Hoax Alert: Amazon Suspends All Shipments Other Than Medical Supplies, Household Staples

Hoax AlertThis is only the second article in this series, I hope they mean something to you. They should!  You need to know what is real, what is not, what is truth, and what is a lie. Please read this entire alert…there is more to it than a simple warning.

Article headline – “Amazon Suspends All Shipments Other Than Medical Supplies, Household Staples”

Sounds very serious doesn’t it? Could easily add to the fear about the COVID-19 situation, right? Lead to more panic buying? Contribute to the potential for violence amongst stressed out customers trying to buy essential household items, yes?

But the real question should be…Is it true? And, where did it come from?

The second question is simple to answer…a major paid membership prepper website. Now, what’s the answer to the first question? That answer is very simple as well…NO, it’s a lie…a 100% lie!

And it was very easy to figure out. All I had to do was read the article itself. Yes, the article that the headline was attached to. The article quoted Amazon as “We are temporarily prioritizing household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products coming into our fulfillment centers so that we can more quickly receive, restock, and deliver these products to customers…”

Let’s read that again with the key to this hoax…“We are temporarily prioritizing household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products coming into our fulfillment centers so that we can more quickly receive, restock, and deliver these products to customers,”

The word suspend doesn’t appear anywhere in the article. Yes, that means the headline of the article is completely and totally false. But, before I passed judgement on the truthfulness of the headline or article I went to the source: (source article). And as you would expect…the word “suspend” doesn’t appear in the article ANYWHERE!

And just to make sure the headline was false…I checked my own Amazon account. The door hinges I ordered yesterday were shipped out to me today and are due to arrive on Thursday. So yes, they are shipping non-essential, lower-end  items.

Conclusion: The headline of the post on the prepper website is a lie. Plain and simple…the headline is 100% untrue.

So why would a website lie like this? Let’s look at it objectively…the person making this post either intentionally lied or unintentionally used a word that isn’t correct. Let’s look at those two options.

Unintentional use of a word that doesn’t appear in the article and creates a significant difference in Amazon’s message. Well, that means the person never actually read what he wrote. Or, he is ignorant and doesn’t understand the difference between “prioritize” and “suspends”. Or, ok…what else could it be?

Intentional misrepresentation of the truth…why would he do it? First into my head is he has something against Amazon and wishes to hurt their business. If people would read the headline and not the article they would get the distinct impression that Amazon was essentially closed for business…other than essential items such as medical supplies, etc.

Next, maybe the person posting the headline wishes to create “click bait” in an attempt to capture people’s attention. Doing so creates more website traffic, which in turn creates more business, which drives up profits. So maybe his intention is money/profit driven.

Lastly, maybe they are other, darker, reasons. Such as, perhaps he wishes to add to the panic and fear by representing a major retailer essentially closing their doors? Maybe he is trying to fan the flames of panic buying? Or add to the existing sense of general panic in the US population right now?

Who knows why he did it, or what his intention is?

But, his intention matters not! The fact of the matter is the headline is very dishonest. Yes, a lie. And through that lie he is adding to panic, fear, and hysteria that is growing in America. Shameful!!!  Reprehensible!!!

Now, a little more information…the person who posted the headline is the owner of the website. And…the very first Hoax Alert (3/16/2020)…yeah, it was another article from his website!! So now we have two fraudulent posts from a single website in two days. What passes through your mind at this point? What questions does it raise?

I am telling you point blank…Their are disreputable people out there driving fear, panic, and hysteria. Further, some people are doing so unintentionally through ignorance…others are doing it for their persona agenda.

Please don’t get caught up in all the fake and fraudulent information out there. Stick with facts and credible information, and view/opinions from sources you trust. And, learn how to think critically and independently. Many folks can’t or won’t think for themselves, many can’t see lies vs. truth. A breeding ground for GroupThink and Confirmation Bias. Avoid it like the plague…a plague much worse than COVID-19.



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4 thoughts on “Hoax Alert: Amazon Suspends All Shipments Other Than Medical Supplies, Household Staples

    • Funny 🙂
      No, not my website…thank you very much. And I won’t name the website because there are some decent people there that have been caught up in the hype and hysteria…and the dishonesty of the website leadership. As well intended as that leadership is…well, as the saying goes “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Very, very sad to see. AH


    • Couple of thoughts…as man who is acting with good intentions trying to stop the spread of the virus…or acting with bad intentions trying to…
      Yeah, sad response I know. But, it is what his intentions are that matter in this case. Large crowds of folks are places that the virus can spread…there is no doubt about that. But, what is he really trying to accomplish. And that I am not privy to. But, it is significantly different than the hoax issue with Amazon. AH


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