FAQ – 7/10/2019

  • Over the last couple of years it sounds as if you’ve lost your edge and are more religious and less, let’s say prone to violence, when it comes to prepping. Why?

It’s kinda of hard to answer that in a way. In another way it is real easy. So here goes…

First off violence is the answer…to some situations such as defending your family from violence. Violence is not the answer…to all situations.

And yes, I am working to improve my relationship with Jesus Christ. I think it is important for me to do personally. I think a lot of future events will require a good dose of correct decisions. And for that to happen a person must be grounded in sounds ethics and morals. For me, I have not always had those two. And that it what is motivating me to get more of both, and for me that means religion. In my opinion basic Christian doctrine has a foundation in ethics and morals that are universal to any situation. I am not talking about the kind of Christianity starting in about 400AD. I am talking about New Testament stuff before the Christian church fell into apostasy.

The key/trick is to balance the religion side of things with the violence side of things…and when to use each. They both have their place…but using either incorrectly can lead to very dire mistakes.

  • You mentioned CBB in your last SitRep but I didn’t understand the point you were trying to make. Can you help me?

Let me use a couple of examples…

1) Francisco Vazquez de Coronado: yeah, the famous 16th century explorer. He was a “devout” Christian who would ride into an Indian village, read a Latin declaration to them, and kill anyone who didn’t comply.  Ah, Indians didn’t understand Latin in case you didn’t know. The declaration stated the Indians had to convert to Christianity. For the most part, those that didn’t comply were killed. Yup, lots of death in the name of Christ.

2) The Taliban: yeah, that Taliban in Afghanistan. They have their own version of their religion. If someone is found not complying…well, for the most part they are dead meat. But, they show mercy occasionally and just whip women or cut off their noses.

So, CBB’s (Christians Behaving Badly) are those so-called Christians who don’t act Christ-like when dealing with other Christians. If a CBB finds another Christian who doesn’t believe as they do…well, time for stoning. While it may be only verbal stones…it is intimidation and bullying all the same. Sometimes you will find CBB’s get downright vicious with others…making it very personal and very harsh. Not cool, and certainly not Christ-like.

Now, to make it worse you find the worst of the CBB’s doing this in a public setting, especially the Internet (i.e. social media). Many of those CBB’s feel like “warriors of Christ” or “defenders of the faith” or the “guardians of scripture” etc., etc. OK…ah, find me a verse in the New Testament where Christ asks anyone to be a warrior, etc.  OK…now look up in the New Testament what Christ says about how to treat other people. Any difference there?

Summary: A CBB isn’t treating other Christians as Christ asks us to. Hence, are CBB’s really Christians at all based on their actions?



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