In response to my Immediate Action Warning of 7/18/2019

From one of the website regular visitors –

“Thank you once again. I took this opportunity to go back and reread the first two parts of this SitRep on 6/16/2019 1 & 2

“As is my custom I went over your article for any clerical errors of the kind that software lets slide by. Not very many. AND then I took the first of these 3 articles and started to break it down into almost 1 sentence paragraphs.

“Why? Because you my friend, make so many salient points that I feel people will skip over. These points should all be highlighted, IMHO, so that they all give pause in a thorough re-reading. But who wants to read most of your article in yellow?

“So making each point into a tasty morsel seems the best way to allow time to digest. And as ever, I am trying to maintain an off line archive. Who will be able to go online, should there come a day?

My response…

I surely appreciate your kind words…I mean that sincerely. These articles take a lot of time to research, write, and edit. Having someone express their thanks gives me hope that people are listening…and more importantly, taking action.

When I write my SitReps each sentence is carefully crafted, every word, is specifically chosen. Sometimes my spelling is off, other times my grammar is off, and then there are the times my editing just sucks. But I try to make it all mean something specific.

I want folks to be able to read the article as it applies to them. I want them to feel prompted by what they read. What they are prompted to do is up to each as an individual but I want the articles to apply to everyone…regardless of their preparedness level, skills, knowledge, abilities, and commitment.

The “salient points” you refer to are there for a reason. Each point is there for an explicit reason. And those reasons are to prevent a person from falling into traps. Whether they be traps of politics, religion, preparedness, or any associated areas of concern.

Bottom line…I am trying to help the folks that are willing to listen and act. And in this day and age I think that pool of folks is shrinking…just when the need is the greatest.



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