Prepper Myth #10: “My Bug Out Plan”

This is one of a series of posts on some commonly held prepping beliefs, and reasons why they may be wrong and possibly dangerous to you and your loved ones.

Their Myth Reasoning (not me talking/writing) – If there is something that forces us to leave, we’ll grab the BOB’s and other gear and load the stupid people - stupid planstruck. We’ll then head to one of our locations and keep an eye on the situation. If something happens that would force us to walk, we have a wagon and would find a shopping cart nearby as well. In the winter we have a couple children’s sleds we could load up and tow behind us.

My Opinion – First, this is not “my” plan. It is the plan of a so-called prepper expert giving advice under the guise of dispelling “myths.”

Second, Any “plan” that starts out with “if” is no plan at all. Then he does it again, “If something…” This guy obviously has no plan at all and simply plans on “winging it.” And he will fail. And then talking about having a wagon and finding a “shopping cart.” This is how the guy plans on bugging out with his family? Riiiiight!shopping cart as a bug out vehicle

Come on, I can’t get most shopping carts to work right in the grocery store. How is this guy going to load it down with his bug-out gear and travel down the road, let alone cross-country?

Then he goes all nostalgic on us by talking about loading up kid’s sleds in the winter and heading out. And how much can a sled hold on those skinny little metal rails? And does he plan on bugging out only when there is snow on the ground for the sleds?

Come on! This guy has no clue whatsoever on a plan, bugging out, or the slightest idea to even begin solving the problem. But the real problem is, he is trying to act the expert giving advice to less informed folks. But the way I see it, you will die along with your family if you follow his advice and example.

If you are going to develop a plan…make it REALISTIC! And then test it under real conditions to see if your plan will work.



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