There I was…Green Chile Cheese Grits!

I have been busy as heck lately! The last two days I have been cutting and stacking firewood for this coming winter. Sunday I was spending time with my wife, going to church, baking bread for my neighbor, watered the garden, checked on the solar system, took a walk, talked to my oldest boy, and took a nap. Last week…well, I was busy all week. Actually, I’ve been busy for about the last two years…non-stop. And my website writing has suffered because of it. Maybe I should apologize…but then again…no, I won’t.

You see, if you have been following my website you know I have been building our retirement home / bug out location, building a driveway, build/installing a solar system, laying 700′ of water line, moving, gardening, and all other manner of getting our 40 acres ready for the apocalypse. So no, I don’t think an apology is in order. However, I do feel as if making amends to some degree is needed, required…probably an absolute necessity. So here it goes…

Green Chile Cheese Grits !

What the heck???   Yeah, green chile cheese grits. What better way to make amends than to give you a great recipe for an amazing breakfast dish. And I am telling you “Amazing!”

But first things first…if you are like me growing up as a kid I never heard of grits…I had no idea what the heck they were. If you grew up in the South then you knew what they were and that they could be prepared 1000 different ways…some of them really good. But, let me be clear…plain grits are terrible no matter where you live or how you try to manipulate the whole idea.


But, grits makes a great foundation for some wonderful tasting food…and that is what I am sharing with you today.

Step #1 –

I start out with basic grits. I put 1 cup of water in a microwave safe bowl along with 1/4 cup of grits. We use Quaker Oats Quick 5-Minute variety.


Step #2 –

As soon as the bell rings on the microwave we take it out and mix in 1/4 cup – 1/2 cup of Mexican blend cheese into it. Yeah, the amount varies on how much you like cheese. My wife tends towards the 1/4 cup of cheese…mostly wanting to cut down on calories. I like a lot of cheese. You have to figure out what is right for your taste. If you don’t like cheese…well, get off my website! (just joking)

We tend to buy the Great Value brand from Walmart unless something else is on sale. One thing for sure…we like the finely shredded because it melts faster/easier.

Optionally –

Step #3 –

Mix in Hatch Green Chile Enchilada Sauce. How much? Well, that depends entirely on your taste for, and love of, Mexican food. I like the medium, my wife likes the mild.

Notice the blue band at the bottom with the word “medium” printed on it.

Notice the green band at the bottom with the word “mild” printed on it.

Now, add in just a little of the green chile enchilada sauce at a time until you find the right flavor for you. Once I figured it out I just add until it is the right color.

Step #3 –

Add BACON…the most wonderful food in the world!!!!  Well, a close tie with chocolate 🙂 You add crumbled up bacon to the grits and stir.

Now, how much bacon you add is entirely up to you…I would suggest just a little under a pound. OK, OK…so maybe only 1 – 3 pieces. But, it is a good idea if the bacon is cooked “crisp” because it crumbles easier.

As an option you can use sausage that has been cooked/browned and crumbled. If you use sausage you probably want to use a spicy sausage such as Bob Evans “hot”.

Step #4 –

Eat and enjoy!!!!    Make sure you don’t let them get cold. If your grits get cold…YUCK!!!!  Throw them away and start over…you got to eat them hot for them to taste best.

Options –

First off, grits make a very easy to store long-term food storage item. Leave them in their original package and they are good for a long time. Put them into FoodSaver bags for them to stay good longer. Put them in a bucket with O2 absorbers and them will last through the end times.

For a cheese option I can attest to the Thrive cheese blend freeze dried product. Not quite the Mexican flavor but not bad at all. Thrive does make other cheese products so experiment until you find the right one, or combination, for you.

For meat product options we’ve used Thrive Bacon TVP and Thrive sausage crumbles. The bacon TVP rocks!! The sausage crumbles not so much. I think the sausage crumbles just lack any noticeable flavor.

Also, Thrive makes a freeze dried enchilada sauce, although it is “red” vs “green”. We’ve not tried it but you are welcome to.

This coming harvest season when we have the dehydrator out we are going to try turning Hatch Green Chile Enchilada sauce into a “fruit leather” type of product for long-term storage in FoodSaver bags. I will let you know how that turns out.

Note: You will be banned from this site for eternity if you use any green chile enchilada sauce that isn’t Hatch. Yup! Banned for eternity!!  There are only Hatch green chile products…everything else is an imposter…a cheap, nasty, unforgivable imposter. OK, seriously…Hatch green chile anything is absolutely the best!

Summary –

While this is not a formal apology…an apology is not needed…I think you will find this article a fine “making amends” attempt. I would love to hear how you like the green chile cheese grits…or whateve variations you make to them.


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