TIP: Don’t tear a fence down…

In its fullness…Don’t tear a fence down until you know why it was put up.

In the prepper world you can find a lot of “experts” recommending this or that. There is always some new gadget, piece of gear, latest equipment, or method of doing something. Some of it is way cool, helpful, and a huge improvement. But, don’t abandon the old ways until you know why people do it the old way.

In the political arena there is always some blockhead politician saying we need to change this or that. Examples: Increase gun restrictions, eliminate the Electoral College, Green New Deal, etc. But, what is the long-term effect, or the ripple effect, of their proposed changes?

Bottom line…Before you go tearing something down, changing something, replacing something, restricting something…figure out why they did it the original way to begin with. The fence may be there for a very good reason.



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