Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

WorkSarpSystem-010I’ve got a lot of knives…I mean a lot of knives. I also like them sharp…I mean really sharp. I have been using a Smith’s diamond stone and I am pleased with it. I actually like the coarse side a lot better than the fine side. I know it may sound crazy but it feels as if it puts a bunch of micro-serrations on the blade which makes cutting easier. But, that is not the object of this review…The Work Sharp system is. And I am going to post more than my usual number of pictures to give you a flavor of what this puppy can really do.

I was going through a lot of testing of knives a few months back and I was getting really tired of hand sharpening every knife every time I completed a test. So I started doing some research and found the Work Sharp system. Boy, am I glad I did!

WorkSarpSystem-005To get an idea of what this tool does, imagine in your mind a small belt sander. And attached to the belt sander are a number of inter-changeable guides that allows you to sharpen just about any kind of blade on just about any kind of knife, scissor, garden tool etc. It comes with coarse, medium, and fine premium abrasive belts. And with those belts you can put an edge on any kind of steel that you might have in your shop.

And don’t worry about changing belts…it is easy and fast. I can WorkSarpSystem-003change a belt in under a minute. And belts last a pretty dang long time, even when doing heavy duty sharpening. But the heavier the use, the quicker the belt gets used up. One thing you will want to do is buy extra belts. Several of each kind of belt comes in the box but you will want more on-hand just in case the supply might dry up.

What’s in the Box
• (1) Original Knife & Tool Sharpener
• (1) 40° Kitchen Knife Guide
• (1) 50° Outdoor Knife Guide
• (2) P80 Coarse Abrasive Belts
• (2) P220 Medium Abrasive Belts
• (2) 6000 Extra-Fine Abrasive Belts
• (1) Instructional DVD
• (1) User’s Guide

Good stuff –
  • WorkSarpSystem-001Sharpens any steel blade I’ve tried so far, on any tool or knife.
  • Guides make keeping the right angle really easy.
  • Even lawnmower blades…Work Sharp can handle them.
  • Yes, you can even sharpen kitchen knives, even the good stuff. Be careful, the blades come out extremely sharp when using the fine belts.
  • Yes, it can even sharpen food processor blades.
  • It can handle a 1/4” flat steel blade and put an edge on it starting from scratch.
Less good stuff –


  • Takes a little practice to get the “draw” right for the right kind of blade tip. “Dry fire” it a little for practice, it will get you use to the right draw without jeopardizing a blade tip.
  • For serrated knives it won’t do the “curved’ side of the blade, only the flat side. But, a good diamond rat tail can handle the little curves in the blade after the flat side is done.
  • I hope you’re not left-handed. It looks like this thing is set up only for right-handed people.
  • If you don’t practice and follow the directions, you might find yourself WorkSarpSystem-009disappointed.
  • Don’t run it for longer than about 15 – 20 minute without giving it time to cool off.
  • If you want to sharpen scissors, then buy the scissor guide…you’ll appreciate it a lot!



Buy It !

Bottom line…this gadget is a real time-saver and worth every dime I paid for it. I can sharpen 20 knives easily in an hour. This is a “Buy!”


Amazon Work Sharp sharpening system


Note #1 – Send in your warranty card, they will send you some new belts.




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