FAQ – Table of Contents by Date

OK, OK…I hear you!

This post is purely an organizational piece. It is to help in using the FAQ posts on the website. I’ve listed each question for each FAQ post. This might help you to scan through which FAQ post really has any of your interest…and which do not.

If you find an FAQ post that interests you simply click on the “FAQ – date” link and it will open that FAQ page for you in a new tab.

  • FAQ – 7/10/2019
    • Over the last couple of years it sounds as if you’ve lost your edge and are more religious and less, let’s say prone to violence, when it comes to prepping. Why?
    • You mentioned CBB in your last SitRep but I didn’t understand the point you were trying to make. Can you help me?
  • FAQ – 7/5/2019
    • I hear almost everyone but you talking about how well the economy is doing. Why?
  • FAQ – 2/28/2019
    • Who is the #1 threat to preppers before and after SHTF?
    • What is the #1 threat to preppers before and after SHTF?
    • You wrote a series of articles about “personalities” before and after SHTF, will you resurrect them?
  • FAQ – 2/28/2019 (#2)
    • What about the Democrats “new green deal”…is there anything to it?
    • What is the “cool kid club” in prepper circles?
    • Why do you say “don’t believe me”, “don’t trust what I say”?
    • Can you recommend good quality 20-year prepared meal food storage?
  • FAQ – 2/11/2019
    • Whatever happened to your Bug Out Location – Retirement Home?
    • On another website you have gotten flamed pretty badly by a couple of people. What’s up with that?
    • OK, touchy question…do some people confuse emotional with spiritual? Meaning, do some people think they are having a spiritual experience when they are actually having an emotional experience?
  • FAQ – 2/9/2019
    • Is the economy terrible or is there anything good about it?
    • Would you buy precious metals right now?
    • Does it bother you when people really criticize you?
    • What are the top three problems the USA faces today?
  • FAQ – 2/8/2019
    • What is your take on Trump’s 2019 State of the Union speech?
  • FAQ – 2/7/2019
    • Why are you such a Trump Hater?
    • Why am I getting so many emails from you and your website?
    • You seem so pessimistic, is EVERYTHING going on now bad?
    • Does everything fall apart in 2020 because of the election?
  • FAQ – 5/29/2017
    • Given the extreme instability of the economy, (” I am serious when I say we could wake up on any given morning and find ourselves at war externally or internally. Either event will immediately tank the stock markets and therefore the economy.”), what do you recommend we do with our savings, investments and retirement accounts?
    • What about the FBI? You seem to have a real case against them but I don’t get it. Do you have any recent proof that they are corrupt?
    • Do you think Trump is doing a good job as President?
    • Sounds as if you don’t like Trump?
    • Are we better off with Trump as President?
    • Why have there been so few articles posted on the website in the last few months…a year or more?
  • FAQ – 5/11/2016
    • Do you trust anything the government tells us?
    • How much would you budget each payday for preparedness?
    • You wrote an article about herding dogs vs. sheep dogs. What is the difference again?
    • Is the NSA a dangerous organization?
  • FAQ – 4/24/2016
    • What will be the number one barter item when the grid goes down?
    • Is there any chance that America can survive a collapse?
    • You don’t talk much about the Federal Reserve, why?
    • If you could only have one gun, what would it be?
    • Does the government have the ability and do they track individual citizens?
    • What about body armor?
  • FAQ – 4/16/2016
    • What is your favorite gun parts manufacturer?
    • Do you think the Baofeng UV-5RA radio is the best handheld radio out there?
    • Are you the best prepper “expert” on the Internet?
    • When do you think the gird will come down?
    • How can you stand working for the very government you criticize so much?
  • FAQ – 4/7/2016
    • You always seem to talk about living “grid-down” in a group, why?
    • How do you justify your so-called religious beliefs with your emphasis on protecting your family from the threat of violence and the potential of killing someone?
    • Do you really think the religion of Islam is all that bad?
    • You speak of the ruling and political class seeking after power and money, which is the cause of all the problems in the world. How is that possible?
    • Have you traveled much to know what you are talking about?
  • FAQ – 3/29/2016
    • How many “incidents” have you participated in over the length of your career?
    • What makes you think you are a prepper expert and people should listen to you?
    • Sometimes the stuff you write paints a desperate and depressing view of the world, why?
    • You talk about “bugging out” but I’ve never seen you talk about walking somewhere to get there. Do you think you will always have a vehicle to drive?
  • FAQ – 3/17/2016
    • Which is better, bug-out or shelter in place?
    • How important are guns for preppers?
    • What do you think is the number one worse thing that ever happened in the United States?
    • How much ammunition should you have on hand as a prepper?
    • What is your favorite knife?
  • FAQ – 3/7/2016
    • Why are you so into prepping?
    • What is the #1 threat to people after an incident has occurred?
    • Do you think the US economy will crash?
    • How much food do you have stored?
    • What do you think is the number one food to grow when the grid is down?


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