TIP: Traveling during the night

Traveling during the night may be absolutely the best option depending on the situation. Here in the desert desert sun can kill you through dehydration or simply cooking you alivesouthwest it is often virtually impossible to hike  during the day in the relentless sun during the worst of the summer. The sun will literally cook you, your water loss will be immense and your energy drains quickly. The confusion and disorientation sets in; death will soon Seek shade during the day in the desertfollow.

So walking during the night makes way more sense. Rest up during the day in whatever shade you can find or make. Then as the sun is beginning to set get your  bearings and set off walking a cautious pace (1 – 2 miles per hour). Don’t overdo it.

In the desert walk at night to avoid the sun killing you.The same “tip” can be used in areas where it is very cold. Rest up and sleep during the day when it is the warmest. Then walking during the night when it is the coldest. You will stay warmer moving during the night. Just remember to dress so that you are not sweating when you are walking. Sweating when it is cold will lead to hypothermia; and that will kill you.

Also, when walking during the night to keep up on hydration AND food intake. Eating will help your body absorb the water you drink. A granola bar is a great option to keep your energy up and your water absorption maximized.

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