Something to think about…Bartering & the USPS

Couple thoughts hit me yesterday and this morning…

Bartering: This past week I met with a couple neighbors a couple of times. Each time we talked about the current situation in the US and in our area…and what is coming. One of the main subjects was “bartering” vs. money. We touched on the basics and figured we would be seeing more bartering as the economy continues to fall apart.

On Friday during lunch my wife and I did our normal habit…listened to the radio show that is a “trader” show. People can call in and offer things for sale, or ask if someone if they have something specific they would sell. Cute show. Well, Friday a guy came on and said he had a 24 roll case of toilette paper that he would trade for 25lbs of rice. Imagine that!!!!  Bartering toilette paper for rice…to be exact…one role of toilette paper for one pound of rice.

Now, during our meeting Saturday morning I mentioned to folks about the egg shortage at the stores and basically being out the last two weeks every time I looked in the store to buy some eggs. After the meeting one of the neighbors texted me and said they had 18 eggs available and to come get them. I knew he would just give them to me but I wanted to be ready to buy them in case I misjudged him. Well, when we made the exchange I offered him $5 and he turned me down. But I was prepared….I offered him a #10 can of rice. Yeah, he accepted it with a smile!

Are you ready to barter in the coming economy?

US Postal Service (USPS): I’ve written extensively on the trouble with the USPS in the last month. Finally other folks are catching up on the problem. On Friday a report came out that the USPS is asking for $90,000,000,000 (yeah, $90Billion) to keep operating. They will run out of money before October. The only way they can stay operating is if Congress loans them the money…$90BILLION.

I have little doubt that Congress will loan them the money. I can’t imagine that the US government would allow the USPS to go broke, let alone out of business. But, what disruptions could occur….sick out, strike, slow down, walk out?

I would suggest that you have an alternative to the USPS lined up before July. I know I will.


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