Do the Unexpected!

note: article first appeared in October 2016

It’s been a while since I wrote a “head” article, today this is a “head” article. What is a “head” article? An article wherein I talk about the psychology of preparedness. And yes, that means all things tactical as well.

Let me set the background…there are lots of aspects when we talk about the “enemy” in regards to preparedness. The enemy can be starvation, a broken bone, a violence-prone bad guy, or your own mental health. We must be able to defeat all of the enemies that we face in regards to preparedness. Failure to do so may well result in a fatality…yours or a family member. I don’t like that result for you or for me.

Let’s do some examples to set the stage…

Example #1 –

During Hurricane Katrina one enemy was flooding. What unexpected thing could you have done to beat the enemy, flooding?

Sandbags for one, maybe a gas powered water pump, and don’t live below sea level would all be good choices.  For the most part in retrospect “doing the unexpected” would be the prevention steps viewed by those that suffered at the hand of the enemy, flooding.

Example #2 –

A man in your neighborhood falls while cutting his grass, he is severely hurt and bleeding badly. You see it, you grab your medical kit, run to his side, and find him unconscious. You pull out your Combat Action Tourniquet, apply it with skill, check his airway, do a head-to-toe examination for other injuries, all while directing someone to call 911.

The unexpected? Did you just potentially defeat the enemy, death? What would the average person be expected to do in this situation?

Example #3 –

Ever wonder what soldiers generally do to counter an ambush? Would you say that this is an enemy situation? What is the enemy’s expectation?

The enemy expects you to die immediately or get pinned down long enough for you to eventually get shot and then die. So what is the counter-action to an ambush…in other words…how do you defeat it?

You do the unexpected.

  1. Put scouts out in front to spot ambushes before they start.
  2. If an ambush starts, don’t stay in the “kill zone”!  It’s called “getting off the X”. The enemy wants you pinned down, don’t be…MOVE!.
  3. Fight back with overwhelming firepower. You throw more lead at them (or at least more effective weapon’s  fire) than they are sending your way.
  4. Charge! If you are left no other alternative charge directly at them like you are demon processed and overwhelm them. Look at it this way…if you stay put you are doing exactly what they want you to do…stay put till you die. Don’t die…MOVE!

Yes, there are other ways to defeat an ambush including flanking them, etc. But, by now you are getting a little bit of a flavor of what do to against an enemy…do the unexpected. And doing so greatly increases your chances of surviving.

Emergencies –

So let’s take a look at emergencies and how do you do the unexpected. But first, what are some emergencies –

  • InjuryPrecious Metals for preppers - grid-down, emergencies and disasters - gold & silver
  • Flu
  • Vehicle Accident
  • Heart Attack
  • Job Loss/Retirement
  • Utility Outage
  • Death
  • House Fire

What are some of the things that you can do that would be viewed as “unexpected” by today’s society when facing emergencies?

  1. Have an emergency fund of 3 – 6 months of expenses to pay for bills in the event of unemployment or other event.
  2. Have food storage to feed your family in the event of that same event or even retirement.
  3. Have multiple several 10 – 15 pound commercial fire extinguishers placed strategically around your house.
  4. Have solar power capability for power outages.
Disasters –

So let’s take a look at emergencies and how do you do the unexpected. But first, what are some disasters –

  • Earthquake
  • Wildfire
  • Tornado
  • Hurricane
  • HazMat
  • Flood
  • Epidemic

What are some of the things that you can do that would be viewed as “unexpected” by today’s society when facing disasters?

  1. Have a proper 96-hour kit ready to go at all times.
  2. Have a good water supply and sprinklers, wildland fire hose, and a small Honda water pump available at your home or cabin in wildfire prone areas.
  3. Have antibiotics stored for use when regular supplies would not be available.
  4. Have a Bug out Location and travel plan identified before the disaster hits.
Grid-Down –

So let’s take a look at emergencies and how do you do the unexpected. But first, what are some grid-down events –

  • Transportation Stoppage
  • Pandemic
  • Financial or Stock Market Collapse
  • War or EMP Attack
  • Martial Law

What are some of the things that you can do that would be viewed as “unexpected” by today’s society when facing grid-down events?

  1. Have multiple ways to defend your family if/when violence strikes.
  2. Have water stored for your family to stay inside and safe.
  3. Have and ample supply of prescription medications on hand for medical conditions; have a adequate supply of over-the-counter medications on hand for normal sicknesses, etc.
  4. Have food storage to feed your family if food becomes scarce.
  5. Have your investments diversified; 1) mutual funds, 2) precious metals, 3) local credit union, 4) cash.
  6. Organize with your neighbors or community for protection.
  7. Understand your rights and have a copy of the Constitution readily available…in your pocket.
Summary –

When it comes to your enemy…don’t play into his expectations…just don’t do it. If you do play into your enemy’s expectations you are probably going to lose. You are far better off doing the unexpected. However, don’t be foolish…but do the unexpected. You do so to get outside of his comfort zone, to get inside his OODA Loop, and make them operate on your turf, not theirs. The element of surprise can be valuable in a conflict whether dealing with a human enemy or something else such as a wildfire. Competent and skilled execution of the unexpected can be devastating against your enemy…greatly increasing your odds of survival.

But you have to at least have a clue what you are doing. The higher your skill level at performing the unexpected, the chances rise exponentially of your success. And, success is the end-game here…the alternative is not so good.

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