Why am I so quiet?

To some folks the title might more appropriately read…“Thank you for being so quiet!”

Yeah, a little humor to start the morning out. But…I think there are a few people out there that would see that statement more as reality than humor. Especially on another so-called prepper website where folks know me. Oh well, enough of that…let’s get on with my message this morning!

Bottom line…I’ve been working like crazy on two things…1) trying to finish a lot of projects on the new place, 2) personal reasons.

As for #2, don’t ask. Let’s just say I’ve been anxiously engaged in trying to accomplish one of the goals of my church. OK, you can ask, but please do so privately.

Now, #1…I have a clear picture of what is coming. And, that being the case…I am doing the best I can to prepare my property to be ready for it. I had a great conversation a couple of weeks ago with a very spiritual man, a man called of God to be a leader in this area. He shared with me some very interesting bits of information specific to this area. Later, on the evening of July 4th several folks, people who are not members of our church, confirmed exactly the things spoken of by our church leader. It was an interesting and informative evening.

Yes, that means we had a Independence Day celebration in our little community. A community of about a dozen families. We are tucked in a small out of the way valley. We are growing closer together as a community, a consensus of purpose, a dedication to thrive, not just survive in the coming times. It was a great evening, incredible food, a marvelous spirit, and some interesting stories.

Sorry, back to my explanation…

So I’ve been getting up between 4:30 and 5:00am each day. I work outside until about noon, then take a decent lunch break and rest. Then work on the inside of the house or the shop for awhile. By the end of each afternoon I am beat! But the wood pile is larger, the road better, the parts, tools, and such are more organized, the solar system is better and getting revamped, and generally the place is coming along nicely. Unfortunately, it is at the expense of an almost elimination of me writing.

I do my best writing in the mornings when my mental capacity is at its peak. However, this time of year, mornings are also the only decent time to work outside without melting into a pile of biological goo. So by mid-afternoon when I do have some spare time…well, I just can’t think clearly enough to put into words what I see happening, my latest evaluation of equipment/gear, etc. So, I am quiet.

All that being said, I have a renewed interest is getting more information out there for folks to read and hopefully benefit from. I am working on another SitRep, I have a number of reviews I am working on, and some other things as well. I hope to start getting them out fairly soon…some as early as this week. But, I thought I owed you an explanation of why I have been so quiet.

But please don’t interpret my quietness with a message that “all is well” or that nothing of worth is happening. In our world today we are seeing history in the making…most of it not good, some very bad. But more on that later…watch for the coming SitRep.



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