While I was working this morning…opinions, views, and warning.

Hey Ya’ll, good afternoon!

I was out early this morning, about 5:30am, working on my driveway, my 750’ driveway. I was doing some very physical labor moving heavy rock, gathering more rock, strategically placing that rock, then getting cinders and filling in and leveling. Then I topped the morning off with getting another load of big/heavy rock off my neighbor’s pile. I’ll place those on the driveway tomorrow morning and keep the project going till the sun gets too hot for me to work. So, the whole time I was working this morning I was thinking, pondering, evaluating, and considering a number of issues…worried about all of it. And that is what I want to talk about this morning.

Here’s the deal…I am writing this article completely for me. I need to get a few things off my chest and share with you some deep feelings and concerns…and some troubling thoughts. At first I thought it would be some kind of warning or a head’s up…but nope! This article is for me to unload some things. What you do with them is up to you. Actually, you may not even read the rest of the article…and I understand and don’t blame you a bit. So here goes, if you are interested…

I truly, honestly believe that we are -more than likely- at a tipping point due to the probability of a “Bubba Effect” event. And when that occurs, we are screwed…completely screwed.

But let me back up a bit. I am old enough to have lived through the race riots of the late 1960’s. It was a horrible time in America. To explain it would be difficult. Blacks felt very oppressed, they felt racism was rampant, that police brutality against blacks was intense and pervasive, and that they were not treated under a primary founding principle of our country, “…that all men are created equal…” And they were 100% right! And the race riots were their way of showing their frustration. Right or wrong…there it was…frustration and a certain sense of hopelessness.

I remember my dad saying some of the most vile and hateful things about blacks during that time. I remember him cleaning his gun and bragging about looking forward to those n*gg*rs coming to our town…then he pointed the gun at the door and dry fired it. I didn’t understand him then…unfortunately I understand him, and that experience, now.

We are there again…and worse. Why worse? Because there is more organization to the violent provocateurs, hyper-militarized police with a propensity to do extreme violence and violate the Constitution, an agenda driven media, a better organized violent right-wing opposition, and plenty more bubbas.

Let me share some more of my explanations of what I just mentioned…

* “violent provocateurs” – We are seeing a combination of a well-financed group pouring in millions of dollars towards organizations, mostly anarchist groups, to fund their violent activities. We are seeing a coalition of provocateurs who infiltrate peaceful protests and then escalate the situation into violence…solely to get a reaction, a violent reaction, from any law enforcement present against the civilians present.



* “hyper-militarized police with a propensity to do extreme violence and violate the Constitution” – Man, were do I start! I’ve been writing and warning about this for years and years now. And here we are. Several things have seriously gotten to me in the last few days.

  1. Navy veteran, Naval Academy graduate, Christopher David…threatened, beaten, bones broken, and then pepper sprayed. Yeah…at the hands of DHS troops. But I am naturally cynical and skeptical by nature. So I had to look into this myself and my first question was, “Why was he there?” In his own words he stated that he was concerned about unidentified troops in military camouflage uniforms taking people off the street and putting them into unmarked vehicles, taking them to undisclosed locations, and not presenting them to a legal system court as required by the Constitution. OK, legitimate and admirable reason to be there. Next, “Was he threatening or aggressive towards the DHS troops?” I watched every video I could find about the encounter. It is plain, very plain and clear…he was NEVER threatening or aggressive, his body language was relaxed and casual. As DHS troops began pushing and shoving a group of female non-violent protestors he approached the DHS troops and asked them if they understood their oath to the Constitution and why were they violating it. One of the DHS troops aimed a fully automatic M4 military carbine at his chest, another DHS trooper then began to beat him with a long wooden crowd control baton, and finally another DHS trooper then doused him with a large amount of pepper spray directly into his eyes, nose and mouth from mere inches away. David finally just turned and walked away with chemical burns to his eyes and respiratory system and multiple broken bones. In what universe is this acceptable behavior on the part of anyone who remotely claims to be law enforcement?
  2. Wall of Moms – A group was organized by middle aged moms in the Portland area called “Wall of Moms” and their stated purpose is “We are about protecting peaceful citizens’ right to protest.” Yup, they put themselves between peaceful protestors and DHS troops. Who in their right mind would think that is a bad thing!!! They want to prevent violent clashes between protestors and various versions of law enforcement. A great, compassionate, thoughtful, wonderful concept…to maintain peace and a non-violent environment. They were doing so on a recent night outside one of Portland’s federal buildings. The protesters were in-fact peaceful at this point and then DHS troops came pouring out of the building and attacked the mothers who had linked arms with each other on the public side of the barrier fence erected by federal troops. The mothers were pushed, beaten, and prepper sprayed. I watched video after video after video of this incident. Once again…in what universe is this acceptable behavior on the part of law enforcement!!
  3. Retired 3-Star General – so yesterday I was looking into the violence in Portland and the extreme violence on the part of DHS troops against civilians. I found this video with an interview of a retired 3-star Army general. He made a great case…against the DHS troops. First he explained the purpose of the multi-can camouflage clothing worn by the Army in combat…for their military troops to blend in with their surroundings to make it harder for the enemy to see them. Bottom line…to reduce casualties. And to make each other readily identifiable to each other to prevent friendly fire casualties. Then he explained that multi-cam uniforms worn by DHS troops were being used in an urban environment therefore was inappropriate and completely worthless as camouflage. Then he stated unequivocally, the sole purpose of the DHS troops wearing multi-cam camouflage uniforms was to appear as military troops and to intimidate civilians. Then he railed against DHS, a federal law enforcement agency, for commandeering an official US military uniform to be worn against US civilians while committing atrocities against those civilians that rose to the level of war crimes. His case was rock solid, accurate, and passionate. Then it dawned on me…these DHS troops were in-fact fully militarized law enforcement acting exactly as military troops, looking like military troops, armed with military tactical gear, carrying military weapons. All of these DHS troops…are now full on military. Why does this bother me? You already know that answer, but I will address it in my “summary”. Just think for a minute…if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck…it’s probably a duck.

* “an agenda driven media” – Notice I didn’t say an agenda driven leftist media. Although I would have been entirely correct with that statement…but that is only the half of it. By in large we have two sets of media in this country…1) leftist, 2) conservative. Both are agenda driven, both are dangerous, both refuse to report objectively, both are spewing propaganda for their respective party. I even listened to this so-called “doctor”, a PhD guy that was so in love with Trump and all things right-wing and conservative that he was impossible to listen to because it was so obvious he was not just manipulating facts and news…he was outright lying. Disgusting! But, the key is…both are dangerous, very dangerous! Why? Because they feed their respective parties with Confirmation Bias that continues to escalate the division and now they are escalating the violence. Neither side of the media presents an objective view of events…only their version of truth designed solely to cause more and more violence.

* “a better organized violent right-wing opposition” – I spent hours the last 4 days watching video of confrontation between BLM (and similar organizations) and right-wing groups. In most, not all, of the situations the BLM/similar groups were peacefully protesting…although vocal, taunting and civil disruption. And for the most part, the right-wingers started violent encounters and escalated the situations intentionally. And it will get worse. Right-wingers, law & order extremists, and others of similar ilk will continue to raise their profile, their escalations efforts, their violence, and their numbers. The growth curve of this behavior is now exponential in nature.

Time to Ask Questions –

So now…what does all of that mean? Well, first you must remember that this is only my opinion…but those opinions of mine are based on clear and factual information than is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. So I am comfortable in my opinions.

OK…so what does all of this mean? We are in a world of hurt as a nation…and it will get worse, much worse. I believe we are now more likely to have a violent civil war than not. And I don’t mean a Civil War like the 1860’s…I mean a civil war as in tribe against tribe. We have devolved as a country into tribalism and war among the tribes is virtually inevitable…and has horrific implications. But hang on a second…

Did you notice that I used the term “DHS troops”? Did you wonder why, or do you already know. In my opinion federal law enforcement agencies are fully militarized and performing as any military troops would do in third world countries run by petty dictators. And just in case you want to think about something else for a minute…read the Constitution. Is there any mention of authorization for any national level police force or law enforcement agency? No, there is not.

And something else to think about…Let’s just say for a minute that Trump is justified in sending in DHS troops to cities and states where they have not been requested and are not welcomed…by the respective state and city leadership. OK…got that? So now we are down the road somewhere with a different President…and he/she doesn’t like what a state governor or a city mayor is doing, or how they are handling a particular problem. What is to stop that President from sending in DHS troops? Get my point…once the precedence is set, where does it stop…where does it end? A slippery slope kind of thing.

But some might say that the DHS troops are there to protect federal property. OK, so why are they leaving federal property and committing all manner of violence against veterans, moms, journalists, and otherwise peaceful civilians? And please don’t let anyone try to say they are not doing those things…there are hundreds of videos showing their actions that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that these atrocities are occurring.

This is the problem when law & order extremists get power. This is what governments, the Ruling Class, the Elites, do to acquire and maintain power…power against their own citizens. They use extreme violence, intimidation, and other forms of evil to suppress the population and the citizens’ God-given rights.

Now, don’t get me wrong…the violent protestors, the anarchists, those that are destroying property, the animals that are attacking legitimate police officers should be dealt with through the legal system. If the anarchist animals attack, or attempt to destroy private property, then the owners of that property or those being attacked have every legal and God-given right to protect themselves and their property…including the use of lethal force.

But, how do the DHS troops justify the violent attack on the women in the Wall of Moms? How do the DHS troops justify the horrific and unprovoked attack on the Navy veteran Christopher David?

Here is the point in that matter…they can’t justify it. And worse, they don’t have to because no one in the federal government holds them accountable. Why? Because they are the federal government’s shock troops, their Brown Shirts, doing the bidding of those in power who wish to teach US citizens a lesson. And that lesson is…


Now, let me come back to the coming “Bubba Effect”…I’ve explained it before. But, in brief…it is the point when a right-wing or white supremacist, or redneck, or biker, or some law & order extremist gets fed up with BLM, AntiFa, or some other leftist group or person and that Bubba commits an extreme act of violence against the opposition…probably murder. Once that happens the Ruling Class, the Elites have won! Why? Because they will use that incident to prove they have been right all along. They will also use it as additional justification for more government goons to get into the fight and more suppression of rights and freedoms. But it doesn’t end there…that is just the beginning.

To retaliate AntiFa would become more aggressive and violent. Or alternatively, maybe in addition to, the NFAC <click here to read about them> will lash out. And with over 1,000 heavily armed members (some estimates are in the multiple 1,000’s) they could create a horrible and causality ridden armed clash. The New Black Panthers would not be left out, so they would strike as well. And then the black gangs would get into it. And so on.

And what do you think all the while nationalists would be doing? Or the white supremacists? The III Percenters? How about the hundreds of militias around the country?

So you think that gets bad…what is happening with the DHS troops…even the military…at that point?

I see a picture where everyone but the Ruling Class, the Elite, loses. And I mean lose big time! What Executive Orders do you think would be issued? What curfews implemented, movement restrictions put into effect, gun rights destroyed, etc.? Where do you think it would stop? Do you think it would stop? Now, hold that thought.

I had one of my website visitors send me an email asking me to review a video and give him my opinion on this guy who is in the process of establishing a nationwide militia, a “movement”, a “nationwide network”. What I found was very, very disturbing.

I won’t use his name or the group’s name or provide the video link because I don’t want to give this guy or his militia any exposure. Why? Because I think he is very dangerous person trying to do a very, very dangerous thing…something that will get people put into prison or get folks dead. Let me explain…

This guy starts out his video talking about currently being a business owner who supplies equipment and training to preppers. He then states he is a former Special Operations soldier. And then he goes into the fact that he left the military to do private contracting for the CIA and brags about the money he made. Then he makes statements such as “I am going to rally the troops. I am going to get as many people as possible as part of this so we can come together when shit hits the fan, because it will.” He states he will provide information and actionable intelligence. Then he solicits money and your email address.

So here were some of my observations:

  • He is former SpecOps. He comes from a perspective of extreme violence. He is a gunfighter, a shooter, a highly trained killer. He is trained to destroy and kill…and be very good at both.
  • He is former CIA. The CIA is a master of deception and one of the greatest evils the world has ever seen. The CIA’s job is to destroy, kill, and overthrow governments. They kidnap, torture, and perform all manner of evil.
  • I wouldn’t have a single thing to do with this guy or his organization. Why? His training, his self-admitted work he has done in the past, his association with the CIA, his making it clear “he” is the center point of everything.
  • He makes it clear he is creating an organization…whatever name you want to call it…that will be controlled by him and do his bidding. He says over and over again…”I”, “my”, “me”…and that he is the “only” one that can do this.
  • I don’t know his intentions, it is not possible for me to know them. I can tell you this…in my opinion…he is an ego maniac…he is looking for a mass following…he is looking at using violence…he talks of his “team”…etc.  His message has all the earmarks of a man trying to create a power base, a power structure, and with him in control of it. This has all the makings of a “brown shirt” operation…especially considering the CIA link.
  • I did not get a good underlying feeling about him. I could sense he was telling only a small part of what his plan is. He spoke only of those things that would rally people to him, he played to people’s emotions. I think of the old wise saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” I think it applies in this situation…a whole lot.
  • What I didn’t hear from him:
    • Holding bad cops accountable.
    • Resisting tyranny.
    • Constitutional rights, liberties, and freedoms.
    • Principles of our Founding Fathers, the Declaration of Independence, etc.
    • Restoring any of the above, fighting against any/all forces that work against the above.

This is exactly why I am encouraging you, begging you, not to join any militia, not to support one, and not to form one. This current climate is perfect for all manner of people with evil intentions to take advantage of it. It is also a perfect opportunity for any number of mentally unstable people to take advantage of people’s emotions and fears…and form groups that will later be used against God and against the Constitution.

Summary –

I see the situation as it is now as being the perfect convergence that creates an environment that is picture-perfect for the Ruling Class, the Elites, to take a quantum leap towards their end goal.

We have anarchists trying to topple society, we have racists trying to further their causes, we have a plethora of well-intentioned people being sucked into causes without knowing enough about them, we have militias of every stripe ready to strike, we have violence in major cities and even medium sized towns, we have good peace officers being lumped in with thugs with badges, we have DHS militarized troops committing all manner of atrocities against US citizens.

Bottom line…we are a nation of tribes…tribes that have been pitted against each other and ready to kill each other. The rule of law has broken down, we have lawless law enforcement running amok in some cases and failing to do their jobs in others.

We, as a nation, are ripe for a civil war…and who do you know that is actively trying to avoid it? I don’t see any politician trying to stop it. In some cases they are actively escalating it. I see plenty of people bragging about being ready to fight other tribes…often hiding those motives within “self-defense” or “law & order” rhetoric. I see plenty of people trying to sound educated and justify their own tribe’s position while denigrating other tribes’ stated grievances. I see a lot of folks criticizing people for protesting…peaceful protesting…when that is a Constitutionally guaranteed right. I see plenty of people complaining about what other people do…while expressing all manner of prejudice and bigotry themselves. And most unfortunately, I see people unconditionally backing their party or their idolized politician(s)…and failing to see reality.

I see our country unraveling. I see our country devolving into warring rivals tribes. I see hate, bigotry, prejudice, and ignorance prevailing over common sense. I see the Constitution being ignored in favor of law & order. I see anarchists who can’t even spell Constitution. I see our country in dire straits…very, very dire straits.

The Answer(s) –

What is the answer? To me it is relatively simple:

  1. Understand who the real enemy is and what their stated goal is…the Ruling Class, the Elites, and to establish an authoritarian/totalitarian government.
  2. Stop thinking in terms of politics, politicians, and parties. Think in terms of principles. Specifically gospel centered principles and Constitutional based principles.
  3. Drop all bias, bigotry, and prejudice. Listen to every reasonable person and try to understand their perspective and their point of view.
  4. Stop reading and watching only those news items and using only those news sources that confirm your positions/views…Confirmation Bias.
  5. See reality…not what you want reality to be…or what you think reality is to justify your own position or your own tribe…but what reality really is.
  6. Think in terms of “consensus” not in terms of “compromise” or “compliance”.

If we can’t do these things then I feel that the chances of getting through this as the United States of America is virtually impossible. And I mean that in the absolute worst of terms.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want the country run by leftist and anarchists?
  • Do you want a police state with the federal storm troopers in charge?
  • Do you want the Ruling Class, the Elites, to win?
  • Do you want our country’s history, warts and all, destroyed and wiped out?
  • Do you want militias fighting each other or militias patrolling your town’s streets?
  • Do you want the Rule of Law to reign supreme…or do you want to be ruled over?
  • Do you want tribes or communities?

Think over these questions very carefully. Think about your answers even more carefully. Then listen to your heart and your head on what to do about it. I trust you to find the right answers for you and your family.

There is an old saying…”You are either part of the solution or part of the problem.” It has never been more applicable than today.

Choose you this day.


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