Something new!!!!!

I’ve had a lot of conversations over the last 10 years that I needed to write a book that included all my emergency preparedness subjects. That way they would be in one single place…a single document…a single book. A ready reference resource for folks to use when it was needed most.

Yeah right…like that was going to happen!

Time just doesn’t allow it. And honestly…it is very boring writing. Yeah, that means I just couldn’t put my heart into it. About five years ago I started that book – Preparedness 101. I was about two months into it and just couldn’t do any more. It was taking far too much of my time…time I had too little of. But, a conversation last week has made me rethink my attitude.

Lately I’ve been asked to provide some of the material that means the most -or should mean the most- to those who believe in and practice emergency preparedness. And I mean on the professional level, not on a hobby level. Meaning…producing material to provide guidance to a family, neighborhood, congregation, or an entire community during times of serious stress and disaster.

No, I don’t mean 100 ways to start a fire with an oak leaf and a candy bar. I am talking about how to set priorities, how to realistically organize, knowing true situational risks/threats, etc. I will leave 1000 recipes of beans and rice to those more suited for it.

To that end I have been working at taking my previously written website articles, moving them to Word documents, editing those documents, adding new material to the subject in some cases, and then saving them as PDF files. Then post those files on the website for you to download and print…should you desire to do so.

Why? Because I simply don’t have time to put all that material in a book. But, I do have the time to put that material in a printable format…for you to make you own book out of the material you wish to have on hand. And…it doesn’t cost you the price of a book…actually, no cost at all!

I have already worked on some subjects and will post those PDF files each day. However, no matter what I think, you may have a subject or topic that you wish to have access to for printing. Please feel free to use the form below to request a specific subject/topic to be converted into a PDF file.

Now, a request from me to you…at the bottom of each page in each file I have included “Courtesy of” as a gentle and subtle advertisement for my website. No, not to make money, because I make no money from my website. But, I would like more folks to visit the website…there is a lot of material on the site and I would love to see more folks taking advantage of it. All I ask of you is to not deconstruct the PDF file and remove or obscure the “Courtesy of”…thank you.

The first subject is all about understanding and setting priorities during emergencies, disasters, and grid-down. It is a system used by professional emergency responders…a system that works for every situation, every time. I have modified it to be more suitable for preppers.

<click here to download: Setting Priorities LIPS>

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