Escape from Home!

Just a quick note folks…to help sooth a couple ruffled feathers.

Some of you have expressed a little “displeasure” that I am not producing enough journal entries for Escape from Home. Ah, sorry. I do have a life…I am building our new retirement house (1000 sq feet of heaven), and actually spend some time with my wife (yes, she enjoys it…go figure).

But, at the same time…I hear ya!

To make folks happy I’ve written a whole lot of journal entries (over the last 8 months) stretching out quite a bit for Escape from Home. And I just spent 2 days doing some editing and expanding some some of the entries. But, I am not going to publish them all at the same time…that would be way too nice of me. And I can’t have that now can I?

I have already scheduled 20 days worth of journal entries and they are ready to go and will appear automatically no matter what I am doing at the time. A new entry will show up about every 3 days or so at 7am MST.

So there you have it…enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Escape from Home!

  1. Part #3 of Home Security was pretty gruesome but I couldn’t stop reading it.

    But it leaves me with a question perhaps you have already answered, what do we do with the dead bodies? In a larger sense, I wonder what to do with the dead in any future conflict or even natural caused situations.

    Last week, a person drove past and stopped looking at my house. When I visited with him as he sat in his vehicle he said he had lived in the house as a youth, but as he grew up, he found a job in a mortuary which he continued with for the past 35 years. I asked him ‘how many dead people at the same time would overwhelm all the mortuaries in Utah Valley?’ His answer was 5000. I can see a pandemic exceeding that number handily. What then, do we do?


      • Not all the dead are bad guys stopped from their nefarious action against us good guys. Some are people we love and care for. I expect lots of death to happen prior to the complete collapse of society.

        Here is a letter I sent a month ago to our Ward Preparedness Leader which might cause you to write more about this issue.

        Dealing with death

        I recall reading a prophecy by a past President of the Church, who said there would be a time when there would be a black card in every house window indicating there was a death in the family, and that virtually every family would be affected. I believe this was due to a pandemic illness that swept the area. Such a pandemic illness swept the world in 1908 (?), the Spanish Flu, killing even the most healthy. Even the Book of Revelations mentions several desolating scourges sweeping the land in the latter days, killing a large percentage of the people.

        I fear we are not prepared to handle such a magnitude of death and dying in our nation, state, community and even ward. I do not recall a section in the Ward Emergency Preparedness document explaining what to do in case of a sweeping pandemic with its high numbers of bodies to deal with, but perhaps I overlooked it. I do recall a line from Monty Python, “Bring out your dead.”

        Currently, when someone dies, a death certificate has to be created, showing the person’s name, birth date, names of parents, death date and cause of death; normally signed by a doctor or a health official. In a pandemic situation, this procedure may not be able to be followed, especially if the dead person is a widow living alone where much of this information will not be known. Perhaps our ward is unique, but older senior couples and widows make up a huge percentage of the ward so we could face a major problem if a pandemic affecting older people passes through our area. Homeless communities would be problematic as well.

        In our ward, we do have some of this needed information stored on the Church computers. I wonder if, when recognizing the start of such a pandemic, if the Church might have an option to print a ‘Death Certificate Form’ upon demand with the variable information entered manually. In fact, the Church could have an option to print pro forma death certificates for the entire ward to be used as needed. Many of our members have a record number shown on their Temple Recommend which most members carry with them or have close by. In fact, we all are identified by various numbers, our Social Security Number, and our Driver’s License Number come to mind, although I do not believe the Church has these numbers in their systems.

        Some believe these pandemics will be caused by diseases created by enemies and will kill a person within a day or less, and will transfer from person to person easily and rapidly, making dealing with their bodies hazardous. The numbers of deaths could be as high as one third of the population. One suggestion I have heard is to roll the body up in a blanket, attach the death certificate, and put it in a spare room or outside in a protected spot where vermin and animals cannot get to it, for later pick-up by the city. I would doubt that we will have access to normal body bags in the quantities that might be needed.

        We can hope and pray we do not have this happen in our ward or community but it is something we should consider and plan our response so we don’t have to make these decisions when the problems happen.


  2. I have enjoyed your book installments from the start of book 1. I was into it about 10 installments when my wife wanted me to read it to her, which I did. We were somewhat saddened when the book ended, but were sure you would continue at a later date, which you have done. Each third day is eagerly awaited for the next day’s installment. This has helped immensely getting my wife on-board for parts of the prepping although she has been into gathering food and equipment from the start. Just recently she allowed me to purchase a Ruger 10/22 and, wonder of wonders, even shot it. I’m not expecting her to do more shooting but who knows what your next installment will cause her to do.

    While I enjoy your writing, and grin at the mistakes made and references to your AHTrimble web site, I see that you are not so much an author as a teacher/trainer. I can see you are bringing up issues that others will perhaps face and are presenting well thought out solutions that fit the scenario of your story.

    In book 1, when you left the Tanner’s, I expected you to return to them – just in the nick of time – to help them win a battle with the ‘outlaws’ from Deming and even free the Deming good people, which seems to be where you are headed. I do expect some future events where you will have do deal with (1) someone in your party who is wounded and unable to travel on their own, and (2) someone who surrenders and becomes a prisoner, probably an unrepentant prisoner. It will be interesting to see how you handle Bruce.

    I also pondered your group finding bicycles and traveling much faster for a time. However, I can see your imagination and knowledge are bringing up scenarios beyond my experience that are good for me, and others, to ponder.

    Also, on the side. From your other comments both on your web site and AVOW, I can see that you are very close to your wife and depend on her for advice and clarity. Your story is not presenting any of that for you or for the other married people in the group. No X rated, but perhaps some ‘pillow talk’. Nobody cares like a spouse.

    Thanks for doing this.

    y web site, is down – it got stale while we served missions. Hope to fix that soon.


    • Dang! You sure are observant 🙂 And that is a good thing.
      There is plenty coming in the book…you can trust me on that one. Some will be good, some not so much, some heartbreaking, and some…well, you will have to keep reading eh?
      As far as the Tanners….well, they get….and then the group….and then together…. 🙂
      Hey…that ought to make you keep reading!

      And waht’s this about “not so much an author”????????? I am crushed 😦


      • I wouldn’t get too upset about the ‘writer’ comment. I suggested you are an excellent teacher. What makes one teacher better than another is their ability to express themselves in a way the learner understands, and you have a knack for that, as your “What would you do?” articles attest. Yes, you make occasional word or grammatical errors but that notwithstanding, you are a good author, writing some things that are absolutely riveting. That said, we check the list of diary entries for your latest story every day, hoping you will soon restart publishing them.

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