We Are In !

It finally happened…after 14 months…shooting myself in the finger…working alone most of the time…surviving the plague (so far)…dealing with…

Oh wait, let me get to the point…

We are in !

Yup, last night we slept in our new home. The home I’ve been building myself over the last 14 months. I started it just after the Blizzard of ’19…14 long months ago. It was wonderful!

Late last week we finally got our lithium batteries from the vendor…who was waiting on them to be delivered from China…3 months late. Got them hooked up to the new solar system I built…and it all worked. Once I knew the batteries, the solar system, and the electric system all worked together…well, we just moved the bed in, a few other necessities and we were good to go. And it was wonderful!

We still have a long punch list of tasks to get completed but we are out of the 10’x24′ 2-room cabin that I’ve been living in for the last 1-1/2 years with my dog (golden retriever). My wife joined us, along with her dog (a cute mutt), the end of December. Yes, it got a little crowded…especially without running water or an inside toilette. And to top it off…I’ve been working on the website over a Verizon hotspot. But now…the WiFi is up and running…and really fast. Way faster than I can work.

So please join us this morning and just smile with me as I watch the sun come up over the mountain.







10 thoughts on “We Are In !

  1. Congrats!!!! we can relate…did the same thing 14 years ago, (still have items on the list) just be prepared for a protracted timeline for the “rest of the stuff that needs done”! Totally agree that it was so great to be “in”!!!!! Like the others, it would be great to see pix and info about the journey…you can pass on the “shooting”, we (I) got a good laugh from that entry and good council as well…. looking forward to the new series…


  2. AH, yes do a page, reasons for design, application, how it went into place, lessons learned, what I’d do different next time. Congratulations on the success!!

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    • You know…..some folks have asked for pictures, plans, schematics of our water system, solar system, septic system, etc. And the reasoning behind what we did. So I am thinking about a separate page and posts just for our retirement home and bugout location. What do you think?


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