TRAP – I’ve been doing this for 28 years!

This is one of those really strange posts of mine, but a good lesson to be learned by some. I was one of those people that learned this lesson about 15 years ago. I am grateful I did.

So…I’m in this training class and this guy keeps trying to correct the instructor. Each time the know-it-all student would start out saying, “I’ve been doing this for 28 years and…” After the first couple of times it got really annoying and a number of the students, myself included, were getting irritated with him. The instructor was being patient and then it happened…

After about the tenth time of this guy do that…the instructor said the following, “Have you ever considered that you did it wrong the first year and then repeated it 27 more times?”

Yeah, the offending student was not happy with the instructor’s comeback. But, the point was simple…maybe you’ve been doing it wrong all along. Or, another way of putting it was…maybe there is a better way of doing it.

The point of this “Trap” article is simple…Just because a person has a lot of experience doing something doesn’t mean that the way they do something is right.

Solution? Whenever you hear someone state how to do something…question it!

Maybe not question it out loud to that person, but in your mind. Run through it and see first if it makes sense based on what you already know. Then ask yourself if it goes against common knowledge. then start asking more questions…Is what they are saying verifiable through your own research? And here is a big one…Are they going to make a bunch of money off what they suggest? Yes, that means will they make a lot of money if you do what they suggest? Do they gain power over you or someone else by doing what they say? Have they actually done what they claim? Do they “walk the walk not just talk the talk” is a great question to ask yourself.

Bottom line…just because someone has a lot of experience doesn’t make they are automatically right.



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