Feedback & Comments: 4/11/2020

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsC writes…

“Good Morning:

My husband and I are past 80;…..we are still living here on Terra Firma so are continually trying to be informed about options for the future.

I have forever been a “prepper”……While hubby loves his horses, taking grand-kidlets into the mountains on horses, fishing, teaching them how to live off the land, etc., etc.!

Admittedly, what lies ahead for everyone is a HUGE Unknown … least to a lesser or a larger degree.   BUT, after death THERE ARE NO questions!

Thus, I enjoy learning and reading about THE  “What IF” THAT becomes a reality….Then I say to myself….”Hey, I read an article by a guy I never met named AH Timble, and he suggested this IDEA might be a “life saver” at just such a time as this!!!!   : )

Thanks,  AH Trimble!!


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