Immediate Action Warning! (5/1/2020 – Violence)

5/1/2020 – 0900


With the recent armed citizenry presence in the Michigan capital building and the resulting confrontation and previous widespread anti-stay-at-home protests I am issuing an Immediate Action Warning – Violence.

I am warning against the increase of violence in the USA as a result of Draconian government actions to restrict rights, liberties, and freedoms of American citizens under the guise protecting the public. There is also an corresponding increase the potential of violence of protestors, specifically armed protestors, who confront law enforcement personnel.

There is also a general potential for increase in violence as food becomes more scarce, medications become more scarce, more widespread use of anti-depressant and anti-psychotic medication, self-medication, and stress from the continued COVID-19 restrictions and related issues.

Possible steps to take:

  • Review your defensive weapons and ammunition situation. Do no delay in purchasing additional ammunition supplies, weapons, magazines, and/or weapons.
  • Make sure you have a serviceable tactical vest and accessories.
  • Clean weapons, magazines, and ensure your ammunition is serviceable.
  • Have your weapons readily available but safely stored.
  • Avoid protests.
  • Avoid confronations with law enforcement personnel.
  • Support Peace Officers.
  • Create/join a Neighborhood Watch program or security group.
  • Talk with other like-minded folks about the current and potential need for security.
  • Keep your Situational Awareness high at all times.
  • Review how you could improve the security of your home. Install a basic, stand-alone security system such as SimpliSafe with cameras, external sirens, etc.

Do not delay in implementing those things you know need to be done.


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4 thoughts on “Immediate Action Warning! (5/1/2020 – Violence)

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  2. You make a persuasive case. Upon further reflection, and a review of your posts and some other information, I find myself agreeing with you.

    There is a lot going on in the world, and in our country. The (would-be) Masters of the Universe are playing their games of 3D chess, but using live pawns. That is, us.

    I’m probably guilty of looking out my window and off my deck, and seeing the peaceful, pastoral scene. The fields are being plowed, many animals are birthing, young foals are prancing, the cattle are lowing. I see no immediate threats, only a few threats within 75 miles, and no threats within 200 miles that couldn’t be handled with a team (community) threat. I’ve been tending to my own garden, in the words of Voltaire.

    But one doesn’t necessarily decide on whether we get to keep our gardens, nor keep them peaceful. There are threats to the peace afoot in the land. I pray none of them ever threaten our little community here…but prudence requires that the wise family plan for those outside threats. And violent actions in one area, are unlikely to stir others across the land. At the least, copycats. At the worst, orchestrated evil planned by evil men and women.

    So, upon further reflection and study, I do consider your Warning to be credible and appropriate. I apologize for the initial skepticism.




  3. JR, I provide original content…not regurgitated news. I do my connecting of dots from a long list of sources and my assessment of their relationship to current events. IMO the threat of violence is real, and potentially imminent. On you? I have no idea. On me? I have no idea. But, when we see upset armed protestors confronting law enforcement in a state capital building, in a locked-down state, controlled by an authoritarian radical leftist Governor who has been chiding and baiting the local conservatives and militias…well, that is a recipe for someone doing something stupid…and violence resulting. Then connect that to an upswing in the number of protests against the Draconian measures that are taking place around the country, and even in liberal states, it starts a clear trend towards the probability of violence occurring. A tidal wave effect could easily result. Another term describing the potential would be the “copy cat” effect.
    All my threat assessments are based on “probability” and my suggestions/lists are geared towards reducing the “severity” of impact. Basic risk assessment and mitigation.
    I am sorry to hear about your family’s health issues. Is there anything that I, or our little community here, can do to help?


  4. Again, I absolutely agree with all of the advice provided here.

    I am less convinced that we’re in immediate danger of generalized or even focused violence breaking out. Longer-term? Yes. This week? I’m not seeing it.

    Mr. Trimble, I would appreciate more details of what led you to this assessment. I know you never issue such warnings without good reason…but I guess I’m missing it, thus far. Unfortunately, my attention has been diverted by family medical issues — I have a daughter in Rexburg confirmed with COVID-19, her husband is assessed as “probable” (but they won’t test to confirm) and he is a high-risk case, and one of their children is also a “probable.”

    So, realizing you’re probably picking up things I’ve been too distracted to observe…can you expand on the rationale for your warning here? Add some details?



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