Feedback & Comments: 3/24/2020 -2

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsWHL writes…

I can not control what others do.
For years I have discussed the need for at least minimal preparations with co-workers, friends, and family. Nearly all of them laughed at the idea, assuming “the government” or some other third party provider would step in. That is on them. Thankfully, all my adult children have to some extent listened to my warnings.

Personally, my wife and I have been preparing for years, a bit at a time, so we did not need to “panic buy”. Did we top up on some items, both in person and online? You bet, because my first duty is to my wife and myself. Beyond that is my family, and then friends. Yes, we do phone calls and emails. Yes, we have offered our home as a bug out location to other family members. Yes, we are prepared to defend what we have. Yes, I will help out my neighbors with some things, but there is very little I’ll do in person or in public. We are in one of the “at risk” groups, and for that reason, we choose to NOT socialize in person. We are unwilling to risk our health, even if the risk is very small. I think one of the best contributions anyone can make is to stay healthy and NOT become a burden to the health care system.

I must also say I DO NOT TRUST THE NUMBERS GIVEN OUT BY GOVERNMENTS, whether China, Italy, the USA or any other. Test samples are too small, and the tests themselves were (and perhaps still are) unreliable. Infection growth curves, particularly China’s are suspect. All governments, and the creations they spawn (WHO, CDC, AMA, the Fed, and others) have their own agendas. Finally, even if the virus is gone in a couple of months, it is likely the economic effects will last much longer.


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