Immediate Action Warning! (5/1/2020 – Energy/Fuel)


5/1/2020 – 1500


With the recent societal developments and potential for civil unrest, including utility disruptions, I am issuing an Immediate Action Warning – Energy/Fuel.

To help offset the potential for energy and/or fuel shortages I am suggestion the possible steps to take:

  • Keep all your vehicles 3/4 full of fuel, or more.
  • Have a way (i.e. hand transfer pump) to move fuel from one vehicle to another.
  • Have a minimum of one 5gal fuel can with fuel safely stored on your property. Use a fuel stabilizing additive such as Pri-G or Sta-Bil.
  • Have at least one change oil of supplies ( oil and filter) for your primary vehicle. For all vehicles would be best.
  • Have an adequate supply of batteries for all lights, radios, etc. Rechargeable batteries would be best…and redundant methods of recharging them.
  • Consider purchasing a small solar system of 1000w or less (panels, battery, charge controller, inverter, etc.).

Do not delay in implementing those things you know need to be done.


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3 thoughts on “Immediate Action Warning! (5/1/2020 – Energy/Fuel)

  1. I enthusiastically endorse these recommendations. However, I am not so sure of energy/fuel shortages looming in the near future. I could still be persuaded, but shortages of energy/fuel are probably not a near-term threat, IMO. Long-term? Possibly.

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    • There is no specific imminent threat, but that could change overnight with the stress and tension in the system right now. My oldest son is a heavy haul trucker and there is some discontent out there and… Well, let’s just say this is a precautionary warning to become and stay prepared. It is tied directly to not just a “shortage” situation but also the need to bugout. Thanks for your sharing! AH

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