancements in the quantity and quality of their conventional weapons. While their technology (i.e. smart-bomb guidance systems, etc.) don’t match ours by a substantial margin, they are closing the technology gap.

But their numbers are impressive! The sheer number of Chinese military personnel is staggering…China has double the active duty personnel of the US, 10 times the military reserve personnel, and 4 times more people to draw additional military personnel from. Yeah, their pool of potential military personnel is larger than the population of the entire United States…by a significant number.

In terms of ground equipment, the only category we exceed their number is “armored fighting vehicles” (not tanks). We do handily outpace them in aircraft. But most of those numbers represent aircraft that would be of little use in a conflict on the other side of the world.

The Chinese navy dwarfs our navy in every aspect with the exception of aircraft carriers. But, aircraft carriers make large and inviting targets…and most of our aircraft carriers are located nowhere near China’s are of control/influence. And when China has over 200 destroyers, frigates, corvettes, and submarines defending their hemisphere… a couple carriers and their escorts seem to be somewhat out-gunned.

As for nuclear arsenals…the US has well over 5000 warheads, China is estimated to have almost 300 (exact numbers unknown). Wow!!! We have 16 times more nukes…we win!!!  Ah, it only takes a couple nukes to devastate a country as large as the USA. And who even says any conflict would turn into a nuke exchange to win…or threatened as a deterrent?

OK, my specific point is…China is a power player in the world…even rivaling the US in many ways. But here is one piece of critical information that most Americans don’t know or they easily forget…China thinks in terms of centuries not years or quarters. China was an empire starting about 1600 BC and existed as an empire until 1921…yeah, almost 3600 years of being an empire in the world. Yup, China was an empire 15 times longer than the United States was a country! They have a clear identity, history, and a vision that most Americans can’t even begin to imagine or comprehend. They are willing to do anything to become that world power, that empire, again. And I think another aspect to this virus was their ability to use it to hurt the US…to diminish our power and influence.

Think about it…through the economic spin-off of reduced trade between the US and China and the virus panic itself the US is going to add, at a minimum, $10trillion in national debt. And damages to the US economy, besides the national debt, could easily be trillions more. And since it could potentially cripple the GDP for at least a year, maybe more, that depletes the amount of money that the US can earmark for military spending. Just a thought.

So we see that China could come out on top of all this in terms of increased power…economically and militarily…and in terms of world influence.

I also see that the rich will come out on top…they will buy stocks and bonds at deeply discounted prices and hugely benefit financially when the markets bounce back.

All levels of government in the United States will benefit because they will gain power through enforcement of existing laws and implementation of new legislation.

Some large corporations will gain power and money easily. They will buy back their own stock at deeply discounted prices. They will receive massive economic assistance from the federal government. Some corporations will see significant increases, far beyond normal, in their sales growth and customer acquisition. Many large corporations will absorb customers and entire companies from small businesses that will fold.

So who loses? Simple…the average American.

The average America will go deeper in debt, many will lose their job, some will lose their savings, some will lose their home, others will have their cars repossessed, and many will contract the virus. Of those, some will end up in the hospital, some will die. Some Americans will fight over toilet paper and forget they are supposed to treat other with decency and respect. Many will fall prey to those who have been, and are, promoting fear, panic, and hysteria. There will be a spike in depression and suicides due to those purveyors of fear, panic, and hysteria. Many people will buy things they don’t need, and won’t use, based on the panic generated by those predators.

And let there be no doubt…society will change forever!

As a people we will become more dependent on the government to “save us” and tell us what to do. We will know that in the future they will send us checks…so we will save and prepare less to take care of ourselves and our families. We will lose yet more rights, freedoms, and liberties just as we did in the years after 9/11. The average American will be less powerful and more subservient to companies and the government…more sheeple will be added to the ranks. More wolves will become known and clearly identifiable based on their actions.

Summary –

The outcomes look bleak…and I am a big believer in using “outcomes” as a yardstick to judge situations. By that I mean how something turns out. To judge a situation I don’t use intentions, processes, production, etc. I look at what the environment looks like after the situation is over…the outcome. And as of now…the outcome appears to suck.

As far as I see, here are the negative outcomes:

  • There is a massive transfer of wealth taking place. Trillions of dollars of wealth is being transferred to corporations and the elite rich. It could end up in the tens of trillions of dollars.
  • The US government will take on HUGE amounts of debt, possibly doubling the current national debt by the time it is all over.
  • The Federal Reserve will not act in the best interest of US citizens; it will further empower banking and investment interests.
  • Many small businesses will close their doors.
  • Most large corporations will do very well…at the expense of the US taxpayer.
  • Every level of government will gain strength, power, and influence over people within their jurisdiction.
  • Anti-Constitutional principles will be strengthened, and more planned.
  • People and organizations who were formerly considered Constitutionalists, patriots, well-grounded preppers, will be revealed…and will no longer be considered such. They will be seen as mere sheeple…or wolves who wore sheep’s clothing.
  • Some self-proclaimed Christians will not have behaved as Disciples of Christ.
  • The economy will not be the same, not even close.
  • Society will not be the same.
  • The United States of America will lose more of its identity.
  • International organizations (i.e. WHO) will gain more power and influence.

That being said, I think there will be some positive outcomes:

  • Some well-grounded, informed preppers will see that their emergency preparations worked.
  • Some families will have come closer together.
  • Some citizens will be seen as amazing in their acts of service and compassion.
  • Some communities will have come together and have taken care of each other.
  • Some companies will have done some amazing acts of service and kindness for folks.
  • Some Christians will have truly embraced what it means to be a Disciple of Christ.
  • Some churches will have truly shown they can take care of their flocks.

There is one aspect that I have to touch on…not that I want to…and will probably regret later. But, it has been asked of me more than once and I have pondered that question and come to some conclusions. So here goes…

Yes, I do think there is a possibility that this COVID-19 panic could be a Black Swan event and bring America down. It has already crashed a significant part of the economy. It has already encroached on civil liberties. It has already crashed a high percentage of the stock market. It has already cost the country trillions and trillions of dollars that we didn’t have. We are seeing shortages of some retail goods. And some degree of martial law has sprung up in some localities. So yes, there is a possibility that this is the beginning of an event that brings the fall of America. But, I think that probability is less than 10%.

10% sounds like a very low possibility…and it is. But it is 10times greater than it was three months ago. And the % of possibility could continue to grow as we see more and more draconian actions taking place by local governments. Those local actions could drive the federal government to take more aggressive action. If we see the federal government taking nation-wide unconstitutional actions (i.e. domestic travel restrictions, large quarantine areas, military troops enforcing local quarantines, bank holidays, or martial law declaration, etc.) then the possibility % would increase significantly. Not that those actions themselves would constitute a clear sign that America had fallen, or would fall. But , the resulting  reactions would cause even more draconian federal actions. And those actions would be the ones that would bring us down.

There are two issues that have me most concerned if they develop legs; 1) Congress suspension due to members being sick, potential to get sick, or travel restrictions being implemented, 2) delaying the election in November. Either of those two would be a sign I consider grievous to our country. If both developed…I would go into serious “hunker down” mode. Do I see the possibility of either? Well, yes, but a very low possibility at this time…maybe 2 – 3% probability.

Basically, we are in a situation that this country has never seen. We are flirting with solutions that have never been used to a problem that has never occurred. We have politicians that have never been more ambitious, more degenerate, or with more power to destroy America.

But, we’ve also never had more power as citizens within our grasp. We’ve never been better able to communicate with each other. We’ve never had the technology to deal with any challenge. And personally…I don’t think we’ve had a better quality of people available to take care of each other. And I see you as part of that last group…high-quality people!!!

As people, individuals, families, congregations, and communities we will make it through this crisis…and it is a crisis, make no mistake about it. We can and will take care of each other. We have within our grasp the ability to be the people that history will speak of with the highest respect. All it takes is our effort…our effort as individuals and families. Then bound together, our communities will display their strengths.

I have no idea how to close this SitRep…I really don’t. I’ve already listed in many previous articles what you can be doing now to deal with this situation. Over the years I laid out exactly what to do to prepare for such an event as this. I could give a heartfelt speech about who we are and how to act. But, you are already those people and can figure out how to treat each other…you don’t need me telling you more.

So I will end with this…you can do this, you can survive, you can thrive, you can be the person you know you should be. We can all work together to make it better. Forget the government, forget the politicians, forget the so-called experts, forget those with personal agendas…ignore them all. Do what you know to be right, believe in what you know to be true. Then just go do it!



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SitRep – 03/18/2020

There is so much going on in the world today…it is all moving at light speed and perilous. I want to cover:

  • Economy & Stock Market
  • Politics
  • COVID-19 Panic
  • War



Economy & Stock Market –

Regardless of what the stock markets look like, it appears as if now that we will have a recession to deal with on top of everything else. Thank you to all of the panic pushers, hysteria hypers, and fear promoters…you win…we now have lost trillions of dollars of value in IRAs, 401Ks, college funds, and senior citizen savings accounts. You must be very proud of yourselves…I am sure your parents are.

Some of the horrible mistakes being made right now are:

  • The Fed has reduced the FedFund rate to near zero. There is no room left if we hit more financial trouble.
  • The Fed has pumped trillions into the markets and the economy since the beginning of the crisis…all of it created out of thin air and added to the overall national debt. Like taking on more water into an already sinking ship.
  • The Fed has also removed cash requirements for banks. Yeah, that means that banks no longer are required to keep any cash in reserve. That is a huge, huge mistake. Banks can now easily run out of cash for people to withdraw. They also now have virtually zero capability to handle any kind of bank run. This is a big red flag.

So, my bottom line…we are in a world of hurt right now! And another single bad economic feather blowing the wrong way could easily topple it all into a depression…or worse.

But that being said, I just bought some more growth mutual fund for our IRA yesterday. It was modest purchase but I bought it after the near 13% drop of the S&P the day before. Stock market history shows what goes down will go up. If not…well, didn’t matter what I bought, the IRA will be gone if it all falls apart anyways. But, hedging my bet has always paid off before.

Politics –

Politics is as bad as it has ever been…and it will get worse. The Republicans and the White House have both put forward economic plans to help ease the pain of the COVID-19 panic. That’s bad enough that the federal government wants to throw us deeper and deeper into debt for a quick fix that has no chance of righting the ship. Not to be outdone…the Democrats have just proposed their own plan. And of course they have to include part of Satan’s top priority…abortion. Yup, the evil left is saying the COVID-19 panic is the perfect time to fund even more abortions. Killing over a million unborn babies a year is a love affair for them…but not near enough.

You have been following the news and you know what political moves are being made and the games being played. All of the politicians are in full operational mode. They will not let this crisis go to waste, they will take advantage of it for their own personal and political party agendas. Virtually every political leader out there is trashing rights, liberties, and freedoms under the pretext of COVID-19 prevention steps. And the truly sad part…almost every single Republican is right there in step with them. And to make it even worse…all these so-called conservatives and patriots out there…well, they are calling for big government, draconian actions, and the suspension of the Constitution principles right along with the radical left. Nice! They talked a good game…then a little breeze comes along and knocks them right off their principle pedestal, they lose their moral compass.

COVID-19 Panic –

It would be absolutely impossible for me to write enough about the fear, hype, panic, and hysteria being generated because of the COVID-19 outbreak. I could write for a year straight and couldn’t cover all the dishonesty, ignorance, personal agendas, commercial agendas, political agendas…all of senseless drivel being thrown out there as fact but in reality is fantasy. Deadly and dishonest fantasy! Let me show you a perfect example…

Remember the Hoax Alert from yesterday about Amazon (click here to read)?  Well, someone confronted the website owner about the headline “misrepresentation”. He did it with respect, openness, and allowing plenty of room for the website owner to correct his “mistake” and save face. So you would think that any normal and reasonable person would admit to their mistake and correct it since it was so obviously wrong. Well, what you expect and what you get in a stressful situation can be quite different. The website owner got very aggressive, attacked the person, and defended his position that he was right…he maintained that suspending shipments was the same as prioritizing shipments. My first reaction was the website owner was being very dishonest, was caught in that dishonesty, and was using a tactic to discredit the other person to reinforce and cover-up his dishonesty. Then the more I thought about it the more I realized that it was irrational behavior, and clearly showed the website owner’s behavior/actions to be those that could only be described as mentally unstable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. The GroupThink kicked in and supported the website owner…mob mentality at its worse.

And yet it got even worse…Another article on the website was a reprint of an article by Ron Paul (click her to read). Remember, Ron Paul is considered a leading Constitutional expert, liberty advocate, former Congressman, former US Air Force Flight Surgeon, and current medical doctor (obstetrician-gynecologist specialist). So the man has some serious credentials! Earlier this morning I posted an article from him that he published yesterday. It is a patriot’s and prepper’s dream article. Well-reasoned, level-headed, truthful, and factual! So you would think that all preppers would embrace that article, learn from it, and appreciate the mature and level-headed information.

Ahhhhhh, no!

This same troubled website that I have been referring to…well, a top leader of that website came out against the article and called for a FEMA employee, who is also a member of that website, to respond to Ron Paul and to discredit his article. WHAT?!?!?!?!!? Yup, you read it right. Abandon the expert with impeccable credentials in favor of a person purportedly working for FEMA? Yup!

So this FEMA person gets on a rant and trashes Dr. Ron Paul and basically calls him a fraud. And the FEMA employee used the same old tactic of morbidity rates to “prove” that Dr. Paul is wrong. Well, once again, facts are not on their side. The FEMA employee was quoting outdated numbers…and couldn’t even get their math right. They used a .1% (one tenth of 1%) mortality/morbidity rate for the regular flu. Reality is, all accurate reporting of, regular flu season mortality is less than .1%, but for this example let’s stick with .1%.

What would 10 times that amount be? 10 x .1 = 1 to most people who have even the most basic of education in mathematics. Well, this FEMA person claims that 3.4% is 10 times .1% Ah, they flunked that test! One tenth of 3.4% is .34% That is simple, basic math…and they couldn’t even get that right. And they are an “expert”????

Then they go on to claim how much more deadly COVID-19 is. They flunked that math test again as well. See, less than 50 deaths have occurred so far from COVID-19 in the US. But let’s say that is being under-reported by 50% and actually 100 people have died from COVID-19 in the US. Well, regular flu season kills approximately 30,000 people each year. So do the math again…30,000 deaths vs 100 deaths…ask yourself which kills more people? The virus that has already killed 20,000 so far this flu season or the virus that has killed less than 100?

Ah, my math skills and education tells me that the flu virus that has already killed 20,000 people is 200 time more deadly. Is my math off? Or is this FEMA employee ignorant or simply agenda driven…or has joined the irrational mob?

So who are you going to have more faith in…a Nurse Practitioner who supposedly works for FEMA…or an imminently qualified Doctor, former Flight Surgeon, and Constitutional expert? I know my answer, what’s yours?

So, clearly people began implementing Confirmation Bias and dismissed Dr. Paul’s article. Then another website poster in that same thread put up information by an infectious-disease expert showing the FEMA employee to be absolutely wrong and the mortality rate is NOT 3.4%…it is actually .5% or potentially even much lower. And again…the sheep dismiss the qualified infectious-disease expert and embrace the FEMA employee. Do you notice a pattern here? Do you think people have become irrational in their ability to think clearly?

Conclusion…this COVID-19 has become a complete and total mess. Websites out there are posting dishonest information, using unqualified people as so-called experts for opinions vs. actual experts’ opinions. People are embracing government spokesmen when just a few short months ago they feared all things government and derided anything the government said.

In other words…mass panic by sheeple, and those sheeple are those who are being led by those with mental issues, those that are flat out dishonest, or those folks who are just plain ignorant. Typical of mass hysteria, typical of GroupThink, and typical of mob mentality. There is no reasoning with them, they have their mind made up regardless of facts, and lost their ability to use their mind in a positive way. They have only one goal…support and defend their own position…at all costs, including morality, ethics, and basic honesty.

I found this on Lew Rockwell’s website that I felt interesting and appropriate, “Control the masses. Big government is winning. The masses are patrolling the streets and social media enforcing the state’s agenda. And here I feared a SJW-lead Red Guard. Now it’s neighbors haranguing anyone and everyone to fall in line. Interesting times, to say the least.”  Now…Ask yourself, who is advocating what and why? What does the spirit whisper to you when you read something like this? Who is trying to control whom? Who is demanding people “fall in line”?

War –

Yes, you read that right…”War!”

Yesterday I had a number of folks call me to discuss the COVID-19 panic situation. Interesting phone calls to be sure. But, one topic kept coming up in every one of those calls, brought up by the caller…How soon did I think Civil War would start? The question caught me off-guard the first time, but not after that.

I explained that if civil disturbance breaks out over the COVID-19 situation, which it very well could (click here to read more), it could become widespread and could take on the look of a civil war at first glance. But, it wouldn’t be civil war. Why? Because civil war indicates two sides pitted against each other. And any nationwide violent civil disturbance coming out of the COVID-19 panic wouldn’t be two sides fighting each other. It would be brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, cops vs. rioters, looters vs. business owners, military vs. everyone, rich vs. poor, black vs. white, white vs. white, black vs. black, those with food vs. those without food, etc. It would multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, confusing…and would devolve into tribalism…one tribe against another. It would be vicious and ugly.

And here is the sad part, one of the main “vs.” would be those preppers who panicked over the COVID-19 vs. those preppers who didn’t. Yup, straight up true! Those preppers that are panicking over the COVID-19 are showing they have no solid foundation in Constitutional principles, no grasp on reality, no ability to think clearly, rationally, or use critical thinking skills. Sure, that would make them very dangerous but it would do so in a mental illness kind of way. But, the worst of it…they are showing they are willing to follow anyone, follow even those who now support big government totalitarianism…even those that are mentally unstable. Seriously?

Yes. I saw it in the military, in my professional career, during high-stress environments such as structure fires and wildland fires…even hurricane responses. People in leadership positions who would freak out when the pressure got turned up. Those leaders would act irrationally, lose the ability to think clearly, lose Situational Awareness, promote fear, embrace inaccurate information, etc. I am sure all of you vets, especially combat vets, know exactly what I am talking about…those officers who would fall apart in the field when the first bullet was fired. I saw it time and time again as a firefighter. I am sure you peace officers see the same thing in stressful confrontations…some of your leaders falling apart and who are unable to make decisions that you could have confidence in…or keep you safe. These so-called leaders become emotional and functional jelly under stress.

If we keep on the same path we are on now with this COVID-19 panic, if we keep going down this authoritarian path, if we keep allowing the government to not let this crisis go to waste, if we keep allowing dishonest panic pushers to rule…well, civil disturbance is inevitable. And God help us if it becomes both violent and widespread…it will get ugly and will hurt a lot of people and families in unimaginable ways.

Is that the only threat of war? No, that is only the internal or domestic threat of war.

We saw China’s reaction to all of this. They went all totalitarian on its own citizens (even more so than normal for a Communist country), then moved on to an economic war reducing sales and shipments of goods to the US. Next, they started claiming the US engineered COVID-19 and that the US Army intentionally started the outbreak in China. And of course their close ally Iran jumped on the bandwagon and took up the claim that COVID-19 is a bio-engineered weapon that the US infected Iran with. When does rhetoric become action?

Here is another problem waiting in the shadows to happen…price of oil. Oil slipped below $50 a barrel yesterday. Why is that a big deal? Well, Russia’s economy is almost entirely dependent on oil and natural gas sales. If oil hits $40 a barrel Russia begins to feel a lot of economic pain. If it hits $30 a barrel Russia is hurting big time! If oil hits $20…war is almost assured. Why? At $20 oil the Russian economy would be dying quickly, and along with the economy dying the Russian government would be ready to fall, violently perhaps, due to public unrest. Do you really think Putin would/will allow that? No, of course not. Putin would do the same thing all other leaders do in times of such crisis…go to war. And who would they go to war against…or at least start another proxy war with?

If oil hits lows like I just mentioned, what happens in the Middle East to all of those countries whose economies are 100% dependent on oil? Do you think Iran or the Saudis would stand by and watch the price of oil destroy their countries…or rather destroy their kingdoms? No, of course not.  Who would they strike out against…and how would they do so? You can figure that out pretty easily.

The chance of war, either domestically or internationally, is growing as fast as the COVID-19 outbreak. The most devastating war…a tribal-based, domestic war would be the worst and most dangerous…and most likely to occcur at this particular point looking out on the COVID-19 exponential panic curve.

Summary –

Where do I even begin?

First off…be prepared. And you probably already are if you’ve been coming to this website for even a minimal amount of time.

Next, have accurate Situational Awareness. Reject all fake information, reject panic pushers, reject those who are acting mentally unstable, reject those who support unqualified “experts”, reject all those with personal agendas, reject GroupThink, reject Confirmation Bias, reject mob mentality, and reject being a sheeple. Embrace facts, use common sense, act rationally, live in reality, be mature.

When the time comes, take decisive and appropriate actions based on your situation. Don’t allow others to make decisions for you and your family. Avoid the mentally unstable. Avoid and reject unqualified “experts”.

Reject all extremism. Do not allow yourself to be caught up in those that are acting extremely or expressing extremist views…especially those that have panicked or who are acting irrationally or promoting fear and hysteria over COVID-19.

Take care of each other. Yes, of course take care of your family first…that goes without saying and is scripturally based. But, do NOT exclude others that need help. Share a couple rolls of toilet paper, share your food, share your water, share you medical supplies, share other essentials, share your love and concern, share your life with others. It is the only decent thing to do. Treat others as you want to be treated. If you claim to be a Christian…then act as a disciple of Christ.

Remember, do not panic, do not become hysterical, do not be fearful…be the level-headed, mature person you are. Become a leader that others need…whether it is in your family, the neighborhood, your congregation, or the community. Be a leader with moral character, integrity, maturity, and honesty.

I hate to say this next part…we are seeing the continued destruction of America. We are seeing forces at work that are wreaking havoc with rights, liberties, and freedoms. We are seeing those who we previously thought to be solid patriots and competent preppers fold before our eyes. They are joining, either unintentionally or otherwise, those powers that wish to destroy our country, destroy the Constitution, and destroy all that is good about America. And they are doing so under the guise of this crisis. Avoid walking off the cliff with the sheeple.

Hang in there, trust your training, trust your preps, trust the Lord. You can make it through this if you keep a level head and stay away from those who are trying desperately to manipulate you.

You can do this…stay calm and carry on.


Articles that are important and related to the COVID-19 panic:

Additional articles that you might find of interest and valuable:

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SitRep – 3/15/2020

A number of things have taken place over the last few days that I feel an update to my SitRep – 03/12/2020 and my Immediate Action Warning of 3/13/2020 is warranted. Please indulge me, I would like to cover…

  • Supplies Availability
  • System/People Stressing
  • Emergency Declaration
  • Steps to Consider


Supplies Availability –

On Thursday a very good friend of mine called me from Phoenix. He wanted to update me on the situation in Phoenix. Now, this is no regular guy…he is a retired Army NCO, combat vet, wounded in combat, was part of a very high-profile operation a number of years ago that resulted in one of the longest, most intense firefights we’ve seen in modern warfare, and former law enforcement. He currently provides security services in the greater Phoenix area. I am grateful and proud to call him “friend” and “brother”…and truly grateful he has property right next to mine here in the great wilderness of Arizona.

So he tells me that things are getting crazy in the Phoenix area…people are acting stupid, panic buying, and the situation has all the ear-marks of turning ugly at some point. And with a population of over 4million that means it isn’t a good place to be when things get bad.

We were reviewing our strategy for our area here and he was explaining some of his bugout plans and trigger points. But I wanted to know more about the situation there among the people in general. Well, well, well…perfect timing. See, his wife is in law enforcement (so you can understand her reaction), and about an hour earlier she had gone to Walmart to do the weekly shopping. She had just texted him and it was not good. He told me she had found all canned good shelves empty, no beef, no chicken, no paper goods, and people were acting like idiots and being rude. Their carts were full and some people had multiple carts piled high. She was furious. And he forwarded me her last text. Wow!  If I were to reprint it here I would be using a lot of *&#@**^ characters.

OK, put that aside for a minute. We were scheduled to go into town later Friday to do our pre-weekend shopping plus our fuel run. That means a stop at Walmart and/or Safeway, plus the propane dealer, and the fuel depot for gasoline and diesel. I told my wife that in addition to the normal shopping at Walmart, I thought there might be some entertainment value there as well. She wasn’t impressed with my assessment…I have a way with words.

First stop…propane dealer. My buddy who works there told me they had been busy all week long. But, today (meaning Friday) it was slammed busy from the minute they opened…and he was concerned they might run out of propane before they received their next delivery. Normally they close at 4pm on Friday, I got there at 3:45…there was a long line. When I left at almost 4:30 the line was really long, much longer than when I arrived. People were bringing in large numbers of small and large tanks…and I mean lots of them. When I went into the office to pay for my propane the gal who normally works in a back office was alone taking payments at the front counter. She was also answering the phone non-stop. People were begging her to get propane that day. She was telling people that they had every driver and truck out on the road but it would be impossible to get to them before the middle of next week. When she got to me I could tell she was very frazzled. Panic buying! She joked that buying propane was a sure cure for the virus.

So I had to get a 1”x8” board at Lowe’s to finish up trimming one of the windows in the great room at the new house. And was I surprised…late Friday afternoon at Lowe’s and it was virtually empty. No panic buying there!

Next came Walmart. Wife and I talked through the situation, went over our distress word and tactics in case we had to leave the store under a threat. She loves talking about that stuff…not! Once again…I have a way with words…she loves my briefings.  She isn’t feeling real well for a couple of days and I offered to let her stay in the truck, she hates Walmart crowds even in the best of times. She said, “Absolutely not! You wouldn’t have anyone to watch your back.”

Wow! Did I get educated quickly once in Walmart…it was packed with people! And I mean packed tight…people with mostly filled carts in an almost bumper car frenzy. So check this out…

  • The bread isle shelves were empty…bare to the bones with the exception of some English Muffins. Wife remembered some fancy bread back near the door…off she went and a few minutes later a loaf was in our cart…my eyes scanning for anyone attempting a snatch operation.
  • The peanut butter and jelly section stripped bare with the exception of a couple of jars of some fancy organic strawberry jelly. A jar of that went into our cart…hey, I like strawberry jelly.
  • The canned vegetable isle was stripped as well with a few exceptions. A jar of sauerkraut went into the cart. Hey, you can’t have patty melts without sauerkraut! And she had patty melts on the menu for next week. Yum!!!
  • The paper goods isle was stripped. I think they even took the paint off the TP shelving units. While we were walking down the isle towards the candy section a middle aged guy made eye contact with me and smiled…”gonna buy me some paper towels saw em in half with my band saw and make a fortune selling it as toilet paper.” I chuckled…had to. Another Mark Cuban in the making!
  • Candy section was in good shape. And that proves how little people know about prepping and panic buying…the chocolate section should have been the first isle emptied out!
  • I went for the milk…Gone!!!  Only a couple of small bottles of flavored coffee creamer. But, I had spotted “Mike” a few minutes before, an overworked Walmart associate. I coopted him into getting me two half gallons of 1% out of the back cooler. Yeah, I had looked through the glass doors and saw about 5 cases of milk…all that was left. And that’s I why the 1% was purchased. Kinda like white colored water in my opinion. But any milk is better than no milk. I hid the milk under the big pack of Styrofoam cups in the cart. Mike was $20 richer and smiling!
  • In the remainder of the dairy section the cheese was almost all gone and only very little canola oil based butter was left.

Well, you get the picture.

What I found interesting…two groups of people in Walmart; 1) those of us that were entertained by all the panic buying taking place, 2) people who were panicking, buying, talking in hushed tones, and pushing their carts rapidly to the next empty shelf area…then on to some substitute item. All the time jealously guarding the case of sardines, paper napkins, and pickled artichoke hearts that lay in their carts.

I will give Walmart credit…they were pulling out pallets of food and other items from the back. But little of it ever made it to the shelves…people grabbed it up before that could happen. The associates were polite and steady…but you could tell they were beginning to feel the stress.

So…what happens when the food is no longer pulled out from the back stockroom? Or the trucks are no longer traveling the roads delivering food or propane or fuel due to travel restrictions or fuel shortages?

System/People Stressing –

The story I didn’t share with you was leaving our backwoods area on the way into town. Just before we hit the hardtop road we met our neighbors coming back from town. They were pulling their trailer that was filled with hay, feed, stall bedding, propane tanks, etc. The back of the truck had some boxes from Amazon and food from Walmart. Part of the conversation consisted of him telling me about Walmart, trying to goad me into thinking our propane dealer was out of propane, and telling me he wasn’t going back into town for a couple of weeks, maybe a month…he wanted to avoid anyone who might be sick already or would soon be sick. He was voluntarily social isolating. As he was telling me that I started coughing and sniffling. His wife and teenage son started to laugh and shake their heads…my neighbor just looked at me as if I was a delinquent teenager. I am. But it was funny.


  • My neighbor was stressing to some degree since they made a run to town for supplies.
  • My friend was telling me that folks in Phoenix are stressing and their food infrastructure is starting to stress. He was obviously stressing to some degree as well since he and I were discussing his bugout plans and our plans when he would get to our area.
  • The propane dealer folks were all stressing, their company’s customers were stressing, and I couldn’t help but think how long it might be before they would run out of propane.
  • Lowe’s was stressed because there weren’t any customers there.
  • Walmart…well, you already have that picture…it was ALL stress.
  • My wife was stressed. Well, she is stressed anytime she deals with me. But, the trip to town was even more stressful because of the craziness going on.
  • And yes, I fall into the stressed category as well. While this was our normal weekly supply run, I did take in a partially empty propane tank, in addition to the empty one, to be refilled. And I normally wouldn’t have done that. We were buying extra chocolate bars, Oreo cookies, etc. just in case. But extra chocolate?!?!?!?!  Come on that just is commonsense when the world is coming to an end, right?

What I am getting at should be obvious…the system is under stress and showing signs of deficiency. Tens of billions of dollars are being lost in the economy right now. The market was down 14% at one point this week, over 25% in the last couple of weeks. The system is stressing. People are showing signs of stress and some portion of the population is becoming stressed out more than usual. And to top it off I read a report that a mall in California had a problem on Thursday with a large group of older teens causing problems and stealing. When confronted it turned a little violent, not bad. But, the mall shut down and is still shut down. With so many schools starting to announce closures what do think will happen with all those big city, inner-city teens?

What I want you to think about in this regard is your Situational Awareness. Pay close attention to what is happening around you…in both a micro and macro way. When you go out of the house are you doing so safely? Are you paying attention to what is happening around you…and especially the people around you? Are you prepared to rapidly and safely leave the area should you need to? Is your home safe or can it be made more safe against hard times? Those are a few “micro” ideas.

On a “macro” level…are you paying attention to news reports of violence or the potential of violence in your area? Are you tuned into a neighborhood watch team in your area? Are you monitoring radio and/or TV news? Are you paying attention to what radicals (Democrats, AntiFa, New Black Panthers, etc.) are saying and what they are promoting or warning against? Are you prepared to rapidly and safely leave your area should you need to?

Pay attention to people stressing and the “system” showing deeper signs of stress. It will telegraph what is coming in plenty of time for you to act…if you pay attention, act appropriately, and act in a timely manner.

Emergency Declaration –

One of the worse things a President can do!!!  It is detrimental to everything…with one sole exception…increasing government power. When a President issues a national emergency declaration (NED), for all intents and purposes, the Constitution is voided. Well, at least the parts ensuring rights, liberties, and freedoms. And other parts that become null are limitations on the federal government. A NED gives the federal government massive powers that are otherwise unconstitutional. They can do pretty much as they please…and you, the private citizen, are virtually powerless.

Example: Under NED the President can declare martial law. If people object to it and resist it…what happens? They are arrested and imprisoned…and due process is nowhere to be seen. And if you push it…you can simply be shot for resisting. And history proves the government will do just that.

The list of what the feds can do under NED is almost limitless…and once it starts going down that road the governmental power becomes limitless because there is little to no ability for average people to reverse it. Good luck with that!

Now, maybe we get lucky with President Trump and he doesn’t push it to the extremes that it can be pushed to. Maybe he controls himself and the federal government into not installing totalitarianism. Let’s hope and pray he does.

If you have a bugout plan than includes any significant amount of travel I would suggest you watch for three key trigger points…

1 – Federalization of National Guard troops.

2 – Travel restrictions for road travel of private vehicles or implementation of large quarantine areas.

3 – Enforcement of those travel restrictions and/or quarantine areas by National Guard troops…or far worse…enforcement by regular military troops. And no, Posse Comitatus won’t apply under NED. It’s all but dead in normal times, a NED eliminates it.

Steps to Consider –

The last few days I have outlined a lot of things to considering doing…review them and implement them as you see fit. Here is my board list of suggestions at this point:

  1. Learn what Situational Awareness is.
  2. Inform yourself of what is going on right now from legitimate sources and completely ignore those that are hyping the situation and pushing fear and panic through their actions and reporting. Stay up to date.
  3. Ponder about what is happening…yeah, that means think it through.
  4. Speak to your spouse (if you have one) about what you are thinking and feeling. Both of you ponder it and come up with a plan based on consensus. Be equally yoked…or at least have her approval if not her cooperation.
  5. Pray about it.
  6. Take those steps you feel are right for your family. But, before you take those steps, talk to your family about it as appropriate. If you just start acting they will see you doing things out of the ordinary and it will be unsettling, maybe even scary, to them. Talk to them before taking action.
  7. Act decisively. Don’t hesitate in taking action and move forward with confidence. Do not delay taking those actions contained in your plan.
  8. Do all of the above without fear, without panic, ignoring the hype and ignorance of others.
  9. Ask any question of me that you might have. I am open to answering any question.
Summary –

We are in a situation now in this country that quite frankly I’ve never seen before. We’ve taken a relatively non-issue that has been dealt with dozens of times and it’s been turned into a national crisis. And done so through ignorance, panic, fear, hysteria, and suspicious agendas.

One of the best trainings I ever took was a series of advanced leadership classes. In one of those classes at the very beginning we answered, in groups, a simple question, “What are the leadership qualities you look for in someone you are ready, willing, and able to follow?”

Nowhere on the list of positive qualities was there fear-mongering, panic pushing, hysteria, etc. Everyone wanted someone who saw the situation for what it actually was, had confidence in solving the problem, and a calmness to keep folks on track. In other words, someone calm and steady. I urge you to look for that leader around you…or become that leader.

People right now need leadership. The more we hear of national guard being activated, quarantines going into effect, restrictions on this, restrictions on that, shortages, this school being closed, that business shutting its doors, a government office being closed to the public, etc…the more people will panic and find their own solutions. And solutions bred of fear, executed with panic by hysterical people won’t be good for anyone…especially you! People need, want, and will greatly benefit from steady, calm, decisive leadership from someone who is rooted in reality, speaks plain truth with transparency.

I am guaranteeing you…next spring (2021) when the snow is melting away, and the trees are beginning to show signs of life we will look back on this time with some reflection. How will you see it? How will you judge your actions and the actions of others? What kind of conduct will you be proud of…or not? What will you have done to make this situation better…or worse?

There is an old saying…

“You are either part of the solution, or part of the problem.”

Which will you be?

My bet…

You will be part of the solution.

You have the heart for it, the character to do it right, and the ability to do so with competence and honor.

I trust you.


Ask me any question …



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SitRep – 3/12/2020

As you can imagine there is a lot to talk about, it’s been a while since my last SitRep. My last one was SitRep – 9/18/2019 (click here to read more). But, before I get started and before you read more I want to give you a very stark warning…do NOT waste your time reading this SitRep if you are expecting me to be like all the other prepper authors and websites. I am not one of those and will not regurgitate their pabulum. So if you want a fresh, unbiased, agenda-free, level-headed, commonsense view from a trained, experienced professional…read on. If you want anything else…go somewhere else.

Wow! Talk about attitude…I am full of it.

Yeah, I heard what you were thinking…maybe full of more than just attitude 😉  But you decide after you read it all. And if you think this SitRep is a different view wait until I publish my COVID19 article.

One other note…I am not going to go into extensive detail and long commentary. Very different from what you normally see from me I know. But I feel it important to get this out there for you in a timely manner to see and digest. If there are items that motivate you into an action…well, that is the important part not some long winded blathering on my part.

So here are the areas I will cover…

  • Economy
  • Politics
  • Virus

Here we go, hang on…

Economy –

If you have followed my SitReps all along you know I am not an optimist when it comes to the economy. Yes, the markets have done well…until recently. Yes, the job market has done well. Yes, interest rates are low. There are some positive parts of the economy and I give credit where credit is due, and that includes President Trump in many ways. But…and that is a huge “but”…the underlying problems are worse than ever.

What??????   I just complemented the President and talked about parts of the economy that are doing so well. Now I try to walk it back? No. I am not walking my positive comments back. I am expanding the view to include the most fundamental aspects, the foundation if you will, of the economy.

Private debt has skyrocketed! The real question is “why?”, then follow it up with “quality?”  Consumers have been spending money like crazy, and I mean spending it…big time! So that adds to retailers, etc. doing well and showing good corporate P/L statements. So what’s the problem, isn’t that a good thing? Ah, no.  Reason? They, the consumers, are borrowing money to spend. Credit card usage/spending is at an all-time high. Car loans are rampant, especially subprime car loans. Home equity loans are surging as well. But, the equity that consumers are pulling out of their homes isn’t going to reduce existing debt (i.e. credit cards), it is being spent. So, the economy is doing well in many aspects but it is almost all fueled by debt. And what happens when people stop borrowing…or can’t? And worse yet, what happens when people begin to have problems paying their credit cards, car loans, mortgages, student debt, etc.?

Here is the other shoe dropping…default on subprime car loans is rising and has been for the last year. Generally speaking that means a portion of people have stopped paying their subprime car loans AND the loan companies keep loaning more money into the subprime market. Why? Because it is one of the few places the finance companies can make a high interest return on their money. And their loses are not outweighing the gains…yet. So what happens to them when those loses climb and do overcome their gains? Ah, remember 2008 and 2009 with the home loan market, especially the subprime market? Yup, same thing…crash.

And now the biggie…federal spending and borrowing. Remember the movie Dumb and Dumber? That is federal spending and borrowing…dumb and dumber. And under President Trump it is exponentially worse than any other President or any other time in the history of our country. Yup, it’s true!

But, there is a third leg to this pending disaster…income tax. Ah, but Trump did a tax cut so we are good, right? Nope!!!  We are worse off…by far.

You can look at the tax cut at the micro or macro level. If your tax hit went down then you obviously think the tax cut was awesome…that is the micro view. But, a more realistic view would be this, the macro view…after the tax cut there was a HUGE increase of tax revenue collected by the federal government. Hey, that’s a good thing right? It shows that the economy is doing well, people make more money and pay more taxes, and that gives the federal government more money to pay down the debt. Good…right?  Ding, ding, ding…NO!!!!!

When money flows from the private sector to the federal government the private sector can’t spend that money on what they (i.e. individuals and families) think is important. Instead that money goes to the government for it to spend on what it, the federal government and politicians, thinks is important. And here’s the test… do you think the government and politicians spending money on what they think is important is a good thing or not? And FYI…studies show that the individual is 10 times more efficient in spending money than the federal government.

So the next time you get your paycheck remember this…you just paid for Senator Chuck Schumer’s cheese cake habit. Yup, he has spent almost $10,000 in recent years on cheese cake.  Must be nice…for him and his cronies to have you, the tax payer, buy their cheese cake!

So we have historic amounts of money being sucked out of the private sector through increased tax revenues, we have a huge increase of federal government spending (historic high actually), and the largest national debt in the history of our country…and that debt is growing faster than it ever has with no end in sight. A three legged stool of disaster just waiting with a big smile on its face for something to come along and tip it over.

Digest that and see what you think about the economy now.

Let me just touch on the virus effect to the economy…

The stock markets:  How the market is doing depends entirely on your viewpoint. Some folks are panicking amid the recent market loses…which are substantial. Others are saying it is a wonderful buying opportunity due to stocks being “on sale”.

If you have a short view…stocks have fallen 23% since the beginning of the year, down 15% in the last two weeks, or 7.5% so far just today. Oh my gosh!!!!!!! We are collapsing!!!!!  It is the end of the world as we know it!!!!!  The dollar is worthless!!!!!   It is the apocalypse straight out of the Book of Revelations!!!!!!

If you have a longer, more mature view…stocks are down about 15% from a year ago, up about 23% from five years ago, or up about 200% from 2009 (11 short years ago) when people were crying once again it was economic Armageddon.

Here’s my view…money left in a high quality index based mutual fund has more than doubled in value since the last so-called financial Armageddon. And if you want more historical fact…the markets have recovered and performed extremely well after every single dip, recession, correction, or even depression/crash.  Further, I am not a day trader so I don’t worry much about daily, weekly, or even monthly performance. Our IRA money is in there for our retirement…NOT day trading. That means it is in there for years not days or even weeks. I figure we will spend it out over the next 15 – 20 years…not the next 15 – 20 days.

That being the case I have “bought the dips”…meaning I have made three modest purchases of our growth mutual fund in the last couple of weeks. I will probably do one or two more in the coming month as far it looks now. If I need money out of the IRA for an emergency I will draw it out of the money market portion allowing the growth portion plenty of time to grow out of the dip…just like the market has always done.

You say, “But you are a prepper…and the world is coming to an end…and your IRA will be worthless!!!”

Well, I’ve been a prepper since the late 70’s…yeah the 1970’s and the world has not come to an end. And if I had followed that TEOTWAWKI philosophy exclusively all along, my wife and I would have no retirement savings. How does that sound?

So I hedge my bet, I don’t put all my eggs in one basket…I think maturely and use common sense. I plan that TEOTWAWKI won’t come during my lifetime…but bills will. However, if TEOTWAWKI does come…I am as prepared for that as possible. Hence, I don’t fear TEOTWAWKI or retirement…for I have prepared.

World Trade: World Trade is taking a serious hit. Why? Panic!!!  And that is the truth. Yes, the virus scare is the underlying cause of the panic in the world trade situation. Remember COVID19 has only killed about 3500 people around the world. That is .5% of what the regular flu kills each flu season.  Yes….you read that right!  COVID19 has killed about 1/2 of 1% of those that die from the regular flu each flu season. And that is FACT!!!  So, no…the COVID19 virus is not the reason of the current trade problems…it is the panic and hysteria that is resulting from COVID19.

But isn’t that the same?  Absolutely not!!!!  If the virus was the reason/cause then it would be fact-based, medical reasoning. Since the medical FACT aspect of the COVID19 shows it to be almost a non-issue, then it is the panic and hysteria that is being pushed upon the world’s population. And it is that panic and hysteria that is causing the trade problems.

Will it get worse? Of course it will. Mob mentality has taken hold. It has gripped normally rational intelligent people and they are panicking and falling into hysteria more and more each day. And the more the panic/hysteria spreads the more trade and resulting economic conditions will worsen.

Employment: While the most recent employment and unemployment numbers look good, things will change…sooner rather than later…maybe sooner and later. With trade taking a hit, and the economy soon will, and employment will suffer. Some companies will lay off folks. Other companies will undoubtedly go out of business due to this mess. So yes, employment is going to suffer…how badly remains to be seen and is entirely dependent on how deep the panic and hysteria goes.

You: OK, touchy subject since I don’t know each of you personally, although I wish I did. If you are drawing a social security check, that income stream is good. If you are in the travel or related industry you are going to see the negative effects. If you are a healthcare worker you will do well because of overtime. Yeah…I don’t know how you will do personally but it won’t take much deliberation on your part to figure it out. And I am not telling you what to do with your 401k or IRA…or how yours will perform. I told you what we are doing. You have to decide what’s best for you. But, I suggest you review history and go on facts and reality not all the hype and hysteria that is being pushed.

Politics –

To sum is up…It Sucks!

We have Joe Biden, head of the infamous Biden Crime Family, appearing to be the Democrat Party nominee. He has a slim chance to win in November…provided he is not in prison.

If Joe is sitting in a prison cell, which he should be, or somehow otherwise falls out of the race (i.e. gets admitted to a mental institution) then Comrade Bernie Sanders will be the Democrat Party nominee. He will lose against Trump in the biggest landslide most people have ever seen in this country. And the pre and post election violence will be considerable.

As long as the economy doesn’t seriously tank and stock markets don’t crash President Trump will be the Republican Party nominee. And he will win handily. Should the economy tank and/or stock market really “crash” his chances of winning fall substantially regardless of the Democrat Party nominee.

If it is Trump vs Biden and the economy only does a minor tank and/or stock market only does a minor crash then I see it being 50/50 on who wins. Biden may gain a small advantage over Trump but not much of one. That is also dependent on Biden’s mental condition not worsening. And yes, you read that right. Joe Biden is slipping badly, mentally speaking. He was never very bright to begin with, but his mental capacity is slipping more and more each day. Yes, I am saying he is mentally unstable and becoming worse. I don’t know his condition…it could be Alzheimer’s, dementia, or some other mental disease…but, whatever it is, it is getting noticeably worse. Should he be elected he will probably not serve out his full term. The 25th Amendment will be invoked and he will be removed as President before the end of his term as I see it now with his mental condition. Well, that is the case unless they would cover up his mental incapacity…and that is always a possibility when dealing with Washington.

My biggest concern right now is what the politicians are doing in Washington under the cover of the virus panic. Well, there is also the concern what the more minor state-based politicians are doing during this panic also. I am telling you flat out…all of the politicians are using this manufactured crisis as an opportunity to take power from the people. I have no doubt of that. What exact form that takes remains to be seen…but it is happening.

Virus –

Let me repeat what I wrote earlier…”COVID19 has only killed about 3500 people around the world. That is .5% of what the regular flu kills each flu season.  Yes…you read that right!  COVID19 has killed about 1/2 of 1% of those that die from the regular flu each flu season. And that is FACT!!!”

And if you are in the United States…well, let’s do it this way just for dramatic effect…

If the number of deaths in the United States is 100 times worse than what is currently being reported…that means for every person actually reported to have died, it is actually 100 people have died for my dramatic scenario. Then the COVID19 has killed 4% of those that normally die during the flu season each year. Yes, only 4% of the regular flu season deaths.


Yes, that means that fact…FACTS!…well, technically inflated facts…show that the COVID19 virus is far, FAR less deadly than the normal flu season. If you use only the actual reported number of deaths, not my inflated dramatic scenario number of deaths (100x), then the actually rate is .04% of the normal flu season deaths.

Now, that being said…is there the potential for a higher death count? Yes. There a chance it could get worse. No actually, not a chance…it WILL get worse. OK, then will it be worse than a normal flu season? We don’t know that yet. But all the figures, the facts, the actual numbers show that it won’t be worse…but those numbers might change…but only “might”. There are no actual facts showing that it will be worse…or even close to it.

If you go back 20 years we’ve had the Bird Flu, Swine Flu, MERS, and SARS…all of which were pandemic scares. Each time many “experts” claimed that it was the end of the world pandemic that will decimate the world’s population. And what came of all those apocalyptic predictions? Absolutely nothing of any significant note!!!

Yeah…I am NOT a panic pusher, I am NOT a hype hustler, I am NOT a fear promoter. I use my professional experience, my training, my knowledge, reality, and history to deal in FACTS. And the FACTS indicate that this COVID19 is not the worldwide killer that wackos are trying to make it out to be.

Summary –

Dang! How do I possibly summarize this SitRep?

Let me try…

We are in a world of hurt!  Why? Because our economic system is a house of cards waiting for a breeze to come along and blow it up. The panic from COVID19 is running rampant and turning people into hysterical idiots. And idiots make very, very poor decisions. But, politicians around the world, and in the United States, will use this crisis to remove more and more power from the people. That is what governments do…they grow themselves stronger not weaker. And the way they grow stronger is taking power away from people. For it is the people who God gave power to…God did not, does not, give power to governments. People either willingly give power to governments or governments take power from people.

And in this current world-wide panic I am seeing people plead to, beg to, demand of, and cry for governments to act. And those same people are ever so willing, standing in line, to allow governments to seize more and more power. That power is seized through declarations of emergencies, either at the state level or the federal level, and the passage of emergency legislation. Those declarations and legislation give governments, state and/or federal, tremendous control over people and draw even more money out of the private sector. And the sheeple appear to be perfectly fine with that.

And many people who claimed to be patriots, the ultimate preppers, prepper website owners, even prepper leadership have fallen prey to this mess and have become nothing more than more sheeple following the other sheeple right over any cliff that the government and/or the media points to. Sad…very, very sad to see. However, not unexpected…I’ve seen it before.

Critical thinking, common sense, independent thought, dependence on facts, even intelligence, has, for the most part, evaporated. This current panic virus situation is a perfect example of people having talked a good game…but when it comes right down to it…they can’t walk the walk…they were/are all talk.

I am begging you to not fall into that trap!!!  Please don’t be another sheeple following these people off the cliff. There is absolutely no need to fear!!!!!  Yes, you should be aware and concerned about what is going on…that makes perfect sense. And then prioritize what the threats really are and take sensible and practical action to mitigate those threats and risks.

The #1 threat as I see it now are the people, companies, governments, media, and websites (especially prepper websites) that have become panic pushers, hype hustlers, fear promoters, etc. They have their own agendas…even if that agenda is utter ignorance. But, I only wish it were ignorance…but it is far worse from what I am seeing. It may be in support of large, more powerful governments, or commercial gain, website clicks, paid membership, or who knows what. But there is the biggest threat…those that are promoting fear through the promotion of the COVID19 virus scare.

So here is my list of “to-do” items, my solution for my wife and I:

1 – We will not get caught up in the fear, panic or hysteria. And I will not promote any of it either.

2 – I will review my own preparedness to ensure I can self-quarantine for 30 days with no unbearable discomfort.

3 – I will improve my immune system. By increasing my intake of those things such as potassium, magnesium, garlic, vitamins C & B, etc.

4 – I will plan to deal with those who do panic and look at me for some kind of forced physical relief.

5 – I will regularly review the 7 Common Risks/Threats and ensure I am on-track to mitigate each. (click here to read more)

6 – I will do what I can to spread the facts and reality of our situation.

8 – I will take appropriate steps with our IRA money to hedge our bet against TEOTWAWKI.

9 – I will prepare for idiots who wish to and will force TEOTWAWKI through their utter stupidity and/or ignorance…or their personal agenda.

10 – I will prepare for government to force a police state under the guise of this manufactured crisis.

And I will do all of this while I continue to finish building our house so we can enjoy it and my wife will be happy 😉

So there you go…I lied!!!!  I said this would be a brief SitRep…I lied, I admit it now in retrospecct. I look at the stats and it is no shorter than normal, longer than some. So deal with it…it could have been longer and much more boring.

In closing…You come to my website for a specific reason. I run a small website, relatively small number of visitors each day, not a paid site, not a site full of ads, not a site pushing books, coins, food, or private newsletters. You come to this website for original content, independent thinking and uncommon views…and my opinions from an experienced professional. Or maybe just for a good laugh from someone you think to be a clown.

Now, take what you have read today and don’t believe a word of it!

But, ponder it, verify whatever you wish, discredit whatever you wish. Then I ask you to pray about all of it and take whatever action you feel prompted to take for you and your family.

Remember the tag line of this website…

”If ye are prepared ye shall not fear!”

Go forward and continue to prepare…and don’t fear.




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So what the heck happened to me and the website?

Well, this will take a little time…but let me give you the executive summary and then you can read more of the details if you want to.

Executive Summary:

Almost all of my time has been spent on building our retirement home. Then for some reason right after the beginning of the year my website went down again.

I was wrapped up in working on the house and ignored the website. Sorry. But, I was posting on another website of which I am a member. Again, sorry, I should have used that time that I was posting there to get the website back up and running. So why didn’t I do that? I only had my little Android phone to work on and it was virtually impossible to work on resolving the website problems using that tiny screen.  I just now got a WiFi up and running and my laptop hooked up.  With the laptop I was able to work through the problems and get the website back up and running.

Why did the website go down?  Not entirely sure but I have my suspicions. And those suspicions are simple…a couple of years ago I published a series of articles very critical of the FBI, CIA, and NSA. The website was hacked and all the articles deleted.  Literally nearly 1,000 articles gone. So this time I was surprised since I hadn’t even resurrect those articles…until I thought through the timing. Right as the COVId19 virus starts gaining speed….poof! the website goes offline again. Fortunately the articles are all there. Just to be sure…I have multiple backups stored in different locations ready to re-uploaded should the need arise.

So there to you go…that is my story and I am sticking to it.

More information and articles to come…should be daily updates for a while. I have been repeatedly contacted to get my SitReps fired back up and published. OK, I am working on one…stand by!


Last February (2019) I began building our retirement home. Yeah, started in the winter. You already know I am not the brightest bulb on the tree but that is the start date that worked for my wife and I. I had 11 months to build it before my wife retired and we wanted to move into the house. And no, I am/was not going to supervise the building of the house…I was/am building it myself.  See, more evidence that I am not the brightest bulb…building a house in my mid 60’s by myself. More on that later.

So I was  working on the house, going back home (325 miles away) periodically to visit my wife, take a shower, and get more articles back on the website. Then remember I shot myself? (click here to read more on that) Well, her retirement date came…and the house was not ready. But, we moved anyways. We moved into a 300 square foot cabin with no running water, no indoor toilet, solar power, wife, 2 dogs, grill to cook on, and a wood stove for heat. Fun and Games!!!!!

So my #1 priority was to get the house livable. Why? Because it had to be ready no later than spring. Why? Remember my articles????? I was talking directly about the potential for serious problems in 2020 and I knew I had to get the house ready before those things started happening. So yes…I put my house building and wife’s happiness and my personal preparedness as a higher priority than getting the site back up and running and more articles published. Sorry.

So the house is not done but it is livable and I am working feverishly to get it more livable. It still has to get done before spring! Why? You know why…and I will give more details on that later.

In the Executive Summary I gave all the details I am willing to share about why the website went down.  Might share more later, but don’t count on it.

So here are my website priorities: #1 get a SitRep out as soon as possible, #2 get a FAQ out shortly thereafter covering some of the questions I’ve been asked since the site went down, #3 an article dedicated to the COVId19 virus situation, #4 resurrect more old articles, #5 update the Table of Contents to enable you to find articles easier.  If you want something else, then use the comment feature on this page to let me know what you want to hear about.


I hope you are well. I hope you haven’t fallen into the fear, panic, and hysteria trap swirling around COVId19 that I have dubbed the “panic virus”. I hope you are not falling victim to the panic pushers, hype hustlers, or fear mongers.  Hang in there!

“If ye are prepared ye shall not fear!”


SitRep – 9/18/2019

It was kinda strange reading the opening of my last SitRep, “Not a whole lot has changed since the last SitRep…” Man, that is not true now!

So this SitRep is going to accomplish two goals if I write it correctly. First, I will give you my opinion on what I see happening and where I see us headed. Second, it will lay the groundwork for my series of articles that should come out in October that I think you will like. Well, some of you may like. OK, maybe only one or two of you may like it. Seriously, at least I will like it…I hope 😉


In this SitRep I will cover the following…

  • Crisis of Trust and Confidence
  • Second Amendment
  • Politics & Politicians
  • Economy
  • Technology
  • Violence
  • Need for Change of Creature

Crisis of Trust and Confidence

I’ve been trying for a while now to really put my finger on a major issue in America right now, maybe the single most important issue facing the entire world right now. I think I have it…Trust and Confidence.

For this article I am going to use the following definitions of the words:

Trust: firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

Confidence: the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.

So what about the “crisis” part? There are multiple definitions of the term crisis. The top three are:

  1. a stage in a sequence of events at which the trend of all future events, especially for better or for worse, is determined.
  2. is any event that is going (or is expected) to lead to an unstable and dangerous situation affecting an individual, group, community, or whole society.
  3. a time of great disagreement, confusion, or suffering; an extremely difficult or dangerous point in a situation.

So for crisis feel free to put it together any way you wish…you get my point.

So yes, I think the major problem right now is a crisis of trust and confidence. Meaning, at least to me, that we can no longer trust or have confidence in the world around us. By that I mean:

  1. We no longer trust the government because we see it for what it is and what it is doing to us. And what they are doing is blatantly anti-Constitutional, moving us towards a totalitarian state. We see the government forcing our country into the financial abyss of debt that we can never recover from. And a hundred other moves that show us clearly that they do not have our (We the People) best interests at heart.
  2. We no longer trust politicians because we see them virtually immune from the laws that we are subject to. And, we see them, virtually all of them, advocating laws, policies, regulations, bills, and agendas that support anti-Constitutional ideas. Most folks who are “awake” realize that they are doing little more than strengthening the totalitarian goal.
  3. We see the Department of Justice allow those that perpetrated a treasonous coup against the President go unpunished. We see the FBI and CIA at the center of that coup against the President. We see the CIA having hired former Nazis leaders in the 40’s and enabled them to conduct horrific experiments on America Citizens for decades. The CIA was responsible for introducing LSD and other dangerous/illegal drugs into America. We see the FBI burn to death nearly 80 men, women, and children…ambush and murder a man in Oregon and then attempt to cover it up. And it goes on and on and on…
  4. Many no longer trust their churches. Many churches now promote doctrine that is false such as no longer relating the story of Adam and Eve…it is now Adam and Adam, Eve and Eve. Churches preach about Jesus, charity, love of life, but accept abortion.
  5. We watch commercials about banks and how wonderful they are to, and for, their customers. Yet, we watch them get bailed out time and time again while the average person gets hung out to dry. Many lost their homes just a decade ago while bank executives earned huge salaries and even larger bonuses.
  6. The media…well, enough said. I don’t know anyone who trusts or has confidence in the media at all. At rightfully so.

I could go on and on giving you example after example of where we have lost trust and confidence in the world around us…but you already know them and see them. Hopefully I have just brought it all together and defined those issues onto a sum total and a clearly understood term…crisis of trust and confidence.

As I think about the problems that faces America today I see all of those problems roll into that single thing…a crisis of trust and confidence. Now that I defined it, what do we do about it?

Ah yes, there is the big issue, isn’t it! And I will get to it but you have to give me a little time and a little leeway.

Second Amendment

I should have probably saved this for last. Why? Coz I am going to probably lose some of you as you read this section. Some may never come back to the website again, ever. Some folks may just get bored. But, here goes…

I was going to write a whole article about the Second Amendment but decided you probably read many articles about it already and have grown a bit tired of it all. So, no stand-alone article. But, I will write just a bit to hopefully shed some light on my view of it…and maybe a twist that you might not have considered before.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Occasionally there is confusion of why it is written the way it was. There shouldn’t be. But, it is rarely taught or explained in the context of its day, let alone in any context. So let me share a few things…

We all know that in the later part of the 1700’s the Founding Fathers saw the British government, specifically the King and Parliament, as being oppressive and tyrannical. They also saw the colonies as having virtually no ability to resist that oppression and tyranny. Why? Because the British kept a huge standing army in the colonies. And the British rulers used that army with ruthlessness to suppress any resistance to their vice-like grip on life in the colonies.

When the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, after defeating the British, they wanted to prevent in the future the kind of oppression and tyranny that they suffered under the hands of the British. And their number one concern…a standing army. They knew that without a strong standing army that they could prevent the enforcement of oppression at the hands of a strong federal government.

Remember this…the Founding Fathers wanted the true power and strength of the USA to reside in the states. They knew all too well what a strong central government was capable of…and they wanted to prevent that repeat of horrible history. James Madison wrote that a standing federal army could be balanced by militias controlled by the states…”a standing army would be opposed by a militia.” He went on, state militias “would be able to repel the danger” of a standing federal army, “It may well be doubted, whether a militia thus circumstanced could ever be conquered by such a proportion of regular troops.” He went on to make clear how European governments viewed an armed populace…”afraid to trust the people with arms,” and that “the existence of subordinate governments [states] … forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition” of a tyrannical federal government.

So then let’s keep going…in the early days of America (1790’s) militias laws were formally enacted…and the Army (standing federal army) seriously regulated and diminished of power and scope.  The militias were to consist of able bodied men 18 – 45 willing to serve. The federal army was only to be organized for specific reasons and then only for periods of two years. Imagine that! And its uses were only for the purpose to repel invasions and against “insurrections.” Ah, notice the very specific term insurrection? The law does not use the term “rebellion” for a reason…especially in the context of the English language in the 18th century. An insurrection is a resistance, usually violent, to established authority. A rebellion is an armed resistance to a government/ruler to replace it with a more suitable form of government.

Why is there a difference in the terminology? One needs only to read the first paragraph of a fairly important document…

“When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” The Declaration of Independence

The Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were doing, exactly the correct way to write it, and how it was to be implemented. They left the door wide open for us, as American citizens, to rebel against an oppressive central government. And they insured us a means to do so…ARMED! They clearly stated the right and insured the means to fix a broken oppressive federal government.

So, now let’s consider a very key word in the Second Amendment “arms.” What exactly did they mean?

Once again, very simple. Since militias, state level armies, were to be made up of average citizens; and those citizens were to provide their own arms. What were those arms?

The average well-turned-out militia member of the day armed himself with: a rifle, a pistol, a long knife, and occasionally a hatchet (tomahawk). Also remember, that almost always a regular, standing-army soldier would carry a musket. While a musket could be loaded a little faster than a rifle, they were much less accurate and far less range than a rifle. Most regular army soldiers also carried no pistol or long knife (but many carried a bayonet). So your average citizen soldier (militia member) had superior weapons (i.e. arms) vs. the average regular army soldier. That is an indisputable fact!

Now, about cannons…The average citizen soldier did not have a cannon hanging around the cabin. Although it would not have been illegal to have one. Cannons were considered “company level” weapons…or “crew served” weapons. When a company of militia was activated, and cannon was needed, they were provided by the company and manned by a specific crew.

Now the Second Amendment should be crystal clear…the Founding Fathers intended the wording to provide for a militia of regular citizens to be armed better than, or at least as well, the army. Why? In order to defeat the army in a violent encounter should the army be used against the citizenry. And, specifically if the citizens were rebelling against an oppressive tyrannical government. Period!

The Declaration of Independence laid the groundwork for it and the Constitution ensured it.

So why are the Democrats and Republicans so eager to restrict the Second Amendment…or eliminate it? Another simple answer…The government today, and almost all politicians, do not want the American citizens to have the ability to effectively resist an oppressive and tyrannical federal government.

Please challenge that! But, you already know the answer to that challenge.

Reviewing the gun-control advocates arguments…Look at the states and cities with the most restrictive gun laws or out-right gun bans. Then look at the time period of the “Assault Weapons Ban”. The look at the National Firearms Act of 1934. OK, done reviewing that?

1 – The cities and states with the most restrictive gun laws and bans are the most violent and have the highest number of deaths by guns. Chicago…52 people shot, 10 dead. Oh wait…that is in a single weekend in 2019. Interesting side note…every state and city where gun violence is the highest…ALL controlled by liberals/democrats/progressives.

2 – During the “Assault Weapons Ban” there was no statistical evidence to indicate any reduction in mass shootings or gun violence via the banned weapons…which was almost non-existent to begin with.

3 – Since the National Firearms Act of 1934 was enacted there has been a huge increase in gun violence and gun-related crime, most of it starting about the 1960’s. There is not a single shred of actionable evidence to indicate any positive effect to make America safer by the National Firearms Act of 1934. Criminals simply chose a different weapon. And what started happening in America society in the 1960’s? Yeah, a whole other aspect of this argument.

So what could the only real reason be for all those anti-Constitutional gun control laws? Yup! You guessed it.

OK…now, where am I headed with all of this? You should already know by now. Without any equivocation I oppose any restriction on gun ownership at all. And by guns I mean ‘arms’ exactly as worded in the Second Amendment.

Unfortunately, what I think doesn’t matter, the truth of the matter is this…we are 100% screwed. Why?

Because both Republicans and Democrats oppose the Second Amendment. What?????? Yup! Don’t doubt me on this. Even the NRA opposes the Second Amendment. Yeah, that personification of all things “liberty and freedom”, the NRA, opposes our Founding Fathers and the Constitution. Yup, that sacred organization, the NRA, supported:

  • the National Firearms Act of 1934
  • the Gun Control Act of 1938
  • the Gun Control Act of 1968
  • concealed carry legislation
  • banning of bump stocks (at the hands of an allegedly conservative Republican President Trump)

A former president of the NRA even stated that he opposed people even carrying a gun at all!

So please don’t tell me that Republicans, the NRA, or even President Trump supports the Second Amendment…they DON’T…and that is a fact! And the coming months, if not weeks, will show me to be correct again when Congress passes gun-control legislation and the President signs it.

Why is any of this important?

Listen, if you are asking that question vs. me proposing it for more opinionated fodder…then you simply don’t get it. But, let me share it with you all the same…whether you get it or you don’t.

The Second Amendment is there for us to protect ourselves from, or rebel against, an oppressive and/or tyrannical federal government. That’s it…period! That was also the whole idea of NOT having a standing army…the federal government couldn’t overpower the states…even with military power. Those are not my words…those are the words and intentions of the Founding Fathers!!!!

What does that tell you about where we are today as a country?  Again…100% screwed!

The states are mere groveling servants to the federal government with NO, ZERO power to resist them politically, financially, or forecefully. The Founding Fathers, in their divinely inspired infinite wisdom gave us one last tool to stop the federal government…the Second Amendment. And they clarified the right to rebel against the federal government…the Declaration of Independence.

So all you NRA members…thanks! All you bump stock ban supporters (or non-resistors)…thanks! All you Republicans…thanks! You, yes…YOU…are contributing directly to the destruction of the Second Amendment, the Constitution, and assisting in the installation of a totalitarian regime. And along the way…you folks are making criminals out of people that our Found Father would have called patriots and heroes.

Yeah, pretty strong words I know. Lots of folks will be very mad at me. Some will cuss me. Some will dismiss me as a nuts. Some will stop visiting the website. Yeah, I can accept all of that. But, what THEY can’t accept is the truth and the hard evidence of what I said…and their role in the destruction of the United States of America.

So if I haven’t already offended you…let me be clear, perfectly clear…

  • If you didn’t resist, or care about, the bump stock ban…you are no patriot. You are an enabler to the destruction of the Constitution. You oppose the Founding Fathers.
  • If you are an NRA member…you are the same.
  • If you back any upcoming gun legislation…you are the same.
  • If you back any previous gun-control legislation…you are the same.
  • If you back Trump’s anti-gun EO’s…you are the same.

Why am I calling out so many people and making people mad at me?

First, I am not calling you a traitor for backing Trump. I am saying if you back Trump’s bump stock ban you are an enabler to the destruction of the Constitution. But, let there be no confusion or doubt, Trump is NOT pro-Second Amendment. He has done NOTHING to prove otherwise. And no, I am not a “never Trumper”. If you think I am…you’re an idiot. And you can’t show anything of substance that shows Trump to be pro-Second Amendment.

Continuing…It is not my intention to make folks mad at me, cuss me, or anything similar. It is to wake people up to their awful state. We are seeing the wheat and chaff being separated…and many who thought they were wheat are, by definition, chaff. Some who thought they were patriots…are pawns…pawns of those that would destroy the Constitution and our country…and are enemies of our Founding Fathers. Many have lost their way…some intentionally, some through ignorance.

But, as with any person that is lost…they can find their way back! All they have to do is decide what they believe in.

  • Do you believe in and support the Declaration of Independence or not?
  • Do you believe in and support the Constitution or not?
  • Do you believe that our Founding Fathers were divinely inspired or not…and support those divinely inspired principles or not?

These are not hard questions to answer. There is no qualification or explanation needed. It is simple…you either do or do not…”yes” or “no”. If it is “no” then you are participating in the destruction of America. And America is the world’s last and only hope for us to save ourselves.

Politics & Politicians

Ah yes…politics and politicians…it all sucks! I am serious…all politics sucks now. It is all about power and money…and we are to blame. Why? Coz we keep electing the problems…politicians.

Yeah, wasn’t that an absolutely brilliant observation and deduction!!! I must be a genius.

So I will make this simple…forget ALL politics, political parties, and partisan ideology. Yup…forget 100% of it…total, complete, entirely. Replace it with principles. If a politician matches up with your principles…then support them. If a particular piece of legislation matches up with your principles…then support it. Ignore all the rest of it.


I’ve been watching this very closely the last couple of months…I mean real closely. Here are the issues:

  • Consumer debt is at an all-time historic high.

  • Corporate debt at astronomical historic levels.

  • Trump administration setting records for federal government annual operating deficits.
  • National debt is far beyond any previous historic record levels, and unrecoverable.

  • Actual GDP is 12% below where it would normally be, let alone any net growth.

  • Many foreign government sovereign debt is at 0% or below.

EVERY factual, evidence-based indicator shows we are in very serious deep trouble economically. PERIOD!

I was listening to a very well placed, knowledgeable asset manager Tuesday morning. He runs one of the world’s largest pool of assets. He said the problem we have in the USA right now is “confidence”. Confidence in our country, politicians, government, financial system, markets, companies, etc. And that is a huge concern to him. He said that our US economy is about 70% consumer driven…and consumer spending is driven by confidence. He went on that consumers just don’t have solid confidence in much of anything anymore and it is getting worse…which means we are teetering. And when asked what puts us over the edge into financial Armageddon…his answer was “something geopolitical”.

His #1 example was the inability to come to terms with China and the trade war, and our competition with China for world economic domination. Then he went on to mention Iran and their trouble-making issues in the Middle East. Yes, there were more, but you get the idea.

The reason for many industrialized nations having a 0% or a negative interest rate is not difficult to understand. But, to fully understand it correctly you have to compare it to the US t-bill rate that is still in positive territory. The majority of the world has no confidence in other, including their own, countries’ ability to recover economically. They are betting on the US economy and our financial/economic abilities to economically save the rest of the world. When viewed in light of those same countries holding US t-bills to prop up their own currency you see it clearly. They are all betting/counting on us. If we go down…the whole world collapses with us. There is no other viable and realistic scenario. And that is a gloomy one to be sure. Not a bet I would make.

Well, if you have been following my website for any length of time, especially the last 5 years, none of this is any surprise to you. I have been pointing out fact after fact after fact of what is going on. Some of the evidence I have provided has really pissed off some folks and they will no longer follow the site. Yeah, mostly the “ever-Trumpers”…those that back Trump no matter what. What really ticked some off some folks was when I pointed out the fact that the Trump stock market is trailing both Clinton and Obama stock market gains. And would have been trailing Bush #2 had it not been for 9/11. I didn’t point it out to make anyone mad…just pointing out facts. Because facts help you see clearly.

And facts are facts are facts…and they are quickly catching up to us…and it ain’t pretty.

Just yesterday (9/17) the NY Fed had to step in to the market to stabilize bank cash reserves and Federal interest rates. Bank cash reserves dropped dramatically and the Fed funds rate jumped. The NY Fed had to instantly infuse $75billion dollars to prevent a huge shortfall in cash reserves at banks. But expert financial experts stated there is still, and will be, a ripple effect to deal with. What could have been the outcome had the Fed not stepped in yesterday? A massive run on banks as people lost confidence and attempted to pull money out of their bank…only to find that banks didn’t have enough cash for people to withdraw. And this is the first time this has happened since 2008. And you know what happened in 2008/2009.


Over the last six weeks I saved a whole bunch of articles about AI and DeepFake technology. I was going to use those articles to substantiate my warnings all the way back to June, and then later in July, when I laid out the specific threats of AI and DeepFake. But…I am not going to use those articles that I saved.


I don’t need to. You read my previous SitReps, starting last June, and you know what I said. If you follow the news at all you will have read since July many independent articles confirming what I had warned you about starting the month before. Interestingly…some so-called prepper-gurus are just now getting up to speed on these problems. Pity.

As I stated previously…in the past you could trust in what you saw and heard yourself. Not so anymore. Video and audio DeepFake is to such a level now that the normal person can NOT tell what it is fake or real. And that presents a huge dilemma. And that also compounds the “crisis of trust and confidence” that I mentioned earlier in this post. It will only get worse.

So, how do you deal with it? I will get more into that that in an upcoming series of articles. But, for now:

  1. Know who you are.
  2. Have solid principles, morals, and ethics.
  3. Rely on what you know to be true, reject those things that fall outside of that.
  4. Be slow to judge.
  5. Be stalwart.


Well, well… here we go…

It is nice to see some prepper-gurus finally seeing the writing on the wall…that has been there for over two years. Recently I read an excerpt from this really well respected prepper-guru guy who many folks believe is directly connected to God himself. And interesting enough…he wrote about what might happen in the 2020 election. He was amazingly accurate!!!!  He was spot on like I can hardly imagine!!  And he wrote almost word for word what I’ve been telling you for the last 2 years. I guess he likes and trusts my stuff 😉

OK, enough of me droning on about that…

We are seeing an uptick of violence…especially once again on the left via AntiFa. It will get worse the closer we get to the election.

We are also seeing more provocation by the right. I won’t mention the groups by name because I don’t want to give them any more notoriety than they already have. But, the right is now actively trying to provoke violence as well. No, I don’t mean they are going out and burning cars and buildings. But, they are holding events that they know will bring out AntiFa and other violent Democrat Party individuals/groups. And they know once the two sides are in the same vicinity of each other there will be violence.

Don’t get sucked into it!!!!  I am strongly suggesting that you stay away from all rallies, marches, protests, etc. for now. Don’t get involved in them, stay away from them. If you find yourself inadvertently in the area…leave at once. Don’t try to stand up for a right-wing cause right now. Don’t try to protest against a left-wing cause right now. They are almost all designed to prompt violent confrontation.

60 Days prior to next year’s Presidential election be 100% prepared to deal with violence on a large scale. “Large scale” meaning city-wide scale. And “prepared” doesn’t mean body armor, 100000 rounds of ammunition, and an AR for your 3-year old. I am saying have a plan to avoid the violence, to withdraw from it, to remove a family member from it, to protect your property from it, to protect your church from it, to protect your neighborhood from it. Yup, you read that right. More about that as time goes on.

Need for Change of Creature

Kinda of a weird title for a SitRep section isn’t it? I wasn’t sure how to appropriately express what I want to say in this section. But I had one of those “Ah Ha!” moments. So here goes, I hope it works…

What would you think? What would you do?

Scenario…The grid has gone down, chaos is widespread. There has been some pretty bad looting and rioting nearby. It is not safe to be outside at night. You have done everything to prepare for “grid-down” and the family, is hunkered down in the home ready to defend it and ride out the storm. Fast forward a few days…

It is 2am and there is a knock at the front door, the alarm is raised, the guards are intensely looking for threats in their field of view. The RIT team jumps into action for their assigned positions. As head of the house, looks through the observation hole…a middle aged man is there, known but not too well, mostly just an acquaintance. He begs for the door to be opened, he is scared, he has his wife with him and three children. They have nothing but the clothes on their back, but he is carrying a double barrel shotgun. No response given to his knocking. The guards and RIT team are tense, expecting trouble…maybe a trap. There was violence a couple blocks over earlier in the evening. A fire or two is burning not too far away, obviously houses.

The man is knocking even louder, crying, begging to be let in. He sounds desperate, his family looks ragged, and their clothes are tattered and filthy. His wife is crying, the teenage daughter has the 1000-yard stare. It looks like the perfect diversion set-up for a gang to hit the house. Still no response is given to his pleas, the hope is…he will just go away.

The house and group is well-supplied with a year’s food and water but no idea how long the grid will be down. It is suspected this is the “big-one” and it could last for years. Everyone in the house feels confident that they can weather the storm, grow food as needed for the family, the well can supply water, there are plenty of guns and ammo to arm the defenders…and the defenders are all well trained.

He bangs on the door again…weaker this time. His wife has collapsed with the daughter in her arms, they’re sobbing uncontrollably, the oldest son, better view of him, now has a baseball bat in his hands, the father is crying as well.

What would you think? What would you do?

Think hard about that…really hard…think it through…get your response clearly in your head. Now that you have that in your head, read on…

You are the father or wife outside of the door. It is your daughter with the 1000-yard stare because she was raped by two gang members that raided your house earlier that night, beat your wife and you unconscious. They stole all of your food, your guns, your ammo, everything you had. Then lit your house of fire as they left. You were able to get your family out just in time. You dug up the shotgun from the backyard that you had hidden there “just in case”. Your oldest son picked up an old softball bat from the side yard as you walked away. He wanted something to help you defend the family. You walked for two hours through the night with your family terrified that another gang might catch you. You finally got to the house of a person that you met a couple of times and whom you respect…and who you thought might be the one person able to help your family in this time of crisis and extreme need. You have knocked and banged on their door three times…you’ve begged for their help…there has been no response. You don’t know what you will do now.

Now that you’ve heard the whole story… What would you think? What would you do?

I hope the spirit of the scenario that I just relayed has touched you in the way I meant it to.


I need you, I want you, to really listen…please. Listen not just with your ears/eyes but also with your heart and spirit. Listen closely…

There is a storm coming…a big one, a very bad one. As it approaches the skies will darken, it will grow cold and as inhospitable as you’ve ever known. Things will happen that you never expected…some good and some bad. Some people will become better than you ever expected, some worse. Institutions will fail, some will oppress, some will abandon you, and some will step up. Overall, it will be bad, very bad.

Now please…listen even closer…

You can overcome, you can succeed, you can beat whatever comes our way. I promise you that!

Some of what will help you to succeed and overcome you can learn from this website. Some of what will help you to succeed and overcome you can find in family, friends, church, and community. Most of what will enable you to not just succeed and overcome, but to thrive,…will come from inside of you. It will come as a result of who are have become and your ability to be the person you need to be.

And yes, for those of you who are religious, myself included, a lot of who you are inside comes from Him, His strength, His grace, His love, His sacrifice for you. Draw on that. Become who He needs you to be.

If you are not the person you need to be…well, that’s OK. Start now and become the person you need to be! Regardless of who you are, what you have done…you can be the right kind of person…the person you need to be…the person you should be. You can do that!

By now, reading this post, you either think I am crazy or something else…who knows what. But, if you are reading this and are truly hearing what I am saying…well, you know…you just know.

You know what you need to do…starting right now, you know what you need to do…who you need to be. Please…just go do it.

Be prepared for the coming storm. Your family needs you. Your church needs you. Your community needs you. He needs you. Be that person.

Personal Note:

For me this SitRep started out like so many others, then I went into the Second Amendment lecture. Yeah, painful I know…sorry (kinda of). The rest of the sections were fairly normal for me. Then came the Change of Creature and Summary. Something clicked inside of me, something strange, heartfelt. But, it was more than that…but I can’t put it into words. If you are still reading this SitRep I think you understand what I am saying.

Last night after I went to bed I laid awake thinking about this SitRep and how it would be received this morning as ya’ll read it. Honestly, I was a little concerned that some would find it demeaning or insulting…not sure why but that is what I felt. But just as quickly I felt that a good number of you would “get it” and know what I am getting at, what I am trying to say…or at least trying to get at. And for those of you that do get it…that would be all worth it.

Then I felt seriously impressed…and I mean seriously impressed that I should add a contact form for you to send me your thoughts and feelings that you receive from this SitRep. I am not 100% sure why…I think it might be different for each person that responds. But, what I want to to do is give you a chance, if you feel it appropriate and you feel prompted, to tell me what this Sitep means to you. And yes, the Change of Creature and Summary are the sections I am specifically referring to.

I would love to hear how you felt, what you feel prompted to do, any changes you feel inspired to make, and/or any actions you feel motivated to take. And yes…anything else you care to share with me.

If you want everyone to be able to read what you have to say you can use the “reply” option on the page. For the more special, intimate, spiritual, or personal stuff you can use the contact form. I look forward to hearing what you have to share. Thank you!


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