Feedback & Comments: 03/21/2020 – 1

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsJP writes…

I find your articles very interesting and cannot find fault with your arguments. I was leery about what I thought was an overreaction to COVID-19 at first. However, after the situation in Italy, I started to drift in the other direction. And then, the massive government campaign to throw money at the problem started. Now, it appears to me that the government is taking an insane politically driven path that could possibly be triggering a major collapse of our economy!

For example, the proposal of giving a payment of $1,000 per taxpayer who can show that they were financially damaged by the loss of a job (Romney’s idea) does not make rational fiscal sense. That is not enough money to do anything of consequence on an individual basis. Financial responsibility to plan for economic emergencies should, for the most part, lay with the individual and their state unemployment office. Perhaps the best way to handle the present fiasco is to have the federal government assist the state unemployment funds and not just blanket the map with handouts.

Overall, we as a nation, are sinking deeper in debt to the point of possible insolvency! I have to wonder if this scenario is being manipulated with ill intent, or, if it is following a historic pattern in human behavior as noted in the book titled, “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.”

At the moment, I think the Government cure just might be worse than the disease. I also think that we need the scope of the problem rationally defined to help tone down the hysteria. The news media acts more like a “Barker for the Yak Woman” at the county fair than as news agencies.

Well, that is my take on things. I am going to maintain my health and keep a positive attitude and hope like hell our country, and all the other countries affected, recover quickly. My best to you!

JI writes…

“I am so freaking DONE with purveyors of fear porn, be they part of the D/S/C media complex on the left who want to hurt Trump, or the hard righters who seem to LOVE the whole idea of the zombie apocalypse and keep doubling down on the doom and gloom and catastrophizing. They are creating the problem.”

AH writes: Amen JI ! ! !  I like your term “fear porn”…very accurate! I see your point clearly…the hard right and some whacked preppers seem to have gone over the cliff…just like sheeple.


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