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I am seeing some developments converging. These development are significant and important to us as preppers and Constitutionalists/Libertarians/Patriots…but it is mostly the convergence that makes this actionable.

I am working on a SitRep that will precede a series of “Take Action !” articles. Watch for the SitRep this week…I have to get my ducks in a row before I will publish it…you know how I am on being accurate with my information before I express my opinion.

The time is upon us.

note: I already have about 14 basic prepper articles in the hopper and scheduled for publication over the next 3 – 4 weeks. They are already to go and scheduled…so don’t think that I am distracted with the more mundane…or that the SitRep/Take Action ! articles will be just “ho hum”…this is important…very, very important stuff happening and about to happen.

2 thoughts on “> > Coming !!!

  1. Yes, seeing trends converge also.

    My guess is that what is driving that convergence is the Leftist movement to subvert the general election in November, particular WRT the presidential campaign. While we often razz the Millennials that form the bulk of antifa…the truth is, whoever is pulling the strings (planning and ordering the subsequent actions) and providing the funding for all of this “revolutionary” work…and the planners need not be the same people as the funders…there are a lot of trends coming together.

    The Leftists are, quite bluntly, going to make our collective lives miserable for the next several months, AT LEAST through the election, and probably through March or so.

    Looking forward to your new SitRep.


  2. It seems to me that the time to prepare is almost past. It is past for me financially, so if I haven’t got it, I probably won’t be able to get it.

    My kids, except for one, all think I am misguided by even trying to be prepared, which brings me to my point. I feel that many who will not prepare in advance will realize their folly and need to have advice on what to do once the problems have started, especially if the problems include a loss of communications.

    Can you provide some articles about what to do and not do once the problems start. I realize such advice would depend on what the problem is that kicks off their need for guidance, but I believe there are some general ideas you have generally, and a lot of problem specific actions to take.

    I enjoyed reading your story about Leaving Tuscon, and the start of Leaving Home because in the process of telling the story, you gave practical advice about what to do and not do based on different situations. It is one thing to say you need situational awareness and quite another to explain it in action, which is what your stories did. When you told about building a team, you also told about what you didn’t want on a team. When I, or we, need to build a team, I need to use some of your concepts. These stories also told me what I need to be to not be kicked off the team. And then described what I needed to be and do to stay on the team.

    Words on these concepts before the problems are good, but are essential after the start of the problems. My desire is to put some of this guidance on a tablet my kids can read after the problem starts hoping they have sense enough to remember after the event that I tried to give guidance before the fact and that some of it is on the tablet.

    I have made an effort on the tablet idea putting some PDF files on an old Amazon Tablet I have which shows some promise but I find a lot of trash (other things of no use in a disaster) that make even finding the articles I put there problematic.

    I welcome your thoughts,

    Robin Tuck


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