Postings on hold…

As of now I am putting any new postings on hold for at least several days. I am doing some extensive research and investigation into some very serious issues. I have three articles that I am currently working on.

On top of that I will be spending a lot of my daylight hours for the next two days helping a neighbor work on his house. They are fleeing a dangerous big city for the safety of our area but need to get their house ready first. So I am helping them out a little.

While I am gone I encourage you to work on a couple of things; 1) Keep your eyes open, 2) Keep preparing, even it is just little things like putting a couple more cans of food in your cabinet, 3) Pray for cool heads to prevail, 4) Remember that DHS/ATF/FBI are all looking for any reason at all to go after any violent domestic extremist or domestic terrorist. Yeah, there is more I wish I could share but I think it would be counter-productive. Just do that which you know to be right.

Russian Gas Pipeline Explosion

I was going to release a post regarding this yesterday but I decided against it. This event is potentially too large in scope and significance to simply regurgitate information that would be 99% speculation. This morning, it’s different.

Here’s what we know to be relatively true and accurate:

  • The pipelines involved are Nord Stream 1 & Nord Stream 2.
  • The pipelines, when operational, deliver natural gas from Russia to Germany.
  • Natural gas was flowing, and/or present, in one or both pipelines at the time and there is no time-frame as to when the gas might be shut off.
  • The company that operates the pipelines is called Nord Stream AG, a German company.
  • Two explosions occurred; 1) southeast of the Danish island of Bornholm on Monday morning, 2) northeast of the island Monday night.
  • After the explosions there are three reported leaks of natural gas into the Baltic Sea causing environmental damage and posing a threat to shipping.
  • After the explosion Norway reported a significant increase of drone activity in the area recently, prior to and after the explosions.
  • The governments of Denmark and Sweden almost immediately reported that the explosions were not caused by a natural event or an accident, both called it sabotage, both declared that it was not an act directed at their countries.
  • Poland also declared it an act of sabotage but didn’t state that it wasn’t directed at them. And they went on to say, “The era of Russian domination in the gas sphere is coming to an end. An era that was marked by blackmail, threats and extortion. We can clearly see that this is an act of sabotage, an act that probably means a next step of escalation in the situation that we are dealing with in Ukraine. Depending on the scale of the damage, the leaks could even mean a permanent closure of both lines.”
  • Nord Stream AG is investigating the leaks to assess when the pipeline might be repaired and returned to an operational status. Their statement gave no reference to any time-frame. The extent of the damage means the Nord Stream pipelines will not be able to carry any gas to Europe this winter.
  • Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was asked by a reporter if the leaks may have been caused by sabotage, he replied, “No version could be excluded. This is an unprecedented situation that requires an urgent investigation. We are extremely worried by this news.”
  • The explosions and subsequent leaks shutting done gas delivery, current and future, occurred on the same day that a new natural gas pipeline (Baltic Pipe) between Norway and Poland was dedicated/opened.

If it was sabotage, which I absolutely think it was, such an act would be easy to carry out. Nothing more than a boat, a couple of divers and a couple hundred pounds of explosives would do the job. It could also have been carried out with more sophistication by a drone and a torpedo style weapon. And a little higher on the sophistication scale, it could have been carried out by an underwater craft.

Let’s take a few minutes to talk about the “who done it” scenarios…

Enviro-Nazis or any other radical environmental group could almost be ruled out from the get go. They do marginally have the ability to carry out an operation such as this. But, would they? While it will cause notable damage to the environment, they could easily have used it to draw attention to their cause and force eco-friendly actions to be taken. But I think this is probably the least likely scenario…but as remote as it might seem, it’s still an option.

If Russia did this to itself you would have to wonder “why?” in a big way. Russian natural gas supply to the European Union (EU) via the pipelines was a source of hard currency which Russia needs to fund its war in Ukraine. The gas supply also gave it considerable influence on EU policies and actions, specifically in regards to the war in Ukraine. Cutting off both their own money and power would seem self-destructive, if not an act of national suicide. But that may also be the reason that Russian operatives did it. No, not on the orders of Putin, but perhaps as part of a larger operation to topple Putin from power. Yes, that means that some anti-Putin group may have used this as a “last straw” to force Putin from power. At the same time it may have been Putin who is behind this. It could be used by him to rally his population, and more importantly his military, to fight against outsiders who wish to hurt/destroy the emergence of the Russian Empire.

I highly doubt that this was a NATO operation. I think NATO has a hard time deciding what color the tablecloths should be at their meetings let alone being able to plan and carry out an operation such as this. I would also say the same regarding the EU being behind this.

An almost too obvious culprit would be Ukraine. Their motives would be clear and understandable…cut off Russia’s power over the EU and reduce Russia’s ability to fund the war against them. And Ukrainian military forces have both the training/ability and technology to carry out such an operation…especially if the US assisted. However, if it was discovered/exposed that Ukraine was behind this then Russia would react in-kind…and react far greater on a relativity scale. This would be a perfect excuse for Russia to use a tactical nuke against a target inside Ukraine. Or, use an conventional strike against a Ukrainian nuclear power plant. And considering the president of Ukraine has urged the US to preemptively strike Russia with nuclear weapons…this scenario seems likely. But, it would also lead to a continuing escalation to a possible full-scale nuclear exchange between Russia and the US.

A somewhat less obvious choice would be Poland. And let’s look at the facts…there is a deep-seated hatred between Russia and Poland. After Germany invaded Poland during WWII the Polish population was decimated beyond belief. When the Soviets liberated Poland from German occupation…the Soviets beat the Polish population into Communist submission where it stayed as a vassal of the Soviet Union for decades. But remember too that Poland and Russia have been fighting on and off for hundreds of years. With the newly opened pipeline shipping natural gas from Norway to Poland it makes Poland the new player on the block with both new found power and money. And don’t forget that this event not only removes Russia as the gas supplier, it removes Germany as the EU gas distributor…both lose money and power.

And now the United States of America…well, this would be an easy operation for the CIA, the US Navy, or any branch of the US Special Forces community. If you look at the unmitigated stupidity of the actions carried out by the US in the last 3 – 4 decades then the US behind this seems plausible. If you look at the insanity and utter evil of the CIA it would make it seem highly likely that the US did it. If you look at the combined folly and incredible minuscule mentality of the US government in the last 60 years then it would be highly likely that the US did it. If you look at Biden’s dementia and low mental capacity it would seem highly likely that he would order it done, or approve it to be done, to cripple Russia. And yes, an hour later not even realizing that he had ordered it done. And it would make perfect sense that the US government would do it in their demented thinking; 1) cripple a Russian money generator, 2) virtually eliminates Russian influence over the EU, 3) humiliates both Putin and the Russian government reducing their standing and influence on the world’s stage, 4) provide all the excuse needed for internal opposition forces in Russia to overthrow Putin.

So I see the two best, most likely scenarios, as to who is behind this as the United States and Russia, #1 & #2 respectively…and Ukraine as a close #3, Poland not far behind at #4. But here is the kicker to all of this…it may not matter at all who actually did it. It is more important what countries do about it that matters…and who gets the blame whether they are at fault or not.

Russia – If Russia blames another country then Russia has a recognized right to strike back. And this attack on their pipeline could be seen as an overt act of war against Russia should they wish to consider it such…and they would be right to do so. So, if Russia affixes blame to a country then Russia will strike back…as would any country rightfully should and would. If they blame the US expect Russia to retaliate, then expect the US to retaliate in kind…and we could be looking at the start to WWIII. If Russia blames Ukraine then expect Russia to hit Ukraine hard, then expect retaliation against Russia. If nuclear weapons are used by any country at any time, then expect the situation to escalate into WWIII. If Russia blames any NATO or EU country then expect Russia to strike and strike hard, but probably covertly. I wouldn’t expect any EU country to retaliate in-kind with the exception of Poland.

NATO/EU – I expect these coalitions to eventually attach a “cause” to the explosions and probably blame Russia itself along with encouraging Putin to be overthrown. But, I wouldn’t expect either to retaliate or escalate.

USA – I expect the United States government to push one piece of disinformation/lie/propaganda after another in regards to the origin of this event. Little to nothing the US will say about it will be true. And everything said and/or done will be directed towards overthrowing Putin. And this will be stupid beyond belief! The US manipulated the overthrow of Iraq…and Iraq and the world is worse off for it. The US manipulated the overthrow of Afghanistan…and Afghanistan and the world is worse off for it. And the US has a long history of overthrowing countries…and those countries being far worse off than before the US’s illegal/immoral intervention. The same will be true with Russia. Should the US succeed in overthrowing Putin, both Russia and the world will be worse off when the dust settles in Russia.

Last thought: Would/Could Biden be behind such a move? Yes, without question and without any doubt on my part. Biden, first off, is mentally incompetent suffering from significant dementia. And politically he has already lost the next Presidential election and he has even lost the support of his own party for his reelection. The US is in turmoil the likes we haven’t seen since the Civil War. A move like this is exactly what a deranged, insane, desperate President would do to distract and deflect. And Biden fits every one of those descriptors…deranged, insane, and desperate.

Bottom Line – This sabotage operation has little to no chance of a good outcome. At the very least it dramatically worsens the energy situation as Europe enters winter. At the other end of the scale this could end up in WWIII or an outright nuclear weapons exchange between two countries that have 13,000 nukes at their disposal. Let’s hope that cool heads prevail within Russia. Let’s hope that the US didn’t carry out this operation, for it they did…then once again the US government plays the role of Dr. Evil on the world stage. Pray that no country attaches blame to any other country whether they could or not. Pray that this just slowly fades away into oblivion.

We don’t need anyone to decide that this is a perfect cause of action to retaliate and escalate, or overthrow.




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Economic Situation…

note: Sorry for the delay in getting this posted this morning, we were canning peaches.

All of the following are different quotes/headlines/views from news reports…these are not my words. Well, not until the end in the Summary.

September 4th, 2012 Forbes had this to say in a headline, “The National Debt: $16 Trillion Dollars Of Moral, Cultural And Political Decay” and the article went on to say…”borrowers will be slaves to their lenders. Add $120 plus trillion in unfunded forthcoming liabilities and, well, we’re doomed. Cradle to grave reliance on public support undermines families and the private institutions such as churches which should stand between government and the individual. Weakened communities result from a godless federal Leviathan saturating life. Society withers as individuals succumb by deferring moral responsibilities to government. If Washington honored the Constitution, no deficits would exist; debts would be quickly extinguished. More government power means more political corruption. As federal authority overflows its banks, an unseemly political swamp no longer warrants the consent of the governed. Sixteen trillion dollars in debt isn’t the issue, but a symptom of a corrupt polity, divided nation and decadent culture. These factors will finish America long before financial collapse comes.”

These dots appeared this year, 2022…

May 10th – Consumer credit card debt and annual percentage rates are heading to an all-time high. The rise in borrowing, together with auto loans, student debt and mortgages, propelled total household debt to a record $15.84 trillion at the beginning of the year.

August 9th – U.S. worker productivity in the second quarter fell at its steepest pace on an annual basis since 1948 when the Labor Department began tracking it.

August 11th – With inflation running at a 40-year high, 36% of U.S. adults tapped their savings to cover daily living expenses. During the first half of the year, the U.S. personal savings rate fell to 5.1% in June from 8.7% in December 2021. Income isn’t keeping up with inflation. Credit card debt balances rose to a collective $890 billion in the second quarter, a 13% jump from a year.

August 14th – JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon told wealthy clients there’s a 40 – 60% chance the US is heading into something worse and harder than a recession. “You better brace yourself. JPMorgan is bracing ourselves and we’re going to be very conservative with our balance sheet.”

September 20th – AT&T CEO John Stankey, “We see more of a stagflation environment.” Goldman Sachs chief economist Jan Hatzius slashed his 2023 GDP forecast this week.  Hatzius says he sees a “somewhat worse” outlook for growth and employment next year as the Fed tightens financial conditions to combat inflation.

September 12st – Top economist Mohamed El-Erian has spent the past two years criticizing the Federal Reserve for what he calls a series of missteps that have put the U.S. economy in a no-win scenario. El-Erian says the odds of a ‘soft landing’ for the U.S. economy are now ‘uncomfortably low’ as 3 major economies face a reckoning.

September 22nd – JP Morgan Asset Management’s chief global strategist, with over 20 years of experience, says “The economy’s got one foot in the grave.”

September 22nd – Legendary investor and Bridgewater founder, Ray Dalio, says the stock market has further to fall sounding the alarm on imminent economic trouble. “We are right now very close to a 0% growth year,” he said. “I think it’s going to get worse into 2023 and then 2024, which has implications for elections.”

September 22nd – Nancy Sarnoff, formerly a senior reporter and editor at MoneyWise. Her work has been recognized by the National Association of Real Estate Editors and the Society of American Business Editors and Writers. Sarnoff stated, “The Fed’s rate hikes have yet to dent inflation.”

September 23rd – Wharton School of Business professor Jeremy Siegel stated he is worried that the central bank is making the biggest mistake in its history and may provoke a steep recession. He says the last two years are one of the biggest policy mistakes in the 110-year history of the Fed. He said the Fed is going to be real tough guys until they crush the economy putting the burden on working people, on the employed people.

September 23rd – Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve Chief, just warned that the US housing market needs a ‘difficult correction’ so that folks can afford homes again.

September 23rd – JPMorgan Chase & Co, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup Inc. raised their prime rate by 75 basis points. Prime rates are now at their highest level since the 2008 financial crisis…put simply, the current economic climate is as dark as it was during one of the worst financial meltdowns in recent history.

September 23rd – Bank of America warned clients “Fed [is] on a warpath…buckle up for a hard landing”.

September 23rd – Larry Summers, Harvard economics professor and former Treasury Secretary, who correctly predicted today’s inflation, “the Fed will have to go much higher than most are expecting to cool runaway inflation.” As a reminder he said in June he said in June: “We need five years of unemployment above 5% to contain inflation—in other words, we need two years of 7.5% unemployment or five years of 6% unemployment or one year of 10% unemployment.”

September 23rd – Adam Tooze, Columbia University economics professor and the internet’s foremost historian of money and disaster stated “There is an extremely severe risk of a global recession. This will mark those people’s lives for the rest of their lives.”  The world’s economic authorities seem to be becoming increasingly resigned to the fact that inflation cannot be tamed without triggering a recession.

September 23rd – Bret Jensen from Real Money said forget a soft landing, we have now run out of runway.

September 23rd – Judy Shelton an American economic advisor to former President Donald Trump, Hoover Institution fellow, and director of the Sound Money Project at the Atlas Network, stated that the US economic downturn could get very serious.

September 23rd – Gregory Daco is the chief economist at EY-Parthenon and former board director at the National Association of Business Economics, he stated that clearly the Fed is expecting a recession, whether it says the word or not.

September 24th – Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and CEO of Telsa and SpacEx, posted on Twitter, “Siegel is obviously correct.” Musk was referring to Siegel saying, “The last two years [are] one of the biggest policy mistakes in the 110-year history of the Fed, by staying so easy when everything was booming.” Musk went on to say, he [Musk] now expects a recession, he added, with working- and middle-class Americans paying the price.

September 24th – Yahoo Finance called the stock market situation “the worst bear market of all time.”

September 24th – Bank of America says we are looking at an historic global bond-market crash threatening.

September 24th – Washington Post writes, “Fed unsure of economy’s direction as Wall Street meltdown worsens.”

September 25th – David Kostin from Goldman Sachs said that the outlook is unusually murky. The forward paths of inflation, economic growth, interest rates, earnings, and valuations are all in flux more than usual.

My Summary –

As you well know I have been warning and writing about this situation for years; and I have given you specifics about all of this for the last two or three years. What got me started on this particular so-called “Random Dots” was my normal research this past week looking for danger signs…Red Flags. To me there is a clear picture coming into focus…or so I thought. Now I am not so sure.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still know that the economy, world and US, will collapse overnight or continue to slide slowly into oblivion. Of that I have no doubt…facts, evidence, and history proves that to be true. But it is the current/recent news stories that causes me to start to wonder about all of it. So I challenged myself…

Are these reports a reflection of what is happening or what the elites want to happen, meaning, a kind of self-fulfilling philosophy…or both.

These 22 items gleaned from the news this past week seem to be pretty conclusive. All of these quotes and reports come from some of the best qualified, most educated, most knowledgeable, and utmost respected experts there are in the world today. If these well-experienced experts are to be believed…the USA and the world are in for a very rough ride. And a case could be made for it being a “final ride” economically speaking. Or is it?

Based on conventional researching and use of logic it would be unwise to see this as anything but foreboding as well as convincing. The opinions come from a wide variety of fields, backgrounds, political affiliation, gender, age, and country of origin. There is also an extensive degree of experience associated with these individuals. That makes a pretty dang convincing argument that they are right…at least collectively speaking. And that is, would be, my assessment…that they are right…and that would be conventional thinking. But are we in conventional times?

Let’s expand our view past the obvious state of the USA’s and world’s economic situation.

  1. We have a near-world war taking place with Russia on one side and NATO on the other. Both Russia and the USA have openly spoken about the use of nuclear weapons. Each side has repeatedly issued warnings and threats to the other regarding nuclear weapons…with the Ukraine insanely urging on the USA to use nukes “preemptively.”
  1. We have a severe energy crisis taking place and worsening in Europe with winter approaching. We have a significant energy shortage in parts of the US with winter approaching. In addition to the worsening energy issues, we have both Europe and the US moving away from stable and reliable energy sources, fossil fuels and nuclear, to unreliable and unstable green energy. And the green energy sources and associated grid infrastructure are not anywhere near ready for the transition in terms of production and transmission.
  1. Then add to that the existing food shortages in multiple countries located on multiple continents. We have both a grain shortage and fertilizer shortage worsening. And add to that we have multiple countries eliminating or restricting agriculture exports. And then there is both the US and Europe actually reducing food production capabilities by law, Europe more so than the US.
  1. Now consider how many countries in the world that are currently experiencing moderate to Grid-Down anarchy lawlessness riotsignificant internal conflict, some to the point of approaching civil war. The US, the so-called bastion of democracy and leader of the free world, is on the verge of transitioning to a hard authoritarian regime and/or experiencing the outbreak of civil war.

So the world does not represent anything even closely resembling “conventional” at this point…and the situation(s) are all deteriorating. So do we apply conventional thinking to the economic situational reports quoted above? I say “no.” Logically we have to look at it in other terms, for me I relate the situation in historic perspective. And that picture ain’t good…no, not at all!

Historically speaking when these varied areas of problems/situations line-up we end up with one outcome…war. But I am not 100% sure that a purely historic view is correct either. I think our situation is now so unique, at least to me, that we are looking at a hybrid of a world situation. And that makes it even worse…and less predictable.

And then the world’s situation deteriorates even more, as if that is possible, thinking about two leaders in the world…the two leaders that are currently at war with each other…leaders of countries that have the 1st and 2nd largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons in the world. One leader is backed into a corner in a war they are increasingly losing on the battlefield. The other leader is suffering from dementia and missing about 50% of his cognitive abilities. Both leaders are suffering from severe internal strife within their national borders. One is openly killing opposition leaders, the other is openly persecuting/prosecuting his political adversaries and critics. Neither country’s political situation could be considered anything remotely approaching stable.

So now what? What does all of this mean? Well, for me…I think we are in a world of hurt…in the middle of a true worldwide sh*t storm. And it only degrades with each passing day.

There is also a wildcard that I can only “feel” but can neither identify nor describe at this point. And I believe it to be a coming Black Swan event. That event will widely affect large numbers of people on a very large scale, be virtually unexpected in nature, and I think it will be in the USA for sure but I am not ruling out other western or third-world countries either, and it will spread.

This is not meant to instill fear or panic…that is not my style as you well know. What I am doing is being open and honest about what I am seeing on many fronts around the world, but specifically in the US. I am doing this to give you my opinion on what may happen based on what I see happening. Most of all I am writing this to give you a sense of urgency on preparing yourself, your family, your congregation, and your community.

Now, do with all of this as your wish…that is your God-given right and responsibility (free will or agency). Consider it, ponder it, discuss it, and most of all…pray about it. But not just what I shared in regards to what I see happening and what may happen…but specifically what you should be doing now and for the coming future as you see it.

But here is a nagging question of mine that will simply not go away…Why does the Federal Reserve, a private company, have so much power over both the federal government and the citizens of the United States?

According to the stated mission, “The Federal Reserve System, often referred to as the Federal Reserve or simply “the Fed,” is the central bank of the United States. It was created by the Congress to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system.”

Here is a significant fact…The Fed was made law, the same year federal income tax was Constitution amendment was ratified, and the same year that appointment of Senators was taken away from the States and given to popular vote. And all under President Woodrow Wilson…who was a Progressive, a Democrat, a radical racist/segregationist, a globalist, and a dedicated/committed authoritarian.

Oh, and FYI…the Democrats controlled Congress in 1913. And if you might wonder why the 17th Amendment was passed stripping States of power by removing their right to appoint US Senators…well, you only need to know that Republicans were the Senate majority for virtually the entire time from 1861 – 1913. Interestingly, an authoritarian President in coordination with Progressive Democrats remove the last real check & balance of the states on the federal government the same year that unlimited power is given to a private company to control the US economy. And also the same year unlimited power is given to the federal government to take money from its citizens to fund a now unchecked all-powerful, centralized federal government.

So back to the Fed…in the first 124 years prior to the Fed, the US had experienced a fair number of boom/bust cycles. However, they tended to be quick and have little even mid-term affect. Since the establishment of Fed control 109 years ago…in addition to a notable number of lesser boom/bust cycles in the economy, we’ve had a major depression, two major recessions, multiple stock market “corrections”, and we are staring an economic Armageddon in the face. And after each economic “problem” wealth moved from the middle and lower income bracket folks to the wealthier families and larger corporations…hummmm. So tell me again…why did the US Congress give power to a private company to control the entire US economy and virtually the entire financial operation of the US federal government?

The only way to combat a national problem like this is on a local level.  Act locally, barter, trade services, support local farmers by buying their products directly, support local merchants, support local credit unions, be active in local government, and work to elect Constitutional Sheriffs. Then ensure that your own finances are in order being as independent of the system as possible. Reduce your retail purchasing and frequent garage sales, flea markets, yard sales, craft fairs, estate sales, thrift stores, and moving sales. Reduce your spending, increase your savings. Then find other folks that think and believe as you do…find them in your neighborhoods, your congregations and churches, and in your communities…and with them enact local, community-based, solutions.

Some of you may question this last encouragement and that is okay…VOTE !   I know there are folks who think voting is a waste of time, and it may be. But, our Founding Fathers set up a Constitutional Republic based on the citizens’ power to vote at all levels of government. They did so for a reason…and I support that reason…I vote…please do the same.

We the People can win this battle against evil but it won’t be easy, it won’t be for the faint hearted or the uncommitted. It will require dedication to righteous principles of government found in the Constitution…not the literally evil monstrosity that exists today in Washington DC. It will needs be that you work hard to make that Constitutional restoration, be devoted to doing what is right, and, if called upon, sacrifice.

You are needed.


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Winter is coming…cut firewood!

Yup! That’s me yesterday morning. I was cutting firewood, wife person was gathering and loading it into the trailer. She took a break to video me cutting down a standing dead pine tree. All of this got me thinking about what we’ve all been hearing. And I have been researching and watching closely what has been happening in Europe…and California.

We have had the wettest monsoon season that anyone can remember in the last 50 years. And the old timers have been telling me that when they had this kind of monsoon season as kids…they had winters with lots of snow. And for lots of snow…it has to be cold.

But that is not all…the Farmer’s Almanac agrees…a cold and snowy winter for our area. However, the National Weather Service (NWS) is predicting above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation.  So…who to believe?

I guess the right question should be…Do you want to take a chance on who is right?

For me…I am cutting firewood already. In a normal winter here we use about 1.25 – 1.75 cords of wood. This year I will have 3 – 4 times that amount cut, stacked, and ready to go. Why? It has been the rainiest monsoon in 50 years (2.5 months already)…the NWS didn’t predict that. It has already been cold…hitting upper 40’s already…the NWS didn’t predict that. So we are not taking a chance. Besides, if I don’t use all that firewood this year we simply have a jump on it next year.

But, don’t kid yourself and think we aren’t looking at multiple options…we will be ready, more ready this year than any other. How?

  • 3 – 4 times more firewood than normal for our wood burning stove.
  • We installed a back-up 150gal propane tank.
  • We have four 25lb propane tanks, 1 is designated “Emergency Use Only”
  • We have three 5lb propane tanks reserved for only outdoor grill use.
  • We have a 30,000 BTU propane heater that connects to a plumbed household propane connection.
  • We have a 4,000 – 9,000 BTU propane heater that has its own 1lb tanks, or can be hooked into 5lb tanks.
  • We have multiple electric baseboard heaters.

That means we have two primary sources of heat…wood stove and electric baseboard heaters. Then we have two back-up heat sources, both propane. And plenty of propane on hand for the winter and then some.

One is none, two is one, three is a good start, four is security.

So why the heck do I share all of this information? Simple actually, I want you to know how serious we take redundant heat sources and how much credibility we give the idea that this winter might be really cold…possibly very cold for an extended period of time.

So my question to you…What is the winter looking like for your area, what are the predictions? And what have you done, are you doing, to prepare for it?

Think I am kidding around? No sir, I am not. Think about the situation in Europe…they are in big trouble and that may well be an understatement. Firewood is nonexistent because it has all been bought…since last month. They get their natural gas almost exclusively from Russia. Yeah, Russia…the same folks who have already cut the gas supply. They have drastically reduced the use and availability of coal. They have shut down most of their nuclear power plants. Their electric grid(s) couldn’t handle last winter or the winter before without rolling blackouts and brownouts. Their electric grid(s) couldn’t handle this summer’s demands without rolling brownouts. So what happens to their electric grid when Russia is not sending any natural gas, or not enough natural gas, to Europe?

And just a thought…did you know that Europe has had grid problems for years? Meaning this…their conversion to “green energy” is an utter failure…and they keep going down that same failed road.

Yup, they go out and buy electric heaters…then plug them in…then watch their grids fail. As they get colder and colder and panic increases what does America probably do to help them out? Yup, send them emergency shipments of LNG, propane, and oil. And what does that probably do for the supplies in America?

Think about your situation, your winter, your plan…what can you do now to help you and your family be better prepared for winter?



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Russia Losing? Think again…

For years now, decades actually, I’ve maintained that “outcomes” are the key, not “intentions.” Meaning look at the outcome of what person’s, company’s, or even a country’s actions are vs what their intentions are. It is what the results or consequences are that really matter, not what they said they wanted to accomplish.

In Afghanistan the stated mission (i.e. intentions) of the US government, specifically Bush #2, was to destroy the ability of the Taliban to conduct terrorist activities. Then the mission morphed into “nation building” and “spreading democracy”. Success or failure?

Taliban now operates freely and openly in Afghanistan…oh, wait, the Taliban is the government in Afghanistan. And we provided billions of dollars of advanced military equipment when we retreated from their country. And Afghanistan is a theocracy run by Islamic zealots whose standard of living reflects a loss of 1500 years of civilization.

Intentions vs outcomes.

So back to Russia…is Russia losing?

Granted we know that a whole lot of Russians have died in the military operations they are conducting in the Ukraine. They have lost thousands of military vehicles, including their most advanced T90 main battle tank. A tank so tough, advanced and sophisticated that a $1,000 drone dropping a $100 hand grenade can turn it into flaming scrap metal. But they do control a good portion of Ukraine as a result of 6 months of operations.

Is Russia losing?

Well, let’s explore that…

  1. The reduction of Russian fossil fuels flowing to western countries has contributed to historic inflation levels in those countries, including the European Union (EU), including the USA.
  2. The reduction of Russian natural gas to the EU is sparking fear in those countries and causing additional economic hardships…primarily Germany, the #1 economy in the EU, the 4th largest economy in the world, and the strongest militarily in the EU.
  3. The reduction of agriculture crops coming out of the Ukraine and Russia have contributed to worldwide food shortages, present and future. Last year Russia was the #1 wheat exporter in the world, Ukraine was #5. Together they account for over 30% of the world’s production of the top 8 wheat producing countries.
  4. The reduction of available fertilizer is adding to the food crisis, present and future, in the world today. Russia is the world’s #1 exporter of fertilizer. Russia’s close ally China, is the world’s #2 exporter of fertilizer. Russia and China account for 1/4 of all exported fertilizer in the world.

So Russia has basically disrupted both the food and fuel situation in the entire world. Their actions, and the western country’s reactions, have caused fossil fuel prices to jump and energy availability to drop. It’s to the point where the EU is wondering how they are going to keep their populations warm this winter. Many non-western countries are facing starvation for notable percentages of their populations. In all countries food prices are spiraling into uncharted territory. In the US prices on everything are putting immense pressure on middle and lower income families…and it is predicted to get worse, potentially much worse. The US stock market is headed to, if not depression era lows, recession era territory and trillions of dollars are being lost.

So I ask the question again…Is Russia losing?

Wait a minute…are we even asking the right question? Remember I spoke about “intentions vs outcomes”…remember that just a minute ago? Outcomes are far more important than intentions. And when you are dealing with countries you have to consider the presence of propaganda when absorbing governments taking about intentions. And as we know…the USA is a master of propaganda…no one is better at lying and deceiving than the government of the United States. Doubt me? Think Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, etc.

So go back to the outcomes I was listing in regards to the situation in the Ukraine. Now, add to that list of outcomes the fact that NATO countries have spent some $200+billion in direct and indirect military aid to Ukraine. So did those countries put in an order to the Walmart of the military-industrial complex and have it all drop shipped to Kiev? Nope! All that stuff came off the shelves of military warehouses and out of munition bunkers.

And so…do you think that those countries will let those shelves stay bare or those munition bunkers stay empty? Of course not! Think about it…that equipment sent to Ukraine was up to 20 years old in some cases, purchased at 2002 – 2010 prices. To fill those shelves and bunkers back up those countries now buy the latest and greatest replacements, upgraded of course, at 5 – 10 times the original equipment prices. So the military-industrial complex now gets new orders of upwards of $2TRILLION of equipment.

Hummmmmm, and who pays that bill? Oh, the taxpayers of each of those countries…those countries who are already suffering economically under historic inflation and energy shortages.

So maybe we should be thinking and asking something completely different:

  • Who are the least able to pay the taxes that pay for all that military equipment?
  • Who are the least able to pay for heat and electric bills that are spiraling out of control?
  • Who are the least able to pay for gas for their cars?
  • Who are the least able to buy food whose prices are going up weekly?
  • Who is least likely to deal with the economic catastrophe that is taking place in the world?

But…let’s add some of this into the mix:

  • At the same time that the EU is suffering energy shortages, they have drastically curtailed reliable fossil fuel and nuclear energy production.
  • At the same time that the EU is suffering food price inflation, those same government are reducing their own food production capability.
  • At the same time the EU is taking a huge hit economically, they are spending billions of dollars on replacement military equipment.
  • Ditto on all of the above with the USA.

But, there is one problem with the 4 items mentioned directly above…it hasn’t just started since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In the EU they have been destroying their energy production for several years…same with their food production capability. For the US, some states have been at it for just as long but in hyper-drive for the last 2 years.

And now…one last item of business before I wrap it all up…

  • Who owns all of the new green energy companies?
  • Who owns all of the technology companies providing equipment to the new green energy companies?
  • Who owns all of the corporate farm operations that are still producing the world’s food supply?
  • Who owns all of the world-wide transportation of food and fuel supplies?
  • Who owns the military-industrial complex?

While poor people (lower & middle income) struggle to pay increasing taxes, increasing energy bills, increasing food prices, increasing housing costs, increasing price of EVERYTHING…do the wealthy have that problem?

If you are worth $100million dollars and you lose 20% in the stock market, if you have to pay $200 a month more for gasoline, if your heating bill goes up $175, if you have to pay $65000 for an electric vehicle…does that send you into homelessness? But if you make $65,000 a year and you have to find a way to cover $1,000 a month or more in expenses…how does that work out for you?

So maybe we need to be asking a question more along the lines of…Who is benefiting from the world’s entire situation right now? And maybe another way to put it…Who is making money off the world situation right now, including the war in Ukraine?

Then again, maybe I ask myself…who always benefits from war, inflation, stock market dips, world-wide crisis, etc.?  Well, it’s never the little guy, it’s never the poor, it’s never the military Private on the front line, and it’s never the civilians getting buried!! Nope!! So…hummmmmm…maybe propaganda is preventing us from asking the right questions altogether.

Now, wouldn’t it be terrible, a true tragedy, if we actually knew the right questions to ask…and we just ignored asking them?  I wonder “Why?” that would be.

And then again, do we have the courage to ask the right questions…and then do something about it?



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FAQ – 9/22/2022

  • Do you want to see Trump on trial?

Well, yes and no. If he is remotely guilty of what they have said he is…then put him on trial and let a jury of his peers decide his fate. And “no” I don’t think he should go on trial for the apparent politics only vendetta against him. Then again, if he was put on trial then maybe some of the FBI/DOJ criminal activity and BS would come to light so all of America could know who they really are and what they are really doing.

  • How do you make money off the site? I am trying to find a way to help but can’t.

Oh yeah!!!  Ah, wait…did you say money or profit? There is no profit to running this website. In the early years I lost about $20,000 – $30,000 on testing and reviewing equipment and gear. Yeah I know, not a good business model. Now, and for the last couple of years I am making money. I make about $1.75 per month from Amazon links, I make about $2.00 every third month from online book sales. And that is about it. Now for the good part…I spend about $150 per year paying the host (WordPress) and for the privilege of owning the website name. However, this last month I made almost $20 because someone bought one of the air conditioners I mentioned and linked to on Amazon in the article…along with an above normal amount of other purchases through site links to Amazon. My wife isn’t real happy with me over the whole thing but she supports the effort. I have actually had a few folks want to donate money for/through the site but I feel like that would be begging…and that doesn’t sit well with me. I could take on advertisers…but then that make me like most other prepper websites. And I refuse to make it a subscription website because I think people need information more than I need money.

  • You explain stuff in a good way, could you do a series on solar power?

I have actually been thinking about doing a series on the basics of solar power. But, it would take time and right now I am swamped getting the “glamstead” ready for the apocalypse. But let’s try a survey and see what the interest is.



  • Why didn’t you write about the rail strike and it could have crashed the country?

I didn’t think it had a remote chance of it happening. I would have put it at a 5% probability. Biden wouldn’t have allowed it so close to the mid-terms. Or rather…Biden’s controller/handler wouldn’t have allowed it to happen because it would have meant a sure loss for control of Congress. Yeah, that means I saw the strike potential as “static” and I am trying to reduce all that crap as much as possible.






Contact me with your questions or private messages…



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Different Kind of Post This Morning…

So this morning I am doing something VERY different, something I have never done before…but I need to do this. I am not going to get into all the details in this post, I will write an article later going over the details and an explanation. For now I just want to touch on the really, really good part.

Sometimes in life you run across those people who are simply great people, good hearts, generous hearts, and willing to go that extra mile. I had that experience late last week…and I am extremely grateful for that opportunity. And today is my way of paying that person back in some small way.

< click image to visit their website >

The person that I speak of has very recently purchased a business with his wife. It was a longtime dream of theirs to be in this business together and they were just recently able to make that dream come true. I am not “advertising” their new venture, I am not pushing their products, I am not receiving any compensation of any kind, I am simply asking you to visit their website.

After having looked around their website, if you find something that appeals to you, please consider purchasing a product from them. I am sure they would appreciate it. And it would be a small gesture on my part to help them accomplish their dream.

Thank you very much! I appreciate who you are, your loyalty to my website, and for those of you that do visit…an additional heartfelt thank you!





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Fear & Panic…STOP IT !

Okay, I get it…there are lots of problems in the world today. There are plenty of problems in our country today…and getting worse by the hour. You can scan the headlines on any news or prepper website and get a huge dose of depression…if that is what you are looking for. I do, I get it…it appears that it is the “end times”…as a case could be made.

Now, let me share with you three lines from a 2-day old personal email I received from Dennis…

“I don’t remember how I found your blog, but I LOVE it. [It’s] not fear porn, as a matter of fact, you keep discouraging that. Thank you for doing what you do, may God bless you going forward.”

His email made stop and think about a problem right now and I wanted to address it. Did you see the message? He was calm, appreciative, and not expressing fear or panic.

Now, let me share with you the story of my newest neighbor. Last winter she was looking for a piece of property that would be a good place to ride out the impending apocalypse. She wanted a place with good neighbors, a sense of community, and out of the way of any marauding golden horde. She purchased a piece of property a couple hundred yards down the road from us. The property is a very decent piece that has lots of potential and can be both safe and productive…and a nice view to boot. She got a good price because she had cash. But then the problems started…all of her own making.

When we were introduced to her by a common neighbor shortly after her purchase, we invited her and her boyfriend to dinner. I need to mention that she is in her early 60’s, divorced, retired, and familiar with prepping. Her boyfriend at the time was a little sketchy.

Over appetizers, dinner, and a post-dinner visit we learned a lot. The primary motivation that she was experiencing, and driving her decision making, was both fear and panic. This was in late February and she was convinced that the world was coming to an end in about 6 weeks’ time. She knew the supply chain was going to seize up and stop entirely, and in the meantime the prices of home building supplies would soar 10 – 20 times their current price…then disappear from stores altogether.

So what did that mean to her in practical terms? She had to get something done right now, right away, before another day passed, because the world was about to end. Yup, fear and panic buying.

No amount of conversation with my wife and I had any meaningful impact on her to calm her fears and help her settle on a more realistic and practical plan. Why? Because who she was listening to, who her experts were, and who her information sources were. She was frequenting doomsday prepper websites, she was associating pretty much with only doomsday people who were also preppers, and she had this preconceived idea in her head regarding reality. Problem was…it wasn’t actual reality…it was her reality…it was all in her head rooted in false or misleading information, not fact-based.

So she ends up 7 months later with only a foundation for a house…and the foundation is terrible…looks like a 3-year old did it. She has most of the building supplies…but the lumber she bought was rough cut so it all has to be recut before it can be used. And it has been sitting out in the weather the entire monsoon season. Her driveway has washed out 3 times. She has no building crew. She has no well and no solar system. She isn’t living on her property yet but she does have 1/3 of the fence completed along the road frontage…that encroaches into the road easement and built with substandard materials. She is down to her last $50,000 and no idea when the framing will get started on the house. No electrical supplies, no plumbing supplies, and no roofing material. And worst of all…she has alienated almost all the neighbors due to her constant requests for help and ignoring recommendations.

So why do I share this with you? Because she started from a position of both fear and panic. And that led her to make horrible and very costly decisions.

For the last week I reviewed a lot of prepper websites and prepper YouTube videos. I read and saw so much absolute crap it was staggering. Everything from the government was making you register your garden with the USDA to the banks were closing now and to get all your money out immediately. And yes, even worse BS than that. And of course there was the usual secret insider information that no one else had access to.

And get this…a man I know, not well at all, ran into me at a local merchant and we chatted for a minute…then came the whispering. He has a friend who knows a retired Army Colonel who worked in Army intelligence. He said that there would be a catastrophic event that would shut down the entire country and cause its collapse within 2-weeks. Ahhhhh yeah, we had that conversation 3-weeks ago.

And I could go on but you know what I am talking about…and you have probably seen the same fear porn that I am talking about. I belonged to an online prepper community for about 10 years, left it several years ago. And over that 10-year span there were relentless predictions of a “catastrophic event that would shut down the entire country and cause its collapse”…and not a single one of them ever even came close to happening…not one…not even close!

Then there were the countless revelations of FEMA concentration camps that had already been built and awaiting citizens to be interned there. Ahhhhh, problem…no one was ever able to give the GPS coordinates to even a single camp…ever! And of course there were the periodic sightings of UN troops already being positioned in the US for the immediate takeover and occupation of the US. Then there were the pictures of military equipment being shipped via rail cars to US locations for the imminent implementation of martial law. Ahhhhh, no. It was normal shipments of military equipment along with National Guard equipment being shipped for training. And let us not forget the invasion of the US by China that a bunch of folks were convinced would occur…and soon (and still are). No amount of fact based information, no amount of reality, no amount of common sense, no amount of actual logistical fact would/could convince them otherwise.

Not only was all of it utter nonsense and not true…it only took up wasted hours and hours and hours of people’s time…and worse yet…it created a growing sense of stress, anxiety, fear, and panic with each new round of those BS crap discussions.

So I ask myself this morning why does this happen, why do people start that crap or participate in it? I think there are a number of reasons:

  1. The people who create this crap like to draw attention to themselves, sound important and think of themselves as relevant.
  2. People like to dwell on the obscure to avoid the demands of the here and now.
  3. It is an escape from reality…like watching a Stars Wars movie.
  4. It creates controversy, which in turn creates attention, which causes response. And that results in video views (which makes money) and causes increased discussion in forums (which makes money).

The real concern/issue is…when it comes to the prepper world it causes problems…BIG problems. Why?

  1. Causes distractions from what people should be doing.
  2. Causes anxiety and a sense of anxiousness…and that may lead to poor decision making.
  3. Can produce fear and panic in people…and that almost always leads to really bad decision making.
  4. Poor/Bad decision making leads to misdirection of valuable resources…such as buying anti-nuclear iodine pills vs expanding food storage…or wasting valuable time involved in nonsense issues.

So once again I am on my soap box speaking out against “fear porn” and those that promote it. I know there are problems right now, some of them rather big ones. And I am not saying to ignore those problems that are actually real and need your attention. To do so would be irresponsible and could well spell trouble.

What I am saying is to settle down, calm down, ignore all the static out there, quit listening to the doomsday folks, disregard the “insider information”, stop escaping reality for all the stupid junk being talked about. Pay attention to that still small voice inside you…but you can’t hear it very well with all the static swirling around in your head…and on your computer or phone screen. Get rid of the old static and ignore any new static.

Go about your prepping in a systematic and thoughtful way based on clear and valid principles. Make decisions based on reality, quality information from reliable sources, and never ever make decisions based on fear or panic. For if you do…those decisions will be bad decisions…and those decisions will waste your valuable time and your valuable resources.

Now is the time to focus…and stay focused. Don’t be stupid, and don’t make stupid decisions/choices. Do those things that you know are right and that make sense.

Be wise.

Some excellent words of wisdom…


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Changing Water Filters in our Water System

There are some jobs around the house I am not real crazy about…and not entirely motivated to do with a smile on my face. Changing/cleaning water filters is one of those jobs.

Yes, yes, yes…I know it is important to keep the water clean and to keep us healthy…I just find it tedious.

And since I posted what our water system looks like I thought I would share my program of cleaning and/or changing our system’s water filters.

Now, I want to do the disclaimer thing…I am no expert, I am not a doctor, I am not a plumber, I am not a water quality specialist, I am not a chemical engineer, I am not an EPA water scientist. So do what is best for you and your system…I am simply sharing what works for us. Is that enough or should I grovel more?

Here is an interesting note…Our system is an open system, meaning our water goes from well to storage tank, then into the house system. So the water sits there and the storage tank does accumulate some very limited amount of fine sand that settles in the tank. And since there is a vent in the tank we find the occasional small insect. Hence, the filter system we have. Our neighbor has a closed system, meaning it goes straight from the well into their household pressure tank. You would think that it would be just fine from there. But he tells me that he does find some very fine sand in his water as well…albeit very, very little. So he is putting a single 1micron filter on his system to remove even that.

So now on with our process…






< click here to download the entire Glamstead Water System PDF file >

Original article (8/30/2022) on our water system: Household Water System

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