So what the heck happened to me and the website?

Well, this will take a little time…but let me give you the executive summary and then you can read more of the details if you want to.

Executive Summary:

Almost all of my time has been spent on building our retirement home. Then for some reason right after the beginning of the year my website went down again.

I was wrapped up in working on the house and ignored the website. Sorry. But, I was posting on another website of which I am a member. Again, sorry, I should have used that time that I was posting there to get the website back up and running. So why didn’t I do that? I only had my little Android phone to work on and it was virtually impossible to work on resolving the website problems using that tiny screen.  I just now got a WiFi up and running and my laptop hooked up.  With the laptop I was able to work through the problems and get the website back up and running.

Why did the website go down?  Not entirely sure but I have my suspicions. And those suspicions are simple…a couple of years ago I published a series of articles very critical of the FBI, CIA, and NSA. The website was hacked and all the articles deleted.  Literally nearly 1,000 articles gone. So this time I was surprised since I hadn’t even resurrect those articles…until I thought through the timing. Right as the COVId19 virus starts gaining speed….poof! the website goes offline again. Fortunately the articles are all there. Just to be sure…I have multiple backups stored in different locations ready to re-uploaded should the need arise.

So there to you go…that is my story and I am sticking to it.

More information and articles to come…should be daily updates for a while. I have been repeatedly contacted to get my SitReps fired back up and published. OK, I am working on one…stand by!


Last February (2019) I began building our retirement home. Yeah, started in the winter. You already know I am not the brightest bulb on the tree but that is the start date that worked for my wife and I. I had 11 months to build it before my wife retired and we wanted to move into the house. And no, I am/was not going to supervise the building of the house…I was/am building it myself.  See, more evidence that I am not the brightest bulb…building a house in my mid 60’s by myself. More on that later.

So I was  working on the house, going back home (325 miles away) periodically to visit my wife, take a shower, and get more articles back on the website. Then remember I shot myself? (click here to read more on that) Well, her retirement date came…and the house was not ready. But, we moved anyways. We moved into a 300 square foot cabin with no running water, no indoor toilet, solar power, wife, 2 dogs, grill to cook on, and a wood stove for heat. Fun and Games!!!!!

So my #1 priority was to get the house livable. Why? Because it had to be ready no later than spring. Why? Remember my articles????? I was talking directly about the potential for serious problems in 2020 and I knew I had to get the house ready before those things started happening. So yes…I put my house building and wife’s happiness and my personal preparedness as a higher priority than getting the site back up and running and more articles published. Sorry.

So the house is not done but it is livable and I am working feverishly to get it more livable. It still has to get done before spring! Why? You know why…and I will give more details on that later.

In the Executive Summary I gave all the details I am willing to share about why the website went down.  Might share more later, but don’t count on it.

So here are my website priorities: #1 get a SitRep out as soon as possible, #2 get a FAQ out shortly thereafter covering some of the questions I’ve been asked since the site went down, #3 an article dedicated to the COVId19 virus situation, #4 resurrect more old articles, #5 update the Table of Contents to enable you to find articles easier.  If you want something else, then use the comment feature on this page to let me know what you want to hear about.


I hope you are well. I hope you haven’t fallen into the fear, panic, and hysteria trap swirling around COVId19 that I have dubbed the “panic virus”. I hope you are not falling victim to the panic pushers, hype hustlers, or fear mongers.  Hang in there!

“If ye are prepared ye shall not fear!”


5 thoughts on “So what the heck happened to me and the website?

  1. Great to see you posting again. Hope the house is working out…but I’m pretty sure you’ll find you’re not “completely” moved in for at least another 18 months. Take a while to get a house “tuned” just right.

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    • Thank you! It feels very good to be reaching out to folks again in a constructive way. Yeah, I think you are spot on…18 months to get settled in…and 18 years to get all the projects inside and outside done 🙂 I will just keep on tuning! AH


  2. Glad you are progressing with the new home, and pleasantly surprised to see your site back up. It is only in the last week I stumbled across your posts on the other site, and that lead here. Our place is definitely a work in progress (6 years) with no end in sight, and I imagine yours is the same. It is definitely a great comfort to be far from a population center and prepared for the long haul. All the best.

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