SitRep – 4/11/2020

Well, it’s struck close to home…and now we will see where it ends up…won’t we.

For a month now I’ve been laying out what is happening, what will happen, the fraud, the fake, the hoaxes, the cowardliness, the turncoats, the hustlers, warnings, etc. Well, has any of it struck close to you yet? It has us.

US Government & Medical Community Fraud –

Last week I began investigating the actual COVID-19 death count, its reliability, any possible fraud in it, and why the reaction to it. Well, before I could complete my investigation and write an article on it my wife sent me a Youtube video. They were looking into much the same thing and produced a great video that really hit it. But, let me tell you what I found before I embed the video for you to watch.

Let’s say you had an uncle that was in a car accident, he was thrown through the windshield, and died as a result. What would the cause of death be? Probably listed on the death certificate as “massive head trauma” or something similar. Now, let’s say that during the autopsy they found he had a somewhat low iron deficiency in his blood. Would you expect to see the cause of death changed to “iron deficiency” on his death certificate and the county coroner now claim in news reports he died due to “iron deficiency”?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. But, that is exactly what the government is doing with COVID-19!!

So, a person dies last week from a heart condition (i.e. heart attack). And while performing the autopsy the coroner tests for COVID-19 (post-mortem). And the patient tests positive for COVID-19. Would it accurate to say the dead person died from COVID-19? No idea, right?!?! Maybe, maybe not…who knows at this point? Did they have an iron deficiency too? How about a cold? How about an ingrown toenail?

So here are some of the stats regarding folks  who’ve died recently classified as COVID-19 deaths… with underlying health condition (most patients had more than one underlying condition), percentage of deceased with the condition:

  •     Diabetes, 41%
  •     Chronic kidney disease, 31%
  •     Obesity, 28%
  •     Cardiac, 23%
  •     Pulmonary, 18%
  •     Neurological, 5%
  •     No underlying conditions, 5%
  •     Immuno-compromised, 4%
  •     Chronic liver disease, 1%

It was Dr. Deborah Birx, the response coordinator for the White House coronavirus task force, that first officially revealed this information earlier this week. And it should be noted…almost every other country in the world doesn’t do this! So why does the US do it?

Money and power.  The more scared we are of COVID-19…the more power we willingly give up to all levels of government to restrict and control us. The more scared we are of COVID-19…the more money the federal government can spend. It is a vicious cycle of evil…and we’ve fallen victim to it…once again.

What we know for sure…the government is purposely providing false numbers of COVID-19 deaths, that is undeniable. And we know they are taking rights, liberties, and freedoms from us. We also know that the actions taken by government is killing the economy. And We The Sheeple….are allowing that to happen. Sad.

Economy –

Experts are now predicting record number of corporate and personal bankruptcies in the coming 12 months, breaking all previous records by substantial amounts. The primary reason will be record debt loads. How many bankruptcies? It could easily hit 1,000,000…probably far more.

Now, in 2010 the number of bankruptcies hit 1,500,000 due to the Great Recession. But, this time the dollar amount of bankruptcies would exceed the 2010 numbers. And in 2010 we didn’t have the huge unemployment numbers we have now. It could be another economic blood bath. Record bankrupcies on top of record unemployment on top of record debt on top of record GDP drop. Not good, not good at all.

Jobless claims just hit nearly 17,000,000…representing 10% of the US workforce. And it all happened in just a month’s time! Think about those repercussions.

Hits Close To Home –

I reported earlier about increases in crime…and more increases to come. Weird statistics are coming out…overall there is a decrease in crime reports (call volume), decrease in traffic violations, decrease in drunk driving, etc. But, other areas of crime are increasing…vehicle theft, commercial burglaries, home burglaries, looting, domestic violence, etc. And virtually all crime experts are saying the longer the COVID-19 crisis continues the more crime will increase. And that makes sense considering all of the newly unemployed, close living conditions, stress/tension, economic problems, and large releases of prison populations taking place.

One of the areas that is seeing a very large spikes are home burglaries. And now it has struck close to home. I live in a very rural area between two small towns, 7 miles to one town, 15 to the other. I live almost two miles off a paved road on an unmaintained county road. Our acreage is located at nearly the end of a dirt road…two neighbors past me, then only a wash on the end. Our neighbors are about 400 – 800 yards away from our house depending on the direction you look. To our east…well, I could easily say we don’t have any neighbors.

A couple days ago a few of us folks got together to talk about life under COVID-19 and what we might do for the future. I related that I had foot prints show up near the dirt road, came across my fence, walked around some old sheds still standing, walked about 80 yards looking around, then crossed back over the fence back to a waiting vehicle.

One of my neighbors talked about two instances in the previous 2 days of unknown folks on the road at his place. One drove by in an older model pick-up that is not from our area. Slowed down to look his place over, then drove on. Another stopped at his gate, called him over, and asked him a number of questions. Questions that they should not have been asking.

And now…last night I got a text message from him saying another neighbor had a break in. The victim has a farm in the bottom land, about 1/3 of a mile from me, and 1/4 mile from the closest neighbor. The criminals broke into the house and stole stuff, did a little damage, details unknown. I will know more later today.

Now, add that to a Facebook group that has started chatter over the last 10 days about a lot of outside folks coming into our general area (not just our small rural corner). Lots of folks that aren’t normally around, some never before seen. The concern is palatable…making locals nervous.

Later today we are getting together to discuss options and start a plan implementation. I will go check on neighbors places to see if there are problems there this morning, before the meeting. About half of the property owners are not residents here and live somewhere else, coming here on weekends, short vacations, holidays, etc. We will make sure their places haven’t been broken into.

Summary –

Bottom line…keep your eyes open folks! It is happening…and getting worse. No one knows where this will all end up…but it isn’t looking good. No, not at all.



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One thought on “SitRep – 4/11/2020

  1. Its going on all around us here in the DFW area. and the reaction seems tobe “la,la,la,la, I don’t want to know about it”
    The Question becomes what to do about it? Well one way is to learn to Hear Him and to follow President Nelsons Council. He asked us to study the new proclamation and to in crease our receptivity to the Holy Spirit. These are spiritual answers. What about the physical things that are happening as you described? All we can do is be open to prompting of the Spirit and to physically patrol the neighborhood. You can do the patrolling armed. Here not so much.

    Thanks for another thought provoking article.



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