TRAP – Socks, never ever….

#1 – Never ever wear cotton socks for any kind of serious emergency, disaster or especially “grid-down” situations. Cotton socks may be great for sports, keep it that way. They will tear your feet up under the conditions you will be subjected to during emergency, disaster or “grid-down” situations. Then wet, cotton socks will destroy the skin on your feet.

#2 – Never ever wear any polypropylene socks. First off, your feet will really, really stink. Second, your feet will get wet, your skin will break down and your feet will get cold once the sun goes down.

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6 thoughts on “TRAP – Socks, never ever….

    • Give me some time to research and respond. I’ve never ran into this before. Any man-made material will not be good for your feet as far as my experience and research indicates. I will get back to you.


  1. I think the people that have never tried wool socks are missing out. I wore cotton socks most of my adult life until one day I decided to try smart wool. My feet are in much better shape and they are comfortable all day (even when wet). Thanks for the advice.


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