I want to help you from becoming lame and dying…

ingrown Toenail Infected

note: first appeared in December 2015

If there was ever a headline that should get your attention, I think that was it, yes? You’re reading the article so it must have worked.

Have you ever had serous foot problems? I mean the kind where you can barely walk? Maybe not even be able to walk? Well, I have and it ain’t fun!

I want to paint the picture for you…It is 4 months into grid-down, how many times have you cut & trimmed your toenails?

Yes, I am being serious. Yes, I really want you to answer the question. Yes, of course you can answer the question silently to yourself.

Are you getting my point about now? I am concerned about good foot hygiene, specifically toenail care. Can you imagine for a minute how you would take care of your toenails without a toenail clipper? Your fingernails would be somewhat easier to care for, but your toenails could prove to be be a serious challenge.

So I really want you to add a toenail clipper to your GOOD BOB and whatever other supplies you have boxed up and ready to bugout with. But, I also want you to go buy an extra one for your house. It is kind of a Murphy’s Law’s cousin, needing something and not knowing where it is. Put this extra one someplace obvious but different that your regular everyday toenail clipper.

So which brand do you buy?Revlon Toenail Clipper

I have tried a number of different brands and find Revlon to generally speaking be the best quality, most sturdy, and cost effective brand.

Oh, come on… Yes, I am actually giving you advice and recommendations on toenail clippers. I am sure you could do fine on your own. But, I bet you a dime to a dollar that you don’t have a pair in your GOOD BOB. I know I didn’t, and I am supposed to be kind of an expert on these preparedness issues.

Just in case you are wondering – I was standing there in my bathroom, wife calls it the “master bath.” And there was my toilet kit for when I go on wildland fires. I went through it just to make sure everything was there. I was planning on putting it away until next season. But then I started thinking about it and realized there was a prepping hole in my GOOD BOB.

So, my advice to you is to get a good quality toenail clipper, or two, and put them into your prepper supplies. If you don’t, you may screw up your feet so badly you end up virtually crippled.

Revlon Toenail ClipperWhile you’re at it consider this little beauty as well. If you have to work on an ingrown toenail it is a real tool!

Yeah…I am flipping serious.




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