TRAP – Do you honestly know how to use all your gear?

Be honest, do you really know how to use all of that equipment and gear you have stored for emergencies, disasters or “grid-down”?

Prepper Geek with equipment and gear

That’s OK if you don’t.  At least you have the “stuff’ going into the calamity.  I just hope you don’t have a whole lot of very cool gear but very little food.  What I would suggest is:

  1. Identify the “events” for which you wish to be prepared for.
  2. Set realistic priorities for your prepper budget dollars to meet the events identified in #1 above.
  3. Make sure you have training on how to use the gear you have. Then periodically review and test those acquired skills.
  4. Maybe annually review where you are in your prepping and fill in the gaps in both gear and training.
  5. And remember that for virtually all disasters, emergencies and especially during a “grid-down” you will face the same basic survival needs –
  • Defense – Protect yourself and your family from violent threats
  • First Aid – Provide basic medical care to yourself and your family
  • Water – Acquire a water source and then provide filtered and purified water
  • Communications – Be able to communicate with the outside world and among your family
  • Shelter – Protect yourself and your family from the weather and environment
  • Fire – Provide warmth for food preparation and comfort
  • Food – Provide basic nutrition to yourself and your family
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