This crap appeared on a self-described preparedness website…

Sounds likes something to be really concerned about…maybe panic over. But, what more do I have to say about it? Nothing! But, let me share what a couple trusted friends’ comments were…

One says…

This guy is a freak! Absolutely and utterly naive….and needs a little lesson on the constitution as well as some more factual info on Covid 19. US is a little different than those European countries and it will not be a title wave the engulfs the country.

55,000 Americans died in 2017 from the influenza and pneumonia. At what point in 2017 did we lose all our freedoms and quarantine the nation? Average age of death for the 8200 deaths WORLDWIDE is 70 yo. Total deaths in America remain under 100. Does anyone use common sense? Now we talk of an 8 Billion dollar bill to fight corona and now talk of a trillion dollar stimulus package to help those affected financially by the virus. Once again….over 100 deaths! Crazy!

They said worse things about the Avian Flu, H1N1, and SARS..and guess what, ALL predictions failed. I understand being cautious about the spread…I understand not to overwhelm Healthcare workers. But the panic is becoming far worse than the sickness. Most Americans live check to check and shutting down for 2 weeks will have significant impacts that could have colossal unintended consequences.

Then we have this moron CALLING for government officials to put people in jail that violate quarantines! The problem is everyone seems to have a computer model that continues a certain trend based off an algorithm….the only problem is there are far too many outside factors to enter into an algorithm!

Here are the facts….92% of hospitalized cases are 50+…81% are 60+. If you are in this age range, its time to exercise extreme caution. Reduce visitors and self quarantine. If you don’t, hospitals may be overbooked and you might DIE…period..end of story.

If your not in the age range, exercise caution in cleanliness but continue life as normal!!! Most people in the affected age range are retired or on the verge of retirement. But young adults have bills and families to support. They haven’t amassed a nest egg for emergencies. If they do catch it, stay home…but the symptoms are far less severe than the flu.

Just imagine if there was a “real-time flu tracker”….showing deaths and infections. And every news agency was talking about the 55,000 deaths in America? And this already happened in 2017. Who heard about it? How many news story’s about it? How many quarantines? How many limits on gatherings over 50?…..ZERO! Spreading fear is turning into irresponsible journalism.

I agree that this matter is concerning and should be something to watch. But lets not turn it into something it simply isn’t. Notice how they keep focusing on # of cases, not mortality rate. Notice they focus on the rate at which the infection doubles, not the rate at which the deaths double. Because those numbers are more SCARY. I am not buying it anymore.

Another buddy says…

There is enough real fear, anxiety, and uncertainly without posting poorly vetted, misleading or false information. It may be “fun”,”exciting”, or we may be feeling we’re being “helpful”, but it is none of those things. I for one feel it’s a misuse of my limited resources to read sensationalist garbage on a site to view bad, misleading info when there are hundreds of free conspiracy and fake news sites already out there.

What would have been a more useful purpose of this article is for a “teaching moment” with a headline like “BEWARE OF ARTICLES LIKE THIS THAT SPREAD FEAR FALSELY”. There is plenty of real, justified fear out there without making that stuff up.

So I ask you…What do you think about websites that are promoting fake and false information? Do you trust them to give you truth? What about people who promote fear, panic, and hysteria? How about those that defend such actions? Are you gaining moral clarity and improving your Situational Awareness by seeing all these hoaxes and frauds exposed?


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  1. Once again. We are in agreement.

    What is interesting, however, is that after such (relatively) intense actions by so many countries, COVID-19 still managed to spread so widely and still resulted in so many deaths. And we’re still in the middle of this here in the USA.

    Still, the overreaction is remarkable. Multiple daily televided public briefings from the Presidentband his task force? Way overkill.

    So what is really going on. I submit the following:

    The Dems, as is their wont, are seizing on this crisis to accomplish multiple goals.
    >> Crash the economy and stock market…make people miserable.
    >> in order to reduce President Trump’s chances of reelection in Nov…as they played every other card in their and completely lost
    >> Along the way, make progress on as many socialist programs as they can, knowing the political dynamics are driving Republicans to accept legislation riders they otherwise wouldn’t have.

    I won’t dwell on the Democrats, as they’re pretty transparent and obvious.

    Still, they’ve forced the president and GOP into corners where they’ve had take far more aggressive action. Combine that with Democrat Governors acting unilaterally to force businesses to close, amplifying the Federal actions. So, the economy is melting down…but only partially.

    Remember, there were no underlying factors that drove this economic slowdown. In theory, once COVID-19 is bag in the bag, the economy is very well prepared to rebound hard…with a bang.

    The stock markets were already clearly overextended and frothy. Many traders and investors are happy to see such a deep dip, although they would rather not have had the economic freeze along with it.

    What infuriates the Dems now is that they’ve once again underestimated President Trump! To their dismay, he has jumped to the middle of the fray and impressed most observers, even getting compliments from Dem governors and a few media types (who will pay high prices therefor). His approval numbers are going UP.

    Rather than being the President that did nothing, personally allowed tens of thousands of Americans to die from a savage disease and thus personally destroyed the economy, and ruined tens of millions of American lives — they’ve got a president that is getting credit for saving lives and will soon get the credit for leading a massive economic resurrection…or at the least, the start of one.

    All that will suffice to help ensure the president’s reelection.

    And the Democrats are trapped. Having screamed so loudly of the dangers of the virus and the need to DO SOMETHING NOW…they can’t walk back. They have to watch as Trump gets hundreds of millions of dollars worth of FREE campaign advertising as he “personally” saves the lives of every single American!

    The Democrats aren’t the only party that can take advantage of a crisis. Eventually, books will be written about Trump’s masterful turning tables against the Dems.

    You can imagine the campaign ads already. Joe Biden screaming about Trump being excessive when he first closed US borders to Chinese citizens, and required screening of many others.

    Then, the video will cut to Biden, just a few days later, screaming that Trumo had not responded fast or hard enough. Poor Joe.

    Whatever the realities of COVID-19, Trump is winning the subsequent, somewhat hidden political battle. And the Democrats helped!



    • Amen!!!

      On 3/21/2020 4:49 AM, A.H. Trimble – Emergency preparedness information for disasters and grid-down wrote: > WordPress.com >


  2. I am so freaking DONE with purveyors of fear porn, be they part of the D/S/C media complex on the left who want to hurt Trump, or the hard righters who seem to LOVE the whole idea of the zombie apocalypse and keep doubling down on the doom and gloom and catastrophizing. They are creating the problem.


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