Power, Politicians, Crushing People…and “Prepping” – Part 1

Thomas Jefferson quote on power turns into tyranny.note: this article first appeared in March, 2015. Edited in July 2019.

Pretty dramatic title to this post but I assure you it is 100% accurate and timely. How does it apply to “prepping” for emergencies, disasters and grid-down? Well, that my friend is why you need to read both Part # & Part #2 articles. You won’t be disappointed. And you will be far better prepared because you will more fully understand human nature, albeit the darker side of human nature.President John F. Kennedy was a powerful politician from a powerful political criminal family

So let’s cover a little background first – I’m old. I can remember President Kennedy. Granted I was young at the time, but I remember my parents talking about him and I remember when he was killed. President Kennedy was seen by most as a strong leader with America’s best interest as a priority. While he might not have been a Progressive, but he was for sure part of the Ruling Class.

Ruling Class? Yeah, sorry, I should explain that term since I will be referring Ruling Class in America controls power through money and becomes powerfulto it regularly in this article. The “Ruling Class” are those people and families that have the real power in our country. Yes, the same could be said for the world; but for now I am just talking about our country. There are the old money families of the Ruling Class and new money members.

The new money are those individuals that have so much money that has been recently acquired that they simply “buy” their way into becoming part of the Ruling Class. But the old money members of the Ruling Class are the most powerful.

A few examples of Old Money Families (will include descendants with other family names) – Brzesinski, Bush, Carters, Cheneys, Clinton, Emanuel, Ford, Morgans, Rockefeller, Roosevelts, Rothschild, Udall, Vanderbilt.

A few examples of New Money Families (will include descendants and relatives with other family names) – Allen, Bloomberg, Gates, Koch, Lewis, Louis-Dreyfus, Murdoch, Pew, Soros, Zukerberg.President Lyndon B. Johnson power Progressive welfare pimp

After liberal Kennedy was killed then came President Johnson. He was an extreme Progressive. He loved both war and Marxism/Socialism. He excelled at both. He was responsible for the huge increase in social programs designed to establish and maintain a permanent welfare class of people. The program was called The Great Society. A greater implementation of socialism in America hadn’t been seen since the introduction of massive socialist programs during the FDR years.

President Nixon Progressive power player and corruptThen came Nixon. Nixon was an interesting guy, a Progressive and globalist, but also inept and void of morals on a personal level. He was the first president that I really paid attention to, that I was “politically aware” of. He failed our country with the Watergate Scandal. Interesting how minor in nature the Watergate Scandal was compared to later presidents. But the country was full of anger, hate and pent-up frustration over the Vietnam War; Nixon bore the brunt of all it…deservedly so.

President Gerald Ford was ex-CIA power progressive croniePresident Ford was a complete waste of time. His sole purpose was to pardon Nixon and then fade away into history. He was an utter waste as a president. However, he established a new type of person to move into high office, established career government officials from intelligence community (i.e. CIA dark spook types) and a globalist as well.

President Carter a Progressive extremist and anti-semticWhen Jimmy Carter was elected president I knew the country was in serious trouble. Jimmy Carter comes across as this kindly gentle grandfather. But he is anything but that. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He absolutely hates anything related to Jews, loves everything Muslim and he is a raging Progressive and globalist. His four years as president was almost enough to destroy America. And there is absolutely ZERO doubt in my mind that his mission was to turn America into a third-world country. He nearly succeeded.

President Ronald Reagan loved America and was a conservative, saved America from jimmy carter.Just when the country was about to collapse, America elected Ronald Reagan. If you weren’t alive back then you have no idea just how much Reagan meant to our country. He was the last remaining Reagan said "government is not the solution to our problem. government is the problem."hope to turn America around from certain destruction. And he did. Reagan pointed out the evils of government and how we could choose a great America or a dark and destructive America. He gave us a pretty decent America for 8 years. He was not perfect and wasn’t able to do all that was needed, or promised, but he opened many people’s eyes to the utter evils of Progressivism and globalism. I was one of those people that woke up. When he said, “Government is not the solution to the problem. Government is the problem!” made me realize for the first time in my life exactly where this country was headed, why, and how disastrous it would be when we arrived…if we didn’t change course.President H.W. Bush another progressive president. A wolf in sheep's clothing.

Then America got suckered into electing George H. W. Bush. There was great hope that he would continue resurrecting of America through Constitutional and conservative principles. Unfortunately Bush was a liar and just another Progressive and globalist. Bush came from an “old money” family that was establishing itself as a family political dynasty. Bush came up through the political ranks and served as the Director of the CIA as did President Ford. That should have been the clue for American voters. He was nothing more than a career political lusting for power and wealth…establishing a political dynasty.

President Bill Clinton a rabid corrupt progressive, impeached, criminal sold out americaThen the country was ready for a change and wanted someone young; Bill Clinton was elected. Clinton is a dedicated hardcore Progressive/globalist and the latest version of leadership evil. He was void of any morals or ethics. He lived his life as a hedonist without any regard for his family or his country. He was the ultimate politician concerned with only three things; power, money, and feeding his debauchery. Clinton was able to sell out America from the groundwork that Bush had started. Clinton had the very rare honor of being one of only two U.S. presidents to ever be impeached.

President George Bush another progressive neo-con. a wolf in sheep's lothing taking away individual rights, freedoms and liberty.People got tired of Clinton’s style of immorality and decadence and wanted someone with some morals. America elected George W. Bush. On the surface George W. Bush seemed like another Ronald Reagan, someone that could steer America away from the destruction that Clinton had caused. Few knew just how Progressive Bush was and how much he loved war as a globalist. When 9/11 struck, the massive Progressive machine saw a perfect opportunity to move against America. A series of laws that included the Patriot Act and Patriot Act under president bush took away rights, freedoms and liberty in teh name of securityExecutive Orders eliminated many of our Constitutional rights. The NDAA continued a relentless onslaught against the Constitution and allowed the federal government massive unilateral authority over Americans without the protection of the Bill of Rights or the rule of law. The Constitution was on life-support under Bush #2. As Bush concluded his presidency a financial crisis began that looked as if it would rival that of the Great Depression. Bush, along with his Progressive cronies, moved against America implementing a financial “bailout” that moved massive amounts of wealth from the average person to the hands of the ruling class.

President Barak Husein Obama is left-wing extremist radical tool of the progressivesThen the darkest days of America struck; Barak Hussein Obama was elected. Obama is the ultimate extremist Progressive and globalist. His elitist anti-American beliefs run deep. His abject hatred of the Constitution and our founding principles are evident in everything he does. His socialist/marxist beliefs are President Obama is transforming American into a totalitarian state.even more socialist/marist in nature than President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s. Obama wants nothing less than the destruction of America as a Constitutional Republic and transforming it into a Progressive totalitarian utopia. He was well on his way before his 8 years were up..

What does this trip down memory lane have to do with “prepping”???? Please be patient, I need to make my case and that takes background information to get the whole picture.

So what happened during the 54 years of presidents that I just reviewed?

A massive, history making, power shift took place. More accurately, a massive power shift accelerated. Power was moved from the individual to the government. I use the term “accelerated” because it actually started long before President Kennedy…around the turn of the century when the Progressive movement really started and propaganda (public relations) was born.

Albert Einstein gave us an eternal truth “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” I would like to modify that universal law with your permission. “Power cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” But I don’t speak of “power” in the sense of physics or thermal dynamics; I speak of it in terms of politics and government.

When it comes to politics and government power can only exist in one place at a time. When it comes to an issue, either an individual has power, or the government has power. It is absolutely impossible for both to have it equally.

Let me explain…

According to our Founding Fathers, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and a long list of people dating back America's Founding Fathers wanted to prevent tyranny multiple-hundreds of years…all “rights” come from God. Hence the terms “God-given rights”, “inalienable rights” and “natural rights” was the foundation of our Constitutional Republic here in the United States. So the “power” comes from God and was placed in the hands of the people according to all the great minds of the last 400 years or more. As a Christian I know that to be true; God gave us certain rights. While this is not a discourse in natural rights, it is understood that people have the right to; defend themselves, own property, pursue their life’s ambitions, and to do so without the interference Natural Rights are god-given rights to individuals not governmentsof government. The caveat to that is that a person is entitled to do so as long as their exercise of natural rights doesn’t impinge on another person’s exercise of their natural rights.

So the very basics of natural rights for the last 400+ years has been that power originates from God, rests in the hands of the individual, and government may receive power only from the consent of the people.

In most societies people delegate some of that power to different levels of government for convenience; but never relinquish it. Our Constitution and associated Bill of Rights spells out those limited instances where the people delegate a restricted amount of power to government. But most of the Constitution and Bill of Rights is a document outlining the restrictions placed on government exercising power against people. Why? Because our Founding Fathers lived under tyranny and wanted to ensure that America didn’t suffer that same fate again. So from God our rights are given to us and the Constitution ensures it stays that way.

Unfortunately it is the nature of most men to desire control over others; and government is a perfect mechanism to do so.

We have seen over the last 200 years a gradual shift of power from the individual to the government. And I speak of government at all levels. Since the advent of Progressivism (simply a Communism/Socialism version of Liberalism on a global level) in the late 1800’s a shift of Liberalism Progressivism socialism communismpower has taken place from the individual to government has accelerated dramatically. Today we see ourselves, as individuals, at the mercy of multiple layers of government. We have virtually no true freedoms & rights left, even the basics of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” that was outlined in the Constitution are quickly evaporating.

The basic tenant of Progressivism is that a certain group of elitist people (i.e. the Ruling Class) knows what is best for the masses. And then they impose that agenda by force on everyone through the power of the government.

A case could be made that Progressives originally had a well-intentioned objective, “to cure the ills from the industrial revolution.” But in reality Progressivism is nothing more than a massive attempt to shift power to a very small ruling class of people. And those elites “would set America right because they knew what was best for all Americans.” However, that meant they had to force it upon Americans because individuals had to be deprived of their Tryanny can come from good intentions.natural rights to enable the government to gain enough power. And that began the shift of power from the individual to the layers of governments. All in the name of good intentions, but a steady march towards authoritarianism.

One of the the first true large-scale shifts of basic power came under President Franklin D. Roosevelt when he managed to create situations where individuals became dependent on government money. The next large-scale power shift came under President Lyndon B. Johnson when his “Great Society” created the permanent welfare class of people in the U.S. who were dependent on the federal government for virtually everything. And those moves ensured a huge permanent voting block for Democrats because the welfare class would always vote for more handouts, and the Democrats were always ready to do just that.

Once the individual was significantly subjugated about mid-1990’s, another massive shift of power was well underway, and it was accelerating with each passing year. That power shift consisted of moving power from the local levels of government (i.e. cities, counties, and states) to the federal government. As of early 2015 that shift of power is nearly complete. Meaning? The federal government has consolidated virtually all power unto itself. Where the federal government lacks statutory power, it creates monetary power. Simply put, whatever power the federal government has not been able to legislate away from lower levels of government it has bought.Money and Power - William Cobbett

And therein lays the basis of today’s world – money and power.

Yes, money and power.Money and Power - Ayn Rand




In Part #2 (day after tomorrow) I will continue to explain how all this fits together and most importantly, I will explain how “prepping” can be the answer to arresting the effect of “money & power” on you and your family.



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