Hoax Alert: “National Guard Arrived in Baltimore, Bank run Followed.”

Hoax AlertArticle Headline – “National Guard Arrived in Baltimore, Bank run Followed.”

And then the tag line – “They Want Their Monies Out” – Baltimore Residents ‘Storm Bank’ Amid Fears Of Social Unrest

Total BS !  Nothing more than ‘clickbait’…from an unscrupulous, non-credible author who wants attention and trying to be relevant during the current crisis. And I dare say…wanting to stir up panic, fear, and hysteria for his own purposes to create racial tensions in Baltimore.

So why would other websites reprint this kind of reprehensible crap?

I looked the article over and:

  • The National Guard was mobilized but to assist relief efforts not for martial law, etc.
  • There was NO bank run…people were simply lined up like any other day at the drive thru and ATM. Even the folks at the walk-up ATM were orderly and maintaining social-distancing.
  • The picture of a National Guard “tent city” was simply a picture of a couple National Guard tents with a NG soldier standing there in his uniform…nothing else in the picture. A Couple tents, one soldier, and one Hummer doesn’t constitute a National Guard Tent City!
  • The original article came from a Zero Hedge user, not one of their authors. No info on the person was available. So, no credibility!!
  • The main pictures used in the article came from a person with the following info on Instagram …Author “Dope Dick”, Ghetto Misery Uncut, “Hysterectomy of the Hood”, Director of Da Yr.   OK, seriously…that = credibility????

Please, please…don’t fall for this crap. And don’t fall for those reprehensible people who reprint these kinds of articles trying to make them look legitimate!!  This COVID-19 crisis is bringing out the very worst in people…people who are proving themselves to have no morals, character, or ethics. They simply want to sensationalize whatever they can for their own personal gain…and to buildup more fear, hysteria, and panic. Reject them and the crap they are spewing!



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