Hoax Alert: COVID-19 is More Deadly than the Regular Flu

Hoax AlertStatement – “COVID-19 is More Deadly than the Regular Flu”

So let’s deal with this one once and for all. But in order to do that I need to quiz you to see if you are qualified to understand the answer and/or figure it out on your own. Ready?

  • Quiz Question #1: What does “deadly” mean?

Answer something similar to: “lethal means causing, or capable of causing, death”


  • Quiz Question #2: Which number is larger; 600 or 20?

Answer: 600

  • Quiz Question #3: There are two accidents on a highway; 1) accident #1 is a Greyhound bus that hits a bridge, bursts into flames and all 60 people onboard die, 2) accident #2 is a Chevy Volt that hits a street light and kills two people riding in the front seat. Which accident is considered more deadly and why?

Answer: The bus accident, because 30 times more people died that accident.

I sincerely hope you passed with the quiz with an “A”…100% right answers. Since you are reading this on my website I would guarantee you got and “A” with 100% score.

So, back to the hoax statement in question form…Which is more deadly the COVID-19 virus or the regular flu season flu?

FACTS: On average the regular flu season kills more than 600,000 people worldwide, more than 30,000 people each year in the United States. So far (3/26/2020) the COVID-19 virus has killed 24,000 worldwide and 720.

  • Final Test Question #1…Which is greater 600,000 or 24,000?
  • Final Test Question #2…Which is greater 30,000 or 720?

Test Answer Key –

  • Final Question #1: 600,000 is 25times larger than 24,000…so 600,000 is greater than 24,000.
  • Final Question #2: 30,000 is 41.67times larger than 720…so 30,000 is greater than 720.

Conclusion:To date the regular flu season is far, FAR more deadly than the COVID-19 virus whether you’re talking in terms of worldwide or the United States. And that is pure mathematical FACT!

Anyone who says COVID-19 is more deadly has one or more of the following problems:

  1.   They don’t understand the meaning of the word “deadly”.
  2.   They lack the most basic of math skills.
  3.   They lack any ability to understand how to compare two numbers to determine which is greater.
  4.   They have an agenda, the foundation of which lays outside of the use of facts.

One note: There is the possibility that COVID-19 could grow in mortality to be more deadly…but that trend line would have to change significantly. And there is no fact that significant of a change will occur. So there is always that probability but it is very, very low at this point…based on FACTS.



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