Stay the course!

“Stay the course!” John Gresham Machen, a 20th century conservative Presbyterian theologian, first uttered those words. And I can’t help but put them into a post this morning…an important and timely post at that (IMHO).

Over the last few days I’ve been getting ready to head back to our off-grid retirement property to do some work for a couple of weeks. I was wrapping some stuff up yesterday when I receive two emails within an hours’ time of each other. And that started my wheels turning…and that spells BIG trouble for ya’ll coz then I gotta write 😉

So let me tie a couple of things together:

  1. Obama was a great boon to preppers and Constitutionalists.
  2. Trump is a great boon against preppers and Constitutionalists.
  3. We are far closer to a collapse now, under Trump, then we ever were under Obama.
  4. We must remember we are preppers and stay the course!

Man, I had to take a break after just wring that first little bit. In my head was a full-load of information and opinion that was just dying to cascade out. And that was not the right approach. So, I went and got a donut, enjoyed it and a glass of cold milk, and thought my collage of thought. This is the result of a truly delicious donut and some special events…



DISCLAIMER: If you are not going to read the whole article, then don’t read any of it past this point.




Yesterday In the space of an hour I got two really incredible emails. One shared with me that through my website and books they found God and His church. They shared with me some very personal and wonderful events that had taken place in their life…and that it all started with this website. Wow! I was thrilled and humbled to hear such fantastic people pass on that level of accolades to an effort such as this website. The second email from a really nice guy who is very successful; successful in both a spiritual way and a temporal way. He had asked me a couple questions about some finances and prepping. In the process he shared some personal financial information that he said he did because of his trust in me. After my reply to him he shared a couple of compliments about the website and my books. He was very kind. But it was his last sentence that gave me pause, “It seems that less and less people are as involved in ‘preparedness’ since Trump got in, BIG mistake in my opinion.”

I gotta tell you…their emails were well-timed and truly appreciated. And, it also got me to thinking. This post is a direct result of that.

First thing I wanted to do from that thought process was reactivate the “SitReps” and I have done so <click here to see more>  And I will continue to recover more of those as time permits. The reason? Perspective on where I am coming from and background for the things I currently write…such as this post…and future posts.

Now let me start tying things together…

1 – Obama was a great boon to preppers and Constitutionalists.

As is well documented and well known, Obama is a hard-core Marxist, globalist, Progressive…among other things. During his time in office it was made clear, absolutely plain, that he hates the Constitution and all the founding principles of this country. And I am grateful for all of that! Why? Because he woke up many, many people to the awful state of our country. He rallied Conservatives, Tea Party activists, pro-gun rights advocate, and many others to the cause of rights, freedoms, and liberty…and prepping. Without Obama far fewer people would be as prepared today as they are. Without Obama far fewer people would be far less informed in regards to how easily it is to lose rights, freedoms, and liberties…and how close we were/are to losing our country.

2 – Trump is a great boon against preppers and Constitutionalists.

Yup, you read that right. Since Trump’s election many preppers simply stopped, or significantly reduced their prepping for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down. Almost exclusively they did so because they thought Trump was some kind of White Knight, a savior, some miracle worker, a hero…oh boy! The cult of personality worship. The unfortunate facts are such that we are way closer to a collapse of our economy, our government, and our country under Trump than we ever were under Obama. My FAQ – 5/29/2017 post that went up on 1/14/2019 outlined some pretty damning facts against Trump. Let’s review them for a minute:

The federal debt has grown approximately 2Trillion dollars since Trump has been President. Shameful! And it is growing at record rates!!!

  • 09/30/2018 21,516,058,183,180.23
  • 09/30/2017 20,244,900,016,053.51
  • 09/30/2016 19,573,444,713,936.79

The annual federal budget deficit is skyrocketing under Trump!! And Trump’s budget deficits are growing and the trend line is looking horrible for the American economy and especially middle and lower income Americans.

  • 2017 $665billion
  • 2018 $779billion
  • 2019 $984billion (estimated)

Income taxes are at record levels. Never, in the history of our country have there been higher federal income taxes. And here is the sad part…as % of total income taxes collected corporate incomes taxes are going down and personal income taxes are going up…way up. And to further make things worse…income taxes as a % of GDP are going way up as well. That means collectively average citizens are paying far more out of their paychecks to the federal government than ever before and it is growing at an alarming rate.

So let me summarize that: While Trump has been President the federal debt has increased substantially, annual deficits are at records highs, and income taxes being taken from individuals is skyrocketing. Does that sound like a good thing?

I spent about an hour researching our current situation as a country as far as (public, private, institutional) debt is concerned. Then I went into delinquency rates for private debt. I produced a bunch of charts and graphs to present…then I decided “Nope!” I am not going to clutter up this post with a bunch of graphics. But let me share this for 2017 – present: all areas of private/institutional debt are up substantially, all areas of public debt are up dramatically, all areas of delinquency/default for private debt are up markedly. And all while Trump is President. It is clear that on a macro level, based on absolute fact, while Trump has been president we have become far more financially and economically unstable than under any other president in the history of the United States.

Non-financial moves by Trump:

  • Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh is a big-government, police-state believer. He believes in “national security” over individual rights, freedoms, and liberties.
  • Trump administration has not supported the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment has suffered several defeats in appellate courts and Trump administration has not defended the Second Amendment by taking those cases to the Supreme Court. The Trump administration has announced plans to ban bump stocks which is a direct blow against the Second Amendment.
  • Trump has not shrunk the size of the federal government.
  • Trump has not built the wall as he promised.
  • Trump has not worked to eliminate or reduce abortion.
  • Trump is a raging narcissist, he is nearly perfect in his own eyes and will tell the American public that at every opportunity.
  • He opposes the Constitution when it doesn’t suit his purposes. He is a huge believer in Civil Asset Forfeiture even though it is a direct violation of the Constitutional provision of “due process”.
3 – We are far closer to a collapse now, under Trump, then we ever were under Obama.

Financially it is clear (and fact based)…we in danger of a financial/economic collapse under Trump…far more so than under Obama.

In areas other than financial collapse the same is true, but for some strange reasons. All Democrats and many Republicans (maybe most) hate Trump. And yes, I mean hate. Now that Democrats have regained control of the House of Representatives we are going to see a full- on press to remove Trump from office…after (or as) they attack a long list of his associates and family. Can they remove him from office that way, even using “impeachment”? Probably not, actually, in all reality…no. But, what happens if they can’t remove him via Congressional action? But, that is not my biggest fear…What will the Democrats do if Trump is reelected? We know that Democrats are the party of intolerance, bias, bigotry, hate, extreme violence, and war mongers…so what would be their next move after a potential lost election? Yup…in my way of thinking we have had a soft coup taking place for over two years now. We are going to see that become far more active for the next two years. And may even get worse than that during that time. But, if Trump is reelected…look for a hard coup to remove him from office. Yes, we are than unstable.

Note of significance: I spoke a fair amount about the coup against Trump in early 2017. But, it has change somewhat…it has gotten worse. The biggest move to make it worse is Jerome Powell – Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Only going into the briefest of details, he is a; 1) globalist, 2) Progressive wing of the Republican party, 3) close friends of the Bush dynasty, 4) liberal education, 5) shady background in investment banking, 6) rabid believer in high government debt, 7) close confidant of Barack Obama, 8) voted for quantitative easing, 9) supporter of the socialist Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, 10) extreme environmentalist, and super rich (100+million dollars). All in all…no friend of our Constitutional Republic…and another member of the group trying to overthrow Trump.

4 – We must remember we are preppers and stay the course!

Here really is my simple message…everything up to this point was to make my case. If you were a prepper and went to sleep after Trump was elected…WAKE UP!!!  Please wake up to our awful condition and restart your prepping efforts to whatever degree you can. If you are not a prepper and reading this article…START PREPPING!!! If you are a prepper, had your eyes open, didn’t fall asleep, didn’t fall into “Trump Worship”, and you see what is happening now…Stay the Course!

Why am I so worked up?

Those emails really struck a very deep cord in me. That maybe, just maybe, I can make a difference with a few folks. And maybe that difference will be enough to help them and their families not just survive in life, but thrive. And in what may lie directly head coming at us at full speed…well, maybe I can help some folks be ready for that too…again, not just merely to survive, but for them and their families to thrive.

For those of you who have shared with me what my books and this website has meant to you and your families…Thank you! Thank you very, very much. I appreciate that feedback more than you possibly know. I commit to you, to everyone, to do my very best in presenting hard facts, great opinions, and the absolute very best prepping information I can.

Thank you again!

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