SitRep – 05/01/20 – WARNING !

OK, gonna be down & dirty…a lot of ground to cover and Immediate Action Warnings coming out later today. To get the information out I will provide less background than normal. So either believe me or not. Do your own research or not. Prepare or not. It’s all up to you.

Coup Taking Place –

Yeah, we are back to that. Remember, I was right back in 2017 when I broke the news, named names, and laid it all out…I was 100% right then…and I am right now.

The deepstate, democrats, the FBI, and others have been unsuccessful in overthrowing President Trump, not for lack of trying. However, they have not been savvy enough, Trump has been smarter than them and used direct contact with the public to overcome his enemies. But all the evidence I am seeing now is Trump is not, and cannot, beat COVID-19. Well, more specifically…the “use” of the COVID-19 panic by his enemies.

I have written about this upcoming election in pretty plain terms…everyone loses. I believe Trump has now less that a 10% probability of winning. The latest evidence, with the numbers to prove it, show that if the US uses mail-in ballots for the election this fall Trump would have 0% chance of reelection.

Dubbed “cheat by mail”, numbers show that Virginia has 11,000 dead people ready to receive mail-in ballots, Pennsylvania has 800,000 inactive voters that would receive mail-in ballots. If I just make a conservative low-end estimate of the potential voter fraud using a real-life example of PA, that means there are approximately 13 million inactive/dead/ineligible registered voters on the books in the USA ready to receive mail-in ballots.

But, let’s say I am off by half and there is only 6.5million. And  make it even more fair…only half of them are fraudulent when election day comes…that is 3.25million mail-in ballots that are used fraudulently in the 2020 Presidential election. Remember, Trump lost the popular vote by millions in 2016. Think about this…in 2020 he loses by millions more…let’s say he loses by 4 – 5 million votes that include the fraudulent mail-in ballots. Do you think there is any chance the Electoral College saves him? Even if the Electoral College somehow did swing in his favor…would the majority population accept it? Nope!

Electronic balloting would be even worse by an order of magnitude.

The coup against Trump has changed, Trump is losing and Trump has little chance of reelection. At least at this point.

And there is serious talk now that the Republicans could lose the Senate. Well, if they do, which I believe stands at about 50/50 probability right now, then the country will end up in another revolution within 4 years…period. And in the meantime the Democrat controlled federal government would push an all-out socialist/Communist agenda.

War –

Within the last 48 hours China claimed that it “expelled” a US warship from the South China Sea. Let’s disregard the truthfulness of it for a minute and just focus on the claim…it is frightening…at least from a “war” prospective. And let’s not forget that they are promoting more and more that COVID-19 is a US bio-weapon. I am telling you…China is pushing us towards an armed engagement at best, an all-out war worst case.

And of course they are having help from the Russians…who are helping to destroy our energy industry, specifically the oil industry, by pumping oil at an historic rate vs. demand driving oil prices down…and shuttering American oil company doors in the process.

Economy/Fed –

The Federal Reserve (Fed) has admitted to creating nearly $7tillion dollars of fresh debt in the last month+. However, nowhere do you find a corresponding rise in the US national debt to match it. And the only way the Fed can raise money to pump into the economy is by creating US debt. So what has happened? It is “off-book” meaning there is no accounting of the Fed on how it raised that money and the US government is not admitting its involvement. That should shake you to your very foundation.

But it gets worse…the Fed is admitting to an increase of 40% of its assets. Yes, you read that right…it’s assets. Those assets include; T-Bills, municipal bonds, bank loans…and stocks. Yes, stocks. So part of this whole mess means that the Fed is becoming rich. And as the stock market continues to improve the Fed gets richer and richer. And who is the Fed?  A private corporation of private banks.

Remember I mentioned the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the US through the COVID-19 panic? Well, now you are seeing a small slice of it. But that is not the significant part. The Fed creates nearly $10trillion (actual number vs admitted number) to pump into the economy and where is the corresponding debt accounting for it? Nowhere to be found…but that is not worst part. The worst part is the mammoth devaluation of the dollar. The actual value of the dollar has been devalued by 30 – 40% in the last 6 weeks. How? The Fed simply created more money, $10trillion, with ZERO underlying increase in anything tangible to back-up that “funny money” creation. It was created out of thin air!

25million people have become unemployed in a little over a month. Let that sink in for a minute. How are they collecting unemployment benefits now? How long will they stay unemployed receiving those unemployment $’s? How does the US pay for the $’s? How does the US get 25million people back to work?

In the last 10 years the USA has created a little over 20 million new jobs. So I ask again…how long does it take the US to put those 25 million people back to work? And what happens to those people and the US economy while trying to get those people backs to work?

Food –

I’ve written about the food chain issues, I warned about food shortages, I’ve given you warnings this could turn into a world-wide crisis. It’s here…or at least the beginning stages of it. Want proof?  President Trump just a couple days ago invoked the Defense Production Action to keep food production going. I verified yesterday of the seriousness of the problem. Sure, we’ve heard presidents of companies, including Tyson Foods, talk about closing plants, lack of employees, huge reduction of product going into the food distribution system. Yesterday I personally confirmed it with my sources. Pork is the first hit, poultry is close behind, beef not too far off.

There will be increasing food problems…mainly food getting to the stores for retail consumption.

Summary –

Probability of violence, war, food shortages, coup, etc. have all gone up significantly!  Urgent to prepare now as much as you possibly can.

Avoid prepper fatigue, news overload, and don’t over react, panic, or scare others…just step up prepping now!

Watch for Immediate Action Warnings.



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