Hoax Alert: US Government Now Controlling Food Supply

Hoax AlertI am starting a brand new “category” here on my website. I’ve decided that I will dedicate some of my time to showing you perfect examples of HOAX information. And right now…hoax information is contributing to the fear, panic, and hysteria surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak.

To properly assess any situation you must be able to acquire and understand information to make correct decisions. And the information must be credible. There is far, far too much information out there that isn’t credible…avoid it like the plague!

Yes, pun intended 🙂  False information leading to poor decisions is worse than the COVID-19 by an exponential factor. For quality Situational Awareness you have to be able to discern credible information from a hoax.

The other day I became aware of an Internet article starting to be circulated… it stated that the US Government took over control of the food distribution chain.

Article headline – “Grocery Insider: US Government Now Controlling Food Supply Distribution As Coronavirus Turns Into National Nightmare

So, you read the article headline and you think: OMG the government is now controlling the food supply and distribution of food in the United States. Man, if there was ever a time to be fearful, that would be it…the federal government controlling food!

Well, let’s look into it….

  • The person posting the link on an second-hand website doesn’t have any credentials in emergency preparedness.
  • I went to the article’s website and first thing I noticed was a site plastered with dozens and dozens of ads. So that tells me that the site is a commercial, for profit website. Not a sin by itself…but, they were advertising books on legends of apocalyptic events, kids stories, nuns and the devil, etc. Then the ads went into life insurance, skin care, belly fat, Trump coin, home mortgages, web hosting, precious metals…and that was just the beginning, there was dozens of more ads. What does that tell you?
  • They wanted you to download a PDF file. WHAT???  Yeah, download a file from a website that you know nothing about…right. There is a confidence builder.
  • So then I decided to view their “about” page. They claim they “will cover Straight News topics such as economy, politics, current events, health, technology, religion, etc… as well as Alternative News, which will include prophecy, NWO, Illuminati and all things conspiracy.”  Ahhhhhh, reporting on all things “…prophecy, NWO, Illuminati and all things conspiracy…” What? Yeah, another high quality example of competency and credentials for talking about the COVID-19 situation.
  • Next came the picture of the article author…Check that guy out! You be the judge…dew rag, sunglasses inside a house, hair halfway down his torso, unkempt beard and moustache, etc. But, what sealed the deal for me…the Bruce Lee poster hanging on his wall behind him. Think about that for a second…a supposedly grown man, maybe around 40, with a Bruce Lee poster on his wall? Or maybe that is just his office…in his parents’ basement (notice the stairs on the far right of the picture)
  • His statement that Walmart was unable to receive their “…normal shipment ordered due to government now controlling where food goes…” sounds ominous! OK, and what is his source of information for this BREAKING NEWS???  Ah, according to the article author himself…a Walmart employee who stocks shelves.

Now, that is a point to really ponder…The only information out on the Internet that the government of the United States of America has taken over the US food supply and is controlling its distribution comes from a Walmart employee stocking shelves. In exactly what universe is that credible? Think about it…nothing from any major media outlet, nothing from any cable news show, nothing from any news wire service, no government media announcement, no leak from a government insider (i.e. Whistle Blower), nothing from any politician (especially those that hate Trump)…nothing, nada, zip, zero! But, this shelf stocker breaks the news!!!

Does any of that add up? Does it make sense to the reality part of your brain? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Then someone else, seeking to give this hoax credibility, uses a 4-year old article “Secret Government Warehouse Stockpiling for Pandemic: ‘Can’t Be Discussed Publicly’”  Duh!  Yeah…the government makes purchases all the times in preparation for all kinds of scenarios…for the same exact reason you do! It’s called preparedness. Nothing new here…standard procedure for the US government…like the US Army buying bullets for a potential war or simply for training. It’s SOP ! !

Then the same person uses another article “Inside A Secret Government Warehouse Prepped For Health Catastrophes” …attempting to gain more credibility. Oh come on!!!!  That article is also 4 years old, and is being sensationalized just like the previous one. Of course the government is going to stockpile supplies…that’s their job, that’s what they do all of the time!!! It’s called PREPAREDNESS ! !

So we have the original article written by a whackado (as far as credentials and crecibility), the article uses a Walmart shelf stocker as its source, posted to a website with ZERO credibility, as a reliable source of news…propped up by additional articles that are 4 years old by more authors who have no clue what they are writing about.

Now, is that information you want to use for your Situational Awareness?

However, if you wish to read the articles for entertainment purposes…like you would watch the movie Dumb and Dumber…well, that would make perfect sense.

The people that originate this kind of crap are irresponsible at best, reprehensible at worst. They have no desire to provide information with even the slightest credibility…they are looking for click bait for their own personal or commercial agenda.

And those that pass on those kinds of articles on are ignorant at best, complicit in the scam/hoax at worse. Then again…maybe they have their own agenda as well.

Whatever the case…all those involved are adding to the fear, panic and hysteria of the American people. Shameful and reprehensible…unconscionable!

Be smarter than the hoax hustlers, be wiser than their co-conspirators…read credible information from reliable sources. Only feed your Situational Awareness with quality information. Leave the panic and fear to those who enjoy being duped.


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