Glenn Beck, Destination, Prepping, & Gardening

note: originally posted April 2016

I was listening to Glenn Beck on the way into work the other morning. He was talking about something, not sure what the overall subject was, but he spent a few minutes talking about “destination” in regards to politics and the country. He made some really great points, but I am not here to talk about politics.

I started thinking about destination as it relates to prepping. Then I related “life” to prepping and “destination.” Yeah, you can tell I was on a real philosophical kick that morning. Probably due to too much Pepsi. But, it did really get me thinking about a few things. And I want to share a little of that today.  

Is there a “destination” to prepping?

No. Prepping is a process whereby you are getting ready for some future emergency, disaster, or grid-down event. And, by being prepared you are able to help those in need…that is called service. My physical therapist who helped with the healing of my shoulder told me once, “Service is the highest form of worship.” My religion also preaches that, “When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.”

Preppers exist to give service.

We never know for sure that our prepping will ever be used in serving those needs. However, that is our goal…or, should be.

That being said, there is no destination because we don’t know if, or how many times, our prepping will be called upon to help or serve others. Hence, no destination. If prepping were a destination there would be a point where we could say something along the lines of, “I’m done! I’ve acquired every single thing I need to be prepared.” Or, “I am done, my preps are all gone, I can do no more!” And we know that neither point will ever be reached. Hence, no destination.

But, it is not important that there is no destination. Similar to life, prepping is a journey. A special journey to be sure, but a journey all the same. Some of us have been prepping for decades, others for only weeks. The length of time a person, or family, has been preparing is also not important. It is the mere fact that they are preparing. Why? Because we don’t know exactly what will be needed. Or when it will be needed, when it comes right down to the emergency, disaster, or grid-down we’ve prepared for.

Sure, I have given an outline, tips, advice, reviews, lists, etc. for most aspects of preparing but just the fact you are doing something, anything, is the main thing here. You have acquired the mindset of being prepared…and that is priceless.

Why do we prepare?

I could give long rambling answers to that question all day, plenty enough to bore you to tears. But, we prepare because something inside of us tells us to. That voice whispers to us it is important that we do these things. Yes, that little voice in our head; some would say that “still small voice” that whispers through our soul.

Now, there are those individuals, that after listening to them for a while, I think they prepare to tell people “I told you so!” once calamity strikes. And I must admit, there have been occasions when that thought has crossed my mind. But, I try to avoid ego driven thoughts such as those.

For those of us that are LDS we have a further reason to be preppers…we are told it is the right thing to do. In “The Family – a Proclamation to the World” we are told that fathers are “responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families.” Which falls right in line with the goals and purposes of prepping.

For those of us that believe in the Bible… 1 Timothy 5:8 –

“But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”

So there are whole lot of reasons to be a prepper…and they all make sense, common sense.

Is prepping like gardening?

Last year I wrote about taking the time to gather onion seeds from my heirloom onions that I had grown that season. Yes, it was a little tedious and time consuming. I could have easily spent about $4 or less and bought my seeds for this year. But, what would it have gained me?

Last winter I planted a bunch of those seeds not really knowing if they would grow or not. I put them in freshly tilled, fertilized, and mulched ground. I watered them regularly and kept invasive weeds from choking out the tiny little plants. This spring I was rewarded with a whole lot of tiny onion plants. In years past I had always purchased my onion “sets” from the store for about $4. Those store bought onion sets were planted, opinions harvested and enjoyed. But, the store was in the supply chain. However, this year…the process was mine from start to finish. My onion sets are now growing into real onions!

My harvesting of the seed, starting the little onion set plants, replanting them into an opinion patch, and soon harvesting the onions to enjoy in our meals is almost complete. Well, not really…

This summer I will not harvest all my onions, I will leave three of them in the ground to develop seed heads. In the late summer I will once again harvest the seed heads, pick out the tiny seeds, and then secure them for planting later to grow next year’s onions. In reality gardening is never complete…it is a journey.

So now what?

You simply keep on doing what you are doing. And you do it knowing that you are doing the right thing for the right reasons. For one day, maybe soon, you will use your preps in service to others. Maybe service to your family, maybe to your neighbors, or your congregation, maybe your community…but you will serve. That is what you were placed here for…that is who you are. That is your journey…not your destination. Enjoy it!

I am thankful I have good people like you to share this journey with.


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