TIP: WD-40 : A true miracle drug….

WD-40 usesnote: first appeared August 2015

You know I really do look at WD-40 as a miracle product. It is one of those inventions that can just make life so much easier in so many different ways. And as far as I am concerned it makes any emergency, disaster or grid-down a whole lot easier to deal with. It ain’t bad for current every day life either.WD40-5


My research shows that currently WD-40 consists of:

  • 50% kerosene
  • 15% mineral oil
  • < 3% carbon dioxide
  • 22% of various ingredients that vary according to the information source, and there are lots of different sources.

Here are some of the different uses of WD-40:

  1. Helps remove stuck ring on finger. Spray some WD-40 on the offending finger. Allow it to penetrate between the ring and the flesh. Gently begin to twist the ring off the finger as if you were unscrewing it.
  2. Rust preventative. Spray a little on the metal you wish to protect. Rub it around with a soft natural fiber cloth until all surfaces are lightly coated. Alternatively you can spray a little WD-40 on a natural fiber cloth and then wipe the metal you wish to protect, such as a gun.
  3. Lubricates wood drawers. Over time the wood on wood-railed drawers will dry out. In the past I used and recommended coating them with a good bar soap like Ivory. But you can use WD-40 and it will do a good job as well. Plus is soaks into the wood better than soap and will keep your wood replenished longer protecting it.WD40-6
  4. Frees up and lubricates stuck hinges. Even if your hinge has been exposed to years of weather and rusted stuck, WD-40 can be used to free it up. Spray a liberal amount of WD-40 into the hinge mechanism. Make sure you have penetrated the entire length of the hinge pin. If needed, you can spray some on top of the hinge pin and allow it to run down into the hinge. That should free up your stuck hinge. Now, do that about once or twice a year and that hinge should get stuck again. In salt air environments spray that hinge every 2 – 3 months. For inside hinges, maybe once every 5 years.
  5. Removes mildew from refrigerator and freezer gaskets. That nasty mildew that can build up on refrigerator/freezer gaskets comes off easily spraying a little WD-40 in them and then wiping off. If the mildew has been on there a long time and it has a heavy build-up, then spray on the WD-40, let it sit 15 minutes. Then spray a little more on it and use a soft bristled scrub brush.
  6. Anything sticky on glass will come off with a little WD-40 sprayed on it and a soft rag.
  7. Black scuff-marks on tile and stone will come off using a little WD-40 and a scrub brush.
  8. Remove stickers from glass with WD-40. Spray a small amount on the sticker, allow the WD-40 to penetrate, begin removal. You may need additional applications of WD-40. If you have adhesive left on the glass spray a small amount on the adhesive and wipe it away with a natural fiber cloth.
  9. To remove the tough stains in your toilet spray some WD-40 on them. Then use your regular toilette bowl brush to scrub them away. If you can get the water out of the way it will be easier and more effective.
  10. If you have tough tar or asphalt stains or sticky junk on your vehicle use a little WD-40. Spray it on a cloth and try wiping them away. If that doesn’t work then saturate the area spraying it directly on the vehicle, then wipe off. You can even try saturating a clean soft natural fiber cloth, soak it with WD-40 and place it on the tar, left over adhesive, etc. Let it sit for a bit and it should come right off. You should test WD-40 on a small out of the way part of the vehicle’s finish just to make sure there isn’t going to be a problem.WD40-7
  11. Remove glue from your fingers. If you have some glue on your fingers that just won’t come off try spraying WD-40 directly on the affected area. Wait a second or two and then start running the affect area, such as rubbing your fingers together. The glue should give way, then wipe your hands with a cloth. Once you are done with WD-40 getting the glue off you skin then wash your hands thoroughly.
  12. If you have brass zippers that are getting stuck a lot, or pretty much frozen in place you can spray a little WD-40 on the metal and give it a few minutes. The sipper should be fine now. Be careful not to get the WD-40 on the material. And it won’t fix “broken” zippers.
  13. Cleans grease and dirt off your hands. If your hands are filthy black from working on equipment then spray some WD-40 on your wands. Rub them together and watch the junk breakdown. Wipe with cloth. Repeat as needed. When your hands are clean from the bad black junk then wash your hands with soap and water.
  14. Removes decals from vehicles. Spray the decal and surrounding area liberally with WD-40. Allow the WD-40 to stand 30-seonds to several minutes. No the decal should peel away. You may need to star the peeling process, use a plastic edge to start peeling up the decal. Keep spraying with a little WD-40 as you go. If there is any decal adhesive left on the surface spray it with WD-40 and then wipe it down. When finished was the area with soap and water.
  15. Remove ink stains from carpet. Spray moderate WD-40 on the stain (you are not trying to saturate the area) and allow to sit a couple of minutes. Now use your regular carpet clearer on the stain.
  16. Removes heavy grease, or old grease, on appliances and other metal surfaces. Spray WD-40 in the area liberally, wipe clean. Multiple applications may be needed depending on how much old grease is on the surface.
  17. Removes most ink stains from clothes. Spray WD-40 directly on the ink stain, allow it to penetrate. Wash immediately as you normally would. If there is a lot of ink wash item separately to prevent “bleed over” to the other clothes.
  18. Keeps flies off livestock. Spray affected area with WD-40 and the flies will stay off. Don’t spray WD-40 around eyes. Also, you might not want them licking the WD-40 as well.WD40-8
  19. Peel Duct or Gorilla tape away and you may find a hole bunch of adhesive left behind. Spray WD-40 on the adhesive, let it stand for a couple minutes and then wipe away.
  20. Cleans and shines stainless steel.






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