PDF Files: 7 Common Risks/Threats

This is the second post in a series where I post a PDF file that you can download and print for reference material.

Understanding the 7 Common Risks/Threats that exist in each and every disaster, emergency, and especially during “grid-down” are:

  1. Violence
  2. Injury or Sickness
  3. Communications (lack of or poor)
  4. Organization (lack of or poor)
  5. Dehydration
  6. Exposure
  7. Starvation

The PDF file below goes into detail on understanding the threats and resolving them in an organized and systematic way.

Now, a request from me to you…at the bottom of each page in each file I have included “Courtesy of AHTrimble.com” as a gentle and subtle advertisement for my website. No, not to make money, because I make no money from my website. But, I would like more folks to visit the website…there is a lot of material on the site and I would love to see more folks taking advantage of it. All I ask of you is to not deconstruct the PDF file and remove or obscure the “Courtesy of AHTrimble.com”…thank you.

<click here to download: 7 Common Risks/Threats>

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