TIP – 550 Paracord

550 Paracordnote: first appeared in January 2015

550 Paracord earned its name because the working strength of the small diameter rope is 550 pounds.

Let’s make something really clear first…not all paracord can be called 550 paracord. And technically you would have to refer to it as Type III Paracord. There are multiple types of paracord, Type III being the most commonly linked to military use. So when someone is talking about, or more importantly selling you, paracord make sure it is 550 paracord or Type III rated paracord. Otherwise, you will think that those great little ropes will support you. Use the good stuff, you won’t be disappointed.Paracord1

The strands of paracord can also be used as well.  Simply separate them from the man rope and use as smaller strands.  Or separate them again to use the resulting thread.  Look for a coming post on all the uses of paracord.




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