SitRep – 1/11/2017

I’ve been watching the events of the last couple of weeks very closely and I knew something was unfolding. Now I am convinced. I started to call this post a “Warning!” but then decided against it because the potential for a violent outcome to individuals still seems fairly low to me so I changed it to just an “Alert”. Although I feel both the probability and possibility are very high. So exactly what I am referring to? Ah, that is a great question.

Please remember and take into consideration…this is only my opinion based on the facts and evidence that I am seeing.


Threat –

There is a very specific threat that has formed and it entails Trump, the intelligence agencies, the ruling class, and the media. I think we are seeing the groundwork laid for either an assassination attempt, a soft coup, or the foundation of Trump’s future impeachment taking place.

Background –

The CIA has been an organization working against Constitutional principles since its very foundation. The CIA is a dark ops group. They are mandated to operate solely on foreign soil, but reports over the last couple of decades have revealed they regularly operate on US soil…against US citizens. They are trained to disrupt elections in foreign countries and/or influence them in favor of the US. They are also well-trained to overthrow, violent or otherwise, governments of sovereign nations. Along with being drug dealers they are also some of the best trained assassins in the world. But, most of all…they are the best trained masters of deception in the world. In other words…they are everything decent people, people of morals, ethics and character should abhor.

The NSA has one of the most checkered and dark reputations of any US intel agency. They have conducted numerous surveillance operations against US citizens over the last 15+ years in direct violation of the law and Constitution. They operate with virtually no legal or Congressional oversight allowing much of their operational activities to go unmonitored, unsupervised, and wholly outside of the Constitution.

The FBI’s reputation is well known and well documented. They are nothing more than a dark ops agency to accomplish two things; 1) act as an enforcement arm for whichever political party is in power, 2) grow and ensure the power of the federal government. They have conducted horrendous acts of political subterfuge over the years to influence elections and destroy political enemies. This has been thoroughly documented even as late as the last eight years where the FBI worked closely with the IRS targeting conservative and constitutional groups in direct violation of the law. But, all of that activity pales in comparison to the FBI’s record of death. Whether it is the murder of a restrained suspect in custody, to the murder of a wife/mother and infant, to the burning to death of nearly 80 men, women, and children. They latest example of their death squad activity was the murder of Levoy Finicum last year. Not only did they plan and lead the fatal ambush, they attempted to cover-up their participation when it was discovered that FBI agents lied about what happened.

The Director of National Intelligence, while only a relatively recent government position, is quickly becoming the man behind the curtain. In this case, James Clapper. This man is one of the most powerful men in America at this time…and he is using his power and position for unbelievable acts of evil. He has removed himself from any and all oversight of Congress. He has repeatedly lied to Congress or withheld vital information relative to Congressional inquiries. And, he is still serving in that position let alone not in prison. Clapper has proven over and over again he is working in direction opposition to not only the best interests of citizens, but in direct opposition to the Constitution as well.

What do all of these agencies have in common? None of them are authorized by the Constitution.
So, why do they exist? Ah, that is another great question.

Recent Events –

The Ft. Lauderdale airport massacre was at the hands of whom? According to the government and law enforcement agencies it was a mentally ill, Puerto Rican, veteran, gun nut, suffering from PTSD. But, is that true?

Let me ask this question first…Why was Senator Bill Nelson (D-Florida) the person to first identify the gunman who conducted this the atrocity? Have you ever known of a sitting US Senator to be the first to name a shooting suspect ever in any kind of similar situation as this, and do it at a press conference? Not me. So, why him, why then?

The White House was aware of who the suspect really was, the WH directed Nelson how to frame the suspect, and then to direct local law enforcement to go along with it. And it almost worked.
The first day after the shooting I was receiving intelligence that the suspect was a Muslim and this was a planned terrorist attack. But, I couldn’t come out with any evidence proving it. Yesterday it was leaking out that the shooter was indeed a Muslim. Today we saw proof released that the suspect was in-fact a Muslim terrorist who was known by intelligence agencies. Yet another known Muslim terrorist living in the USA and the FBI and other intel agencies didn’t stop the attack. Kind of makes you ask…Are they that incompetent or is it something else?

Yesterday we started to hear all the BS about Trump and his “pervert” ties to Russia. Why yesterday when according to reports intelligence agencies have known about this for some time? The “Why?” question is the absolute right question to ask. But, before we go into the answer…
Trump won the election, so there was the scandal that the FBI won the election for Trump due to the Hillary email info released by the FBI days before the end of the election. When that didn’t change anything, then there was the push for multiple state recounts. When that didn’t work there was the “popular vote” controversy. When that didn’t work there was the Electoral College revolt attempt. When that didn’t work it was Russia influenced the election through hacking. When that didn’t work it was the Russia hacked the election in favor of Trump because Trump was the Russian candidate. When that didn’t work then it was this…the Trump pervert report that he was being blackmailed by the Russians.

And in the middle of all of this Congress tried to investigate what was happening and what did the intelligence agencies do? They refused to answer questions by Congress and even refused to appear at Congressional hearings for a very long time.

While all of this is going on Obama quietly slips into regulation and policy that DHS is now an overseer of all local elections. This was done via DHS classifying the entire voting process as “critical infrastructure.”

What Does It All Mean –

I kept going over and over all these seemingly unrelated events…dots if you will. At first I came to the conclusion that it was meant to discredit the election of Trump and set him up for failure. But, if that was the case, why not just swing the election results to a win for Hillary.

But, there was a nagging question…What would that have accomplished? I couldn’t come up with a logical response for that question. Then I remembered the underlying question when dealing with all things governmental and political…”Who will get money and power?

When put that into context it became crystal clear what was happening. Let me put this back in your head, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Remember that?

This defining principle was inadvertently revealed by a mid-level player in the Anti-America Movement (AAM). He shed light on how they do business…by simply giving people what they want at a time when people are crying out for it. In the last 17 years it was been the demand by people for “safety & security.” So, the AAM folks gave us DHS, TSA, militarized police, and a whole slew of illegal, unconstitutional policies and laws that destroyed citizens’ rights, liberties, and freedoms.

Let me connect the dots…Dems lost the election and even the slightest amount of political power in DC due to Republications now controlling the Presidency, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. But, if the Repubs, specifically Trump, is dealing with all-consuming controversies even his power is significantly reduced, if not negated.

So, Dems are losing and Trump is caught up in turmoil and controversy. You have tremendous in-fighting within the Repub party. You have war-mongering Repubs like the degenerate McCain and Graham calling for war with Russia. You have many Dems joining in that call due to the election results at the hands of Russian hacking. You have Ryan and his Progressive co-conspirators ready to spend trillions and trillions of dollars in opposition to Trump’s plans. Everything is in complete turmoil…and we haven’t even touched on race relations and long list of other burning issues right now.

I still haven’t really answered the question…who benefits from all of this? In other words…To whom does the money and power flow?

Collectively both the money and power flow to the intelligence agencies (i.e. CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.) With Russia being such a “threat” we need more resources to investigate them. To ensure that our voting machines and process isn’t compromised we need more resources to shore them up. With our entire country being hacked by foreign governments we need more resources to combat that. And in governmental terms “resources” means money. And when dealing with these agencies we are talking hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars of new money flowing to them. But, it also means far more power to perform surveillance on not just all US citizens but to seize control of every aspect of the Internet and the voting process is the name of “security.”

Summary –

Remember power is not created, it can only move. In virtually every case over the last 130 years power has moved away from individuals citizens and to an ever stronger federal government. Money is similar…money has been moving from the middle-class to the rich class and to the poverty class via the US government.

Who leaked the info that swung the election away from Hillary? The FBI. Then who came out and said that they wouldn’t pursue Hillary? The FBI. Who came out with the report that Russia hacked and influenced the election? The Director of National Intelligence. Who produced the report substantiating that statement? The CIA and DHS. And when that wasn’t convincing enough who produced the report that substantiated the previous report? The FBI. And all of that without ever actually laying their hands on the allegedly hacked server!

I believe that we are seeing a well coordinated, well executed covert operation by US intelligence agencies to create chaos. The short-term goal is to acquire more money for their collective agencies. Along with the money comes power. The medium term goal is clear…a totalitarian state.

Doubt me? What happened to President Kennedy? The CIA convinced him to invade Cuba. Then the CIA subverted that operation and significantly weakened Kennedy politically. When Kennedy threatened to reform, if not disband, the CIA he was assassinated. Why Kennedy? It didn’t matter that it was Kennedy. Outgoing President Eisenhower warned us about the rise of the military-industrial complex which includes the ruling class and elites. Kennedy wouldn’t play along with their goals. The CIA destroyed him…literally. We then got President Johnson…the consummate political establishment insider who was 100% behind the AAM and overall goal of a totalitarian state.

Back in college I took “logic” classes…phenomenal stuff! Over the last 40 years I learned that you judge what is happening by “outcomes” because nothing else matters. Not only that, anything other than “outcomes” can be very deceiving. I also learned a couple of decades ago that politics and government was all about money and power as virtually the sole motivation
Marry the three concepts and what do all of the events add up to?

We are seeing one of three possible events taking place; 1) assassination attempt, 2) a soft coup, or 3) the foundation of an impeachment proceeding taking place. Why? To move more money and power to intelligence agencies. And US intelligence agencies are nothing more than the oppressive boot for the AAM folks moving us closer to a totalitarian state.

And, I do want to mention that in the coming days, maybe weeks, more information will come to light that substantiates what I am saying. This is a terrible time right now in America’s history…and most of us have no idea how truly ugly it really is right now. And yes, it will get worse.

What Do You Do –

Normally at this point I would say, “Keep doing what you are doing and don’t panic?” That message is only half-applicable this time. The half that is completely applicable is “don’t panic.” This is not a call to head to your bunker and seal the door behind you.
This is a call to expedite some things. However, I don’t know which things you need to expedite. But, I will suggest some things such as:

  1. Ensure that your weapons and optics are 100% serviceable. You have plenty of ammunition on hand, batteries are new or fully charged. You have a sufficient number of good quality magazines on hand and that everything is easily accessed in a hurry. I would go so far as to suggest that you load a few magazines and store them with each of your weapons. Make sure your tactical kit is 100% ready for action.
  2. Check, update, and round-out all of your medical and first aid kits. Get them 100% up to speed and ready to be used.
  3. If you have a prepper group, meet. Talk about current events, come up with immediate action drills, SOPs, Communication protocols, etc. If you aren’t part of a group consider joining one or starting one. Organize along the lines of the Incident Command System.
  4. Check all of your communications gear and ensure that it is all fully functional. Finishing any programming that needs to be done. Check to make sure you have fresh or fully charged batteries ready.
  5. Lay in a supply of drinking water. I suggest a minimum of 20 gallons per person. Your hot water tank can serve as part of that. If you don’t have a highly portable water filter, get one. If you don’t have a volume water filter, get one.
  6. If you don’t have food storage, get some. Make sure you have sufficient food for a minimum of 90-days. I would highly suggest that you have 10 – 20 days low preparation, highly portable food on hand.
  7. Make sure you can live at your house for a minimum of 30 days without power, water, or sewer services. Make sure that you could leave your home and take the essentials of survival with you.

Why do I feel that this is so vital and important at this time? I feel an event horizon is 95%+ possible and 90%+ probable. That is the highest that I have ever rated the potential of something like this. The only real question that I have is the potential for a violent affect on the average person. I can’t quite get a good feel for that in this case. What I mean is…I don’t think the average person’s life is imminently threatened by any of the three potential events that I see happening. I could be wrong and I am sure there could/will be exceptions, but, I think the average person won’t be the victim of violence due to any of the three. But, I could be very wrong.

The only way to handle any threat/risk is to reduce the probability of the incident occurring and/or reducing the severity of the outcome of the incident. Since the average person can’t affect the probability of occurrence in any way, there is only one other option. There are a number of things you can do to reduce the impact severity of an incident and I list the priorities this way, the threat or risk of:

  1. Violence
  2. Injury or sickness
  3. Poor, or lack of, organization
  4. Poor, or lack of, communications
  5. Dehydration
  6. Exposure
  7. Dehydration

If all goes as the intelligence agencies plan the average citizen will not even recognize what is happening. We will collectively just enjoy the next basketball game or Dancing with the Stars episode. However, if something goes wrong with their intended plan, it could get very ugly. And then there is the wildcard…the psychopath Obama coming to the end of his term.

And once again, as I started out this article…this is only my opinion based on the facts and evidence that I am seeing.

Remember, “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear!”


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