FAQ – 3/14/2020 (EMP & Radios)

  • How do you “test” your EMP protection for effectiveness? I have seen other people place a cell phone inside their faraday cage and try calling the phone. With the cellular signal disrupted they claim this as evidence that it would also stop an EMP. While I’m not an expert, I don’t feel the power coming from a cell tower is anywhere close to the kind of electromagnetic signal that would be produced from even a small man-made source or from a solar flare. Do you or the person you consulted regarding this project have any other method?
    What thoughts do you have (if any) regarding steel mesh/screen? I have seen military installations (Co Springs) that line the inside of some rooms. I have also seen products like laptop cases and rucksacks with a copper or steel mesh inner lining impregnated inside a synthetic material so objects couldn’t accidentally touch the metal.

As stated in the article I test it with an FM radio. My test suggestion appears in Part #1. Testing with a cell phone is an option. But, cell phones operate on a far different frequency than an FM radio. It is all about “frequency”…so try it with a cell phone and an FM radio.

  • Thanks for the instruction but my question is – I use the radio at least once or twice a week so I can’t wrap it up and put it away, just in case. And it’s unlikely that we’ll get an announcement in time enough to wrap the radio and other gadgets, so what do I do?

Don’t worry about your “daily radio”…buy a couple extra small handhelds, maybe a used mobile, and prepare those units for an EMP. The Baofeng radios are very inexpensive and used mobile radios can he had cheap as well. Look at it as “insurance”…like food storage. Another thought…I have storage cases for my radios, I will also use them for any serious move I make. They are SKB i-series cases; similar to Pelican cases. You could store them in those cases which are easy to access. Then store those boxes in a Job Box (or something similar) that you feel has a really good contact seal to it.

  • Is there a “mil spec” that covers some of this?



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